just some random quotes

The signs as random quotes I love
  • Aries: "just a princess w/ some anger issues"
  • Taurus: "of course I talk to myself. sometimes I need expert advice"
  • Gemini: "we all have that one song that awakens the stripper in us"
  • Cancer: "I just realized that I can't touch yesterday, so why am I letting yesterday touch me?"
  • Leo: "goals so big you get uncomfortable telling small minded people"
  • Virgo: "I hate when I lose things at school like my pens and self motivation"
  • Libra: "It's okay if you don't like me, not everyone has good taste"
  • Scorpio: "today's mood: bitchy with a chance of sarcasm"
  • Sagittarius: "go out and be a hoe, it's a beautiful day"
  • Capricorn: "get the money first. fall in love later"
  • Aquarius: "cold as ice but in the right hands she melts"
  • Pisces: "I'm 99% angel, but oh, that 1%..."
I am that kind of girl that will randomly kiss you because your lips are unrealistically beautiful, I will randomly hug you, or kiss your hand, or do silly noises before kissing you, the kind of girl who will make you dinner and buy you flowers. Because I am that kind of girl who needs someone to love and to take care off cuz more than just having a girlfriend I love having someone to take care off, someone to love.
—  I need a girlfriend ASAP

So… imagine Lavi and Allen wearing matching shirts with the following text:

Lavi: I’m A Weirdo
Allen: He’s My Weirdo

Lavi: My Best Friend Is Awesome
Allen: He Thinks I’m Awesome

Lavi: I’m The Wild One.
Allen: I’m The Mild One.
/Back/ Both: Together We Are Dangerous

Both: We’re Partners In Crime

Lavi: We Solemnly Swear That
Allen: We Are Up To No Good

Allen: I’m With Stupid
Lavi: Guess I’m Stupid

Lavi: If Lost Return To Allen
Allen: I’m Allen

Lavi: My Bae /arrow towards right/
Allen: My Boo /arrow towards left/

Allen: My Best Friend Talks A Lot
Lavi: I Talk A Lot

Lavi: He’s The Short One /arrow towards right/
Allen: He’s The Tall One /arrow towards left/ [miniature letters] Though I Hate To Admit It

Lavi: He’s A Keeper /arrow towards right/
Allen: He’s A Catch /arrow towards left/

Lavi: Positive +
Allen: Negative -
/Back/ Both: Opposites Attract

Okay, we’re done.








Lavi: Mr. Broke It
Allen: Mr. Fix It

…We are really  not  sorry. 

I hoped it would do well, but I never expected the series would become what it has. It’s been translated into a dozen languages and has sold well above a million copies — and that’s not including international or “TLOS” 4 sales. The series has also gotten critical praise, but most importantly, kids really love reading it. None of it would mean anything unless they did. Giving kids an adventure is much more fulfilling than just selling a product.


Kaito is more than just ‘never forget your poker face’.

In context and out of context quotes from the manga.


 One of the (many) things I like about B-plot of The Girl Next Door (Weevil/Logan detention storyline) is the apt usage of Shakespearean quotes in the background. Like, when Weevil slams Logan telling him his only value is “who his parents are”, we see Logan’s head against “that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet” reminder, and then we have this Hamlet’s description of Yorick and his “gibes and gambols” on the board right before the infamous car prank is conceived. I don’t know if these quotes were intentional or just some random details from Art Department, but in any case, it’s a nice touch.

She missed him with every bone in her body.
She missed him with every breath she took,
every step she walked,
every tear she cried,
every smile she smiled.
With every little drop of her blood; 
she missed him.
She didn’t miss the feeling,
she didn’t miss the relationship.
She missed his smile,
the way he laughed,
the way he was around his closest friends,
his reckless and immature behavior,
on the contrast,
she missed his deep and emotional conversations.
she missed the friendship.
Maybe, she missed the feelings mixed in-between,
as she sat in front of the ocean one thing was loud and clear:
She missed him.


just somethings that are flowing inside my head.

Camren and Virginia Woolf quick analysis

We all know Camila and Lauren have a fascination about literature. They have mentioned that in several interviews. There is no way they don’t know about Virginia Woolf. She’s not just a random writer. She’s one of the troubled artists (she committed suicide) and was one of the few artists in the early 20th century to actually explore her sexuality. And that random quote isn’t just some reblog, she posted that on IG for crying out loud! It’s an artist expressing her vulnerabilities for ANOTHER WOMAN. 

That quote meant something to her. I don’t know what her intentions are but clearly, that sonnet to be posted in her personal account meant something.  


Yeah Boy!