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Luke, Leia, both senators AU (you'll have to do some tinkering with Luke's last name but oh well)

Generally, he views the phrase “their eyes met across a crowded room” as cliché, but Luke Kryze can’t deny that it perfectly describes what just happened; he had looked up from his conversation with the Senator from Pantora to look straight at a set of warm brown irises fixed quite insistently on him from across the gallery hosting the political talk.

And he knows instantly - that’s her; Princess and Senator Leia Organa, the girl Ben told him to find, their contact in the Rebellion…someone Ben wanted trained alongside him, maybe even by Fulcrum.

His sister.

This took me all day. I was rolling in “Satine Lives and Adopts Luke as Her Son and Obi-Wan Stays on Mandalore and Everyone is Happy as They Can Be Under the Empire” theories. Consequently that led to a lot of plotting.

And a possible series of shorts because I kinda want to do this now. Luke Kryze has captured this fangirl’s heart. Seriously, he was the only thing I could think of when you said “both senators” - in this case, both Jedi as well, though there are some small differences I can’t get into right now.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Some h/c for ukitake and a s/o that loves playing around with his hair? Making braids or just running their fingers through it? Thanks a bunch!

ok this kinda hits home for me because I’ve had this habit of playing with my hair ever since I was really little….

Jushiro would love for someone to play with his hair. There is just something so calming about it. He loves feeling your hands brush it all up and run trough his scalp, especially when he’s resting from one of his fits. It’s also very helpful when you braid it too, since his fits involve coughing up blood so while he’s sick he usually asks you to pull it back into a braid.

If you sit long enough and play with his hair, eventually he will fall asleep though he tries very hard to stay awake but Jushiro is naturally a light sleeper so all you have to do is give him a gentle nudge and a soft call of his name and he’ll wake right up.
“I’m sorry, I fell asleep again…Please forgive me, there is just something so calm and relaxing about the way you play with my hair…” 

He gives you a soft smile and pulls you around to his lap. “Let me brush yours for a bit alright?” 

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🌼 and bcos the other emoji doesnt show up on my computer tag three people you want to get to know better and state why!!

What are you attracted to in people personality-wise?

i think this is meant like Romantically?? SO romo-wise i normally tend to like ppl that are more introverted than me? even if its only by a little. i think thats just a normal way how it goes tho? like extroverts tend to seek out introverts romantically and vice versa aint that how it Goes….IDK MOVING ON for me to stay interested in someone we have to also share interests ofc and also like? be Interested in those Interests for the same reasons?

 that sounds so silly but like ive met people where we’ve shared hobbies but they went about theirs so differently compared to me that it was almost like we didnt share the hobby at all. idk if anyone else has ever experienced that. LASTLY if they put up w/ me at all then thats a good feature i approve of that. rly im mainly interested in ppl tht can be my Best Friend First n then date later SDFDFG

Tag three people you want to get to know better and state why! 

UHHH HMMM…THESE R A BIT RANDOM BUT​ @lovesnote @scryptids @funerals i dont rly have a reason Why tho other than they just seem like cool chill kiddos and i would give them my lunch money if they asked/demanded

I Had a Great Idea

for a Humans are Weird story.

So human babies REALLY need to be touched. Its totally critical for development. Small babies can literally die if you don’t cuddle them enough.

But imagine that the aliens are more like reptiles, in that they just sort of hatch and their parents feed them or stay around (and presumably, like, educate them, since they’re intelligent aliens), but don’t carry them around or cuddle in the same way.

So one of them gets stuck with a human baby that they’re responsible for and of course, they go ask a xenobiologist or someone ‘what do you do for a human baby, they’re all weird and squishy’.

And the scientist says: well, you have to stroke them. Like actually pick them up and stroke their skin.

Why, says the alien, what could that possibly accomplish. Does it make their skin tougher. Will they grow proper scales.

No, no, that’s just what human skin is like, you just… you have stroke them or they won’t grow right. They get a stroking-deficiency and can die.

Katsuki Yuuri is 22 and in college and disgustingly in love with Viktor Nikiforov, his boyfriend of two years.

They have a one-year-old puppy named Makkachin, whom they got from the breeder as soon as he was fully weaned. 

They live together in a gorgeous 2-bedroom apartment - with huge bay windows and what is technically a guest room, but which they’ve been calling “Phichit’s room” for as long as they’ve been living there, for how often the Thai boy stays over. Sometimes, Chris stays there too, when he’s in the country, and Phichit will complain for weeks afterwards that nothing is where he left it and someone has been rummaging in his personal belongings. (Yuuri and Viktor have long since given up questioning why he even keeps his personal belongings in their guestroom).

Viktor is a successful, best-selling author who insists on travelling to the places his books are set in the interest of accuracy even when the setting has next to nothing to do with the plot, because he’s just extra like that.

Yuuri and Makkachin travel with him whenever they can, but being a college student doesn’t give you that much free time, so most often Yuuri has to stay at home, or come home early. He doesn’t mind too much. He’s never actually alone for more than a few days at a time anyways (again, Phichit crashes at their place a lot).

They’re happy and disgustingly adorable and #couplegoals for literally everyone.

And then…they break up. And neither of them will say why. All anyone knows is that it started with a tiny little argument, and spiralled quickly into something monstrous and devastating.

And within the month, Yuuri moves out of his gorgeous 2-bedroom apartment with the huge bay windows and the guest room that they used to call Phichit’s room.

He leaves behind the boyfriend he was disgustingly in love with, and the puppy that whines pitifully after him, scratching at the door and begging to be let out.

He’s done uni by then, and so is Phichit. They have nothing left to tie them to that city, and because Phichit is beautiful and perfect and a way better best friend than Yuuri deserves, he convinces Yuuri to move with him across the country, to sunny beaches and towering palms, to a place as far away from home as they can possibly get, while staying in the same country.

And Viktor? He’s left behind in a too big apartment, with a heartbroken puppy that lies listlessly on Yuuri’s side of the bed and can only fall asleep when listening to Yuuri’s breathless laughter through old vacation videos on Viktor’s laptop.

Once their lease is up, Viktor decides to move back home to Russia, to parents who hug him tightly when they see him standing miserable and tired on their doorstep, and a little brother who barely recognizes him without his ex boyfriend attached to his hip.

He keeps writing his books (tragedies now, instead of the romance his fans have grown to expect from him), even sells his movie rights to some of them, and Makkachin starts running and playing again, tongue lolling happily out of his mouth and bouncing with excitement whenever Yura mentions the beloved “w” word. These days, Viktor always takes him travelling with him, ever since Makkachin got sick with anxiety the first time Viktor left him behind at his parents’ home for a week.

And meanwhile, Yuuri learns to live with a gaping hole in his chest where his heart used to be, so painful some days he can barely breathe.

Phichit is with him every step of the way, his partner-in-crime, his brother in all but blood, his platonic soulmate. (It’s a warm and sticky summer night when they lie on a sandy beach and listen to the waves lapping quietly at their bare toes, and they promise each other that if neither of them are married by forty, they’ll just marry each other. It’s not exactly what Yuuri had wanted from his future, but it still makes him clutch at his stomach in breathless laughter when Phichit suggests it.)

Viktor had always been the author out of the two of them, the one that knew how to string words in just the right order to paint a vivid picture in the minds of his readers.

But Yuuri isn’t too bad at it himself, he thinks. He decides to give it a try.

He paints a story of a clumsy couple, charmingly naive, so in love, so perfectly imperfect. He paints a story of a couple that bickers and banters, fights and then makes up with whispered apologies and warm cuddles. He writes about a couple that fights and makes up, fights and makes up, fights and makes up until…quite suddenly…they don’t.

He writes about the couple that goes their separate ways. A couple that is too young, too inexperienced for this thing they have between them, this thing that’s so huge, so important, so beautiful, they’re both afraid to lose it, so they throw it away themselves.

And then, just because he wants to give them the one thing he’d long given up hope for, he ends their story with a question.

(Can we give this a second chance?)

Katsuki Yuuri is 26, and disgustingly in love with Viktor Nikiforov, the boy he broke up with three and a half years ago.

He has a cute little 2-year-old toy poodle named Vicchan, whom his roommate, his platonic soulmate (his potential fiancé?) had given to him as a present to get over his broken heart.

They live together in a cozy little 1-bedroom apartment just ten minutes away from the beach, with a sofa-bed that their friends, Guang-Hong and Leo, like to crash on sometimes when they’re in the middle of another lovers’ quarrel.

Yuuri is a best-selling author, with his one-hit wonder, On My Love, garnering international attention and countless desperate requests for a sequel.

Yuuri likes to take Vicchan for walks along the beach early in the morning, just as the sun is beginning to peek above the horizon and paint the sky in soft pinks and dazzling oranges.

They’re taking a break one day, with Vicchan splashing in the shallows a few feet away, when Yuuri is suddenly bowled over by a whining, panting, standard sized poodle, all soft brown fur and sloppy kisses.

He can barely breathe around the desperate affection, and not even Vicchan’s excited, curious yapping is enough to distract the ecstatic giant furball from his reunion with his long-lost and sorely missed human.

As soon as Yuuri can breathe again, fingers curled into his beautiful older puppy’s fur, he looks up, and his heart clenches at the sight of the Russian man standing a few feet away, a familiar paperback clutched to his chest with white-knuckled hands.

He still wears his heart on his sleeve.

A question tumbles out of his mouth.

And in that moment, Yuuri knows to start his next book with an answer.

(“Of course.”)


all you do is yell at each other; you are not friends.
                                 no, we’re  f a m i l y .

Thrilled to be reunited with my fave fandom partners (ljummen and tsumi) to bring you this Sterek treat for Valentine’s!

One Life Stand by Vendelin (Businessman!Derek/Prostitute!Stiles, 84K)

Stiles is used to selling himself to make ends meet. But it’s getting harder to keep those ends meeting, and there’s only so much of Stiles to go around. Until a too-fancy car shows up in his neighborhood, and he meets Derek Hale.

All Derek wants is Stiles’s time, someone to stay on his arm for events and smile for the cameras. It’s the easiest job Stiles has ever had, the best-paying one he’s ever had, and he’s more than happy to sign up.

Derek is everything and nothing Stiles expects him to be, with his tailored suits, sharp mind and his quiet way of caring. But it’s just a job and Stiles never meant to fall in love.

read the fic | view tsumi’s art post

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If Laurens were an animal, would he be a ferret or a honey badger?

ok so like 6 different people have given me their varying opinions on Which Animal John Laurens Would Be and i dont really know so.. its time to

here are ALL OF THEM!!! with this new visual evidence the People can now decide on john laurens’s one true fursona

i forgot what john laurens looked like halfway through drawing these so. have some animals with little clothes and lil ponytails

underrated achievement hunter things
  • genuinely sweet geoff
  • geoff talking about millie
  • geoff joining in videos randomly and trying to join in but mostly just doing his own thing
  • geoff doing his own thing in lets plays in general
  • Old Man Geoff trying to stay Hip and With It
  • michael’s lil mischievous giggle (hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhhm)
  • ryan and michael already having three stars by the two minute mark in gtav
  • the camera cutting to someone else doing something menial while chaos ensues elsewhere
    • “OH MY GOD THERES SO MANY COPS” “RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN” *hard cut to geoff playing darts*
  • jack singing
    • everyone subsequently joining in
  • editors getting fed up with those in the video
  • ryan and gavin being assholes to each other
    • ryan and gavin being assholes to everyone else, together
  • jeremy being an asshole, surprising everyone
  • when the end of jeremy’s sentence turns into a wheeze
    • gavin does this too but its way less often
  • everyone going to jeremy when trying to remember stuff from old videos
    • jeremy not remembering things from old videos, surprising everyone
  • everyone holding back jeremy from doing something incredibly stupid and dangerous for the camera
    • except gavin, who is holding the camera
    • and money
  • jeremy being as devious and murderous, possibly even more so, than ryan
  • in the biker gtav let’s plays where jeremy is sloshed by the two minute mark
    • when he wakes up on the toilet and geoff is just like. standing there
  • jeremy “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM” dooley
  • jokes about jeremy’s old fanfiction
  • jeremy being able to keep up the energy, somehow
  • jeremy in general, honestly
  • ghost ray/dead ray
  • when everyone talks over each other/has their own conversations at the same time and its just an incoherent mess, although apparently to them its not
  • geoff getting mad about rvb references
  • ryans inherent ability to understand what gavin is talking about or indulge in his weird questions/what ifs
  • when gavin doesnt even understand what hes trying to say
  • when someone else flubs and no one makes a big deal out of it, but ryan does because hes the only one they do it to and hes pissed about it
  • ryan being genuinely pissed (mingey)
  • when they make jokes or references about a video that hasnt even come out yet
  • when someone dies and they make a noise like the died in real life
    • when michael does this and goes all out (coughing, gurgling, “go on without me”)
      • when he doesnt actually die for awhile and he has to drag it out
    • ryan’s go-to noise for this (AGH-GHG!)
  • michael’s acting/roleplaying/improv skills
  • when someone comes up with a random off-the-cuff rule, scenario, whatever and everyone just immediately goes along with it
    • when everyone except one person does this and theyre like “what the fuck are you doing”
  • when someone in the video is responsible for a let’s play they all hate
    • when said person mentions off-hand how they couldve made it much worse
    • this usually being matt
  • matt fucking with people in general
  • mica teaming up with lindsay
  • when mica is really good at a game
  • when GEOFF is really good at a game
  • mica just being the sweetest person in the world
    • unless shes playing a game
    • then youre fucked
    • seriously it gets NASTY
  • when mica dies and ends up outside of whatever theyre doing and just sorta wanders around having a grand old time
  • mica’s costumes/cosplay
  • the fact that this list is really really long, and theres probably things that should be added to it
Voltron Deaf/Hard of Hearing Headcanons

Smh why has,,,,no one made a post like this yet? I’m offended. Like I’ve literally seen about one post. 

  • SO, if ya’ll know me, you know I have a soft spot for deaf shiro 
  • he’d be deaf-mute but not in the sense that he is physically unable to speak, he just would prefer not to? 
  • He’s pretty insecure about how his voice sounds so he really just stays quiet but sometimes he’ll laugh and ect. 
  • he isn’t the fastest at sign, he prefers to take things s l o w especially if he’s talking to someone who isn’t so great at tracking movement 
  • Keith would be partially deaf, but he’d have hearing aids to help, although it doesn’t completely make up for his deafness. 
  • That boi r e f u s e s to wear his got dang hearing aids IMM
  • Shiro: hey keith Keith:….. Shiro: boi….ur hearing aids….
  • Trying to go to sleep and Lance bangs his toe into the wall near his door
  • that boi is UP AND AT EM
  • You barely touch his shoulder he is al  e r t
  • Lance would be that one kid who is deaf but HE WILL TALK
  • but secretly he really does care but that doesn’t stop him
  • he didn’t have years of speech therapy for that nonsense let the boi speak 
  • He is super fluid with his sign, liek no one can frickin understand him
  • he goes at naruto speeds with that signing I tell ya but like, he’s super sloppy with it?? 
  • Shiro has an aneurysm everytime he tries to understand Lance’s sign
  • but Lance makes up for it by talking because his voice may sound a little off, but he’s still pretty good at it and he’s hella understandable 
  • Lance would turn reading lips into some flirty thing i feel this in my soul 
  • he would use reading lips as an excuse to stare at Keith’s mouth 
  • Pidge doesn’t have time for non-hearing nonsense, she probs would have super engineered hearing aids that let her hear a mouse’s heartbeat from Earth I M 
  • just kidding but she’d definitely have some super rad hearing devices
  • Hunk would be that one really rad deaf friend who is like super chill and will def (pun lmao) teach you how to sign like
  • don’t be afraid of offending him he is literally so chill like just approach him
  • he is also down with the quality Deaf Pranks™
  • If ya’ll don’t know about deaf pranks, it can go either way
  • pranking your deaf friend or your deaf friend pranking Y O U 
  • One of Hunk’s favorite Deaf Pranks™ is sneaking up behind Lance and placing his hands on his shoulders 
  • Lance jumps 5 feet away 
  • Another one is openly ignoring someone even if you see them out of your peripheral vision because “oh sorry,,,,im deaf,,,,OOPS” 
  • Pidge: I’m sorry. Suddenly I can’t read I don’t know Shiro: Pidge you’re deaf, not blind 
  • Lance: Lol this is sign language for fuck you *flips off an entire fleet of Galra* 
  • My fav headcanon tho is that they all just sometimes sit around the room and like
  • feel the vibrations from upbeat music
  • like ya’ll think deaf people don’t enjoy music??? lmao 
  • also really intimate things like 
  • touching eachother’s throats and speaking/touching the other’s throat if they can hear and speak articulately 
  • because feeling their voice vibrate against their throat is top notch and i love it 
  • Allura being that one really supportive friend who learns sign language just because of the paladins 
  • Coran being really intrigued by the “Human’s hand language” 
  • Keith: AND ANOTHER THING- Lance: *hand cuffs him* No
  • Shiro: Lol can’t hear your bullshit 


Anyways,,,,deaf paladins,,,plz @roteli @roteli-vld

You left and you said you wouldn’t. Just like that because one day you got up and didn’t feel anything. It’s the same old story. Maybe if you actually grew up and realized there will be times when you’re not going to feel anything, but you stay with someone and you get through it. When you start to lose feelings for someone, tell them as soon as possible so you can work through it and if you do break up, you won’t be as surprised and it will be a lot easier on your heart. You work together. You don’t just hide it and leave. Because that’s really shitty. You don’t tell someone you love them when you don’t. I mean I get things don’t work out sometimes, but you didn’t even try to fight. And I trusted you. And you lied to me.
—  I miss you
Night AUs

- You talk in your sleep and you pretty much just described to me, in extremely graphic detail, how you would kill someone and now I’m too scared to fall asleep

- (On the flip side) you made a lot of sexual noises while you slept, what (or who) were you dreaming about??

- Okay I get that ocean noises help people go to sleep but you’ve literally been playing whale mating calls at full volume for the past hour and if you don’t stop soon I’m gonna come over and smack you

- We both planned to stay up all night but you ended up falling asleep and you just woke up to me standing next to you with a bowl of warm water in my hands-I can explain

- We were both going to pull an all nighter to study for an exam tomorrow but now it’s 6 am and we just finished an entire tv series and I can’t believe you let this happen

- it’s 4 am and we’re both running solely on Red Bull and coffee at this point and we just had the most in depth discussion about eggs I swear to god

shinee goes to the mall


  • drives the crew over (onew: for the last time jong we can’t all fit in your lambo / jong: WELL TAEMIN CAN JUST SIT ON SOMEONE’S LAP OK / tae: hard pass)
  • says “bye kids” and immediately heads to brookstone 
  • stays in the massage chair the entire time 
  • comes out clutching a mini helicopter 
  • gets free samples at the food court
  • wants to go home soon


  • “we would have looked so cool rolling up in my lambo” 
  • easily distracted 
  • large sweaters 
  • sticks with key because he has no sense of direction and he’ll get lost if he doesn’t follow anyone 
  • buys earphones every time because he forgets where he put them (he literally has a pair in every sweater pocket) 


  • loves all the clothes all the time but doesn’t buy something unless he thinks he absolutely can’t go on without it 
  • buys random shit tho 
  • he got this super weird looking humidifier once? he agonized over buying it bc it was on the pricier side but it was super ~*aesthetic*~ so he treated himself
  • makes jong carry his bags when he’s trying something on (jong: why must i suffer like this) 
  • consoles himself with froyo when he leaves something he likes but not enough to buy it 


  • cannot pass auntie annie’s without getting a pretzel 
  • complains v loudly around jong that it’s soooo hard to find pants that’ll fit properly bc his legs are too long, gets smacked immediately 
  • passed the piercing place on more than one occasion wondering if today is the day 
  • “i bought a zen garden guys” 


  • must be supervised at all times
  • key had an aneurysm when he saw THOSE SHOES!!!!!!!!!! 
  • he mostly goes with the flow - sometimes he hangs out with onew at brookstone 
  • that weird kinetic sand?? love that weird shit 
  • asks employees v specific questions about their products that they don’t know
  • visits the apple store a lot bc he lost his phone again 
  • shinee left him at the mall once 

Since Garrus was CSEC, and the Ryders grew up on the Citadel… do you ever think they met?
Like the Ryder twins get into trouble all the time for vandalism or staying out past curfew or other small things…
and one night, someone knocks on the door, and when Alec opens it it’s just grumpy looking Garrus with the twins for the billionth time, and he’s just so fed up.

You know,
I get drunk when it hurts
and sometimes it’s a blade to the skin.
When I’m angry I kick and scream,
I break things just for the hell of it,
just to see something as broken as I am.
Someone touched me too soon,
apparently blood isn’t thicker than water.
I was left before I breathed my first breath of life,
I never felt as though I was somebody’s daughter.
I only feel useful when I’m being used
and I crave to be hurt again,
sick right?
I stay up late at night
contemplating taking my life,
I count backwards,
then I find myself at zero again with the same dreadful feeling lingering over my head.
I don’t eat enough
or I eat too much,
either way I turn away from the mirror.
I push those closest to me away,
intimacy issues crawling out of my chest.
I will turn you into me,
I will make you ugly,
run while you can still leave.
—  I promise you don’t want to ‘get to know’ me.
Sometimes I feel so pathetic for how I acted when my heart was broken. How did I fall so far that I begged someone to stay? I begged someone to love me. I was showing someone how much I loved them when they just shooed me away. Never again will I allow my self worth to result in begging.
—  Chapters from my life

there’s infinite talk about how alfred would die for the batfamily but what about all the times he has died waiting for the news to come, that one of his boys died on duty? all the times he did get that call and all the times he didn’t but knew anyway and could tell no one. all the times he stayed up wondering how many wounds he’ll have to patch up, how many reopened cuts he’ll have to stitch for the tenth time, how many seconds he’s going to think about saying something, anything, about how this is slow suicide and it’s killing him to see his family hurt again and again and again, but ultimately choosing to keep his mouth shut because he’ll just be greeted with a sigh, a rolling of the eyes, or a subject change about how the dinner at city hall should be cancelled because there’s someone on the loose. there’s always someone on the loose and there’s always a dinner he has to cancel to give way to more pain

“isn’t the feeling of being in love just beautiful?
it all started out as
hey i think she’s kinda cute
but now it’s all like
i would give up my whole life just to make her happy”

My newest 8tracks playlist: Love, and that’s all

  • Lover, Please Stay Nothing but Thieves
  • High Hopes Kodaline
  • Sleep On The Floor The Lumineers
  • Love Lana Del Rey
  • Just Once Shura
  • Someone To Stay  Vancouver Sleep Clinic
  • Something Just Like This The Chainsmokers & Coldplay
  • Let Me In Grouplove
  • Seeing Stars BØRNS
  • Loving Someone The 1975
During the After Kegster (ep 3.5)

Downstairs, the kegster is still in full swing. Bitty can feel the music vibrating up through the floor as he paces his room. He only has a couple of minutes before Jack needs to join him, and he can’t sit still in excitement. His excuse to leave the party–making sure his room is still locked and vomit free–will only buy him a little time.

He’s been desperate to be alone with Jack all night. He just wants to talk to him and smile at him and knock that hat off his head and not worry about who will see. He wants to talk to Jack about the game and also kiss his face.

He paces the short length of his room again and checks his phone. He wonders if Jack got caught up talking to someone and can’t get past them. He starts to think he should give up and go back downstairs and try again later. But Jack can’t stay all night, he’s got to go home soon.

Bitty flips his phone over in his hands a few times and starts towards the door to check the hallway to see if Jack is on his way when there’s a gentle knock.

He composes himself but still opens the door embarrassingly fast and Jack grins at him from the other side, as handsome as ever with his Samwell hat flipped backwards on his head.

“I was starting to think I’d been stood up,” Bitty says softly.

Jack leans in close, not quite kissing, and backs Bitty into the room while shutting the door behind them with his foot. The moment he hears the door click, he rocks forward the rest of the way and kisses Bitty solidly, pushing his hands into his hair.

He pulls away and says, “Hi,” and kisses Bitty again before he can respond. Jack covers Bitty’s face with short kisses and walks them towards the bed. Bitty laughs and pushes at Jack’s chest when Jack kisses his temple and nuzzles his hair.

“Jack! Honey, calm down.”

“You’re so great,” Jack says and kisses him again. Bitty makes a muffled noise and huffs when Jack pulls away again.

“Let me breathe, lord.”

“No can do, Bits. You were so good tonight. You’re so good. I’m so proud.”

“Oh come on–”

Jack pushes Bitty backwards until the backs of his knees hit the bed and keeps pushing until he climbs back onto it. Jack flops down next to him and leans over to kiss him again.

“I wanted to kiss you in the locker room,” he says.

“Me too.”

They take a moment to look at each other, just look and be next to each other and grin.

Bitty reaches out and grabs Jack’s hat and tosses it away.

Friendly Reminder That:
  • Just because someone is your FP doesn’t mean they have to devote all their time to you.
  • Just because someone is your FP doesn’t mean they have to “take care of you”.
  • Just because someone is your FP doesn’t mean they have to live up to your impossible expectations.
  • Just because someone is your FP doesn’t mean they have to feel the same way (or similarly) about you.
  • Just because someone is your FP doesn’t mean they are obligated to stay your friend/partner/etc for as long as they are your FP.
  • Just because someone is your FP doesn’t mean they are yours.

Your FP is a person, not an object. They don’t belong to you. You have no say in who they talk to, when they talk to them. You have no say in where they go or when they go or how long they go for.

Your. FP. Is. A. Person. Treat them like one.