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Will You Let It Die...?

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Word Count: 1,800

Requested: Hey sweetie, how are you? Can you do an imagine where Shawn’s performing Roses onstage and he gets emotional (like last night’s show) bc Roses is y/n’s fav song and he misses her so much bc they aren’t together anymore and then he calls her and asks her for another chance? Sorry my English, it’s not my first language



“What song do you get most emotional about playing?” The girl who had asked him this question during the Q&A meant no harm, but the feeling of his heart breaking at the question - proved him otherwise.

If you were to ask him which song he got the most emotional about playing, which this girl did, it would be Roses. Not due to the message behind it, that had little to do with why Shawn’s eyes stung with sadness each time he performed it. No, it reminded him of the love he had until recently - you.

Shawn took his time in answering this question, debating on whether or not to tell the truth or give a different answer. However, he didn’t want to hide anything, so he gave her the truth.

“Probably Roses.” He answered simply, wanting to move on.

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Maybe some head canons for Ninette? Your headcanons are always so nice! 🐞🐢

Thank you! Ninette is so good and sweet. 

  • Nino is really good at calming Marinette down when she is anxious. She starts worrying about things and he just gives her a hug and she is suddenly able to breath and relax again. 
  • They encourage each other a lot with their creative endeavors. They love just working on their projects together, taking brief breaks for smooches. 
  • Nino loves cake. All kinds of cake. And he has no self control when it comes to sweets. Marinette has to stop him from eating every bit of sweets they have. She jokes that he only fell in love with her because she grew up in a bakery. 
  • They love watching awards shows. It is a good intersection of Marinette’s interest in fashion and Nino’s interest in music/movies. They invite other people but Alya and Adrien don’t really see the appeal.
  • When Nino found out Marinette was Ladybug, his first thought was worry. He is always concerned that she is putting too much pressure on herself and is glad to try to be able to help ease her burden. 
  • His second thought was that he wanted to do a spiderman kiss. She was happy to oblige. 
  • He is totally bros with Tikki. They conspire to convince Marinette to make them sweets.

Ask me about my wips/headcanons/ideas!

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Yamamoto and Dino showing their dark side to their gf


admin Adelheid


You could only sit on the pavement in shock as you watched what was transpiring before you.

There was so much blood… The cries and pleas for mercy were unheard of…

You had known him only as a baseball addict all your lives. Even back in high school you had thought he could only love that game so you had been quite surprised when he confessed to you. Even after you two started dating you still felt the need to pinch yourself sometimes just to make yourself believe you weren’t dreaming. But even after ten years he had stayed by your side and loved you. It was more than you could possibly ask for.

Beautiful, wonderful, sweet Takeshi…

But he had caught that man about to rape you. You were on your way home from a friend’s house when someone pulled you into a dark alleyway and started assaulting you. You had managed one scream. One scream was all it took.

When you saw Takeshi’s face over that man’s shoulder you felt a mix of relief and shame. Relief that he was there and shame that he had to see you like this. But then that shame and relief turned into surprise when his shock melted into something else. Something that made his face look demonic.

And then the shock turned to horror as the man who had been trying to remove your clothes was pulled off you and beaten brutishly.

First Takeshi broke his jaw. Then his nose. Then his teeth. And then he took hold of the stranger’s head and beat it against the wall over and over again until it looked as though it would explode. And even when the body slid down to the ground you saw Takeshi grab hold of an arm and practically twisted it right off its socket. By the time he was finished it looked as though the stranger was a mere smear of filth on the pavement.

There was so much blood. So much blood. You couldn’t move. You couldn’t speak. Your legs were shaking and you didn’t have enough strength to even run. All you could do was stare with wide eyes as Takeshi’s blood drenched countenance stared at the man he had killed with such hatred.

“Ta… ke… shi…?”

Your whisper seemed like a slap in the face to him. The manic rage on his face disappeared as though it had never been there and when he turned back towards you he was normal again. Concern crossed his face. That in itself was nothing unusual. The only difference from the norm was… the blood still dripping from his fists.

Seeing the expression on his face also seemed like another blow. Realizing what you have seen he shook and covered his face with a hand while the other one fished for his cellphone and blindly made a call.

“Hey, Hayato? Yeah I know it’s late. Can you have clean up come over? I’ll email you the address.” When he ended the call he turned to you with a wry, sad, tired smile on his face. It was an expression that you had never seen him make before. It made your eyes grow impossibly wider. “I think we need to talk.”


You didn’t tell him because you didn’t want to seem weak in his eyes.

Sure, Dino had power and money, you already knew that. But you were also fiercely independent and self-made. There was no sense telling him there was an idiot who kept threatening you to sell your small shop and moving out. You knew about these thugs. They were goons from the real estate who had been buying all the land around the area so they could make room for another condominium. You were not prepared to sell.

You were under so much pressure that you had begun to refuse Dino’s invitations to join him for dinner. Guilty, you thought about making him dinner and taking it up to his office. No one was able to notice you since it seemed the whole building seemed busy today so you took Dino’s personal elevator that would take you directly up to his office. As soon as the elevator doors opened, though you were in for the shock of your life.

You were just in time to see Dino shooting a man between the eyes at point blank range without a single flinch.

The man fell on the floor that was then covered in plastic wrap along with a bunch of other dead bodies whose hands were still tied behind themselves. You recognized each and every one. They were all the men who had come to your house to harass you these past few weeks. And the man who had been shot just now was their Boss.

Dino looked… different. The usually warm brown eyes filled with laughter were sharp and cold reflecting the glint of the gun’s metal body. It was Dino but it was not. The sunshine he had always reminded you of looked more like the glint from the golden statue of a merciless god.

The large lunchbox you were carrying fell from your nerveless fingers as you stared at him.

When he heard the noise Dino turned. As soon as he saw you the ruthlessness in his eyes turned into something sad and wry as he brushed back his hair with the gun still in his hand and sighed.

“Sorry,” you heard him say in a voice that sounded as though it were made of crushed ice. “You weren’t supposed to see that.”

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Last thing from the 'where do you watch B99' anon: i started it like 3 hours ago and just havent stopped watching thank you also your art and comics are adorable (which is how i found out about the show so extra thanks!)

I’M SO HAPPY YOU LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Netflix just put up Lucifer and guess whose ass is gonna start watching it because of you


Rebecca's Guide to Starting Star Trek

Holy Representation, Batman! You may have just heard that Star Trek Discovery is happening and it has a black woman as the lead, and Asian woman as the captain, and a confirmed interracial/interspecies gay couple, and you’re gunna watch!

Perhaps you want to start Star Trek now, but shit, there’s 13 movies, seven separate tv shows, all ranging somewhere between 3-7 seasons of 45 min episodes, plus there’s all those comics and novels.

First of all, if you don’t want to do anything other than Discovery, THAT IS 1701% OK. DO NOT LET GATE KEEPING BULLSHIT KEEP YOU FROM ENJOYING THINGS.

But if you do want to start, here’s my recommendations. Other people may have their opinions, but here’s mine.

Start with the movies, sorta. It’s much easier to get through all the movies than all the seasons. But, I say sorta, because don’t actually watch Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The first movie is just, well, it’s not great, and there isn’t enough plot to justify sitting through it. One day, for kicks and giggles, go back and watch, but for now, leave it alone.

What you’re gunna do is replace the first Star Trek movie with a few episodes of The Original Series (TOS).

You’re gunna do:

Space Speed (Season 1, ep 22)

City on the Edge of Forever (season 1, ep 28)

Amok Time (Season 2, ep 1)

Journey to Babel (Season 2, ep 10)

If you wanna toss one out to get to the movies faster, City on the Edge of Forever isn’t like, super plot important, but it’s generally considered one of the best episodes of all the series, and I think it’s really good for understanding characterization.


You’re gunna watch 2-6, and then I’d recommend pausing. You can just keep going, but I’m gunna suggest a few The Next Generation (TNG) episodes first before you move onto movies 7-10.

Q Who (Season 2, ep 16)

Best of Both Worlds part 1&2 (Season 3, ep 26, Season 4, ep 1)

Chain of Command part 1&2 (Season 6, ep 10-11)

The last one is similar to The City on The Edge of Forever. I think one more is best for understanding the characters moving forward, and this is a great ep for that, also it does my favorite Star Trek thing, which is discuss reverent political issues (use of torture in this case) while also getting you acquainted with the Cardassians, who will be around more in Deep Space Nine (DS9). But if you’re eager to get back to the movies, go ahead with the rest of the movies.

Movies 7-10 are all with the TNG cast, and then 11-13 are all the alternate Kelvin timeline (AOS).

Woo! At this point, you should feel much more aquatinted with this universe.

Now if you still want to watch more of the TV series, honestly, this may be controversial, but you can just watch whichever one strikes your fancy. The stories usually hold on their own, and one crew my be more interesting to you than another.

The Original Series and The Animated Series are the same crew, just one is animated.

From having watched the movies, you should have already met The Next Generation crew and should be able to tell if you want to see more of their adventures.

Deep Space Nine is not actually about a ship, but rather a base. This is the first time the captain was not a white man. Benjamin Cisco is played by Avery Brooks, a black man. Also, his first officer is a Bajoran (an alien) woman. This one also had the closest to the occasional LGBT+ rep with Jadzia Dax, an alien that is gender fluid and changes gender based on their host. It’s not perfect, but it’s at least not the regular cisgender heteronormative character we’re used to. Both Worf and O'Brein from TNG are in this series.

Voyager is about a ship that gets put 75 years away from Federation space and is about their adventures on their journey home. This features the first female captain, played by Kate Mulgrew from Orange is the New Black. It also has a Native American first officer, and a black Vulcan (not the first ever seen, but the first one as a main character), a half Klingon/human woman as the engineer, and later on in season 4, a former Borg assimilated woman. There’s even more than I’ve mentioned here actually, diversity wise. Other than Discovery, this is easily their most multicultural Bridge.

Enterprise is a prequel series that follows the crew of the Enterprise 100 years before Kirk took command. It’s, much less diverse to be honest. There’s a lot I like about it, and tbh I’m always a little Gay for T'Pol (Vulcan Sub-commander) but there’s a lot of white dudes, so if you’re looking for diversity, this…. may not be your jam.

Later, I’ll do a follow up post that has abridged recommendations for each series, because if I’m being totally honest, there’s really some episodes you can skip.

For now, this is my starting point for everyone.


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how did mark help you through tough times?

this is probably gonna get lONG

so i started paying more attention to/stanning him during my exam period last year and i was stressed like hell because i’m a sucker for good grades and to relieve my stress i watched nct life in paju and he just made my heart flutter??? and for some reason it made me feel much much better about myself because im reminded of how i should take a break from all the studying? because i tend to overwork myself A WHOLE LOT and for once i didn’t feel like shit for not revising and watching shows but instead i was happy. and thanks to him, i did better than i expected- i got the top in my class and the top 20% in my whole cohort which i’d never expected and this pushed me even harder to study more

he made me realise that constant hard work and efforts pays off and every single time i feel like giving up and i think back on how hard he’s worked just to achieve his dream; leaving canada at such a young age and spending his teenage years as a trainee, all for that one dream - and look where he is right now. if he can do it, i can do it too. which is why he’s my role model and i aspire to be like him, have you seen how hard this kid works? he doesn’t let anything stop him and that’s my goal.

he can cheer me up every time, and anytime without fail. im super complicated and messed up and i need time alone often but also hate it when im alone (which is why im always so conflicted), which is why i watch videos of him and look at pictures of him whenever i feel sad. cliche but they never fail to put a smile on my face and it reminds me to stay strong

he allowed me to try out new things i never once though i would; i created this tumblr blog and started writing scenarios and stories all because i was inspired to do so. i wanted to show my love for him and nct as a whole and thanks to this i made so many new friends i’d never thought i would ever meet, from all over the world. although i havent met with many of them before, they never fail to be sweet and nice to me and they never hesitate to help me out when i need, and that made me realise how wonderful friendship can be, when in reality people always leave me and just ‘unfriend’ me for no reason and take me for granted; tumblr changed my perspective of that

im sorry i probably sound like an idiot rn but i just love mark a lot and i have so many things i want to thank him for im sorry im so annoying

Oh boy.

It’s six am and I just woke up. Sure enough, as I suspected, the Glitch Bitch decided to rear his head in a dream of mine last night. In the dream, I was watching a normal jacksepticeye video, and then suddenly, Anti starts glitching the screen a LOT. Not just the normal few seconds. It lasted a while. I have a feeling Anti’s growing stronger, but I’m not sure if he’ll show up today. Maybe he’ll wait a few days longer to show up when we’re a bit more off-guard? I have no idea.

Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’M the one going insane.

I should probably start my day now.

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ravens family filmed her in pain? did you see the video? what happened?

Yeah I watched the video. Basically it was Raven’s second day after surgery and she was laying in the hospital bed. Her mom was just narrating things and was like this is GP then she pulled up Raven’s hospital gown and showed her surgery incisions and started talking about her pacemaker.

She was also saying how Raven was in so much pain, but Raven didn’t start moaning until she said that. Like I’m sure Raven was in pain, but you could tell she was exaggerating. You would think a mom would be comforting her daughter if she was moaning in agony rather than continuing to talk over her and record her. The whole thing was just very weird and felt disingenuous. 

Granted everyone is different, but when I had surgery I definitely wasn’t shouting like Raven was and my mom definitely was not recording me so she could put it on the internet. lol

Alright! So we had TWO new episodes today. I think I’ll have to watch them again before I get a really good opinion on them, but I’ll just post my thoughts right now. Spoilers ahead.

ARGGH! You For Real

Well I’ll say that I called it, I had a feeling that they were going to discover that ARGGH is fake. Lincoln and Clyde are so cute, and their friendship gives me life.

A unexpected appearance from Harold and Howard! Poor Howard too, he didn’t like seeing Clyde like that. So Clyde is so devastated by his favorite show being fake, that he starts thinking EVERYTHING is fake. He even starts disobeying his parents because he thinks nothing will happen.

I kinda hate it that Lincoln lied to Clyde again just to make him happy, but it turns out that there was a real ghost so I guess it wasn’t totally a lie?

Garage Banned

Ah yes a Lori episode. I enjoyed it. It was really relatable to those of us who have annoying siblings. Again, this was another one where Lincoln wasn’t the main focus. He was barely even in it.

So we see Lori being annoyed by her younger siblings. Lana kicking her in the face while she sleeps, Lola answering her phone, Leni interrupting her phone calls, etc. She decides that since she’s almost 18, that it’s time to move out on her own, even if it’s only 20 feet from the house.

She discovers that living on your own isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and she misses her siblings. We see just how much she does for them because it’s hard for them to get along without her. Lola has tangles in her hair, and wants Lori to help her. Instead though, Lisa sprays it with her new “detangler” and her hair falls out.

Luna’s fog machine melts Mr Coconut’s face and she and Luan start arguing. They ask Lincoln to help resolve the matter, but his solution leads to almost getting punched in the face by Luna. He says “I wish Lori was here”.

Lori eventually moved back into the house. Oh and we find out that Lisa took out Lincoln’s appendix. Yikes.

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Good morning. I purposely spent all day in bed. How are you today, love?Almonds get your protein rolling, right? They're good for sex, I learned that much on Parks & Rec 😂 Can I ask where you're originally from? Charmed was my favorite show as a kid. Oitnb is amazing, & I never watched got. I think I'm the only person who never bothered with it lol. Mine would be Friends, either sons of anarchy or breaking bad (I'd rate them equally as amazing from start to finish) & probably Scandal.

Good afternoon Aries! and why is that? are you feeling okay?
Yess im all good here :) hmm idk hahaha i just read that theyre good for headache cuz they have something inside that somehow cures headache lol
eat them 😏😏 for you and for your girl 😉😂
im from somewhere in Asia 😝 are you from US?
maybe got is not your type so youre not bothered about it tho hahaha havent watch them 😬✌🏼

You know that hurts the most?

That I was in fucking AWE with supergirl, I started to like superheroes when I started watching the show.
Literally, Supergirl is a role model for me, and a big part of it, is the interpretation that Melissa put into the character.
So this whole shit show of a fucking song not only just made me feel bad about my ship, but it also tainted the hero that I looked up to.
Not to mention the disregarding of my feelings about trying to look for another little bean in a plate full of fucking rise.

Anyways, I still have Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, so I still have an amazing role model.

But thank you, Melissa and Jeremy, for making an entire demographic population feel shitty just because you wanted to make a “joke”

hm idk for the most part i’ve been pretty set on keeping this blog manga-spoiler free, but i’m sure anime-only people don’t keep up with this blog anymore… However, I don’t wanna put spoilers on the blog, and then season 2 is announced and more people start watching the show and they want to look at the blog content without being spoiled with manga-exclusive content. 

Why I hate Scalia

I’ve already made a post as to why I’m against Scalia, but I guess I’ll go into depth as to why I have such disdain for the ship.

1. Not once was there a mention of Scira breaking up in the show. I don’t care what the cast had said, I don’t care what Jeff Davis had said. Because guess what, not everyone is watching interviews of the cast talking about the show, people are simply JUST watching the show hoping that there will be some clarity(which there wasn’t).

2. Scott and Malia do in fact have a platonic relationship, but not a romantic one. There was no romance there in the previous seasons, I don’t care how close or friendly they were. They’ve always been strictly friends, part of it is because of Malia and Stiles’ relationship. And to be honest, they only started to get close in 6a. There was a lack of relationship development.

3. I don’t know why Teen Wolf thinks this is okay, but I do feel weird about the whole group just dating one another. And yes, I’m holding Lydia and Stiles accountable for dating each other without giving a single fuck about how Malia feels in the process, but this is purely how I feel. Malia and Kira are(or were, who even fucking knows at this point)friends, it’s just weird as shit.

4. Last time I checked, Kira isn’t dead. How Jeff ended her story is her being in the desert with her mom still figuring out her powers. Kira is still alive and Jeff is just expecting us to forget that she ever existed. He’s practically erasing her character and for someone who loved and adored her, I’m pissed. Her story never ended just because Jeff spewed that bullshit in the first place. So for the characters and cast to pretend she was never in the show is just the biggest B.S. I’ve ever seen.

5. Guess what, it’s possible for a guy and a girl to be JUST friends. I know, it’s crazy, but it’s true. Malia and Scott have a supportive friendship and they seem to be there for one another. But not once did I see any romance there. How I see it is Jeff wanting Scott and Malia to end up with someone because god forbid a character be single so, he decided to push this Scalia shit because, wow! They’re both single and no one else is open? Let me just put these two together. When did Teen Wolf stop being Teen Wolf and start being Teen Romance?

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you've got me hooked on chb bsd! Imagine Dazai and Chuuya on their first mission and they fight about who gets to kill the monster and they end up arguing and the counselors just stare because...how can the gods have made such powerful selfish children?

Akutagawa watches them fight in perfect sync, watching them take down monsters and screaming at each other until they’re red in the face. Everyone is standing to the sidelines, enjoying the show, and then all the monsters have fallen and they just… stare at each other…

And start aggressively making out.

(Kunikida in distance: WE HAVE RULES ABOUT THIS!!!)

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Are u still going to watch SG ? Cause i dont . After what happened i feel disrespected as fan and part of the lgbtq community and i'm not even a supercorp shipper . I started to watch the show because of alex coming out story and the relationship between kara and alex , but with all the shit that happened im dissapointed , so not i wont watch it anymore 😞.

nope! definitely not. I didn’t even finish season two, just kept up with what was happening via Tumblr. (Actually the only ep I made an effort to watch live was 2x18 which was super Kara/Lena centric).

The Overarching Problem with Supergirl and its Actors

Okay, I feel that for full disclosure I should just say that I don’t ship supercorp. I do understand the anger as a member of the LGBTQ community. Though, I’m not surprised something like this happened and it has everything to do with how the show has changed and what the writers have chosen to do. See, I started watching Supergirl with the pilot episode. I didn’t watch it for queer characters. I watched it because it was feminist and the most significant relationship was a familial one between two sisters. That struck a chord with me because of my own relationships. I also once had a boss much like Cat Grant and enjoyed the quips and pure scene chewing by Calista Flockhart. I loved first season. It was developed, the characters were pretty consistent and characters like Hank and James were not relegated to five minutes of screen time (there are elements of racism that are going on as well). Season two was a let down after season one.

I was surprised when there was going the be a LGBTQ character added. It made the show more like my own life. I had hoped that this would somehow expand depth to the show in a new area, but it never did. The first few episodes were okay. They weren’t great. Then the characters and relationships I had loved disappeared without notice. They completely threw away James’ character and the budding relationship with Kara, the Danvers sisters disappeared, and Mon-El got more stories and screen time than previous fan favorites combined. Then the worst thing happened.

The two female leads became defined by their relationships.  Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the Sanvers ship and Maggie the first four episodes. The problem is the development after getting together never really happened. Since Alex became defined by her relationship, she didn’t get the same role as she had earlier. Alex faded away. This fade out shows how the show thought of how to deal with LGBTQ characters and why something like what happened at San Diego Comic Con came to be. A gay character either  fades to the background or rethinks their sexuality (ugh!).

Another reason is Kara was swept away into being defined by an inherently sexist and very flawed character. They made her change to fit being with Mon-El. The very nature of their relationship reinforces stereotypes that woman have been fighting for years. Mon-El controlled Kara, nothing he did was ever bad enough for her not to forgive him and his development showed a guy who never earned the redemption he received. Kara stuck with him over family, through lies, and really controlling behavior. This writing shows a bias that is not even from this decade in terms heteronormativity and a woman’s role.

See, stuff like that made them feel like it was okay to be rather immature and hurtful towards our community. Of course Kara wouldn’t ever be in a relationship with a woman! They don’t know how to present healthy straight couples (though, the writers and actors don’t know that) let alone LGBTQ characters that aren’t swept under a rug until they need them. I can tell you for sure that the actors are not unaware of who gets the most screen time. Winn and his girlfriend who framed him (another unhealthy relationship) got more time for a while than Sanvers. They probably will continue to since Maggie is becoming a reoccurring character. Look how well that worked for Cat Grant! Three episodes of great snark and just a pit of nothingness the rest of the season. It would actually be better for them to break up for actual gay couple representation on screen. The nonexistent wife/girlfriend trope will continue for gay characters. The actors know this, which is why the lead being LGBTQ would be ridiculous because they would suffer the same fate because of the laziness of the writers. Had they been actually progressive and showed a developing relationship on screen, maybe the idea that Lena and Kara could be more wouldn’t have been so crazy.

Before you tell me how much you hate me for defending homophobes, I am not defending the actors. I am just saying that they have been defended in their own actions by the industry in which they work. In their industry LGBTQ couples are not serious. They will give them their arch so they can appear “hip and liberal” to viewers.. The characters never develop past that stage for them and placing the lead in that category would kill a show. That is why they did what they did. It was wrong and callous. The later statements they made after the mocking I can find no reason for, other than they were trying to get support for the backlash they must of realized was coming. It really disappoints me and there is no good explanation as to why they would continue or call it “brave”. That part is entirely on them.

Now the response to backlash from those involved has been… well, bad. I can’t say anything else there. I do not know if the email circulating is real or not. I would need metadata and skills more akin to a journalist to figure out. But alas, I have neither since I am a biologist.  If what being said is true, then there is a major problem with the cast’s understanding of both how to get rid of a PR nightmare and that actions do have consequences. They were awful to  a part of the fandom they particularly don’t understand and they don’t think they need to try. I get the anger. I am angry and I don’t even ship it.(I do love Katie McGrath, so I totally understand why you would ship it). I am mad at Chris Wood for his completely ignorant and terrible statement. I grew up in a homophobic town and I know how stuff like this compounds until you just want to scream.  I do think we all need to take a deep breath though, because there is some stuff going down that needs to be rectified on our side as well.

First, let’s not call people people names. It demeans us, the LGBTQ community, as much as our detractors.When they go low, we go high. Second, the best place to show anger is ratings. I decided after hearing what was going on with Mon-El returning and Maggie leaving there was no hope. I’m not watching a show that is unhealthy. Do the same if you are upset. Finally, we need to realize that we must be articulate with are argument in order to get the point across. Just saying that their actions are homophobic will not win over any people. People who are not members of our community do not often know that there are many shades to homophobia. They only see it when it is blatant and, in the context in which this was done, they see us only as whining about not being canon. Yeah, there are going to be a shit ton of people who won’t get it. It will be frustrating as hell, but if you defend your argument well you can get people who want to understand. One word answers, being disrespectful and fighting will only lose them

Just be polite and respectful. A lack of understanding and respect caused this in the first place. If you need to vent to someone over this so you don’t go insane, I am an insomniac researcher. I just wrote a long reason about why the show had problems and am posting it at almost four in the morning my time. I am willing to let you stream of consciousness anger at me.

I also apologize for any errors in the above text and its length (the academic in me made me get this to 1300 words, shit. I could probably make this a full length paper with time). As I stated before, it is almost morning where I’m at and I’ve yet to go to sleep.

Best of luck to you all,


So I still haven’t finished Season 2 of Supergirl, but I gotta tell you guys: The main reason I wanted to start this show was because of the gifsets I saw on here of Kara and Lena.

I knew it wasn’t a likely canon ship, but it looked so sweet I wanted to watch the show just to ship it. So I started Supergirl. I dragged two people into the fandom with me, and both of those people have now also watched the entirety of The Flash (which I still haven’t even started) and both watched Supergirl far faster than I did. (They’re binge watchers; I like to savor.)

The point is, Lena and Kara’s relationship is why I got into this show. I love it with all my heart, and I adore every character. I even like Mon-El so far, though most of fandom seems to hate him (granted, most of fandom has seen more episodes than I have, so I assume I just haven’t seen whatever they hate him for yet). But I started because I wanted to see these two girls love each other, even if the show writers were pretty much guaranteed to keep it platonic.

Then they had Alex and Maggie! And I thought maybe it could happen! The very idea soothed the sadness of James Olsen being unceremoniously dropped after a whole season of pining. It’s ok if they didn’t work out as long as Kara ends up with her true love, right? But that’s not Mon-El. Come on.

We’re really replacing the amazing James Olsen with this cookie cutter white boy? Kara is such a unique hero; it’s why I love her. And you’re going to give her the same male love interest I see in EVERY OTHER SHOW?

On top of that, I just read about how the whole cast laughed off the idea of Supercorp, and I feel like this is going to be just like Supernatural. Everyone freaks out at the idea that the fandom ships 2 same-sex main characters, so the show runners ruin the friendship to get rid of any ~~homosexual~~ ideas, not caring that they’re destroying a great dynamic.

Then they say they’re not homophobic, and they stick some LGBTQA+ characters in to “prove” it, all while continuing to laugh off the fans who wanted to see some queer representation. Because THEY have a vision of a straight, white bread couple and it just HAS to play out what with how groundbreaking and exciting it clearly is.

If they’re gonna go the boring, typical route, fine. It sucks and it’s stupid, but it’s not like we’re not used to it. The part that makes me angry is that everyone’s so keen on making sure nobody even imagines a gay relationship. How silly of us to want representation. No, Kara can’t be with a black man or a girl. She has to be with average arrogant white boy, or the universe collapses. No gays here! 

Just Maggie, who’s only going to be in a few episodes before, what? They kill off the lesbian? Because if they do that I might genuinely quit this show that I love. No more dead lesbians. I refuse.

You know what, now I’m kind of glad that I never got to actually watch all of Supergirl after what happened at Comic Con. On a personal level I have a close friend who used this show as a way to start feeling comfortable about her sexual orientation to the point where she felt confident enough to ask out one of her female classmates to prom at a very religious school and with very religious parents (it ended up going ok, but to say that we were both terrified of what could happen with her school and family was an understatement) and now? Now I can barely get in contact with her and she recently told me she thinks she’s going to give up the show for good now and rethink some stuff about herself, and here I am over four hours away with just a phone and no other way to help her.

And on just a plain fucking etiquette level, it’s one thing to make a playful joke about a fandom’s ship or have to beat around the bush with it depending on who your studio is. You can address a fandom in a very polite and honest manner while still giving fans your support like how Mark Hamill addressed his thoughts on Luke being gay and what that meant to some Star Wars fans. But man, that shit that came out of Jeremy Jordan’s mouth was in such poor taste on all levels and the fact that he said it pretty much unprompted just made it eeevvveeenn better. To all the fans of Supergirl out there, I hope you never have to deal with this kind of shit ever again from a show’s cast like this. No viewer ever deserves that kind of treatment from a show and I hope that you’re all able to get through this, and show CW that this was unacceptable.