just some comforting words

Concept: you and your best friend lying in a fairies’ meadow, and the fairies make flower crowns for you, the sky is pink, the flowers sing, you are safe. You are okay

Little Genius

Summary: You’re too nervous to check your results and Bucky offers you some comforting words.

Word Count: 885

Warnings: None, just pure fluff.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

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The familiar ping in your phone had alerted you of a new email in your inbox. You casually swiped it open, unprepared for what the news it contained would do to you.  A few months ago you had sat, probably, the most important testing for you career. If you wanted to go anywhere in the line that you wanted to, this was a make or break – and today, the results were released.

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Cory’s Place

“Traditional. Contemporary. Edgy. Comfortable. Eclectic. Just some of the words used to describe the world-famous Cory’s Place.”

Cory’s Place. It is located on Wright Way, which is most likely a reference to the creator of The Sims, Will Wright.

Cory’s Place is a fancy outdoor restaurant, with a piano. There is a rental shack and a pond, so Sims can have picnics and play with boats. There is a swing for couples to swing on. Was quite hard to replicate the rental Shack but i ended with a cute mini shack with some European Flair (There is only a computer in there) Also was kinda hard to replicate de lake but i think i did a great job. I tend to go into exact replication but the lake looked so boring so i added some extra acuatic flowers and replaced the pond with a natural fountain.


Ever see a picture that shows the exact opposite of how you feel at your current state. I could use a hug, a friend, or some positive words right now. Sometimes you just want comfort or a reminder that you don’t have to struggle through your lows by yourself. Life is strange.

anonymous asked:

This might be kinda a weird request cause I've never seen it, but how they would act/make up after a fight? I always see like "make up sex" but not everyone does that after every little fight, but things like how some people might insist they're right and act all mad with silent treatment, how some people might do grand extravagant gestures to get back in the good graces of their SO, some might just whisper comforting words and apologies, etc.

Luke: Even though he has the ability to write beautiful songs that millions sing along to, Luke could never seem to get it right when it came to you. In the moment, you always caused Luke’s thoughts to scramble and his tongue would get tied. His loss for words would only grow during and after a fight, no matter how small and trivial it was. So when the two of you took a break from the argument, and silence filled the house, Luke had his own way of saying “I’m sorry”. Gifts were his specialty, though they were rarely large and extravagant. His gifts would be small but thoughtful, like baking some of your favourite cookies, (after a couple of tries) and sheepishly placing the plate in front of you. “Fighting can really make you hungry, so I thought you could use a little snack.”

Ashton: Understanding that you needed time to yourself, Ashton would give you your space until things calmed down, it’d be the mature thing to do after all. Mature, but hard to keep up as Ashton found out after your first fight. After a while he began to follow you around, a slight pout on his lips as he waited for you to be ready to talk again. It would start off small, with Ashton just sitting outside the bedroom, but as time dragged on, your personal space would get smaller and smaller, until he was practically following you like a shadow. Thankfully by the time he started following you, you were ready to talk anyway, turning to him with a smile as he pulled you in for a hug.

Calum: Following you up to the bedroom after the fight, Calum wouldn’t want things to end on a negative note, wanting the tension between the two of you to disappear. Crawling into the bed behind you, Calum’s hands would be on your waist trying to pull you into his lap, pressing soft kisses to your neck. When you pushed him away, not in the mood, he’d settle for cuddling, holding you close to his chest as the two of you just talked. All the frustrations melting away as the two of you calmly worked through it. Of course once things calmed down even more, Calum’s hands would start to wander again. “Have to make sure all the tension between us is gone babe.”

Michael: While the fighting could be intense at times, the real battle came after the final words were spoken. Who could freeze out whom the longest? Michael could be stubborn on his best days, so when it came to the silent game, he’d refuse to lose, not ready to be the first to say “I’m sorry”. The silence could last for a couple of days in your house, neither of you wanting to lose. But sooner or later someone would give, missing the laughter and the cuddles, and the apologies would come rushing forward like a flood from the both of you. (And once you kissed and made up, Michael would try Calum’s technique of make-up sex).

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My "friend" said I should be careful because I could get "fat." I work out at my gym 3x per week and watch what I eat.... I know I shouldn't care what she says but it really hurt me for some reason, it's like I amTRYING to be healthy and I sill get this..... I just need some comforting words from unbiased eyes. <3

You’re beautiful no matter what you look like, beauty is not on the outside but in the inside and what your friend says only shows that they have more insecurities that they need to work on for themselves. You take care of yourself and you love yourself so that is all that matters. Stay strong <3

-The Daily Feminist