just some headcanon wings

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You know what a cool project would be..? ............ A COLORING BOOK! c:

trust me, i’ve been asked to do one more than once!! but there’d be quite a few specifications for one that i’d need to work out.

but i’d like to do one where it starts out with really simple drawings, and then as you continue on the drawings get more detailed and require more and more concentration until your are at some CRAZY DETAILED PIECE

but i’d have to think on it, consider themes and such y’feel

so that’s on the list!

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Hey, Scout! Castiel-wing-headcanon anon here! Just wanted to ask–what are your headcanons on some of the angels’ wing colours? (Since it’s nearly universally agreed that Gabriel’s wings are gold, I’ve always thought Balthazar’s would be either a maroon or a rainbow colour. Samandriel’s would either be a tan or a lavender, and Anna’s would probably be a light blue colour. But hey–that’s just me! Let’s hear from you! *passes invisible mic*)

this would be a novel of an answer, so i’ll redirect you here!

these are just a handful of the colors. and i try to have a reason for each! but goodness me if i’ll ever write them out :’D the best i’ve done is that explanation for The God Squad really