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Friday Selfie! Outfit of the day with some of the new clothes I ordered. It might be apparent what some of my favorite color palettes are by now. I really like mixing some soft and hard in my clothes, feminine and masculine. Hence, a mint green bomber jacket. Uhm, yes please?

Also, since my skin is really starting to get amazeballs from Curology, I decided to just wear concealer. I sort of love it. I have dehydrated skin so it’s simultaneously dry and oily. Most obnoxious thing to find foundation for! Was watching “Long Lost Family” because apparently, I like testing my mascara by crying like a baby early in the morning.

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have you seen Get Out? it was really good, and even tho im only like 25% black and the rest is Asian/Latinx i felt that it was a great view point of the black struggle through a comedic-horror. Also!! I'm going to film school, and I was wondering if you know if any Latinx/Hispanic centered films I could watch other than documentaries so I could find the best angles/what not to ask for recording when interviewing a Latinx/Hispanic person

YOU BET YOUR ASS I SAW IT and it was amazing and no joke i think about that movie everyday ugh like the cinematography was just 😩 👌🏾

i’m just gonna give you a list of some of my fav hispanic/latin movies because like not to blame my reading comp issue but i’m not 100% sure what you’re asking for: 

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Hi! I just saw your post about Toyonaga Toshiyuki's vocals and I was wondering if you could share some of his songs? I fell in love with his voice 😍

I sure could!

I uploaded one of his songs previously and it is one of my personal favorites so I shall leave it here.

Apart from that, one of his albums is on Spotify, specifically Music of the Entertainment, so you can check that out here.

You can also find some of his songs on YouTube like Day You Laugh
The duet with Yurio’s seiyuu which was done for a different anime but works here as well haha
All of THRIVE’s songs (he’s a part of the unit, he voices the dude with the black hair)
And this very handy compilation that may help you find other songs of his that you might like

Hikarinoakari has a lot of his songs/songs he takes part in, so that’s also a good place to check out.

That’s all I can think of right now, but I hope you find this useful. :D

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i was wondering if you could do some prompts for me. i've always loved the idea that the characters see in b&w until they meet their soulmate. do you think you could help with this? what would it be like when person a realizes they just met their soulmate?

“I’m a world-famous musician and I’m on tour like 90% of my life and I come into contact with a lot of people every night and I woke up and I can see color now so who the heck are you” alternatively “I went to see my favorite artist last night and I woke up and I can see color and it was a very crowded arena so idk if my soulmate is the friendly-enough guy I talked to in the meet-and-greet line or if it’s the guy/girl I’ve got a poster of on my door”

(I’ve only got one, because I’m not actually very good at creating my own prompts, but I bet some of the other mods can help when they’re online. This is one of my favorites, though, it’s pretty funny to read/write. ~Kylee)

Ofc we can help darling (or try at least)

It might be terrifying, they might feel like they aren’t ready.

Depending on the people they might be irate or angry (they might ‘hate’ the soulmate)

They could be relived or overjoyed (It’s the person they loved already)

shocked (they didn’t think they were going to have one/all the colors)

I hope this is what you wanted?? (In case it’s not message back and i’ll write you some!!) (Ebeth)

Ok guys, I have some personal headcanons to throw out there! We don’t get that many prompts or asks about Hiei, and he’s just my favorite angry smol smoking hot piece of ass, so I have years and years of trashy garbage built up around him in my head, INCLUDING a resolution to him and Yukina’s sibling secrecy.

Hiei figures out he was an idiot for years when he and Yukina have a proper conversation…by accident.


The air was cold, and barely an inch of snow sat on the roof of the temple. The occasional sound of wings flapping broke the silence as birds gathered up the last of the food to get them through winter. The weight of the snow collapsed dying leafs, dropping small mounds into the snow on the ground. It had been almost six months since he last visited, and the cold made him uncomfortable enough not to linger too long. It had nothing to do with the temperature, but it reminded him too much of the land that rejected him. He hated winter.

Hiei could tell Yukina only tolerated it; maybe not hated it like he did, but she was far more lively in the other months even though she was an Ice Apparition. He never showed himself during these quick visits, so the reason for her sadness remained unknown.

She sat on the outdoor step of the temple. The few animals that were still awake in the cold were gathered around her like always. They must be drawn to the gentle warmth she gave off, even though her skin was almost as cold as the snow.

Her voice was almost a whisper, audible only to anyone with the ears of a demon, only to anyone straining to listen.

“Can you tell me, little ones, why he is so foolish? Does he truly think I’m still the same naive girl I was when we first met face to face?”

What did that buffoon do now? Hiei had tasked - more like ordered - Kurama to keep an eye on the orange-haired moron who was smitten with his sister while Hiei was in Alaric. If he so much as -

“I know full well who he is now, and maybe I was the foolish one…it seems so obvious looking back.” The animals nearby could not understand her words, of course, but speaking to the air was too lonely this particular day. “Does he think I will be ashamed because of his past? Maybe…maybe he is the one ashamed of me. I am not a strong fighter, and I am a reminder of what was left behind…”

No…no she can’t know. For the first time in his life, Hiei’s palms were sweaty with anxiety. He swore that she would never find out, that this familial secret would follow him until his death in a future battle and none would be the wiser. His deal for the Jagan included never telling his sister the truth…he hadn’t counted on her figuring it out on her own. He was such a fool, giving his own twin so little intellectual credit…he was indeed a wretched brother.

His mind was so occupied with the familiarity of self-loathing that his body moved before his eyes adjusted. There she was right in front of him, and he couldn’t run away this time…not with his own eyes looking back at him.

Yukina was very still, like a deer caught in headlights. A stone visage veiled her normally soft facial features as she looked up at him, and Hiei wondered what his own face looked like. She had to know that he heard her whispers, why else would the hands of an S-Class demon be shaking so much?

“Oh…Hiei, I didn’t know you were nearby.” Yukina didn’t move from her seat on the step. Her mouth was drawn into a thin line, and Hiei couldn’t tell if she was more upset…or more angry. With whom, he didn’t know. Either way, his legs carried him forward even though every instinct told him ‘RUN’. The animals around Yukina scattered as Hiei closed the gap between them, his black cloak contrasting sharply with the veil of white covering their surroundings.

Yukina kept her gaze steady, but as Hiei drew closer she abruptly stood up, hands down at her side in determined fists. His fight or flight senses were screaming, this was not a confrontation he wanted to have…but he could never look at her again if he flitted away.

“I want the truth. You’re here, and I know you heard me. I’m not a child, and I wont be treated like I don’t deserve honestly from my own sibling.” Hiei was the deer now, and Yukina was the light that he couldn’t escape from. He turned to run, finally in control of his common sense again, but Yukina grabbed him by the sleeve.

“Would your pride hurt worse if you ran away from facing me, or talked as equals?” Yukina’s hand was steady on his sleeve, and he did not struggle. Red eyes met their twin, and Hiei knew that there was no running from this.

Without words Hiei pulled the Hiroseki stone from under his cloak. Yukina loosened her grip on his sleeve until their arms fell to their sides.

“I was unwanted, cast away from that wretched island.” Finally Hiei spoke, and looked into his sisters’ eyes…as equals. “I’ve spent my entire life as an exile, I made a name for myself as a ruthless murderer with no regard for connecting with others because they would always leave.”

“No one has left you since we met. Yusuke, Kurama, Kazuma…they’re all here. You’re teammates as well as friends. If they trust you enough to stay by your side…why did you think your own blood would think less of you?” Her resolve was starting to crumble thinking about the beautiful bonds of friendship she’s witnessed over the years. So much time they could have enjoyed together as family.

“…I have been far beyond selfish, when I thought I was doing you a kindness by keeping my distance. Who would want the wielder of the Dragon of Darkness as their brother? This ruse was supposed to protect you but-”

“I don’t need protecting…I need my brother.” Yukina took Hiei’s hands in her own, his higher-than-normal body heat normalizing in her icy touch. “You are the only family I have, and I would not have it any other way.” Finally Yukina broke, and lunged forward to wrap her brother in her arms like she’s wanted to do for so many many years. Hiei stumbled backwards with the unfamiliar touch, but after an awkward minute wrapped his arms around her.

“Sister…I’m sorry.” They were oblivious to the new snowfall, or to Genkai silently returning to the temple. All that mattered was this moment, their Hiroseki stones wrapping around each other in their embrace.



~ Admin Ryoko

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can we just discuss the fact that modern curly would definitely have had a fucking anime phase. like u can make headcanons for this if you want/know any animes he would watch but like. he would have an anime phase and tim has pictures of him dressed as naruto for halloween that he uses to blackmail curly (btw this is tim-shepard this is my main aaa)

I support this 1200%

So like

-he would totally try to get Angela watch some of his favorite with him, she personally likes Sailor Moon but he grew out of it

-he is out of his anime phase indefinitely, but he still watches Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

-Y'all know he would be that kid that tried to get a katana or take some kind of martial arts class

-he watched death note and cried at L’s death.

-again with the death note, he also took like a small black composition notebook and tried to make his own death note

-angela won’t let him live that down

- ponyboy kinda inspired curly to draw, but since this was in his weeb phase he tried to draw yaoi/anime guys

I hope these were okay lmao

My boyfriend talks in his sleep and because he’s bilingual, he says some hilarious/weird/sometimes creepy shit. I ask him every morning if he remembers saying this stuff and he has no idea about any of it. 

Here are some of my favorites:

-”Babe, can you please turn down the brightness of your skin”
-After stealing all of the blankets: “This is my right as a human”
-After I take the blankets back: “I don’t want your freedom, America. Just blanket”
-Sometimes he just says “Hello?” as if he’s answering a phone call
-One night he just said “Cabbage” which is weird because he doesn’t know the english word for that when he’s awake. 
-After spooning me: “You have a nice butt”
-”Who is that in the corner?” (terrifying)
-”Watch out for the red lady” (even more terrifying)
-Sometimes he will say things in German and it sounds like he’s speaking Parseltongue
-One time I actually think he said something in Parseltongue
-One time he talked about buying a ticket to “everywhere” and then just said “hello?” after two minutes of silence
-And my all time favorite: ”This is MY yogurt, Satan”

  • me: maybe i'm not actually THAT unstable?? maybe i'm just making it up??
  • also me: *cries for 15 minutes bc my family ate some of my food*

my favorite underappreciated au idea is “everyone is affected by some sort of love spell and falls in love with person A but person B’s behavior curiously doesn’t change at all”

Little tips for the college witch!

I know personally how hard it can be to maintain doing the witchy things you love when you’re at college. Here are some things you can do that don’t take long while you’re at college!

1.) Do a one card tarot reading for yourself! My favorite is just asking: “What should I work on today?” This prevents any worrying cards from popping up and discouraging you in your academic endeavors.

2.) Sigils sigils sigils! Write them in your notebooks, on your art supplies, whatever! Scroll through this tag and check out what they have!

3.) Use your desk as a mini sacred space! You almost always have a desk at college, so if you do, fill a space with your little witchy things. One shelf of my desk holds crystals, a salt lamp, my tarot cards, and essential oils and herbs!

4.) Cleansing: My favorite method of cleansing is by using sage, but we aren’t allowed to have smoke in the dorms. Instead, I place my crystals near a salt lamp! The light from the lamp with cleanse the objects placed near it. You can just leave your lamp on while you’re in the room, and it’ll do the cleansing for you! (Please note that not all crystals should touch salt! Some can be highly toxic, so please do your research.) 

5.) Spell jars! You might not even be allowed to have candles in your room, or you might need to be a little more low-key with roommates. Spell jars are a great low-key way to do spells. Here is a great masterpost 

6.) Crystals! Throw a crystal in your bag with you when headed off to class. Citrine is an easy and affordable crystal that is great for confidence!

7.) Don’t be discouraged. A witch that only practices once a month is still a witch. If you can’t do any of these other tips, just practice the more internal practices of your own craft. This can include being mindful, having a vegetarian/vegan meal, and even meditating for a quick second while in the bathroom stall! Your craft is your own. (These are just some examples. Follow your own craft and beliefs when doing this.)

I hope some of these tips helped you! Feel free to add some more. 

I’m bitter AND sticky so let’s get gooey on topic!

People just? forgot that ton of season 3 episode’s visuals are  actually amazing? I mean it could be just me but this season clearly trowed a ton of budget into some scenes an episodes! 

Super Watermelon Island got an amazing fluid fight scene between two giant women and it was as energetic as it sounds 

Gem drill, even tho it was pretty chilly on animation, had ton of detail on Steven’s faces, I find it like such a sweet detail having in mind the episode was focusing a ton on Steven and his connection with the cluster 

(this is my personal favorite)

Hit the diamond had a TON of characters on-screen at the same time, having in mind 5 of them where new characters and they had to design new clothing for 5 of them 

Even though my favorite part of this episode is the bond between Amethyst and Peridot, I think Too Short To Ride was pretty consistent, I am in love every time they put little lines under the eyes of the characters because it usually helps to remark the emotion they are feeling, is personal. 

Stevonnie’s back for Beach City Drift and the thing I like the most about this episode is the backgrounds and the color choices, they are AMAZING and pretty relaxing to watch on their own. 

Monster reunion was pretty harsh to see for me because painful scenes (aka scenes where the character is clearly in pain) make me feel incredibly bad, but I again shot out how they draw emotions and the subtle lines that make it all even better. 

More than for animation itself, I praise a lot Alone At Sea because of writing and atmosphere, and the last one really works, I felt incredibly… tense, when Jasper showed up, how she acted and the way she expressed herself, and how the colors got dark and the rain around it… just gosh

Even tho it was a pretty okay-o episode in general, I really liked Gem Hunt’s backgrounds, the whites and cold tones made a good mix with Jasper’s colors and really helped her to pop out! 

I’ve talked a lot about Bismuth, so at this point everything would feel redundant, so I’ll just say that the first and last scenes have pretty good colors, one being calm pastel tones and the other reddish dark tones #BRINGHERBACK2K17

And finally, Bubbled, which has some on the most beautiful space backgrounds i’ve seen in an animation product, is the feeling of emptiness that makes the most of the episode personally, how is literally just Steven and Eyeball and Eyeball pretty much tries to kill him, in other situations you can think about something going on, but is the fact that they are in space what makes it feel… well… empty, giving more focus to the characters that contrast the most in a sea of dark cold tones and blacks! 

Drew a quick sketch just so I can feel that I’ve finished something today. But more than that, I just wanted to fangirl about seeing Iwaizumi in casual clothes. I just like Iwazumi so much and seeing him in my favorite kind of hoodie (the big poofy type one that I don’t know what you call) with a jacket over it is just… sweet sweet icing on cake. And that expression. *sigh*… 

After drawing a lot in Inktober, I’ve gained a lot more confidence in drawing faces, which in turn created an easier outlet for me to spaz about my current fandom(s). So just some heads up, since I might be posting more fan art to let out my inner screaming “fangirlism”. 

So I glanced through the Cyber Danganronpa VR DEMO playthrough and decided to gif some of my personal favorite moments.

So, I love how chaotic the trials look in this, but this particular moment made me laugh out loud for over three minutes.

Like, of all the things Byakuya could do, he opts to roundhouse kick the words. I can’t handle it. I love the added animation of Hiro and Touko crouching to not get hit.

Speaking of added animation:

Touko throwing books is adorable and ridiculous enough, but they aren’t just special effects. I love that Kyoko just smacks the book out of the air like nothing. They didn’t have to add this detail, but I’m glad they did.

Hiro takes a more… direct approach.

And Aoi curb stomps the words to death.

Aoi also backflips back into place to avoid Byakuya’s BS.

The sass is strong with this one.

More Byakuya being sassy AF.

┐(‘~`;)┌ Though, I enjoy anytime Togami is there, so I guess I’m biased.  I don’t have a problem. (╥﹏╥)

And finally, this:

This demo alone tempts me to get the PlayStation VR. (´ ᴗ`✿)  Probably won’t, but still.


In which Kate is literally us, and Emily actually resorts to the “hey, what’s that over there?” diversion tactic [and I’m cackling in the distance]

Some Enjolras headcanons:

-He cannot stand coffee. He drinks way, way too much of it but thinks it’s disgusting. Usually puts like half a cup of sugar in it.

-Clothing disaster. Owns four copies of the same outfit. Buys t-shirts in packs whenever he needs new ones. The only variation is when he gets gifts from his friends, which he then wears constantly no matter how aweful. No concept of an ironic gift.

-Never sleeps. He has not slept a full 8 hours in so long. Ends up falling asleep in weird places (floors, tables, Jehan).

-Literally attracts dirt? He cannot go anywhere without getting his clothes/general person dirty. All of the jokes have been made. Protests are even worse, he somehow ends up with blood on his clothes at even the most peaceful ones.

-Cold all the time.

-Has a lot? Of feelings? That he is not very good at expressing like a normal human? He gets very intense about things like apologies and gratitude and pep talks. Stares directly into your eyes without blinking, while reciting a passionate speech that sounds like he practiced it. He did.

-When he gives his friends cards for their birthdays he writes extremely heart felt messages all over them that have been known to make people cry. Combeferre has one framed.

-Hugs that are uncomfortably long and tight.

-Usually acts like such a statue that everyone but Courfeyrac and Combeferre are always blindsided when he does something disgustingly sweet and sappy.

-Attends every poetry reading, sports game, and recital that his friends have.

-Constantly gets into fights? Even though he’s a twig that literally anyone could snap in half? Another reason for the bloody clothes.

-Actually one of the youngest of Les Amis! He’s a grade ahead in school, so he went to university not long after his seventeenth birthday.

-Doesn’t make friends very easily. When each new person joined Les Amis he wouldn’t talk directly to them for weeks. Then one day he just sits down and does the uncomfortable eye contact thing and delivers a speech about social change and a better tomorrow and how much their help means to the group. It is the official Enjolras initiation.

-This is because he has no social skills.

-Has never given Grantaire the official welcoming rant. Probably never will.

What I’m getting at here is that the Chief is a living disaster hiding behind a thin vineer of perfect hair and rage.

-Grantaire is the only one who has never noticed what a complete mess Enj is.

The phrase “check your whole chart” is very much relevant but we cannot belittle or disregard the sun sign archetype in a person. You will always present the archetype of your sun sign. People seem to have it in their heads that they’re “not like” or my favorite, “less like” their sun sign simply because they have a stellium in some other sign, or perhaps their moon is in some other sign or a good one that I see often is when they’re “dominant” in some other sign, etc. whatever the case may be.

Just because you have a let’s say, Pisces sun and then Aquarius moon/mercury/venus/mars, it absolutely does not mean you’re suddenly not going to present Piscean traits or that the Piscean traits will “~lessen~” not at all. Or if you’re an Aries sun but have a bunch of Pisces, that Aries will always shine through especially because the sun exalts here. It’s ironic to just shrug off the sun sign and excuse it with “oh just check your other planets :)” to justify why a person doesn’t relate to their sun sign. Don’t accommodate or encourage this behavior. If I get messages like these I straight up tell them look deeper because you are your sun sign, you’re just not fully accepting it or you have not delved into the archetype enough.