just stay positive you guys

Sadly to say I have relapsed in the past few weeks, it’s sad to think about it since I hadn’t hurt myself in about 2 years. It’s like it almost just creeped up on me. I just wanted to ask, will you guys still follow me and be my friends although I do self harm and have heaps of scars? It’s an unpleasant sight I know and very triggering but I won’t ever post anything gruesome on social media, but I feel like this is a big part of me I should share, I feel like if I don’t tell you guys this, I’m lying? Anyway. I hope you guys stay, sorry for being so distant lately, but I’m okay! I just hope you guys stay. Sending all my love and positivity!


happy easter !!! ♡

A summary of the fandom:

All I’m hearing from the (SPN) fandom these days:


“Is SPN ending?!”

“Misha is adorable.”


“Amara sucks”

“I stopped watching ‘cause…reasons”

“Tell me this isn’t the last season”

“I miss SPN the way it used to be…”

“Misha’s Luci impression isn’t good.”

“Misha’s Luci impression was PERFECTION”

“I miss Cas.”

“I hate Cas.”

“I’m just trying to stay positive, guys.”

“Aww I like the You Are Not Alone thing…wait does this mean SPN is ending?”


And so on…*sigh.

I’m just going to sit in that corner and try not to panic, thank you very much.

This is a message I just got...

“I’m Jonno and I’m a 28-yo bro from Boston and I live in LA. I’m about to have a stem cell transplant, so I need to be as positive as f***! I’m flying home to Boston for mother’s day and just saw someone with the Stay Positive Bro sticker on her laptop. Had to buy it right then and there. Stay positive! Thank you!”

-I just want to say thank you to you guys, these stickers are doing exactly what our dream for them has always been. It’s hard to realize just how much of an impact one sticker can have on some random person. this is just so far beyond me. so awesome, thank you to whoever it was that had this sticker on their laptop. let’s also be sending our prayers and thoughts to Jonno, he starts chemo on Tuesday. Let’s rally behind him you guys. Let’s show that it is possible to be positive through the worst situations. -Jordan