just started to watch this show

Speaking of ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

Because I just watched the last episode about an hour ago and I’m filled with so much satisfaction.

This anime is brilliant. From the start it draws you in with a very polished presentation, a distinctive and very deliberate art style, cool designs, beautifully painted backgrounds, excellent animation (this is MADHOUSE, after all, and they show the best they have to offer here), an inexplicable abundance of food porn and a fantastic jazzy soundtrack that includes what’s probably the best anime opening song (and video) I’ve heard since Cowboy Bebop’s Tank!. It’s called Shadow and Truth and it goes like this.

Once you’ve been properly buttered up, you’re slowly introduced into the plot, and what a plot it is. The setting is Dôwâ Kingdom, a fictional insular country composed of 13 districts, each with a distinct culture, climate, indiosyncracies, etc. It’s a modern-day setting, too, which to my republican eyes is pretty novel. Expect TV and cellphones.

Dôwâ is a peaceful country, but this has not always been so. To unify the country, an institution named ACCA Inspection Dept was created and now oversees the districts and is regarded as the organization responsible for peacekeeping. Our protagonist, Jean Otus, is a Chief Inspector in that office. But something’s in the works. The elderly king is expected to retire soon, and his only successor is disliked by most for being arrogant and immature. “Idiot prince” can be heard here and there. To make things worse, he’s announced he’ll dissolve ACCA. There are rumors of a coup d’état and somehow, for reasons unknown, Jean has been placed at the center of everything

This series is just so cool, guys. There’s many characters, and most of them have a piece or two in the political game that ensues, but at the same time everyone’s very cagey about what they’re doing, so you never know what’s going to happen next. Jean in particular, despite the place he’s put in, plays his cards very close to his chest, and you know he’s up to something, but you won’t know until he finally makes a move. It’s intriguing, fun, smart, and the characters are very engaging. Each has their motivations and story, but even though they’re in conflict they’re mostly good people. The answers are so satisfactory when they’re revealed, too. There’s not a lot of action, but a lot is happening all the time and you never have time to get bored. It’s only one cour (12 episodes) long, which is my favorite format since it usually makes for great pacing, no dawdling or filler, simply the most efficient storytelling.

I don’t know what else to add other than a bunch of gushing, but I really think this is one of those series you can enjoy even if anime isn’t your thing. Give it a try if you like political intrigue and/or cool characters. I also found the cultural diversity in this fictional setting very interesting.

Ok, shutting up now. Good series. Watch.

i know that i’ve been pretty inactive in the last two weeks and i’m really sorry for that. between losing weight, working, gaining more of a social life and starting my driving lessons i’ve been pretty busy. and spare time that i have had has been spent watching my many tv shows hahahahahaha. but i’ll definitely try and get back into the game soon, i hope you’re all doing well. i’m still around, just not posting.


Would you all just communicate for once.

Fuuka is a series that follows a group of high schoolers as they form a band, as well as a blossoming romance between two of the members. The glue that pulls them all together is Fuuka Akitsuki, the erratic, adorable girl at top.

With those kind words established, let me start with the bad news. This series is agonizingly average, attempting little beyond boilerplate characters and events that fall flat compared to similar series. A better show would give us hints to why a romance exists, but Fuuka just says it does and expects you to care. Whether it was Koyuki in turmoil, or Akitsuki, it never felt real.

I could try to say more about this series, but it’s difficulty frankly. There’s better romance series to watch, there’s better high school series to watch, there’s better period. Really, go watch Your Lie in April, that fits this bill better,

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MMMM how about shane finding out about the farmer passing out in the mines? :) also i love your stories so much <3

It was Maru who called. Shane scared her half to death, dropping the phone without hanging up, and running out of the house, still throwing on his coat. He ran to the clinic, fear growing in him.

He burst in, desperately looking around. Maru didn’t hesitate. She jumped up and showed him inside, rushing him to the Farmer’s beside. Harvey looked up with a frown, nodding to Maru.

“Shane…” Harvey started. He became very worried at how Shane’s face fell, completely despondent at the Farmer’s unmoving form.

“She’s stable,” Harvey supplied. That didn’t seem to have much effect on Shane. Harvey sighed. He would have to take shifts with Maru tonight to watch over them. It wasn’t just the Farmer at stake.

Shane sat down in the chair next to the hospital bed. In the corner, he noticed the backpack of all the supplies and gems and ore she had found before… before…

Shane leaned over and rest his arms and head on the bed, next to the Farmer. He took her hand in his, feeling how cold her hand was. He didn’t like that. He watched the gentle rise and fall of her chest, until tears obscured his view. He never was a religious man, but he found himself praying to Yoba. He lost track of time and space, only focusing on his beloved.

He didn’t find himself until the Farmer’s eyes fluttered open.

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Headcanon that Lapis projects out her dreams through her gem like Pearl did. Peridot likes to watch them; sometimes it's about her and pumpkin, and Lapis has a lot of flying dreams. Though whenever the nightmares about being trapped or Jasper show up and start upsetting her, Peridot nudges her awake and tells her she was tossing and turning.

I like this headcanon a lot.

Peridot definitely watches Lapis sleeping, so I could just picture her comforting Lapis if she had a nightmare.


Hands down one of the best couple ever made. Since starting Naruto, Shikamaru became my favorite after the chunin exams. And then Temari came along and I just fell in love with the two. I just love their relationship, even when platonic it was great and when it became romantic it was awesome. All the little jabs Temari made at Shikamaru, their praises for each other throughout the show and then just seeing them together was what got me to love them more and more. Though, the show wasn’t focused on them(seriously I’d watch every episode of Shikamaru Shippuden), just these little moments made my heart burst and killed me over and over. We won’t be able to see them as an established couple before Shikadai but hopefully we see a lot them as parents in Boruto.

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omg can i request headcanons of prince Sidon trying to pursue his crush. His crush doesn't understand zora courting techniques and thinks he is just being nice lollll. Like he'll bring them fish he caught or show off his athletic abilities

Trying to woo his crush

-Goes about it the only way he knows how to
-Crush can expect to wake up to a pile of various fish waiting outside their door
-Somebody please tell him that giving his crush a fish isn’t going to work
-Starts showing off a little more
-Backflips out of waterfalls, inviting them to watch him perfect a new swimming technique
-Honestly thinks his crush is playing ‘hard to get’
-He doesn’t understand why his crush isn’t reacting and just keeps trying until one of the elder zora tells him that’s not how it works

Big Emotional Bones Post bc FUck It

Me? Writing a literal essay about a Fox crime show? Absolutely 

I started watching Bones 6 years ago, when I was 12. I’m 17 now and it feels like I’ve grown up with the show. It’s done a lot for me, which kinda seems ridiculous when I’m typing it out but it’s the truth. It made me appreciate science and even made me consider a career as a forensic anthropologist, a job I’d never even heard of (still considering being an anthropologist but I’d probably want to focus more on cultural anthropology). It was a huge comfort when I was dealing with friends and family issues and mental illness. It was something I could always go back to.

And most importantly, it made me feel so much better about myself. When I first started watching it, I had just been diagnosed with autism and I hated myself because of it. I felt awful. But seeing Brennan and Zack, who reminded me so much of myself, with their lack of social skills and inability to understand behavioral cues, be happy and successful just made me feel so much better (also why I was so upset about what happened to zack but thats another post Im trying to be positive bye)

I could say a lot more, about the people I meet and my experiences in the fandom and but I’m just too emotional right now so I’m just going to leave this post with a huge thank you to everyone who made this show possible. It changed my life. 


In the last few hours, I thought about that ending a lot…

While watching episode 1 yesterday, I was thrilled about bad ass Lee Bo Young and ready for a ruthless female anti-hero. I was disgusted about the last few minutes of episode 1 but at that point I thought I could deal with the female anti-hero kidnapping, raping and blackmailing the male lead. I kind of brushed it off.

However, after others were posting about it and voicing their disgust, I began to actually reflect on that scene. I just started episode 2 today but after 15 minutes in, I decided to drop the show because I couldn’t stop thinking about the rape and blackmailing. As soon as I keep thinking about something that bothers me so much that I can’t focus on the actual plot anymore, that’s usually the point for me when it’s time to drop the show.

Not only did I dislike that, at the beginning of episode 2, the show was kind of ignoring the fact that the female lead had kidnapped and raped the male lead, but I was really …confused… that, instead of dealing with the sexual assault, they put so much focus on the blackmailing and her willing to accuse him of raping her. It’s not enough for me that the show isn’t trying to justify what she did (as they obviously paint her as an anti-hero, at least for now). I just hate that they did not even try to “enhance” her sexually abusing him. Maybe it was just my perception but it seemed to me as if the male lead did not even care about the rape itself. I saw him being shocked and scared but, because of the show’s portrayal of that scene, I attributed that to the male lead being scared of the blackmailing and his fear of ending up in prison. No emotion or word on the sexual assault. (Note: I’m not a psychologist or in any kind familiar with rape aftermaths and how victims cope with what happened to them, on top of that I can’t imagine how someone would react to being blackmailed for rape while that person was actually the one being sexually assaulted. I’m just talking about how I perceived this whole scene.)

On top of that, the show not only feeds the distrust of people in women who have been raped but portrays women as sly foxes willing to falsely accuse men of rape in order to get revenge.

While watching the beginning of episode 2, I pondered how the show would deal with all that in future episodes. The first minutes of episode 2 convinced me that they would brush off the sexual assault itself, probably never even try to talk about this topic at all and instead continue to focus on the female lead blackmailing the male lead. I’m wary of the show openly portraying the female lead as anit-hero at the beginning but possibly blurring that image later on, trying to push the viewer’s sympathy buttons and make us see her as a ruthless character that everyone can still empathize with. That’s exactly what I don’t want to happen. The reason why I didn’t like Voice so much and one of the reasons why I dropped Tunnel after episode 1 was the shows portrayal of police officers who nearly beat everyone to death (and call it “investigating”) and at the same time heavily try to make me feel emotionally connected to these characters. I would continue Whisper if I had the feeling that the female lead would have to actually face justice later on, for the crimes she committed or is about to commit (just like every other bad person in the show), and atone for it. (And by atonement I obviously don’t mean the other bad guys killing off her father or mother, which is probably about to happen for at least one of them.) But I don’t see that happening. So bye bye show.

Oh, and whenever I open up Whisper’s MDL info page now and that “Romance” tag pops up, it makes me shriek inside. If the drama is actually about to pull a romance between the two leads (just a reminder: after she kidnapped, raped and blackmailed him), I will throw my laptop out of the window.

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Do you know if there are any online streaming sites for the Worlds?

1. The ISU Channel (http://www.eurovisionsports.tv/isu/) has a livestream for all events. Problem is it is blocked in almost every country, maybe you find a VPN that works.
The reason for the blocking is that the local TV broadcaster buy the rights for the broadcast. It is up to them what they show and if it is available in your country.

I just recommend once again to buy Eurosportplayer, there you can watch the ISU Livestreams! (Only thing, it is not for free, but legal! I watched Euros an 4CC this way and it works perfectly)

2. This German Blog (also available in English) (https://eiskunstlaufblog.com) posts livestreams a few hours before each event starts. Just go to the page when competition starts. I use this page a lot.

3. This blog posts livestreams (http://soyouwanttowatchfs.tumblr.com/)
I never used it myself but it looks like the links work.

So this is all I can think of, you just need to click to see what works for you.

(Just a little sidenote, beside the ISU Channel the livestreams posted are not really legal, be careful)

Watched the entirety of Gravity Falls so rewatching season 1… again (well starting from Lion 2)
Can’t express enough how much I love this frame.
Lapis: concerned and afraid for Steven
Peridot: Terrified of the destabilizer since she’s a technician and knows what it’s capable of.

They could have just given them a generally scared expression. But focused on their point of vision. (And I can see how crack lapidot shippers fangirled over their occasional glances to each other back when it aired)

In its entirety it wasn’t Malachite that started Jasper’s aggressive nature towards Lapis. If anything she was probably worse than Peridot whilst the interrogation was going on in the ship.

This is old news, but I still like going back and reanalysing old episodes. Not to mention I wasn’t watching the show at the time of The Return’s air(stopped watching sometime before Warp Tour for a while because of work) and was solely focused on Jasper when I initially watched for the first time.

you know what i hate??? i hate watching the very last episode of my fave show bc after that no new tv show feels right. i’m not ready to move on, i’m not ready to let go of the characters i grow to love, but at the same time i want to watch something else, bc i can’t just rewatch the show i’ve finished, bc that wouldn’t make me feel better either. i want to move on, but i can’t so what do i do? i try my best to relieve the first moment i fell in love with a certain character, to feel the excitement i felt whenever something unexpected happened in the show, to laugh again like i did during that specific scene and i start to talk about it 24/7, about how amazing that show was and how much it meant to me and ever time i was ppl would understand exactly what i’m talking about. i try to hold on to and cherish all of these feelings and i start watching a new show and i just can’t enjoy it, bc it feels different than the show i’ve just finished and i’m just stuck in this nostalgic bubble for a while until i slowly fall in love with the new tv show  and this hellish circle starts again.

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I just have to say that Designation Miracle is personally responsible for me retrying Kuroko no Basket and the reason I even heard of and started watching Big Windup. I came for the original Haikyuu fic, but got curious enough to read the rest of the series and fell in love with Midorima and Takao and everyone else. Thank you very much for that. Also I have now read your series like four times going on five, because I love it so much. (part 1)

Thank you so much, friend! I am always so, so happy that people are willing to check out other shows because of my fic, largely because I want everyone to watch all the sports anime ever! And Kuroko no Basuke and Oofuri are both some of my absolute favs (along with Haikyuu) so yay!! And I am very glad you enjoy rereading the series!!

Also, thanks for your question/suggestion! I LOVE Mob Psycho 100, it is rapidly becoming one of my favorite series of all time. And because I am absolute crossover trash, I also completely adore Kageyama and Mob as cousins.

At first I was thinking, “although I probably wouldn’t ever write that into Designation: Miracle” and then I was realizing, “oh ha, well, actually, the current arc I am working on with ‘Filthy Halls’ would actually make it incredibly easy to include that particular crossover.”

And. Dang it. I really like that idea more than I should.

(I mean, it would make a really interesting plot point in that theoretical Haikyuu sequel that I keep flinging theoretical plot points at).


ANYWAY. I’m not sure if that is something that would ever appear in Designation: Miracle, but would you like a random tumblr short that is just some other random crossover where they are cousins? Because that would be super fun to write. I can’t tell if I’m more interested in secretly!psychic Kageyama Tobio because it runs in the family, or if he’s just the incredibly athletic older cousin that Mob looks up to but he has no powers of his own.

Thanks again, friend!!

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Have you both heard of a show on Netflix called bates hotel? If not. You should watch it! I only just started. I'm in episode 3 and so far it's pretty good. I ran out of things to watch and everyone recommended this show to me, so I'm giving it a try.

Alec - No, but Simon has. He told me I should watch it.

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just wondering... not trying to be rude but do you even like once upon a time? I honestly don't blame you. Lol. Idk, just curious. Love ya!!!

Haha not rude at all! I LOVE seasons 1-3 but then I just found myself getting more and more disappointed as the episodes went on starting in season 4.

I became so disappointed in the way the storyline went and how the characters changed (and it was majorly NOT character growth). It seemed to me (seriously, this is just my opinion) as though the writers/creators became desperate to rope people in and wrote half-assed plots.

I still read about what’s going on in the show but I cannot watch it myself. And Regina Mills will always be one of my all time favorite characters.

:) and love you too!

This is so so important and beautiful. And important. And beautiful.

I just want to talk about this. I see So Many backhanded compliments to The New Crystal Gems saying like, “it’s nice to have some realistic Lapis and Peridot interaction without Lauren Zuke’s shitty writing cramming the ship down our throat” or something like that, and, like, it was not bad writing?? It was not out of character or anything. As somebody trying to recover from depression, I found that one of the best things you can do for yourself is to surround yourself with positivity and go through the motions, and even if you don’t feel anything, you don’t feel bad, and you start to get better, and that is very clearly what Lapis is trying to do. She’s just riding the wave of Peridot’s genuine excitement of exploring every intellectual inch of life she never even knew existed before and, sort of hoping that if she plays along, some of that happiness may rub off on her. She’s watching her Earth show, making meep morps with her, helping her decorate the barn, even making music with her, and she smiles. There are moments where Lapis just smiles, and that’s her trying. I love the toilet meep morp scene in particular, because during this scene, the same dark ominous music that always plays when Lapis uses her water abilities plays, but what she’s using them for isn’t something out of rage or desperation, she’s funneling that same power she only ever associated with negative things into something silly and pointless that Peridot thinks is beautiful and makes her excited. This is Lapis healing. Peridot is the medium by which Lapis is healing herself, and that is beautiful writing.

So I just watched the Luthor’s episode with my little brother (he’s nine). He is really bad with names, so he jokingly started calling Alex and Maggie Lesbian one and Lesbian two. 
While we were watching the scene were Kara goes to Lena’s office to show her the last article about her innocence in everything. My brother turns around and with an extremely serious face tells me “Lesbian three and Lesbian four”.
So don’t even try to tell me that the subtext isn’t there because even a nine year old kid catches it.