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a small guide on how i battle my essays! (click on an image to view it clearer) 

(keep in mind: i’m an english major so a majority of my essays are literature-focused!)

these are just some of the methods i want to share that work for me when i write my innumerable amount of essays! i’m definitely a huge planner so it’s no secret that i spend a lot of time on an essay. if you’re a deadline fighter, these tips might not necessarily be helpful (especially the handwriting one). but i hope this gives you an insight on how i write my essays! 🌈

Psychic Powers: Automatic Writing


Also known as Psychography.

Automatic Writing allows a person to produce written words without consciously writing. These words are from a subconscious, spiritual, or supernatural source.

Basically, it’s a non-scary way to speak with your “Higher Self”, spirit guides, or spirits. It allows you to see their perspective subconsciously, while using claircognizance.


Here are some examples of when you could do it…

  • When you have a fear of spirits and are too scared to contact your guides in any other way
  • When you are not yet very clairvoyant or clairaudient (you can’t hear or see your spirit guides), so you want to try another way.  Automatic writing is actually very easy if you manage to put your mind to one side, and I know lots of people who have trouble hearing their inner voice who have had success with automatic writing.
  • When you want to get your Higher Self’s perspective on something that is bothering you – (I used to do automatic writing when I was upset about something and needed to raise my vibration. I’d tune into my higher self and start writing.  She always had some very comforting and insightful things to say about any situation.)
  • Or just when you have some questions that you want a spiritual perspective on.


Sit down with a blank piece of white paper in front of them, while holding a pen.

I’ve also heard, before, that you can sit at a computer and type - but this is high unlikely to work. It would take a lot of energy for another being to move your hands across a keyboard. Pen/pencil and paper is very recommended.

Begin writing without conscious thought.

The conscious mind recedes into the background, so that wisdom from other realms of consciousness many be channeled through and handwritten, or typed.
Often those who do automatic writing have no idea what they have written until they read over their notes.


Start each automatic writing session with ‘My Spirit Guides’ or ‘My Higher Self’ or ‘My Angels’ as the first line.

You can call on all of them if you want.  Be clear about whose input you want, as it sets an intention to hear from that being.
If you want, you can also see your guides as parts or extensions of you that you can access whenever you want, like your subconscious.  
(The more you see these entities as beings outside of you, the more channeling them may seem quite elusive.)
If you want, you can also raise your vibration and connect with your guides/higher self before you begin typing.  For example, you can do some deep breathing, or visualize going up to a room to meet with your guides, so that you can get their input for the duration of the session.

Just start writing and don’t worry about what you’re writing at first.

For example, write your question and just see what comes out when you put your fingers on the keys. You don’t have to focus on the question, just start writing about anything that comes into your head.
The trick with this is to get used to writing (if you are not already).  The more you’re used to writing, the easier it is to get into that ‘flow’ state when writing.

Setting a timer while you do it can be helpful

This is so that you don’t have time to think about what you’re writing. That works particularly well when you have a set of questions you want to ask your guides.

Create the right conditions so that you can lose your inhibitions about what you’re writing

I (personally) like to make sure I’m completely alone before automatic writing, and then insure that I’m writing in a journal or on a piece of paper that I can put somewhere safe, so that no one else reads it.

Don’t allow your mind to interpret the information while you’re getting it

You can interpret it afterwards.  But know that it is totally normal for the mind to butt in and judge information in the process.


Channeled information tends to be high vibrational in nature.  
It will often comfort you, provide clarity or will raise your mood in some way. If it feels negative or feels heavy, you’re probably not channeling a source that you want to tap into - or you may just be channeling your own emotional body, if you are not feeling very good.
What you channel via writing will usually not sound like your voice or the voice that you ‘think’ in.
Another feature of intuitive guidance is that it tends to be very clear, usually feels light and is often simply expressed.  
Having said that, I have read automatic writing that is poetic and metaphorical in nature.  But don’t be hung up on how yours should sound or be. If you do it often enough, you will soon get a sense for what your automatic writing ‘feels’ like.

redthoughtsbluemind  asked:

Hi, my names Gemma. I've been asked to perform a debate on pro-choice, debating against an anti-abortion activist, in front of my class who are conveniently catholic. I am wondering if you could give me some insight of your opinion on the topic, it would be helpful if you are or are not pro-choice. Thanks, Gemma.

Good for you for taking on this topic in a situation I’m sure is uncomfortable for you.

When making whatever argument you’re going to make consider your audience and their views. You have to tap into their objections and their concerns and try to change their minds from there. Also, just remember you won’t convince everyone, no matter what, so don’t feel discouraged by your efforts.

Catholics, and most people against abortion are against it because they feel it’s violating the sanctity of life.

God created a life and we have no right to take that away.

Most people though, don’t consider the life that’s carrying that child or the life of the family after the child is born.

Physical health concerns for the mother should be looked at. During and after birth. Also, the mental health of the mother. If she was trapped by someone, especially a family member, it could be traumatic for her to give birth, even if she gives it up for adoption.

If the mother is a girl, let’s say 12, who was raped by her uncle, is it right or just or respecting of life to put that child through the trauma of carrying to term and giving birth?

Also, in what I think is a moral and a legal issue, outlawing abortion is forcing the woman to use her body for the medical needs of another. We don’t allow this in any other situation.

Let’s say I’m a match to someone as a kidney donor. Even if it would save that person’s life no one can force me to give that kidney. Even if it was a small child no one could force me. Even if it was MY child no one could force me. No one can force me to sacrifice my body medically to save the life of any person.
So why then are pregnant women subject to a different standard?

I would also say, since your audience will be a religious one, that we should practice mercy in situations like abortion if we don’t agree with it.
If a woman becomes pregnant when she doesn’t want to be that’s hard. Especially in cases of rape. Many women will keep the baby for various reasons. But, the women who come to the decision to not keep the baby, I would argue, come to that decision carefully.
There’s so much thought, so much heartache, so much questioning, so much guilt that would go into that decision… Even if you know it’s the right one. A woman who goes through that journey and comes to that decision should be loved and supported by us who Jesus commanded to love everyone, no matter what. We should let God search that person’s heart and judge them based on what’s there… Not us judging a person from the outside on what’s best for their life.

Romans 14:1-13 says it best. But especially these verses…
14:10-14 But you, why do you judge your brother? Or you again, why do you regard your brother with contempt?  For we will all stand before the judgment seat of God. 12 So then each one of us will give an account of himself to God. 13 Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather determine this - not to put an obstacle or a stumbling block in a brother’s way. 14 I know and am convinced in the Lord Jesus that nothing is unclean in itself; but to him who thinks anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean.

Last, I’d also add if you don’t like abortion make sex ed classes that teach about birth control prominent in every school and make birth control itself readily available and affordable. Studies show this is the most effective way to lower teen birth rates and abortion rates (see studies specifically from Colorado).

Hopefully this helps some. You can also search my tumblr for “pro choice”, “pro-choice”, and “prochoice” to see more thoughts and ideas I have on this subject.

Thanks for thinking enough of me to ask my advice.

anonymous asked:

What are the benefits of dividing (or not dividing) the first draft of a story into chapters?

The main thing that chaptering a first draft will do is help you, as an author, develop a feel for how your work is structured. Essentially, the first draft is you writing for yourself, and whatever you do there is in the main part going to be about you discovering the story and working out how it fits together.

If it doesn’t help you in your process, then don’t worry about chapters during the first draft, if it does help you, then go ahead.

This is one of the parts of writing practice that comes down to personal preference and your own strategies of work and writing. My personal preference changes from story to story, in my current WIP I’m very quickly zipping through and the story seems quite naturally divided into chapters, it’s very easy to just break it up and lay it all out like beads on a string.

But I’ve written stories before where I had no idea where I could divide it, so I just kept on writing and waited until I was rewriting to divide it, or had someone I trusted and who knew what they were talking about read it and give me their suggestions.

If it helps you think about the structure of your story as a whole, go through a few books that you have handy, and check out about how long the story is, how many chapters it has, how long each chapter is, what the circumstances of the transition between chapters generally is. Does the author cover a certain length of time with each chapter? Do they cover a discrete series of actions? Do they have long chapters or short?

If you’re familiar with how writers you admire handle chapter breaks, it can give you some insight into how you might approach it in your own work, and it might give you ideas of what you want to do or try. It could also give you ideas of things you don’t want to do, which can be just as important!

There’s no single approach to this kind of thing, and to my mind the most important aspect is that you find what works for you, and what helps you get through the first draft.

Make Me - Part 1

Prompts: “Will you be quiet?!” “Make Me!”

Characters: Sherlock x Reader

Gender: Any

Words: 997

I turned this into a story - Part Two - Part Three

Originally posted by bethereinagiphy

This is like first season Sherlock

You had come over to help Sherlock with a case but it seemed that he barely noticed you were there. So instead you just talked with John while Sherlock stared at nothing but his own mind.

While you were talking to John, he made you laugh about something. Which Sherlock, in response turned and hushed you. Rolling your eyes, causing John to huff in amusement, you started talking a little more quiet.

A few moments later John went into the kitchen “Would you like some tea y/n?” he yelled a few second later.

“Yes please!” you responded

This earned another “shhh!” from Sherlock. Which also earned another roll of the eyes from you. 

You decided to leave the room and go in the kitchen with John. John turned seeing you entering he smiled at you “Driving you crazy is he?”

“It’s amazing how he doesn’t even need to talk to do that isn’t it?” 

John chuckled “Yeah, it’s a real talent”

After John made you some tea, you decided to ask him more in depth about Sherlocks odd behavior

“Why did he even invite me over, what good would I do for his case?” you sat with you head in your hands

“Um, well I’m not sure. He has talked about your input helping on past cases, I suppose he needed another pair of eyes” John spoke with uncertainty in his voice, which was very noticeable.

Studying him for a moment, your eyes glance down to his pocket as his phone rings. It was a phone call from a girl he had been seeing. Deciding to meet up, he left you alone with Sherlock.

John took once last look as you sat down in the chair by Sherlock. He was fed up with Sherlock, he was being obnoxiously grumpy about this case, so he decided to suggest that he invite you over. He didn’t mean for the case, that was just what Sherlock said. John had noticed in the past that Sherlocks mood was better when you were around. He had a theory that he had a crush on you, if Sherlock was even able to have a crush.

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anonymous asked:

any advice on how to choose a major for college/university? (i'm an upcoming junior in high school, and i have no idea what i want to do for a career; my parents are also giving me pressure, so some insight from you would be nice). tysm

Hi! I’ll link you to a few things that I’ve written about deciding a major:

Just a reminder, whilst your parents input is important, you are not their possession. Pick something that is right for you x


and when the storm came, with its wind and rain and biting screams… it was only the beginning to a terrible end.

Pairing: Keith and Pidge
series: Voltron: Legendary Defender
music by Olafur Arnalds

“He is not who he says he is…”

The words didn’t hit home until much later. But at this moment all she could do was curl her lips in a sneer and scoff.

“You don’t know him like I do,” Pidge’s response was a snarl and a leer, all too haughty and disdainful. “So you can take your warnings and shove it.”

“Major,” the word of protest from Rolo–the only one who seemed just as shocked at the words from the Lord Lubos–was cut short when Pidge rose from the ground swiftly and stiff. 

Without so much as a bow, Pidge turned her back on the fief lords and strode out, skirts swishing angrily around her legs as she stormed out. 

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afroallura  asked:

listen. help a girl out. how does one draw keith's mullet im begging,

I am known for not doing things the way canon wants me to but I can sure give you my Keith Mullet insight as I draw him and maybe that will help. First thing I should mention is that I base it on 80′s Keith more than current Keith so the reference I’d be looking at is this:

The longer the hair is the more I trust him, you know? It’s special hair. 

I guess the main thing about mullets is that there’s lots of layers to them? It’s not a neat haircut so some messiness is expected. I start with the fringe just keeping some loose sense of direction in mind. 

Yes. We’re going for Very Happy Inside Keith for this example. After this we go for the front which is the part I shamelessly made up because I knew I’d be drawing Keith a lot and had to think of a way to appreciate a Mullet. This was it

This is Keith’s hair just because I tag it as so tbh. This looks nothing like Keith’s hair so now that we feel kind of guilty about that what do we do?

We add some flippy hair to the back and BAM! we can call him Keith again if we’re very shameless (we are). 

I hope that was of more use than I think it was. Mainly have a vague idea for length and think of wind and direction when you’re sketching and you got it. Also, break the rules and do the mullet that pleases you not the one canon tells you to do. Unless the mullet that pleases you is the canon mullet in which case EMBRACE YOUR PREFFERED MULLET

anonymous asked:

Hi there jessica! Do you see a reunion of olicity before the season ends?


…Were you looking for a bit more? ;)

Ok, but I’m going to add a couple of other asks to this because they’re very similar and no point writing out the same reply 5 different ways (2 have been in my inbox for too long, oops):

“Hello; read your posts, really liked your explanations but I’m worrying. I don’t see how Olicity could reunite by ep20! Won’t they need more time?! They’ve already taken so long. Since they’re following S3, they could sleep together, especially if they go on the run together. Saw a theory that they go Lian Yu? That would be interesting. Would fit with them running. What do you think’s going to happen?”

“Hi! There have been a lot of theories about Olicity this season. Do you really think season 5 is paralleling season 3?”

“Hey Jessica! So what do you think about the Olicity love scene being a flashback?”

“What about Oliver’s dark spiral? SA said he’s going to be resigned to his fate; won’t that affect a possible reunion?”

Wow! I see: it’s THAT time of year! (I’ll do my best!)

Here’s the meat of it: since they broke up, I have been 100% certain that Olicity would get back together but I wasn’t always certain of when until last October (2016). I figured they’d be sending the wrong kind of message to have them take 2 or 3 seasons to reunite; as if they were the type of couple who couldn’t work through their differences and that ONLY time apart could heal them.

Time apart – factually – would kill them.

It’s part of the reason why she stayed with him in episode 4.23.

But until last year, I was the type of reviewer that didn’t think or consider the content of the shows I watch. I should have done because I missed so many clues. I took Psychology (a lifetime ago and am rusty as heck so don’t expect any profiling, you’ll be disappointed ;)) and I loved English literature; I know what a thematic analysis is etc, so… shouldn’t I have known better?

I have my own life but Arrow – this fandom – is where I go to replenish, so to speak. It’s where my brain switches off. To escape for a while. But it became more than that during season 4. Suddenly it was this hopeful symbol; the idea, however naïve, that love prevails and that trust can be earned, that even when things look so very bad, they can always get better. Naïve, right?

Because then Oliver and Felicity broke up and my mind just kind of went… ‘what’?

Too much heart. Not enough brain :)

I was too involved in what I was watching and sometimes you need to take several steps back and actually connect some dots: I used to be so good at that. But it had been years and I’d forgotten how. But then I found @louiseblue1 and her insights; these on top of @jbuffyangel reviews and her fabulous way of understanding narrative flows, Cali’s knack for hitting the head of every nail out there and @dust2dust34 @so-caffeinated natural understanding of Oliver Queen, gave me a kind of swift subconscious kick to the head that I needed to pull back a bit and really look at the show the way it needed to be looked at.

(I will fully admit that I’ve needed Bre and @callistawolf to bring me back from a major huff and puff once or twice this year too;))

Originally posted by a-night-in-wonderland

I say this because I want you to understand that I’m just going off what I now see. I may not be right. But until proven otherwise, I’m sticking to the near-invisible threads we’ve been watching so far this season.

Do I think they’ll reunite by season end? Yes. Absolutely. Since Diggle asked Oliver that question in episode 1, about whether his life would personally involve Felicity Smoak in future (OF COURSE IT WILL), to which he answered ‘I don’t know’.

Since then.

There are other reasons why I do but as the above questions don’t ask for them, I’m going to save you the many pages I’d write about them ;)

Okay! *rubs hands together* episode 20…

Why are people assuming they WILL reunite episode 20?

Has there been a spoiler saying they will?

I’d LOVE it but I think we’ve learned pretty damn well that expecting anything to happen will only end in disappointment.

Just because its episode 20, it doesn’t mean they’re following season 3 to the letter. I’ve had a few asks that have made it very clear to me that people are expecting a LITERAL – not just a figurative – 3.20 parallel for episode 5.20.

Please don’t.

Season 5’s parallels to season 3 are absolutely present and we should pay attention to them but they also haven’t been quite so obvious thus far as to copy season 3’s progression.

The obvious parallel is that Felicity is – in a different kind of slide into darkness – sort of doing a ‘season 3 Oliver Queen’. But mostly, it’s been in the little things. And the symbolic things.

For instance, I highly doubt O + F are going to go away together to someplace in episode 20, have some life affirming sex (I’D LOVE IT THOUGH), say I love you and have Oliver leave her to face her horrible fate… just like a 3.20 parallel. Like a copy and paste, just switching character placements.

I don’t think I like that idea. It feels cheap. This deserves to be handled properly; no rushing.

For one thing, from the spoilers, I think they’re trapped – not necessarily running - and the team needs to save them (remember that pick of Echo propelling down that shaft?). I think they’ll be alone together.

As I theorized in my post (an hour or a day), I think they’re going to air everything out in this episode. Big time. They’ll have no choice because they’re trapped but to face each other. They’ll have no choice because with out it, moving forwards will be impossible for them. And though I have no idea what would come of it I do know that by itself is supremely different to what happened with them 3.20. That was an ‘I love you’ and a ‘goodbye’. A physical representation of repressed feelings coming to the surface.

Oliver and Felicity have always been magical at communicating without words, which was why sex was the obvious conclusion in 3.20.

But THIS time? They NEED to flipping talk.

Originally posted by gothsmoak

And sometimes? Talking is an intimacy – and an openness - unto itself that even sex cannot reach.

I think they need to reach that final level with each other; the level where two people meet in the center and understand each other completely. They’re going to connect. Really connect, one soul to another (cheesy I know), or that’s what I hope for. I mean, there really is no other choice for these two.

They’ve ruined each other for anyone else.

Felicity found a boyfriend in Billy, because it wasn’t a chance to take (she wasn’t risking her heart, she was defending it); he was an escape option and a shield. It was her saying ‘look how fine I am’? ‘I’m absolutely over Oliver Queen’. ‘He can do whatever he likes too’. ‘No I don’t think about him every second of the day’…

It’s human. And it’s painful. And it’s sad. It’s natural. It tells us just how much she isn’t passed it all.

Oliver found Snoozan who, like Billy, doesn’t quite fit the title of girlfriend.

Neither Oliver or Felicity – or ANY other character – has really been able to refer to Billy/Snoozan as their boyfriend/girlfriend respectively which delights me.

Oliver has been routine in his belief that he isn’t good enough for Felicity since season 3 (a bit of 2 as well), so he settled for whatever life threw at him this year (HIS WORDS IN EPSIDOE 5). Life threw Snoozan at him and he went along for the ride.


Originally posted by thedis4design

Both Felicity and Oliver developed feelings for these two but I promise you now, those feelings aren’t lasting. Nor are they romantic love.

They’re both these tools for O + F to try with.

These attempts failed horrifically.

Billy was killed by Oliver, a deliberate attempt of Adrian’s to prove him the monster he keeps inferring he is and Snoozan and Oliver broke because of secrets he refused to share hoping she’d just believe in him anyway.

Which she didn’t.

(Funny, we all thought Oliver would tell her his secret etc but he didn’t even come close and he CHOOSE that; it’s why he questions what he was even thinking getting involved with her. I’ll tell you Oliver; you were lonely and desperate for someone to see a man instead of the monster you think you are. Poor guy.)

Because, when you spend enough time with someone you develop feelings for them. It’s only natural. But it also makes me feel sorry for Billy and Snoozan (not really) because neither Oliver nor Felicity chose them because they were attracted to them, or because they were tempted, or because they even liked them.

Felicity was hiding. Oliver was settling. Both were looking for comfort.

How flattering.

Which ultimately makes both these relationships utterly unimportant.

AND it explains how stiff Oliver was after sleeping with Snoozan and the feeling that Felicity wasn’t completely present with Billy after they’d done the same.

Now timing has been ridiculous on this show; sometimes the pacing makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. Maybe the flashback will explain more as to the why’s of their behaviour. But, really, one episode is all they need. OF COURSE THERE’S TIME.

Olicity has spent the season decidedly NOT talking. And it HAS to be for a reason. They used to always talk. Now they don’t. Why did they make that choice? A choice that has obviously hurt them both.

Just as the flashback sex HAS to be for a reason. As great as it is that they will show this, they wouldn’t do it without a reason. I’m guessing that whatever happened between them between S4 and 5, explains their behaviour this season. There’s been a ‘we’re completely fine’ air about them both that feels off (we know SA and EBR are fab actors so this is deliberate). Eventually ‘fine’ won’t cut it for either of them.

They’re already coming close to their attempt at pretending that they’re fine, shattering into little pieces.


Originally posted by firelordasami

We’re already seeing the signs in episodes 15 and 16.

Notice Felicity’s physical and verbal responses to him? They’re a bit softer. There’s a lack of defensiveness about her person that made me grin. His focus on her in episode 16 broke through a wall and it surprised her. I think she’s building up to a conclusion.

And Oliver? He’s started concentrating on her again, directing his thoughts to her – I MEAN SNOOZAN WAS TAKEN AND HE WAS ALL ‘NO THAT DOESN’T MATTER; I’M WORRIED ABOUT YOU’ - like he can’t help himself. But his path – because of Adrian – is about to get ten times darker.

Like I said in my post, I think he’ll break. I also think there is a chance Felicity might too for a different reason and in a very different way. But in this regard I also think that, in this respect, she’s stronger than Oliver. Maybe she knows more than we think she does about Helix.

But him breaking will test EVERYONE, including the team. (Maybe that’s why episode 18 is called disbanded *shrugs*)

The sex scene being a flashback isn’t a problem for me.

But when I first discovered it, I will admit to thinking DAMN! WHY NOT IN THE PRESENT? LET THEM VENT IT OUT! BRING ON THE SEX; ALL THE SEX!!

But… at this stage, without really connecting again, wouldn’t that kind of physical explosion just hurt them? It wouldn’t be an answer. Maybe AFTER they talked.

Plus, flashback sex proves neither could keep their hands off each other during the summer. How gratifying.

But I’ve also heard some people saying that their perception of the sex being a flashback is Arrow’s way of telling the fandom that Olicity really are a thing of the past. Dear God, why waste ANY sex scene on them if they were saying goodbye to them.

Why trap them together?

Why claim it’s a big Olicity episode?

Why would the climax of the season be anything but that: a CLIMAX. Something we’ve been waiting for.

Look at season 1: Oliver and Laurel, after spending most of the season apart (seriously, their scenes were few and far between and absent of romantic emotions) suddenly (because it was abrupt, no lead up or anything other than Laurel throwing herself at Oliver right after he lies and tells her what she wants to hear), have sex. Episode 21.

It’s VERY possible. Probable even. There’s no way they’re saying goodbye to Olicity. James Bamford even confirmed (last year) @jbuffyangel theory about them relearning each other. How better to know someone than to walk in their footsteps?

MG asked us to be patient.

WM said that there were some storyline they could only do if they were apart and they were obligated to do them, even if we didn’t like them.

Other than that, we don’t really have enough info to say for sure about what, when, where, how… and I expect to be proven wrong at some point.

Whether they go to Lian Yu or not, I’m also clueless.

But I want to point out something.

True love, fun and bedroom antics…

These are Stephen’s words about the nature of Oliver and Felicity’s season 4 relationship and they make so many things clear in where they may be heading. He didn’t need to clarify that: he offered it. We’ve learned a fundamental truth about our Captain this year:

Everything Stephen says is deliberate. EVERYTHING he says is honest (sometimes you just have to dig or filter or read between the lines):

He brought up the Russian Vodka sex, which I’m sure, was meant to be a joke (I thought it was) but we know has been confirmed thanks to JB for the flash back sequence. And notice how he behaved when he said it – the slight ‘it’s important but I’m going to coolly play off’ shrug thing and slight smile – and the way Emily looked at him, like she was dying not to laugh.

He brought up killing Billy BEFORE episode 1 even aired. Yes, it was another joke, but he referenced it at least 2 more times afterwards. And Oliver did kill Billy.

Bu that quote made it clear that their relationship in season 4 was fundamentally lacking something. The words are great but a relationship doesn’t last from embracing only the good things.

They learned how to fight in season 3.

In season 4 they learned how to live together.

In season 5 maybe they’ll finally learn how to UNDERSTAND each other.

It gives them room to grow as a couple too. It suggests that once they achieve this, then that will be it. When they get back together, maybe they’ll never break again (*fingers crossed*).

He also stressed that Oliver KNOWS he’s at fault for their breakup (to all the people hating MG’s interview recently where he said that Felicity’s lack of understanding is was broke them up, please be aware we only received a partial interview and that he was talking technically – Felicity DID break them up but the reason why they broke up was Oliver’s, that was the point).

Now, why would Stephen do that? Why would he also say that she was right to break up with him, that it was only choice for her to make? She needed to learn something this year and I think she is. I think they’re going to focus on this. Soon. Because they have too; they can’t leave this hanging in the air.

Stephen also said that we shouldn’t stop hoping for them.

AND he has said that there’s a reason for the way Oliver’s been acting this year…

So I looked back at how he’s been acting. He’s content in a way, but not happy. More brutal. Tougher. A better manipulator, lonelier, more understanding and ethically confused. Tired. Like a constant cognitive dissonance. Felicity told him that he was in a schism. He still is in one.

Season 3 had him choose between the Arrow and Oliver Queen. He chose the former. Season 4 had him discovering how to be Oliver. Season 5 has had him try to merge these two identity’s but he can’t because he has a third. The monster. Where every other aspect of himself is defeated by this creature of violence and death and destruction. The man we’ve been seeing in the Bratva flashbacks. The thing created from placing a man in hostile environments for years and having him claw his way out. Only, he never really did.

He never left.

Originally posted by olivergifs

I think that’s what Adrian is trying to reveal to Oliver; that his true self is this monster. Stephen added that Oliver will be resigned to his fate after episode 17. I think Prometheus is going to somehow convince him – manipulate and mind screw with him – that he can’t change his fate: a fate to be a monster who lives alone.

(Can’t wait to discover this secret he wants Oliver to reveal to him!)

This season NEEDS Oliver to find a way to merge his identities. To see the light again and I don’t think that’s possible without Felicity Smoak.

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So yes, I feel very good about a reunion. Due to how the season has run, I don’t expect one until episode 23 but I do feel that episode 20 will be one for the books!

I know I ranted. It’s a problem. But I cannot WAIT for this episode (well I can but it’s very difficult) because WHATEVER happens - BAD OR GOOD - will be a culmination of the events leading up to it – with Oliver a broken and Felicity making morally ambiguous choices - and I for one am super excited to see how it plays out!

My friend is trying otoge

I have a friend who was a little confused about otome/didn’t really get it but was like “whatever, you do you,” but then yesterday, out of nowhere, she revealed to me that over the weekend that she tried some otome games.

But, EVEN THOUGH SHE KNOWS WHOM SHE IS FRIENDS WITH, she did not consult me about her first game choices. So, the things she tried were……… less than ideal for first games.

But there were some generally great exchanges and insight that blew my mind coming from someone who had tried all of two games.


Friend: haha well like romance novels..generally the more over the top stupid, the more i like it

Me: well, do i have some good news for you


me (we are discussing MCs and I’m gushing about the flawed Liar MC): most MCs are perfect angel women who are just really naive

her: yeah… i noticed a whole thing of them…not really doing anything…but trying to? in the ones i played

me: naive af in your 20s… it’s so weird to me

her: and somehow being irresistible to several men anyway. but somehow they’ve never dated before and never knew how pretty they were and apparently have never had male attention until now

me: the fact that you have picked up how ridiculous this is from two games is amusing to me


her (i suggested a few games the day before): so on this [midnight] cinderella one, what character did you like the best

me: SID i mean…..

her: hahahha that’s who i picked

me: bias goes Sid, Louis, Leo, Byron and then the rest i have no real order

me: i constantly find myself going: god dammit, sid, in his route

her: yeah he feels a little gaslighty. that whole…i like you…you’re a ugly waffling thing

me: that song trouble by taylor swift is about him. fucking trouble

her: haha yeah i was like…let’s see what this “bad boy” is about

me: i can’t help it, i’m a slut for bad boys

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Is there a master post of links to posts that explain why you ship reylo? Or could you gather up your best works- if you wouldn't mind, of course.

Hokay, so between my accident, major computer problems (RIP laptop), and just general struggling, it’s taken me a ridiculous amount of time to get this post together.

I actually haven’t written too much about why I ship Reylo — at least from what I can find in my meta tag. I’ve talked way, WAY more about Kylo’s potential redemption and my hatred for the Rey Skywalker theory. But here are a few brief posts that hopefully give you some insight into my thought process:

What does Rey get out of a relationship with Kylo? 

What made you ship Reylo? 

Headcanons for Reylo 

Being a normally wholesome shipper and shipping Reylo 

Why is Reylo a good ship? 

Early commentary on being fascinated by Reylo 

On being fascinated by the Reylo dynamic

There are a lot more posts that I’ve reblogged in my meta tag authored by other people far more eloquent than myself that might also give you an idea of my thinking. Hope that helps a little and makes for interesting reading. :)

I appreciate each who reblog and keep putting me on lists calling attention to my writing.
After @sarahmariepardy nomination I gained over 70 followers in just a couple days. Thank you today @writerscreed :)

I’m not here for the following, but I do appreciate the hearts. I’m here because I didn’t voice my feelings, say how others wounded me. I just smiled and ran from people who upset me. I voiced my mind hidden in my journals.

Almost three years ago I came here to let my wings heal and learn how to fly. Also to learn my voice, my feelings, matter just as much as I do in this world. I’ve gained some insightful writing tips from several of you, and also from a few published writers I met in person, and from the artistically talented and intelligent man, Dan ❤

Being competent and outgoing in my career, in social groups, differs greatly from learning the heart breaking way all my life in intimate relationships with those I hold dearest.

Thank you for reading my thoughts.
Sometimes I spontaneously enjoy being sassy and nonsensical.

ID #75568

Name: Esther
Age: 15
Country: England

Hi, I’m Esther, I’m 15 and I live in England. It’d be nice to talk to someone with similar interest to me but I don’t really mind and it’d be fun to learn about what kind of things others are interested in. I spend quite a lot of my time online, either on social media or Netflix: I’ve just finished watching Dear White People and and am currently re-watching some of Doctor who, if that gives an insight into what kind of stuff I watch . I like to think of myself as a reader, but I don’t read as much as I’d like to, I can’t really find the motivation to read, so if you have any good book recommendations, that’d be good. I'mtrying to spend more time than my art or improving my roller skating skills, and currently sort of obsessed with Doctor who, and generally obsessed with the PJO series, Harry Potter and a few others things. I tend to listen to indie/alternative music but I will listen to most genres.
This would be my first time having a pen-pal and I’m open up to most forms of communication, Tumblr, email, snail-mail… I only speak English fluently, but I’m learning French and mandarin so if you know either or am learning them too that would be great.

Preferences: I don’t really mind as long as you’re a decent person ☺️

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Is everything okay Lex?

lately, things have been getting worse, and it feels like i can’t dig myself out of the hole that i’m stuck in. because that’s really what it feels like: i’m stuck. i’ve made some mistakes recently, i’ve been feeling things that i shouldn’t feel, and i’ve gotten so alarmed by it all that i’ve isolated myself, as i usually do.

however, i’ve tried writing to get my head on straight, and mostly what i’ve written is just nonsense to clear my mind. i’ve only shared it with one person, to try to get some insight on what it is i’m feeling, but it hasn’t been working.

i promise you guys i’m trying to work through things to get some content flowing again but as of right now, with work and home and personal issues, i just can’t keep my mind focused long enough to give you the writing you deserve.

all that being said, i’m not going anywhere, i’ve restarted the final part of heartbeat and i hope that i can make it work this time, as the previous five attempts at writing it have been scrapped. i’m asking you to be patient with me, and to please not pester me about when it will be finished. i’m trying my hardest, and that’s all i can do.

To the Girls always arguing with People's posts

Every time I log onto this blog, there’s always an array of girls battling their SJW opinions on my posts. Albeit in real life, I very much am a SJW on many stances but BIIIITTTTCCCHHH, you’re literally CATERING TO THEIR SINS in this industry. I see this’s a a reoccurring problem on my own blog and other really cutthroat blogs.
The girls losing their minds over whatever I write on here that isn’t ‘politically correct’ absolutely cracks me up.

For the record, I can only give advice based on my work as an Upscale Escort/Sugar Baby working in California. If your views or experiences are vastly different because of geographic or other differences, then that’s on YOU to realize what advice pertains to you or not.

If you can’t even handle an anonymous blog posting about experiences you disagree with, then you’re definitely not cut out for this industry anyway.

If you don’t like what I have to say, unfollow me then.

The truth of everything I say stems from experience with having being brutally attacked, raped, entrapped by LE, been betrayed by family members AND vanilla boyfriends.

No girl on here owes you JACKSHIT of an explanation for the honest advice or insight they offer on their own blogs. They don’t need to justify any wisdom they’re trying to pass on. Unless you can 120% take responsibility for a girl who listens to your Disney-induced “advice” then gets expelled from her university because she trusted the wrong girl or gets beaten and raped, you guys can fuck off.

Girls can choose to heed warning from other girls who have ACTUALLY experienced hell because of this work. That is up to them to decide if they want to listen. But it becomes a fucking serious problem when you’re discrediting veteran SW who knows the pitfalls of certain actions.

The people who take advantage of girls in the industry don’t give a shit about your opinions. This advice isn’t for the people who actually care and love you. Do you wear seatbelt because you plan on crashing you damn car?
Do you think a cop will give a fuck if you tell him you’re a feminist? Do you think your ex boyfriend with a vendetta give a damn that you’re not “just a whore” when he releases those screenshots? Do you think your university policy for moral conduct will change to fit your “Gender Studies” moral agenda? What about that friend of your best friend’s who she accidentally let slip what you do, will she give a shit that you’re struggling with bills?

The best thing I ever read was some girl claiming people will change their minds when it’s someone they care about….😂😂😂 OMG, just look at your damn clients. These men are blatantly spending thousands of dollars on sex services when they’ve made lifetime VOWS to be faithful husbands. Some are wasting away their children’s college savings on you. And you think that your young friends have more of a moral obligation to you than people’s husbands…
Let me say it for all of you who enter my blog: I’m not here to make you feel good. I’m here to offer real insight and experiences from a career SW.
Stay safe, ladies. 💸💸💸

About VidCon and meeting Mythical Beasts in Amsterdam

It’s been a week since VidCon EU happened. Isn’t that crazy? What a wild concept! Now that I’ve mostly overcome my VidCon hangover (because nobody warns you about that happening) I feel able to actually report back to you guys! 

TL;DR: It was a journey about instant friendships and Mythicality!

I’ll be as candid as possible even though it is embarrassing and probably awkward~. Also I’ll highlight the Rhett & Link part for the sake of you not having to endure most of my personal rambling.

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Hiya, I just wanted to say how important this blog is for me, honestly I read your posts every single day and they have helped me in so many ways. What self-help/spiritual/philosophical books would you recommend?

Thank you for your kind words and I’m glad that this blog has been so helpful to you. It gives me great pleasure to learn when people benefit from my writing. 

My favorite self-help books are mostly Zen and Buddhism books. I think Pema Chodron books are some of the most accessible, soothing and full of insight. Here are books I recommend:

Zen Mind, Beginners Mind by Shunryu Suzuki, The Three Pillars of Zen, by Phillip Kapleau. Zen Confidential by Shozan Jack Haubner, The Dude and The Zen Master by Bernie Glassman and Jeff Bridges, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Persig, The Way of Zen by Allan Watts,When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron,  The Heart of Buddha’s Teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh, and Smell the Coffee and Wake Up by me.

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I choose my name about a month ago and I'm really attached to it and my friends have been calling me it, but my mom is against it. She says that it's too similar to my sister's name, and it's the same as someone she dated in highschool. She's also very against me changing my name in general. What should I do?

Lee says:

You should try explaining to her why you care so much if you haven’t already; some parents just don’t understand how important our chosen names are to us. Telling her how you chose it and why you did could give her some insight to your reasoning.

Also, giving it some time might help. It’s only been a month, and she might object less when she sees that you’ve been sticking to it for a long time and you haven’t changed your mind.

Followers, any suggestions for anon?

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Can you recommend any spuffy fics? A lot of the big-name ones are either too mean to Buffy, sterilize Spike too much for my tastes, that sort of thing. >.>

Hi there! :) That sounds like a job made for me! I wanted to post my Spuffy fic recs for a long time now, but life and uni got in the way as usual. So, thanks for making me go through my old Spuffy faves and reminding me i should probably add some new ones to my messy, unorganised lists! xD

(seriously i started marking the Spuffics i liked way too late imo and i still haven’t handle them all as i wanted, plus some are lost forever to me..sigh..sorry, personal rant, i’ll get to the point in the next paragraph)

A lot of Spuffy fics tend to treat Buffy and Spike unfairly depending on who the writer seems to prefer, so i understand your problem. It’s been some time since i read what i’m about to recommend, but i’m a fan of fanfiction that stays true to the characters, so i hope you’ll find something good here. Let’s go! :D

First of all, you ask for authors that get the characters and won’t make you feel as if you’re reading fics from another show, right? Well, lucky you, here’s the two authors i personally think will ruin your life with how amazing their characterization of both Buffy and Spike is:

Dactylgirl: This author will make you feel like you’re reading canon episodes. I’m still not convinced she’s not working on the season 10 Buffy comics along with Christos Gage and is just using tumblr as her cover. She will make you hear the voices of every Buffy character when reading and even though she only has one shots, there is not even one you will dislike. Because they are the perfect combination of adorable and sexy and they are just true to the hurricane that is Buffy and Spike. What are you still doing here reading my opinions? Go read everything. You’ll thank me later.

Sigyn: The first word that comes to mind when i think of this author’s work is unique and Spike. They simple get Spike in the best and most twisted ways and this is so rare that it will be like you found water after months in the desert(anyone would be dead after months without water Spyretta! sorry talking to myself here xD)! They also won’t make Buffy feel like a no-dimensional doll that is there to fill every wet dream Spike has, because they just call Spike out on his shit through both himself and Buffy. Take your time and go read and enjoy and again i rec everything they wrote like with Mai, ehm i mean Dactylgirl(xD), because you will find the best Spike with a by his side awesome Slayer.

Now moving on to the stories part of our segment..(yeah the fanfic story links finally begin!)

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5 Lines That Will Keep a Conversation Going

By Steve Errey, The Daily Muse, October 31, 2014

We’ve all been there: Those moments when your head goes blank just as the last few words trickle out of the conversation, and you stand there in an awkward silence that makes you feel like a smudge on the social stage. You pile pressure on yourself to think of something smart, to tell an interesting story, or to reference something relevant, and you come up with a big fat zero.

So, in an effort to be helpful, here are five lines to keep the conversation going.

1. Tell Me More About… This one’s gold, not only because it offers you a simple way to leverage something you already know about who you’re with or something he or she has already told you, but because it feels flattering to have someone ask you to go deeper into a topic.

Tell me more about how that works. Tell me more about your thinking there. You mentioned [insert project/challenge/idea]–tell me more about how you’re approaching that. This line shows you’re interested in more than pleasantries and demonstrates your curiosity in learning about others.

Plus, you can use it for just about everyone–whether or not you really know about what they do.

2. What’s the Best Part of…? What’s the best part of your role? What’s your favorite part of what you do? What lights you up in your business?

This is a personal favorite, because it adds a real splash of color when you’re in a situation that could be dry and grey. Asking this question takes people to their sweet spot–the place where they feel things flowing and the place where they’re at their best. And who doesn’t like to go there?

3. How Did You Get Into…? People love stories. People have stories. People love to tell their stories.

Asking someone how they got into their line of work, how they got interested in their subject area, or how they crafted their role will open up all kinds of stories and discussion points.

And even if you get the classic “I just sort of stumbled into it” response, you can then ask what area they’ve always wanted to work in. It’s a conversational gold mine.

4. What’s Your Biggest Challenge? There isn’t a business on the planet that doesn’t have its challenges. New competitors, integrating digital, recruiting the best people, or any one of a gazillion other factors are challenges that business needs to roll with.

Asking about someone’s biggest challenge not only adds some serious meat to the conversational platter, but it might just help frame things or provide a fresh insight in the mind of the person you’re speaking to.

Keeping the conversation going and being helpful? Love it.

5. What’s Your Favorite Cheese? You might think that I’ve lost it at this point. Cheese? Well, while this appeals to my flippant and often ridiculous sense of humor, throwing in a curve ball cuts through the expectation that everyone needs to be “professional,” often makes people laugh, and gives a shot of energy into proceedings. A question like this might result in a story about a beautiful meal in Europe, it might turn into a debate about what the king of cheese is, or it might get into a conversation about a local farmers market.

You might be surprised; don’t disqualify the flippant as a conversation-starter.

The Golden Rule. As a final point, the golden rule of conversation starters isn’t to rack your brain for another story or another bunch of details about a story you’ve already told. Nobody likes hanging out with that guy. You don’t need to be interesting, you just need to be interested.