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I feel like my dash should be filled with more Bangtan and I lowkey want some new mutuals, sooo~ 
Please reblog this if you post/reblog a lot of BTS, I’m mostly looking for some Jungkook biased blogs (but I wouldn’t mind some Yoongi, Hoseok or Taehyung either… well, same for Namjoon, Seokjin and Jimin tbh… yeah okay, I don’t really care if you’re Jungkook biased, but I really need his precious bunny face on my dash)~ It’s okay if you post more than just one member, the more the merrier! Let’s love and appreciate all of them, okay? 
When you reblog, please write in the tags what you mostly post so I can have a little insight on your blog :) I would also appreciate if you followed me, since I’m looking for mutuals, but obviously it’s not necessary! I just really like interacting with other bloggers, especially if we appreciate and like the same stuff/people/music. 
Thanks, everyone! 

Guess what?

I finally finished writing my lwb. Finally.

I would like to formally apologize to any one who is expecting something great and inspiring from it. It won’t be. It will, hopefully, provide some insight into why I drew what I did, and the feeling I get from each card. But keep in mind that I am not a writer. I communicate best in pictures, hence, you know, the deck. 

That’s it, that’s all I’m going to say about it. If you hate it and think its stupid, please don’t let me know. Just, pretend it doesn’t exist, or something. You know how to reach me if you need any more help with the cards :)

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Do you know of any website or techniques that I can use that would be helpful to create my own drawing style? I have this tendency to just copy others and I want my own

Helloooo! I went and found some sites I think are pretty helpful! :D

This shares the stories of a few artists and how they developed their own styles and makes a great point when it says, “trying to create a style to please others will get you nowhere fast…”

This is also a pretty decent guide

This provides some insight into one artist’s mind and offers advice; it’s got a few steps a little ways in.

And for my own advice to you: Find a way of drawing that you will be able to do more than once. And remember that at styles are fluid things; an artist is always finding new ways of doing things, and their style will change over time as they try new techniques and the like, so don’t think that an art style has to be one thing alone. I know that’s what made it hard for me to get into my own groove. It’s alright to draw in the style of others, but along the way it’s also good if you try to deviate from the norm, add your own little things to it, so that eventually it will no longer resemble the original style, but will be made of your own.

I hope this stuff helps, I’m not the best when it comes to art styles, but… yeah! :D <3 Good luck <333 I’d love to see your art sometime!

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Your caption about "finding it hard to focus on work" and how just a smile from you can have us wanting to dash to the restroom and wank hard as we scream your name was spot on. It's amazing how simply a pretty smile can make is so desperate! You truly have keen insight into the male mind.

Well thank you. I am happy you enjoyed it. I try to keep the captions different so that all my pets find some enjoyment in them. Plus its fun to be at work and know what your male co-works are thinking. 

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While I don't have a huge follower base at the moment, and I hope you don't mind my asking... I do at some point want to start offering tarot services. I've been reading for awhile now, but I thought a good way to start was to give out free readings. Just one card pulls and see the feedback on that. Do you think that would be a decent way to start, or could offer any insight if you don't mind?

I think that’s a great way to start! I offered free 1 and 3 card readings when I first started out. :)

Brrm, brrm.

So, yesterday being Friday, and the scheduled car-purchase day, Kathryn dropped me at the (conveniently close) Amtrak station and I got my first experience of US trains. Yes, it started from the station 20 minutes late, but it was a pretty relaxing ride, and some of the scenery was just beautiful. Despite many promises along the way we arrived… 20 minutes late. Still.

It was also, unsurprisingly, raining*. Which whilst some of it was very pretty (the mist rising off foothills), much of it was somewhat obscured. Mind you, it was nothing as to the journey back. Anyhow, I made it down to Portland, OR. Now why travel out of state for a car? Well, after much debate we’d decided that we’d get a first generation Honda Insight. These are kinda cool insofar as they’re Honda going ‘oh look we’ve got this great research project on hybrids, let’s see how many people will buy one’. It’s about the nearest thing to a hand built car we’ll ever own. All aluminium and all the tech they could throw at it.

They’re not quite collectable. Some people think they might be one day, others argue they won’t. Ours definitely won’t because it was much lower in price than others as it’s been rebuilt from a write-off (or ‘Totaled – Rebuilt’ as it says on the title). The thing is, the value of these cars is low enough that even a fairly minor prang can kill them – looking it over, it all looks pretty straight underneath and on-top. You can see where it’s been repaired – the metalwork at the front has a slight twist where the paint’s just cracked ever so slightly.

Having seen a few of them accident damaged, the toughened ally wings (fenders?) tend to crack rather than bend. So I expect it looked pretty terrible after whatever happened to it. Anyhow, it looks fine now, and has a startling 38,000 miles on the clock (for a 10 year old car, that’s pretty impressive).

Anyhow, Nikki + Kids met me at the station and we headed in to a public charger for her Leaf. Off we went for coffee and came back to find the charger had got bored at 60% for no obvious reason. After brief debate we headed off anyway, and made it over to Willsonville, where the car was waiting for us. Nikki’d already given it a test drive, but I took it out for a second survey. Nothing hugely untoward came up – although the CVT was maybe a touch noisy. Although it’s hard to tell. These cars are built for efficiency, not quiet, so that might just be the way it’s meant to be. Also, it turned out there was not much oil in the CVT.

After a bit more gentle prodding, Nikki headed off with the Leaf to find a proper charge, and I made my way through a US car purchase for the first time in my life. Not complex, but weird not knowing which bits of paper to sign and where. The plan was for us to meet up at the charger, but first I had to sort insurance. After several failed phone-calls and failed payment attempts we got that done, and then I trundled off.

Unfortunately, the charger Nikki was meant to be going to, for some reason didn’t show up on my map. Well, not until I got much nearer having visited two others. By which time she’d finished and moved off to her next errand. Thankfully I found her looping the car park outside the electronics store she’d messaged me to say she’d be in. Given the low oil in the CVT I was reluctant to make the 130 mile journey without a top up – and headed over to the local Honda dealer who were *lovely*. I pulled in and went to buy the fluid, assuming there was a filler I could reach – then asked the nice chap a the counter who explained that no, there wasn’t.

So then I asked if they could squeeze in a top-up and they sorted it, topped up the transmission fluid (for free) and sent me on my way. Parker Honda, Wilsonville. That’s ace customer service :)

Now, I kicked back at my friends for a while, petting their dogs, where it slowly became apparent that I’d not taken my antihistamines in my rush for the train. It turns out I *am* allergic to dogs still – and as my eyes worked up to itching and I went forth sniffling I cursed my idiocy. Still, after rush-hour(s) was (were) done I girded my loins and stepped in the car. Many-a-time I’ve dragged cars back hundreds of miles, but this was the first time I’d be crossing state lines…

…and some how it felt a little more unnerving.

Actually though, the journey back was uneventful. Apart from the *fucking hideous rain*. This bit of the country, it knows how to rain, yes it does. But the little Honda did its thing admirably. We trundled home, 130 miles isn’t loads here, but it felt like a lot in a brand new decade old car and in the dark. Creeping in at around 2230, having set off from home 14 hours earlier I was very, very pleased to get in to bed.

It’s yet another trophy of moving country. We’re here, we own a car.

And today we spent time looking and land and houses**.

Hopefully soon our stuff will arrive and then we’ll feel more rooted. I hope.

* Did I mention that it rains twice as much here as in Bristol?
** And watching Philomena, because it was raining and hailing and… because we were tired. Basically.

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Hey hey hey, me again. I don’t know if I should do this. Probably not, but I feel like you deserve an explanation. You’re the only person I let see this because, in all honesty, of the people I sent one of these letter things to, you might be the only one who can handle it. Also, you were my best friend, even if I wasn’t yours. Also, also, just so you have a little insight to what it was like.

Please, if it for some reason hurts: STOP READING

I don’t want it to hurt.

The thing I was talking about is this thing right here. Don’t mind the long as url, it’s just that I didn’t want anyone to find it. Also why there is no icon.

Also it’s kind of cheesy, so sorry about that. Read that after the next thing though. If you want to. Also, the order is from the bottom up, but it’s actually kind of the same either way. It’s just my thoughts.
2D Animation - How 2D and 3D Animation Services Can Help Sell Your Products

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That’s not beaucoup tough to respond to, is it? Of course they go to sanajywebdesigner! Yes sir, seriously now, no pure and simple entourage is suitable so every single project least the sun. I would like to posture that sanjaywebdesigner is good at everything, however regrettably we are not.

Some companies improve on at specific categories and other companies at other genres.

Mediafreaks specializes in substance in animated commercials, broadcast animation for documentaries, clinical visualization, character evolve and architectural visualization. There are companies who specialize entirely in unique properties or architectonic visualization work.

The halieutic is my sincere insight concerning this subject snot:.

1. Discover a business that has a substantial profile or coalesce that has done something just like what you have inward mind. The very first guarantees a skilled business and the second offers you the confidence that they retain actually done something similar prior to and can probably provide the identic to you.

2. Make sure-enough that the partner is using more in-house staff than freelancers. Effuse freelancers are irresponsible and could disappear when the going gets challenging. Eventually the workbench accountables so that their conduct, at any rate you would have wasted your time and perhaps missed a good undertake into revert to among your discussion or marketing war. So i myself stand to lose out even if you don’t difficulty to spend for the task eventually.

3. Insist on milestones and deliverables. Take up what the company’s pipeline resembles. Integral animation companies good for their quick wit would be able to ask you a pipeline and milestone delivery that sounds rational and reasonable. Click here if you missed my section on Working with an Animating spirit Company into learn more.

4. Find a nine that responds promiscuous unto e-mails and call. If the stock company takes a pine for period as regards dawdle to reconstitute mails and calls, opportunities are they are either too hectic to respond, cannot be bothered to reciprocate or au reste awry to react. In a certain case oneself must proceed and look for the next coster.

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Last night I caught up with a beautiful friend of mine and we happened to meet a new friend also at this restaurant/bar on the Yarra river. So we all got talking about divorce and what life is like now for us as single parents and it was just a night of good energy and insight. Being a coach I really dig convo that is open and honest and it’s funny how when speaking authentically you give others the permission to do so also. Being in the moment revealed with a total stranger without fear can sometimes be just as intimate as a discussion with a life long friend. Having attachments of how life is suppose to be only limits how life can be and every new moment that exists really has way more potential than you can even imagine. I hope some of you will share the moment with me at my next workshop via link 💕 #mindful #conversation #insight #life #business #goals #mindfulness #digital #creative #wellness #mindfulness #strategy #lifecoach #lifecoaching #businesscoaching #entrepreneur #socialentrepreneur #womeninbusiness #Hawthorn #Melbourne #Victoria #Australia: @melbournecoach

Last night I caught up with a beautiful friend of mine and we happened to meet a new friend also at this restaurant/bar on the Yarra river. So we all got talking about divorce and what life is like now for us as single parents and it was just a night of good energy and insight. Being a coach I really dig convo that is open and honest and it’s funny how when speaking authentically you give others the permission to do so also. Being in the moment revealed with a total stranger without fear can sometimes be just as intimate as a discussion with a life long friend. Having attachments of how life is suppose to be only limits how life can be and every new moment that exists really has way more potential than you can even imagine. I hope some of you will share the moment with me at my next workshop via link 💕 #mindful #conversation #insight #life #business #goals #mindfulness #digital #creative #wellness #mindfulness #strategy #lifecoach #lifecoaching #businesscoaching #entrepreneur #socialentrepreneur #womeninbusiness #Hawthorn #Melbourne #Victoria #Australia

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The Marbled Swarm (Part 1)

Image Via Goodreads


1. To start:

I flat out said in parentheses in an earlier post that I was going to talk about this book: a veritable transgressive masterpiece that is truly a mind-bending work of disturbing and philosophical fiction. I want to talk about this book in a professional and insightful way, to go halvsies if you will, with the average review by posting some of my thoughts, general summations, and lots of quotes taken from the book itself. I want to highlight what’s transgressive about the book, and also gush about the rich language and general artistry of it. I’ve thought about how I was going to do this for a while now, but come up with no definitive way, so I’m just going to dive in. This post is spoiler free. The next posts (which will be much lengthier) concerning this book will not be, not by a long shot. So if you haven’t read the book, do so. If you’re a good reader you can finish it in a day. Another testament to Cooper’s genius IMHO, beautiful language that isn’t just useless clutter that slows you down. 

This book is, first and foremost, such a head fuck on the premises of what it does to the reader. It takes matters that are so horrific, the things that we as a society, no, as human beings stand rightfully against, it brings them out into the open, maximizes them to where they are so large and throbbing in your face that you can’t conveniently sweep them under the rug or pretend they don’t exist. It does all this and presents it through a narrator that is so appealing, so marvelously affectatious that you find this guy, who being killed in some medieval way would be too good for, delightful and charming. If that isn’t transgressive then there is no such thing as transgressive. It’s just a spectre in the world of literature pursued by those maniacs and degenerates  who have the gall to write about the world they live in and the human condition realistically. 

Join me for my next post, which will be chock full of spoilers and more filth praising mixed with nihilistic philosophical hullabaloo when I talk about “the marbled swarm” within The Marbled Swarm and Cooper’s use of rather gorgeous language.