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Robert Pattinson: 'Without therapy I don’t know how you’re supposed to do life'
Robert Pattinson was recently required to film in New York.

Extracted Rob’s quotes from article Robert Pattinson: ‘Without therapy I don’t know how you’re supposed to do life’ by Elisabeth Day published Nov.3 2017

About not going out much

  • He’s 31 now and freely admits he still doesn’t get out that much. ‘I don’t know anything about anything,’ he says, only half-joking. ‘I live in a bubble inside my ivory tower.’

About difficulty in trying to shoot Good Time undercover

  • ‘You walk down the street and there’s like, one person, and you can see that even if they don’t really recognise you, there’s a kind of flicker of something.’ After that, someone might send a tweet, and then a photographer arrives having been tipped off, and then ‘within hours the entire situation changes. People in the street start looking, then everyone starts taking photos and the entire energy is…’
  • He breaks off, and when he speaks again it is with a sort of helpless matter-of-factness: ‘You just can’t shoot.’

About Connie

  • He even exchanged fake prison correspondence with Benny Safdie and improvised a physical altercation at a car wash. His performance was influenced by the 1970s classic Mean Streets. ‘Definitely,’ Pattinson agrees. ‘He lives in his own reality. I think that’s what very successful con men do. It’s like, even when they’re lying, they’re not lying.’

About not doing superhero movies or other franchises

  • Unlike many of his contemporaries, he has successfully resisted the lure of lucrative superhero movies or comic-book franchises. ‘It’s because I can’t get a six-pack, I’ve tried for years,’ he deadpans. ‘No, I think it’s scary to be sort of synonymous with one part… I’ve never even auditioned for them.’

About his own look and style and image

When we meet in a London hotel, Pattinson is in the middle  of filming High Life, the English-language debut of French director Claire Denis, who he has wanted to work with for years, and is finding it a struggle to shift his mindset from filming one movie to promoting another.

  • He repeatedly apologises for being ‘totally spaced out… I’m kind of, like, all over the place’. Normally, when a film star says something like this it stems from an automatic politeness reflex or an attempt at offbeat charm. But Pattinson really is exceptionally spaced out. In person, he is about as far-removed from the self-possessed immortal high-school heart-throb of Edward Cullen as it’s possible to be.
  • ‘Sorry,’ he says at one point. ‘This is terrible. I’m trying.’ I’m surprised how unsure of himself he seems. Even his clothes are uncertain. When he went to the Coachella music festival recently, ‘I felt like I looked like a bit of a narc [an undercover drugs cop]. I looked way too overdressed.’
  • Today, he is wearing a boxy leather jacket, turned-up trousers and trainers, all of which are in shades of black or navy blue. ‘I had to do a photo shoot so I look very, very styled today,’ he says.

About falling into acting

  • At 19, barely out of school, he got the part of Hogwarts prefect Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. ‘I sort of fell into it and went on from there,’  he says. Does he think he’s a good actor? ‘I don’t know. I know I try hard.’
  • Still, when Twilight came along, his life would never be the same again. At first, his family were ‘worried’ how he would cope with the attention. ‘But then I just didn’t really change. And it was fun. For me. I had good agents and stuff and I’ve had really good friends since the beginning. So  I think when it gets dangerous for people is when you have no friends and you think, “Oh, if I get strangers to love me then it will fill that hole.” And then when it doesn’t fill the hole then you go 10 times crazier.’

About fame and mental health

  • Does he think fame comes with certain mental-health issues? ‘Yes,’ he says, not missing a beat. ‘Definitely. Pretty much every person I know who’s got famous is completely nuts. It’s just isolation and also the repetitiveness of your interactions with people… It’s just weird.’ At the height of his fame and while living in Los Angeles (where he still has a home), Pattinson came up with a complicated system to throw the paparazzi off his scent.

Wherever he went, be it a bar or a restaurant, he would take a change of clothes. He would then order several Ubers, swap outfits with one of his friends in the toilets, and send them out into the waiting taxis as decoys. During one period, he had five hire cars parked around the city.

  • Each one had a change of clothes in the boot. If Pattinson was being followed, he’d drive to one of the rental cars, switch vehicles, change outfits and then leave.  Is it important to him to be able to disappear? He nods. ‘I try to not be seen whatsoever between movies. So hopefully the only thing that exists of you in the public realm is what you agree to put out there… It’s always just a control thing.
  • If the control of your life has been taken away from you, that’s when you go a little crazy.’ And has he ever gone ‘a little crazy’? ‘I mean, kind of,’ Pattinson admits.
  • ‘I can’t really tell how crazy I was before. It’s definitely difficult to really know. But yeah. I think being able to disassociate and compartmentalise kind of helps you quite a lot. If you let everything hit you all the time it would probably be quite difficult to cope with.’

About crazy fan mails he received

  • Celebrity has often been surreal. Pattinson says that when he was in Twilight, his agent used to receive sackfuls of fan mail. ‘I remember once my old assistant found this letter from this woman that was just the worst sob story ever. And it was like, “You have to read this, this woman has had the worst life ever.”
  • And I was reading it like, “F—k. I should call her. I should definitely call her.” And then he was going through the rest of this box and he was like, “Wait a second,” and we noticed the exact same handwriting on a totally different sob story… It was funny.’

About his anxiety and therapy sessions

  • ‘I get a lot of anxiety with everything.’ How does it manifest itself? ‘Just kind of paralysis, indecision. You don’t really end up doing a lot.’ He describes acting as a means of escaping the intense thoughts in his own head.  ‘One really nice thing about acting is that it’s like a weird therapy exercise. If you’re insecure or shy or something, then you can kind of experiment with expanding your horizons within the framework of a fiction.
  • ‘I get so much anxiety in performance and everyone’s reaction is to say, “Just be yourself!” And myself, in general, is the last person I want to be.’ A few years ago, Pattinson started going to therapy. When he told his parents back in England they were ‘literally horrified. And I was like, “Why is that a bad thing?” There’s just this weird stigma. It’s so strange… But I think it’s a sort of throwback attitude.
  • I don’t go that often. I just really like her [his therapist]… You’re just trying to figure out how you feel about something. I’ve got a lot out of it… I mean [without therapy], I don’t know how you’re supposed to do…’ He sinks into a lengthy pause. Life, I suggest? ‘Life,’ he agrees and he looks down at the floor and then back up at me and smiles.

Robert Pattinson is not what I expected. From the outside, his existence looks charmed. Yet behind those perfect looks, his head is a bubbling cauldron of anxiety, self-doubt and unanswered questions about life. It makes him interesting to talk to. It’s possible it even makes him a great actor. But above all, it makes him less teen vampire, and ineffably, undeniably more human.

Full Article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/films/2017/11/03/robert-pattinson-without-therapy-dont-know-supposed-do-life/

Note # I am extracting Rob’s quotes from this print interview because the interviewer does not seem to know much about Rob’s filmography (besides Twilight) and used a lot of her narratives and background from tabloid sources e.g. suggesting Rob’s smoke “substances”, cheating and fake engagements.

haveievermentioned  asked:

What happens when Sora said he met Santa?


Like they’ll accept that Sora’s best friends are a talking duck and dog, but Santa being real? That’s just too much to believe. (And Sora has no real way of proving it’s true.)

Cue Christmas morning… the boys crawl out of their tents and find five stockings hanging from one of the fold-out chairs.

Four of them are for the Chocobros and they’re full of coal. One of them is for Sora and it is full of candy and a shiny new MP3 player.

Prompto: D:<


(But it kind of does because Sora 100% did not leave the tent that night… He would have had to crawl over the other boys to get out and someone would have noticed for sure.)


I just thought of something. A funny alternative would be having all five stockings be full of coal… Santa didn’t forget Sora telling everyone he wasn’t real when he was seven… That old man Never Forgets a personal slight. So Sora proves Santa’s existence to the Chocobros… at the cost of revealing that he’s on the Naughty List.




Meanwhile the boys are fucking floored because???? Sora is a total boyscout???? What could he have possibly done to end up on the Naughty List??????

charisk-4ever  asked:

What was the funniest thing that happened while composing Hiveswap's OST?

a lot of dumb in jokes happened but this one makes me laugh a lot. i referenced this briefly in the cage fight post but..

we use a lot of spreadsheets at work to organize assets and all the leads (ie Angela, Rah, and myself) had to prepare a sort of master-sheet to show the company heads and producers at viz etc so they could use it as a quick reference etc. 

In the work slack (the program we use to talk to eachother it works a lot like… a single server invite only discord i guess?) I kept saying “kewl beanz” i dont know why i just thought it was funny. thats how a lot of my “jokes” are i just say a stupid thing because i love to be dumb.

anyway i guess Angela had enough or w/e and she renamed my tab in the spreadsheet to fucking like “kEwL BeAnZ” or something and im like 99% sure it went to the viz guys like that before I noticed and changed it the next day. Angela is a chaos demon and not to be fucked with.

anyway kind of a silly story but it makes me laugh!

EXO | Someone Flirts With Their s/o

Anonymous said:

exo reaction to when someone flirts with their s/o?

I can’t see him as particularly being the jealous type. However, he of course wouldn’t care for it when others flirted with you. “Other way please, Y/N is happily taken.”

Originally posted by idk-kpop

He’d walk up behind you and back hug you before staring the other person down. “Hey jagi, you ready to go?”

“Yes…please, the faster the better…”

Originally posted by kaidotkr

It wouldn’t bother him when someone flirted with you, mostly due to the fact that he knew you never paid attention to that kind of stuff anyway. “Yes, Y/N is pretty isn’t she?”

ignore subs

Originally posted by ohhsenshine

He’d notice someone flirting with you, but instead of getting involved in the situation he’d sit across the room and mock the person causing you to laugh.

“No…I’m sorry I just thought of something funny…”

Originally posted by sehunsyixing

“You should’ve seen your face…you looked like you smelled something awful…”

“Yeah…it was called his cologne.”

Originally posted by overnightprincess

50/50 Chan wouldn’t notice at first cause he would be off causing trouble with Baek, so you’d have to try and get rid of the flirter yourself.

“My boyfriend is tall and terrifying…I wouldn’t get to close, when he gets jealous it isn’t pretty…”

Meanwhile Chanyeol:

Originally posted by fyeah-chanyeol

He laugh before staring the person down. “Y/N is taken, you can go away now.”

Originally posted by jonginssoo

He’s sitting right next to you the whole time the person is trying to flirt with you. “That’s cute isn’t it, jagi…the fact that they’re trying to flirt with you even though you clearly already have a boyfriend.”

Originally posted by fy-kimkai

He’d have major stank face watching the guy flirt with you. “Who does this guy think he is?”

Originally posted by hanbin-or-hanbout

*casually watches* “Wow those are some horrible pick up lines….if you’re gonna flirt with someone who’s taken I’d at least hope that you’d put a little extra effort into what you were going to say.”

Originally posted by dawnlus

You text him saying that someone is flirting with you and won’t go away. “DON’T WORRY BABY! I’M COMING!”

Originally posted by ziirco

He’d get really sassy with the person. “It’s obvious that Y/N doesn’t want anything to do with your flirting and anyway she’s already taken and you and I don’t have anything to compare.”

Originally posted by eponne


He Goes by the Name H. One [part 2]

Author: b0blegum

Pairing: DJ!Chae Hyungwon x Reader

Rating: G (still…)

Genre: Romance


Part: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - end 

Today was almost the same as yesterday and even the day before yesterday. You woke up alone, washed your face, watch some morning news and headed to the bathroom to let the warm water cleaned every inch of your bare skin. What differed was only your best friend isn’t home yet, but that didn’t bother you much because you knew, she probably stayed at her one night stand-er, which she met at the after party last night.

You heard something vibrated as you dried off your hair. It was your phone and it was a kakao phone call from your childhood friend who had to move miles away due to his father’s work.

“Changkyun?” You called his name after both of you exchanged hello for formality. “Oh my God, it is really you! I haven’t heard from you in ages!” You left your towel just anywhere and sat at the edge of your bed. “You’re in Seoul? Really? Why didn’t you tell me you’re coming?” Smile wouldn’t leave your face during the phone calls with your childhood friend. “Yes, i’m totally free… Okay… Okay, sure! I know the place, don’t worry. Oh my God, i can’t believe i finally am gonna meet you! Okay, see you, Changkyun!”

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Short (Will Byers x Reader)

Originally posted by gargoyles42

Request: Could I request #17 on the kisses prompt list with Will Byers and the girl is taller? Thanks so much, I love your writing! and Oml could I request a Will Byers fic from the kissing prompt list? #17? It would be too cute!

17.height difference kisses where one person has to bend down and the other is on their tippy toes

Authors note: Thank you for requesting!! Feedback is appreciated!!! I hope you like it!

Hanging out at the Byers house seemed to be something you did a lot more recently. He had invited you over for movie night for the past three weeks, even asking you to come over during the week to help out with school or something.

Over the few years you’ve know Will, your crush on him grew. The more you hung out together, the more you notice how fast your heartbeats when he laughs, or how your hands become sweaty. You didn’t want to say anything to him, in fear of rejection, but you continued to hang out with him.

You were in high school now, everyone growing during the school year, well except Will. Will stayed the same height, as everyone around him got taller, you included. He didn’t seem to mind though, everyone thought he was adorable.

You always dropped hints that you had feelings for the boy, you would even flirt and bend down to kiss his cheek. But he didn’t seem to pay any mind to it, just another thing you did to him. It was frustrating how oblivious he was. Taking to Max and El about your situation, they told you to tell Will how you feel and that there wasn’t any way he didn’t feel the same.

So you went to his house.

You knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. You didn’t see a car parked outside, so Joyce must be at work. Will answered the door, a smile on his face when he saw it was you.

“Hey Y/N.” He move to the side slightly, letting you into his home. “Do you need something?”

“Nope, just was bored and wanted to hang out with you.” You looked over at him, a smile on your face.

He laughs, a smile taking over his features. He walks into the kitchen of his house, you followed and stood next to him. You were significantly taller than Will now, noticing how you could see over his head completely, the thought made you laugh. He looks up at you, eyebrows knitting together.

“What’s so funny?”

“You’re just so small, it’s really cute.” You coo at him, making him roll his eyes.

You’re both facing each other, Will is leaning against the table. He’s smiling and you can feel your heart racing, it’s now or never.

“Will, I need to tell you something kind of important.” You let out a breath. “I uh… I like you… and I know were friends and I don’t want to mess that up, so if you don’t feel the same its totally fine-”

Will cuts you off my pressing a kiss to your lips. It takes you a second to respond, still surprised by his actions. When he pulls away, he has the smile that you love so much and a blushing face.

“I like you too Y/N/N.”

Your heart melts, you could feel your face heat up. You lean back towards him, head tilted down, you see him stand on his tiptoes before he kisses you again. You smile into the kiss, pulling away to giggle.

He looks at you, confused. You just give him a kiss on the cheek, smile still present on your face.

“Its nothing Will, let’s go watch a movie or something.” He nods and leads you to the couch, ready to pick out a movie.

The Broken Heart of John Laurens

(I was inspired by the song Congratulations by Blue October. If you havent heard the song or see the lyrics you will know why. Anyways enjoy! Also sorry for the spacing. its a habit for some reason.)

“Is that seat taken?”

John looked up and he almost fell over in surprise.

“Alex! Its been forever!” he exclaimed.

Alex just laughed and sat down next to him. It seemed forever since Alex left the college they both attended. Alex was still as handsome for ever and John remembered the few “occurrences” they had. They both were lonely and stupid but John never regretted it. His chest still fluttered from the memories.

“May I ask why you’re at some women’s’ clothing store?” To be honest John forgot the name.

“You first.”

“Im trying to help Hercules get inspiration by taking pictures of clothing or something like that yet he asked a nurse for inspiration.” John said with a laugh.

Alex nodded in understanding and then looked towards the women’s’ changing room.

“Im waiting on my fiancee. Remember Eliza?” Alex said.

John’s eyes widened and his chest felt like someone shot it. However he faked happiness and grinned.

“Oh congratulations! Im sure the best of woman will be the best of wives.” John said laughing slightly.

Alex smiled and then looked at his phone. A sigh left his mouth but he only smiled wider.

“Eliza is sending me to the smoothie shop in the mall. She’ll be a while.” Alex said.

He then turned to John and held his hand out.

“Would you like to take a walk with me?”

As the months until the wedding turned into weeks John’s chest threatened to collapse on itself. Herc and Laf were excited to learn their old  friend was getting married. They were even happy for John being the best man. Around his friends John would fake happiness and tell jokes when his heart would beg to stop. The four decided to get drunk together before the wedding. Not like a bachelors party but a hang out kind. Soon Alex had his pants on his head while doing an impression of an elephant and he forgot they were there. John thought it was too funny so he didn’t let the shorter man know. Everything was going great until Herc said something.

“Y'know I always thought you would marry John yeah?”

Laf and Alex laughed and it seemed like a joke for everyone. Everyone but John. John pretended to laugh awkwardly but his eyes were watering. No one seemed to notice and Alex just patted a hand on John’s back.

“We could fuck for old times sake. Heck you could join Eliza and I for our wedding night!” he said with an eyebrow waggle or something trying to be that.

“I-I’d rather not Alex.” John replied.

“But you’re sho pretty!”


John wanted to get out of Herc’s apartment and go home. But everyone was laughing and Alex was insisting.

“You’re still as pretty as we met Jack..” Alex said in a more lower voice that sent shivers down John’s spine.

Alex slid a hand up John’s thigh and that was enough.

“Alex I said no!” John said as he stood up suddenly.

“Geez are you cranky or ssshhomething?” Alex asked clearly trying to be funny.

“No. Im done ok? You left me on your own accord . You got engaged to Eliza. You dont get to do that anymore!” John said.

John could feel his tears sliding down.

“You left me.”

Laf then stood up and walked John into Herc’s bedroom and held him as John sobbed and shouted into the Frenchman’s chest. Laf was always a great friend and knew how to comfort others the right way.


Eventually John fell asleep and when he woke up he was in the guest bedroom. His head hurt too much. Soon the memories of the previous night flooded back and John managed to hold back the tears. He got out of bed, got dressed and walked into the living room. Laf and Alex were sitting on the couch watching some sort of boring show.

“Good morning mon ami. There are omelettes on the counter over there.” Laf greeted with a smile.

John could see the slight sadness in Laf’s eyes but he ignored it. He got his food and sat on the floor. The food was good but he hurt to much to appreciate it.

“We should do this again. I assume I blacked out because of my lack of memories.” Alex said.

“Im sure Eliza would hate us for getting you drunk like that again. You had your pants on your head.” John said with a cheeky grinn.

Alex said something like Don’t patronize me boy. John  finished his food and said left early saying he had a lot of work to do at home. However when he went home he curled up in bed and sobbed until he passed out. He missed three texts and a call from Alex.

John helped Alex tie his green tie. Everyone was in a flurry for the wedding. Herc was helping the ladies with makeup, hair and dresses and Laf was assisting him since he was better at hair. John hated that he was alone with Alex. His chest was tight and the lump in his throat wouldn’t leave. He feigned happiness though. He feigned it for Alex.

“Alrighty Mr. Groom! The tie has been tied.” John said slightly dramatically.

It made Alex laugh and John almost lost it there. He knew that laugh wouldn’t be his ever again but he had to be strong. Thats when he noticed his hands were still on the other’s chest. He quickly removed his hands and put them in his pockets.

“You look great man! You practically are the belle of the ball.” John said half sincere half teasing.

Alex’s smile seemed strained and he just stared at John. Thats when he hugged John tightly. The two were very close. John only awkwardly hugged back. Tears threatened to fall.

“Im sorry for leaving you. Im sorry for never having the courage to officially ask you out. I-Just lately i’ve been thinking what would have happened if we got together.”

John held Alex closer and let a tear fall. Soon a tear became five and five became ten. John however managed to keep his voice from wavering.

“You would just be unhappy. You’re marrying a smart, pretty and independent woman Alex. You are so lucky! I’m so happy for you. The both of you.”John said with what was left of his resolve.  

Alex smiled at him but you could tell he was still pained. Just then Herc knocked on the door.

“Alex it’s time! You better be ready!”

The two separated and followed their friend to the chapel. The wedding went on without a hitch and Eliza was absolutely stunning. She lit up the whole place and John swore some blue birds dressed her instead of Angelica and Herc. There were tiny blue flowers in her hair and her dress was soft and flowed very nicely. She was the very definition of a bride. It made John happy and envious. The two exchanged rings, kissed and went to the reception hall with everyone else. John lagged behind and decided to just go sit in the parlor where he got Alex ready. Every emotion was pressing to be released but he had to hold on. He didn’t want to ruin this for Alex.

“Aren’t you going to join us mon ami?”

John looked up to see Laf walk over and sit next to him like the mom friend he was.

“I will in a bit. I just needed to answer a phone call.” he lied.

“John I know a broken heart when I see one.” Laf said seriously but not harshly.

Thats when John started to sniffle. The sniffle turned into a full blown sob. Wails and hiccups filled the room as John let everything out.

“I cant change this! I can never take it back! I can never change his mind and I cant take it! My pain wont cover up Laf!” he sobbed.

Laf just sat listening. John couldn’t see through the  tears but he could tell his friend’s face was of sorrow and remorse for the the other. John just let everything he built up over the months and years of being alone and heartbroken by the man he adored the most. The two sat there till the smaller man no longer shook with sobs and wails. John felt better and he felt numb but it was fine.

“Laf..I think im just gonna go for a drive. Can you give my speech to Alex? Just say something came up at the hospital and I had to go. Please?” John said as he handed over index cards to Laf.

“I will make sure he gets it. Please be safe John..” Laf said as he gave his friend a tight hug.

When the two separated and Laf made sure John left alright he returned to the reception hall when he was immediately bombarded with Alex.

“Where’s John? Did you find him?” Alex asked worriedly.

“When I found him he had just gotten off of a phone call with the hospital. They needed him ASAP so he left. He’s sorry and told me to give these to you.” Laf lied.

As Alex read the speech John was driving somewhere else. He eventually found himself in Central Park somehow and he sat down on a bench alone. He remembered this was where he and Alex first kissed. He smiled at the bittersweet memory and looked up at the tree branches above him.

“Make it go away.”

Palm To Palm


Summary: Adam realizes that Ronan is obsessed with his hands.

A/N: My second Pynch fic ever. Hope you like it!

Words: 1 807

Ronan was obsessed with his hands. The realization hit Adam like a bolt of lightning; suddenly and with almost no warning. To be quite fair, all the signs had been there. He’d just been too blind to see them.

He didn’t blame himself for his temporary loss of sight, though. Everything was just so new yet so much the same as it always had been. Being with Ronan was like falling into the unknown over and over; you got used to not really knowing what was going to happen. Got used to the feeling of Ronan’s lips on his own, their legs tangled together, their fingers intertwining. At this point it was both an adventure and a familiarity.

Ronan Lynch was anything but boring to be with. Adam learned this in the best way.

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Help me practice

Author: theweirdymcweirderson

Characters: Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Original female and male characters

Relationships: Dean Winchester×Reader, OC×Reader

Word count: 2813

Warnings: First kiss, kissing, make out session, hair pulling, lip biting, Jealous!Dean

Summary: College!AU
The reader has never been kissed and as a guy starts to take interest in her, she asks Dean, her best friend, to help her practice. After they kiss, none of them seem to be able to keep holding back the feelings they have for each other.


You were still smiling about Alice’s joke as you finally walked outside your college, your eyes immediately falling onto the shiny, black Impala that informed you of Dean’s return.

He wasn’t hard to find, you just had to follow the dreamy stares of practically every girl on campus, and you spotted the group of giggling girls surrounding him.

You almost run towards him, he’d been gone for a week and you had missed him like crazy, “Dean!” There was a huge grin etched on your face when you saw him untangling himself from his admirers to turn your way.

His green eyes locked on yours and a smile spread on his lips too, as he opened his arms ready to envelope you in a bear hug. You let your rucksack fall to the ground, jumping and wrapping your body around him, while his arms held you against him.

“Missed me, sweetheart?” You nuzzled his neck, breathing in his scent and enjoying being in his arms once again, “Not really, was just getting tired of walking back home…”

You couldn’t stop the laugh that erupted from you at his offended glare, but soon he was laughing as well, “So? How did it go? Did Sammy win?” Dean had his proud big brother look, which meant his brother had at least reached the finals on the contest.

“Almost. He won second place and he’s feeling a little down cause he was so close to actually win the whole thing, but I couldn’t have been any prouder (Y/n)! You should have seen him, he was awesome!”

You made your way to his car as he explained how their trip had gone, “(Y /n)! Wait a sec!” You turned around and found Dave, your physics partner approaching you.

“Thank God you’re still here, I wanted to ask you when we’re meeting up to work on the project” You checked the agenda on your phone, while Dean and Dave discussed the latest results of the school’s football team.

“I’m telling you, man, if you’d been here, we would’ve totally kicked their asses!” Dean sighed scratching the back of his neck, “I told you guys it was a pretty big deal for Sammy, I couldn’t miss it, besides, we can still kick their asses at the rematch!”

“Are you guys done daydreaming about your football matches?” They both stopped and stared at you with sheepish grins on their faces, “How about Friday? You don’t have practice, right?”

“Nope, it’s perfect! See you in class, okay?” You nodded and he leaned down pressing a chaste kiss on your cheek, a blush immediately spreading across your face, “See ya at practice, Dean!”

“What, no kiss for me?” That statement earned Dean a punch on his arm from you, while Dave left, chuckling to himself. “So, you and Dave, huh?” You were just starting to turn back to your normal color, when you pulled up in front of your house and Dean asked the question.

“What? No! I only see him as a friend! We’re just, we’re just…lab partners” Dean shook his head, the both of you getting out of the car and heading for your door, “Yeah right, he likes you, (Y/n)…a lot”

You pretended not to hear his remark, and unlocked the door making your way in, “Have you talked to your mom lately?” You grabbed two bottles of beer, and handed one to Dean who was leaning against the island waiting for you to answer him. 

“Yeah, last night, she says she’s fine, dad too. They’re flying to Venice next week to close a deal with a company I can’t quite remember the name of…but they’ve confirmed that they’ll be spending their next holiday here, at uncle Bobby’s house”

“Great, I’m happy for you” He watched the small smile on your lips, knowing how much you missed your parents, but you wanted to finish your studies, and traveling from one place to the other with them would’ve made it impossible. 

That was why you’d decided to stay with Bobby, he wasn’t even your biological uncle, just a family friend, but you’d always considered him as part of your family.

There was a comfortable silence around you, before your eyes fell on the kitchen clock, “Crap!” You ran up the stairs to your room and Dean followed you, “What? What is it?”

“Alice asked me to send her some stuff for her literature paper as soon as I got home, she’s gonna kill me!” You heard Dean sigh as he plopped on your mattress, staring at you with an amused expression on his face, “I thought it was something important…”

“It is important, Dean! She needs to get a good grade or her parents won’t let her come to the game next week, and she promised that guy she’s seeing that she’d be there…” You hurried to send your best friend everything that could even remotely help her, and then joined Dean on your bed.

“Dean?” You were both facing the ceiling, the only difference was that his eyes were closed, “Hum?” You turned on your side and poked his chest to get him to look at you, “What? I’m listening, (Y/n)! Stop doing that!”

You stopped, but mainly cause his big hand was wrapped around your smaller one, “Do you, ehm, do you really think he…likes me?” You looked away when he opened his eyes and stared at you, “Who? Dave? Definitely!”

This time it was you who closed your eyes, and lay back on your pillows, “Why? You like him, too?” You took in a deep breath, trying to find an answer to his question, ‘Nope, I like you, you idjit!’

“I don’t know. I mean, he’s sweet, and he’s always been nice to me…” He waited for you to finish, and when you didn’t he shifted on his side, to get a better look at you, “But?”

“But I don’t know, Dean! I’m so nervous, what if he tries to kiss me or something on Friday?” You didn’t notice how Dean’s jaw clenched at the thought of that possibility, “If you don’t want him to, just tell me, and I’ll make sure to let him know that he shouldn’t try anything funny with you…”

“It’s not that I don’t want him to…” When those words left your lips, Dean felt his heart shutter, but he shut up and let you finish, “…it’s just that, you know that I’ve never done this kind of stuff, Dean! What if I mess up?”

“You won’t mess up, (Y/n)! You just need some practice, and you’ll be a pro in no time” You let his words sink in, before you mustered the courage to ask him the biggest favor of your life, “Would you…uhm, help me practice?”

You barely whispered the words, and your face and neck were beat red, “Please?…” His eyes stared at you intensely, almost as if he was trying to search something buried deep in your soul, before he finally looked away and lay back on your pillows as well.

“Sure, what else are best friends made for, right?” You drew in a shuddering breath, your heart finally able to beat again as you released your bottom lip from the harsh trap of your teeth, “You wanna try now?”

“Y-yeah…I mean if-if it’s okay with you” Your mattress squeaked, signaling you that Dean had sat up, and you tried to look anywhere but him, before you felt his hand gently coaxing you into sitting up with him.

Your (e/c) eyes found his green ones; your mind going in overdrive when you realized what you had actually asked him to do. You couldn’t stop your eyes from glancing down to his lips, watching as the corners of them lifted up slightly when he noticed you were staring.

A deep blush coated your cheeks, but when you looked up again, you found him focused on your lips as well, his green irises taking on a darker shade of green.

You subconsciously bit down on your lip and the smallest, weakest groan left his mouth; a groan you were sure you would have missed if you hadn’t been following his tongue slowly licking across his lips and wetting them.

You were both breathing harder than usual. Your heart beat was so loud in your ears you were sure he could hear it too; hear how it skipped a beat each time he moved a muscle.

You pressed your palms down on your covers, hoping to stop them from sweating more than they’d already had, and this time it was you who licked your lips, trying to fight the dryness you felt in your mouth at his close proximity.

Dean placed his hand on yours, smiling reassuringly down at you, “Hey, just relax, (Y/n)” He couldn’t quite understand how he was able to lecture you on relaxing, when he felt his heart about to jump out of his chest, but apparently he was still able to play it cool.

You nodded, feeling a smile creep on your face at how much the situation was affecting you, and then you felt his hand travel up your arm; a gesture he’d done so many times, but this time, everything felt different, more heightened.

Dean took his time caressing his way up your arm, until he reached your neck and he let his forefinger lightly trace your pulse point, watching as the small touch made you shiver.

He brought his hand up to cup your cheek, his thumb caressing your cheekbone, while he snaked his other arm around your waist and pulled you closer to his body; your hands moving to grip his biceps.

'Man, I can’t believe I’m finally going to kiss her…“ His thumb skimmed your bottom lip, making you part your lips a little, "You sure?” You nodded your head and then he was slowly leaning towards you, stealing your breath away.

It felt like an interminable amount of time, before he actually kissed you; but when he did, everything fell in place, as if that was the only thing that was missing in your life.

Your eyes fell shut when his lips touched yours, the tension slowly leaving both of your bodies as your lips molded together. He brushed his lips on yours, almost as if he was testing the waters, before he was really kissing you.

You felt him slightly smile against your lips, when a small sigh escaped you. The kiss couldn’t have lasted more than ten seconds, but to you it felt like a life time.

His lips felt just as soft and plump as you’d always thought they’d be; his hands rough but gentle nonetheless, keeping your bodies close to one another, as you clung to his strong arms.

You’d felt his hand press into the small of your back, the other one finding the back of your neck to keep your lips together, as your hands squeezed his muscles.

You reluctantly pulled back, and your eyes opened to find his green ones already staring at you, “So?” He was kind of nervous, after all this was your first kiss, and he wanted, no needed, it to be nice for you.

“Perfect” Your face split into a huge grin, reliving him of his worries and prompting him to smile too. He pressed his forehead to yours and pecked your nose, making you giggle, before his eyes darted down to your lips again.

“Wanna try again?” You brushed your lips on his as an answer, and he kissed you again.

His lips pressed to yours more firmly this time, gently massaging them and only pulling back when you needed oxygen again.

Dean took the chance to pepper kisses along your jaw; you felt his full lips press against your heated skin; your hands now around his shoulders to keep him close. 

He kept connecting your lips together, until you had to pull away to suck in sharp breaths, and he would go back to kiss and nip down your jaw, slowly heading towards your neck, making you mewl and shift closer to him.

You were growing more frustrated by the second, which made you grab his face in a desperate need to taste his lips again. This time he parted them a little, and you did the same, following his silent instructions.

Your lips moved together, nipping and pulling at the swollen flesh; you knew he was way more experienced than you, but from the small approving noises he was making; you were beginning to gain more confidence.

He pulled you flush against his body; your arms wrapping around his neck, while his fingers threaded through your (h/c) locks. You felt Dean’s tongue licking across your bottom lip, asking for entrance which you gladly granted.

His tongue teased yours, barely touching it for a while. Then he changed tactics and he let his tongue stroke yours, starting a fight for dominance which he led and won.

You didn’t know why you did it, but you felt the urge to tug on his hair, and when you did he moaned in your mouth, working to make you straddle his hips. His tongue kept teasing your own as he lay back on the bed, pulling you down with him.

His hands were on the back of your thighs, kneading them. You sucked his bottom lip into your mouth, something you had fantasized about doing for quite some time, and then gently bit on it, hearing him groan and tighten his hold on you.

You softly moaned his name when you felt his hands sneaking under your t-shirt and caressing your bare back, “He’s probably going to try to do something like this, but you should stop me-I mean him, you should stop him, if you’re not ready, okay?”

You nodded, crashing your lips on his again and he sucked your tongue into his mouth, enjoying the quiet moans and whimpers you let out and feeling you shudder on top of him as his hands traveled up your back, heading for your bra.

His fingers fumbled with the clasp of your navy blue bra, and as he had almost opened it, his phone rang, making you both pull back from each other. He flashed you an apologetic look, to which you just smiled shyly, looking away.

“Damn it! I’m sorry, it’s Sammy, he’s at the library, and I promised I’d pick him up…” You combed your fingers through your hair, trying to fix your messy locks, “No, it’s okay, I should start my homework anyway”

He nodded and rose to his feet; his eyes watching your skin dissappear as you pulled down your t-shirt, before he cleared his throat, and forced them to look away. You walked him to the front door, thinking about something to tell him.

“Thank you for, ehm…you know, for your help” Your hands were playing with the hem of your shirt nervously, as you tried to hide their shaking, “Trust me, sweetheart, you don’t have to thank me. It was my pleasure”

His hands found your waist again, and he pulled you close to him once more; your breath hitching in your throat when you thought he was going to kiss you, but then he pressed his lips to your forehead, making you wish you could just lean up and have them touch your own for a little longer. 

“I’ll call you later, okay?” He sent you a quick wink and left, climbing into his car as you closed the door and rested your back against it; your hand on your heart while you tried stop it from beating so fast and to get your breathing under control.

Dean sat in Baby and brought his fingers up to touch his lips as he replied the scene in his head, wishing you were more than just friends and losing himself in his thoughts about you, before his phone rang again.

“Sammy? Hey, yeah, I’m coming!” He fumbled to put the keys into the ignition, cursing himself for his clumsiness, “You’re still at (Y/n)’s, aren’t you?”

“What? No, no! I said I’m coming, I’ll be there in 5” He disconnected the call, and started driving towards the library, failing to find a solution to all the feelings he had started to develop for you.

He parked the car in front of the library, waving to Sam and pulling out his phone to check the text he’d received, 'Dude, do you think (Y/n) would go out on a date with me?’ He decided to ignore Dave’s text for the moment, resting his head on Baby’s wheel.

“Shit. I’m screwed!” He whispered the words to himself right as his little brother hopped on the car, asking him how his day had gone.

Sometimes I get these messages about Snark Wars that just…are the best? Sometimes it’s something funny, like people saying “I thought no one else noticed that Obi-Wan and Anakin are married, haha!”, but sometimes it‘s stuff like “I‘ve been saying I hated this [movie/show] for 15 years but then I found this blog and I ended up rewatching it and now I kind of love it?” and it’s the best feeling?

Like…I‘m not here to MAKE people like stuff I like or anything. If anything I’ve long ago realized that my tastes run a little bit sillier/weirder than most. I get that not everyone‘s going to come around to my point of view on everything.

But every once in a while I get messages from people who are like “I used to make excuses for not hating this movie every time it came up because I thought nobody else loved it!” or “I watched it once and never came back to it because “everyone“ said it was bad and now I’m in fangirling hell, THANKS” and it makes me so happy. THAT’S RIGHT, NERDS. LET STAR WARS INFECT YOU. 

If my yelling and profanity and Obi-Wan Fangirling helps you get there, well, so be it. I accept my calling. LET STAR WARS MAKE YOU LAUGH AND CRY, THAT’S ALL IT WANTS TO DO. (Mostly laugh.) (Obi-Wan’s Tragic Life notwithstanding.)

Flora: So, just to be sure, can you tell me what do you like?

Joker: Let’s see…What I like Fu-(フ)

Flora: !? Flora!? (フローラ)

Joker: What? Did you say something?

Flora: Nonononono. It’s nothing!

Joker: What I like is…All kind of fruit (フルーツ)

Flora: Oh, Fruits…


…Funny thing is this convo still will happen even after she’s married to Ma!Mui…She is still get flustered x2: at this and at the 1st part when she thought Joker had noticed her feelings lmao

Getting warmer

It was a cold night. You know one of the ones that gets in through the cracks in the doors and windows and sinks into your bones. Lucys breath fogged the air in front of her as she made her way to her apartment.

“Cripes it’s colder than Gray and Juvia’s house,” she moaned. She tried in vain to cover her mostly bare legs with her emerald thigh length jacket. Plue’s warm weight in her jacket did very little to alleviate the suffering of her lower extremities.

“It’s your own fault Lucy. You just had to try and catch attention. Plue, I am an idiot for even think that oblivious overeating flamebrain would ever notice something like a new skirt or hooker heels.” She cringed at the thought of the looks she got as she walked into the guild. Mirajane laughed, Levys jaw dropped (along with every guys except for the one she wanted), Erza tried to put three pairs of sweats on her the second she walked up to the bar and Juvia covered Gray’s eyes. The guy reactions were kind of funny in comparison. The old men started to drool and she had never seen Laxus and Freed blush that particular shade of scarlet. But all of that humiliation was for nothing. Natsu had been his usual self running around eating everything spewing fire. He came skidding to a halt in front of her and said, “Lucy, I got us the most awesome job ever.” he paused waiting for Lucy’s reply. She waited for him to notice how much skin she was showing while it was so cold. Nothing.

Lucy shook her head in frustration. She had walked out without answering. He chased her a bit but gave up after she told him she’d Lucy kick him if he kept it up.

“ Pluey, why I am I so dumb? I should know better.” She hopped up on the edge of the canal like always. Something about being that close to danger but being able to control the danger appealed to her. As she ambled along Lucy noticed 2 big guys sauntering the other way. She tried to ignore them as Plue disappeared from inside her jacket back to the Celestial World. As they got closer she was able to smell the alcohol on them. From the looks of their clothes they were some Twilight Ogre numskulls, visiting their old haunts from before Fairy Tail resurfaced and kicked them out.

Lucy knew they would not be friendly if they knew she was from Fairy Tail. she shoved her guild maked hand deeper into her key pocket and clutched Taurus’s key like it was a can of mace and hoped they wouldn’t notice her. She should have known better, considering her current state of dress. The men’s eyes locked on to her and roved over her body. Lucy continued to walk her head up and shoulders back like she owned the world. That tended to deter most unwanted attention. Not this time. The men split and one stepped in front of her and the other moved behind her to cut off her escape.

“Hey pretty lady,” the larger of the two (who had to be 7ft) leered at her, “Why are you walking such a dangerous path at night? You could fall, or you could freeze your sweet little ass off.”

He smiled at Lucy in a way that made her skin crawl. The other oaf started to crowd her into biggo. Then she felt the smallest flicker of warmth.

“ Hey guys,” she laughed, “I’m just trying to get home so I’d appreciate it if you would move.” She put on the biggest smile she could hoping to dazzle them and use her raw beauty to get out of it. No dice.  

“ Why don’t we help you home?”

“I’d really rather you didn’t.” She started to shake realizing her beauty trick had back fired.

“We insist.” They each grabbed an arm yanking her hand out of her key pocket and scattering her keys onto the pavement. They luckily didn’t notice the guild mark but the keys caught their attention.

“OOOOhhh a celestial wizard. Must be our lucky day.”

They started to pull her off the pavement and into an alley. At this point Lucy was getting panicked And started to fight.

“ Get off me!!”

“Now now little wizard we just want to keep you company.” the shorter one Put his arms around her writhing body. She felt tears starting to pool in her eyes but then she felt the heat growing, coming from the direction of the guild. So she decided to scream his name.


The shriek startled the Ogres just long enough for the one and only Natsu Dragneel to come roaring into the filth covered alley. Literally roaring.


He didn’t even use his flames. Sure he was glowing with heat, but he beat them with his bare hands. Lucy crawled over to a dumpster while the carnage continued.

Happy shot out of the sky and wrapped his wings around her.

“Don’t worry Lucy, we have you.” Happy told her. He wrapped his little paws under her arms and shot into the sky with her.

“NATSU,” Happy shouted, “I HAVE HER!”

Lucy saw through her tears that Natsu had thrown the idiots into the middle of the street and was heading to her apartment.

“Hold on Lucy,” Happy said. He hadn’t even commented on her weight the entire time they were in the air. It was a nice change. Happy dive bombed into Lucy’s window right as Natsu opened it.  Happy let go and she fell into Natsu’s arms and he fell with her onto her bed.

“Sorry,” she gasped. She scrambled off the bed and out of the warmth of his arms.and stood in front of him awkwardly. He looked at her a moment before deciding what to say.

“You called me. How did you know I’d be there?”

“I felt the heat. I was cold but I could feel you coming because I was getting warm.”


They stared at eachother for a moment before Natsu stood and once again wrapped her in his arms. She stood stiff for a moment but then melted against him.she put her hands around his waist and breathed him in. He smelt like charcoal and the sun.

“Thank you Natsu,” she breathed, “I have never had anyone I can call before aside from….MY KEYS!!” Her eyes grew wide in horror and she stumbled away from Natsu as she realized she had no idea where her keys were.

Natsu suddenly held up his hand and she saw her gate keys glittering in his hand. He smiled at her and held them out to her. She looked at them and then at his face then she zeroed in on his lips. She found herself leaning in and planting her lips firmly on his. He was surprised and stiffened at first but then he pulled her close and held her as gentle as if she was made of fine china. His lips were very warm and she moved her mouth against his forcing his lips open. Not that he was resisting. He suddenly clutched her to him. She felt as though she had swallowed fire as his toungue tentivly touched hers. Then he abruptly pushed her away.

“You are freaking out and we cannot do that if you are freaking out.” he said.

Lucy laughed softly. “I have been wanting to do that for weeks.”

Natsu smiled derisively. “I’ve wanted to do that since I met you.”


“Yeah but you were very focused on the guild and the jobs. Plus I could never tell you how I felt without sounding stupid. Then Mira told me you freaked out when she said something about you and me being cute together so I gave up. But I never stopped wanting to kiss you. I will not kiss you when you are freaked out and scared though.”

Lucy stood in shock. This dumbass, she thought.

“Ok Natsu, How about this? Tomorrow when I am less freaked out, can you kiss me again? Because I would really like that. There is no one else I would rather kiss because you are my best friend and you are always there for me and you are very warm and I hat e the cold and no matter how much I complain I really love it when you and Happy break in because then I am not alone Like i have been for most of my-”

He interupts her with a quick kiss.

“Yes I will kiss you again tomorrow.”

He kissed her when she walked through the guild doors. Alot more jaws dropped than when Lucy dressed like a hooker.

Is it just me or does Tigress seem to look friendlier and friendlier after each movie? 

Look at her in the first movie:’

Second/Holiday Special:

And now third?

Like not the character development, which is obvious. I mean the face shape and such. It’s..rounder? Looks happier, kind of ore appealing, in a strange way. Maybe it’s because she’s older, or just an character redesign thing. Just something I noticed.

My GOT7 FlyinDALLAS experience + Hi Touch

Seeing GOT7 was amazing. They showed a lot of love. I got some genuine attention from BamBam and Jackson. Sorry my fan account is so long, but i didnt want to leave things out.

Hey guys. I just came back from FLY in Dallas. The concert was amazing. I even got to hold BamBam’s hand twice before I event got to the hi touch.

Youngjae was absent sue to illness. His presence was missed (from the members and audience), but there was still a lot of love for him. Feel better Youngjae!!

💚💚💚The Order 💚💚💚
Yugyeom, JB, Mark, Jackson, BamBam, Junior

During the concert this boy never was too extra, but I kept making eye contact. If he wasn’t younger than my god sister he would be my new bias. I was just getting so many feels from him.

At the actual hi touch, he was first up. I told him he was a great dancer. He smiled and said thank you. He’s beautiful and so tall in person. Hr was leaning and was still way taller than me ( I’m 172cm). The rest with him was a blur. I couldn’t tell if he recognized me but I was happy to see him even still.

Throughout the show JB spoke the least English. He’s probably the worst with English, but that’s okay. He’s an amazing presence. He’s definitely not back to 100% but he was dancing. He just took it easy and why they were goofing around he didn’t dance.

At the hi touch he was second. I walked up to him and told him that I love his voice. At first he just nodded as if he was just being polite. Then it seemed he understood what I said and said oh thank you with a big smile even though it was already time for him to go to the next person in line. It was brief but made me feel great. His genuine smile full with eye smiles will melt your heart.

Mark is on fire on stage. His acrobatics are on point. He has so much energy. When he performs he’s probably the most into it out of all of them. But he’s also really aware of his surroundings so when one of his members did something goofy he noticed and laugh. Mark laughing is great.

Mark is my bias. So despite practicing what I was going to say to each of them, when I got to Mark I went stupid. I said I love you, then he looked shocked so I said you’re amazing. Hr just kind of smiled and nodded. Way to go Mr bring awkward.

Jackson is just as extra as you would think. He’s so much energy and so funny. He didn’t talk as much as I thought, but he still talked a lot. He’s so much fun. I love Jackson. He’s also my bias wrecker, but he might become my bias.

Jackson was 4th at the hi touch. When I got to him he had his hand raised high in the air and said hey what’s up! He was so friendly and extra. He grabbed my hand and pulled me in a little. It was awesome. I told him that I wished we were friends. See I’m awkward. He seemed a little shocked, so I didn’t stick around to see how he reacted. I was kind of afraid. Jackson’s eyes are so warm and inviting. I really do wish we were friends.

Dab king in the house. BamBam probably spoke the most throughout the concert. Any chance he got he spoke. His English is really good. He only stumbled a few times. Also near the end of the concert I went down to the front. Members were taking selcas with people’s phones and letting people touch them. So I went down and BamBam held my hand for a couple of seconds. Then he moved and took a picture and came back. When he came back 30 seconds later he held my hand again. I felt bad because others had their hands up too, but hr held mine twice. I was over the moon.

At the hi touch BamBam was second to last. When I got to him he looked tired, but was still happy. He also looked a little disappointed ted when I got to him. I don’t think he recognized me from earlier, but it almost felt like he expected more from me. He was probably just tired though. I was flustered from him holding my hand earlier so what I practiced went out the window. I told him I loved him and that he was the Dab King. Then he smiled and laughed.

💚Junior -
Junior is a lot like Mark when it comes to performing. Which makes it perfect that they did Higher together. Junior is really intense when he performs. His English is actually pretty good too. When he spoke he always spoke entirely in English. Junior is such a good dancer and singer. He slayed me.

Junior was last at the hi touch. He was beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. I had the least time with him. Since I took my time with everyone they were yelling at me to hurry. I was going to take my time though. I told him he was a great producer, hut was rushed off before j could see if he had any response. His smile is golden though.

Overall it was a great experience. The hi touch was worth every penny. Also being as close as I was. They are great guys. GOT7 was already one of my top groups, but they might now be my favorite. BamBam after all wanted us to only love them. They were amazing. Getting to say something to each of them that was meaningful was a big accomplishment.

anonymous asked:

Idk if this is just me, but I've noticed lately that Harry has kind of been taken out of the spotlight. I mean like in the way where he used to be like the face of one direction, whenever someone thought of 1d, they thought Harry. And people still do but I've noticed that he's not in the center of every picture, every performance, every video, etc. whenever they perform or take a picture he's on the edge and the order they're in changes a lot. Just something I picked up. Rebranding? Who knows

It’s funny you brought that up actually. This was a hot topic back in August/September. Compared to 2013 I definitely agree that there has been a notable change in Harry’s spotlight image. This year has been less intense. Yes he still gets papped the most frequently, yes they still pull the separation/solo card once in a while, yes he is still the most well known “face” of the band, but I have seen an improvement since last year. They switch the order around for pictures. All the boys do a fair amount of talking in interviews now and Harry even takes a backseat sometimes and just observes. Video footage has been doing a good job of showing equal shots of all the boys. Less lothario headlines. It’s nice. Even on one of the commercials for SNL a few weeks ago, Amy Adams was “fangirling” over Louis, there was a brief mention of Niall, but nothing about Harry. It was a small thing, but I picked up on it. I think the intense focus on Harry last year really took a toll on him. I don’t know what spurred the slight change, but I’m thankful for it and I hope it alleviates at least a little bit of pressure for him.