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      Guys, I’m super sorry about being inactive. Truth be told, we are having some family issues, dealing with school, and me trying to save for when I graduate all bundled up in one has left me almost as if I’m dragging myself on the floor. If I get a chance, I’ll get on and talk with you guys, or answer a few replies but more than likely, from here on out, I won’t be on often. At least, not til Spring Break or at least til schools over because I have my Senior Project to work on, but ya know, im a human doing all I can do.


but it’s better if you do // panic! at the disco

Me: I mean, you can’t really /stop/ being a Jew…

Guy: Oh, so they kill you for apostasy?

Me: Oh, no way! We just don’t, like, stop considering you Jewish. Ever.

Guy: Wait, so you could eat a ton of pork and cut your sidelocks and stuff and they’d still, like, let you be Jewish?

Me: Yeah? Like, Judaism is like the Hotel California. You can check out any time you like but you may never leave.

I don’t know how to say this

But I need help. And just getting to the point that I can admit that out loud has been a long, painful journey.

Here’s the situation: my husband has never been a flexible person, hating to have his routines tampered with and throwing fits when they are. He reduced our oldest daughter to a sobbing wreck on Monday with his fury over her accidentally washing a shirt of his in with the load of our stuff. Up until then, most of his rage was directed at me and I could handle it. But I realized, suddenly, what I was allowing to happen, and that my children were suffering.

I told him I wanted him to move out. He refused and locked himself in his bedroom for two days.  He has not spoken to me since Monday. I have no idea what he’s planning or doing, because every attempt I’ve made at contact has been rebuffed with icy silence.

I am disabled, with degenerative disk disease, narrowing of the spinal canal, and scoliosis, as well as severe arthritis and a severed ligament in my left knee. I physically cannot keep a job, since I can’t stay on my feet for more than a few minutes at a time.

My books are beginning to sell, which is wonderful, but they’re nowhere near enough to support myself and four children yet.  I have filed for disability, which I should have done years ago, I know, but I didn’t need it, right?  My husband supported us all, no reason to mess with the system he had in place.

I was raised to never ask for handouts. And I’m crying as I type this because I hate that I have to now. But I’m desperate. Emotionally, our marriage has been over for years, but things are just getting worse. I can’t live with this man and since he won’t leave, then clearly I have to.

I’m asking for help. I hope I never have to again, I wish it wasn’t necessary at all, but I have to break this cycle of abuse, and I can’t do it alone. The shelter in the county is full and we’re low priority anyway because the abuse isn’t physical, which means that the housing authority is our only real hope at the moment, since their rent is based on income and should be something affordable.  Assuming they have an opening.

If you’re still reading, my Paypal is halcymouse@gmail.com.  Any amount will be a help, but if you can donate even just $5, I’ll send you a digital copy of Coffee Cake or Beignets in tears and gratitude. If you can’t donate a penny but will reblog this so others can see it, you also have my gratitude and I will mentally hug you.

Thank you for listening and I’m going to go cry some more now.


i think i have given up on scarlett completely. please write her out of the show, or do something because i can’t stand her anymore. what’s happening is total bs when you compare it to last season. give gunnar the recognition he deserves. he’s not just a prop to scarlett’s character.

Every time I think I’m over Daesung he freakin pulls me back in. Let!! me!! live!! my!! life!!

Paper-Thin Disguise — Eisuke Ichinomiya (Chapter 2)

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Summary: Eisuke thought he was insane for even considering the stupid disguise again, but he dons it again for reasons he can’t comprehend.

Needless to say, his way of socializing is—to say the least—unique.

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Pairing:  MC/Eisuke

a/n: Since some of you guys wanted to see a part 2 to this, I decided to make this a chaptered fic ٩(^‿^)۶! Man, I’ve never actually written chaptered works before, so I hope this is okay. Ahh, it really is fun to bully him <3

@prettyladyxbird @mareecesnpieces @aiyunique, I hope you like this  (◠ω◠✿)

               Eisuke thought he was slowly going crazy.

               Agreeing to masquerade as an employee for a day just to get Baba to steal a necklace was stupid enough. But doing it again voluntarily? Clearly, there must’ve been something wrong with him. Baba’s flights of fancy were starting to get infectious, he thought.

               Never in a million years did he ever imagine standing in front of his closet looking for something—god forbid he say it— ordinary. Almost all of his clothes were too fancy to be considered remotely casual, and wearing them would basically be a dead giveaway to his identity. In fact, he probably didn’t even own a normal t-shirt. What the hell do commoners even wear?

               After about twenty minutes of fussing over his wardrobe, he settled on a white button-down shirt and a pair of black jeans he didn’t even remember owning. All that was left was the wig and glasses.

               “I still look devilishly good, but this should be commonplace enough,” he said, approvingly giving a thumbs-up to his reflection on the mirror.

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Waava Week Day 1: Perfection

modern AU? bc they are….perfection

kicking off Waava week with…this. you see some people will provide beautiful fanart and fics for waava week….
But i…..i will provide THE TRASH!!!!!   ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

pssst they’re transparent