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Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.

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I didn't get you any presents, but one of you can have my tea (which is fresh and hot) and one of you will get my supersoft blanked! Happy birthday <3

Tadashi: It’s not cold enough for the blanket yet, but I’ll keep it safe, so thank you very much again!

The Simon story.

Matt asks Louis if he’s ever had an experience with Simon Cowell where he thought, that’s just very Simon-like of you. 

Louis: ‘There is one, that - I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about it before, just thinking if I can… One of the first few shows we did for one direction. I was new to it, straight out of Doncaster obviously, just started drinking - that kind of thing. So I had a drink before one of our first gigs, and obviously I was nervous as well, so I thought - well I’ll just have a couple of beers. I ended up being really, really drunk on this show. This again, one of the first things we did. And I woke up to a text, to find out that I was going to LA the next morning - flown out, I was sat thinking on the plane ‘what is coming next’. And I landed at Simon’s, and he gave me a little dressing down. It was positive, but he gave me a little dressing down. It was positive, but it certainly felt like the scary Simon you see on tv.’

Matt: “He flew you out to Los Angeles so he could give you a ticking off?”

Louis: Yeah, in true Simon style, you know, business class, the four seasons, but that’s his kind of –

Matt: “What a punishment, I wish I got on the wrong side of him more. So it was just a free holiday, which is lovely. And - and did he – I assume he didn’t raise his voice, that he just said – was he like very calm, was he passive aggressive? And kind of like, listen I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.”

Louis: ‘It was that disappointed vibe yeah, very calm yeah, but yeah’

Matt: “So you were literally in his house for what – like an hour or two and then left?”

Louis: ‘Yeah, well he gave me like the dressing down at first sight, maybe five ten minutes, and then we actually had a proper chat. And honestly, if I hadn’t have had that chat with Simon then, I don’t think we’d be as close as we are now, you know what I mean, I do really feel like he’s got my back, you know, I’ve done quite a lot with him even outside of One Direction. And actually I think it was vital for me as an individual and also our relationship yeah.” 

Sun-kissed Sleepy

Note: Not requested, but this came about because I went to the pool today and then went straight to work and I felt that sleepy feeling you get after spending time in the sun. Its a special and specific kind of sleepy. I don’t know how else to describe it, but it’s nice. It made me want to take a nap with Shawn.


The cool air of your hotel room hits you as soon as you swing open the door. You had turned the air conditioner on high before you left because you knew it would be hot outside, but a shiver runs down your spine as the blast of cool air hits you without warning. You head straight for your bathroom to take a shower, dropping your wet towel on the bathroom floor before removing your black bikini and getting under the warm stream of water.

When you get out of the shower, you feel exhaustion hit you. You had just spent the last four hours lounging by the pool, and the sun takes a lot out of you. It’s one in the afternoon, a perfect time for a nap. There is something about afternoon naps after mornings spent in the sun. They’re magical, and they have a certain feel to them.

Exiting the bathroom, you hear the television on in the hotel room, and a smile spreads across your face knowing that your boyfriend has returned. He was gone doing press all morning. You offered to go with him, but he insisted you stay back and enjoy the resort. You were in Florida after all.

Shawn is seated at the edge of the bed, watching the hockey game on the tv. When he sees you, he smiles and says “Hey baby,”

“Hey hun, how was work?” You question as you crawl onto the bed behind him, which immediately prompts him to move so he’s lying next to you. 

“Good, nothing special.” You cuddle closer into his side as his arm automatically wraps around you, and he asks, “You tired?” To which you only sleepily nod in response. “Didn’t you just sit at the pool all morning?” He questions, purposely giving you a hard time, but you know he’s joking and doesn’t mean it in a mean way.

“Yeah, but the sun makes me sleeeeepy.” You drag out the last word before hiding your face in his t-shirt. The afternoon sun is shining into the hotel room, and the exhaustion you feel is a good kind of exhaustion. Shawn has a show in a couple of hours, but neither of you have anything planned until then. “Take a nap with me?” You ask Shawn.

“You’re literally the cutest person ever.” He tells you smiling down at you.

Your eyes flutter closed, and you’re too tired to respond to his statement. You feel his lips press lightly against your forehead before he moves slightly to get more comfortable. And in his arms you fall asleep listening to the sound of his steady breathing.

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Stan didn’t mean to wander into this bar, but this “punk” thing is growing on him.  

Can i just start drinking 27 gallons of water a day? Because i would be dead AND have clear skin and that sounds like the greatest combo of all time

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sollux wakes up with a start and realizes it was all a bad dream. he wasnt really a cuck, right? he hops out of his recuperacoon, planning on grabbing a glass of almond milk. striding over two his fridge, he realizes something is off. his fridge was shaking. what the actual fuck? upon opening it, he was greeted by eridan and equius banging each other on the top shelf of his fridge. how the fuck did they even fit in there? he sheds a single tear. he truly was a cuck and there was no escaping that

You Belong To Me / Youngjae x Reader (SMUT)

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This is a continuation of my GOT7 Mafia AU reaction. Read it here!

According to the rules of the Mafia, the wife belonged to her husband. After repeatedly catching you in the company of guys who seemed to follow you wherever you went, Youngjae felt like he needed to remind you of this rule.

Pairing: Mafia AU!Youngjae x Reader

Warnings: smut + possessive and jealous youngjae

Words: 3.6k


please do a continuation of the arranged marriage mafia w youngjae pls✨ 

A Youngjae mafia scenario pleaseee        

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Hii palette anon here, haha. Of course, I wouldn't mind the wait at all! Hrmm...I was thinking "The Sweetest Chill" (because you seem so sweet; I love reading the tags whenever there are, and yours make me giggle and fangirl with you lol >_<) or "Tuesdays" for Yoosung please? (I love him a lot and the color scheme matches!!) Or if there's another palette that you think would look great with him, please go ahead and draw that instead! I'm sure I'll like anything you come up with >~<

Hello anon!!! ☆ (sorry for the wait;;) omg another person who also reads my tags hee thank you for sticking around! If anyone is the sweetest chill here, I bet it’d be you and yoosung! 

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Porny prompt kinda: Hannibal is NOT into daddykink but Will is. Hannibal will put up with anything for Will. Hannibal has to research daddykink. Hannibal is a missionary vanilla kinda guy, he doesnt even really like binding your wrists in silk, he has no idea what Wills getting out of this but it isnt a turn OFF and he doesnt have to do it ALL the time. I like Hannibal to be long-suffering. tired Potato murder-dad is my kink

Hi! It’s hard for me to imagine Hannibal not into it, at least in the whys and hows of Will’s sexuality, especially from a performance sake. ;) But I gave it my best shot and this is first time writing this particular kink! Hope you like. 


The first time it happened was a mistake.

Hannibal was fucking him. Pounding him into their bed rough and hard– just the way Will needed – the way he begged for. He might’ve been crying. He tasted salt, his face was hot and sticky. His dick was trapped underneath him, rubbing against the mattress and he knew he could come like this, without even being touched.

Hannibal breathed warm against the nape of his neck.

“Will,” he said. “Will.”

“Please– fuck– daddy.”

The word slipped out before he could stop it. Hannibal paused, for a fraction of a second. Will tensed but then Hannibal’s hands were sliding over his belly, his scar. He pulled Will close, anchoring him to his own body.

There was no space between them, just an impossible fullness that felt like breaking. Hannibal fucked Will so deep, stars burst behind his eyelids. Will sobbed, choking the word out again and again as he came, “daddy – daddy.”  


After they peeled apart, sweaty and out of breath, Will buried his head in the pillow. His skin felt two sizes too small for the shame he carried. Everything in him was straining and tight.

“You don’t have to talk about it if you’d prefer not to,” Hannibal said gently. “We could never talk about it at all if you wish.”

“That wouldn’t be very fair to you,” Will said, muffled into the pillow. Then, he laughed, because he actually cared about being fair to Hannibal, even after all the blood and bodies that had come between them.

There was nothing to be done about that now. The story spilled out of him. He had never told anyone.

“When I was 18, I came home from college to visit my dad. It was Christmas break but he wasn’t there. Turns out he got a call to fix a house boat up north. Big money.”

“I am sorry you were alone,” Hannibal said.

“It was okay. I was used to it. My dad, he sent one of his friends over with a six-pack. We just started drinking. I got really drunk. And Mike–that was his name– he fucked me. First time I had sex. Bent over the old leather couch in our living room.”

Will could still remember the couch creaking with their weight, the faded leather rubbing against his knees. Mike told him he was perfect.

Hannibal traced a foreign shape on Will’s back.

Will peeped up at him from the pillow.

“It was pretty awkward really. I was so shy. And embarrassed. But he was – nice to me. He made me feel good. He – even tucked me into bed after.”

“Did your relationship continue?”

“No,” Will said. “Never happened again. Guess he was embarrassed, too.”

“It’s not unusual to fantasize about this sort of encounter,” Hannibal said. “We can explore it sometime. If you like.”

“Would you like it?”

“I would like to please you.”

Will rolled his eyes. “That’s not what I was asking and you know it.”

“For years I imagined our relationship as platonic. I thought some boundaries would never be breached.”

“And then I asked to fuck you.”

“There is nothing I am not willing to try with you.”

Will buried his head back into the pillow. “I don’t know.”

Yet something in him had given a traitorous lurch at Hannibal’s offer. He knew he wouldn’t deny himself.

Not with Hannibal.

Not anymore.


Hannibal made them dinner. Will sat out on the balcony – watching the throngs of people below buying zucchinis and tomatoes across Eleftherias Square.

When Hannibal called him inside to set the table, Will had to rub his eyes. He blinked several times. The pot on the stove was filled with risotto. There was no meat in it.  

“A vegetarian meal. Never thought I would see the day.”

Hannibal smiled at him. Will was suddenly struck by how normal he looked, still dapper and refined in his linen suit but less – less intense than Will had ever seen before. Hannibal was comfortable, Will realized.

“There’s lamb broth in the risotto,” Hannibal said, raising one eyebrow. “Maria wouldn’t let me walk away without buying some.”

Will laughed at that. “Of course she wouldn’t.”

They sat down to eat together. The risotto was delicious, it practically melted on Will’s tongue. It didn’t help his distraction.  

He had felt better after telling Hannibal about what happened to him when he was 18. He didn’t realize how much it would help him and now he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Will pushed his food around aimlessly with the tips of his fork.

“The thing we talked about the other day,” Will said. He didn’t look up from his plate. “I’d like to try it. For real.”

“We should discuss your limits then,” Hannibal said, frustratingly nonchalant.

“You’ve researched this. Since we’ve talked.”

“I wanted to be prepared.”

“How Boy Scouts of you.”

“If you don’t behave, shall I punish you?”

Will blinked, then swallowed. “Yes.”

“Do you prefer ageplay?” Hannibal continued. “Or to be treated as you are?”

Will looked at Hannibal from under the dark sweep of his lashes, strangely nervous.


“Shall we begin tonight?”

Will’s heart fluttered. “Yes. Please.”

“My beautiful boy,” Hannibal said. The praise made his voice soft, as smooth as a caress on Will’s cheek. “Finish eating. Then I will take you to bed.”

Will closed his eyes for a long moment. “Thank you.”

Random Headcanons no one asked for, Bonus Round

Star Wars

•Luke and Leia actually find out they share a birthday pretty early on, but considering neither of them actually has a reason to suspect that they’re long lost siblings, they don’t think much of it besides “birthday buddy!”

•Luke has never done much for his birthday while in the Alliance. He got the day off from chores back on Tatooine, and if the crops had been good sometimes Owen and Beru could scrape together enough to get some kind of cake. On his 17th birthday Owen somehow saved enough to get Luke a replacement part for the T-16. Celebrating without Owen and Beru, even if theirs were small and not terribly festive by some standards, just feels too weird for him.

•Wedge decides fairly quickly this will not do at all and organizes Giant Group Birthdays for the pilots, going by month. This starts to catch on with other branches of the Alliance, and bi-monthly birthday gatherings become a thing.

•After finding out they’re twins, Luke and Leia make a point of trying to spend every birthday together, even if it has to be via hologram.

•Poe Dameron has birthday parties for BB-8. C-3PO thinks this is precious and will not hesitate to say so. Leia is very tired of Threepio “hinting” that BB-8 would look very grown-up with shiny gold plating.

•Chewbacca can out-snark anyone, anywhere, hands down. Once he and Han ran across a gang of alien pirates whose leadership was determined by a Trial of Insults. Chewbacca got annoyed with their captain and accidentally ended up taking command of a pirate galleon. He and Han eventually absconded with a treasure map, but the pirates were too impressed by the Wookiee’s Snark Power to be mad.

•Lando writes poetry, but he’d be much too embarrassed to let anyone read it.

•Luke knows a lot of code-songs he learned from his aunt and uncle while growing up. (Because I like to imagine they helped slaves escape, much like in some of @fialleril ’s writings), and he teaches some of them to one or two Rogues, Leia, Han, and Chewbacca. The secret directions embedded in the lyrics save lives more than once.

•Maintenance crew on the Executor has an entire wall of tally marks for every training droid Vader had totaled. There’s a different wall for people he’s totaled, with names rather than tallies. It’s probably not safe to keep a memorial, but no one’s told them not to so far.

•Piett started out just drinking tea in the morning before starting his shifts. The longer he deals with the unique brand of weirdness living on the Lady Ex brings, the more calming tea (or occasionally strongly caffeinated tea) he requires. He’s up to four cups a day and steadily rising.

•For Leia’s twenty-third birthday, Mon Mothma gave her a hologram she’d been keeping of a younger Bail Organa with Senator Amidala and a young Mothma all smiling. There’s someone in the back that looks like a tall Jedi, but Leia can’t be sure. She and Mothma mourn a while, but the catharsis is good for both of them.

•Every time the Rebels move to a new base, Rogue Squadron makes sure to paint a rough portrait of Bhodi Rook somewhere in their assigned hangar, whether on a ship or a wall. There are memorials to all the members of the Scarif Mission, but Rogue Squadron always has an extra one for Rook. “Because he’s the pilot.”