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Fallout 4 Companion Height chart. (my personal headcanons)

I wanted to make something based on the Height theory post I made. Just the none DLC human sized characters for now.

Joint effort with @mothtrap who was lovely enough to colour flats and add any details I missed. (she also figured out the cm)

Something that @neon-n-wave said really struck me. All of you are so wonderful; and neon, your words are so kind!!! I feel like I don’t deserve such kindness and I’m so happy that you’re here!!! I’m glad that I can call you a friend!!! 

I also wanted to add this though…I know I posted this to that reblog, but I want to make sure everyone sees it n.n!

  •  ▪¤☆None of you are “just a crowd.” That’s silly! You aren’t “fans” or anything of the sort….you are friends! Every last person is my friend! Please don’t see yourself as anything less! You’re all very important to me…not as random passers by, but as people who I want to know about. I want to be a part of all of your lives just as I am of yours :3! Please…let me be your friend? Not just your “idol” or however else anyone may think of me. I’m just a normal girl, maybe a bit odd. But normal for the most part. And ill never turn my back on any of you! Keep fighting and keep going. “Fall down 6 times get up 7!” I’m always here for everyone and can’t wait to meet even more of you!

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When you want to hug someone goodbye but don’t want to ask.

Probably takes place shortly after the 7th Division arc?

Every time I designate a post that was specifically meant for black folks a white person comes along and add their unsolicited opinion.

I say support black churches, they say support all churches.

I say I love my darkskin, they say what about all skin.

I say I love black women, they say you should love all women.

I say I want a new black v-neck, they ask me why am I playing the race card.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a white person said something about this.
Now let’s just wait and see.

I’ve come to realize that the majority of drarry fic is like. AUs, and I love me a well-written AU as much as the next person, but like. I also really want to read super canon-compliant fic, where the plot is something like they got together their 5th year, broke up and became distant their 6th year, then when Draco covers for Harry at the manor it like…omg, just adds so much to that scene

And then after the battle is over and Voldemort is dead, they have kind of a Aragorn and Arwen moment from The Return of the King, where they make eye contact from across the room, start walking towards each other and Harry cups Draco’s face and then Draco like IMMEDIATELY knows everything’s alright between them and Harry still loves him and then they throw their arms around each other and just make out. Just slobber all over each other in front of everyone, including Draco’s parents, because who fuckin cares anymore?

And everyone is like, !!!! Because no one knew they dated in their 5th year (except maybe Hermione and MAYBE Ron?), and Draco’s parents are like thunderstruck for a second, but then they look at each other and they’re like well, shit. What can we really say? Because if you think they could muster up even a speck of Malfoy pride after THAT year? Ding dong you are wrong.

I just. Idk. I kinda wanna write that fic now but eh. I mostly just wanna read it. X/

shining-silver-skies  asked:

A headcanon I got about you is that you always write stuff when it's far too late to call it nighttime and far too early to call it morning. I don't know why but whenever I read a fic of yours, I get the image of a person all cuddled up with a blanket, hitting the upload button with relief. Bonus headcanon, you strike me as a rather organised person. (Dunno how that came up, maybe it's your really neat queue, which I greatly enjoy :) )

Hee, not always, but it does seem to happen on a fairly regular basis, lol. I do most of my writing during the day, but if I’m on a roll with writing something or really close to finishing and just want to get it done, I tend to end up staying awake far too late writing. It always takes longer than I think it will, especially since I post as soon as I’ve finished, so I have to add on time for a very quick scan through and mucking around with uploading. Dx Hitting the upload button with relief is 100% canon in those situations!

I am a ridiculous mix of being really organised about some things, and totally lazy about others, lol. XD My doujinshi collection is highly organised, all separated out into pairing and circle, and with an excel database of everything I own ‘cause I sure as heck couldn’t keep track of it otherwise (I’m good with that one, because priorities). I love having uni notes that are all organised and colour-coded too… but I’m too lazy to keep all of that up to date, haha. I go through regular periods of cleaning and organising everything, then get lazy and it all falls apart. Whoops.

(The queue is a perfect example - don’t have the time to tag and post things immediately, chuck them in drafts until it’s a huge pile of jumbled mess, finally sort it out and eventually produce a nice orderly queue that’s even grouped into themed days and all sorts. XD)


sloth-race replied to your post “semi-hiatus”

Good luck! I think the Lady or the Tiger told me about a saying that fits here. Roughly, it’s “he who takes no risks doesn’t drink champagne”. Or something like that. I hope your publishing venture leads to champagne!

mysdrym replied to your post “semi-hiatus”

I’m excited for you :D

Thank you both! I should probably edit that post to add that I’ll no doubt show up whining on here from time to time. It being my writing blog and all. lol I am, to be honest, quite nervous, but very excited. And I find that taking it one step at the time helps. Right now is the “easy” part. The reading and writing and editing. Once I get stuff out there to other people I’ll be a bit of a wreck I imagine, but I’m tired of hiding behind doubt. I’m a writer, dang it.

saibrarutherford replied to your post “semi-hiatus”

Double checking I’m on that list… Go get your writer on. I’ll pester you in chat if I write anything

You’re definitely on that list. And yes, do! Also, with any horse stuff and keep me posted on your course work? :D

Okay…I thought maybe it was my fault, so I tried it a few times but no, basically this is what happens to reblogged posts now:

This is not my post. I reblogged it and someone reblogged it from me. I didn’t add any comment nor did I change something about the caption. I just reblogged it. And still, it looks like I added the caption now. And if you don’t pay attention to the small reblog sign or the dimmed (!) source, it looks like my post now.

This is my post. When I posted it I added the caption. Someone reblogged it and boom, tumblr adds their url.

Now some of you might think “Hey, where’s the problem?” and in fact, you’re right. It’s not a big drama. But I, personally, don’t want my url under a post I have nothing to do with. There is no reason why people should see my url under the work of someone else, unless I added a comment. 

There is NO reason why people should associate MY blog with someone else’s creation. I didn’t do anything to make this post happen. All I did was reblogging it. And now I feel like I stole it.

And I want to apologize to everyone who’ll see my url under their post and ABOVE their caption in future. I didn’t put it there on purpose. I didn’t want to have my url anywhere in or on, under or above your amazing post. I just wanted to reblog it because it’s pretty damn awesome work. 

But apparently, the tumblr staff doesn’t care about the creators among us.

about reposting

it’s been brought to my attention that people on other social media platforms (instagram in particular) has been reposting edits that me and other tumblr users has created. 

i have always been really chill about letting people use gifs i’ve made for purposes such as sidebars or reaction gifs and stuff because i know that not everyone can make them and i don’t even require people to credit me when they’re used like that. 

HOWEVER, there is a completely different scenario when you screenshot an entire edit someone has made and repost it without giving any credit. 

i can’t speak for anyone else but i personally can understand that you’d want to share something i have made here on tumblr on another media such as instagram or twitter and show it to people who don’t have tumblr. 

So I personally think it’s ok if you want to post my work on instagram. BUT it is very important that you understand that if you do this, you need to credit me. this is not hard to do. just add one sentence like “credit: bobbimorxe on tumblr”. 

like i said, if you want to use a gif i’ve made to decorate your blog or something that is cool. but if you repost the works of others without credit just to profit yourself and gain followers, that is not cool. you may think it’s not that big of a deal, but it matters to the person who spent hours making the edit and its disrespectful to ignore that. 

Bad Discourse and How to Reveal Your Racism Starter Kit:

*Reblog post calling out general racism to add a carve out to specifically exclude yourself*

“Saying something is racist in a way that makes me self-implicate is stupid and distracts from ACTUAL racism!”

*Discussing PoC*: “This has NOTHING to do with race!/I’m NOT talking about race!!!”

“My opinion has nothing to do with *insert PoC* and is ALL about *insert white person*”

“I just don’t want *insert white person* to be diminished/seen as less than *insert PoC*” 

Bex’s Famdom

hey guys!!! i wanted to do something cool, but i’m still up to my eyeballs in compliments, so i thought it would be cool to make a fandom family (famdom lmao)!!

here are a few things:

  • please be following me
  • reblog this post!
  • if the person you want to be is not taken/not on my family page (which you can find here!!!!!) shoot me an ask telling me who you want to be!
  • first come first serve basis! i’m sorry guys!! ily tho and i’m willing to add anyone to my list (but i’d prefer if… they had a gif…. just to keep with my page aesthetic omg)
  • let’s limit to the following fandoms, maybe?? marvel, star wars, teen wolf, the 100, and harry potter!!

i think that’s it?? i hope you guys join!!! :)))))


Hi guys!

so this Wednesday (11.11) is my birthday and first time of my life i will be alone on that day. And to keep me busy i’m going to throw a bday party for Valkyrja. (yay) :>
If your Warden/Hawke/Inquisitor wants to be a part of that just reblogg that long post here, with a good picture of him/her (a drawing or screenshot) and add a little something i can draw them with
  like :“oh you got Rum? lets drink it all!” (sort of)

hope you will keep me busy ♥
see ya

I really need to start drawing more, so I’ll draw something for everyone who reblogs this post, based on your blog/interests. An example of my style is

If you have something specific you want me to draw for you, just add it to the post or list it in the tags, and I can do that. I would appreciate it if you didn’t request anything NSFW.