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You know what I don’t get? Is how you can just suddenly not like a ship. People will go from loving them, being so dedicated to their once “OTP” to suddenly throwing them aside because they found a new ship or they got bored. How does that even work? There are ships I don’t pay much attention to anymore but that doesn’t mean I stopped shipping them, I don’t like them anymore or I moved on to a “better” ship. I question your loyalty? They will be like “oh my gosh they are so real!” to “I don’t like them anymore. It’s boring now.” Like ??? This is the same with people, bands and such too. I honestly don’t understand.

their quiet moments happen at night when the crew is asleep and they take short breaks from their watch. it’s either tea or hot chocolate and it varies from chilling to dry wind. often times the subject is light and memories before nakama. other times its their fears or dreams. and where one of them talk the other always listen.

I wanted to draw a picture to cheer myself after the latest episode, but I stopped after like 20 minutes, to many feeeeels~

On the other hand I’m so proud of Kara being the BEST BIG BRO EVER 10 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR

I can’t draw in this freaking style and I’m frustrated don’t kill me

Qrow: Eventually reveals that he tailed RNJR out of fear of affecting their journey with his semblance

Jaune: Makes a cynical assumption before Qrow can explain himself


P.S. And before anyone starts, no I don’t hate Jaune for blowing up on Qrow. He was angry and lashing out and anyone would too if they were in his position. 


I’m underneath your skin
The devil within
You’ll never know what hit you

And here we are again in this hell XD literally I guess… 

When I decided to make these prompts I thought I was going to draw just some simple stuff, very quick… well, shit. My hand slipped :D a lot. Very much. 


Thank you for the prompt  ( ˘ ³˘)❤


They had travelled a whole lot. Noiz had wanted to offer Aoba anything he could possibly wish for; Aoba had wished for Noiz to experience and see as many new things as possible. 

As they finally returned to their moderate flat in Germany something felt off. They both figured it was nothing unusual - after all, they had been on the go for almost a year. Being in the same place after that was bound to feel strange to them.

But even after weeks Germany failed to feel like home. Why? Aoba felt guilty. He had no problems getting settled there when Noiz brought him over the first time. Aoba tried to shake the feeling of restlessness off yet it wouldn’t give him peace.

He approached Noiz as he was about to let himself slump into the couch after taking of his coat and blazer after a long day’s work. The office always took its toll on him - too stiff, too busy.

Aoba took Noiz’ hand.

“Noiz… there’s something I need to ask you. Do you… do you like it here?”

Noiz’ brows came closer in a frown. “Like it here? Here… in Germany?”

“Yes…”, the other spoke softly and tugged on Noiz’ hand to have him sit on the couch with him.

“Ever since we’ve returned, things have felt… off. Don’t get me wrong! I like Germany!”, the man interrupted himself before continuing in a sullen voice.

“But I feel like… after seeing all those cities, all those countries… after being so free - I feel like we could both do better than this. I know you don’t enjoy being in the office. Before you say anything!” , Aoba stopped Noiz with a lifted hand since he was about to retort.

“Don’t… I know you do it for me. I know, and I’m very humbled and grateful and so so proud of you. But I want you to be happy. I want you to be more carefree and not stuck in an office you don’t like wearing a suit all the time which you hate because it reminds you of your parents’ home. I wish to see you the way you were when we travelled. Enjoying life and being young, the way it’s supposed to be!”

“Also…”, Aoba lowered his head and inspected Noiz’ hand in his carefully.

“Also, I feel caged here. I don’t like it. It’s not because my German still isn’t the best. I just… I can’t shake the feeling that I’d rather be somewhere else.”

Aoba grabbed the other’s hand firmly in the both of his and brought his gaze filled with determination to his boyfriend.

“Noiz. Will you come to Japan with me? Not Midorijima. I’m actually not entirely sure where. Maybe Tokyo - the tech scene was quiet something there, remember?” Aoba smiled fondly.

“But anywhere is fine, really. I have a feeling Japan is that place that’s been calling me back. Us back. I mean… Noiz, would you? Leave Germany with me, I mean?”

Noiz eyes’ had widened in surprise. But he quickly shook it off and gave a breath of relief instead. He moved the hand not occupied in Aoba’s and brought it to the other’s cheek caressing it gently.

“So it hadn’t just been me. You have no idea how glad I am you asked. I’ve been making arrangements with Theo to act as an abroad correspondent for the past weeks. Of course, if you had said you wanted to stay here, I would stay with you. But…”

He grabbed one of Aoba’s hands and kissed his knuckles, looked up at him and smiled.

“You never cease to surprise me, Aoba. Yes, let’s go to Japan. Let’s go home.”

Aoba mirrored the other’s loving expression. He kissed Noiz briefly, then hugged him close.

“Yeah.. let’s go home.”

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You're so retarded lol,Why do you have to always go on about having to kill yourself when you fuck up, just apologize or some shit , it gets annoying real quick

ik but not like anythin I can say fixes anythin

#r slur


Very quick, this is what I bought today at the comic shop! *again, I was so busy that for over a month I forgot to buy my mangas ahahah*
They’re in Italian btw

In order; Hirunaka no ryuusei v.9, Ao haru ride v.10, Hatsukare v.6, Naruto v.69 and Fairy Tail v.41 !