just some tidbits about jag

A while ago, someone reblogged this post:


and in their tags, they mentioned that Jag would probably sock them in the face for flirting with him, despite them being a lady. An interesting observation, sure, but not 100% true.

As cranky, short tempered, and nasty as he is, he’s not one to hit a girl/lady for any old reason (especially for flirting with him). Actually, he’s such an angry guy, he probably wouldn’t realise he was being courted to begin with heh. 

However, if he feels they are overstepping their boundaries, he’d most likely resort to intimidation, and threats, rather than outright physical violence.

At least, not yet.

Remember his hair trigger temper, because once he’s pushed to the brink, there’s no going back, female or not. Of course, and much like Frog Lad, that means he can and will defend himself against a girl/lady, especially if they’re a threat to him or anyone he cares about.

Unlike Frog Lad, though, Jag is less forgiving and gracious, and in most cases is more willing to “go for the kill”.