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Angryschnauzer Kennels Easter Adoption Spectacular!

Here at Angryschnauzer HQ we have found ourselves in the position where our kennels is over-run with excitable puppies, all looking to be adopted by willing families, or even single ladies (or gents). So feel free to peruse the below list of wonderful puppies all looking for good homes;

The Romanian Lickhound
This particular puppy can be very excitable, and is well known for his uncontrollable tongue. He really likes licking so be prepared to get wet.

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The Boston Meatbull
A prime breed, said to be of Irish decent, this one will entrap you with his soulful eyes. Has a habit of being fond of behinds, but can be very well trained with his paws.

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The London Terrier
This sad little guy was kicked to the kerb last summer after his previous owner paraded him around then got bored with him, but he’s impeccably behaved and is looking for a loving home that will let him show his exuberance for his passions. 

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The Birdhound
This often overlooked breed is a truly wonderful specimen, will be very loyal, works well with the Boston Meatbull, but not so well with the Romanian Lickhound. 

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The Labrathor
This very strong breed needs a home that can cope with his sheer power. Has the traits of being incredibly loyal but at the same time is a great guard dog. This one will certainly keep you fit!

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Being multi-fandom isn’t for everyone. Not everyone has to like boy groups. Not everyone has to like girl groups. People don’t have to know everything about a group to be a fan of them or their music. This is okay.

Can we just talk about how much Tom and Harrison care about children and people in general? They go to children’s hospitals, travel to help others, will donate their bone marrow to help others who need it, and they also go out raising money for good causes.

top 10 lines from mcu movies that can be used in porn

10. “You didn’t see that coming?” ― Quicksilver 

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9.  “Don’t look at me, I do what he does, just slower.” ― Sam Wilson

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8“Are you sure about this?”  "I can’t trust my own mind.“ ― Bucky Barnes to Steve Rogers

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7.  "We’re still friends, right?” “Depends on how hard you hit me.” ― Black Widow to Hawkeye

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6.  “Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?” ― Steve Rogers

5.  “Is this stuff coming out of you?” ― Falcon to Spider-man 

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4.  “Admit it– This isn’t the worst thing you’ve caught me doing.” ― Tony Stark to Pepper Potts

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3.  “I want the big one." ― Scarlet Witch to Quicksilver

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2.  "I can do this all day.” ― Steve Rogers

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1.  “Ready to comply.” ― Winter Soldier

holy fuck I just accidentally talked to my mom about my celeb crushes and I was like super obsessive and instead of telling me that being obsessed with someone (not to mention theyre waaaay older than me) is not healthy at all, my mom started talking passionately about HER celeb crush omg what just happend??


“Gosh !”

Omg Thelma & Louise is my favourite film, I’m so happy he chose this film, my reaction literally: