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hello everyone! ≧◡≦

day 2

i know i know that today is valentine XP but for me it’s still a week dedicated for my prefer Au X3, after all i love this au and today is day of love so yeah   ◕ ◡ ◕.

i don’t know if you know or maybe i’m wrong  |◔◡◉|. but when the spirit of tree would create a body for nightmare and dream, she used as reference blueberry’body because this tipe of body was unique to be able to bear so powerful dream/nightmare energy/magic 🙃. lmao this is also the way their are soo smool O.O. 

drematale, spirit tree, dream, nightmare/ jokublog

swap sans/ lmao i don’t remember O.o

zepars replied to your post: Saw everyone making BNHA OCs and I wanted to jump…

Okay but *leans in* do they have a quirk and if so what is it because I am /Interested/

*screams for 15 minutes because someone actually is interested and i just???? i didn’t expect her to get any notice at all*

I’ll put it under the cut because I’m incredibly anxious about showing this to anyone haha

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Who’s on a WTF-speed-comic roll? lol

But yes…as dancing goes on, one must go to visit the bar also~ and as our brave sexmybangs is handling the bar, Ocu would also like to visit it…because of reasons~

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You are so so so talented i love your art so much even tho i dont ship larry but i enjoy your art very much

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Every year, Aunt Cass gets the Hamadorks themed sweaters for Xmas. Tadashi was usually Santa and Hiro ended up being the elf or reindeer. So, this year, after a ton of pleading prior, Tadashi let him have the role of Santa Claus.


Merry X-mas! ^o^/ /// 

So my 3ds was without a charger since january (long story short I forgot it in sc and then got really unlucky) and I got my new one yesterday weee. Since I wasn’t really having any fun in pokemon Y i started over and decided to ignore ev training and some other little personal rules of sorts.

Anyway this is my team so far uvu the last two are just pokemon I train with the exp share for the pokedex but I’m thinking of snatching a mienfoo hehe. I hadn’t trained pikachu and ralts since sapphire so it’s kinda neat. Was lucky enough to find a light ball holding pikachu on my first try too! Oh and Azumarill is a ridiculous powerhouse I never really liked it but it’s gaining my respect and love very rapidly.

So yeah. Mostly an excuse to force myself out of my crappy mood by drawing /something/. And tomorrow I’m picking up Caroline at the airport sO HEH THAT’S EXCITING QVQ////