just some of my favourite little moments :')



(A little side note yes i get she is just a character in a cartoon show and yeah it’s silly being this fired up about it, still it makes me kind of sad some label her as “Evil” just beacuse she is a Diamond or judge her from that moment where she was gonna shatter Ruby, it’s unfair to assume she is bad from just that, she had her reason.)

(EDIT: You know…from seeing all those angry reblogs from you toxic lot, i’m not suprised, but really relating all this to vile nazis and dictators? It has nothing to do with it! Like why bring that into it when thats just stupid! And telling me to choke or die or whatever other cruel stuff as some of you lot have commented is just mean guys, come on don’t be so harsh.) (EXTRA EDIT: Just on the topic of the “Human Zoo” and all that, i can totally see in many ways how it’s kinda messed up but in the episode they were happy and content, Greg even pointed it out to Steven in the episode, like realisticlly the “Zoo” could work as a neat way for humans to live if Gems can make a whole place for them to live, they if a deal could be stuck with Gems they can use earth while humans live in “Zoos” since they would get everything they need and Gems don’t need to supervise the other current “Zoo” humans like they do as of now and can get the materials they need, win-win really, but i can also understand how it may not work and seem kinda cruel.)
Thoughts on IT

(spoiler free unless you don’t want to know ANYTHING)

- I’m about to do what I disliked about other reviews, say who I thought was best in the film….sorry other cast members!

- Richie/Finn: Oh my god, Richie was fucking hilarious. I laughed so much, along with the whole theatre. He definitely stole the show, Finn is so talented. Its been a day and I’m still laughing at his lines when they come into my head. His sense of humour has become a lot less offensive and a hell of a lot funnier.  It feels like Richie had the most screen time and some of the other Losers suffered due to it, but I just can’t imagine cutting any of his scenes or lines

- Ben/Jeremy: I love Jeremy, but I didn’t expect to enjoy his performance as much as I did. He and Richie were my favourite losers in this film (even though Eddie and Mike were my favourite in the book) and I don’t understand why more reviews aren’t calling out Jeremy for an excellent performance like they are for Finn and Sophia. His introduction scene is probably one of my three favourite in the whole movie- another hilarious scene but it had such heart behind it and Jeremy was just brilliant, as was Sophia

- Bev/Sophia was also excellent. Bev is a really enjoyable character in this movie, she is a love interest and the film avoids making her a sexy lamp or a plot device by really adding to her character and giving her some strong individual scenes.  She’s definitely romanticized but she definitely is a lot more than a love interest. There is one scene with the whole ‘everyone is in love with Bev’ schtick but it was funny enough that I didn’t mind. I think the film also avoided the damsel in distress trope pretty well. Bev is a really interesting, well defined character and Sophia did a great job!

- I don’t have much to say about the others but they were all great! Great performances from all, they just didn’t stand out as much as those three

- I really enjoyed the Losers Club and their dynamic as a team and as a friendship. I wish we had gotten just a little more scenes like the swimming one, where they are just having fun (after all, they played games in between fighting IT in the novel) but it was pretty clear that the film was cramped for time…

- the film did feel at times like it was rushing through a checklist of scenes that it had to get through, to set up the plot or characters. The film lacked some stuff (particular losers suffered from a lack of screen time, see next point) Maybe this sounds odd considering IT has such a long runtime, but I got the impression they struggled with actually narrowing it down to that time. They definitely cut a few scenes, one pretty important one that was seen in multiple trailers (I was disappointed to see it go and I’m definitely not gonna be the only one). There was one sequence where it suddenly jumped to a different person nearby and I don’t know whether they cut a scene in between or edited it poorly but I still don’t know how they got there or what they were doing or where they actually were? It’s hard to explain without spoiling but yeah, that scene confused me

- Stan and Mike, particularly Mike, definitely didn’t get enough screen time. Stan probably had more actual screen time then Ben but Ben just felt more present, since he had more importance in the story and an important relationship with Bev. Stan was one of the original 4 losers but he had the least dialogue out of all of them and its a shame, Wyatt is really talented and I would have liked to have seen more. I can tell Stan was the victim of a few cut scenes. I also feel pretty sorry for poor Chosen as Mike, who was under-utilized and just…. joined the losers. There was no scene of him getting to know them, no bonding scene for the whole seven. He just joined the Losers and went with them to kill IT. He did have his own character arch, which I enjoyed but he still had the least screen time, which is unfortunate, especially considering how important he is in the sequel

- As for the horror, I wasn’t scared during the trailers and I wasn’t scared during the film (horror films just never feel real enough to genuinely scare me) The audience members did react to the film positively, to the jokes and to the scares. Personally, I thought the horror was a little lazy because (KIND OF SPOILER) nearly every scare was a jump-scare. It was effective but I guess I just expected more. My favourite scary scenes included the first group trip to Neibolt Trip (probably another one of my favourite overall scenes) and the projector scene

- As for the couples, I’m trying not to be biased here but I think people who exclusively ship Bill/Bev after the trailers might just be swayed by Benverly who have some brilliant scenes, their dynamic is great and I can think of one small, hilarious moment they shared which really stood out. They didn’t have any moments in the trailer but they had plenty in the film. A combination of the two really talented actors and a great dynamic made it the superior couple in my mind (then again, I always preferred it to Bill/Bev. To be fair, they had a good dynamic and Jaeden is obviously also very talented! I’m not a fan of the love triangle in media but I could stomach this one.

As for my other IT ship, Reddie did not disappoint. The banter that we saw in the MTV grey water scene was a gift that kept on giving. We also saw a couple moments which showed the genuine closeness between them (one adorable shot made me want to write a fluffy AU immediately, certain scenes in Neibolt Street made me feel very angsty). I don’t mean to overhype this, they definitely aren’t ‘canon’ and I don’t believe their scenes become so overt it nears queerbaiting, just a well written dynamic which is pretty damn shippable. Also Richie/Bill and Richie/Stan shippers will have some moments to enjoy!

- The movie strays from the book quite a lot, I personally didn’t mind but if you’re a book purist then prepare yourself

- I know I did mention a few negative things but overall I really enjoyed the film! I recommend it completely, I had a great time and I can’t wait for everyone else to see it


Pairing: EXO Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,150

A/N I hope uni is like this when I go lmao

also thanks @supernooodles for the standing in the rain idea :D

You glared at the clock ticking. Every second was advancing towards your escape from the lecture with which the whole of your class seemed to find dismal. Fifteen minutes left. The professor’s voice drawled on, too monotone for you to latch onto and concentrate on. You stared blankly at the empty page in your notebook, the lines beginning to waver. You rested your head back on your seat and began tapping your pen in a constant rhythm on the desk. Usually, this would earn a few harsh glares from other students, but the lecture was so incredibly morbid that most people found the pen tapping rather comfortable and used it as a distraction.

Soon your pen was thrumming in time with the seconds, and you could feel eyes glancing at your pen intently, then flicking over to the clock. It was like tension was building, your pen and the clock steadily competing against each other for the time to finally reach 5:00pm. Rain began hammering on the ceiling and soon everything was just a consistent countdown for the lecture to finish.

Sighs of relief echoed around the lecture theatre as people jumped up, stuffing their notebooks into their bags. You tossed your bag on your shoulders, shaking your head and blinking to wake yourself up again. Following the crowd down the steps, you made your way to the two large doors exiting the theatre.

The doors burst and open and you were met with students muttering and complaining about the heavy rain.

“Y/N!” You heard the unmistakable voice of the boy you were dating, Baekhyun. You turned on your heel to spot him leaning against the wall on your left. His black hair was messily stuck to his face, masking equally dark eyes from you. He wore a blue and white flannel shirt over a plain white tee, which clung unforgivably to his toned stomach. You couldn’t help but blush at the sight, wondering what thoughts were going through other girls’ heads when they saw him. He jogged over to you.

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Digimon Adventure Tri – Symbiosis (Part 5) Movie Premier

Aight so I had great seats and I was sitting with a friend so it was great because we were whispering ‘what the fuck’ and crying together. We had a group of us scattered throughout the cinema, so that was cool and we debated for two-three hours after the movie, and the next two days lol.

ALSO: It’s been a few days, emotions were high, my Japanese isn’t flawless, etc etc. I may be wrong, I may accidentally write ‘it was this’ when that’s subjective and not fact etc. Take everything with a grain of salt. I’ve covered pretty much everything, and I’m pretty sure most of it is correct and have noted where I think otherwise.

General opinion: Meiko’s story has gone on too long, and while it’s finally gotten good, it’s too little too late. However, considering everything that Toei has set up so far and what they have to work with, it was a good movie. I think it was better than movie 4, which is my least favourite, but not as good as others. Some moments were stupid and others did not get what they deserved. Ai Kotoba is beautiful and it’s really refreshing and just an all round lovely song.

Let’s get down to eleven pages of business!

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Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
AU: Mafia, late 1920′s-1930′s
Word Count: 1,933ish
T/W: Smoking(?) 
A/N: So, here’s a one-shot in the same time period/AU/universe as Even Angels Fall and of course it’s before…stuff goes down. (I might do more of these, what do you all think? Feel free to ask questions about the AU too.)
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Philip sat in the car anxiously. Tapping his index finger against the steering wheel, he looked around methodically, making sure no one was really around. George, Steph and Theo were inside, handling the dirty work. He just picked the locks. It was near dark and the banks were closed, so they needed him. Once his job was done, he was given the position of driver; which always made him nervous, he hated the waiting. 

“Come on, come on,” Philip whispered to himself, resting an elbow on the inside of the car door, leaning his head into his palm. 

Glancing over to where he saw movement, he did a double take, not really paying attention the first time. The second time, he locked his eyes on you. Having no clue that you were being observed, you fumbled with a handful of bows, ties, and the keys to lock the door you had just come out of. Noticing where you coming from, he read “Flowers” in a fancy font. You worked there, he mentally noted. You were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Hair the perfect length and colour. You had a cute little velvet hat on. Your dress was a dark blue, and fit you perfectly- 


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the-jade-goblin  asked:

OK so I feel like I'm missing something when it comes to Reyes bc like... I don't see what's so great about him? Maybe it's because I've only just met him in-game but I really don't click with him. IDK. Can you help by telling me what you love about him the most? I want to love him like everyone else does. More importantly, how is his romance and should I romance him with my Scott?

I had to think about this, but I think if you haven’t experienced his romance yet, then you’re not going to get it … because I watched his romance on Youtube prior to romancing him and was super skeptical. But then I met him and started flirting, and wow … it’s just such a wonderful relationship. They’re fun, they’re passionate, and they fall in love under a really intense set of circumstances that Reyes never intended.

The way that Ryder and Reyes flirt with each other is amazing. His relationship is unique because it’s super fast and intense - and it isn’t spread over a long period of the game like the other romances are. So you get everything in one quick go. You get to see him warm up to you and realise that you are flirting and you do like him, you get to have these incredible moments with him where he lets you inside you and see the genuine man behind the flirt. He’s more than just this shallow man with a cute accent - he cares about Kadara port and the people. He gives money to the slum doctor so he can treat the poor for free. He wants to return the local angara to positions of power and work properly with their people. He is clever and sassy and completely unlike any other romance in the game.

It’s very hard to explain, but his romance has some incredible moments. Watching the sunset with him when you tell him that he’s someone to you is my favourite. It’s a mixture of the way Reyes looks at Ryder, touches their faces and kisses them with this little smile that just melts my heart. And then you have the whole bad boy aspect of his character - he is more than he seems, and if you stick with his character and lock his romance in, it’s a faithful relationship with a very powerful man on Kadara.

I could wax lyrical about him for ages. I like his confidence, his flirting, the way he comes across as being really tough but has this incredible vulnerable side. I like the way he genuinely cares about your Ryder when you get involved with him and the simple explanation he has for not telling you the truth about his identity - I liked the way you looked and me and I didn’t want that to change. He wants to be someone and he loves that he’s someone in Ryder’s eyes.

I like that his first date with you is such a mess and that he makes up for it by slow dancing with you to jazz. I like that you get so many kisses with him, and little touches, and small intense moments of anger and lust and, yes, sex in a cave (though it fades to black!).

I don’t mind if people reblog to add on things that they love about Reyes. He isn’t a perfect character, but he’s perfect for my Ryder. Sirius adores him, and I have a hard time keeping away from him in each game I play.

TL;DR: His romance is amazing and yes, you should romance him with Scott!

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I’m… Already doing that ? XD
Exept for the pink slimes, puddle slimes and fire slimes (obviously) I only have largos in my ranch. Is that really a challenge ? I thought this was the best way to farm plorts tbh. (And also mixing carnivorous ones with one that eats veggies or fruits because chikens are a pain in the ass to farm.)

Wait I’m gonna show you my babies !

Those are my favourites: Honey Hunters

Then my Rock Booms: that keep exploding on my face each time I came to collect pink plorts at the tank nerby…

My Rad Cristals: Just some happy little green suns.

My Tabby Phosphors:

My Tangled Moisaics: Those guys can feed themselves by reaching the veggies outside their tank, they’re awesome and brings awesome money.

And lasts but not leasts, the Quantum Dervish, that are the most hard to keep because they keep esc-

God fucking dammit.

Just finished Episode 3


Everything is just so beautiful! The dialogues, the plot, the every single detail. I have SO MANY impressions that I don’t know where to start. I have so many feels that I twice went out from the computer to just silently lay on my bed in tears because this was too much (BUT YISS GIVE ME ALL OF THAT). 

That full moment with Clem and bat was so epic and even though there was only one flashback about her I loved how she was involved into the episode, a lot, like in Season 1???? so I didn’t even feel uncomfortable and wasn’t afraid about her screen time. It even felt like TFTBL?? 

I crashed Badger’s head and I loved how Clem was on my side when Jesus started jesusing and what she said to defent Javier and how she even told us about Kenny & Carver (she watched it in my imported playthrough)

AND THAT OPTION TO HUG CLEM it felt so real and lifelike that we’re all people and we all have emotions and feel hurt even when we’re some apocalypse badass 

buuut THIS one little dialogue just killed me to death

AND THAT MUSIC from past seasons in this moment, it was so amazing to feel all of this! 

I still don’t like David and don’t believe him though and I was on the anxious seat till the last minutes of the episode tbh. But it was also an amazing plot twist about rulers of Richmond and all that system and all that undercover stuff Joan did.  

@telltalegames did a great job for this episode of one of my lifetime favourite games, I really feel like I’m again in the past, 2 years ago when it took my heart and this episode just took it again. I just want to send you all the best wishes and huge thanks for all the soul you put into this episode. Can’t wait for next ones to rip my heart again lol

A Santa Monica Dream: Why Life is Strange resonates

I first played Life is Strange last year, when it was released in episodes every couple of months, and since then I’ve had it going round and round in my head. After a few playthoughs I still can’t get over how impacting it is - how the characters and themes continue to strike a chord with me.

Max’s story is one that is very familiar to us all, and yet also so unrecognisable. A traditional coming of age story told through the eyes of a young girl a long way from home, but with darker and harsher undertones as she encounters the depths of human despair and loss.

And yet, somehow, with that juxtaposition, we’re not jarred at all. We don’t question the drama or the ridiculous - we just accept it as part of the world. And that right there - that willingness to accept the darkness because it comes to us packaged in the light of innocence - is at the core of Life is Strange’s appeal, and very much at the heart of our own experiences.

Within Max we see ourselves. We see struggles with friends, relationships, bullying, self-doubt - the typical high school experience. We engage so heavily because we’re getting a chance to live our youth again through her. We can see the mistakes we’ve made and have the power to make different choices. To see the results of our actions and then go back and change them in a way that we never could.

And, in a world where we have mostly unlimited rewinds, everything is opened up: all those times in our own life we have questioned ‘what if’, we can now see every branching path, take every comment, every action, even every inaction to it’s conclusion and judge its worth. The true test of character in Life is Strange is, given unlimited power to redo our actions, what will we choose to do? How will we use it?

Early on in the game, we are almost invited and encouraged by Life is Strange to take part in this. Always having the right answer to a teacher’s question, always being able to say the right thing to gain access to something we want - we all say to ourselves “this is exactly what I’d do” and “I’d hella abuse this”. Chopping and changing our calls becomes so exciting, so commonplace a strategy for us now, that its not until the end of episode two that we first come crashing down into the real world.

Suddenly our unlimited freedom is gone. We have one chance to stop a friend dying. No try agains. No rewinds. And the gravity of the situation slaps you right in the face. There is a noticeable void right where we used to be carefree, and now we have to get through it on our own. By this point we’re no longer simply Max, we’re ourselves implanted into this world. She is the vessel for all our hopes and fears and mistakes.

No matter how the episode ends, we feel now changed by the world of Life is Strange. I managed to make the right choices on my first play through, and I was visibly shaking by the end of it. When I watched my friend play it through and she got it wrong I wept. I felt like I should be able to do something, even though I wasn’t playing.

And this is once again the core of Life is Strange. Its ability to get under our skin -to take hold of our hopes and fears and emotions and have us impart them onto a lonely and confused yet powerful girl - is frightening.

After episode two we now question everything. That little butterfly in the corner of the screen makes us second guess ourselves. We are careful before making a decision, we think everything through. We’ve through the course of around four hours of gameplay shifted from child to adult. From carefree bystander to concerned participant. And so has Max. We are side by side on this journey, discovering as much about ourselves as we are about her.

As we progress we realise the awesome impact our actions, inactions, presence, and absence can have on people’s lives both in Life is Strange and in reality. Our laissez-faire approach goes out of the window. We instinctively want to do the right thing, to be an Everyday Hero. We want to save Chloe and the universe.

And it is this want that, at the very end of the story, comes once again and pulls the floor out from under us. Everything we’ve done so far - every conversation, every plant watering, every person ignored, every decision made - they all come down to one binary choice, and one realisation: we cannot always win. This realisation hits us like episode two’s freight train. We’re once again helpless, thrown into the wilderness and confronted with the weight of the choice in front of us.

The choice we are left with at the end of Life is Strange boils down to a choice we all make in reality: keep on living the childhood dreams we’ve always dreamed, or make the tough call and never be the same again.

Either way, we are changed. We are grateful that we are not Max, who by this point has lost everything. But at the same time we feel privileged to have gone on this journey with her. To have, for a short time, had the fleeting ability to control time and destiny that we could never have in reality. To pretend we are teenagers again, discovering both the beauty and the desolation of the world around us. Framing everything in some form of chiaroscuro.

In reality as in Life is Strange, we try to capture important moments. Through memories, through photographs, we strive to live in the moment, if only for a second. Some of my favourite moments in Life is Strange involve just sitting - on the swing, in Chloe’s packed up room in episode four - and taking in what’s happening around us and what this means for both the past and the future.

Our little pieces of time remain with us, offering us a gateway into the past when everything was so different, and imbuing in us a sense of responsibility not only just for our own destiny, but for that of others.

This is truly the genius of Dontnod’s storytelling. They’ve perfectly captured humanity, both light and dark, in a series of moments. We happily play over and over again. We try new things, choose different paths. We live, we rewind, we live again. We search for the undiscovered, swim in the blend of memories both fake and real, and try to find the meaning in it all.

“Someday, we will foresee obstacles
Through the blizzard
Through the blizzard…”

TAG S2E21 - ‘Home on the Ranch’ Review

What an episode!

Firstly, everyone on Earth, training at the family ranch = brilliant. I don’t think there are doubts about that. I love how our favourite brothers are having so much fun with this ‘training exercise’. There were some brilliant expressions too and lots of silent communication. Basically, just plenty of moments to enjoy.

Uh-oh! Evil MAX. That’s not so good.

I like Manoeuvre Seventeen.

I begin to wonder if Gordon stands a chance… Lady Penelope and John seem to have quite a few scenes together at the moment. One of my new favourite lines. Parker’s speech just tops it off so well!

“Nice hof your father to build this little ‘ome haway from ‘ome.”

And, hooray! A mention of Mrs Tracy for once.

“Actually, the ranch belonged to the boys’ mother. It’s been in her family for generations.”

And the hints just continued. I’d been hoping they throw some line to us eventually and here we have it!

“Hey, remember when Mum used to take us all horseback riding?”
“Oh yeah, especially when Gordon was facing the wrong way. I think there’s a picture here somewhere.”

Typical Gordon – what more could we expect?

“Alan, are you alright?”
“I don’t really have much to add to the conversation.”
“Hmm, I know what you mean.”
“Oh yeah right, you were away at school most of that time too, weren’t ya’?”
“Don’t you worry, there’s still plenty of times to make our own memories here.”

There’s some interesting history in this conversation here. And was that an Alan and Kayo hint dropped? It would make sense seeing how Alan and Tin-Tin were originally a kind of ‘item’, but there’s not been little hints to this relationship for a while now.

Well, back in the saddle as they say – hey, the intruder alarm would go off, wouldn’t it?

One down, two down… will there be a third? Very nearly… Poor Parker, he’s always managing this sort of thing. Did anyone else immediately think back to ‘Tunnels of Time’ (S1E10) as he sat down and want to scream “don’t”?

I’d love to know how the reporter found them…

I like the new hanger design for the ranch. It’s a little cramped and not as upgraded as the Tracy Island system, but I think it works well. John joined the crew in Thunderbird Two as well. There really is a first time for everything in this new half of series two.

I think we had the best launch ever today;

“Thunderbirds are- Oh, come on!”

This poor face.

Look at Brains showing off some strength. And here they are! The hover bikes of TOS. And no, Gordon, we’re not kidding you.

They may be old Scott (and you may be desperate), but I’m not sure your father would appreciate you booting them. Or proving to us viewers that anything which won’t work, might if you kick it hard enough. Something to try with our laptops next time they fail maybe? I mean, if it works in 2060, why not now?

Okay, it’s definitely worth a try – Gordon kicked his twice. It’s no wonder he had to, considering he wasn’t very nice about them. Words matter you see people.

And this could have been such a powerful image, but then we just get their faces!

And shouldn’t it have been Hover Bikes are go, Scott?

Yes, more EOS time! I’m so glad the writers have suddenly remembered they have her character to utilise.

Oh Kat, you shouldn’t insult our heroes;

“You know who I am, don’t you?”
“Yeah, I do. And we know what you’ve been saying about us.”
“I’m surprised you didn’t just leave me here to rot.”

And then Scott delivers us what I think is one of the best lines yet, which really does sum up International Rescue and this family in a nutshell.

“Right now, you’re someone in a tough spot that needs help. Who you are or what you’ve done doesn’t matter.”

Brains just amuses me at times. He volunteered!

“M-maybe I shouldn’t be the one up here. I’ve never b-been one for h-high p-places.”

Hmm, like we don’t already know this for certain. Where did that blinking bagel come from! Seriously, what is this family’s obsession with them? The Mechanic didn’t look particularity impressed though… A new one for us all to remember – attack with bagels, and take them everywhere.

Poor FAB One! I could just imagine a cry of “not the seats!” from Parker. Good improvised system though. Scott is brilliant. He’s so good at keeping calm and at helping people who haven’t always been nice to them. He even held her hand. That is dedication right there in blue.

EOS’ concern for John was adorable. John’s concern for Grandma Tracy was perfectly realistic. I just love these little John and EOS moments – there’s so much packed into them.

“And that someone is still here in the compound. Grandma went looking for Brains. They could both be walking into a trap! I have to warn them.”
“John, wait. Then you might caught in it as well. Let me try something. There. I now have a subroutine nested in the transmitter room server.”
“Is Brains in the room?”
“Yes. And so is The Mechanic.”
“The Mechanic? Grandma!”

What a great rescue! Scott can move really fast and they all work in perfect synch. Even Lady Penelope was quite quick to react and she doesn’t do that everyday. I did like Alan and Scott’s little interaction.

“See? That wasn’t so bad.”
“Easy for you to say, little brother.”

The return of MAX. And The Mechanic really puts his foot into it this time. Didn’t he learn from The Hood that the Tracy’s don’t take well to having their home invaded? That was bad move one. Here comes number two;

“No one lays a finger on our Brains!”
“You need to work on your intimidation tactics, Grandma.”
“First of all, only family get to call her that, and second: EOS, we need to separate the machine from the man.”
“With pleasure.”

Go on John – look at that Tracy family anger streak emerging.

The technical team strike again!
Question though – how did no one notice The Mechanic’s quite frankly giant and ridiculous ship?
It felt a bit like the Charge of the Light Brigade at the end.
What a disappointment in having to let The Mechanic get away, but I see John’s logic.

Scott very nearly put his foot in it there too.

“In the meantime, if there’s anything you want to know about us, all you gotta’ do is ask.”
“Really? Anything?”
“Well, there are some things we have to keep secret. There may be a lot of mystery around International Rescue, but really we’re just a regular family.”

But then, as though to prove the point, what do the Terrible Two have to do? I don’t think they even have to try. John and Brains are so absorbed in working it doesn’t even bother them.

“Hey, that’s my chair!”
“No it’s not! I was here first!”
And this end exchange just has to make it in for the fun of it;
“You want to hear a real story? Let me tell you some of the things Gordon says in his sleep.”
“Oh no you don’t!”
“Hey, watch the hair!”
What is this family’s obsession with hair? I swear it’s another genetic feature.
“Alright you two, knock it off.”
“But, he started it”
“Quick, somebody take a picture.”
I wonder what picture? Left to our imaginations, I suppose.
“Cameras are rolling. We’re making memories, Alan. Hold still.”
“Come on.”
“Come here!”
“Oh, you’re a lot stronger than you look, Fish Boy.”

Lastly, the tune playing this episode out was the same as the one Virgil played in TOS S1E1 (‘Trapped in the Skies’).

anonymous asked:

Random thought: In Harry Potter were this moving photos f. e. in the magazins. I don't know about you, but I have same mags in the bathroom. Today I got stare down by an actor. So I got the thought about HP. Are bringing wizards/supernaturals mags to the bathroom? Or doesn't appear the people? Or do they love the exhibitionism? Perhaps talking during the shower?

That is actually one of the things in the Harry Potter universe that freaked me out the most! Like, not the fact that the pictures move, but the fact they’re interactive. Like, there are tiny sentient little people trapped forever in that moment in time, right? 

And yeah, some of the things I’ve done in front of pictures, I do not want my ancestors commenting on, thank you. Or whichever actor is on the cover of my favourite glossy magazine this week. 

Can you just imagine when Stiles, the new muggle-born student at Hogwarts, buys a Quidditch Monthly magazine for his personal private time? And on the cover this month is Hogwarts senior Derek Hale, who’s on track to be selected by one of the major teams as soon as he graduates? 

And Stiles is totally enjoying his one time with Derek Hale’s picture, until one day the real Derek Hale grabs him in the library and slams him up against the stacks. 

“You need to stop jerking off to my picture!” 

Stiles is mortified. “What?” 

“Every time you do it,” Derek says, his eyebrows looking particularly murderous, “I know. So stop it.” 

Stiles is too humiliated to even talk to Derek for the next three months. So he’s very surprised when Derek grabs him by the robes and shoves him up against a wall one day. 

“I didn’t do anything!” Stiles exclaims. “I swear, dude!” 

“I know” Derek says, and growls. “I miss it. Do it again.” 

So Stiles does. And again. And again. He does it for a week until he realises how ridiculous this all is, marches into Derek’s common room instead, and drags him into the nearest dark corner so they can actually do this right. 

Peeves is horrified. 

one of my favourite things about Grimm Eclipse is how it portrays Yang

yeah, there are obviously the puns, but then there are just these little moments where the cheerfulness drops and she makes a quiet observation

like when you get to Mountain Glenn - up until that point, nearly everything Yang has said has been puns to some degree (also sidenote, i just remembered her adorable response to finding relics in the game, “I found a thingy!”)

but then as you’re fighting through the abandoned streets of the ruined town, you just get Yang saying this

“I bet this place used to be nice.”

it’s like, that empathy for what the place could’ve been and what it means - actually i just reminded myself, she was the one who exposited on what happened to Mountain Glenn when Oobleck prompts the group to think about what’s in the south-east quadrant, her tone became pretty sad there too - it encapsulates that there’s more to Yang’s character than just cheerful banter and silly jokes; she’s highly perceptive and compassionate

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I loved your post about CMBYN. Which was your favourite none Oliver & Elio scene? Also which was your favourite Oliver & Elio scene?! Is there anything that surprised you?

Awww goodness these are such tough questions to pick just one. I am enchanted by the whole god damn thing from start (those beautiful opening credits) to finish (argh) but I’ll pop everything under a cut for spoilers :)

Ask away though if you want to know other things, I’d be happy to answer. I can chat about this movie/book all day!

Favourite non- O/E scene was Mr Perlman’s speech. Hands down. I know many people have gone on and on about this but it truly is THAT good. It tears out your heart with the combined acting of Michael and Timothee. When Elio says “I think he was better than me” I just couldn’t stop the tears. Mr Perlman is so fond and open and raw and supportive and inspirational in that scene. When he says “I am not such a parent” it’s like watching magic. What a truly beautiful beautiful cinematic moment. I think EVERYONE can take something from his words. It’s quite a long speech. There’s one line that made me cry instantly and there’s a high chance that a different line would get to someone else.

My favourite O&E scene was definitely the nosebleed sequence. There is so many scenes to choose but this one is hands down my favourite. I love that it goes from the ranting Italian couple who are PERFECT to Oliver/Elio’s reactions to this little moment of drama in a relatively drama free movie. Elio getting ice from Mafalda and there just being frozen meat makes you laugh but then there’s Oliver’s face and he’s so concerned and a little thrown I think - I don’t think he expected to feel what he felt seeing Elio in some form of distress. I remember the scene so well from the book but I didn’t feel anywhere close to how I felt watching this sequence on screen. Elio looks strung out, teary and just DONE sitting on the floor. He looks wrecked. The book explains why, mainly because his head is a mess but the movie does it so subtly so you KNOW he’s spent ages in this inner freak out of attraction and want and confusion and some weird anger/resentment etc. Basically ALL THE FEELINGS. When Oliver sits with him, the chemistry is just nothing short of mindblowing. It’s so INTENSELY complicated but simple all at once! This whole film is a god damned antithesis. Elio just wants. That’s it by this point and you can tell. Everything Oliver does drives Elio a little mad so when Oliver randomly starts giving him a foot massage you can SEE Elio’s brain short circuit and he BITES HIS TISSUE. That one tiny action was just utter perfection I can’t even say. The acting was stellar and it’s Oliver at his sweetest. It’s just them in a little corner going crazy but also being so content with each other. Jeez. It’s so special.

Most surprising moment? I said this in a previous post but it was the scene with Oliver as Elio is sleeping before he leaves. Oliver is awake and he’s walking around their hotel room and he looks like he’s seconds away from crying. Armie did GREAT here. Oliver looked so small and fragile it was so painful to watch but the surprising thing was the flickering of the screen with negative imagines as in a distorted view of moments we didn’t see… I can only think they were Elio’s memories/dream. That’s my interpretation anyway. I don’t know what it was about that but it choked me up. It was such an unusual little moment of cinematography, of film making that made me think for ages after that maybe I could have been wrong and it was inside Oliver’s head, his mind calming him down and reminding him of their moments. Who knows! Either way, I adored it.

Another little surprising thing was the fly. It was in almost every scene where Elio is alone and “having emotions”. How the HELL they managed it is beyond me but it’s even there at the end in front of the fireplace which, to me, is just the most beautiful little motif as it’s winter then and that fly shouldn’t be there but it is and it’s a tie in of all of Oliver’s emotions. What a BEAUTIFUL piece of film making.

This will always be my favourite gif on the internet. Always. Rosie looks like she’s having one of those “wow I can’t believe how beautiful you are. How am I so lucky” kinda moments and that fucking smile just really gets to me on such an emotional level and Rose looks so happy and she just embraces Rosie’s little ear fetish and wow true love this has me feelin some type of way call 911

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So much for fandom's lesbian Vilde who learns from her mistakes and not to put her foot in her mouth... this Vilde is kind of a dick, imposing her harmful generalizations and stereotypes on Sana like its a competitive sport. She's done it with isak too... I think she never learns because she doesn't want to, and that they are making her to kind of represent the obvlivious bigot.what do you think about her role in this series?

hello lovely! I quite adore Vilde, she’s such a complex, multi-layered character. in some other show she might just be there for comic relief, the silly blonde who says silly things while looking pretty, but luckily this is Skam and not some other show we’re talking about. to me Vilde is interesting because on the surface she’s naive and clueless and a little bit ridiculous, even, but we’ve also seen her be very sneaky and show a lot of emotional depth. some of my favourite moments with her have been in season two after she finds out about Noora and William. the scene where they’re in gym class and Vilde starts praising Noora’s outstanding morals knowing very well that Noora was seeing William behind her back? I love that scene because it shows how cunning Vilde in fact is. later she confronts Noora about William, asking her if she thinks William is good enough for her even though she said he’s not good enough for Vilde, showing a level of emotional maturity you don’t expect of her. she is a very complex, interesting character whose struggles with self-loathing and social pressure ring true to many, so brushing her off simply as the oblivious bigot would not be fair to her, I think.

having said that, I am quite tired of how she never seems to learn, but we are probably meant to feel that way right now. someone needs to say that ignorant shit in order for the show to address it, but it doesn’t mean it’s her only role. I also feel like they’re building up a story arc for Sana and Vilde? their relationship has always been complex (complex is my word of the day it seems), to me it’s maybe the most interesting friendship on the show. Sana carrying drunk Vilde in her arms is one of the most iconic scenes Julie has created, I think, and it was Sana who said not to underestimate Vilde because she is the strongest of them all. I have a feeling they’re building up for a Moment here. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them sitting on a certain bench having a certain conversation.

TAG - S2E18 ‘Grandma Tourismo’ Review


What an episode.

As much as I missed the rest of the brother’s today, I did like having an episode that finally focused on Grandma a little more. Since we’ve seen less of this version of her – apart from as a supporting character – it was nice to have that development.

So, things we learnt in this episode are going first;

1. Grandma’s name is Sally. Sally Tracy. Well, someone had to name her I suppose. I was wondering when the time would come around for a name reveal, since she’s always just been called “Grandma”.

2. The boys do still play snooker in this verse! Where the hell they keep that table I’ve no clue.

3. Scott cares a lot about his hair… Hmm, like we hadn’t worked that out. P.S. I still want to know about this Virgil and Gordon hairdryer situation.

4. Grandma once travelled the world. The money must have come from her side of the family then, because we know Jeff’s dad was a farmer/agriculturalist.

5. Grandma can also fly and it seems, taught her son.

One thing I picked up on this week, though was strange and I think ITV have either missed a trick or very belatedly decided to inform us of a complete shake up.

So (I’m not going to dare go into full territory on this because the debate is long and varies depending on your view), in TOS, there was always some contentment as to Virgil and John’s ages and question as to who was older, for many reasons. Personally, I’ve always worked with John being the second child and Virgil the third. (That doesn’t mean you can’t have it the other way, if that’s how you work!)

However, the ITV series has led us to believe from the first episode and onwards, that they are working with John being older than Virgil, other thing which seems confirmed by the ages they gave for the brothers on their website;

Scott: 23, John: 22, Virgil: 21, Gordon: 19, Alan: 14.

So from this, we can all assume they meant John to be older – and I think a lot of us writers over on ff – have been working and writing with that. However, in this episode we hear the line,

“You’re braver than I am, big brother.”

From John. Which kind of throws Gordon’s spanner into the wrench. I would quite appreciate ITV sorting that out for us.

Moving swiftly on…

I have to interject and say that I just love the dice with the niffy Thunderbird Two logo on - thank you, Fischler, they are a far sight better than your logoed jumpsuits. A new good luck charm maybe?

A shopping trip. And not just any shopping trip. A complete restock of the island just Virgil and Grandma. Not to mention, John was certainly worried.

I think Virgil did a very good job at hiding his sarcasm.

“Let’s do some shopping.”

“This is going to be so much fun.”

Of course, we have to remember he said that before he saw the list. Like this shot at the end, you can just see him, tired and be forced into finishing what they started, skim-reading and desperately questioning why everyone needs so much. Then we get to piano strings of course - any idea who those might be for, Virge?

Even so, I think he’s glad when John interrupts. It saved him from having to spend all morning looking at tracksuits.

Something that made me laugh was the Manager of the shop running after them when they left the shop. Why would you think International Rescue were going to steal from you? Especially if we take from Grandma,


”Put it on our tab.”

That they shop there a lot?

It did make me chuckle though, so it’s kind of okay.

Of course, we know Virgil can’t be in two places at the same time. Still, I think we can all recognise that look the boys get about their ships.

I’m still trying to work out how he’ll feel about the very minor scratches to the paintwork! Still, John was right, in fairness to Grandma, for something big an heavy - 406 tonnes apparently - which she’d never flown before she didn’t do bad at all.

And we have to give credit to those moves across the quarry. International Rescue, risking life and limb.

I’m also very appreciative of the design to the remote piloting graphics. They look very nice. Virgil is certainly skilled at it too, for I can’t imagine its easy to fly a ship you’re not in.

I think John ends up worrying too much. I’m actually surprised none of these brothers ever have panic or heart attacks from their line of work and the amount of worry and stress they must encounter (especially for each other). But then again, I’ll just put it how Virgil did;

“It’s my job, Grandma.”

I think his brothers would all agree. When they’re not left worrying.

Poor, poor Virgil. All that heavy lifting! He kept shifting those rocks for nothing. I really felt for him when he thought it was over.

But then of course we have Grandma to save the day!

And obviously, the crew were doubtful about that;

“Well don’t you worry, I’ll be there any minute. You tell the others.“
“FAB. My Grandma says don’t worry. She’s coming to pick us up.”
“You’re Grandma?”

And you can just see the look on Virgil’s face - I like to think it says, ‘you don’t know my Grandma - yet.’

And that led to one of my favourite moments of this episode, the brother’s joint:


Another moment I quite enjoyed was our lovely ending. We got to see International Rescue hang around long enough to get some thanks for once in the TAG verse, but that meant we also got to see this;

Virgil was not expecting that. Bless him though, the way his shoulders dropped in the final moments when he realises - No shower, just shopping.

Of course this is me, so I cannot help myself when it comes to a little scenery.

This was a shot I particularly liked;

But this is one that I think Virgil could appreciate too: I mean, look at his face;

So, I’m going to leave everyone with a little game/task – whatever you like.

These were the items I managed to pull from the clearly extensive shopping list. Let’s see if we can match them to the right brother, I think a few are easy;

Multi-vitamins, snooker cues, apple pie, bagels, lemon squeezer,
illow case, anti-rust spray, extra cable. super shine, toilet paper, hairspray, Hawaiian shirts, plant food, protein powder, celery crunch bars, toothpaste, piano strings, fire extinguishers, tanning lotion, tofu.

And yes, pictures have returned!

Episode transcript link to follow shortly.

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watercolour: talk about something someone you are interested in can do that never fails to make you find them attractive?


Okay, so my partner and I bicker all the time but whenever I’m having a flare up the guy will run me a bath, make me a cup of tea or get me some chocolate milk, put on a film he hates just because I love it and literally spend hours peeling skins off of my favourite fruits (the little ones like blueberries and cherries) because he knows I can’t eat the skin when I’m ill. In those moments I will always look at him and think to myself “what have you ever done to deserve this?”

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