just some comforting words

imagine a scene in Voltron where Keith is really upset and Lance, in a moment of seriousness, offers some genuine words of comfort, and Keith just sniffs back tears and unexpectedly hugs him without speaking and Lance is like !!????? at first but then after a second he recovers and hugs him back and is like “I got you buddy”

People resposible of my actions and life: me

People not responsible of my actions and life: everybody else (especially not the internet)

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After S4, I’ve always wanted to write a fic where Shiro discovers what Keith was about to do (The Sacrifice) and he’s basically clueless up until that point, while pretty much everyone else knew about it (Matt told Pidge who told Hunk who accidentally spilled to Lance while Coran/Allura eavesdropped). How do you think he’d react to him being the LAST one to know (assuming no Kuron)? How would Keith react to him? (I can’t nail the characterization for some reason...)

The thing is, I know a lot of people assume anger would be Shiro’s gut reaction. And from my personal experience, I’d say that’s how a lot of people would react to something like that. The thing is, Shiro does get angry when Keith puts his life on the line. But it’s never actually Keith that anger is directed at. It’s always the people who’ve tried to hurt Keith or forced him in that position that Shiro lashes out at

whereas Shiro is nothing but comforting and supportive of Keith, rushes to his side and offers reassurances, immediately checks if he’s alright

So I think Shiro would be angry, but not at Keith. Instead, he’d probably try to talk to Keith and help him understand how much he means to him and the others, that he can’t just do that to his team. Offer some words of comfort and make sure he’s okay, maybe tell him to take it easy for a bit and verify that he’s calmed down before giving him his space–if he wants space. If not, then Shiro would probably just stay with him for a bit until he felt better 

Sometimes I feel the past and future pressing so hard on either side that there’s no room for the present at all.
—  Brideshead Revisited, Evelyn Waugh

Unpopular Opinion Time i dont like it when people shit on the terms proquasexual and proquusexual

for anyone who doesnt know proquasexual means a feminine individual who is only attracted to other feminine individuals and proquusexual is the same thing but masculine

everyone is like “just say gay” but do you???? not realize that that might not work for everyone??? that this is meant for non binary people who still partially identify with femininity or masculinity????? who might not be comfortable calling themselves gay???? bc theyre non binary??????

I don’t think it’s accurate to say that the greed pair don’t show great concern about each other. 

They are shown to care about each other but it’s not in their character to overtly show their panic and distress (Licht’s pride and Hyde’s false bravado just won’t allow it). Instead, they have their own way to show their concern when the other is hurt or in danger.

Licht pulls Hyde up when he’s down. He doesn’t use flowery words or comforting hugs. He just kicks some sense into him and, while violent, it’s what Hyde needed. I get a sense of respect in his actions as well (strange as it is to say). Licht acknowledges how strong Hyde is when he pushes him forward even while he gives him harsh words. “You weren’t able to become anything but you could’ve if just fucking tried.”

Hyde pulls Licht back when he’s in over his head. Licht’s greatest enemy has always been himself and he’ll continue to fight well past his limit. He provokes Licht into fighting but he knows when to stop him. The minute he starts to worry about Licht’s safety and health, he stops.

But when the situation is dire (like when Tsubaki has Hyde’s nametag or Higan is threatening Licht), all pretense goes out the window and they’re ready to fight.

They’re foils which adds a fun layer to their ship and makes them more dynamic. The two are a surprisingly balanced pair because of that too.

Bonus: Hyde totally knowing Licht was lying when he said he was fully healed because he was watching him and saw him limping.

Wieners & Peaches

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Characters: Wanna One x Reader

The apartment building you were living in was brand new, so there were a bunch of available apartments to rent, including five other apartments surrounding yours. All of the neighbors you’ve met so far were the sweetest people, and it’s so nice and quiet around the area, it was safe for children and safe for somebody like you. The five other apartments are finally sold, and you couldn’t be happier to have someone to share the floor with. Two families and a duo of boys moved in on the east wing of the 22nd floor, and on the west wing, where your apartment and the two others were located, was now occupied by four other guys, two in one respectively. And now, after a few months has passed by, you’re regretting your wish of wanting neighbors.

WARNING: Inappropriate behaviors and use of curse words!

 I’ll edit this tomorrow, but for now, enjoy while you can? pls have mercy, it’s been waaaaaaaay toooooooo long. I live for neighbor!wanna one. I haven’t proofread it yet, it’s way past midnight, my eyes hurt, my hamster’s sleeping and I have work tomorrow. I’ll just drop it here and if people like it, I might continue? idk, we’ll see. 

Second A/N: I somewhat proofread it? and I edited quite a few things. See for yourself and thanks a bunch! <3

“Can I borrow some eggs, babe?”

There wasn’t anything you had against your neighbors, they were all nice and sweet, with the exception of them.

You had a long day before this very morning; you had work starting from three pm to midnight and were almost late to work due to the heavy rush hours of Seoul, and by the time you got to your work place, GS25 at Samseong, your boss, Mr. Kwon asked if you could work overtime until he could find another to take the next shift after yours. Which was the midnight shift, also known as, the shift nobody wants to take. He explains himself further by saying Woojung’s Grandmother died and had to urgently leave for Ilsan, and as much as you hated it, you still said yes. Woojung was one of your closest friends, he would have done the same for you.

Five hours into your nine hour shift, there was still no call or message from Mr. Kwon, which left you with a bad stomach, but you still tried to think positive about it and told yourself he must have forgotten to call you, he was one forgetful old man. When five hours eventually turned to eight, that’s when he called back.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N, but could you please just cover the entire shift for Woojung?”

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I just want to send all my love to everyone who participated in the ❤️ ask because this has been a rough day and thinking about all the ways in which you guys have touched my life and mended my heart has offered a lot of perspective. I just want to take a second to remind everyone that failure is not something to be feared. Do the best that your health and mind will allow and if it doesn’t work out, if you don’t reach your goal, do it again. Win, lose, make mistakes, learn from them, help others, spread love and encouragement, and know that you are valid and worthy of love and happiness during your lowest moments, through your biggest failures, and in your greatest regrets. It isn’t your job to be good at everything, it isn’t your responsibility to always be beautiful and put together, or wise. Live in your failures, own up to them, revel in them even. But always get up and try harder next time.

Feel Better?

Drabble request by @supernaturalmarvelgirl: Hi, I’d like to make a Sam drabble request. I had a really shitty day and I need some Sammy comfort. Thanks 😘

Word Count: 736

“Will you just shut up and let me talk?” Your irritated voice echoed around your apartment when you yelled into your phone to be heard over your arrogant coworker.

“I would if you had anything helpful to say,” he replied haughtily.

You’d had enough. He asked for your help on his project. Your name wasn’t going to show up anywhere, so when he failed completely, you wouldn’t go down with him. “Whatever Bryan. Do what you want. I’ll just pick up your clients after they drop you.”

You stabbed your phone screen to end the call, really wishing you could slam the phone down like in the good ol’ days. Touch screens didn’t hold a flame to the satisfaction of physically slamming a phone into the cradle to end a call.

“That sounded like a fun conversation.”

“Sam!” The sight of the tall, floppy haired Winchester in your doorway brightened your day dramatically and you threw yourself into his arms. Almost as quickly as you’d thrown yourself at him, you pulled back and looked him over, searching for any injuries. “You’re okay? No broken bones or stitches?”

Laughing, he pulled you back into his arms. “I’m fine, Y/N. The ghouls aren’t, but I am. And it sounds like Bryan’s career isn’t fine.”

That reminder set you off again. It had been a long few weeks without Sam, and work was getting on your nerves. So you started ranting and pacing, fully aware that Sam was watching you amusedly the whole time.

“I don’t even know why he asked for my help if he wasn’t going listen to any of my ideas and I only agreed to help him in the first place because my boss has been on my ass for weeks about reaching out to the new people and helping them get up to speed, but these college babies think that their fresh-off-the-press bachelor’s diploma in marketing means they know how the advertising business works better than someone who has a solid career in it and they have no respect for—“

“Breathe,” Sam reminded you, laying his hands on your shoulders. You paused in your run-on sentence to do as he said.

When your lungs were once again filled, you couldn’t find the words to keep ranting because Sam’s gorgeous hazel eyes distracted you. One of his hands wandered from your shoulder to your cheek and he bent down slowly to press a sweet kiss to your lips. “Feel better?”

“Mmm, not quite.” Your hand hooked around his neck and pulled him back down for a better kiss. His fingers dug into your waist and your whole body relaxed as he pulled you closer. Three weeks without Sam was way too long.

Then he pulled back and you let out a whine of protest to which he just smiled and kissed your nose quickly. “More of that later. I just spent ten hours in a car with Dean and I’m starving.”

“Fine,” you pouted and let him pull you towards the door.

Soft moonlight drifted down through the thin layer of clouds, illuminating the street that you and Sam were strolling down. His strong fingers wove through yours, the callouses on his knuckles rubbing against your soft skin and convincing you that he really was here and that he really did come back for you, just like he always did.

“Tell me about the hunt,” you suggested softly. It seemed irreverent to speak louder than that in the cool night air. There was just something about nighttime walks and the slight breeze carrying the hoot of a distant owl that seemed to cover the world in a blanket of peace.

While you walked toward the restaurant, Sam quietly told you all about how he and Dean tracked down the ghouls. It always amazed you that Sam led such a vibrant, dynamic life, yet he loved coming home to you and hearing about your job that paled in comparison to his.

At one point during your walk, you pulled him to a stop under a lamppost and went up on tiptoes to kiss him. He leaned into the kiss, tracing his free hand down your other arm until both of your hands were tangled with his.

“What was that for?” His low, gruff voice just added to the picturesque moment.

With a slight shrug and an adoring smile, you answered simply, “Because I love you.”

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27 July 2016 on film, House of Blues Chicago / the dream synopsis serenade / photo by me

Denial: Chapter 5

The sun streaming in through the hospital room window laid directly across Vegeta’s closed eyelids. The migraine once forgotten in an IV drug induced sleep began to slither its way back into consciousness, and foggily, Vegeta cracked his right eye open.

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Can I get headcanons on TFP Optimus, Wheeljack, Knockout, Predaking and Soundwave and then RID2015 Jazz to do with their lover being ill?

TFP Optimus

As any good lover would be, he is very worried about you. However, he isn’t entirely sure what to do in this type of situation. He’d search the internet for ways to try and help you, but as team leader, he doesn’t have much free time to do so. Although you’ve reassured him you’ll be better in a few days, he still worries a great deal. In the end, the most he can do is hold you close, murmuring soft words of comfort to you as you curl up near his spark. 

TFP Wheeljack:

At first, he probably wouldn’t be too worried about you. You’re a tough human, and as you’d told him, it was ‘just a common cold’. However, the sight of you all bleary eyed and snuffly would have him quite panicked. He’d try to find some kind of cure, ignoring your eye rolls and attempts to reassure him that you’d already taken medicine, it just needed to start working. That’d probably calm him down a little. Besides, your sneezes were kind of cute.

TFP Knockout:

He’d be absolutely disgusted to begin with, honestly. He wouldn’t let you anywhere near his finish or interior, afraid you’d get some of your inner fluids on him. After a day and you’re not better yet, he’d immediately get worried, and starts fussing over you. You rather like the attention, and since there’d be no dissuading him, you just let him do what he was doing. It was endearing and really sweet that he was so worried over a little cold.

TFP Predaking / TFP Soundwave:

I think these two would act really similar, since they wouldn’t be outright worried or anything, and know you’d be okay after a few days. Still, they’d definitely be more affectionate and protective over you in your weakened state. Gentle pets to your head, reassuring nudges and soft words of comfort are just some of the things they do to calm you down. 

RID2015 Jazz:

When you’re sick, he’s definitely a lot more affectionate towards you. Jazz is very open with PDA anyway, but he showers you with even more love and kisses when you’re ill. He doesn’t mind showing that type of affection, because he knows he can’t catch your illness so he isn’t worried about that. He’s always asking you if you’re warm enough, or if you’re hungry, or if you need a kiss or two. You always answer yes to that question. 

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Bokuken hc bcz they need more luv and im dying of the lack of fanart.

  • Bokuto is like a big heater and is Perfect for Winter time cuddles.
  • In Summer, not so much.
  • Speaking of cuddles, they both love cuddling when they sleep.
  • They’re v v clingy in general.
  • Kenma likes sitting in Bokuto’s lap when he plays games, n Bokuto likes to watch him.
  • Bokuto often asks to do Kenma’s hair but it’s just an excuse to play with his hair.
  • Hair!! Dye!! Buddies!!
  • One time they gave each other their hairstyles (so Kenma with his hair spiked n Bokuts with his hair down) and it made Kuroo so uncomfortable he couldn’t look at them.
  • Kenma tries to teach Bokuto how to play video games but the only one’s he’s good at are farming games and cooking games.
  • Bokuto is Great at helping with Kenma’s anxiety when they’re out n about. He easily draws any attention away from his boyfriend.
  • Along with that, Kenma is good at helping Bokuto out of his moods. He often just silently holds him and strokes his hair, unless Bokuto wants some comforting words.

Can we just remind ourselves a little of the Horcruxes, and how much soul was in them?

With each split, the soul is divided into two, correct? Half goes into the Horcrux, half stays in the body? So by the Battle of Hogwarts, only 0.78 percent of Voldemort’s soul actually remains in Voldemort.

Yet he still manages to wreak all the havoc he does.

Voldemort was a monster of a man, his soul was twisted and sick and terrible, but it was strong. It had to be to survive the creation of so many Horcruxes. An awful awful soul, but a strong one, if 0.78 percent could still cause so much misery.

But that isn’t even the important thing. The important thing is that Harry was the last Horcrux. And just like every other Horcrux, half the soul was what remained of Voldemort that had to go into hiding after the night in Godric’s Hollow. 

But the other half? The other half went into Harry.

Harry was as much Voldemort as Voldemort was. 

Harry had the same amount of Voldemort in him that killed Cedric and so many others after his return. Who had Dumbledore killed and marked Draco Malfoy, a sixteen year old boy. Who did everything we see Voldemort do within the time period of the books. All that was done on 0.78 percent of a soul

The same amount of the same soul that was in Harry.

The Harry that wasn’t broken by Vernon and Petunia’s treatment of him. The Harry that rocked up to Hogwarts as one of the most famous individuals in the wizarding world and found his best friends in two children who were, in their own ways, sort of social outcasts. Who risked his life to save his best friend’s little sister, who wouldn’t allow his father’s best friends to become killers, who fell for a girl and still wanted to share the victory with the boy said girl was in love with. Who saw a bully and a tyrant and said no, it’s not ok, me and my friends won’t stand for this no matter how much you threaten us and punish me. Who tried so hard to save the one member of real family that was his and his alone (yes the Weasley’s were definitely his family, but they were Ron’s family first and foremost). Who managed despite the terror of what he’d just been through to offer some words of comfort to a mentor reliving the worst hell of his life. Who lost that mentor but refused to give up the loyalty he still had to him, even if it meant giving up his home, the girl he’d fallen in love with, his life. Who put it all aside to save the world when the other half of the soul that had taken up residence in him was causing all this chaos, destruction and pain.

Harry has just as much Voldemort in him as Voldemort, but not only did he eventually triumph over the Dark Lord—he fucking flourished on the way.

Now we’ve already established that Voldemort’s soul—even 0.78 percent of it—was pretty damn strong.

But Harry James Potter’s soul was a hell of a lot stronger.

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So, if my significant other prefers to be called something besides Daddy.. what are some other things to call him besides Master or Sir..? I'm having trouble finding others; while I'm in Little Space..

Some couples prefer to use ‘Dada’ or if he just isn’t comfortable with any form of the word 'Daddy’, some couples prefer to just use affectionate terms such as 'My Love’.
However, if Daddy just doesn’t feel right because it’s too close to what you use with your biological relative, it is also possible to use the word daddy in another language. The Spanish Papi, or Dutch Papa. It’s up to you as a couple and totally personalized. I just recommend sitting down and talking about it.

Train Ride ~ Otayuri

This had probably been done before but I absolutely adore this headcannon!

Yurio hated car trips. They were long, stuffy, and overwhelming. And he was tired. After staying up late listening to music and playing video games, he was looking forward to sleeping for the entirety of the seven-hour car ride.

They piled into the van, Otabek and Yuri in the back, Phichit and Chris in the middle, Yuuri sitting shotgun and Victor driving. Otabek was sitting one seat away, thought Yurio. He blushed and quickly hid his face with his hair. Otabek was his FRIEND, Yurio thought, and he would never be anything more. Quickly, he pulled out his headphones and plugged them into his phone. The soothing sound of Owl City’s Fireflies filled his ears, and he rested his head on his pillow.

Gazing out the window as the city lights flew by, he thought that maybe, just maybe, this wouldn’t be so bad. Though he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep yet, Yurio just sat and watched the world go by. After about an hour his neck started to cramp.

Ah, damnit, he thought, why can’t they make cars more comfortable?!

Shifting to the other side and turning around, he saw Otabek also gazing out the window. The sun hit his face at just the right angle, showing high cheekbones and deep brown eyes. Quickly closing his eyes, Yurio prayed he wasn’t blushing. To his surprise, sleep quickly took over him in a wave. All he remembered was the slight sensation of falling before the blackness took over.

He came to his senses after a few hours, but he was so comfortable he didn’t want to move. Keeping his eyes closed, Yurio started to hear the conversation the was happening around him. Not even questioning what position he was in, just that it was hella comfortable, he caught some words from the rest of the cars conversation.

“Dude he’s totally into you, don’t be a wuss!” Sounded like Chris’s voice.

“I still don’t think he is. He’s never even mentioned his love life, what would I know? He just sees me as a friend!” Otabek was speaking rapidly. He sounded embarrassed. How in the world did Otabek get embarrassed? What did the rest of the car say? Yurio was about to speak up but heard a collective groan throughout the entire car.

“He’s literally using you as a pillow right now!” Yuuri was nearly shouting. That’s when Yurio processed what was just said. That’s why he was so comfortable.

He was laying in Otabek’s lap!

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Could I get some comfort words from Dark?.. I'm just stressing out a bit and unsure of what to do

Dark’s not the comforting type but the mun is. Try to take some time for yourself today. Do something you love, take a nap, or just take a short break so you can breathe a little. Breaks are healthy and needed if you’re really stressing out!

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ok but like how to survive school alone ?

give yourself something to look forward to at the end of the day when you get home!

guys, i feel like i need to say - i’m not a fountain of infinite psychological help. i’m not a trained therapist or mental health expert. i can barely look after myself most of the time. i’ll always try to give you advice, but i’m just a normal person, with their own shit, and honestly, people coming to me with questions like this puts a huge amount of pressure on me. i wouldn’t want to delete or ignore questions like this, because i know the people asking them are in genuine pain and are just looking for some words of comfort from someone whose opinion they trust. but sometimes, i just have no idea what i - a messy 23 year old with very little life experience and terrible mental health herself - can do to help.