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top 10 phan moments that make me wanna rip my heart out

yeah, just ten moments among hundreds, let it be part one or something. tell me what i’ve missed because i want more suffering in my life.

10) mind control.

i mean, i appreciate the subtlety. i crave those tiny moments that you only notice when someone points them out to you. but this! you can’t miss this one, this moment is shoved down our throats. this is so “i’m allowed to do that to you, to be in your personal space, and gaze into your eyes for no reason, just because i want to”. and phil’s face in that moment, so much joy and mischief, he claps his hands and gazes back.

9) chest touch.

drama queen howell strikes again, it hurts to rewatch it srsly, why is he so extra? but what is phil doing ladies and gents? he slaps his chest in the weirdest way possible, he brushes it, it’s like he wants to shove him but reassuringly and the movement happens so fast you have to pause for a second to comprehend it. that sweet gentle boy is so fond of dan’s unnecessary commentary and yeah, it completely distracts us from what dan is saying at that moment.

8) feel my heartbeat.

was that necessary, really? like, i don’t ask my friends to feel my heartbeat when i’m scared, that was such a “horror movie at first date” bullshit, that’s not what people do?? and when dan does feel that beautiful hummingbird heart, phil just covers his hand with his own palm because yes, you gotta feel it very close, no air between your hand and my chest. dan immediately looks into the camera to show us that yeah, i know you’re there, nothing strange, and makes a comment about phil dying. wow.

7) phil the delivery man.

i don’t know what to say. it’s so simple but why does phil have to make such an act of bringing dan his charger, why does he talk in that stupid voice?? they have a banter, and then phil FIXES DAN’S CHARGER FOR HIM, like what?? who asked you to do that? where’s my IT guy au (literally, he’s got glasses, look at him). and before he leaves he plays the piano that nerd, what an attention seeker, and then bows!! is he tipsy? did he have a pre-liveshow orgasm or something? dan laughs fondly and it’s all i need in the world.

6) child beer.

what’s happening and does it even matter. phil’s hiding on the floor, but why? to surprise us? eh whatever. so he’s got that magical japanese powdery stuff and he wants dan to taste it. the biggest problem for me here, ahem, i mean the thing that just kills me every time is that phil spends the whole time (eight minutes) on his knees and he looks so cute when he makes that beer, holds it close to the camera, and then lets the foam sit so dan can have the ultimate child beer experience.

it reminds me of that hot chocolate video, where he does something so trivial but he’s so gentle and loving about it. i still don’t understand why they didn’t do a simple taste test like bros, but phil had to make it for dan, he wanted to see his reaction. and then he tries it as well, touches the glass rim with his lips at the same place where dan’s mouth just was (gross).

and i just can’t ignore how that boy sneaks past dan’s room after that, he’s playful, he stops to say that he googled something and dan was wrong, and domesticity, i wanna die.

5) one bed.

yess the majestic ditl in japan, what a gift… oh wow cool toilet guys, yes show me how it works, it’s probably the closest i’ll ever get to the futuristic japanese hotel rooms. wait. IS THERE’S ONLY ONE BED??

my mind drifts back to australia where these two weirdos not only tried to make us believe they’re sleeping in different hotel rooms, let alone beds even though you obviously spend every waking hour together, what’s the point? but here we have a huge hotel bed that’s been slept in, we see the covering on the floor, you talk about “our toilet” which obviously means that you’re staying at this room together. i refuse to believe there were no rooms with separate beds available. fy for doing this to me. 

4) the look.

context what context. why did they keep it? why did they put it on fullscreen instead of hiding in the corner? two full-length looks dan, really?? you know what he looks like, why do you have to examine him like that in front of us you slut. and it just passes, without acknowledgment, they just turn back at us simultaneously and I’M STILL DEAD at that moment, i don’t care what happens next.

3) snoot. proot. (i just filmed you doing that)

i don’t even care what it was. something about piano sounds or whatever, but this video haunts me. THERE’S SO MUCH TO IT. first, phil is lying on dan’s bed (at least in the official version it’s dan’s, not mutual), just chilling?? and dan’s working i guess. so they are not actually doing something together but it’s a cozy evening, why would they spend it in different rooms? dan says something, idk, and phil replies “yeah” in that deep voice I SWEAR i haven’t heard from him before. dan makes the sounds again, like can you believe he’s an actual dork in real life, it’s not an act, he’s actually the weirdest boy alive, and he so obviously doesn’t know he’s being filmed. because when phil says “i just filmed you doing that you’re so weird”, he’s so delighted, he laughs at himself, he turns around, his hair is pushed back omg they are both so sleepy and i rejoice. i think this video gives us a rare but fantastic insight in their everyday life, phil must be keeping so much silly videos like that on his google drive and we never get to see them BUT SOMEHOW he posts this one, probably because dan is cute and he wants everyone to know it.

2) you loved it. you wanna do it more.

so, yes. you know this one. where do i even begin?? they play this dragon quiz and then 1) phil says “you loved it” in the strangest voice, like the voice we never hear from him, it’s deeper and quieter, he looks at dan even though dan’s not looking back; 2) dan is looking down as if he’s fiddling with an ipad or something, it’s almost a bts moment, something they would usually edit out. AND THEN THREE SECONDS OF SILENCE while dan kinda processes what’s going on and phil still looks at him expectantly. seductive as fuck. and now this quiet “alright”, i’m just… dan looks like he’s gotten the hint, so he’s a little embarrassed and they share the softest laugh. 

the thing is, we know how often phil makes sexual innuendos and dan always reacts the same way: he looks into the camera, he throws a witty comment in, he puts it on display to show us that there’s no intimacy in that moment. but not this time. i don’t understand why they didn’t edit it out. i just… don’t.

1) pantless liveshow
this is the ultimate. this is the weirdest and the most awesome thing these two gave me and i’m not even sure what can top that. the moment when phil decides to grab the humidifier and show us, he looks at the screen, says “one second” and stands up very awkwardly while dan turns the laptop away from him and makes the weirdest “how you doing” face. 

WHAT THE FUCK. did they think we were so used to them weirdos that we wouldn’t even notice that shit? but fuck, they do it again, they want to show us the spray and dan goes “should i go get it? you have to do phil’s corner”. like, i can’t function, i honestly can’t. AND THE WORST PART is when dan returns and we can see him covering his legs with a blanket just too fast like it’s not that cold boy come on.

i have no explanation and i have every explanation. i don’t deserve all this suffering.

i think you taste of
       falling. starlit and hot. something
       celestial. something human pretending
        — we’re really good at that.
       i want to devour. the essence of being is to
       eat. black holes in empty space to
       children born into more empty space,
       we’re all a testament of devour-ing. 
       ( verb. the act of consuming dangerously. )

and my
       teeth ache. i am something out of the
       dark in search of a light. for a completion.
       a contrast.
       i chose you. 
       you don’t have to choose me back. 
       remember, we’re really good at pretending. 

you taste like falling. 

i will ask two things of you 

first. leave me burning, midnight shrinking 
inside these bones when you pick yourself up
and put your parts back together and head
out. see, morning leaves out the worst in me. 

      i’m too full of everything.

and second. please

      leave the flowers. i won’t ask for 
      you. or your light that i will find spilled
      on the floor, scrapes of midmorning and
      afternoons. you’re a mess sometimes. but
      so am i. humans are good at pretending.
      sometimes, i don’t want to be. 

human, that is. or pretending. or good. 

sometimes i,
      just want the flowers. so please,
      leave them heavy there on the counter.
      tepid water reminds me of blood. leave their
      crushed petals, creased and dark with 
      use. i have want of them. i choose you but
      i want them. i will curl up around them.
      metaphors of one another. use, misuse. 
      ( flowers don’t grow to be harvested but 
               neither do hearts and i’m trying not to gnaw
               mine out of my chest for you. )
      i will burn, devour, pretend. and maybe
      the flowers can help with that.

so, please leave the flowers.

caleb lovelace. another untitled flower poem.

Dean/Cas: Love Lab

Fake dating AU, 5.4K.

Dean sees them on his way to grab a sandwich at the campus café, eye-catching flyers all crammed on a bulletin board with dozens of staples and edges overlapped. Some are for stuff he doesn’t care about, like thesis defenses for esoteric topics, but then his gaze wanders to the dollar signs and he takes a step forward to read more closely.

Paid Research Opportunity

The Love Lab in the Department of Psychology needs participants for a study on romantic relationships. To be eligible, participants must be over the age of 18; have been dating monogamously for at least six months; and currently living together. The study involves weekly interviews where both participants are present. Compensation is contingent upon satisfactory participation and each couple will receive $75 per interview.

Dean lifts an eyebrow. Seventy-five dollars for every hour or two of sitting and talking? The flyer doesn’t specify the number of interviews, but even if he blows the first one, which is probably impossible, that’s still a minimum of seventy-five dollars to put toward something other than rent.

The flyer is cut into strips at the bottom, each printed with the lab’s email and phone number. Dean takes out his phone instead of ripping one off to snap a photo of the entire page. He then stands there, sandwich forgotten, as he sends a quick email to the lab telling them that, yes, he’s interested. And once that’s done, he attaches the photo he just took to a text that reads, ‘Signed us up.’

He finds his roommate brewing tea in the kitchen when he gets home that afternoon. He lets his backpack drop to the floor as he saunters over to join him.

“Drinking your mulch again?” he teases gently, heading to the fridge and poking inside. He grabs a beer because he isn’t a hippie, thank you, and pops it open on the countertop.

“Drinking your empty calories again?” Castiel quips, curling his hand around the ceramic mug. It was a present from Sam and has the molecular structure for caffeine drawn on one side because they’re both nerds who clearly enjoy chemistry paraphernalia.

“You call it empty calories. I call it better taste.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night,” Cas quirks his lips, amusement in his eyes. “Also, I got your text. You may have missed a little detail there.”

“What detail?” Dean frowns a little, eyeing Cas over the rim of his bottle. “We get free money for interviewing. Sounds like all the details I need to know.”

“It’s a study on romantic relationships.”

“Yeah, so?”

“Neither of us is in a relationship.”

[read the full fic on ao3]

Their Favorite Jokes | FF15 Headcanons |

I’m low key sad and need a bit of a pick me up, it’s nothing serious my current sadness just my disorder screwing with me. I was going to ask for jokes but I kinda wondered what the FF15 cast would toss out for lame, corny jokes/puns would toss out. So they range from puns, clean, dirty, sarcastic and dad jokes.

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  • “Please tell me this train of thought you’re on has a caboose.”
  • “Hey Prom, did you hear about the guy who got hit in the head with a can of soda?” “Oh my is he okay!?” “He was lucky it was a soft drink.”
  • “A snare drum and a cymbal fall out of a tree.” “Oh - okay, Noct” *giggles* “*ba-dum ching*”             


  • “Hey babe, what did the elephant say to the naked man?” “I don’t know Prom…” – “How do you breathe through something so small?”
  • “Hey, sweet-chocobo, why did the witches’ team lose the baseball game?” “Uh, Prom…” “Their bats flew away! Haha!”
  • “Cutie, how come oysters never donate to charity?” “Uh, because they are animals, Prom?” “No, because they are shellfish!”


  • “I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down.”
  • “Why was the guitar teacher arrested?” “I don’t know Gladdy…” “For fingering a minor.”
  • “What do a penis and a Rubik’s Cubes have in common?” “Gladdy, please.” “The more you play with it, the harder it gets!”


  • “You spilled your entire cup of coffee? What’s sumatra with you?”
  • “I do some of my best thinking over coffee. I tend to have a latte on my mind.”
  • “ The hipster burnt his tongue. He sipped his coffee before it was cool. “


  • “Don’t spell part backwards. It’s a trap.”
  • “Why does Santa Claus have such a big sack?” “Oh Astrals Cor, please no.”  *huge smirk* “He only comes once a year.”
  • “Why does a chicken coop have 2 doors? Because, if it had 4 doors it would be chicken sedan.”


  • “Did you fall from heaven? Cause your face looks kind of funky.”
  • “If I promise to miss you, will you go, like, really far away.”
  • “I saw an ad for burial plots, and thought to myself this is the last thing I need.”


  • “I always tell new hires, “Don’t think of me as your boss, think of me as a friend who can fire you.”
  • “When I see ads on TV featuring smiley housewives using some new cleaning product, the only thing I want to buy are the meds they’re clearly on.”
  • “Hey, Prince! What does a pepper do when it’s angry?” “I am not sure, Cindy I don’t like veggies.” “It gets jalapeño face!”


  • “Not all men are annoying. Some are dead.”
  • “What’s the difference between a G-spot and a golf ball? A guy will actually search for a golf ball.”
  • “Light travels faster than sound, which is why people like you appear bright—until they open their mouths.”


  • “Where does the General keep his armies?” “I don’t know Luna…” “In his sleevies!”
  • “Why aren’t koalas actual bears?” “Uh?”  “The don’t meet the koalafications.”
  • *innocently* “Hey Ignis, why don’t blind people skydive?“ “Lady Lunafreya, excuse me?” “Because it scares the crap out of their dogs!”


  • “I swear I wasn’t lying, I was just writing fiction with my mouth again.“
  • “Did something bad happen to you, or are you just naturally this terrible of a person?”
  • “I would kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.”


  • "Noctis: “Dad, make me a sandwich!” Regis: “Poof, You’re a sandwich!‘”
  • "How do you make a Kleenex dance? Put a little boogie in it!”
  • “5/4 of people admit that they’re bad with fractions.”

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Dear (Y/N) (L/N), 

         It’s been a while hasn’t it? I don’t blame you if you haven’t touched the chat for heavens know how long. Just know that we have missed you so much. Seeing your face light up for the other members put a smile to my face. However, knowing that they can love you freely did turn my skies blue. Ha, I even thanked the lords that I am blind. It hurt seeing you love them without hesitation. Me and Saeran have been watching in the sidelines wishing that we were that important enough to be saved. I decided to do something about it. If you find me worthy… will you come save me? Will you take the time to find out my demons and still love me for it? 

       Call me selfish but I’ve been waiting for you ever since the first moment you logged into the chatroom. Now, my time has come. Sorry for being a little slow but I decided to finally open my heart. My heart is full of mysterious and the answers to them may hurt you. Just know that I will be there to wipe the tears away. If I push you away, just know that I am scared that you don’t find me worthy as the other members. That you won’t see me as how I see you. 

     Enough of me talking about the black plague that clouds my thoughts. Tell me about yourself? Your fears…your dreams… your desires. Will you ride this rollercoaster with me? I promise you that I will buckle you up tight because you are so precious to me already. Am I moving to fast? Ha, I am sorry. I tend to get ahead of myself when it comes to you. Before I decide to make the leap of faith, may I ask you one question? 

      Will you be my eyes? Will you show me the beauty of life again? I never met an angel in person, so when I get my sight back… your face better be the first face I see. So I can finally see an angel. Sorry for the rambling. I must go now… she’s waiting for me. Please. Save. Me. I hope I’m worthy enough. 

- Jihyun Kim 

Oooooooohhhh, a customer made me SO MAD today. I’ve never felt so angry at one single stranger in my life but this person took the fucking cake.

Like, angry customers, dumb people, I can handle. People who treat me like shit, I don’t like that but it makes me sad more than angry. This dude didn’t even say anything directed at ME, and I feel like I’m ready to punch a wall.

This customer was standing behind a pair of girls who were buying some snacks and paying with pocket change. No big deal. I’ve done it too. Not even a lot of pocket change either, just the 30-something cents they owed in addition to their dollar amount. Once they went on their way, this man approached me and, before I could even start scanning his items, leaned in and whispered to me,
“Do you think that girl was mentally challenged?”

I asked him what he meant and he defended, saying “Well, it’s just, I’ve never seen someone count their change so SLOW before. She seemed to be having a hard time with her change, I think she might have been, you know….” and he made a vague gesture towards his head.

I don’t know why this upset me so much, or why I’m still so angry about it. Maybe it’s the condescending way he put it, like this person counting out their change was SUCH an inconvenience to him. And since when is counting one’s change grounds for being labeled as “mentally challenged”???? Are you kidding me???? Are you seriously comparing a person who counted their change a little too slow for your liking to someone with a mental disability????? Are you even a human being or are you just walking refuse? Like, even if you were right and that person just HAPPENED to be mentally disabled in some way, how dare you look down on her and judge her for something as stupidly insignificant as COUNTING HER CHANGE TOO SLOW!

Anyways, fuck that guy all the way to oblivion. Ignorance like that just…. REALLY gets my goat.

Dropping hints (Tim Drake x Reader)

You’ve been dropping some subtle hints to Tim on his possible nighttime activities.

Tim Drake is the best possible candidate for being the Gotham vigilante, and not to mention total heartthrob hero. When you would look at Red Robin in recent videos and news casting Red Robin just reminded you of Tim Drake. He was intellectual and resourceful, you can ask him anything and he knows the answer!

Not to mention he also walks into his classes with sleep deprived eyes and splotchy skin. He was trying to hide something on his face.

“Morning Tim!” You exclaimed dropping your bag on the desk in front of him.

Tim slowly looked at you and unfolded the hands that were on top of his desk. He has been sleeping on his desk for the past ten minutes. Gazing at you absently he suddenly stood up straight as if something shocked him.

“Morning!” He said in a not so believable cheery tone.

“It seems..” You began, leaning your head to his, “That you’ve been staying up late again?”

“Ah well, You know I study way too much.” Tim replied with a nervous chuckle.

“Any other things you do at night?”

“If you’re assuming that I sleep with people Y/N, then you are really off there.”

“Ugh! I didn’t say you were sleeping with people.”

That’s what Tim always did. Whenever you tried to press him on his nightly activities he turns it into some outrageous scenario. He has to fight fire with fire and the only way to stop your questioning is when he mentions anything explicit. It was a funny conversation to hear really.

“Where did you get those bruises from?”

“I was thinking about you and then I fell down the stairs.” Tim replied with a caring tone.

“Then you must think about me a lot since there is at least seven bruises you’re trying to hide.”

Tim merely shrugged his shoulders and gave a sheepish grin.

“I think about you a lot.”

You gave a skeptical hum of agreement and took out your phone. It was day 156 (yes you counted) and he still hasn’t admitted to being Red Robin. You were close though, he no longer denied immensely and you had a gut feeling that he was going to confess soon.

“Red Robin has done another victory in Gotham.” You sighed looking through the articles. Finding a stunning picture of him you slid your phone to Tim’s desk.

“It seems like you have an obsession with this guy Y/N” Tim teased.

You looked at Tim straight in the eye and with a serious tone you replied,

“Tim, I would marry him if I had the chance!”

Tim’s cheeks turned a subtle red, but held your phone up to his face to cover it.

“Y-You don’t even know who he really is!” Tim mumbled searching for the right words.

“I think I do.” You grinned.

“You would be in danger if Red Robin was stupid enough to date you!” Tim snapped back quickly.

You gave Tim a hurt look and before his could fix his words the professor walked in demanding silence in his class. He tried to say something to fix his words, but you pretended not to see his pleading eyes. Tim didn’t mean it like that, but it came out all wrong.

After a grueling hour the class was dismissed. Tim quickly packed up his things and ran after you.

“Y/N… Y/N!” Tim shouted catching up to you.

“Yeah?” You replied with a glum tone.

“I didn’t mean it like that.” Tim began,

“I feel… I mean… Red Robin would love to date someone like you. I mean who wouldn’t? You’re kind and caring, not to mention very independent and resourceful… you can put a lot of clues and hints together.”

Tim clutched his backpack a little tighter and took to breath to regain his train of thought.

“It’s just the superhero life, it’s dangerous you know? You could get hurt and I… I mean it would break his heart if something happened to you.”

You gave Tim a skeptical glance. Afraid that his words didn’t make you feel better he quickly blurted out.

“I would love to date you Y/N, but I just don’t want you to get hurt. If word got around that Red Robin was dating Y/N L/N they would…”

Before he could finish the sentence you gave Tim a bone crushing hug.

“I knew you were Red Robin.” You mumbled into his shoulder.

Tim held you closer and rested is head atop of yours.

“So you said that you would marry me?”

“Tim, this was a such a good moment and you ruined it.”

“What? I had to know if it’s true.”

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r requests allowed?? for the uni au fic prompts you reblogged with @papalogia??? the #14 one??? :)

Meet Cute Reality

Word Count; 1096

A/N; Hey guys! Finally catching up on all the prompts in my inbox! This is from @papalogia ‘s prompt list !

14)  “I come to the library every day to ‘study’ but really I’m just watching Netflix over your shoulder and I’m really invested in this series and the day we’re supposed to be watching the season finale you’re not there and I??? Feel personally betrayed??”

Lucy sat down at her desk, flipped open her 17th-century literature notes, sat her triple shot extra vanilla caramel macchiato on the table, her textbook beside her, and finally looked up. 

He wasn’t there. 

Where the hell was he?

It was 5:30, Lucy was settled into her spot at the last table between Row Ba and Bu, and yet the table in front of her was glaring empty. 

How the fuck was she going to find out how this season of White Collar ended? 

Honestly, it wasn’t even Lucy’s fault she was addicted to that show. She had been sitting innocently in the library two weeks ago when she noticed the guy in front of her, not studying. Even if Lucy hadn’t done a double take on his neon pink hair and double bars in his left ear she would have noticed his screen playing the show just in front of him. It’s not like Lucy had been staring at him, it’s just that she had to look past him to watch his stupid laptop. 

Look, Lucy couldn’t afford Netflix and she wasn’t about to risk her own laptop going on one of those shady sites just so she could find out if Niel managed to pull the scam or if he’d stay on the good side with the agent. 

But God did she want to find out. Lucy looked down, worrying her lip. She probably could study like she had meant to every time she came here, but after the let down of mystery-boy not showing up Lucy just didn’t have the energy to do it. Dejected, she packed up her notes and textbook, putting in her headphones as she headed to the doors. 

Lucy was halfway back to her dorm when something hard slammed into her shoulder, sending her sprawling on her ass in the grass beside the sidewalk. She rubbed her back, scowling at the boy who had caused her fall. He sat across from her, also having fallen from the collision. Her drink coated the pavement beside, thankfully missing her clothes. 

The boy however, was not so lucky with his own drink. 

“Aw, fuck,” he complained, arms cast to the side as he tried to keep himself from touching the red stain the was dripping down his front. And making his tank top cling to his defined muscles. Damn. It was like one of those meet cutes she read online.

Lucy’s bad mood was starting to ebb away until she looked at his face. It was a very good face, but Lucy’s attention was stolen from looking at it more closely by the bright pink colour of his hair. And the piercings in his ear, two bars on the left and smaller plugs in his lobes. And another two in his lip and eyebrow.


Lucy pointed her finger at him, clambering onto her knees. The boy blinked at her in confusion, bright eyes green and wide as his gaze flicked between her finger and her face. 

“Uh, do I know you?” he asked, lips thinning when Lucy huffed.

“You weren’t in the library! Where were you? I waited for like ten minutes to watch the stupid season finale and you never showed up!” She said hotly. Lucy pouted when the boy started to laugh.

“You’re the weirdo who always watches my laptop with me!” 

“Uh,” Lucy mumbled, flushing harder. 

“Was wondering if you’d just stop eventually,” he grinned at her, no malice and a light teasing dancing in his forest green colouring.

“Well then why did you have the subtitles on?” Lucy asked hotly. Honestly, if he had noticed and thought she was weird then why wouldn’t he have just turned them off?

The boy gave her a knowing grin before moving his hands. Realization dawned on Lucy and she felt heat creep up her neck in shame. 

“Oh my God he’s deaf,” she whispered to himself. 

“And his name is Natsu,” the boy grinned at her, laughing at Lucy jolting and her high squeak. “I can read lips, Weirdo.” Lucy covered her mouth, stopping herself from saying anything else that might offend Natsu. They sat in silence, Lucy worrying her lip. She stood up finally, gathering her bag and offering her hand to Natsu. He gave her an odd look, taking it anyway and smiling at her easily when she helped him up. 

“I have a laundry machine in my dorm,” she said slowly, looking at his lip ring pointedly. 

“Ya don’t have to,” Natsu started, shocked at her offer. Lucy shrugged, blushing as she realized they were still holding hands. 

“Its my fault you spilled your drink all over yourself,” Lucy mumbled, blushing when she realized that Natsu probably couldn’t understand her. She shrugged anyway, pulling Natsu with her. Why’d he have to be so cute though? Ugh, Lucy just wanted to bury herself in her blankets and sleep for a week. 

“You know I didn’t hate sharing my laptop with ya. Thought it was a little weird, but I mean look at me. Deaf punk college chem student. I ain’t exactly gonna judge ya for it.” Natsu shrugged, giving her another easy smile. Lucy smiled back, watching the concrete in front of them for a couple seconds. Steeling herself, she tapped on his arm, turning to face him but still only looking at his lip ring. It was silver with a red jewel in the middle, and Lucy thought it stood out nicely against his skin.

“I don’t think you’re weird.” She said, picking up the pace as she pulled Natsu along behind her. 

“You don’t even know me yet! What’s your name anyway, Weirdo?” 

Lucy pouted at the reoccurring nickname. “It’s Lucy,” She grumbled. 

“Lushi?” Natsu sounded out. 

“No,” Lucy said, meeting Natsu’s eyes. “Lu-see.” She over-pronounced it, trying her best to make it easier for Natsu to understand. 

“Lu-shi,” Natsu sang, slinging his arm over her shoulder. Lucy scoffed as she realized he was making fun of her, elbowing him in the side. She was vindicated when he grunted, his sniggers cut off as she caught his kidney. “So violent,” he mumbled, and Lucy looked at him as she worked out if he had meant for her to hear or not. Deciding he hadn’t meant to speak out loud she let it go, fishing for her key in her bag. 

“Uh,” Natsu said, Lucy looking up at him as he scratched the side of his face awkwardly. “We can finish watching White Collar while my shirt’s in the wash?” Natsu offered. Lucy smiled, nodding slightly as she bit her lip to stop it from getting too large. “Cool,” Natsu said, a little loudly. Lucy giggled, ducking her head. Looks like Lucy might be getting her meet-cute anyway.

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Heya admins of this blog :3 sorry if you don't want to answer this you don't have to;;; but I just wanted to say that I'm a tad worried about my dad being homophobic but I'm pan. But;; what if he's totally ok??;; Any tips or help about coming out?? Thank you so much for just being cool!! ( ^_^)//

I mean, the first thing I’d say about coming out is to be careful. You don’t need to come out, and not coming out isn’t a sign that you’re any less pan. You’re pan no matter who knows about it, it’s a part of you. If you want to come out, make sure you’re in a position where you’re safe if things go wrong. I can’t say anything specific here as I don’t know your exact situation, but the most important thing is that you’re safe and well.

I don’t know your dad, so I don’t know what he’s like, but I’d suggest thinking about how he’s acted about LGBT+ stuff in the past. Has he ever said any bad things about LGBT+ celebrities or TV characters, or members of your family if that applied? Has he shown any behaviour in the past that makes you worried about something bad happening if you did come out? On the other side, has he given the impression of being supportive towards LBGT+ people? How do you predict that he’d react?

None of this is meant to be me putting you off the concept of coming out entirely, of course, you just need to be careful at all times. The most important thing is that you’re safe, and that safety is more important than anything else. If you ever feel like you wouldn’t be safe to come out or suspect that doing so would put yourself in danger, I’d suggest not doing so. Obviously, it’s ultimately up to you and your situation! I can’t make that decision for you. But I’d advise caution if you think that coming out might put you in danger.

If you still want to go ahead, try and plan out what you want to say in your head, and be prepared for any questions that you might be asked. The more prepared you are, the less nervous you will be. When I came out to my parents I wrote them a note about it and left it out for them to read, and then we talked about it in the evening. This might not be the best way for everyone, but it’s what I did! My parents already knew a bit about LGBT+ stuff, so I knew they’d be supportive. Be aware that you may have to explain and define terms a little bit, and try and think of an answer for likely questions that might be asked.

Again, though, the bottom line is keeping yourself safe. If you’re worried that your dad might be homophobic, maybe leave it for a while until you’re in a position where his reaction doesn’t harm you if things go wrong. I know I’ve said it about a thousand times, but it matters more in the end that you’re safe!

I also want to add that I’m no expert in the subject! If any of our lovely followers can offer their own suggestions or blogs that anon might find useful in the notes, that would be great. Good luck whatever you choose to do, anon!

Broken: Bálor

So this is the second fic I’ve ever posted to Tumblr. My first was Bubble Bath for Adam Cole but I took it down once I deactivated and restarted my blog. This is for Finn Bálor and I hope you enjoy!

Also I’m sorry for any mistakes, I’ve edited but I’m only human so I could’ve missed something. xx

I couldn’t stand to see him pace a hole in the ground. For the eighth time he fidgeted with his tie that I had tied. His eyes trained on the ground, and finally, he ripped the damn thing off. My heart ached to see him so nervous but this needed to be done, he needed to relinquish the belt. “Finn?” His eyes flicked to mine but he looked back at the hotel floor. “Finn, honey, I know you’re upset now, but it’ll be okay.” He lifted his head and chuckled sadly as he looked out the window, his eyes trained on the glass that overlooked the car park and more buildings. I stood and picked up his tie before I smoothed out his suit jacket and kissed his cheek, avoiding his arm.

Finn locked eyes with me before he gave me a kiss on the lips. I nodded after the kiss broke before I pulled him against me and I toyed with his hair, “When you get back you’re gonna be better. Stronger, more muscular if that’s even possible, healthier. Your health is all that matters baby.” He sighed and threw his head back with a groan, “But I wan’ ta title.” I smiled slightly and kissed his neck, “You’ll get it back in an epic battle between you and some unlucky asshole in the back.” He nodded again before I got my phone and he got the keys. I took them from him as we headed down to the rental. He carried the belt over his shoulder, wearing it proudly. I squeezed his hand as I helped him get in before I went around and got in myself.

Finn was now well and healed, wrestling even. Samoa Joe won the title at Summerslam, and now the creative team was finally giving Finn the title shot he deserved. I straightened out his leather jacket before I left a long kiss on his lips, “Go knock ‘em dead.” He smiled that smile I loved so much before he kissed me again. He nipped at my lips, his hands even came across my ass before there was a cough, and we both turned to see his dad. He rolled his eyes at us as I giggled and placed my head on his shoulder. “Ya can’t keep your hands to yourself Finn, can ya?” Finn chuckled and shook his head no. “I had to withhold contact for months dad, we have a lot of catching up to do.” I moved away before I turned to leave, “I’m not talking about this with your dad!” They laughed before Finn hollered, “I hate to see you leave but I love to watch ya go, baby!” His dad rolled his eyes again before they spoke about tonight. I went in search of Alexa and Nia, my tag partners for tonight. I found both girls with Emma and Dana, Mickie was to the side, watching. I rolled my eyes when I saw James before I took Nia’s hand and she got Lexi. We all crowed around a table when I sat down and looked at them, “Tonight, Sasha and I are supposed to start a feud.”

When it came time for my match, I rode out on Nia’s shoulders. I had been Raw women’s champion for a few months until I turned heel and made alliances with Alexa and Nia. My heel turn involved me jumping Bayley and leaving her for dead, Sasha found her so we had some storyline. I raised the title high as Nia carried me and Alexa walked at her side, yelling at people to praise me. I did a finger gun and shot random people in the crowd, knowing Finn would be pleased with my symbolism of the Bullet Club. Nia bent down and let me onto the apron before Alexa held open the ropes and I strolled around the ring. I was cut off by Mickie’s music. Alexa groaned, next was Bayley and Nia rolled her eyes. Then came Sasha. I had already handed off the title so I got on the turnbuckle and waved at her to come and get me. She ripped off her jacket and glasses before she raced down the ramp and I met her, we started throwing punches. I ripped her hair and cracked her head off the ramp, as Nia and Alexa went to take care of Bayley and Mickie. I tugged Sasha up and rammed her into the stairs before the crowd booed. I waved them off as I yelled, “I’m not here to please you! I’m not a puppet!” I yelled at the ref as he tried to help Sasha up, “No, move.” I shoved him before I kicked her ribs and hauled her up. She got a drop kick in but Nia stepped forward and threw her into the barricade. I grabbed my title and we three walked backwards, my title in the air.

When I got to the back, a few people congratulated us for selling the feud before I got the the locker room and backstage area where all the wrestlers were. I felt eyes on me and I turned to see Samoa Joe. He was sitting at a table by himself, staring. I nudged Nia, “You could take him easy so be on stand by.” She nodded and watched as I hauled my title over my shoulder and I walked to him. “You got something you wanna say?” He smirked up at me, crossing his hands on the table. “Tell your sweet little boyfriend I’m going to break every bone in his body, and when I’m done, I’m going to rip him apart from the inside out. He’s a has been, more useful in Japan. He has no place here.” My face turned red with anger before I put my hand on the table and cocked my head to the side, “Remember who beat you countless times in NXT, and that was just developmental. You can only imagine how much better he is now.”

He gave a shake of his head before he looked me dead in the eyes, “You tell him to remember how it felt when I sucked the life out of him and left him for dead in that ring at Extreme Rules. Make him remember.” I almost slapped him before Nia picked me up, Joe chuckled. “You’re just as pathetic as him.” I squirmed and got off Nia’s shoulders before I got right up in his face, “I hope he beats your ass and takes the fucking title so we can all have a champ we deserve instead of another fucking Samoan guy who can’t wrestle. Aren’t you just the shadow of Roman?” I smirked before I picked up my belt, I had dropped it when I got off Nia, and I went to leave before I stopped and turned to him, “Can’t wait till Bálor and I run this bitch.” Nia chuckled as she followed me before I walked to the girls locker room. “Aren’t you going to tell Finn?” I nodded before I left her and headed to the men’s locker room.

I knocked on the door, Dean opened. “What did Finn do now?” I smiled before I leaned against the wall, “He in there?” He nodded and turned his head into the locker room, “For the love of god Enzo put your dick away, we have a lady at the door.” There were a few beats of silence before Dean grabbed my arm and tugged me in. I got a few whistles as I walked through before I flipped off Bo and Curtis. Dean chuckled and led me to where I saw his jacket. He looked up from taping his fingers, “Love! I didn’t know you’d be here.” I scratched the back of my head before I tied my hair into a bun, “I had a lovely conversation with Samoa Joe that I thought you should know about.” His eyes darkened before Dean hissed, “I gotta go take a piss so I’ll leave you two alone.” Finn nodded to him before he stood and walked to me. I sighed and started to explain the conversation I had just had.

Finn glared at me when I had finished, “I almost slapped him but Nia stopped me. Then I called him Roman’s shadow.” He cracked a smile at that before he kissed my head, “Thank you for defending me. And yourself. Thank you for telling me.” I smiled and kissed him before I let my fingers settle against his abs. His hands rested against the title around my waist before he unbuckled it and put it on his bench. His nails scrapped across my skin and I shivered, “I saw the shooter earlier. You know that was in the past.” I shrugged as his lips trailed down my neck. “Those were the days we would fuck in the back of the car and the boys would just make noises in response.” He laughed because Karl and Luke had in fact done that before. Fale and Tama chose to ignore us. “Lets get you out of here so I can go to my match without wondering if you’re gonna see someone else’s dick.” I giggled before I got my title. Again I got whistles, but Finn’s glare across the entire locker room sent them into silence as I laid my head against his shoulder. “He is one lucky man.” Finn turned to see Bo before he cracked a smile, “Damn right I am.”

Finn took me to guerrilla with him, his hand on my lower back. I was sharing little kisses with him before Joe walked up. I glared at him before I looked up at Finn, “I’ll still be proud if you don’t win, just stay safe for me. And if not for me, for every Finn fan out there. Please watch your shoulder.” He rolled his eyes, “It’s been months, love.” I sighed heavily before I kissed his hands and moved back, “Good luck.” Joe rolled his eyes as Finn went to do his entrance first. Joe pushed past me as he walked out after Finn. I walked to the television they had in the back before I was joined by Karl and Luke. Matt and Jeff also joined me. “You alright baby doll?” Luke asked as he slung his arm behind my head. Karl was rubbing my arm as we watched. “Every time he hits that damn shoulder my heart breaks.” Jeff sighed from behind me, “It would be a shame if he did get injured.” Matt elbowed him, “I just mean he’s got a lot of talent and he’s over already so it would suck. He deserves that title.” I smiled as I watched him drop kick Joe.

When I watched him do the Coup De Grace, I stood. The boys joined me before we heard his theme music ring out. I looked at Karl, “Can we go out there?” He looked at the others, “We’re going to our music. We can all do a Hardy entrance.” Jeff teased. I rolled my eyes before I had us race to guerrilla. The sound guy played Matt and Jeff’s song once they asked him, and we walked out before I ran ahead with my title, as I slid under the last rope. I discarded my title to the side as I pulled Finn into my chest. The crowd somehow got louder. Karl and Luke hugged us and Matt and Jeff gave him a separate hug. I raised his hand as he raised his title, Karl handed me my own belt and I looked at Finn. We shared the same smile as we raised our belts in tandem, our other hands linked. Luke lifted Finn onto his shoulders and Karl put me on his. We all raised hell for Finn as Joe walked backwards to the curtain. Jeff took the mic before he looked straight at the camera, “Things are about to get broken.”

It's only fair, right?

I work at a logistics company and my job is to find drivers to take freight from A to B. I work with the same trucking companies a lot, but sometimes I get one-off drivers. This is one of those.

A truck driver calls me asking about a load for the next morning coming out of Laredo TX going to Portland OR.

TD: What is rate?

Me: We can pay $3,500 on it

TD: How about $4,000?

Me: Sorry, customer is strict about the rate on this one. Has to be 35.

TD: Oh man, I need this. I need to get home to see my son and my wife is sick.

Me: Then we need 35 on it. Customer will not go higher.

The guy ends up taking it. If you think I’m being too hard on him, keep in mind there really isn’t a whole lot heading from TX>OR at any given time, so I could try to get him his rate but I’d risk losing the load to another driver. If he really needs to get back, why does he want to go back and forth negotiating on price and risk it?

The answer is because he’s full of shit.

The next morning I get a call from the customer saying that the facility that’s receiving the freight has been changed. It’s still going to be in Portland, just in a different place. Something like a 20-30 mile difference, tops. Should be a complete non-issue, considering the driver has just started a 2,200 mile journey, so it’s a drop in the bucket.

I call him back.

Me: Hey, just a heads up, receiver called to say that it’s going to deliver at a different address. It’s XXXX, Portland, OR

TD: Oh well, you can send me rate confirmation with little bit more money.

Me: … What do you mean?

TD: Agreement has changed, need to renegotiate.

Me: … seriously? It’s like a 20-30 miles difference from the original one.

TD: 20-30 miles is kind of long way to go.

Me: (humoring him) Okay what do you think you need for the new rate?

TD: Ehhh, $4,000 should do it.


Me: Are you serious?

TD: It’s only fair.

I put the driver on hold just to spite him for trying to handle me like that, and I start working on something else. Out of curiosity, I check the address for the original delivery facility compared to the new one. Turns out the new receiver is actually 25 miles closer to the shipper in Laredo. New travel distance is 2,175 miles. I pick his line back up.

Me: Hey we will change up the rate after all.

TD: (very excited) Okay, send to me the confirmation.

Me: Okay, we ran the miles and the new receiver is actually 25 miles closer to Laredo, so we’re going to need to reduce the rate to $3,000.

TD: Wha… what are you talking about??

Me: Well, we’re cutting 25 miles off the trip and it’s kind of a lot of miles to cut. It’s only fair, right?

TD: Ahhh, ah hah hah hah… ahhhh so, ah that's… yeah, so $3,500 still good?

Me: Of course it’s still good. I’m not going to change the rate by $500 because of a 25 miles difference. I’m not an asshole.

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so i just had to get ear drops put in and the whole time i was giggling like crazy bc it tickles so much haha could you write something about h doing it for the missus and his reaction to her being all giggly please xx

She’s had a bad ear for a few days, always grumbling before she goes to sleep about how it hurts and whining in the morning because she couldn’t yawn but really had the urge to let a yawn go and wearing his beanies when they go out because the wind keeps making it cold and hurt even more, so Harry had decided that enough was enough and and took it upon himself to take her to an appointment and insisted that she needed to be seen by a doctor to see what the real problem was. Or else he’d drive his head into the wall from having to hear her mutter on about how she was hearing a throb or how it was leaking a little or how it hurt when she spoke.

Much to his dismay, but also his delight because it means it’ll only be a few more days until she’s back to her normal self, she’s been given ear drops to clear the infection that was building up in the tubes because he knows he’ll have to do it for her when the time comes for her to have them dropped in. And when the time does come, he feels like pinning her down and tying her up so he could drop them into her ear. 

“It tickles, Harry! Also, you’re really bloody heavy,” she grunts, flat out on the floor as he straddles her with the bottle of ear-drops in his hand, syringe in the other, “also, that looks very daunting and I don’t want that anywhere near my ear.”

“If you laid still for one bloody second, it’ll be over and done with,” he sighs, relaxing over her and bringing the syringe dropper closer to her ear, “turn your head. Let me put them in your ear. It’ll get better then and then I can get some bloody peace when I sleep.”

You get peace? You fucking snore!”

“Your grumbling has been driving me nuts, love. Just let me stick the drops in your ear and then we can catch up on very much needed cuddles since you wouldn’t let me touch you,” he cups her chin and tilts it to the side, ignoring her soft whimpers and her gentle giggles as he brings it closer, “this will poke through your ear in a minute. Stop it.”

“I can’t help it,” she snickers, cheeks smushed up and her lips pouted, her words coming out as muffles as his finger hold her chin in place, “will you make me a cheese toastie after this? No pickle though. You can have all that.”

“If you let me drop these in your ear, yes. I will make you a cheese toastie.” xx

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how do you elongate fights to make them suspenseful and make the reader wonder what the outcome will be without making it drag on?


Your primary goal should never really be to “elongate” something. You might find yourself needing to stretch something out in order to achieve the right pace or to emphasize the rhythm of a moment or something, but pace and/or rhythm are your goals there, not word count.

Writing fights and making them exciting and suspenseful is tricky. They easily get boring and repetitive if you don’t put a heavy emphasis on pace, showing (instead of telling), and advancing the plot.

If you really need the fight scene to last a while, try the following:

Writing an Interesting Fight Scene

Clue into how your POV character feels

Not just physically–though that might be really important if they’re involved in the fight–but emotionally as well. How is their adrenaline affecting their movement, their thoughts? How invested are they in winning the fight…or in merely surviving? How frightened are they? How confident? What odd details about their opponent are they noticing in the moments between swings? When they get hit, what runs through their mind?

Focus on elements that build character or advance plot

Elongating a scene will only work well if the added details draw the reader in. They will work fabulously in they draw the reader in and contribute to the overall narrative.

Adding some extra punches or kicks won’t work. It’s not interesting. It gets old fast if there aren’t other elements to the scene that make the reader care. You don’t want to slow down the drama of the story just so a couple of characters can whack each other in the face a few times. Make sure the fight is important and that each detail you choose to point out is crucial to character and/or narrative.

Realize what actually creates the feeling of drama and suspense

Is he going to dodge the next punch!?! OR Will he be able to get through this unscathed…and reach the cave in time to save the love of his life!?

The difference is that, many times, the actual suspense of a fight isn’t the play by play, but the situation that surrounds the fight.

  • What’s at stake for the character? What will he lose if he fails to defeat his opponent? (Plot)
  • How do his beliefs or his cultural upbringing play into his views about fighting? (World building/Character)
  • How good is she? Is she trained or is this all brand new to her? If she’s untrained, what kind of extra stress is she facing because of her chance of losing? (Character/Plot)
  • Are the characters fighting honorably or dirty? Is this moral code balanced between them, or is one of them more likely to take a cheap shot? (Character)

Write as much detail as you want…then whittle it down

There’s no harm in writing every detail of a fight, stretching it out as long as you can and then editing it down to fit your pace from there.

Read great fight scenes

It’s always a good idea to read successful writers and see what they did, how it worked (or didn’t) and why. When you read a scene with a critical eye (like that of a writer), then you’re more likely to pick up on technique and detail than you are if you’re just a casual reader.

Happy writing!

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hey hey I just wanted to ask if you have your art on any platform for me to purchase? They are all so so beautiful and I'm in awe of how well they are created oh my godddd. Also if you could check out RedBubble maybe and put your artwork on their so I could buy as stickers or something?? Your art is seriously amazing keep doing what you like and what makes you happy!! Thank youuuu~

mmmmmmmm stickers… prints………………… sounds.. unrealistic…

idk anon ://


It was challenging for him. He met me right after I wrote this film. He didn’t know me then, so when he read it, he said, ‘The illness is very upsetting, and I don’t know if I really want to support you walking back into it.’ Then ultimately, and in having the conversation with him, he said, “If this is something that we can create a conversation around and I can help, OK… but I just want to let you know that I’m going to hold your hand in the fire, but when you walk back out of this, you’re coming back to me. You’re reinvesting in your health. I’m not going to see you put yourself through this, only to fall back into it again.’”
—  Troian on Patrick’s reaction to ‘Feed’

I really feel like Matt could be a really good player if he’d get out of Paul’s ass. I just don’t think he’s passionate about……..like….anything. Something needs to light a fire under his ass. Like he was one of the first in The Uglies™ to dissociate themselves from Cody when he put up Krampus. He told Mark that throwing hot sauce in Josh’s face was 1000% fucked up and wrong of him to do when no one else would. He stated that the rest of The Uglies™ were straight up harassing Domn!! Plus he has dragged multiple people in his OWN alliance to their face!!!!

so, one of the things i really miss about roleplaying in general is the ability to write with anyone i’m mutuals with, whenever, and not feel self conscious about it or pressured to come up with a starter after putting out a call, which is why i want to do something a little experimental, for me, with this permanent starter call. 

BY LIKING THIS PERMANENT STARTER CALL, you agree to basically let me throw memes, random ic asks, random starters, and other various ic and ooc things at you whenever my muse or inspiration strikes. i may come talk to you about a potential AU plot ooc before doing so or at any random point in time, or i may not. i might throw a one liner at you on the dash or i may write you a novella length starter if i feel particularly inspired. i will never pressure you into replying to any of these things, as i know inspiration and muse can be super fickle and sometimes things don’t always work or mesh, but what i am asking is that if i throw something at you that doesn’t quite work for you, just let me know, even if that version of letting me know is as simple as not liking the post within a week. 

i’m also going to be trying something a little different, for me, and ask that if i write you something, please either like it or reply to it within a week, just so that i know you’re down to do the thing. if you don’t, i’ll probably message you asking if you’ve seen it, just to make sure tumblr notified you of it, and if you want to continue it just let me know, if not, also let me know, and i’ll delete the starter with no hard feelings from either party. 

point being ––– i miss writing with a regularity that i don’t think tumblr is consistent about anymore. i want to write more, and i want to write more with my mutuals who i don’t talk to ooc as much as i want to write more with my mutuals who i do talk to ooc.

so anyway, all this to say, LIKE THIS PERMANENT STARTER CALL if you want random things from luna and i at any given point in time. 

I recently hit 100 followers and… instead of doing a give away or something- I decided I just wanted to do a little shout out to all the great people who have supported me and who I’ve made friends with <3

So here’s to everyone who’s put up with this shit despite his tendency to be… a little shit.

I hope I can add to this drawing more and more because it means I’ve made more and more wonderful friends. In the meantime- here’s to you. I cherish you all <3

@ofrasengan @ofchidori-achive @tayvya @desertgourd @cagediisms @oneesands @asexualkiba (I know ur not an rp blog but you are such a treat in discord and I love following you anyways) @thecosmosflower @cosmospetals @hyugainterior @tensasai @clevercreepycrawlies @akimichieater @chakragates

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Okay. What if. MC knows that since Bravo are vamps they probs have some form of invulnerability or accelerated healing, but they still somehow (involuntarily of course) moves to shield them physically? And gets (obviously) hurt in the process? Do any of the RO's chew them out for it?

Oh, I like how your mind thinks! :D

I imagine A would chew them out, but that’s because they are partly bossy anyway! They are always the one protecting others, and it worries them to have someone protecting them.

N wouldn’t get angry about it, just upset. Concerned that the MC is putting themselves in harm’s way for their sake wouldn’t sit well.

F would probably be half in awe of a human protecting them, lol. Not exactly something they’ve experienced often.

M would be… confused for a long while, before yeah, being angry. Though the anger would probably just be helping to mask the fact that they actually care- but, you didn’t hear that from me ;)

Thank you for the question! :)

Holy shit!

Guys. Oh my god. It’s honestly the best feeling ever to wake up to my first Peter Parker fic having over 100 notes like is this even real life? Anyways I just wanted to thank each and every one of you who commented, liked, reblogged, etc about the story! It means the world to me.

Now that I’m done being a sap, I wanted to just put out a friendly reminder that requests ARE open! Don’t be shy to request something!