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The Best Kind of Revenge: Part 1

So, this is a thing that I am writing for @laurent-ofvere who, like me, ships Nikandros and Auguste from the Captive Prince series. We are a rare breed, and must stick together. So, here you go, love.

It had been six years since the battle at Marlas. Auguste of Vere was a well loved king, not only in his kingdom, but even Akielos and Patras revered his rule. He was fair to his people, listening to the needs of the poor and the woes of the rich. He was just, and kind, and, most importantly to his council, he was single.

Now at the age of thirty one, auguste had been without a wife or lover since the passing of his beloved Olivia, who had died giving birth to his stillborn son four years prior. It seemed in everyone’s best interest to let their king grieve as he saw fit if hthey ever wanted to step foot in the great hall again. Laurent, now nearing his twenty first year, was supremely loyal to his brother, and was willing to fight tooth and nail to make sure that he never got hurt again.

He still remembered that day, years ago when he saw that sword enter his brother’s body on the battlefield. He still saw the blood, a deep crimson in comparison to the shining steel dripping off of his sword. Laurent could no longer think of it as Damianos’ sword. Damen, the king of Akielos, and Laurents lover, would have never broken his brothers skin. Not on purpose.

Laurent felt a nudge from his left, where Auguste sat, raising an eyebrow at his distracted  brother. They were sitting on their respective thrones in the great hall, listening, yet again, to one of the council members try to get Auguste to at least consider taking another bride, lest he fall ill and die right that moment.

“Do you not think,” the king began, silencing the council member immediately.

“No, brother. He doesn’t.” Laurent managed to interject before Auguste could continue. A smirk appeared on the king’s face before he could stop it, but he continued nonetheless.

“Do you not think that my brother, prince Laurent of Vere, is a capable ruler in my stead? I do not see the need for me to marry again, only to breed the next generation of kings and royalty when I already have a very capable successor by my side. Do you not agree, councillor?”

The councillor could only open and close his mouth, no noise permeating the air as the king and prince looked on in expectation and amusement, respectively.

“Was it not my brother who discovered the plot of our uncle, who had planned the murders of the entire royal household? Was it not he who summoned the very physician who saved my life on the fields at Marlas? Or who expanded our trade routes with both Akielos and patras, almost single handedly?” All the councillor could do was nod his head, admitting defeat on the subject as the king continued.

“So, why is it that I need an heir, produced by me and a woman who I may not even love, when one of the most brilliant minds in the country sits at my side?”

There was no answer.

“Okay,” Laurent interjected in the silence of the room. “So, there is no issue to be discussed, is there? You are free to go, councillor.”

Never before had either of the two seen a member of the court exit a room so fast. Once the large doors were closed behind the councillors retreating back, the brother relaxed their posture on their thrones and fell into a fit of laughter over the entire situation.

It took several minutes for either of the two to calm down enough to speak. It was auguste who found his control first.

“Im sure you know that we are expecting visitors in the next day or so? I’m sure you’ve been writing to king Damianos non stop since his last visit to Vere.”

Laurent nodded enthusiastically, a bright smile on his face at the thought of seeing Damen again.  

“Yes. I am quite looking forward to it. Though we may have to skip out on some of the festivities. Lost time and all.” Auguste smiled knowingly as he nodded at his brother.

“Just be sure to show your face at some of the parties please? There is enough court gossip about you and the king of Akielos already. Don’t feed the fire this time.” Laurent gave a noncommittal shrug before he continued as if his brother had never spoken.

“I think we’ll have to. Damen told me that he’s bringing Nikandros with him this time. And that man hates me. He always interrupts whenever I get a spare moment with Damen. He follows us when we go riding, or if we go into one of the smaller villages. We never get a moment alone when he’s around!”

When he was finished, Laurent’s face was red and his speech sounded more like a complaining toddler than a prince’s woes. Auguste couldn’t help but smile as his brother tried to compose himself again.

“I remember, you’ve told me about Nikandros before. Kryos of Ios, yes? One of king Damianos’ most trusted advisors. I’m surprised that I’ve never met him before. I look forward to sharing his woes about you and his king. He’s not the only one who suffers through watching the two of you together, you know.”

Laurent rolled his eyes and stood from his throne, stretching his arms into the air as he said, “Yes. Im sure the two of you will have a lovely time regaling your tragic woes of having to watch two people be in love. Have fun with that.”

Auguste smirked as he watched his brother walk away from the thrones, probably to retreat into the kitchens or the library to write yet another letter to the king of Akielos.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to get the next part done, but I’m gonna try my hardest to keep my updates pretty frequent. Once I get a little more substance to the story, I’ll upload it to AO3. Hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to come scream at me in my messages and ask box!

my opinions on the signs (aries sun/pisces moon/cancer rising/aquarius dom)

super duper biased (im so sorry leos…)

aries: ive only met a few other aries in my life but weve NEVER gotten along. always starting arguments but refusing to finish them.. and they have a tendency to be immature. they have trouble apologizing. every aries ive met has been very defensive and always secretly extremely insecure but youd never be able to tell until you really got to know one. I will say though that they are very passionate about what they care about and if theyre on your side they will defend you even if youre wrong. theyre also adorably spontaneous. brutally honest when theyre angry. dont have much of a filter between their thoughts and their words.

taurus: I have so many tauruses in my life that im extremely close to. the ones i know are HORRIBLE with dates, times, remembering things, being on time, etc. which at first came as a shock because everyone says theyre extremely serious and reliable. oh well! i love them anyways. when a taurus cares about you however, they will be willing to drop everything for you anytime. incredibly giving people with hearts of gold. theyre so silly and sweet and have great senses of humor but theyre serious when need be. are SO passionate about the people they love. such romantics and so incredibly sensual. theyre so protective and great at comforting people. lazy until they absolutely need to get shit done (but somehow they always get it done). Love ‘em.

gemini: I LOVE geminis. my best friend is a gemini and she is by far the sweetest, most understanding, and diplomatic person ive met.
the geminis i have met have always been extremely fair and level headed. some tend to be overly worried about appearance, but others are the exact opposite. when it comes down to it they can internally be very petty but they will very rarely let it sway their opinions externally. every gemini ive met has had lavender as their favorite color?? odd but a cool little fact. tend to be hilariously sarcastic. very reliable. EXTREMELY intelligent.

cancer: yall are FUCKING CRAZY but i cant help but hang out with you guys. quick storytime: one of the cancers i know cut off the top of her sisters finger with scissors because she messed up her drawing, and another cancer i know lit a public toilet on fire and just left the restroom because they were “just really angry that day”. the cancers i know are TERRIFYING PEOPLE. emotionally you guys scare me because you feel everything so intensely. backstabbers to the max. SO FUNNY because theyre constantly roasting the hell out of people but constantly make me so so nervous. so quick to talk shit. i will say though you guys are really interesting and ive had a lot of really deep conversations with cancers. i appreciate them for the way they are and im sure there are some totally sane cancers out there.

leo: im so sorry to all the lovely leos out there but the leos ive met have RUINED this sign for me. they have always matched every leo stereotype. they are so whiny and live for being the center of attention. incredibly dramatic and jealous. some of the biggest gossips ive ever met. they never stop talking and when they are talking its always about themselves! SUCH inflated egos. so self absorbed. just very stereotypical negative leo behavior. im sure not all leos are like this so im sorry to all the amazing ones out there, but wow the ones ive met are just mean.

virgo: Ive never met a virgo???? where are you people? do you exist? youre probably cool. im going to default to saying that i love you guys. virgos = cool probably. idk

libra: I either love or hate libras. on one hand some of them are very fair and thoughtful, bubbly and loved by everyone. on the other hand though theyre a pain in the ass to deal with. they always want the very best, and tend to be extremely rude when that isnt what they recieve. such flirts. some of the libras i know are such good people though, and they give REALLY thoughtful gifts. a reoccuring stereotypical thing ive noticed is that they all love glitter for some reason. very crafty people. they can be super manipulative in order to get what they want. mixed feelings. judgemental as hell but only behind closed doors. the libras i know love making other people happy.

scorpio: I dont know many scorpios but i hate seeing how cynical and untrusting the ones i know are. very brutal people. but with the negatives aside, their intensity is invigorating and they turn heads like no other sign. SO intimidating but its only because they seem so well put together, mature, and otherworldly. genuine people though, and they are the most real people ive met. loyal and passionate.

sagittarius: ahhhhh! I know a lot of sags and I love you guys for the most part. always up for a good time and so creative. hands down the most fun sign. so exciting and interesting, intelligent and quirky. honestly, the most fast-thinking sign ive met. the most funny sarcasm out there. the people i know with this sign are such comedians and they live to make people laugh and brighten peoples day. its hard to make them mad because theyll brush you and your lousy opinions off so quickly, but that means theyre really difficult to sway when they believe in something. they tend to be right about things, and always have a “gut feeling” about any situation. just really warm, nice people. sweet smiles, too.

capricorn: some of my closest friends are capricorns. theyre the definition of ride or die friends. most loyal sign ive met. theyre the masters at hiding their emotions and their emotional seriousness has a tendency to scare me a lil bit, but theyre just really cool people. you can come to them with absolutely anything and theyll always want to help. such memes tho. good taste in music. theyre so complex but appear so simple. SO GOOD at storytelling and writing. brutally honest, but in a productive way. doesnt take bullshit. ever.

aquarius: ive only met 2 but theyre such aliens i swear. theyre so cool though. very spacey, cute senses of humor, VERY chill. theyre really clever and creative too. independant as hell and sometimes they just want to be left alone. they always seemed a little detached from reality. cool as a cucumber.

pisces: and the award for most passive-agressive goes to pisces. honestly though i love you guys. youre so empathic and caring, and THE ABSOLUTE BEST to talk to about problems, deep thoughts, or just random stuff with. just the best people to carry on conversations with. the pisces i know arent shy at all, but just naturally quiet. i will say that you guys are so difficult to talk to when youre upset because you have this tendency to shut down and block out the people around you. very sensitive and you tend to take things to heart very easily. extremely intelligent and innovative people. you always seem lost in thought, and im always curious about what youre thinking about.

Not Good Enough (6/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: Bucky thinks he isn’t good enough for you to love him (not giving a lot away gotta read it)

Warnings: swearing, slight smut (maybe not really sure), violence, swearing

Word Count:  2,025

Notes: Sorry for the Hugo delay I don’t really have an excuse for it being late actually, I was just sort of lazy sorry um I think I got lazy cuz there is a part that I kinda got stuck on and I kinda laid it off. Anyways sorry for the lack of dram in this part its building for the next chapter that should be up sooner than expected but ya hope you enjoy and have a great and safe day.

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More of ronan being dragged to this College Town of Sin you say? ok sure lets do it [previous posts here and here

  •  So like he obvs came along willingly duH but he likes to be a dramatic baby and whine about how they dragged his rich country ass out to this urban college town 
  •  Hes like ‘I coULD be on my fARM with my COWS and bABY MICE!!! and yet here i am drinking frappuccinos w noah at pretentious obscure coffee shops and and..going to sTUDENT PROTESTS and fRAT PARTIES????' 
  • But then Adams like shut up and give me a blowjob while i study for my Econ exam and Ronan’s like 'wow I Love College' 
  • After like a week ronan gets sUPER BORED bc like the rest of the gangsey are busy with college (yes noah tags along to all of blue, gansey, and Adams lectures) and Ronan’s like ok fiiiine i will participate in this college Thing even if im not actually in college. 
  •  So what does he do???? He signs up for a poetry reading at that obscure pretentious coffee shop. 
  •  Maybe there’s a flyer for a knitting club at the library and ronan like *shifty eyes* plucks the flyer and jams it into the pocket i his leather jacket. (what??! Ronan knitting?? Thx @prsphn for turning me on to that headcanon) 
  • He shows up and its like a bunch of little old ladies and hes just like…ok sure whatever. this is nice. 
  • All the old ladies instantly become super smitten and endeared by him. They totally adopt him. And he’s like the sweetest w them. 
  • he teaches them some cool techniques and they teach him some stuff and they share yarn and gossip together. 
  • All of them try to set him up w their granddaughters and hes like 'ahh sorry to break it to u but im taken’ and like hes super Nervous about coming out to them bc hes like they’re Old and probs like homophobic?????? 
  • But of course the ladies all wanna know now 'who’s the lucky lady???’ And well Ronan’s always been honest and hes like not ashamed of Adam in the slightest so he’s not going to lie. 
  • So hes like 'um actually…I uh…' 
  • And then Carol in the back just goes 'he’s gay ladies!’ And they’re like 'ooooooh’ and ronan just blushes and nods like 'yeah I am.' 
  • And they’re like all super chill about it. And Susan is like 'that’s nice dear. Who’s the lucky man?’ And marge is like 'my grandson is gay!’ And they all just go back to knitting while ronan waxes poetics about Adam.
  • speaking of poetry…u thought i was done w/ poet!ronan ur wRONG
  • so that pretentious coffee shop right so theres a poetry reading and like he just signs up on whim bc he does everything on a whim LIVE LIFE ON THE EDGE LYNCH 
  • so yeah he goes and its like nbd like its not like he knows any of these ppl its fine. he reads a couple of his super gross lame nERDY LOVE SICK poems about adam that he wrote when he was like 16 before they even met blue and all that wild stuff happened like these are bABY POEMS 
  • and he’s like totally cRINGING but he figures u know start at the beginning 
  • and everyone LOVES them like they’re soso cringe and amateur but like they’re so raw and REAL and all these pretentious hipsters are like dYING like ‘wow who is this guy and who’s the lucky guy in his poems?!?!?’ 
  • so them ronan keeps..coming back. like every week. and slowly he starts telling his story, and the gangsey’s story and the story of his love for adam thru poems. And he goes by the name ‘the greywaren’ bc he’s a dork and wants to seem ~mysterious~ but also like he’s still super nervous about ppl he actually knows finding out about his poems 
  • he gets a little cult following in the underground hipster/poetry community
  • obscure poetry blogs are talking about him and posting quotes from his poems and like soon the little poetry readings start drawing bigger and bigger crowds and they start asking him to read more than one poem
  • and tHEN the gangsey end up at one of his readings as described in my previous posts and they’re all just like…dead on the floor like oh my god ronan lynch is a poet how did we not know all this time
  • this is so long i always get carried away im so sorry