just some random close ups idek


Anonymous said:i read your name as shiiiink (like a blade) jjuurg (like someone getting stabbed)Anonymous said: I’ve memorized your url as “sim k jrs” but I actually say “Simksbdjdh” in my head for some reason

Anonymous said: Whenever I saw your user I always read “sim” and my mind would just go JUKABLANAFHDHD after it and descend into mumbling

in all fairness my username DOES look like a vague keysmash

Anonymous said: i read it as Sims junior for a while… then i really looked and now its simkeuhjreuhss (euh like the way french people pronouce e)

i actually have no idea how to pronounce that, so congratulations on completely befuddling me about my own username 

Anonymous said: I read your name as Sim Cares

this works because i do care! 

Anonymous said: How do u say byggualom?

i personally pronounce it big-you-uh-lohmm with emphasis on the last syllable 

Anonymous said: i’m hungarian and i pronounce your username in a kinda mixed hungarian and english way: simköjörs

im so curious what that sounds like irl

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