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Dolce - Part Two: The Lunch Meeting

Special love and nod to my secret co-writer.

Dolce - Part Two: The Lunch Meeting

It wasn’t that he was looking for the name, just that it was a bit distinctive when it showed up on Felix’s schedule of clients almost a month later. Locus Castille wasn’t exactly a name you’d run into on a daily basis. Especially given the guy didn’t bother to just reserve under his first name or last name or some alias like other people did. It was Locus Castille when Felix went to meet him for a second party in the same limo, with the same briefing folder with some ‘updated’ details on their relationship in case they were asked. Locus Castille, a beautiful, insanely wealthy young man from Felix’s research after the second engagement, who apparently kept requesting him by name. Locus Castille who asked him to play buffer at the highest class of parties, who sent him to a high end tailor before the second one so he’d have 'something more appropriate’ to wear. Locus Castille who let him spar with Lily Johnson and enjoy the fury on her face whenever her and her mother excused themselves.

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The One With the Bedroom Dance Party

We wrote this fic after thinking about Adam walking in on Taylor dancing. She was dancing to this song and this song, so if you want to listen to them while you read, you might understand a little bit more. Written with @ttayvinaf – always.

Taylor climbed out of the shower, wrapping her towel around herself and heading out towards the bedroom. Adam was downstairs making lunch for the two of them while she got ready for Cristina’s birthday party. Over the last year, Taylor had gotten really close with Adam’s friends and Cristina was one of her favorites. They’d met early on in her relationship with Adam seeing as they were both the girlfriends coming in between the bromance. They’d gone on a few outings together and Taylor found that she really liked the girl.

As Taylor moved to her closet to get ready, she reached for her cell phone, connecting it to the bluetooth speaker and scrolling through her music. She decided on a song and nodded to herself as it started and she entered her closet, singing softly. She knew that Cristina wouldn’t be expecting her to get too dressy but she still felt like she should show up in something other than jeans and a t-shirt.

Rifling through the hangers, she shook her head each time, before poking her head out of her closet door and shouting down the hall, hoping her voice would carry far enough for Adam to hear her downstairs. He wasn’t exactly a fashion connoisseur, but she wanted to make sure didn’t overdress too much.  

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Read the news on Equestria Daily about a 19-year-old who took his life. Here’s the blurb:

Bad news coming out of the UK.  A brony going by the name of Adam Smith took his own life after being bullied over his fanfiction and Youtube videos. According to Daily Mail, he had a learning disability that earned him an armada of troll attacks, along with an accusation of plagiarism that eventually lead him to throw himself in front of a train.

Here is his Tumblr: http://galaxy-stars-universe.tumblr.com/

I just….don’t know.

I still remember Kiki Havivy. I still remember what happened to Michael Morones. I still remember what happened to that boy Grayson who was bullied over a backpack.

And now this: someone has actually taken there own life.

I can’t pretend to have known him, or all the events and circumstances leading up to what happened. I have faced bullying though, and this is why I feel I have to say something.

Because unfortunately I have faced it. I’ve had “faggot” written on my locker. I’ve been intimidated into silence by people bigger than me. I learned how to work my way around bullies, like trying to make them laugh or just talking myself out of situations. It was a survival game, and I had to learn how to play.

Coupled with things like my parents breaking up at home, to my meeker personality at the time, and a host of other factors…it made making friends, or even understanding people, very very difficult. It’s why I’m so self-conscious about friends; because for most of my life, I simply never had any.

Instead, it was just this…incredible loneliness. I’ve described it once like being trapped in this glass phone-box inside the middle of New York City. This massive place filled with millions of people, but you’re trapped inside this tiny uncomfortable place. No matter how loudly you hit the glass or yell, nobody can hear you or let you out. Nobody can even see you.

Did he go through the same thing? did he feel the same way? ’

I’ll never know.

There’s a hardly a person who hasn’t been bullied or faced with it. I’m not even sure people like that exist. But for those who are being bullied, especially for those still in school, I beg you to not even consider something like this.

Because believe it or not, things really do get better.

There’s a reason “young and dumb” is an expression, because that’s what everyone is when they are in school. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t do a bit of bullying here and there when I was growing up. Sometimes I would get bullied by someone, sometimes I would just get so annoyed by someone that I’d pick on them. There were even moments where I ended up making friends with people who bullied me, and we genuinely had fun together. Not bullying anybody, but…they were genuinely cool guys once we got through that phase.

Why did I pick on people a few times in elementary or high-school? why does anyone do it? I can only speak from experience, but why I did it or people I knew did it? there is no reason. Nobody I ever knew bullied anybody for some big complex reason. Because of problems at home they were venting in real-life. No, that stuff belongs in novels and fan-fiction. All the bullying episodes I had ever experienced happened because…well, they just did.

I just never clicked with some people. They found me annoying, and I found them annoying. They said some things to me, and I said some things back. That’s really all it was.

There’s no real reason that a bully does what they do, and I doubt they could come up with one themselves. They just do it because…well, they decided probably on the moment they met you that they didn’t like you, and it would stay that way throughout your four years.

Are they truly that bad? are people like that just ‘bad seeds’? No, I don’t believe so. Like I’ve said, I had made friends with people who bullied me. One kid specifically was someone in 3rd grade that was the class bully that just harassed everyone, and was the bad guy we loved to hate. In 6th grade when I started attending guidance counseling, he was there. I remember deliberately trying to be distant during the first session, but playing games along with the counselor….next thing I know, I’m sitting down at the lunch table with him having a blast.

It’s not that we started bullying other people together or anything. If anything, I realized that he wasn’t really much of a bully at all: just a kid who was a bit different who just fell into a certain “role”. Who just didn’t click with people in our class, and they all responded to each other with insults. He annoyed them for one reason or another, whether it was something mundane like the precise tone of his voice, or some other intangible reason…and they annoyed him.

That’s really all that it was: all it ever is. People can hardly come up with a reason why they bully. They just do because…well, they just do.

It’s why I don’t look back at those days, because my whole understanding of friendship has matured completely. People in school have and drop “friends” for completely mundane reasons. There’s a reason why “young and dumb” is an expression.

And where I’m ultimately going with this: things get better.

And people get nicer too.

Because ultimately, we grow up. I wouldn’t be surprised to meet old bullies or people who picked on me and find them to be really swell guys, and we just got off on the wrong foot. Or maybe we just grew the hell up and realized how dumb we were really acting. The superficial “roles” of high-school are behind us, and you’re not going to get very far in the real-world by being a bully.



For things like this, it’s not worth taking your own life, it really really isn’t. I wish school wouldn’t have felt like a jungle, but things really do get better. Everyone grows up, everything gets better. School is behind you, and the world is around you.

There are hotlines to reach out to. There is always someone you can talk too. If you are being picked up, tell your teacher, principal, parent, employer or anybody. The absolute worst thing I did growing up was keep quiet, when I should have raised my voice. To hell with being a cry-baby, chicken, sissy, snitch, nark, or whatever. There is zero tolerance for this, and they will be punished for it. And if they keep doing it? tell on them again, and they may even get suspended for it. Again? tell on them again. It costs you nothing to report someone doing this to you, and they are just digging themselves deeper into a hole. In the working world, there is even less tolerance for this than in school.

It’s no different with teachers. If you feel harassed by a  teacher or staff member, go see there boss. If they can’t help you, see there boss. It was something else I wish I took advantage of sooner, but I always felt I was on my own…that school was a jungle with a paralyzed disinterested staff and I had to navigate and survive on my own. The staff are there to help you. Do not be afraid of going to them for something like this.

If you are being bullied, somethings I found helpful include just making them laugh. Really; they insult my appearance or whatever, I’d turn it completely around and dispel everything right then and there. At minimum, it can help get them off your back. Max? you could end up being friends with the guy. It may sound ridiculous that you’d want to be friends with someone bullying you, but take it from me: it could genuinely happen, and you’d be shocked at how much fun you end up having.

Please take care of yourselves. Things get better, and so do people. The world is not pitted against you. You have more support than you think you do, and things will only become easier and easier the more you go along.

Things get better…and so do we.

Rest in peace Adam.

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They hadn’t meant to get caught in the storm. They were working a case on the east coast when it hit. Castiel had warned them to pay attention to weather reports, but Dean had an incessant need to ignore anyone who called themselves a meteorologist. It was a fancy way of saying weatherman, and he didn’t believe that you could actually get a degree in it. No matter how many times Sam said you could. 

So they got snowed into their motel, the white powder collected to about two feet off the ground. Dean found this out the hard way when he opened the door of their room and tried to step out, a tower of snow fell onto his feet and he yipped before jumping back and slamming the door shut again. 

“You okay?” Sam laughed, Dean turned to him, his jaw clenched, his hands balled into fists, and his mouth in a slight sneer. He looked from his brother to Castiel, who was hiding a smile of his own. 

“Damn snow.” He said before waddling away from the door, he kicked off his slippers and padded into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him. 

After his shower, Dean emerged in a slightly better mood. He knew they needed to get out of that room and dig out their car, but they didn’t have snow shovels, just grave-digging shovels, and those were in the back of the Impala anyhow. They couldn’t get to them without first shoveling, it was a vicious circle. 

“I could walk to the store.” Castiel suggested as he saw Dean walk out of the bathroom, the sleeves of his over-shirt not rolled up for once. 

“Great idea, Cas.” Sam replied, Dean could see his brother about to offer to tag along, and suddenly he couldn’t be cooped up in that seedy room another minute. 

“I’ll go with you!” He said quickly, beating his brother to the punch. Sam’s mouth snapped shut, his brows raised and he half smiled at Dean, it quickly turned into a smirk as he cleared his throat and looked down at his hands. 

“Alright, thank you, Dean.” Castiel said, it was his first experience with snow as a human, and as such, Dean was sure their walk would be slow and filled with mind numbing facts about the substance. Dean wasn’t sure if he was going to enjoy it or not, never a better time to find out. 

He shrugged into the thickest jacket he had, which in all honesty, wasn’t very. And watched as Cas stuffed his arms through the holes of his new trench coat. It wasn’t as long as the old one, and a darker color. Dean’s stomach twisted, he still didn’t look quite right in the hunter’s eyes, but he shook it off and clapped a hand on the guy’s back, “Ready to go?” He asked, Cas smiled at him and nodded, opening the front door. 

Dean looked back at his younger brother once, his brows raised, his face in full smirk, before he turned back to watch the former angel step out into the snow. It almost went up to his knees and he stopped to stare at it. He shook his head and laughed before taking another step. Dean watched in awe before following him, putting his own feet into Cas’ foot holes, making it easier on himself. He didn’t see Sam laughing behind his back as he slammed the front door shut. 

The walk to the store was surprisingly quick, there were a few other motel guests doing the same trek as them, and some of them made comments that they assumed were witty. Dean smiled as politely as he could, but Castiel interacted, and sometimes even initiated the conversations. He always did love humanity, what a strange angel he was. 

Former angel, his mind told him and he felt immediately guilty. He shouldn’t have had to give up his grace to save Dean, he never should have given up his grace to save Dean, after all, what was Dean compared to the angel. A tiny, insignificant spec on the grand spectrum. But Cas never saw him as such, he knew that, to Cas he was someone worth sacrificing one’s self, he was worth everything. 

Dean’s cheeks blushed at his own thoughts, reminding himself how much the guy thought of him really messed him up.

“Dean?” Castiel pulled him from his thoughts and the Winchester looked up at the former angel, “Are you alright?” His hand was already finding its way to Dean’s left shoulder and the hunter accepted it, as he always did. 

“Course.” Dean shrugged and Cas removed his hand, “Now lets get these shovels, hmm?” He hurried past Cas, into the store and went straight for the display full of all the things they’d need. These guys weren’t playing around. He saw two people fighting over the last of the weird, ‘deluxe’ shovels, so he went for the normal, run of the mill ones. No fancy shaped handle, no curved bottom perfect for stepping on, just a regular snow shovel. 

“Got it?” Cas asked, finally catching up to the hunter. 

“Got it.” He smiled, Castiel held up a back of ice melt salt. 

“I figured this would come in handy in more ways than one.” Cas grinned, Dean laughed slightly. 

“You think that stuff works against demons and ghosts?” Dean pushed past Cas, heading for the check out line that was ten people too long. 

“Not sure, but I assume we’ll find… out.” Castiel hesitated on his final word, Dean heard him stop walking and turned to find out why. His gaze was fixed on a display of sleds, all different kinds, small, large, old-fashioned, new-fangled body boards. 

“You good, Cas?” Dean asked, Castiel nodded and began walking slowly, his eyes still trained the sleds; Dean groaned and walked up to the display, picking one of the newer models and took it to the line with him. Cas watched him with wide blue eyes, the smallest hint of a smile played on his lips as he got behind Dean. 

“You don’t have to-” Cas said, Dean held up a hand. 

“Stop right there; I think I know you a bit better than either of us would like to admit…” His eyes locked with the former angel’s and if his heart sped up a bit, it wasn’t his fault, “So yeah, I do have to. Because I’ll be damned if you don’t get to go sledding during your first official snowfall as a human.” 

“Thank you, Dean.” Castiel said softly, Dean cleared his throat and looked forward to where the line was moving. 

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t mention it.” He stepped forward. 

They began walking back to the motel, supplies in hand, when they happened upon a hill that was infested with children and their parents, all sledding down to the rows of town houses that were backed up against it. There were happy screams, scared screams, angry screams, all sorts of sounds echoing around the hill and Castiel stared at it in a sort of sad awe. Dean smirked slightly and set down the shovel before he pulled the bag of salt out of Cas’ hands. 

“Dean?” Cas asked, looking down at the bag before he looked back at the hunter. 

“Now’s your chance.” He handed Castiel the sled, and he looked at it in confusion. Dean sighed and took it back, setting it on the hillside, “Now you sit.” Cas nodded and sat on the board, gripping the handholds tight. Dean’s hands rested on Castiel’s shoulders and he brought his mouth to his ear. 

“Just lean back and let the sled take you where it may. You can direct yourself out of harms way with the handles.” He moved to push Cas and laughed at the slightly terrified look on his face. He used to be an angel, could smite with a touch, could conjure a storm just to show off his wings, and now he was afraid to slide down a hill on a sled. 

Dean stepped forward and pushed Cas away from him as hard as he could, his foot got caught in the snow and his hand was somehow wrapped in the back hand hold. He found himself being dragged down the incline covered in packed snow and ice. 

“Dean!” Cas shouted, looking back over his shoulder at the tag-along hunter. With the extra weight added on, they went faster than they should have and went barreling into a snow drift that someone must have made by throwing snow over their fence as they shoveled. They ended up laying side by side in the snow, staring up at the sky. 

Dean looked at Cas and Cas looked back at Dean; the hunter started laughing first. Castiel soon followed, his smile turning into that gummy one that Dean would never admit aloud to loving. 

“Human’s think that’s fun?” Castiel asked incredulously, they could still hear the entertained children around them. 

“Yeah, yeah we do.” Dean said, still laughing, he propped himself up on his elbow and looked down at the former angel beside him. Cas’ smile dropped a bit as he caught Dean’s eyes, “You know what else we think is fun?” Dean asked, leaning down slightly; he could literally see the moment Castiel swallowed thickly. 

Without thinking, Dean picked up a handful of snow and slammed it against the side of Castiel’s head. Cas’ eyes went wide in surprise, but the retaliation came soon after that, he sat up quickly and formed a snowball in almost no time at all, sending it flying Dean’s way. Dean managed to block it and picked up some snow of his own, throwing one at Cas. 

They continued like this for some time, throwing snow at one another, sometimes they were formed into balls, sometimes it was just loose powder. They laughed, and yelled as they threw them. Then Castiel surged forward, tackling Dean to the ground with a handful of snow, which he shoved against Dean’s face. 

“Eat it!” Cas shouted, Dean laughed in response, yelling as he rolled over, grabbing his own handful of snow to try and force into Castiel’s mouth when he stopped, the snow halfway to Cas’ face, their eyes were locked, blue on green, their breathing was heavy and labored from their duel. They were both smiling more than they probably had in years. 

“Cas-” Dean croaked, his throat feeling suddenly too dry, he thought briefly about eating some of the snow he had in his hand, if only to get the water he so desperately needed. 

Castiel didn’t respond, he merely reached up and pulled Dean’s unresistant face towards his own. Their lips met, they were both cold, and probably burning from being hit with ice. Dean dropped the snow from his hand and instead pulled Cas closer by his jacket, not wanting to touch him with his cold fingers.

He managed to tilt his head in an effort to slip his tongue into Castiel’s mouth, who accepted it willingly, a small smile formed against the hunter’s lips, and he returned it, breathing in through his nose, he stopped, kissing Cas on the corner of his mouth once before he pulled back to look down at the blue eyed wonder beneath him. 

“I’m cold, and-” Cas smiled before looking down at where they’d basically dug themselves into the snow, “Sort of wet.” Dean cleared his throat awkwardly, knowing that he didn’t mean what he said in a sexual way-how could he- yet he jerked back anyway, holding out a hand to help Cas sit up. He gladly accepted it and didn’t let go as he stood and pulled Dean to his feet. They stood with the snow up to their knees, holding hands and smiling at one another. 

“Get out of the way!” A kid shouted, Dean looked past Cas in time to see a child on a sled barreling straight toward them. He yanked on Castiel’s hand and jumped out of the way in time to avoid a collision. 

Castiel had fallen on top of him and was smiling as he looked down at the hunter. 

“We meet again.” Cas said, Dean rolled his eyes and pulled Cas’ face down to his for a small, light kiss before they were helping each other up once again. 

“We should get back to the room.” Dean suggested, picking up their sled.

“I agree, we should get out of these wet clothes.” Cas replied and Dean coughed a bit, a blush crept up on his face, making it feel warmer than he knew it was. 

“Y-yeah.” He stammered slightly, slipping on a small patch of ice as he made his way up the hill. Castiel’s hand was on his back, helping him stand. They made it up the hill together, and picked up their supplies, they walked back to the room hand in hand. 

“What the hell happened to you guys?” Sam asked as they walked back into the dingy motel room, their clothes dripping. 

“Uh, we went sledding?” Dean held up the board before placing it against the wall. Sam covered his mouth with his hand in an obvious effort to stifle a laugh, “Shut up, it was for Cas.” Dean said, peeling off his very wet jacket. 

“Did you have fun, at least?” Sam asked, clearing his throat. 

“It was a very rewarding experience.” Castiel replied, he’d already removed his jacket and tie, he was beginning to unbuckle his belt, Dean’s face was probably blushing, but he couldn’t actually feel it at the moment. He smiled anyway.

“Yeah, it really was.” 

(Because I live in an area where the “Snowpocalypse” hit, err, winter storm Jonas-I wish we were burnin’ up-my best friend and I had a snow fight today that was just too Destiel to not write about. I was shouting Dean as she shouted Cas, it’s a long story… Anywho, I decided I needed to write this.)

The Careful Training of a Family

CS HIATUS MEME 20 days of CS:  CS+ dog (Dog’s POV)
sorta a companion piece to Dog Years

There are some things a self-respecting dog should do every day. 

When the sun peeks in through the curtains in the living room he wakes up, stretching his long legs out on his blanket. Yawning wide until the tip of his tongue curls. It is a new day. He tries to stay quiet downstairs, dozing, until he hears the beeping of the alarm clock upstairs. But sometimes his toys lying around the floor are just too tempting. Sometimes it’s the squeaking of whatever stuffed dog or moose (a personal favorite) or ball that causes a stirring upstairs instead of the dull tones of the clock.

But when that clock finally goes off he knows it’s time to start the day. He runs as fast as he can up the smooth surface of the stairs. (He has tripped a few times, thudding loudly, but it never slows him for long.) He charges into the large bedroom off the hall, pushing his way past the door. Hurrying to the bed he nuzzles at whatever hand or foot is hanging out of the covers. Often this gets a groan or a gentle swat. He knows they need his help, and between him and the clock eventually he convinces them to get up.

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Uber "A" Theory

I honestly believe that Uber “A” is a character we have not seen before. My main suspect at this moment in time is Courtney DiLaurentis.

I think Courtney was Jason’s twin sister, not Alison’s. Alison would have known if she had a twin, but she obviously does not know. Jason, however, is much more suspicious and more likely in my opinion.

I also believe that The Black Widow from 4x01 - ‘A’ is for A-L-I-V-E was Courtney in disguise. 

I know that they use random people to play characters when they’re masked, like Black Hoodie wasn’t always Janel and Red Coat wasn’t always Sasha. But they obviously want to use someone that resembles the person slightly (feature wise). The Black Widow resembles Jason a lot in my opinion, same colour hair, big eyes, slim. Even if twins are not the same gender, they still resemble each other a lot. My guess is they wanted someone who resembled Jason to play this character. 

So my theory is that she was sent to Radley because she was mentally ill, schizophrenia possibly? Peter and Jessica wanted to keep her a secret because they were ashamed and even Alison didn’t know about her. Honestly, Mrs. DiLaurentis has a lot to do with Radley, Dr. Palmer wouldn’t just mention her after she visited once years ago. I bet she visited Courtney a lot. Remember when Toby said “All roads lead back to Radley”? This was a sign that Radley has a lot more to do with everything than we think.


I believe Courtney was extremely jealous of Alison because she lived the life Courtney could have lived. On the day Alison disappeared she broke out of Radley. This is why Mrs. DiLaurentis got a phone call and she asked them “How could you let this happen?” She knew Courtney hated Alison and would kill her and didn’t want Alison going out because of this. 

That night, she attacked Alison by hitting her over the head with a rock. Jessica saw and buried Alison’s unconscious body, she believed Alison was dead. She could lose both her daughters if she turned Courtney in, so she thought it would be better to just make Alison a missing persons case. She was protecting Courtney. She wouldn’t protect any random person, like CeCe or her twin like a lot of people are saying. Mrs. D HATED CeCe, she would happily let her rot in jail for killing her own daughter. Jessica wanted to help this person, she cared for them. Some people think Jason could be the one who hit Alison, but he didn’t hate her that much. They just had a bad relationship like lots of brothers and sisters, but I doubt he’d ever try and kill her. Also, Jason was drunk and high that night and I doubt he’d have the effort to hunt Alison down, he was passed out when we saw him in a flashback from that night in 3B. 

Obviously Alison was pulled out by Mrs. Grunwald and Courtney must have placed somebody else’s body in the hole after this - that’s another theory though. I think the next day Courtney was sent back to Radley and given an alibi by Mrs. D so they wouldn’t suspect her in Alison’s disappearance, if Courtney went down so would Mrs. D for burying Alison.

Sometime between Mona’s reveal as the original 'A’ and “That Night” I think Courtney was released from Radley. She “stole the game” from Mona and became the leader of The 'A’-Team. She controlled Mona and Toby’s actions in season 3 and then on the night of the Lodge Fire was the one who got off the plane. She was the real Red Coat along with Alison, I believe CeCe doesn’t have anything to do with the 'A’-Team. She saved Emily and Aria from the fire because she planned to do something herself but Wilden’s interference stopped it. She then paid CeCe to kill Wilden as revenge for messing up her plan. Her red coat and Alison mask were burnt in the fire and this is why the mask was burnt in 4x01. 

She is only torturing the girls because she wants to get to Alison and finish what she started. She also hates them for being friends with Alison and protecting her. She frames them for several crimes such as “That Night” where she made Mona dig up “Alison’s” body to make sure the police did not know the body was not Alison’s. She also killed Ian after he was pushed off the Bell Tower by Alison. 

So yeah, that’s my theory. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or anything that links into my theory, thanks for reading!