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Who is Grice??

Grice was part of the Eldia revivalists. He was the one to contact Grisha in his clinic and recruited him into their group.

He seemed to be a relatively important member, as he recruited folks personally, but was seemingly still heavily involved in discussions and planning sessions. His relationship with Grisha seemed to be of positive camaraderie, maybe even friendship

However, Zeke’s betrayal hit him hard, and he blamed all their misfortune on Grisha in his final moments.

Ultimately, Sgt.Maj.Gross chose him as bait for the mindless titans, kicking him off the wall to send him running towards the walls, so that he’d lure the titans away from the beach. He’s presumed to be eaten shortly after.

Most of us had thought his story to be finished after chapter 87, but apparently Isayama had other plans up his sleeve: the brothers Falco and Colt appear to be descendants of Grice, as they have his last name.

Though people happen to share names every now and then, there definitely is a resemblance between the brothers and the revivalist. 

Isayama has set up some interesting elements and parallels here. The descendants of an Eldia revivalist now serve as Marleyan warriors (like in Grisha’s original plan), and one of them seem to be directly under the authority of Zeke, the man responsible for the old Grice’s death. Furthermore, this is the 2nd sibling-relationship introduced to SnK, and just like the Jaeger bros (my favorite thing to talk about), they are the descendants of a revivalist. In fact, they already serve with one of the Jaegers, and the other one is probably the biggest enemy to the government they serve. I don’t know yet where Isayama is planning on taking the Grice bros, but I’m ecstatic to find out about it.   

hellsing characters i’d still really love to see:  integra f.w. hellsing, walter c. dornez, pip bernadotte, alexander anderson, heinkel wolfe and their gf yumie takagi, enrico maxwell, schrödinger, tubalcain alhambra, rip van winkle, zorin blitz, the captain, the doktor, do you see where this is going,

hm uh anyway. time to pretend that welcome to the madness isn’t a thing

My taste can range from fluffy to borderline f*cked up (Contains Spoilers if you haven’t read the works )

Somewhere last year i decided to delve into the world of Manhwa and Manhua instead of just sticking to Manga the reason being that Manga tended to be quite repetitive and have a lot of BL content with p*rn but no plot and that doesn’t really appeal to me personally. Plus Korean and Chinese comics tend to have more depth and character development than Japanese comics.

So 19 Days is the cutest shit I’ve ever read and everytime I see an update I TALK AND TYPE IN CAPLOCK COZ ASDFGHJKL.

The story revolves around two childhood best friends,Jian Yi and Zhang Xi. Jian Yi is your ball of sunshine and energy and is hella dorky. He however has bad luck or is it good..? as he always finds himself in a #YES HOMO situation which can be and is misread by third parties. Jian Yi is very touchy feely and gets very handsy with Zhang Xi. Zhang Xi however always fights back with violence.

Most of the chapters go on that way and I seriously thought it was a cute guys doing cute shit sorta thing until one fine day the author decided to slap us with feels and actual plot by making Jian Yi come out of the closet and do what he had always wanted to do.  That was the most devastating shit I read (And I thought about it for weeks on end) because seeing Jian Yi crying and feeling like garbage for his sexuality broke me. However since that,Zhang Xi has been very kind to Jian Yi and has never lashed back at him angrily like he used to before. It seems like Zhang Xi loves his best friend (platonically for now) regardless and will be more careful about what he says and does to him.

This is shounen ai so the most you can expect in hugging and kissing. The tag could change though though it’s unlikely

There’s another couple possibility in this too but I’m more attached to this one. 

And then there’s Killing Stalking. This is the kind of shit i live for and dig. It’s toxic as f*ck and horrible. I LOVE IT

Korean Works tend to be quite gory and graphic but this,this surpassed the usual stuff I read.

When I first jumped into this I though oh look, gangrape and the typical unpopular,lesser attractive scrawny kid falls for popular guy who saved him from bullying. This is gonna be meh. BUT BOY WAS I HELLA WRONG


It revolves around two MCs; Yoon Bum and Sangwoo. Yoon is hella infatuated with Sangwoo and develops stalkerish tendencies. He illegally enters visits Sangwoo’s home when he went out and attempts to fap to Sangwoo’s scent.Having done that he chances upon a secret and finds out that Sangwoo was not who he thought he was. He is batshit crazy and keeps naked and abused victims in his basement .SnK isn’t the only thing with secrets in a basement. 

The plot twist happens when the stalker is the one who’s creeped out,is discovered ,has his legs broken and turns into a hostage. Didn’t see that coming did ya?

The story is so well thought out and leaves you at the edge of your seat. Every chapter will have you going “No Sangwoo,please don’t. OUCH! EVEN I FELT THAT.”

Sangwoo is the kind of guy you love and hate at the same time. Love coz goddamn he’s fucked up and complex and hate coz goddamn, he can be super infuriating at times

He will nurse you back to health and shower you with love after making you consume food you prepared to kill him with ,but he picked up that you were smiling too much and made you eat first.

Then he’ll bring home another hostage and make you’ll play a game of cards . The winner gets to live while the loser dies. He’ll even help you win by telling you which card to choose ONLY TO PLAY WITH YOUR HEART AND MAKE YOU CHOOSE THE WRONG ONE LAST MINUTE COZ HE LOVES TORTURING THE ONE HE “LOVES”.But hey,you lost? Don’t worry,He was gonna let you live anyway. BUT SOMEBODY HAS TO DIE,SO YOU ARE GONNA BE HIS ACCESSORY TO MURDER.

The gore may put off a number of people but I can’t help but be impressed by it. The games Sangwoo plays ,his psychotic nature,the unpredictability is certain scenes, the fear he instills in me,as a reader are always amazingly captivating. This one contains mature content, not only the sex kind, so you’ve been warned

 The breakdowns Yoon experiences,the way Sangwoo goes from 0 to 100 and 100 to 0 both touch my heart and scare the shit out of me. So yeah,read this shit. it’s good


some shinichi and migi doodles

pls watch the anime

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Your draw really nicely. Any tips?

Thank you! I appreciate your kind words~

As much as I like compliments, I’ve come to realize recently that i draw mostly from muscle memory, which i can’t really recommend. It’s a bad habit i need to break out of to truly become a great artist.

Here are some basic tips tho, for artists of any skill level:

(I will be applying these to myself as well, so it actually comes in handy for me to have this jotted down somewhere)

Draw from life: I know you’ve heard this a million times before but it’s important!! Train yourself to draw things that exist, so that when you draw something completely made up it still feels organic and natural.

Study: This kinda goes hand-in-hand with the last tip, but it’s a bit more specific. If you have any issues drawing something (i.e hands, anatomy, expressions, animals) take some time to practice drawing only that one thing. I myself have decided i need to do studies on hands, various animals and human faces, to name a few.

Don’t stay in your comfort zone: Try out new things, experiment, study as i said before. Expand yourself. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a specialty, it simply means that you shouldn’t limit yourself. Draw things you would never/barely draw (In my case for example: humans, cars, buildings, robots, architecture). If you always draw what you always draw, your comfort zone will eventually get smaller and your talents will not evolve.

Get inspired, but don’t copy: This kinda has to do with plagiarism. You know what i mean, tracing or heavily referencing an artist’s work and passing it off as your own. Copying an artist’s work could possibly help you learn something, but still, i don’t recommend it. And If you do it, never post it or submit it to your art site or whatever. By copying them you are copying their interpretation of reality, their mistakes, their identity. (This is a huge reason of why “anime” art and style is deteriorating, because beginners learn how to draw “anime” art only, not proper anatomy of real life people and such. It becomes the interpretation, of an interpretation, of an interpretation of reality. Slowly distorting into something completely alien. I’m not saying the style is bad or that i don’t like it, I actually love lots of well drawn anime and manga art, but these artists started off drawing from life and then progressed to an “anime” stylization.)

I say “anime” style since Anime technically is animation only, but the style is best known by that name so yeah. 

About styles: It’s good to get inspired by other artists. Just make sure to vary. Don’t just stick to artists that draw in a similar style (i.e just manga artists, just cartoony artists, just concept artists, etc.) Everything you find appealing and all artists you look up to will affect your style and the way you draw things. Don’t stick to a single style because in the end it will be what holds you back the most.

Make a list: A good friend told me once that you need to make a list of what you want in a drawing. For them, every sketch that they make has to have 3 things for them to consider it a good sketch: Anatomy, flow, composition. Everyone’s list is different, could be just two things you’re looking for, or ten. I think my list would be: Expression, defined shapes, composition and feel/emotion.

I know how it feels to feel discouraged. That feeling of WHERE DO I START??? Art is a journey, and it’s hard to find which path to start from. It’s confusing, and stressful and VERY demanding. But I assure you, if you don’t give up you will eventually improve. YOU WILL get somewhere.

I’m currently in a slump, where i feel i can’t draw what i envision. I come up with all these ideas and I see so many inspiring works and i WANT to draw, i want to draw something as good. But I can’t. And it sucks and it hurts and it frustrates me SO MUCH.

But then I remember that these people i admire, they’ve probably practiced and drawn MUCH longer than I have. They’ve poured their heart and soul into their work. They have spent so much time and effort into it, and they have grown to become what they are.

I won’t be able to draw like them in a week, in a month, heck even in a year or two. It’ll take time and dedication.

Don’t expect to be able to draw as good as someone else just because you copy their style, have their brushes or know what art program/utensils they use.

Start from the basics and build your way up, because if you start out in the middle of the path you will have no foundation on which to hold yourself up. Therefore not being able to reach higher.

Sorry if this got kinda rambly and deep, i kinda vented a bit too since these are issues that plague pretty much all the online art community. Hope this helps you out or anyone out there that’s having trouble with this kind of stuff!

Cheers luvs <3

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anime/manga recs?


note: i am absolutely terrible at summaries so please just read the description thats listed at the top of the link and hopefully give it a shot!


- Pandora Hearts: THIS. MANGA. NEEDS. ATTENTION. i am not kidding you, this manga literally had one of the best plot twists and development i have ever seen. never have i been so emotionally invested in the fates of every character (even the villains) and it was just a roller coaster of feels. if anything on this list, please give this a read. it’ll be worth it i promise. AND THEN COME TALK TO ME ABOUT IT BECAUSE I’M SO SAD IT’S OVER. as for the anime adaptation, i’d say the manga definitely is the better option because it stops after one season and kinda deviates (ruins) the plot. 

- Haikyuu!!: i’ll be honest i usually stay clear of sports anime cause it’s not my cup of tea but i saw a gif of kagehina on my dash and couldn’t help but check it out and i’ve become haikyuu trash. it’s a story about volleyball, but it’s so much more than that. it’s about friendships, rivalries, strengths, weaknesses, and evolution. the big important matches keep you at the edge of your seat (the most recent chapter especially -.-) and the characters are all precious please read

- Noragami: my current obsession. SO good. in this world, gods exist and they possess “shinki”, which is the dead soul of a human that becomes the god’s weapon/ally. the story follows a god named Yato (precious yet badass cinnamon roll) who’s trying to get his name out there and not be forgotten by the world. a definite recommendation for those who like supernatural, action, and fluff-packed stories.

- Shokugeki no Soma: i love me some good cooking manga (cause i love food). takes place in a cooking academy, and the main character Soma is trying to get the first seat on the Elite Ten Council, which are comprised of the top ten students in the school. food just looks mouth-watering and aside from the… comedically over-the-top reactions characters give when tasting the delicious food, the manga is equal parts lighthearted cute/funny scenes with intense ones. 

- Attack on Titan: of course this manga’s gotta make it on the list, and it deserves it! i’m sure many of y’all already know about AOT so i won’t say much… go read it!!

- Platinum End: okay, this manga’s only got one chapter so far since it just started up, but i think it looks promising! about a human and an angel (as the summary would state bluntly lmfao) and i’m excited to see where this goes!


- Ao No Exorcist: I actually haven’t read the manga yet, but the anime’s great. the main character’s the son of satan, yet is fighting in order to take down satan! i personally really liked how the anime played out, and it makes me sad that there’s only one season ;-; 

- Guilty Crown: all in all, it was a pretty well developed futuristic sci-fi anime. gave me feels ;-; the music in it is absolutely A+ though (LISTEN TO BIOS. AND DEPARTURES. AND EUTERPE.)

- Code Geass: this anime is absolutely fantastic with its plot development. great pace and characterization that’ll really keep you interested. it takes manipulation and strategic thinking to the next level. i’m usually not interested in mecha anime (until i saw Aldnoah.Zero), but please give it a watch first before disregarding it! 

- Haikyuu!!: YOOO THIS ANIME THOUGH. i love that it’s following the manga and not deviating from it because the manga is top notch. animation is great and the characters are just adorable <3

- Noragami: the two main male characters are voiced by Eren and Levi from AOT LOL i just thought that was hilarious and amazing. it’s currently in its second season, and although the first season finale kinda deviated from the manga, it was still pretty badass. the second season is back to following the manga again, and i’ll just say that stick around for the second season cause its GOLD. yato and yukine are precious and i love them very much

- Attack on Titan: SPEAKING OF EREN/LEVI… animation is amazing, plot is amazing, i think the second season should be coming out soon so AHH. this anime’s a given, seeing as how popular it is (for good reason too)

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/post/122252145727/rivamika-kiss - I really believe that the movie kiss is a rivamika test run. I also believe that Isayama-sensei is secretly a rivamika fanboy but because of both characters popularity he cannot pair them off anymore *wink*

I remember I used to call Isayama a rivamika fanboy ironically but now I actually believe it. With the extra attention he gives them and all these parallels and the way they, especially Levi, behave when they’re around each other just makes it clear he’s a closet rivamika shipper heh. 

I mean look at what he keeps on his desk

How adorable. He keeps his otp close.

It would be funny if he actually did this shikimika thing as a test run–like maybe if it gets a good reaction he’ll be like “hmm…maybe a mob of fans won’t kill me if I throw in some romance…” but if it gets a negative response he’ll be like “lolnope! Good thing I didn’t put that in the canon manga! I’m just gonna stick to drawing naked dudes.”


My tiny contribution to the Jerza moment in the anime :) Animation is hard, working the way these animators work is a bunch of pressure to do their work quickly, so quality sometimes is not as great as one wanted.

Honestly don’t liked the way the scene was adapted into the anime, thus my reason why I just stick with the manga and don’t get some stuff tha tis anime only. I am happier like that.

So here, a lazy redraw cause no way I gonna try to work with that scary background :_D, I just wanted to do a better art for Jellal, I miss him very much ;_; and a pity Erza was showing her back, maybe I’ll redraw any other sequence with them later :D Now gotta go to sleep :3

The way that you left me is alright, it’s alright.

If I argue the point then we yell and we fight.

And I won’t be home for the rest of the night.

You might hate my words but you know that I’m right.

so i was just sitting here staring intently at this gif and thinkin about how cute n beautiful sabo looks in this moment and how i wish the anime always drew him like that

when i remembered that like???  this is literally right after he wakes up from his coma/fever/near death state thing???  like dude passes the fuck out and is hospitalized for three days and then wakes up immediately lookin like an angel that got lost on his way back to heaven

SERIOUSLY!!!  LOOK AT THAT!!!!!  smh this should be illegal

Things I’m looking forward to in the anime

  • Minato’s comment about NaruSaku
  • The awkward scene where Orochimaru is used for comic relief
  • “AHA! You just openly admitted your love for Sasuke!”
  • Konoha 9 fighting together
  • A New Three-Way Deadlock
  • Sakura performing CPR on Naruto
  • Karin using chakra chains
  • Naruto meeting Hagoromo
  • Team 7 vs Madara
  • Madara exploding into Kaguya
  • Kaguya showing up
  • Sasuke catching Sakura, now animated
  • ObiRin in the afterlife
  • Team 7 vs Kaguya

Things I’m not looking forward to in the anime

  • “Hinata!” said by Naruto being added in at least once per episode she’s in
  • Hinata’s tripping & passing out scene being completely removed and replaced with a scene about how much she loves Naruto and will be with him
  • “My wife Hinata is in trouble!!”
  • Hinata’s IT dream taking half of the episode probably with Naruto being able to sense it and agreeing with it or something
  • Sasuke being an asshole, now animated
  • Sakura’s hurt feelings and expressions because of Sasuke being an asshole
Crystal Clear-Ups

I’ve also seen a few people who may not have read the manga, or read it a long time ago, who aren’t sure what was originally in the series and what is unique to Crystal. Since it would suck to create huge long hypotheses for what the future of Crystal will bring that turn out to be based on misinformation, here are a few key points about what is new to Crystal and what it’s translating from the manga.

Spoilers of course.

Keep reading