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Daydreaming // Anakin x Reader

Anon requested: anakin imagine? his padawan is really distracted lately and it’s because she’s hormonal and can’t stop thinking about her master. anakin gets frustrated because she’s distracted with simple things until he gets a glimpse of what’s on her mind and he blushes like crazy and she gets embrassed? he comes by later and assures her it’s fine & that it happens to many padawans. that it even happened to him with obi-wan? omfg bye

crying bc this was so perfect I’m done

Your mind was constantly drifting from Anakin’s teaching to various thought of him. No idea why, but you cannot stop thinking about him. He was incredibly attractive and how could your mind not wander. Come on, look at him.

“(Y/N), are you even listening to me?” Anakin snaps you out of your daydreaming.

“What? Oh, yeah. Sorry. I just got caught up in my thoughts,” you excuse yourself, throwing in a shy smile.

“You have been so distracted lately. Is there something bothering you?” he asks, crossing his arms.

Yes, the images of you shirtless and contaminating my thoughts. I need help. Do you really have an 8 pack? Are you really shredded?

“No, I’m just very tired. I’ve been getting minimal sleep,” you lie through your teeth.

Anakin knew that was a flat out lie. The only way he was going to help you get out of your funk was to see what was going on in your mind. Literally.

As you draw back your lightsaber and walk to go get a bottle of water, Anakin focuses himself in reading your mind. Seeing what you see.

In there, the images of him are in your brain. Some are of him smiling or laughing and another is one of what you thought he looked like shirtless. Surely he wished he actually looked like that.

What the hell? he thinks as you whip your head around to see him.

“Did you just mind read me?” you question him, your pitch rising.

He smiles lightly, “Maybe.”

Oh, no he did not.

He definitely saw that shirtless image.

“Just to clarify, I’m not that ripped,” he laughs.

You smack your hands to your face, hiding it in embarrassment. “Oh my God. "He probably thinks that you like him and you are going against the code. This was such a bad idea in the first place. Your face looks like a tomato. "Master, I’m so embarrassed. I promise you I don’t actually feel that way toward you. I’m just super hormonal and I don’t know how that happened. I-I’m so, so sorry,” you ramble.

Anakin is laugh now, his eye crinkling up. “It’s okay, really. It happens to all padawans. It’s when you go through the training and you body is adapting itself to the Jedi Code and the Jedi way. Your body releases an excessive amount of hormones and that is something usual that happens," he explains.

"How do you know? Has this happened to your other padawans?” you ask.

“Well, sometimes. But…it happened to me as well…” he trails off, causing your eyes to widen.

“But wasn’t your master, Master Kenobi? And aren’t you straight?” you ask him.

Reluctantly, he nods his head, sending you into a laughter fit.

“Hey! At least I didn’t picture him shirtless!” he yells in defense, making you laugh harder as he stands there irritated.

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But I’m home now and more coherent than before so here’s my massively shortened version of what happened today i still cant believe it happened like it feels so surreal

After school today i met up with my friend in central and we wandered around a bit to kind of just shop and see if we could hopefully catch a glimpse of EXO but after a while it got really cold so we said we’d call it a night. On my way home i was really bummed because i really wanted to see them but i was glad i could at least say i tried. So as i get off the underground, im going up the escalators and kind of spacing out then i hear a ‘hyung balliwa’ and i look up not expecting anything at all and there standing in front of me is kim junfuckingmyeon looking all perfect in front of the food stall holding a bottle of water all wrapped up and warm looking. And i didnt believe my eyes but then i look to the side and standing on the other side is kim jongfckingin and kim minbloodyseok and their manager but no camera crew and i couldnt help the tears that filled my eyes. I said 'oh my god’ pretty loudly and junmyeon looked in my direction and WE HAD PERFECT EYE CONTACT and i wanted to scream because omfg junmyeon was looking at me and then minseok said something about sehun and a car and i was freaking out like 'omg suho’ and then junmyeon looks back at me and smiles and i couldnt help it like the tears just escaped then junma being the fcking angel goes 'uljima’ because he mustve thought i was korean or something and im just wiping my eyes and going 'im so sorry omg i love you guys so much’ and then he goes 'i loveyou too’ in his adorable as shit broken english and i wanted to collapse because his voice is so sweet and smooth and just all kinds of fckin lovely and i shit you all not i was within touching distance but touching him didnt even cross my mind and then the manager with jongin and minseok called for junmyeon and he replied somehting in korean and said a quick 'dont cry’ in english and i was just omfg and he smiles his perfect as fcking fck smile and i couldnt help but smile back and i go to take my phone out because i want to take a picture but he goes 'no picture no ahh’ and he looked so worried for a second i immediately put my phone back in my pocket like 'im sosorry okay no photo’ and then jongin calls for him again and his voice is fcking deep but adorable like chocolate and amazing then junmyeon looks back at me and says 'bye, love exo a lot okay?’ and his english was so off but was the most adorable fucking thing ive ever heard okay like heis fcking perfect then he jogs towards the others and they were speaking and im just staring and like 0.152558674 seconds away from collapsing like my legs were shaking so much and then they all turn around to wave and smile at me and holy shit minseok goes 'bye bye’ and did a little heart and jongin waved and they were all waving and smiling and fck i couldnt help but cry again and people at the station were staring at me but i didnt give a fuck because holy shit i met exo like omg and im like cryihng now as i remember it and fuck my life guys im so happy right now i cant even deal

gonna delete this later but just wanted to share the best moment of my life omg guys T___T