just spent way way way too much time making that

Just Hwarang Things ...

*In the middle of a dramatic sword fight session 

*clears throat 

*Evil smirk 

*Evil Soo-ho:

*giddy Hansung:

*Petrified Sun-woo

*Annoyed Ji-dwi starts off the count:

*Evil grinning soo-ho:




*proud shimmy shimmy

*with an enthusiastic Soo-ho leading the show XD

**well for the most part….

*pro and smug Hansung over here:

*Three losers at the back blaming each other! 

*while this show off looks on:

*Fangirls appear! 





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“The chummy pockets hold their hands together and make a big, round ring
They build a house on the pocket planet and everyone laughs together
The stars are sparkling to them in the sky; the huge moon
Is rounding up everything, happy things and sad things, too.”

This is the post that I meant to post 2 weeks ago xD

And this is the song it is based off of.

stop holding onto the past


girl meets adulthood | future au

it’s been almost ten years since they’ve all been in the same city. life pulled them in different directions after high school, but their friendships found a way to survive over time and distance, and eventually they found their way back to new york and the question of what comes next: riley trying to find a way to combine her twin passions of photography and women’s studies, maya getting ready for her first art show, farkle and smackle taking the physics world by storm, lucas as a counsellor for teenagers with anger issues and zay starring with the new york city ballet. but though they might be adults, life isn’t through with them yet, and there are still lessons left to learn.

they meet at topanga’s, just as they always have, taking the table in the middle, just as they always did. the bakery hasn’t changed since the last time they were together, on the eve of their high school graduation. maybe it’s a little smaller. or maybe it’s them that got bigger. 

“to the six of us, together again,” riley beams, lifting up her coffee cup in a toast. the others follow suit.

“we did it, we all survived the big bad world,” maya says.

across the table, zay chuckles. “well, so far, anyway.” 


Dream dragon and follower milestone achieved in the same day? A cause for celebration, it is!

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