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anonymous asked:

Michael and reader playing Mario Kart. How would reader distract Michael o:<

-Start with cheek poking


-He would ignore you and try to beat his monster of a S/o at Mario kart


-You would get bored bc he always wins anyway, and you start being super like flirty?? But you would act innocent. (((which drives him insane))

-like you would lean on him and lay down on his lap while he was trying to stay focused.

-“y/n if you mess me up I’ll throw a blue shell at u.”
“No you won’t, you love me.”

-eventually you would just straight up climb on his lap but so you were facing him and just start nuzzling ur face in his neck.

-he would be so close to the end of the level and would be so focused on trying not to think of you on top of him that he would lose focus on the game.

-hiCKeYs?? And he’s just like

-he would eventually just throw the remote across the room and stand up, but taking you with him so his hand are under your ass and he throws you on the couch.

-he lays on top of you, like a nerd sandwich

-“how do you like having someone on top of you?
“I’d like it better if u were kissing me”
“Easily fixed”

-while he’s kissing you you pick up a remote all sneaky and win, and then he sees the screen light up and he just “FUUUU-”