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For the prompt post: “i was hitchhiking and you picked me up and WHOOPS YOU’RE A FAMOUS ROCKSTAR” au OOOOOOR “i had a one night stand the night before i started a college class and WHOOPS I ACCIDENTALLY BANGED THE PROFESSOR” Please and thank you!!!!!!!!

“Just try,” Sam says, shoving Steve towards the bar.

“Sam!” Steve hisses, but it’s too late — he’s already bumped into the man he’s been ogling half the night.

The guy starts a little, dropping the book he’s been reading. “Sorry!” Steve manages.

“It’s alright,” the guy says, looking up. Then he looks up, obviously checking Steve out. “Hey,” he says, voice sounding a little lower than it did before.

Steve can’t help it; he blushes. “Hi, uh, you’re alone?” he asks, and he can hear Sam snicker behind him.

The guy smiles, sort of leans back on his bar stool. “Mmm-hmmm,” he says, and Steve can’t stop staring at his plump lips. “Why, you want a drink?”

“If you’re not busy,” Steve says, looking at the book, which he can see now is heavily-annotated.

The guy seems to trace Steve’s gaze and shuts the book. “Just over-preparing. First classes start tomorrow.”

Steve nods, chuckles. “Oh, I know,” he says. It’s pretty much all he’s thought about since he decided to put that GI Bill to good use.

“I’m Bucky,” he says, reaching out a hand.

Steve takes it. His grip is firm and… lingering.

“Steve,” he says.

Bucky smiles again. “I’ve got good drinks over at my place, if you’re—“

“Yes,” Steve says. “Let’s go.”

— —

“Jesus,” Bucky says, rolling over the next morning. His hair is a goddamn mess, and Steve’s pretty proud to have made it that way.

Steve yawns, stretches. His nerves have dissipated somewhat, thanks to Bucky and his amazing hands.

“Mornin’,” Bucky says, looking over at Steve and smiling.

“Hi,” Steve says, unable to keep the dumb smile off his face.

They look at each other for a few moments, just soaking each other in. They hadn’t had much time for conversation last night, but Steve had fun. He can already tell that Bucky has a great sense of humor, and he’s obviously incredible in bed, and Steve really wants Bucky to ask him for his number.

Bucky sighs. “I hate to lose the view, but I gotta get ready for my class.”

“What time is it?” Steve asks.

“Quarter to eight,” Bucky says.

Steve nods. “Same.” He’ll have just enough time to get home, change, and get to class. Not enough time to worry about anything.

“You busy tonight?” Bucky asks, then ducks his head. “I know it’s a little overeager but I’d like to actually take you on a date.”

“I’m free,” Steve says. “Very free.”

Bucky looks back up and smiles. “Meet me here at seven?”

Steve nods. “Yeah,” he says. “I will.”

— —

Maybe it was naive of Steve to think that he wouldn’t actually see Bucky again until that night.

— —

“I can’t believe the front row was already taken when we got here,” says one young woman as she slips into the seat in front of Steve. They’re in a relatively small lecture hall, but it had also surprised Steve that the entire front row was taken, even despite him getting there ten minutes early.

The girl next to her sighs. “I know. The one class with a decent view and we’re stuck in the third row.”

“Jesus, Prof is dreamy. This is my fourth class with him and I’m not even a history major.”

The other girl laughs. “He’s why I’m a history major,” she says.

Steve wants to laugh, but keeps it to himself. Maybe he would be a little more excited about the prospect of a dreamy professor if he were a little younger, but he’s older now. More mature. Crushing on the professor seems like a cute thing to do when you’re young, though, and he can’t blame the women (or apparently the entire front row) for having a little fun.

He readies his computer and focuses on preparing a Word document. He doesn’t even notice that the professor entered the room until he’s standing at the podium and starting to speak.

In a very familiar voice.

“Welcome to the History of World War II. I’m Professor Barnes, your sergeant for the rest of the semester—“ While the rest of the class giggles Steve feels the blood drain from his face. “And I…” Professor Barnes — Bucky — looks up and locks eyes with Steve. “Steve?” he chokes out and the class all swivel their heads, trying to find whoever it is Steve is.

Steve sinks down in his seat.

It’s going to be a long semester.

Having a day off with Leon Vance would involve:

  • Vance very rarely has days off because of how important his job is, so any time he can stay home and spend some much needed time with you is always welcomed
  • He would definitely sleep in. No need worrying about waking up and finding Vance not there because he’ll still be asleep
  • Cooking breakfast together (honestly, he would only make the coffee and maybe the toast, if you asked him)
  • He reads the paper or watches the morning news while drinking his coffee. I think Vance would be super duper domestic while on his days off
  • And it isn’t until after you both wash the dishes do you finally get ready for the day
  • It’ll probably be you who drags Vance out of the house to do something
  • Maybe going to the park or something that involves spending time together. You guys would also go out for lunch and just talk about things you haven’t had time to talk about
  • Vance would highkey start talking about work but shutting himself up. No work talk today. Not on his day off.
  • At night, it’ll be movie time. All cuddled up on the couch with some popcorn or something
  • It would feel like the day had passed by too quickly, because who knows when the next time Vance would have a day off. But the time you spent together was a lot of fun and definitely needed

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The latest chapter of Long Road, the Undertale FanFic about Flowey’s medical rehabilitation on the surface, is finally available to read. Over a month has passed since Flowey has started taking his medicine again, and the end of summer campout with Asgore has finally arrived.

The Latest Chapters can be read, on Archive of Our Own, or Fanfiction.net

Or for those just starting out, here’s a link to Chapter 1.

Finally, this splash image is used with permission and was made by the mighty talented @polarissketches . Please, please, PLEASE, follow the guy if you haven’t already. He’s a good guy and a mighty talented artist.

PS: Big thanks to Congar for his input. You can read his One Falls Anthology HERE. If you could give it a look I’d appreciate it. The guy doesn’t get as much attention as he deserves.

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I'm just starting to draw and I was wondering how you draw hands if it's not to much of a problem \(//∇//)\

I’m always happy to read about you cuties who try to improve ~ ❤
Well hands are a really big problem of drawing, for “”“"learn”“”“” (it’s still hard for me Ngh) i have watch a lot of tutorial and i have an entire album with photoes with lots of hands posizion and step to follow for draw them ~
Tutorial is really useful guys! I learn a lot by them *^*)/

(and i have to say “thank you” to my ex art teacher for make me riproduce 403917719383 photoes every day. Now draw what i see or i had see it’s quite easy for me ahah)

Writing Tip: Don’t Be Afraid of Mixing Dialogue and Action

So I’ve been reading a lot of amateur writing lately, and I’ve noticed what seems to be a common problem: dialogue. 

Tell me if this looks familiar. You start writing a conversation, only to look down and realize it reads like: 

“I’m talking now,” he said. 

“Yes, I noticed,” she said. 

“I have nothing much to add to this conversation,” the third person said. 

And it grates on your ears. So much ‘said.’ It looks awful! It sounds repetitive. So, naturally, you try to shake it up a bit: 

“Is this any better?” He inquired. 

“I’m not sure,” she mused. 

“I definitely think so!” that other guy roared. 

This is not an improvement. This is worse. 

Now your dialogue is just as disjointed as it was before, but you have the added problem of a bunch of distracting dialogue verbs that can have an unintentionally comedic effect. 

So here’s how you avoid it: You mix up the dialogue with description. 

“Isn’t this better?” He asked, leaning forward in his seat. “Don’t you feel like we’re more grounded in reality?” 

She nodded, looking down at her freshly manicured nails. “I don’t feel like a talking head anymore.” 

“Right!” That annoying third guy added. “And now you can get some characterization crammed into the dialogue!” 

The rules of dialogue punctuation are as follows: 

  • Each speaker gets his/her own paragraph - when the speaker changes, you start a new paragraph. 
  • Within the speaker’s own paragraph, you can include action, interior thoughts, description, etc. 
  • You can interrupt dialogue in the middle to put in a “said” tag, and then write more dialogue from that same speaker. 
  • You can put the “said” tag at the beginning or end of the sentence. 
  • Once you’ve established which characters are talking, you don’t need a “said” tag every time they speak. 

Some more examples: 

“If you’re writing an incomplete thought,” he said, “you put a comma, then the quote mark, then the dialogue tag.” 

“If the sentence ends, you put in a period.” She pointed at the previous sentence. “See? Complete sentences.” 

“You can also replace the dialogue tag with action.” Extra guy yawned. “When you do, you use a period instead of a comma.”

So what do you do with this newfound power? I’m glad you asked. 

  • You can provide description of the character and their surroundings in order to orient them in time and space while talking. 
  • You can reveal characterization through body language and other nonverbal cues that will add more dimension to your dialogue. 
  • You can add interior thoughts for your POV character between lines of dialogue - especially helpful when they’re not saying quite what they mean. 
  • You can control pacing. Lines of dialogue interrupted by descriptions convey a slower-paced conversation. Lines delivered with just a “said” tag, or with no dialogue tag at all, convey a more rapid-fire conversation. 

For example: 

“We’ve been talking about dialogue for a while,” he said, shifting in his seat as though uncomfortable with sitting still. 

“We sure have,” she agreed. She rose from her chair, stretching. “Shall we go, then?” 

“I think we should.” 

“Great. Let’s get out of here.” 

By controlling the pacing, you can establish mood and help guide your reader along to understanding what it is that you’re doing. 

I hope this helps you write better dialogue! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to drop me an ask :)

I just want to say that I appreciate and love all of you so much who have stuck by me since I started this whole thing my freshman year of college. You guys know nothing about me or who I am but still take the time out to read all my posts, personal or spooky or buy my merch and it means a lot to me! It truly does. Thank you all so much. 

Henry Cheng is literally like a fangirl that cba to read all of trc so just got trk and started reading it halfway through. Up untill then he’d only read fanfictions and already loves all the characters but has like …. no idea wtf is going on.

  • who is this gay gray guy…..
  • *grips chest* no- my biggest and only fear of kidnapping...
  • guys…guys i dont want to interupt but this guy is dead - he’s legit bones
  • gansey, get out, we all want to see you cry
  • PaRrisH stOP kILLing RoNan I tOaTaLLy ShIp U GuYs 
  • TAKE - tAkE im to the MAGIC FOREST!!!!!
  • YEAH!….that will work!
  • my guy< do not say u cannot save,
  • i know u lien
  • u just killed this bitch with ur mouth


R like Grantaire

So I had this epiphany a week or so ago. I can’t be the first one to realise this but I need to share. We all agree on the fact Hugo just let himself have a bit of fun with the “R like Grantaire” nickname (because if you read it in French Grantaire = “grand r” = capital r = R. Bravo, Hugo. You really were bored in Guernsey).

But guys, people. In 19th century French history, there are two things that get a capital R. Two fundamental things, two of the main threads that make the very essence of France in the 19th century. 

1. la Révolution

2. la République

Both words, with their capital R (it’s fundamental,1. is the 1789 revolution, the one that started it all and wasn’t really over in 1832, and 2. is 1789′s most luminous legacy), are Enjolras’s wet dream. 

So Hugo’s offhand comment on the fact Grantaire nicknamed himself R is not offhand at all. Grantaire, which means Hugo, nicknamed him Revolution and Republic. 

That’s it. That’s all. I have a whole analysis on the ready draw your own conclusions. But damn, Hugo, master, I knew you’re not subtle, but that’s a whole new level.

ETA : I made a second post around this kind of stuff if you’re interested (it’s fairly longer, but mostly because of pretty pictures, lol)

Apothecary Lesson #1: Herbal Salve

     Well, it was bound to happen at some point. Hello everybody, my name is Davide, and today, I’m going to teach you guys how to make a salve. Basically, a salve is an oil and wax mixture that people can use for a bunch of different reasons, ranging from dry skin to muscle rubs. They’re easy to make, if you’re patient, and their variability makes for endless possibilities. Just as a warning though, this will take a goddamn long time to make, and for you to read, so I suggest getting some tea and snackilackage before starting to read. Got it? Good, ¡vamos!

Part One: The Oil

     A key component of your salve is the oil, or more specifically, the herbs in said oil. There’s a plethora of different oils you could in your salve, but for this recipe, we’re using olive oil because it’s fairly hardy and difficult to burn. When it comes to what you should or could put in your oil, there’s waaaaaay too many things for me to mention, so I’ll give a basic rundown: 

  • Mint, Anise, Cinnamon, and Comfrey are good for muscle rubs
  • Calendula, Chamomile, Aloe, and Tea Tree Oil are good for skin
  • Ginger and Turmeric are good as arthritis pain relievers
  • Echinacea, Eucalyptus, and Hibiscus are antibacterial and are good for minor scrapes, cuts and bruises

Now that you’ve got an idea of some herbs to use, let’s get to how to make your oil 


  • 12 oz. Olive oil
  • 3-4 oz. dried and/or ground herbs


  • Double-boiler set up (can be a double-boiler, or a glass container in a saucepan filled with about 1″ of water) 
  • dark-tinted jar w/ label for holding your finished oil


  1. Into your double-boiler (the part without the water…duh), pour in your olive oil and herbs. 
  2. Set your stove/heating receptacle to low heat, placing double-boiler on heat. 
  3. Infuse oils for 1-2 hours (one hour for minimum infusion amount, two hours for maximum infusion amount before oil goes rancid) 
  4. Once oil is done, pour into your dark-tinted jar, and label accordingly
  5. Voila! You have yourself some bonafide herbal oil for the next part of your salve!

Part Two: The Salve

     Alright, now we’re getting to the good stuff–the salve. For this, you’re going to need 2 ingredients (three ingredients is optional, four is overkill): beeswax and your herbal oil. Without further ado, let’s get this over with! :D 


  • 1 oz. Beeswax
  • 8 oz. Herbal Oil 
  • *Optional*: ¼ tsp. essential oil
  • *Optional*: the tears and/or blood of your enemies


  • Double-boiler system
  • Containers to hold your salve (the total amount of salve being made is approximately 9 oz., so for the containers, try to prioritize. Like, if you want three different jars of salves, use three 3 oz. jars. Math n’ shit)


  1. Set your stove to medium-low heat
  2. Into your double-boiler, melt your wax
  3. Once the wax has melted–it’s imperative that your wax has to be completely melted before adding the oil–add your herbal oil. 
  4. Stir fully (it’s not weird to see the wax immediately harden once you add the herbal oil, so wait until it fully re-melts)
  5. Once salve is all liquid, pour into your container(s). Do not cover your containers before they harden.
  6. Once salve has cooled at room temperature, it’s ready to use! Store in a cool, dry place. Apply to problem areas, or just lather it all over your body and have really weird sex (You do you boo boo)

Thanks for reading you guys! I’d enjoy a reblog, a reshare, or if you hated it, a strongly worded message to me and probably a few images of you flipping the bird. Have an amazing day/afternoon/night/time-between-night-and-morning

if your entire blog is filled with rants about misandry reverse racism and otherwise the lament of a white cishet guy there is exactly zero chance that i’m going to read your messages much less answer them so instead of sending me your entire life story you might as well just make a new entry in your meninist diary because either way you’re just talking to yourself pal

I hate the “You’ll never make it big” argument as a deterrent for aspiring writers. Look, I’ve done my research, I know how tiny, tiny, tiny of a chance that I or anyone else will “make it big” is. But listen, my guys, that chance isn’t zero. Every famous author started out with the exact same odds, remember that, don’t let people who shove “you can’t make it big” down your throat deter you.

And if you DO fall into the vast majority and your story doesn’t get that movie you dream of, and it doesn’t sell a million copies, is that really so bad? No matter the scale your book is read on, big or small, someone out there will read it, and someone out there will love it just as much as you do. So write, guys, write. 

The world will never run out of a need for stories, it needs you. 

Hidden Behind Straightened Hair

Hidden Behind Straightened Hair | The fives times Dan’s hair was used as a joke to hide his insecurity about his sexuality, and the one time it wasn’t.| Phan | PG-13 | Homophobia, Bi-Erasure, 2012 Scenario’s, Curly hair/Straight jokes | 5,304 Words

Massive thank you to @ineverhadmyinternetphase​ for quite literally letting me force her to read over my shoulder the entire time I worked on this, and her endless support of both my take on 2012 events, and bi-erasure.

Honestly guys, this is the thing I am currently the most proud of ever having written, so please let me know what you think <3 I’m literally shaking as I post this. 

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25 Day Fall Out Boy Challenge: Day 1 - first song that you heard

↳ My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

Cuddles- Harry Potter


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Saturday afternoons around Christmas were always a do nothing day, I sat in front of the fireplace in the Slytherin common room reading The Great Gatsby, “love why are you so interested in muggle books?” Draco asked. I ignored him and continued to read my book as it was getting quite intense, I felt the cushion next to me sink in and Draco was soon huddled right next to me, he started placing kisses down my neck “how do you expect me to just sit there and watch you bite your lip like that” he growled against my skin “Draco, I’m trying to read” I said sternly, “you’ve been reading all day” he whined as he continued to pester me. I closed my book tossing it on the table in defeat “I just want to cuddle” he pouted, I rolled my eyes at the blonde boy who always tried to come off as a big tough guy but in reality was the biggest marshmallow ever. He lay down on the couch pulling my back into his chest, but he soon rolled over so I was now the big spoon, I sighed, but not surprised my dorky boyfriend just wanted to be held all the time. 


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OWLS were finally over and we had a couple days to relax before we had to go home for the summer, this was the time of year most of us dreaded, Harry didn’t want to go back to the Dursley’s, Hermione loved her parents but after 5 years she was still in awe with Hogwarts and Ron hated how crowded his house got with his brothers visiting home and the constant stream of guests. We all knew within a month’s time we would be the guests crowding up the Burrow, but we still said our good byes as if we wouldn’t see each other till September. I sat on the end of Ron’s bed as I watched him pack, he lugged his trunk to the door and plopped himself down next to me, I lay back following his actions, he soon grabbed my hand playing with my fingers and hair. I knew that was his sign, every time Ron wanted to cuddle he would never initiate it, he would start to fiddle, touching my hair or arms, I rolled over as he wrapped his arm around me, I could feel his steady breathing against my neck, his hand interlaced with mine, I smiled at this perfect moment I always longed for.


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Another year and another courageous fight my stupid yet good-hearted boyfriend has won, I went up to the boys dormitory where I knew Harry would be packing his trunk dreading another summer with the Dursley’s. When I slowly pushed the door open I saw Harry standing over his trunk, carefully staring at a piece of clothing, still mourning the death of his God father, I padded across the room wrapping my arms around his waist pressing my head into his back “sorry love, I’m not really in the mood” he sighed pulling away from my grip. I frowned as I watched him close his trunk and carry it over to the door “Harry” I complained “I know you were supposed to live with Sirius this summer, and I know you loved him, you can’t push the people who care about you away” I sighed walking closer to him, this time he didn’t back away, I pulled him down to his bed and leaned my head on his shoulder, holding him close, “it’ll be okay, we can get through this together” I said, this was the first time he cried since it happened, the sobs wracked through his body but I comforted him “you don’t have to be strong all the time Harry” I whispered stroking his back. 


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Fred and I were polar opposites, he was so loud, funny and outgoing, whereas I was quiet, serious and incredibly shy, but I guess it’s true what they say, opposites do attract because I couldn’t be any happier than I was with this goof ball red head. I sat in the common room re-reading my potions notes, I had told Fred and George many times they should study as well, but they decided they weren’t writing their OWLs and were planning a “brilliant prank” in their words. It wasn’t until 2am the boys came running in the common room, as usual disturbing the peace “y/n love, check this out… fireworks” Fred simply said, him and George making sound effects and popping actions with their hands. I stared at them, putting my notes down “fireworks?” I asked confused “fireworks” they repeated in unison, Fred plopped himself down next to me, the sudden weight shift causing me to fall into his side, he wrapped his arm around me pulling me close “we have come up with these fireworks that will re-create Umbridge’s pig face” George laughed “right, and when and where do you plan on doing this?” I asked concerned “in the great hall during the final exams” they exclaimed in unison “isn’t that a bit dangerous?” the questions continuing. They quickly but excitedly explained their plan before Fred tried silently but failed to tell George to get out, “now that we’re alone” Fred smirked pulling me onto his lap “Fred, I’m tired” I yawned “then sleep, love, I just want to be with you” he mumbled into my messy hair, I soon fell asleep to the steady heartbeat of Fred Weasley.


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I sat on top of my boyfriend with every intent in keeping him pinned down “you think you’re stronger than me?” the redhead smirked “I don’t think, I know” I challenged. He rolled his eyes at me “you’re the biggest goof I’ve ever met” he smiled, I pretended to be offended “me!?” I gasped dramatically “yes you” he laughed pulling the pillow out from under his head and wacking me with it, before i could react he jolted up and grabbed me, pulling me into his chest, i burst into a fit of giggles against his chest, once I had calmed down I readjusted myself so my legs were now straight “George Weasley, what would your mother say about you hitting girls?” I joked “oh but I thought you were stronger than me” he smirked. I rolled my eyes “you’re such a loser” I mumbled into his chest “yes, but I’m your loser” he said pressing his lips to my temple, the energy in the room soon died down to relaxation and I was beginning to feel tired “I love you George” I whispered “I love you too, y/n” he replied holding me closer. 

Forever and Ever- Klaus Mikaelson

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Request// I’d like to request a Klaus x reader where he turns the reader because they’re in love and they sleep together and it’s her first time and fluff please

*I’ve separated the smut from everything else with an ‘x’ so you can still read it even if you don’t wanna go through the naught parts! So sorry to the anon who sent this to me. I started it but then got distracted by the Derek week that just ended. Just know that I really really love getting requests from you guys! Please keep asking for stories and I’ll keep trying to write them to the best of my capabilities*

To most, Klaus had been the monster that scared small children and the myth that lurked in the shadows. The only that wrong with their assumptions was that he wasn’t a myth at all. He had been alive and well for centuries and how somehow ended up with you. You had met a year earlier at a ball in New Orleans and ever since, you had been captivated by one another. Klaus once thought of it as a hex by a vengeful witch but you had thought of it as fate.

You and Klaus were polar opposites. Where he craved vengeance, you pushed for peace and when he demanded blood to rain through the streets, you were the only light that could bring him back from his darkest hours. You were his Persephone and he was your Hades.

“Tell me another story, Klaus,” you whispered into his ear as your laid against him.

“What do you want to hear about this time?” His body moved closer towards you as your fingers wandered through his hair.

“I want to hear about life in the 1920s.”

“The Roaring 20s, eh?” You could feel a low chuckle run through his stomach.

“That’s what they call it, nowadays.”

“I was a different back then, love,” he said quietly. “If you think that I’m dangerous now,you couldn’t bare to see me decades ago.”

“Well, then,” You turned his face to look towards you and gave him a friendly smile. “How about just the good parts?”

He swallowed and took a moment to think before answering. “There was no other decade like the 20s. The first World War had just ended and the cities were exhilarating, always stirring with life. Alcohol had been abolished in 1920, but if you knew the right people, you could still get your hands on it.

“What really made the decade so exciting was the clubbing. That’s when people really came to life. Big bands played for hours on end and flappers danced the night away. Somedays, I wish I could go back to those moments.”

“I wish I had the chance to experience the 20s.”

“You still have decades upon decades to experience, Y/N. Don’t get caught up in the past, especially if it’s not your own.” He smiled down at you as he teased you.

You try to smile back, but the enthusiasm wouldn’t stick. “That’s the thing Klaus..”

“What is it, love?”

“I… I want to spend years with you.”

He looked worried, knowing your words ran deeper than he could see. “And it would be my honor to spend the years with you.”

“In fact,” you pulled him closer, bringing his forehead to yours. “I would love to spend eternity to you.”


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Every time I pay a medical bill I get put on some kind of list that leads to me getting called multiple times a day by people trying to sell me health insurance. Sometimes it’s up around 12 or 15 times a day. Sometimes the calls are so frequent, as soon as I hang up another one starts.

I can’t ignore all of them, because it’s always possible something could be an actual important call I need to answer with a number I don’t recognize, but if I hear the same sales pitch start I’m just like “If you’re trying to sell me health insurance, I’m not interested, I’m insured through my job, thanks.”

So this one (very normal sounding) guy starts reading from the script, I recognize it and politely turn him down, he makes this sound like “WAUGH!” and hangs up.

Like… Sorry I didn’t want your health coverage, Wario?

I’ll Be There - Part 11

|Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6| |Part 7| |Part 8| |Part 9| |Part 10| |Part 12| |Part 13| |Part 14| |Part 15| |Epilogue|

Member: Hoseok

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 3523

Summary: You and Hoseok are best friends and just like any story that starts like this, nothing good ever happens. One night when Hoseok is in his drunken state, he says some things that make you reconsider how much worth you actually have in his life.

A/N: There are a couple of things that I just want to let you guys know. Firstly,  I’m not too sure if there will be an update on sunday because it is New Year’s and I’m out all of tomorrow so I won’t have any time to right. Second, I don’t know if you guys know this already, but I do read the comments you guys post on the chapters and I do reply to them :) (not that you guys have to reply to my replies, but I just wanted you to know just incase some of you thought that I’m not seeing them or anything) Enjoy Xx 

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

We need to talk.

We need to talk.

We need to talk.

But do you really want to talk right now? After everything that has happened after you and Hoseok “talked.” Nothing ever worked out peacefully. There is no such thing as “just a talk.” Is there?

You have no choice. Hoseok drags you out of Namjoon and Jin’s apartment to the outside of the building. His hand never leaving your wrist. Under any other circumstances, your heart would be fluttering at his action, but today, it’s pounding harder than ever; almost suffocating. His words, his tone of voice, everything resonates in your mind. Was Hoseok mad? Confused? Shocked? Worried?

Instead of stopping outside the building, Hoseok brings you to his car and pushes you in, not forceful enough to hurt you though. The tension inside the car is unbearable. You can tell that Hoseok has billions of thoughts scurrying around in his mind, yet at the same time, he’s trying so hard to not focus on them.

You make a list in your head of all the things you would much rather be doing that sitting in Hoseok’s car at this moment. It’s not like he’s going to confess to you or something. Why are you so nervous? Why are you so nervous? The one thing you wanted this entire time was to tell Hoseok the truth. The sad, ugly truth about Sumi so why do you suddenly feel like jumping out the car instead?

Good luck Y/N! Whatever you do, just speak the truth. It might hurt, but the burden will be a lot less than lying to him.

Reading Namjoon’s text over and over again gives you a pinch of confidence. He’s right though. The last thing you want to do is lie to Hoseok’s face and tell him that you fainted because you saw a spider in the washroom or something. The sooner he knows, the faster he can recover right? You can do it Y/N. Just tell him. No holding back.

After what seems like 5 hours of driving, Hoseok finally stops the car. Looking out the window, you realize that it’s Hoseok’s apartment building. Well, better than the cold streets right? Instead of saying anything to you, he gets out of the car, walks over to your side, and grabs your wrist. It doesn’t seem like Hoseok is trying to hurt you, but he grabs your wrist a little too tightly. You try not to wince in pain as he rushes up to his place.

The silence remains up until the point Hoseok opens the door to his apartment and then shuts it.

“What happened?” He stares at you intently.

What did happen? You rack your brain for some answers, but nothing comes out. There was so much you wanted to say. What happened to everything? The only thing you can do is rub the area on your wrist where Hoseok grabbed a little too tightly for comfort. He takes notice of what you’re doing and brings your arm closer into his view. Hoseok inhales sharply and frowns.

“Are you okay? Did I do that? I’m sorry.”

“I-it’s fine. You didn’t hurt me.” You retract your arm away and take a seat on the couch.

The silence returns.

You’ve grown so accustomed to holding everything in. From your feelings to the way that Sumi treats you. Without a doubt you’re angered by the things that Sumi has and is doing, but what can you do? The first time you tried to expose her, Hoseok took her back. It’s one thing to be a best friend and another to be a first love. Unfortunately for you, Hoseok is both, but you are only one of those to him.

“Why did you faint at the restaurant Y/N?”  Hoseok takes a seat beside you, but leaves enough space in between.


It might hurt, but the burden will be a lot less than lying to him.

“I saw Sumi at the restaurant.”

It’s out.

You wait for Hoseok’s response, but it never comes.

“She…she was with her cousin…and—”

“Wait.” Hoseok sits back in his seat.

It’s happening. Here is comes.

“I know you don’t like Sumi, but why is it that every time you try to victimize her? I know Sumi and she wouldn’t do anything like that! Namjin, Namjeon, whatever the hell his name is, he said that you saw another girl in the washroom before coming out and then you fainted. Are you going to say that Sumi did some ridiculous to you and —” That’s it. You can’t take this anymore. Hoseok needs to know the truth even if it breaks your relationship.

“HOSEOK! You have to listen to me. The reason why I bring up Sumi every time is because she is the cause of the problem! Do you think I want to talk about her all the time? NO! It’s not my fault that I bump into her all the time when she’s with another man! You have to believe me! I’m not trying to break you up. Hell, I don’t even care what the two of you do anymore, but it just irks me to know that you believe her, some girl you’ve known for what, a few months, rather than your best friend. Because…that is what I am right? Your best friend.” Venom spills from your voice as you glare at Hoseok. He might not like it now and you may have spoken too harshly to him, but you’ve had enough of this. It’s now or never.


“No. Hoseok. Listen to what I have to say first. Promise me that you will listen to every single word I say.

“How do I know if you’re lying.”

“Hoseok! Do you think I would lie about this stuff? What happens in your relationship doesn’t matter to me, and believe me, I don’t want to know every single thing about your relationship because I can barely stand it. But the thing is, even with all my feelings towards you, how much I wish that I was in your arms instead of her, I’m moving past that and taking my responsibility of your best friend. I’m just trying to prevent you from getting more hurt than necessary. I don’t have to do this, but I am, for your sake. So please, just listen to me for once Hoseok.” You soften your voice towards the end of your little speech.

The expression on Hoseok’s face is unreadable. At first he looked shocked at the way you just erupted, but that shocked expression was covered up by something neutral, as if he is contemplating something. Seeing that Hoseok hasn’t said anything, you continue with what you plan to say.

You think back to what Sumi told you in the washroom.

I want to break him, watch his face twist and turn when he hits that realization.

Her heinous voice screams in your head.

“Sumi…she isn’t who you think she is. I know you love her very much, ever since high school, but she isn’t that perfect girl you want her to be.”

He’s so blinded by this ideal of love. It’s so disgusting!

“Like I said before, she’s cheating on you. Her cousin is not her cousin. I know you won’t believe me until you see some physical proof, but I’m telling the truth. She doesn’t actually love you. She doesn’t love in general!” You pause.

How will he ever talk to you again when he knows that you’re a selfish bitch that only wants him to yourself?

If this is what it’s going to take to knock some sense into Hoseok, then so be it. You’re willing to sacrifice what’s left of your relationship with him.

“She’s using you Hoseok. I know that this, all this, sounds ridiculous, but she wants to watch you fall and break apart! She wants the both of us to break apart! She can’t stand seeing people have a happy relationship whether as a couple or as friends. She’s—”

“That’s enough Y/N.”

You look up at Hoseok in confusion. What is he thinking? Is he frustrated? Angry? Sad? Will he never talk to you ever again? Is he going to cut off all contact with you like the last time something like this happened?

“Hoseok I’m—”

“I said that’s enough!” This time, you’re the one that is shocked. Hoseok never raises his voice in front of you and it’s almost as scary as Sumi herself. A different kind of scary though. You don’t know what to do so you move as far away as possible on the couch from Hoseok. He brings his face into his hands and lets out a long sigh.

After a couple of minutes of pure silence, Hoseok brings his head up and looks at you. He doesn’t say anything at first, he just looks at you. He searches your eyes. Looking for any sign of betrayal, signs that you’re lying, but he can’t find any. Then he looks at your body. You’re trembling. He tries to reach out to you but your flinch and back away.

“Y/N…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you.” The look of guilt takes over him. “To be very honest, I didn’t want to believe you. For the longest time I tricked myself into thinking that you were lying to me. That all this,” He waves his arms in the air for more emphasis, “was a lie. I thought that I finally got what I’ve been chasing after for so many years.” Then Hoseok starts to laugh.


“No Y/N. Listen to what I have to say now.” You nod.

“The other day, I overheard one of Sumi’s phone calls. It was to another man. It didn’t sound like they were just friends, so I assumed the worst. She’s cheating. Then I thought back to the things you’ve said to me. Is it really true? I thought to myself. Then I laughed. I actually laughed Y/N. I couldn’t believe myself. Me, I, Jung Hoseok, I didn’t believe my own best friend! I thought that she was planning something against me. I thought you were jealous of me or Sumi! I doubted you Y/N!” Tears fall from Hoseok’s face and you move closer to him to place your arm around his shoulders.

“Hoseok, it’s okay. It’s not your fault. You’ve liked Sumi for so long and all you wanted was to just be with her.”

“But at what cost Y/N? After all these years of chasing, I finally got what I wanted, but I also lost so much! I lost your trust and my trust in you Y/N! The moment we bumped into Sumi at the theatres, I thought that everything was finally going my way! I thought that I would finally have a chance and that all would be good! I tricked myself into believing in all this!”

The two of you sit there as Hoseok tries to calm himself down.

“All those years back, I should have taken the sign. You weren’t the first one to see Sumi and her so-called cousin remember? I was. It was the day I confessed to Sumi, but before I even had a chance to, I saw her with him. I was so shocked and it just ruined me. I didn’t know what to do with my life anymore.”

“It’s okay Hoseok, it’s okay.”

“No. It’s not okay! All these years, I’ve been so blinded. I forgot Y/N. I forgot everything. I forgot that while I was there, moping around and drowning myself in self pity, I forgot that you were always there by my side. I forgot that you were the one that stayed with me that night when I got so drunk. I forgot that you tried to do everything to make me feel better again. I forgot that you were actually the one that left me and Sumi alone so that we could talk to each other! I forgot all of this and yet, here you still are…I don’t deserve any of this.”

“That’s not true Hoseok.” You try to hold in your own tears. There were times where you were extremely annoyed at Hoseok. It was like he was wearing a blindfold this whole entire time, not being able to see what’s happening right in front of his eyes. However, it is better now, than never.

“So the other day, something just clicked in my mind. When Sumi came over for dinner that day, I tried my best to hide everything. We worked so hard on all the decorations and the food that I didn’t want to let all that go to waste, but I couldn’t do it. The whole night, Sumi kept trying to push me into the bedroom, to do…you know, but I couldn’t. Not until I clarified everything. So I brought her back home and that’s when I sent you the text. It was not so much for you, but rather as a reminder to myself that I didn’t and never will forget about us. About all our years of friendship, all the hardships we went through and the ones we are bound to face in the future. I will never forget.”

His final words bring you to tears. You can tell that Hoseok is speaking from his heart, nothing held back. Hoseok notices the tears that have fell down your face and he laughs lightly.

“Aigoo, why are you crying Y/N? I don’t deserve your tears.” He brings his hands up to your face to wipe them away. This action causes your heart to skip a beat and you turn away your head quickly to frantically wipe away your own tears.

“Sorry..I just…I thought that we would never go back to how things were. I thought that you had left me.” After all these months, it did feel like you were abandoned by the one person that you cared for the most in your life. It didn’t matter to you that he didn’t reciprocate your feelings, but the idea of losing him forever, even as a friend was too much for you to handle.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I promise that I’ll never leave you. No matter what Sumi, what anyone does, I will never turn my back against you. Never. It’s true, I still need to see some evidence before I can fully believe everything, but as of right now, I won’t be blinded by my infatuations from my high school self. I can’t do that again.” Without warning, Hoseok hugs you.

Your first instinct is to push way and to run away in a corner, but Hoseok doesn’t let you. No. He holds onto you even tighter. He hugs you until you aren’t tensed up anymore. He hugs you to make up for all the months that you were left alone. His warmth fills up your cold body. He stays.

“Please don’t leave me again…” You whisper into Hoseok’s shoulder.

“I won’t, I promise.” He gives you a soft kiss on the top of your head and pulls you away gently. Suddenly, something click in his mind and his soft expression runs into panic mode. He struggles with his words, not being able to properly phrase what he wants to say. You sit there, staring at Hoseok in confusion as he fights with his own self to say something.

“WHAT WERE YOU DOING SLEEPING IN ANOTER MAN’S HOME? Do you know how dangerous that is? How do you even know them? Oh my God! There were two of the them! TWO MEN! Y/N! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” So that’s what was bothering him. My god.


“You should have called ME!”


“What if they kidnapped you?! What would you have done then huh?”

“HOSEOK!” You scream as loud as you can, but avoid straining your voice. Hoseok comes out his little trance and looks at you, eyes in shock.

“I fainted remember. There was no way I could have called you. Besides, they’re my friends.”

“But they’re men!”

“They’re gay. Not that that should change anything, but incase you were worrying if they were going to do anything, they won’t. Nor would they ever because they’re good people anyways.”


“Yeah. ‘Oh,’ is right Hoseok.”


Hoseok smiles brightly and so do you. This is the friendship you remember. Honest conversations, support no matter what happens, just, real. You respect each other’s boundaries, but you also respect what the other has to say. This is why Hoseok is your best friend. In your worst of times, he’s there to listen to you. He’s there for you and you’re there for him. Neither of your have to say it, but both of you know that whenever either of you is feeling down, the other is always saying, “I’ll be there.”

Hoseok isn’t your boyfriend. In fact, he might never love you the same way that you do to him, but if that’s what you have to sacrifice to maintain a relationship like this with him, where the two of you don’t have to hide anything, you will without a doubt choose this.

After having a whole-hearted talk with Hoseok, it felt like ten weights were lifted off of your shoulders. You could tell that Hoseok was still holding back on something, but you trust him enough to make his own decisions. He knows what’s good and what’s bad for him; everything will work out to its proper place.

You and Hoseok go back to whatever it is the two of you had before and all seems well. Namjoon and Jin spend more time with you as Hoseok is still occupied in his own relationship. You even get to introduce the three of them properly and they all seem to get along just fine.

“So Y/N…Jin and I were planning on having a party for a New Year celebration. Are you up to it?” Currently, you’re in Namjoon and Jin’s apartment, just lying on their couch as they get ready to go out.

“A party? I don’t know guys…I’m not a huge party animal.”

“Aw come on Y/N! It will be fun! We won’t invite too many people. Just the few that we know from the modelling agencies and some other designers! You can even invite Hoseok if you want.”

“Besides, I recommend that you stay to see Namjoon get drunk. I’ll bet you my life that it will be the funniest thing that you’ve ever seen.” Jin whispers the last part in your ear.

“That does sound quite promising…” You look towards Jin and he gives you a wink. “Sure! I’ll be there for your party. Just tell me the details once you have planned out!”

“Yes! And if you want, we can help you get dressed up and stuff to impress that man of yours.” Namjoon smirks at Jin.

“My man— Oh, no, no, no. I already told you guys! Hoseok has a girlfriend! Sumi remember?”

“Yeah, but she’s a bitch and no one would stay with her for that.”


“What?! It’s true! Don’t tell me that you don’t secretly chant curses in your head towards her.”

“Well…I can’t say that I haven’t…but that’s not the point! Besides, Hoseok doesn’t even like me that way! He’s just my best friend and he always will be!” You try to fight back, but the couple is not having any of it.

“Oh, we’ll see about that Y/N. With our talents, no one will be able to resist you. You’ll be called by 10 modelling agencies within the first hour of the party.”

“Um, thanks, but no thanks. I would appreciate it if you guy helped me with an outfit though. I’m terrible with these things.”

“Sure can do—”


“But…?” The two of them cock their heads to one side.

“It can’t be too over the top, nothing too flashy, and nothing too revealing. Something subtle, but still beautiful.”

“Subtle and beautiful? Girl, I’m all about subtle and beautiful.” Jin boasts while dramatically sweeping away his non-existent long hair.

“Please. Ignore him Y/N. Jin is the opposite of subtle. One year he wore a suit covered in pink sequins. It doesn’t get any flashier than that.” Jin punches Namjoon in the arm.

“Yah! I liked that suit very much and it didn’t seem like you hated it either! Especially not according to the things you were saying to me that night when I had you all tied—”

“AHH GUYS! I’ll see you at the party! Bye!” You cover your ears before you hear anything else and rush out of the door.

A party? It should be fun right? You haven’t been to one in ages, excluding office parties, so hopefully you aren’t too rusty with this whole “getting social and letting go” idea.

Hell, it’s going to be the last day until the new year. Whatever happens, happens.

Cosmere Gothic

You should read Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson, someone tells you. You pick up the first book. You quite like Kelsier.

Although Vin is badass, you wish there were more female characters. Just wait until Wax and Wayne, your friend tells you. You do not know what that means.

Your friend tells you to keep an eye out for a guy named Hoid. You do. You do not see what’s so notable about him, but you remember the name.

You progress to the second book. You miss Kelsier. Why is Elend so naive? You rant.

You are worried about Marsh.

You start the third book. You do not understand anything. Your friend keeps talking about shards. Shards of what, you ask? They do not answer. No one answers you. You are alone, with far too many questions and no answers, just like Marsh.

You root for Spook.

You are concerned about Spook.

“When I said I missed Kelsier, this isn’t what I wanted!” you cry out to the void.

Your friend tells you to pay attention to Demoux’s physical description. You do, and then you promptly forget it.

You are bothered when Vin flees Fadrex on a recon mission. You do not understand. You find no answers the further you read.

Just thirty more pages, you tell yourself. Your favorite characters can make it thirty more pages.

You cry.

“What’s wrong?” your friend asks when you call them sobbing.
“I finished Mistborn,” you say. “Oh,” they say, “I’m so sorry.”

Your friend tells you to read Warbreaker. You like the world of Mistborn. You don’t want to read a completely different series. You want more Mistborn.

Your friend smiles. You read Warbreaker.

You do not understand. Why is Hoid here?

It is time, your friend says ominously, for you to read Stormlight Archive.

You have many questions. Some of these are answered. Many are not, and you gain new questions. You fall in love with Jasnah Kholin.

You find the Coppermind. This does not clarify anything. The more answers you find the more questions you have.

Your friend laughs at your plight. You have no true friends anymore. Only an endless supply of questions.

You read Mistborn Era 2. You have very strong opinions about Wayne. You worship MeLaan as a true goddess in her own right. You are concerned about Sazed.

You finish Bands of Mourning. You scream into the void. I fell for it once already, you tell yourself, I will not fall for it again. Kelsier isn’t really back. Right?

Cackling, eyes brimming with the fires of inner madness, your friend hands you a duct-taped tome. On the cover, etched in faded silver ink that has seen the rise and fall of empires, you can just make out the words “Arcanum Unbounded.”

There are mysterious stains on many pages indicating that your friend either performed satanic blood rituals over the book or stayed up late reading it while eating spaghetti with red sauce. Either is likely, and you do not know which scares you more.

You stare numbly at the wall. School does not move you and neither does work.

You are scared. You are scared of what you do not understand, which is more than ever. You are scared of Kelsier. You are scared of the mysterious gray people (don’t bother with Elantris, your friend told you once). And most importantly you are scared of Hoid.