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  • Draco: Father got me this snake for Christmas. I think he's trying to say something to me and I know you speak parseltongue and even though I'd rather jump of the astronomy tower than talk to you, can you just tell me what he's saying?
  • Snake: *looks up at Harry* He'ssss sssssuper gayyyy forrr yoouuuuu.
  • Harry: *smirking* I thought so.
  • Draco: What did he say?
  • Harry: He says hi.

So uh…. I’ve decided to do something a bit different and try to draw a digital drawing of myself kinda semi-realistic but keeping a cartoon-vibe to it, I guess. This is the closest you’re going to get to seeing my real face. Trust me. I don’t look nearly as pretty in real life (at all actually) as I drew myself here. Anyway, this was surprisingly fun to try and I’m even more shocked at how well it turned out. 

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i don't know if you're still taking these but whatever, thought i'd try anyway lol malec + "Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.”

anonymous said: Malec + “have you seen the.. oh”

magnus loved potions. the process of making them required precision and research, patience, it was a delicate thing and there was something about it that magnus loved.

this potion however, was just being a little shit.

it required different amounts of each ingredient depending on who wanted to use it, and this particular combination was one magnus hadn’t encountered before. which is why he’s spent the entire day behind the closed doors of his office, brewing and mixing, trying to get it right.

he even called catarina, who was now in the living room, working out how much of the last few ingredients they’d need and tweaking the spell required to finish the potion.

magnus stretches his hand out to the side of the table, reaching for an herb he needed to add, but finding that it’s not there. his eyes scan his desk, but he doesn’t see the jar he’s looking for.

making his way to the living room, he yells out, “have you seen the… oh.”

magnus freezes in his spot as he takes in the scene in front of him. catarina sitting on the counter, chatting happily, talking with her hands as she’s always done. and the person she’s talking to is alec, who is putting pink and purple flowers in a deep blue vase, an easy smile on his face.

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  • Rin: Nitori, keep an eye on Momo today, he's going to say something to the wrong person and get himself punched.
  • Nitori: Sure, I'd love to see Momo get punched.
  • Rin: Try again.
  • Nitori: I will stop Momo from being punched.

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Dear Greg, I really wish I could support you on patreon because you have done so much for me as a person. I am a transboy and have had bad thoughts in the past. You've helped me see the brighter side in the future. I am only fifteen and I think if I asked my parents to start paying for you patreon (I'd try donate a lot) they would be shocked or something. I'd pay them back every month but I don't think they'd understand. You probably won't read this but I wish you good luck in your future.

Don’t worry! Just being a viewer of my channels makes me appreciate you more!

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friendly reminder:

this may be a blog dedicated to one ship in particular, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love and support all of the other ships in the fandom! this blog does not endorse hate towards any other ships! ♡♡♡

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Hello Tink, how are you doing? :) I was just watching old Destiel scenes, and I came across the confrontation scene from episode 4x22, and Cas says: "I see inside you. I see your guilt, your anger, confusion..." Which makes me think, Cas can see these emotions and recognize them inside Dean, right? Which means, maybe he can see in later seasons the love Dean feels. The question would be, does Cas recognize this love is romantic and directed at him? I'd love to know your thoughts. :)

I think this is something lots of people throw ideas around on, so please do add to this as this is just my opinion if I’ve missed something!

For me, Cas doesn’t try to read Dean on purpose these days, he respects his privacy. However he clearly could if he wanted to and this was brought up to us on purpose when Ketch told Cas to read his mind and he did - something that seemed to make Dean a little uncomfortable may I add.

I think Cas does know Dean’s feelings up to a point but Deans feelings are COMPLICATED. They are a whole hoard of all over the place. The overriding point being that although he loves Cas he probably is desperately trying NOT to, to hide it and repress it even from himself, for his own reasons, of which the most prominent being that he doesn’t think he deserves love, he doesn’t think Cas is capable of loving him without breaking himself (that scene with Kevin in s8 is so important to show this, that Dean thinks loving him would break Cas, and then in 12x12 Cas says being with Dean has changed him and there he is - breaking and DYING in front of him, it just CONFIRMS this for Dean, no wonder he still won’t say anything and just… is a MESS). Plus the whole “he’s a dude” thing. 

So well, this was the list of issues before season 12, it’s obviously changed now though over this season and there are so many less obstacles than there used to be in his mind after this season and 12x22′s culmination… hence why Cas had to die in 12x23 *sigh*.

Therefore I think Cas does kind of know, in a way, but it is so complicated that it is not clear (don’t forget that as an Angel his understanding of love is not simple and his emotions are also dulled, so sheesh how strong is his love for Dean given how blatant it is already how wrecked he is in s12…). I head canon that Cas only realised that his feelings towards Dean were LOVE when he himself became human in s9, and that was a whole heap of painful, so he may not think it is a good thing for Dean to love him back EITHER.

They both kind of know how the other feels, of course they do, they have to at this point, Dean knows what Cas did for him and how he did it all for him in the early days, how he has offered repeatedly to die with him so he wouldn’t be alone… But they both think the other would be better off NOT loving them so they don’t bring it up, thinking it would be best for them if it just went away, but it DOESN’T because they freaking love each other despite EVERYTHING and URGH.

On top of this he needs Dean to address the issues within himself rather than forcing him to face them by just flat out telling him he knows, that would anger Dean and make him feel violated rather than it being a positive thing… Cas knows that Dean needs to deal with stuff within himself, HE KNOWS THAT 12x22 NEEDED TO HAPPEN YET HE DOESN’T KNOW IT HAS BECAUSE HE DIED IMMEDIATELY.

So it just is a big circle of love and pain and feeling rejection and always wanting to protect and have good things for the other while not fighting for it for themselves, even though precisely doing that would help the other…

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Also, they’re a bit busy, apocalypses and all… ;)

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I saw the ask talking about Jack's Q&A stream response and it got me wondering. Could it be that it isn't a demon trying to break through and gain control, but just Jack's mentality and sanity breaking apart (or something of the sort)? This just got me interested so I thought I'd share and see what everyone else thought. Have a good day!

I really, really love this concept. Like a lot. holy shit.

Thank you for sharing it with us!

  • Robert: Hey, I thought we'd go out for dinner tonight.
  • Aaron: Shouldn't you be saving? You've got a kid on the way.
  • Robert: Well, yeah, I'd rather spend it on you.
  • Aaron: That's not how it works Robert, it's your baby, your responsibility.
  • Robert: I was just trying to do something nice for us.
  • Aaron: I don't want to go out anyway.
  • Robert: Okay. I'll call the restaurant, see if they can deliver. And whilst we're waiting for the food to arrive we could always go upstairs and work up an appetite.
  • Aaron: I'm tired, Robert. All I want to do in a bed is sleep.
  • [Aaron walks away]

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Hi, I was wondering how you came up with a name for your art account because I've been trying to think for a while so I thought I'd ask other how they came up with theirs. Thank you - also I really love your art style

basically pick a name you know you won’t regret in 2+ years,  something unique and recognizable, and generally something you like the sound/look of

i went with greywick cause it was short, i like the color grey, and wick had a nice ring to it which topped it off for me. it doesnt have any particular meaning, i just liked it

Presenting: Scorpius…the rapper. (I’m so sorry - I don’t know what any of this is.)

Doodle inspired in part by the incredible works of @platinasi. 😄Wishing you luck on the upcoming national nursing license exams!! ✨

-Yes, that’s supposed to be the Time-Turner on his chain. Gleams like gold, just the way the Malfoys like it. True, only the adults use this one in Cursed Child, but let’s just ignore that, okay?

-So I like to think Scorpius’s propensity for singing + killer pun game + tendency toward wordiness in general = rapper potential.


-But you can’t deny that the boy who gave us “engorgimpressed” and “it’s time that time-turning became a thing of the past” wouldn’t be able to spit some clever rhymes. Plus he genuinely sings nearly every other line in the play so he’s clearly musically inclined.

-The biggest challenge he faces is choosing a rapper name to use during the one (1) week (albeit the longest week of poor Albus’s life) that he spends fixating on this potential career path. There are simply too many to choose from. I mean…

(Btw, Albus is normal, Scorpius is italics.)

-“Scorpius the Dreadless”

-“Malfoy the Unanxious”

-“Scorpion King”

-“Son of the Dark Lord” “Do you really want more people to call you that?” “I thought maybe I should just embrace it…”

-“Pepper Imp” “Scorpius, no, you can’t call yourself that.” “But there’s a Muggle rapper named after a Muggle candy! Have you ever tried Muggle candy? It’s fan-taaastic!”

-“$corpiu$” “We’re supposed to be English, remember?” “Oh, right…”

-“MC Awkward” (I shit you not, I took a rapper name quiz as Scorpius and this is what it came up with for him.)

-“Floorpius. It’ll make more sense when I’m famous for my breakdancing. I’m playing the long game, Albus.” “Please…no more-pius.” (Credit to @ohscorbus for coining “Floorpius.” Bless you for this gem.✨)

-“Hyper.i.on.am” “But you’ve changed it.” “So?” “So it’s technically not your middle name anymore.” “It’s close.” “It won’t make sense now, Scorpius.” “But I’m…so hyper…”

-“Master Malfoy…It’s what our House-elf calls me…”

-“Hyper Ion” “That’s not even clever.”

-“Lil Scorpy” “OKAY, ALBUS! THANK YOU FOR THE SUGGESTION.” “No, no, Scorpius, I was kidding - it was a joke!” “NOPE. I LIKE IT. CALL ME THAT.” “S-scorpius…p-please…I’m begging you…no.”

*12 hours later*

-“Scorpioncé” “Go to sleep, Scorpius.”

-He’s also definitely tried to commit the Twelve Uses of Dragon’s Blood to memory via rap. 

-And on one hand, I think Scorpius probably listens to songs and is entirely oblivious to any and all innuendo present, but on the other hand…engorgimpressed.

  • Depression: *knocks*
  • Me: Oh ... oh hey, depression. I uh- I thought you'd left.
  • Depression: Nope. Just went out to get a sandwich. We're gonna have a long night so I need to keep my energy up.
  • Me: That's ... that's great.
  • Depression: I know, right? What do you got there? Your laptop? You trying to do some writing?
  • Me: Uh yeah, got a bit of inspiration so I thought I'd-
  • Depression: Remember how the last time you wrote something, no one cared?
  • Me: Uh ...
  • Depression: Oh and you remember how you got like 3 rejection letters in a row that one time?
  • Me: *sighs* *closes laptop*
  • Depression: *bites into sandwich* WAIT what're you doing? You're quitting????
  • Me: ...
  • Depression: Wow ... no wonder you got rejected. No one likes a quitter.

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POV!!! 💖

POV — something that’s already happened, retold from another character’s perspective

(this is from the first chapter of WTWF, this time from Killua’s pov!)

“So, it’s a guy?”

Killua couldn’t help but roll his eyes at that. It was all too easy to figure out where Gon was going with that question. “Don’t try anything, Gon. I’m not telling you who it is and you’ll never find out. So just drop it, okay?”

And with that, Killua turned back to the chocolate bar he’d bought along with the crappy excuse for food that was his school bought lunch. He could feel Gon’s eyes digging into his face but he refused to look up and meet his best friend’s searching gaze.

Gon could try everything and anything he liked, but this time, Killua wasn’t giving in. He didn’t care if Gon thought he was being unfair or cruel; telling Gon just how heavily involved he was regarding Killua’s Hanahaki would cause the spiky-haired teen nothing but pain.

And Killua was strong enough to handle the pain for both of them.

Killua took a large bite of his chocolate and held back a grimace. The sweet flavor wasn’t nearly enough to wash away the sharp tang of blood on his teeth, but oh well. It would have to do.

This was how it was going to be for the rest of his life, after all.

I want to go to the big local pride parade but my mom doesn’t know if she wants me to go bc she’s nervous something bad’ll happen and I want to be annoyed but? I can’t be because it is actually (however slim) a possibility and after Portland (which is only a few hours away) and Orlando last year…like I want to argue with her but her concerns are valid and I’m just Really Disappointed

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my friend asked me this today, and i thought i'd ask what you thought too! "what's the best thing about the stevetony fandom/being in the stevetony fandom?" sorry if you've already been asked this, just wondering what your response would be :)

This is such an interesting question, Anon.  I thought about it last night to try to figure out a good answer and my mind just kept coming back to basically feeling included in something.  Getting to be a part of something.   The idea that people are interested in my stories is still something that amazes me.  That connection to people, that shared experience, I think that is the thing that I love most about this fandom.  Everyone has truly been so welcoming and supportive.  I’m just blown away sometimes.  

Growing up, fandoms were often male-dominated and there was so much blowback against a girl being a part of anything like that, both from the guys and from other girls who didn’t get it.  So, I bought Teen Beat and put posters of Tom Cruise on my wall like the other girls and hid my Robotech books in the back of the closet.  There was no internet then.  Comic book stores were not a thing in my small town and certainly not something a girl would go to, at least in my mind.  Sometimes, I could get fanzines like Starlog from the library when they were done with them, and they had ways to mail order things in the back pages, so I started getting a few things that way.  There was a convention I went to in college where you could buy a printed out Star Wars fanfic for like $3 under the table.  Literally.  I mean, it was hidden in a box under one of the booth’s tables and  you had to know the table to ask. Someone told me about it and the Star Trek bloopers VHS tape you could buy.  Exciting times.

But, that is a very lonely and isolated way to experience fandom.  So, for me, it is the openness of connection with other people that is the best part.  I think sometimes that maybe others take it for granted because it is so easy now to come and go, move between fandoms, find new spaces.  For me, though, this is still just so phenomenal.  People sharing ideas and their love of these characters, writing stories and talking about them, making art and videos, it is this whole new world of creativity that I didn’t realize existed until recently.  The acceptance and inclusiveness, this feeling of being amongst friends, that’s the best part to me. *hugs all of you*  Thank you for letting me join your fun!  

  • Me: I'm gonna try art!
  • Me: *tries drawing and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries playing music and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries singing and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries writing and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries dancing and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries acting and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries painting and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries making films and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries animation and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries sculpting and sucks at it*
  • Me: *tries photography and sucks at it*
  • Me: Wow, art is tougher than I thought
  • Society: oh PLEASE, art it easy! Anyone can do art that's why it's not a REAL profession


Last breath was the wind technique that Yasuo used to turn the tide of battle on the day he abandoned his post by the Elder’s side.

Last breath is also the reason why Yasuo was accused of murdering the Elder. The students and masters at the School of wind saw first hand the devastation that the technique brought to its target, and the corpse of the Elder displayed the same results of training dummies and logs that Yasuo practiced the technique on while learning it.

There are three parts to last breath. The displacement, the suspension, then the execution.

The displacement is the first part. Yasuo’s target must be airborne for him to move onto the next step. Then why is this part called displacement? And not simply airborne?

His target can’t simply be jumping from a certain height, or even jumping from ground level. They must be thrown into the air by an unnatural event, most likely Yasuo’s gatheirng storm technique of throwing forth that powerful twister, which tosses those in the way into the air. But, this displacement can come from other sources as well, such as Taliyah’s abilties that was shown in the Bird and the Branch short story, or Lee Sin’s roundhouse kick. It’s limiting Yasuo’s ability by limiting him from destroying someone who simply jumped into the air, but gives him some versatility if he’s with allies who can displace someone in the air.

The reason for the displacement leads into the next step, the suspension. Wind wishes to be uncontrolled, it wishes to be free and its own master. This makes it impossible for Yasuo to control every wind current at all times. A displacement is disturbed air that is easier to manipulate. For example, if Yasuo’s gathering storm tosses an enemy into the air, that person is already surronded by currents of wind that is under Yasuo’s control, so he can use that displaced wind to hold, or suspend his target in the air. They’d feel a tight grip on their bodies, restricing major movement of their limbs and torsos.

Displacement and suspension can be described as follows if it was hard to follow:
Stage 1: is being thrown off balance, whether it be by Yasuo’s own doing or another form of unnatural knock-up.
Stage 2: is Yasuo’s suspension, an updraft of wind that is a result of being thrown off balance initially. His target isn’t under control of themselves, but under the control of the wind.

The final step is the execution. There’s a smaller step within this one, though, which describes Yasuo’s journey from the ground to the suspended target. In-game, he simply blinks to them and starts dicing his enemies up. My writing of Yasuo is a different method.

Yasuo’s jump into the air is similar to his windwall. When Yasuo slices his sword into the ground then funnels currents of air to blow upwards and create that wall, he uses a similar technique to throw himself into the air.

This method, Lift, is flexible and can be completed in multiple ways. The technique that gives Yasuo the most airtime looks similar to Rakkan’s W. Yasuo drags the point of his sword in a circle around him, digging into the ground and carving that shape, then a rush of air propels him into the air from the circle.

It’d be difficult in the heat of battle to stand still and draw that circle, especially to keep his FLOW in combat going with potentially multiple enemies, so he can perform this lift in stride as well. This technique doesn’t launch him as high as the previous one, but it does give him a considerable lift. Yasuo can simply drive his sword into the ground and then pull it back, (Much like a pole-vaulter), and a smaller propulsion of wind gushes forth from the hole he created to launch him. He can also drag his sword along the ground as it trails behind him to create a thin scar across the ground that lifts him as well.

This technique is incredibly versatile and gives Yasuo a great amount of mobility.

Once Yasuo is in the air, the more brutal part of the execution takes place. Stronger enemies can try to fight back while being suspended, but weaker ones are completely at Yasuo’s mercy. His sword, during last breath, is fully tempered by the power of the wind. His strikes are unstoppable, shearing through flesh and bone and slamming both himself and his target back down to the ground with incredible force, with the full untethered force of the wind behind him.