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YNWA Theory Discussion

Army #1: This all relates back to Demian, look at Jin’s and Tae’s collars. They are wings and the colors match the painting in the Begin trailer! And the two albums represent the good and bad worlds of Demian!!

Army #2: I think all of this goes into a timeline. I Need You and Run come just before Bus 59 that hits those 7 people (as told by the sign in the concept photos)

Army #3: No, they’re introducing us into a different book called Owl Service like on the sign in the concept photo! 

Army #4: Nah fam, this positive and negative representation of youth is supposed to be what they see themselves as before they enlist in the army. (A/N: whoever came up with this one broke my heart 😭)

Me: *looks at empty pockets and wallet* I think their intention is pretty simple, guys…
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relaxing creek masterpost

in the midst of chaos that is the 2016 presidential election, ive compiled some nice and relaxing fics to read to makybe help take ur mind off this hellscape we call a country:

the fractured boyfriends: just a subtle reminder that we still have tfbw in the future

can you teach me how to do that?: italian tweek!

pink nails and baggy tees: just some nice creek + bunny fluffles ;w;

blue elephants: just a good n nice fic…,..,.,,,..,

we’ll assume this is how we planned it: one of my all time favs (marriage fics r my shit)

these r all rated g and r v soft and cuddly i hope u enjoy

Hmmm where can I put some bunny in pets AU…? Can I draw Danny be a bird when he’s a ghost and be a bunny when he’s in human from? Ugh….that won’t make sense…. What about Spongebob as bunny? But would sea creatures as bunny work? lol I just wanna draw some bunny…

Pun of the day: The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Coco: *angry looking for Velvet* For FOX sake where is she.

Fox: *materialising out of nowhere* You called?

Coco: Oh, no sorry Fox! I was looking for Velvet but I can’t find her. It’s like she just doesn’t CARROT all anymore…

Fox: Oh really?

Coco: Yeah! Carry on like this and she’ll just end up as some BUNNY that I used to know.

Fox: *he can hear giggles in the background* Well I’m sure if you find her, she’ll talk to you.

Coco: You think?

Fox: Yeah, I’m sure she’ll be ALL EARS.

*Velvet shouts a protest from behind a tree*

Coco: *chasing after the noise* Get back HARE right now!!

Fox: *sighs* Children.