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Hello would you mind recommending the best podcasts to listen to? Thanks😊

ooooh! this is a good ask!  So it depends on what kind of stuff you like to listen to.  I’ll be honest, my tastes can be…interesting :)  

So first of all, I like to stay informed my dumpster fire of a government, but do so in a way that doesn’t make me want to slam my head against the wall.  So if you’re into American politics, I highly recommend the Crooked Media podcasts, particularly Pod Save America and Lovett or Leave It.  

My friends and I are all big fans of The Bachelor and all it’s adjacent shows and not only do we have a group text where we discuss the show, but then we all listen to Here to Make Friends

I’m a biiiiiiig True Crime nerd as well (yay murder!) so my go to podcasts for that are My Favorite Murder and Casefile.  

I recently listened to a FASCINATING series on Charles Manson that really dove deep into all of Hollywood around the time he was active on You Must Remember This which usually isn’t a crime podcast but tells super interesting stories of Old Hollywood.  

I tried to get into Last Podcast on the Left which is really interesting when they’re telling the stories, but i don’t particularly love the guys’ humor.  

Speaking of humor one I can not recommend enough is My Dad Wrote a Porno.  Imagine that you’re 60-something year old father saw the success of 50 Shades of Grey and decided to write his very own erotic novel.  That’s what happened to poor Jamie. He and his friends read a chapter out loud every week and it’s RIDICULOUS and hilarious and be careful listening to it in public because you will struggle to keep it together and people may stare because you’re laughing so hard.  

When i’m in the mood for people to tell me stories, I listen to Myths and Legends, or for something creepier, Lore.  

And of course the big ones that most people have already listened to/heard about: Serial, This American Life, S-Town, and Missing Richard Simmons (although I must say, the last two bring up some VERY interesting moral questions regarding whether or not they should have been made to begin with). 

 I also unexpectedly/accidentally got into a scripted podcast called The Black Tapes.  I didn’t realize it was scripted at first, i thought it was something similar to like ghost hunters.  I thought the people sounded a bit…strange at first and then I realized that they were all voice actors.  The first couple episodes are a little rough and the actors aren’t the best, but once you get into it you’re hooked (or at least I was.  If you can’t tell i like things that are a little macabre :)). 

Recently @harryflyles got me to start listening to The Watch which I’m really enjoying.  There’s lots of Game of Thrones talk which i’m loving and also some FASCINATING interviews as well.  

Other than that just random one offs when I run out of things to listen to and go searching :) 

Please feel free to share any other recommendations!! I walk a lot so a good podcast definitely comes in handy! 

Mike Faist's Voice

Mike Faist’s singing voice is just so pleasant and bubbly and lovely, it makes me wanna smile. Not to mention his normal voice is like that, but just a bit lower, so anytime you’re watching an interview or some random thing someone records, you wanna smile, because hey, it’s Mike Faist’s voice, he’s smiling, your smiling, it’s okay. Also, whenever Mike says his singing isn’t his strong point, you wanna punch a wall BECAUSE MY LITTLE ANGEL, YOUR VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL.

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hey!! who do you think in wanna one is likely to be gay? can you do a mtl? thks! :)

Lmao what ahahaha; I have been laughing at this for 15 minutes, this is so funny. I don’t really want to assume things, as much as I like shipping idols, I don’t really view them as romantically involved with one another. 

I won’t do a most to least, but I will just give my OWN PERSONAL OPINION. Keep in mind that I am not stating one of them is gay or whatsoever. Just what I observed from watching P101 and some other random interviews. 

Those I think are completely straight are: Minhyun, Jaehwan, Daniel, Sungwoon, Guan Lin, Jisung. 

Minhyun, Jaehwan, Sungwoon, Guan Lin and Daniel don’t ping me at all, even though skinship is very common in Korea between guys as well, they seem comfortable with it, but just on a platonic, friendly level. 

As much as Jisung likes to play, I believe he is also straight, but I didn’t see him being attracted to neither females or males until now. Except for the reaction when he got a kiss on the cheek from Minhyun, he doesn’t show much. I feel like he would be into girls for the most part. 

I actually debated a little whether to include Seongwoo there, but to me he feels like he can swing between both girls and boys; like he won’t discriminate for a cute guy and neither for a beautiful girl. I feel he leans more towards girls though.

Now the maknae line, some of them are a bit iffy in my opinion, but then again take it all with a grain of salt. 

Woojin is straight but not interested in any gender currently. He seems way too focused on his work. I am also going to include Jihoon in the same category; he seems too focused on being an idol for now. But Jihoon for as young as he is, he is incredibly smart and knows fanservice well. 

Daehwi and Jinyoung are the purest of the whole group in my opinion and I am not saying that they are gay; but their interactions together are so genuine and loving. The other members said they actually give each other kisses at the dorm and I think there may be some feelings involved. Nothing serious, but just like a crush you don’t realise you have. I do not think either of them are aware of their attraction to each other though.

Calum’s such a hyperactive guy, I mean he might be quiet in interviews and I don’t know what, but that boy is constantly rocking his head back and forth or shuffling with his hands or his leg is always jumpy or he slaps a member of the band on the shoulder or just makes witty quiet comebacks that no one hears, he might seem so but that boy’s certainly not quiet and shy

reaches 1m
  • harry: *tattoos AIMH*
  • louis: *tattoos "yours sincerely"*
  • interviewer: what does that mean?
  • harry: just some random letters
  • louis: people really think its connected hahaha

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Hi there! Plz rant n rave about homin moments. Tq

only ravin no negetivity on this blog tonight

homin’s like the best ship u’ll ever ship in ur entire shipping career..js..

like..just pick a random interview they did for some random show thats probs 2 minutes long THEY WILL STLL MANAGE TO SLIP SOMETHING EXTREMELY GAY IN IT???? andh the fact that they’ve been living together for like..5 years and tbh  how many times has changmin complained about how yunho doesnt shut the door when he’s in the bathroom! or omg he doesnt squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom ugh! bye…

and like they transitioned from callin each other sexy (i rmb one of them said smth like “he’s the most sexy when he just came out of the shower to  “i love changmin” he fucking legit said that what the fuck im like 900% sure they got married in spain— to changmin’s my home..and then i want changmin to  be mine…changmin is my other half…if i didnt have yunho i wouldnt be here today… and literally today yunho said they’re like isshin dou tai which basically means they’re one, being one in body and soul two hearts beating as one, ?????

they’re basically mar ried 80 year old grandpas bickering all the time about domestic ass shit (((lol never forget that time where changmin compared  themselves to a married couple……..ok..i see..)))))))))) and they’re also extremly sappy to each other? and say super lovey dovey shit all the time? i’ll never understand people who compare them to a father/son r/s istg……..

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Hi! I'm a relatively new BBC and I'm still trying to catch up on all the inside jokes and nicknames. Could you help me please? ^^;

well, first of all, WELCOME TO THE BLOCK!~ i love to meet new bees ^^ but… that’s so hard to answer! idk how to sum up three years of weirdness in one ask! i’ll do my best though!

probably the best thing you can do is watch their old shows, especially Match Up.

(also, just for fun, here’s my assessment of the guys in the form of the SeSea Highschool Yearbook)

and okay, let’s see if i can give you some info…

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Translation of some interesting stuff from recent Jong Suk interviews during promotion period for Hot Young Bloods

(16 Jan- 24 Jan 2014)- Part 1

(Note: As you all know if you have been paying attention, there has been a flood of Jong Suk interviews since the start of the promotion period of Hot Young Bloods, it is almost impossible to translate all of them, so here are some of the stuff that I found interesting/has not been translated into English as far as I know. I have lost track of the interviews, and I’m not sure which is from which for some of the parts… if I know, I’ll try to write down the interview source… all the translations are translated from Chinese into English from 11’s translation on weibo. And it is more of a translation of meaning, rather than word to word one. Pictures credit are shown as logo on pictures, I just chose some random pics from the recent interviews rather than trying to dig out the original pics from the original source…)


Q: The roles you have played are often in situations of unrequited love, have you experienced that in real life?

LJS: Yes, it is also like that now? Even though I am not in love now, sometimes when I see someone, I think “Oh, quite nice”, I think that is also a type of unrequited love. Of course, I have also experienced the more painful type of unrequited love, and that memory is still in my heart. Unrequited love is really a sad thing.

Q: In the press conference, you mentioned the way to a woman’s heart is through aeygo, are you the type who is really good at aeygo with your girlfriend?LJS: Are my ears getting red now? Frankly, I am not the really clingy type of person. Many people said I’m really good at aeygo, although I admit it, however, that is just a way of survival for me in the world. Aeygo became a habit for me, I don’t know if I will do that to my girlfriend suddenly. I started working when I was really young, and I was often the youngest in all those activities, so I feel like the youngest even at the age of 26. Even when I have more younger “brothers” now. Now, sometimes I get that feeling of “… I am already…”

Q: What is your ideal type?

LJS: I like women better than me, the type who has something for me to learn from, like the type who can control me and move me?

Korea Daily:

Hot Young Bloods is a piece of work through which I tried to work hard to destroy my image deliberately, I did that to the point where even the director said it was too destructive and so he edited some of the parts out of the movie.

TV Daily:

Jong Suk mentioned he wants to develop some interests, like DJ-ing, tennis.

He tried many types of hairstyle before the start of Hot Young Bloods, and he was shocked when he watched Reply 1994, and found his hairstyle to be quite similar to that of Kim Sung Kyun Songbae. Many people said their hairstyle are quite similar, but Jong Suk thought he should be the one who tried it first.

Source uncertain

After the Face Reader, he got a few historical drama scripts, even though he would really like to pick up the challenges, he felt that it is not the right time yet. The Face Reader was shot at the same time with School 2013, and when he watched the movie, he was troubled by his own performance, and he was very anxious among the other more experienced actors. He lost quite a lot of self confidence during that time, but he felt gradually healed during the time while he shot Hot Young Bloods.

Okay but why are people shaming Carrie? You have this, basically: she had an affair with a married man. He had an affair with a 19 yo. You don’t get to choose a side here; they weren’t being moral. They were getting wasted and having fun together 40 years ago. So stop shaming either of them for this, there is no right side and it was consensual, so… chill