just spent an hour talking about white privilege

i have a lot of gross/triggering/racist asks in my inbox all hitting at “how can you say that all white people are racist! you’re half white!” “why do you have white friends then” “do you let your co-workers know you think they’re all racist? or is it just an act for tumblr”

and literally for my own mental health + distaste for ignorance in general + the sake of salvaging my favorite hobby of blogging i can’t / won’t respond to you all individually so i am going to say this and leave all the bad vibes + ignorance here. 

1. i’m sorry you can’t read (or you just enjoy twisting what i say to argue with me-probably the latter) but i said that white people are inherently racist because of the society that we live in, the system that was built to grant them privilege and be oblivious to the fact that they’re the only ones that have it. do i think that means that every white person has to be racist forever just because they are white? absolutely not. white people need to be proactive about unlearning the racism they carry, their privilege and need to work everyday to curb those biases + speak up and out about it. no, this does not exclude my family/friends. i have spent hours talking to my family about this. i have lost friends over this.

you are talking to someone whose best friends growing up would literally call her “black” or “slave” when joking around. we have all grown up since then, and those friends are my biggest allies now + are aware of the awful shit they said/thought even though they were “harmless kids” who wouldn’t say they were racist if asked- because we grow up in a society that makes that OKAY and FUNNY.

2. you do not know me. i am vocal as hell in my everyday life as i am on here. i have to pick my battles, yes, and i do everyday. but when i can i do. and when people choose not to, that doesn’t make them any less qualified to talk about their oppression where they feel safe. i gave the whole office at paper mag (who have featured the great white lineup of iggy, lily allen + b. candy) a short guide as to why they are problematic as hell during lunch. i had the role of “angry black girl” put on me in my college senior speech class by giving the cultural app. speech, the white privilege speech, the gentrification speech, the list goes on. i make noise on and off the internet- and never anonymously so hear that.