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"My Writing is Not Original Enough" & How to Get Over It

“I’ve been working on this novel for a while but every time I’m getting some real headway with the story I always find myself saying hey, this sounds a lot like this show I love or a book or a movie and then it all just falls apart. Do you have any tips for avoiding taking plots and characters from other works around you instead of creating your own?”

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How about a scenario or some headcanons with kirishima and a female S/O in class 1B who's quirk is teleportation but she doesn't show it off. Everyone swears she teleports and she's just 'yea? You didn't realize that?'

Kirishima Eijirou:

  • When he first starts seeing his S/O it’s because she is literally showing up where ever he is. At first, he thinks it’s just a coincidence, but she literally will just be there. He never hears her coming, she’s just there.
  • Because of this, he starts to suspect that her quirk has something to do with teleporting, and because of it, he tries to find out for sure.
  • He’ll keep a close watch, but even so, he never sees he using her quirk. It’s like she’s a phantom.
  • As he starts to make more conversation with her and gets to know her, he develops a crush on him. She’s the type of person who meshes well with his own. 
  • He could listen to her talk for hours and he could talk to her about the most mundane things and always feels like he’s never boring her. He’s just so comfortable with her.
  • He finds out later on that she’s actually in class 1-B, and Kirishima asks why she never mentioned it before. His S/O will shrug and say she didn’t think it was something that suddenly needed to be brought up
  • One day after classes, Kirishima is talking with his friends when suddenly she’s right behind him. No one had been looking at Kirishima, so when they did and saw a girl there, it made everyone jump.
  • Bakugou and Kaminari were the ones to shout that she must have a teleport type quirk. She nods and Kirishima finally has his answer.
  • When he suddenly makes a big deal out of it, his S/O will shrug it off and laugh at his excitement for finally having an answer to the question that had been on his mind for so long.
    • “You weren’t sure? I thought I had made it obvious with how I’d just suddenly show up.”
  • The rest of the conversation went around with questions to exactly how your quirk worked from Kirishima and company. You, of course, did not mind.

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Honestly if you love Tangled you need to watch ‘The Tangled Series’. It’s so well written & animated. Starts exactly where the film ends. There’re new characters that are just as lovable as the old. Also S1 just finished so it’s perfect for marathon so nothings stopping you. Just Do It!

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Should I watch/listen to critical role


the new campaing just started and IT’S AWESOME,the cast is so good,and some people doesn’t understand how it’s possible to be so in love with a show where people play to DND ,but it’s just good so good.Trust me watch the first episode,and when you have time watch also the first season^^

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Relationship Status: single

Favorite color: dark blue

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick

Last song I listened to: Before We Arise by Screaming Trees

Last movie I watched: I Origins

Top 3 TV shows: The only tv show i watch is Game of Thrones. I also wanna start Vikings, but i still haven’t so i don’t know

Top 3 bands/artists: oh that’s difficult… Jeff Buckley, Alice in Chains and Nirvana or Pearl Jam i really don’t know which one to choose. They’re both too important for me

Books I’m currently reading: I’ve just finished Everybody Loves Our Town by Mark Yarm. Now i’m reading The World of Ice & Fire by George Martin, Elio Garcia Jr and Linda Antonssen

I tag: @dreamsister81 @grantcary @confusion-in-the-sea-of-sorrow @heartinarustycage @sweetness-doesnt-touch-my-face @louder-than-love @laynestaly @shame-in-you @redlips-n-riffs @knyahynya hope i’m not a bother, do it only if you want 🖤

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  1. Nickname: Cams, Cami, Cam, literally anything haha
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Star sign: Leo
  4. Height: 154cm which is like 5′0″ or 5′05″ I think?
  5. Time: 1:41pm
  6. Birthday: August 13th
  7. Favourite band(s): Panic! at the Disco, Incubus, Arctic Monkeys
  8. Favourite solo artist(s): Lady Gaga, Alanis Morissette
  9. Song stuck in my head: Miss Murder by AFI since my inner middle school emo decided to come back from the grave recently
  10. Last movie I watched: The Greatest Showman, I cried a lot lol
  11. Last show I watched: Outlander with my mom and it was rad
  12. When did I create my blog: I’m… not sure lol I think maybe late 2015? But I rarely ever logged and just reblogged bandom stuff. I started being active and posting FMA stuff about a year ago!
  13. What do I post: Fanart for Bungou Stray Dogs and Fullmetal Alchemist! Mostly anything involving Soukoku and Royai lol. I also shitpost a lot
  14. Last thing I googled: How much is my height in inches lol
  15. Do you have other blogs: I recently made an artblog! @cams-draws it’s all new and I’ll post my art on there from now on.
  16. Do you get asks: I… do? Rarely, but I get a couple when I reblog ask memes and so :D
  17. Why did you choose your url: Because I really like Riza Hawkeye and butts
  18. Following: 272
  19. Followers: 559 literal angels. one of those is satan though
  20. Favorite color: Pink, orange, red, blue, I love them all who am I kidding
  21. Average hours of sleep: about 8 hours. I’m proud of this lol 
  22. Lucky number: idk 13?
  23. Instruments: I took some piano lessons when I was a kid but I barely remember anything.
  24. What am I wearing: sweatpants and a tee lol
  25. How many blankets do I sleep with: One blanket
  26. Dream job: I’ll either become an illustrator or die trying
  27. Dream trip: I’d love to go back to Canada but not when it’s summer this time, I’d really like to see some snow ;_; Or see how autumn is!!! I don’t really have seasons over here in Panama so just anywhere I can see something new is good
  28. Favorite food: Every food is good food. But mexican food is the best food. I’ll go with tacos al pastor, feed me that until I die
  29. Nationality: Panamanian, also inherited Spanish nationality :)
  30. Favorite song now: Not sure, that would maybe be Dig by Incubus

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Finished the second season of Twin Peaks (why did it have so many more episodes than the first season?) I liked it, a lot actually but I can’t help but feel that season 1 is better I absolutely loved season 1.

So much so that I’m actually already feeling like rewatching the whole thing sometime, to maybe pick up on things that I missed watching the first time, also it’s just got such a great atmosphere that just completely immerses you into it. 

I’m so excited to start watching the third season, the return, even if Tumblr has already provided some spoilers ( one of them being that I already know who Diane is). 

The only thing I’m wondering about now is if I should watch Fire Walk With Me before I watch the third season or after. 

But I’m really glad I gave in to the curiosity that I had about this show for a long time because I’m now absolutely a fan. And I’m thinking of reviewing all the seasons once I’m finished with the whole show. 

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Name: Natalee

Gender: female

Star Sign: Aries♈️

Height: 5’3”

Time: 8:42

Birthday: 4/24

Favorite Bands: The Beatles, Panic at the Disco, Twenty One Pilots ( I usually listen to solo artists)

Favorite Solo Artists: Billie Eilish, Melanie Martinez, Russ, Macklemore, Kesha, Khalid (not Dj Khalid), Ed Sheehan, Post Malone, Lil Xan, Justin Bieber, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B. (Honestly a lot more)

Song Stuck in My Head: I actually don’t have one for once in my life wow😂

Last Movie I Watched: A girl like her (I felt like crying so I watched it😂)

Last Show I Watched: Stranger Things (I just started it I’m so late🤦🏻‍♀️)

When I Created This Blog: November 13th, 2016

What I Post: Quotes and anything else I feel like posting

Last thing I googled: Answers for my science final🙊

Do I get asks? Yeah

Why did I choose my url? Because my favorite thing about my self is my brain🤷🏻‍♀️

Following Blogs: 37

Followers: 84,432

Favorite Colors: Purple and pink

Average Hours of Sleep: 6-12 honestly depends

Lucky Number: 4

Instruments: I played the trombone when I was 12 but I want to learn the guitar

What I Am Wearing: pajama bottoms and a tank top✌🏻

How many blankets I sleep with: 3-4

Dream Job: Architect or math teacher/professor

Dream Trip: London

Favorite Food: Donuts

Nationality: American

Favorite Song Right Now: not sure I have a lot

Languages I speak: English, I’m taking spanish tho lol it doesn’t even count

I’m going to tag: @daydreamer417 @iam–dreamer @lovequotespost @lyrics-that-rock-my-sox @moan-s @relationshipwants @relation-ship-goals @thepersonalquotes @werhopelessromantics @yoursummerdreamz @aestheticgoddess (I only tagged 10 sorry)

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Answer 30 questions and then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better

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Nickname: Mica, Mics, Ika ika (my moms personal nickname for me)

Gender: Female

Star sign: Pisces

Height: not sure if 5’3 or 4

Time: 6:31pm

Birthday: February 20

Favourite band(s): none

Favourite solo artist(s): none

Song stuck in my head: Kh 3D - Ever After

Last movie I watched: The Book of Life (my sis was in the mood to watch it..)

Last show I watched: Grey’s Anatomy :-“

When did I create my blog: probably sometime near the end of 2009 or start of 2010…i was in HS then ._.

What do I post: just me cheap art on whichever interests me these days :P sometimes personal life updates n stuff too

Last thing I googled: randomizer (it was for our groupworks)

Do you have other blogs: besides my twitter, DA, and ig? hmmm…

Do you get asks: asks are like one of those rare treats that come once in a blue moon haha

Why did you choose your url: I honestly didn’t think i’d end up talking to lots of people much so i tend to just observe….hence the name :))

Following: 510

Followers: 918

Favorite color: all shades of Blue~

Average hours of sleep: 4-5 (there’s no such thing as sleep in med school though)

Lucky number: 20! for obvious reasons lol

Instruments: I play the Piano but i also know some violin(self taught) and the recorder/flute or whatever its called haha apparently no one leaves gradeschool without at least learning how to play a flute even the bamboo one

What am I wearing: softball pants and my HS batch shirt (yes, it still fits me)

How many blankets do I sleep with: 1…its not very cold here ._.

Dream job: Pediatric Surgeon

Dream trip: rn I want to visit Santorini

Favorite food: I love fruits! particularly ones leaning more on the tart or sour side sometimes sweet ones too. other than that, i’ll have to go with ice cream!

Nationality: Filipino

Favorite song now: Kingdom hearts 2 - Naminé’s theme 😍

im tagging these people: @rizascupcakes @wishlaced @callmekazee @capthawkeye @queenwinry @b-griveros @lieutenant-sarcastic @queenxolivier @nonsense-shit @bleedingcoffee42 @xennariel @ohmytheon @fullmetalalchemist-motherhood @myrhymesarepurer and anyone else who’d like to do this XD no pressure though if you don’t wanna ._.

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I like your style! What inspirations did you take while developing it?


I started drawing with a generic Sonic the hedgehog style because that’s what got me to start

And then  as i got more into drawing I watched other artists on DeviantART and improved from drawing more and learning from other artists by taking note of how they drew certain things, like eyes and ears, fur, how they drew bodies and such

A lot of it comes from quietly watching other artists tbh

And then as i got comfortable with how my shit was turning out I started watching a lot of anime, and that influenced me too

But I also wanted a style that was easy to show expressions with and fun to draw, so I tried to work on that more and ended up with like

a cartoony/anime style that I sort of have now I guess



Rules: Tag nine people you wanna get to know better!

Relationship status: Single and unsure if I wanna stay that way and fool around or try to find something more serious (although I am serious about fooling around)

Chapstick or lipstick: I don’t use chapstick or lipstick but I think I’m more likely to use chapstick, esp since sometimes my lips can get p chapped

Favourite colour: Used to be undeniably green but now I think I’m feeling blue more so idk…I wish I were pretentious enough to say like “azure” or something but I’m really not so just take the blue and be okay with it please

Last song I listened to: Ignore Me by Betty Who

Last movie I watched: I think the last movie I like sat down and watched was The Shape of Water.

Top 3 TV shows: At the moment probably The Magicians, America’s Next Top Model, and I started rewatching Parks & Rec recently (would put it on as I go to sleep cuz it’s soothing) so I guess that.

Top 3 bands/artists: Oh Wonder, Betty Who, AURORA

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nicknames: beetle, bee, bepis bongies

gender/pronouns: he/she/they

astrological sign: [REDACTED]

height: 5'9

time: 9:26 pm

birthday: oct 23

favorite bands: talking heads, b-52s, Japanese breakfast, loona, cibo matto, I think I tend to like songs/albums instead of favoring artists tho

favorite solo artists: janelle monae, kanako wada, Beyoncé idk lmao

song stuck in your head: nothin rn!

last movie you saw: a bad lifetime movie probably wait no I think it was the snowman

last show: uhhhh I was kinda watching some csi show my aunt had on

why did you create your blog?: i was like 14 or st n I think I just heard it was cool I can’t rmr but I wouldn’t start rlly using my account until a few months after I made it

what do you post?: gay stuff, fraggles, bugs, art, boogers

last thing you googled: lemon demon and before that yotsuba gun

other blogs: got an art blog but i haven’t used it in a v long time and a vent blog

ao3: don’t read fanfic

do you get asks?: sometimes :D I used to get quite a bit for a while!!! where’d all the anons go

how did you get the idea for your url: Stevens universe

i follow: 699

followers: 962

average hours of sleep: 5 or 6 then I crash around dinner time n nap until my brain is soup

lucky number: 12

instruments: that I play? Only saxophone

what are you wearing?: grey sweats n a black t shirt and a million dollar smile :o)

dream job: hmm idk jobs don’t sound fun to me no matter what they are st that involves travel and being creative maybe

dream trip: ooo New Zealand is a good one I wanna meet viago, I’ve never been outside the US I’d love to go anywhere tbh

favorite foods: all of them

significant other: nope!

last book: i think the last book I tried to read was battle royale or st I have to start reading Into Thin Air for school soon

I just started watching this super cool show on netflicks called myths and monsters and it opens up talking about this Slavic myth involving this guy called koscei the deathless and this dumb ass King who didn’t listen to his wife and got tricked into setting koscei free, and I’m on the edge of my seat wanting to hear more, and then it switches over to this boring ass Arthur story!!!

Like I’ve heard of Arthur a million times bring me back the awesome Slavic story!!!