just stay up all night talking about potatoes until it's 3am


fandom: girl meets world 
pairing: riley matthews x lucas friar 
word count: 1,910
prompt: “i see the clock up on the wall and wonder where you are tonight” - written for day three of rucas fanfiction week
notes: this is set in an post s3 au where riley and the matthews family actually do move to london, thus her and lucas end their relationship (this gives away the big game changer at the end of the s3…srry). also this is angsty but it’s got a bit of a hopeful-ish ending, hopefully it won’t hurt too bad by the end. 

Riley learns to love London, just like her mother said she would. It takes some time, the first few months are by far the hardest, but about six months after the move, it doesn’t quite feel like home just yet, but it’s getting there. She’s made some new friends, she knows her way around the city a little better, her room starts to feel more personal, more lived in, she’s happy.

Of course she misses New York, and her friends, Maya especially. It was hard to leave them behind, but they still talk sometimes and through her weekly video chats with Maya, she gets to learn all about what their lives are like without her in it. It hurts, to know that her friends are all still there, getting to laugh and talk everyday, and she’s missing out on it, but there’s nothing she can do about it. Her friends in London help her hurt less, they take her shopping, show her their favorite places to eat and entertain themselves, and soon, she’s talking to her friends in New York a little less.

And then there’s Lucas.

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