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cute but subtle ways to dress little!
  • PATTERNED SOCKS!! Whether they’re cute animals, or little drawings, or just pretty colours, they’re bound to make you feel little! No-one will notice them unless you pull them up high.
  • Overalls! Wear them over t shirts, sweaters, anything! They’re actually pretty fashionable at the moment, and they work for all genders :)
  • Headbands and bows! I’m in love with headbands right now - I have a collection of adorable headbands, some of them are plain, but some have little bows and flowers, 10/10 would recommend. Also, hair clips and barrettes are awesome!
  • Ribbons! You could tie them into your hair, around your braids or ponytails, or even into your braids - it looks super cool! And there are bAJILLIONS of colours and designs, you can get them from dollarama for basically no money! 
  • Some more things you can do with ribbons: tie them around your wrist to make a cute bracelet! You can also replace your shoelaces with your favourite ribbons to spice them up a little.
  • LOTS OF COLOURS! Just mix and match, throw in the entire rainbow into your outfit if you wanna!
  • Hairstyles: if you have long hair, you can try out fun things like pigtails and braids!
  • If you shop online or go to places like gap kids, you can find kiddie clothes that are big enough to fit you! You can find things like cuddly shirts or sweaters with bright colours and cute drawings, or character t-shirts, and it’ll just look cute, not necessarily kiddy!
  • Cute little accessories! For example, I have some cute ear muffs for the winter that are super fluffy and have little panda bear faces on them! You can get gloves and earbuds like this too!
  • Funky tights! i have some rainbow striped ones that i always wear with skirts and it makes me feel super little! You can get ones with patters and stars and hearts and designs that look amazing! You can also do this with leggings.
  • Sparkly nail polish! 
  • Heelies or light up sneakers, if you wanna!
  • Do you remember sillybands? Well you can still get them online for barely any money, and they look so cute! When you’re wearing them, they just look like colourful elastic bands, so it’s not super obvious
  • if you’re carrying a bag with you, decorate it with stickers and buttons and keychains! You can make it all pretty and jingly :)

I hope you find these helpful!! I’ll be posting similar posts this week :)

- Evie

hey guys heres a terrifying thought

homestuck, john dies at the end, and the adventure zone all have weirdly similar fanbases that are, in some cases, nearly impossible to tell apart

OTP: Confesses love for one another

Me: :) thats cute

OTP:  Fights any time they are in the same room. Only working together because someone/something forced them to be. Constantly bickering.



Thank you sm!!! i’m glad you’re enjoying mandarin orange <3

for the drawing tutorials, i honestly don’t have any…i never took classes and right now im just going with the feeling (not a good thing! i have to go back to drawing studies!!) but i made some coloring tips/processes !

more here: XX / XX

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hey sarah! i hope you're doing well. i just wanted to tell someone abt this...i have a friend who'd been an army ever since bts debuted, but she's not very involved anymore. i don't mind that part at all, but i was just upset when she shamed me for being an army in front of our other friends and denied the fact that she was ever a fan :// she obv doesnt have to be an army for us to be friends, but i feel like ive lost a connection w her bc of what she did...i dont have other army friends (1/2)

(2/2) so im kinda seeking some comfort from you haha. anyway thanks for reading my ramble (if you find this in your mountain of asks) and have a great day :))

Tbh i think there’s a really fucked up trend right now. The “hate army” trend. 

Some people hate us because a large group hate us, without even making their own opinion on the subject. There’s bad people in the Army, like in every other fandom, kpop related or not. People are bashing us, sometimes even for no reason, taking the worst comments and stating that THIS is Army. When in fact, if you want to be fair, you have to randomly take a large number of comments. So some people want to be in that trend, which is really stupid.

If she shamed you for being an Army, tell her “do you really think that I have to be ashamed of enjoying music?”. You’re an Army when you enjoy and support BTS. Is there something to be ashamed of? Nop

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Not to be rude or anything, but that was the end of the comic? It was cute, but kinda anticlimactic. Is there going to be anything else? Because I really love this AU and I can't wait to see what happens.

shit youre right, theres some missing panels

now thats an ending!

excuse me...

i have these moments where i just hear something by taylor or read about something she’s done and there’s a part of me that wants to be calm and relaxed but this other part of me always wins and i end up an ugly crying mess because of her and that’s where i am right now. i have no idea why ive been feeling the way i have lately but the second i heard that old Untouchable performance all of the tears and all of the feelings just like……..,.,,,,,,,,,… made me crumble???? i still spend some days wondering how someone as sweet and generous and hard working as taylor ends up getting her name dragged through the mud when literally all she wants to do is make people happy as much as she can whether it’s with her music or just her presence. i dont understand. im so lost like can someone draw a map for me because we’ve all practically watched her grow up and be so many different versions of herself. from the awkward dork to the strongest she can be in the spotlight and then there’s the sweet little fairy and you just know that no matter what version of her she’s being, she’s trying to be human and she is. it’s so hard to remember this with celebrities because we put them in these glass cases never to be touched but left to fade from the camera flashes like these priceless masterpieces. but there’s a reason it seems so easy to imagine yourself stopping at starbucks for coffee after a day of shopping or drinking wine on a roof and spilling secrets like…..she’s so real. she is actually like,,,,,,not just a concept, you know? i wish there were more people like her and i wish there were more of her in me. it used to be this thing of like wishing i was in her position (because c’mon like who doesnt want to be talented, rich, and beautiful) but now i find myself wanting to make other people’s days a little better somehow, everyday. it’s that chain reaction situation that makes her such a great person because the more good you put into the world, the better it gets and it’s such a terrible place so the smallest things make it just a little easier to live in and i dont know. she’s such a bright light. i find myself listening to her more and thinking of her when she’s not around and it’s not a painful ‘i miss you’ anymore it’s more like a safety blanket, remembering days when i began to pay attention to her and nights when my mom wouldnt know what to do when i cried about just one line in her songs. i sound so pathetic right now but i really love taylor swift and honestly days like today where i feel like im on an island and no one can hear or see me, somehow she makes me feel like it’s more of a vacation from the outside world than isolation. idk but like……taylor swift was a very good idea.

In Light of Recent Events

And I’m talking about this post written by IRL Patryk:


I’m having second thoughts about having the ship in the final game at all, out of respect for the real Paul and Patryk. I know I said it would be an optional choice for the player, but even having that just doesn’t feel right to me anymore.

I myself haven’t drawn or written anything relating to this ship, but I have to say, I’m quite disappointed in those of you who pushed everything to this point. I thought we had learned our lesson by now, but some people in this fandom continue to do harm those who just wanted to create a cartoon. And in Pat’s case, he never even did anything. He just donated money, and this is what it got him, months of being harassed by rabid fans who thought nothing more of him than a tool to fuel their shipping desires.

Using the real names of the people involved, shoving it into their faces (knowing that one of them has a wife), and essentially ruining someone’s professional career because every time you look up his name you get shipping art is just unforgivable. There were so many things that could have been done to prevent this, but none of that matters now. This can’t be reversed.

I respect these creators too much to risk causing more pain to them. Unless some of you grow up and realize that you’re hurting real people, I will not be putting this ship into the game. They will remain solely as friends. I’m sorry if I sound harsh, but I’m very angry. I’ve seen too many awful things happen in this fandom, and I’m absolutely sick of it.

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Do you think Rick and Michonne will go back to that carnival after they defeat Negan? It would be wonderful if Rick with the help of Eugene (if hes still TF), Tobin (lol)and the other communites get the carnival up and running. In my head, Rick surprises Michonne and all the kids. Then he proposes to her on that Ferris Wheel in front of everyone. Im thinkin episode 8.12. The Ferris wheel and the number 8 is so foreshadowing something big to happen with their relationship next season.

#umm how dare you? #i was not prepared for this #i just came out to have a good time and i’m honestly feeling so attacked right now #idk if they’ll do it in season 8 because i’m betting with the war will be the entire season. maybe the finale? but i want and need this to happen at some point in my life

I want Tom to come cuddle with me right now, I am freezing. I just want him to wrap his arms around me and entertwine our legs together as he whispers how much he loves me and my shitty jokes while I lay there giggling trying to figure out how I got so lucky to have a boy like him in my life.

hance is by far one of my favorite ships because there is nothing I love more than the friends to lovers trope. And lbrh hunk and lance wouldn’t even have some big dramatic confession it would probably just happen 

They’re sharing a blanket and watching a movie and they’re sitting so close that their thighs are touching and their hands “just so happen” to be resting on the floor with lance’s on top of hunk’s and they aren’t even thinking about whatever it is they’re watching because they’re so focused on how comfortable and safe they feel just sitting together in silence and hunk looks at lance and lance is blushing and keeping his eyes glued to the screen and hunk is like ‘oh’

and he leans over and kisses lance on the cheek and lance finally says ‘screw it’ and pulls hunk close and kisses him on the mouth and 

all is right with the world

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robbie what do i do... i think im trans. i just want to be open about it and tell my family but i really dont think its safe bc my dad and my sister are really homophobic and conservative and i feel like i'd get kicked out.. im only 15 ://

if u dont think it would be safe for u to come out now then dont. See if you can tell some close friends so that you have some support, maybe try subtly mentioning trans issues to your family and see how they react. You’ll know when the time is right just stay safe

  • jensen: *sees misha collins*
  • jensen's brain: flirt mercilessly and look hopelessly in love
  • jensen: why
  • jensen's brain: u gotta

((-wheezing- Hey guys! So…. I think its about that time now where I have to close the inbox again. ^^; I wish I didn’t have to, but right now I have way too many messages and my thesis is in need of some mayor attention right now, so I can’t really sit down and respond to them all in one go. Just as last time I’ll tag everyone who sent messages bellow so they know that they’re not being ignored cuz of my lack of speed in answering stuff. :’D Once again I’m really sorry and I’ll do my best to respond them when I can and hopefully not take too long before its opened again!))

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When You’re Feeling Sad

A/N: I’m having a really rough night (week) and I needed some Dean love right now and words of encouragement. Everything feels incredibly daunting right now and I just really need a hug from my mom, but like college. I love you all. If you ever need to talk - I’m ALWAYS here. Always Keep Fighting.  (Unedited I literally wrote this in 5 minutes because my chest hurts) 

Dean X Reader Letter

Warnings: I’m not sure if this is triggering. I have some anxiety and depression and I kinda touch on those subjects but just caution I suppose if this is triggering. I’m not sure IM SO SORRY. 

Dear Y/N

Oh baby girl. If only I could be there with you right now. Don’t think I didn’t notice. I can always tell when you’re trying to hide yourself from me, your pain. And it breaks my heart that you feel as if you have to hide from me. Because you don’t. I’m gonna try to do my best here and put everything in to words. So you can have something tangible. Solid proof that everything I’m about to write – I wholeheartedly believe.

Sweetheart, I know how much it hurts. And I know that right now, it feels as if nothing is going right and that the world has turned against you. I know waking up is hard and I know that you have to force yourself to do normal things. And I know that the mirror is your worst enemy; more than any monster out there on this earth. I know that each time you get lost in your head, when you’re sitting there by your desk, trying to study and trying to go on with your life; that you feel this ache in your chest that doesn’t go away. It’s as if somebody had forced iron down your throat and it’s stuck there inside you. And sometimes the tears just don’t goddamn stop, and all this pain and misery feels as if it’s going to kill you.

I know it all.

Trust me. I’ve been there, sweetheart.

But just know that I’m here. I’m always here. No matter what time, any place, anywhere. Just close your pretty eyes and know that this heart inside my chest- beats solely for you. That every breath I take, every battle I fight; it’s all for you. Because I know that it feels like there is no one there for you; that no one cares about you. But I do. I do. So much it fucking hurts sometimes because there are not enough words in the English language that can describe just how much I care about you. How much I love you. How much I fight for you. Every evil son of a bitch that I take out is so that you can live on a planet that has one less demon to face up against. Because while the real ones are scary as hell, they’re nothing like the ones living in our heads. In your head.

I’m so proud of you, baby. I’m so proud of you when you wake up. When you brush your hair and put on that beautiful smile that I love so much. I’m proud of you when you go through out your day and come home safe and sound. And sure sometimes it’s gonna be hell. Some days are gonna be worse than others. And I know that you cry yourself to sleep sometimes. And that you feel so numb and so messy that you don’t even know where to begin. But I’m so proud of you anyways. Because you’re still here. You’re still fighting the good fight.

Sweetheart. If there is anything I have learned over the past few years, it’s that you gotta be kind to yourself. You work so hard, you love and you laugh and you’re so kind. But the words you want to scream to yourself, the haunting that goes inside your mind – you gotta push through and love yourself and treat yourself right.

You’re gonna be weak. And I’m still gonna love you just the same. You’re gonna cry. And I’ll be there to whisper in your ear how strong you are. You’re gonna wanna punch the wall and tear your hair out. And I’ll be there to kiss your tense knuckles and to rub your back so you can fall asleep.

I’ll be there. I’ll always be there.

This isn’t much, but I hope it’s enough for right now. 

I love you, sweetheart. 


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i'd honestly edit again if i'd know we'd get some attention for it but i won't do it if nobody of the fandom is actually here or active anymore u feel so it's like......where are y'all

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my friend is speaking the truth right here, im like, why am i even trying, what for

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hey this is the anon saying that ppl had a right to b mad at su: i don't mind u yelling! im fine now that i know u don't have a problem w/ the actual criticism and understand y ppl are mad i still love u and ur still an angel

I am still a lil sorry for yelling at you, angel….

I’ve been a lil stressed lately with all the nitpicky people and the drama and some pals being harassed and… I just feel a lil trapped!  i can snap easily when I am under stress, some people say I am like Ruby because of that!! 

I hope you can pardon me, is just that today I set myself the goal to not get into any drama and well… didn’t even lasted an hour!!