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EXO Reaction to their crush/the person they’re in love with being in an arranged marriage

This situations are so hard… :c Xoxo, Admin A~

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“You know what? We are running away… I don’t care what they say.. I want to be with you and I’ll take care of you more than he could ever do”


*Don’t ask how but… he’ll take care of it… and your family issues. He’s your… hero*


“Hey… I heard… you are the girl I’m promised to” *Surprises you by being the guy you have an arranged marriage with*


“There must be something I can do… something to stop this… something to be the one you’ll spend your life with, the one to protect you” *This is breaking his heart but don’t think he won’t do something to stop it*


*Shows at your front door* “Hello, I’m Kim jongin and I’m here to talk about your daughter’s future and mine” *If an arranged marriage is what they want, they can get one with the one you love* 


*Thinking really hard about the situation* “If they just want you to marry… to help their situation.. maybe they will accept me instead, plus we love each other.. I can give you much more than that guy… starting with my heart”


“Even if i have to battle that guy to prove your parents I’m better, I will!” *Nothing in this world will take you away from him*


“I know it’s not my business but.. she should marry the one she loves. Maybe I’m a better option, I’m willing to do anything to get her hand. Please…” *To your parents*


“We can solve this… maybe we can marry… and then we’ll solve whatever issues your parents have… like it or not, you belong by my side” *Even if you have to marry in Las Vegas XD*


*Somehow he just wins your father appreciation, so when he asks he won’t say no* “I want to make you and your daughter happy… please allow me be that person… please rely on me”


“We need to talk baobei… so I talked with your parents about the situation… and they agreed on me being your future husband… but only if you want to it. So.. tell me baobei… will you marry me?”


*Honestly… what person is better for someone’s daughter than him?* “You think I will let it happen? I don’t need to have an arranged married with you to take care of you and your family. It’s okay jagi, I got this”

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Hi. I felt like I creep I spent the whole day reading all your Voltron Family AU prompts. And when I say all, I mean all 44 pages in your blog. It was a lot but so worth it. I cried, I laughed and cried again. It's just so fluffy and wholesome I felt like I witnessed a whole family grow. If I could give a prompt, what if one of the daddies caught one of the boys watching lewd videos? Hilarity ensues, I hope? :) Thank you again and you're amazing for doing this for a year!

Dude. OMG? That’s hella lot. I hope you took a break and all that. But thank you! This dedication makes me smile :’D <3

[The Voltron Family] It was Lance. Of course it had to be Lance out of his two boys. Hunk wouldn’t do such a thing, that perfect angel of his. Lance, however, Keith knew one day it was going to happen but not this early.

Keith was walking down the hallway after doing his business in the bathroom when he passed by Lance’s room. The door was slightly opened and he saw his son watching… lewd videos. Keith’s eyes widened in shock and quickly made his way back to the master bedroom, a hand on his chest. He couldn’t tell Shiro about it, it was embarrassing enough that he saw it himself. 

He had to deal with this alone.

So he walked back to Lance’s room quickly and knocked. He heard “Uh! Just a sec!” and Keith had to close his eyes and prayed to all the possible gods that could hear him. After a loud strained “Come in!” from Lance, Keith went inside and saw that Lance’s laptop displayed Google homepage. Of all things! A Google homepage. How lame could his son even get?

Keith: *eyes the bed suspiciously and sits down beside Lance* Sweetheart.
Lance: Hmmmm? *smiles*
Keith: You’re 15 now. *furrows eyebrows*
Lance: I am aware, yes. *nods*
Keith: *gulps* There are things that are—well… inevitable, you could say. You’re at the peak of your curiosity and you tend to… well, for the lack of better word, get curious about things—certain things. And you might think there’s only a linear way to get things done, but you see, that’s not really the case. 
Lance: *confused* Daddy Keith, I’m not quite sure I’m following?
Keith: *sighs and looks up* I’m a damn best-selling author and I can’t even articulate words. Oh my god. I’ll need reinforcements. 

And by reinforcements, Keith meant Shiro. He quickly told his husband about it and he was expecting Shiro to be shocked, but instead, he was highly amused. They both went back to Lance’s bedroom and faced their son.

Shiro: *smirks* Your Daddy Keith saw you watching por—
Keith:lewd videos. I caught you watching lewd videos.
Lance: *blushes in embarrassment* *buries face in his hands* Oh my god. 
Shiro: *laughs* Don’t be embarrassed, Lance. *stops to rethink* Actually, no, you should be embarrassed. It’s pretty much the law that you need to lock your door when you’re planning on watching… *looks at Keith pointedly* lewd stuff.
Keith: *crosses arms* *mouths* Thank. You.
Lance: I don’t know what came over me. I kinda just—
Shiro: *hums in amusement* That’s what we all say.
Keith: Shiro. Not helping. *glares*
Shiro: *chuckles* Okay, but seriously. It’s normal. You’re a teenage boy and we’ve all been there.
Lance: *snorts* Yeah, I could understand you. But Daddy Keith probably hasn’t even wat—
Keith: *still crossing his arms while shifting his weight* I have.
Lance: *head snaps towards Keith* YOU WHAT?
Shiro: *smirks while looking at Keith*
Keith: *gulps and looks away* I had to find out somehow that I’m ace, yknow?
Lance: Ohohohoh! So, what? It didn’t work for you?
Keith: *groans* Yeah, it didn’t. Nothing did. 
Lance: Oh my god. *chuckles* So how do you get rid of it then? *glances at Shiro and comes to a realization* Oh my god. Does Daddy Shi—
Keith: I take a cold shower, okay?! *panics* What were you even thinking?!
Lance: *laughs* I wasn’t even thinking of—
Keith: Yes, you were! And to answer that, no
Lance: Oh. *looks at Shiro expectantly*
Shiro: *winks*
Keith: Takashi, stop giving our son the wrong idea. *rolls eyes*
Shiro: *pouts* He takes a cold shower… with me. *winks*
Keith: Oh my god. *has had enough* Your father and I don’t do anything in the showers aside from showering just to clear that up.
Shiro: Boo. You’re no fun. *frowns*
Keith: Who even is the child here? *points at Shiro and Lance* *shakes head*
Lance: *goes to hug Shiro* It’s okay, Daddy Shiro. One day, you and Daddy Keith will have fun in the showers.
Shiro: *hugs back* *sniffs dramatically* I hope so, too, Lance. I just want a little hugging and kissing—
Keith: I’m right here!!!
Lance: *looks at Keith* *laughs* Sorry, what was it again?
Keith: What I was trying to say all along was, in case you want to have other options when we’re all at home, you should just take a long cold shower.
Shiro: Or clench your thigh muscles really hard if you wanna go the medical way, yknow just to give you more options aside from the shower. *thoughtful*
Lance: *steps back* Wow. All of these just because I accidentally clicked an ad and I didn’t know how to get rid of it, so it started playing a video.
Keith: YOU WHAT?
Lance: *laughs* Yeah, my bad, my bad. But yeah, honestly thanks for the tips I guess? I’ll keep them in mind. 
Shiro: *smiles* Oh, also, peeing. 
Keith: *looks at Shiro in disbelief*
Shiro: What? In case of morning problems! 

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Dear Crimson! Hello! I'm a huge fan of your work! I'm hoping to start my onlinestore soon, but I have no prior experience. I was hoping you could let me some of your knowledge as to how to go about it? When you ship something, how do you find out the shipping prices, or things like that? It would be of great help! Thank you! <3

Hello! :D
Very cool that you will be starting a store soon OuO
I don’t know much about shipping XD
I use etsy, which allows you to buy and print shipping labels from them, so, I just do that XD
I suggest exploring the options with different sites and what shipping help they offer :D

Hitorijime My Hero 1x03 | Jesy's ramblings
  • I’m still mad that the Episode took AGES to be found somewhere online and I sure as hell hope that this was a one time only thing
  • The fact that he rather cut’s his ties with Asaya than to sleep with him…
  • “What the heck did he even mean, sleep with him…” He wants to fuck the shit out of you. How can you not get that?
  • “Why me?” Well, I guess it’s because you’re pretty likeable?
  • I bet that girl with the red hair is his sister
  • And ofc Kensuke automatically thinks that’s his girlfriend. Oh god…
  • Kensuke? Please stop acting like a god damn Shōjo protagonist
  • “Think that means he wants to go out with you?” Uhm…isn’t that pretty obvious Settie?
  • “Both of those options suck!” Naah. I think having Sex with Asaya wouldn’t be so bad 
  • “All you can do is ask him to be as gentle as-” He’s right tho
  • “What were you two talking about?” That’s got nothing to do with ya
  • Tease my brother or my soon to be boyfriend? What will it be?
  • Pretty sure that Hasekura is a low-key yandere
  • “Hamashita” XD
  • “Don’t butt into Ken’s problems too much, all right?” First off, when did he do that? And second: Aren’t they friends? It’s normal to want to help.
  • “You know, kid? Just follow your heart!” Before you give advice to others, shouldn’t you do it yourself first Kousuke-san?
  • “She’s not my girlfriend anyway“ I’m not surprised.
  • Why don’t they show us their make-out session? D;
  • Tbh, I wanna pet Settie’s head too
  • Why is he bleeding? o.o
  • “I’ve never once thought of you as my friend” Cliché
  • Hasekura is a dick to rocks
  • “Making decisions can be scary.” True Settie.
  • “Finally! Took him long enough.” He totally ships them, doesn’t he… 
  • “Must be nice.” I feel ya 
  • And here we got low-key tsundere Kensuke
  • “I hate this, Hasekura…The arguments, the awkwardness whenever we’re together, You telling me I’m not your friend…” my heart >.<
  • You know, when they sunk down to the ground in the forrest, I actually thought they would end up fucking there. I SAW IT HAPPEN BEFORE!
  • The hell is he doing hiding under the blankets? XD
  • But damn, he’s hella cute
  • "God. Please…Please let Kensuke be mine.” Isn’t he’s already yours?
  • But anyway….Please get married. Right now.
  • Can’t wait for Settie x Kousuke next episode!


It’s my jam ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

finasol  asked:

So, who did you romance in Awakening? Just out of curiosity, given your recent comic (which is beautiful, by the way. Can't wait for more!)

I accidentally married Chrom for my first playthrough because I had no idea we could marry. Lol

**EDIT: I don’t know why the image looks so blurry, sorry. e__e;;**

But Chrom was a wonderful husband and Lucina’s decision was heart wrenching.  So I guess in the end it made more of an impact for the story line for me. XD;

After knowing marriage was an option, I went for Lon’qu for my second playthrough (who would’ve been my first option had I had prior knowledge)~ And Frederick of course~ ; )  Who says no to a knight in shiny armor?

**EDIT: Oh!  And thank you~!  I hope to get more pages out soon~! >_<)/

Random ideas for stuff I’d like to see in future Magikarp Jump updates!

* Character customization like in Pokemon Go would be awesome! Even maybe just changing your hat. Oh, or adding accessories to your magikarps!!!
* It would kinda be nice if more characters could be added? Like, just give the league champions a unique design and maybe a few lines of dialogue. It would spice up the sameyness of the jump contests.
* More patterns! or even just more of the existing patterns! I think that’d also help mitigate the grind of the later levels, i mean you’re getting to the point where you have to raise multiple magikarps just to grind enough to beat one match of a twenty match league. Having more variants to hunt would make it less frustrating! And I think it could be pretty easy to just like.. apply the colour variations to all the pattern variations. Its weird how when you finally unlock pink magikarp you only get them in the belly stripe pattern. It kinda sucks to only have three more to catch when there was such a big gap between the first and second fishing rods. Gimme my plain pattern pinkie! What if there were calicos for every different colour combination! Oh, and what if REVERSE SKELLIE?? Like, a pure white magikarp with only a little red pattern. Ooh, all sorts of white base red pattern ones would be awesome, you can get kois that look like that after all!
* Oh and maybe smaller optional variations to set them apart, like whisker or crown length? or lil stripey whiskers, or grumpy eyes, or something. You wouldnt get a dex entry for finding these, but it would make your magikarp seem more unique even when you get the same pattern twice in a row. or maybe just have some flavour text in their status screen that says they have a particular Nature or a favourite food or something. Oh, or maybe size variations! Cos I think that all magikarp always having the same three sizes is a missed opportunity. It doesnt feel as much like progress if your max level 40 karp is the same size as the level 10 ones, it could be cool if the higher level limits unlocked bigger sizes! Or if it was randomized so sometimes you just get a comically small one. No effect on gameplay or anything, just for cuteness! (and maybe getting an achievement)
* It could be funny if Feebas became an entry in the pattern dex. I mean, it seems a weird choice to be a random event when it makes the most sense as an assist pokemon! But it even makes so much sense that if any other pokemon was gonna be allowed to participate in Magikarp Jump, it would be this one! You could just randomly fish them up and they act exactly the same as magikarps, and are counted as a pattern.
* Maybe if Magikarps have personalities then it could have an effect on training? it could just be a cool idea to rename the JP bonuses into natures and assign some personality to each one. And maybe add some more that’re like… have a penalty as the cost to having a high reward. Make it less gamebreaking when you get those random chance +200% training karps, maybe they get less JP from events or berries. And that could also be framed as personality traits, like a rebellious karp gets less training JP. Oh, and maybe add some more bonuses, like an adventurous karp has a higher chance to get random events!
* It would be nice if there was some kind of optional affection minigame. Often after my karp loses a tournement I wanna pet it to let it know that I’m not mad, and I still believe in it! Tapping the karp doesnt really work cos there’s that bad event from tapping too much. So maybe just have a petting/grooming/hugging/polite compliments minigame! Doesnt have any gameplay benefit, just lets you get even more attatched to your fishie. Oh, maybe you could polish its scales like how you polished the gym badges in Gen IV! i got way too distracted by that damn feature XD
* It would be nice if there was a conveinient family tree where you could see all the karps you’ve raised. I’ve been keeping screenshots but I dunno if I’ve missed any of the ones who died super quickly thanks to voltorbs :<
* Maybe magikarp breeding? Increase the chances of getting certain patterns by pairing up retired karps in the right combination. Tho its still super cute and sweet that the karps are like one big family even though they’re all just randomly fished up from different places. I LOVE THE ANCESTOR RETIREE GRANDMA HORDE WATCHING OVER THE NEXT GENERATION
* Maybe have some random events related to that? Unlocked when you have a certain amount of karps in the retired pond. Maybe it could just be stuff like ‘[first karp you raised] is no longer lonely now the retiree pond is so full’, and your trainer gets motivated by happiness! Or maybe instead of just floating in the background at random, the retired karps could appear in random events sometimes to give advice to the latest baby, or offer it a berry or something. Maybe just if you click on the retired karps in the background they could make a happy squeak. I LOVE ALL OF MY KARPS OF DAYS PAST

riderdatsu  asked:

Oh! I love how you draw Amane-chan in kamy's style! *faints out* so btw, I've thinking 'bout your AU, so is there Amane with the Bakuras or you do like the canon -dead-? So, there a 3rd option, be a father/daughter relationship with thief king bakura? I love that last one and wanna to write a OS with them :3 -just mess and fluffy stuff and lil' angst ya know? xD

Sorry dude, Amane is dead in the AU but Ryo still writes letters to her about his wonderful life. 

Based on http://figmentforms.tumblr.com/post/131722460242/you-know-i-just-realized-something-how-did-zelda

HA! XD This is FANTASTIC!!! (and yeah, I suppose when she was trying to come up with ideas on how to deal with Ganondorf and the option of marrying him popped into her head, THIS WOULDN’T BE TOO FAR FROM HOW IT WENT DOWN) XD,

Beautiful work, @asking-ask, and thanks so much!!!! XD ( I LOVE HER EXPRESSIONS AND HOW PRETTY YOUR STYLE IS!!! THANKS AGAIN! :D)

Umbrella (Optional Bias)

Its been raining.. and this sort of happened to me too.. just added more romance in it xD I’m very oblivious okay, I didn’t know he was offering it to me >-<

Also I haven’t really posted much so yeah ^^ just a cute little short drabble~

A sigh left your lips, eyes groggily gazing up at the dreary grey clouds that covered the once blue sky. The soft pitter patter of rain filling your ears. 

It was Friday, and you wanted nothing more than to get the school day over with and return home to a nice warm, hot shower and a mug of hot chocolate.

You pouted when water seeped through your socks as you walked to school, jumping over growing puddles and letting the droplets fall into your palm. You were getting soaked but it was okay, the rain was pretty and… pretty. Despite the possibility of getting a cold, you enjoyed the rain. It was a nice break from the scorching sun.

“You’ll get sick you know.”

A shadow loomed over you as the rain stopped hitting you, an umbrella hovering over your drenched body. Looking up, you smiled brightly at the boy who had captured your heart. He was a dork and a big goofball, but he just managed to wedge himself into your heart.

Blinking, you shook your head and stepped away from the umbrella, “its alright, don’t worry.”

He grinned and nudged your side with his elbow, “Yah, I’m offering you the umbrella.”

Shooting him a look, you relented and stood beside him underneath the covering of the umbrella and smiled in content. Your heart picked up its pace as the shyness manifested on your cheeks in a bright red hue, especially when his arm brushed yours and he grinned cheekily down at you.

“Thank you..” you whispered, a small hesitant tilt quirking the corner of your lips up.

He stopped, taking the chance to reach over and tuck that stray lock of hair behind your hair. Your breath hitched as he came closer, his cheeks visibly glowing pink, deep brown eyes captivating yours, and his kissable plump lips like.. right there. But, he soon pulled away with a soft chuckle that made your heart skip a beat.

“You’re welcome.” The way your name left his mouth turned you into goo as you shook your head and bowed your head shyly.

Once having made it inside the school gates and safely untouched by the rain to the overhang, he nudged you softly with a soft goodbye before heading over to his group of friends.

Disappointment and emptiness filled you, a frown turning your once smile upside down. Shoving your hand into your coat, a soft crinkle sounded and you took out a crumpled piece of paper in confusion.

Go out with me?

You smiled down at the hastily scrawled characters written down before looking up to see him looking your way with a hopeful expression.

With a firm nod.. or six… you turned to head towards your class when suddenly your thoughts began to head somewhere else.

When did he slip that into my pocket?’

sawamura-sunshine  asked:

Im sure you've been asked this about 50 times already, but what there a specific tutorial you used on the teeth for your rin cosplay? Im cosplaying our little sharky bby for animazement in march and Im not sure if to use a molding wax or thermal beads or- ugh, so many things to choose from for cosplay! >n<

I didn’t really follow a tutorial, I just sort of pieced together methods I heard about but I can try to explain it better here (even though explaining isn’t my strong suit, so if I’m unclear on something just let me know!)

The first thing I did was buy a mouth guard. If you don’t know what that is, it looks something like this:

Its purpose is to stop people from grinding their teeth in their sleep, but it makes a perfect base for the teeth.

The mouth guard comes with instructions so all you do is boil up some water and soak it until it becomes rubbery. Then you line up the piece with you teeth and bite down really hard. 

Once you have the mold of your teeth in place, take it out (let it dry a bit) and start cutting the underside of it (these mouth guards are HUGE and blocky so you need to cut it so it’s small enough just to cover your top row of teeth comfortably. The goal is to have it look something like this:

This net step is optional, but after I got it to look like the above picture, I soaked it in water again and just pressed the mold against my teeth to make it a bit thinner and to smooth out the rough areas. (I know this all sounds confusing, but I’m a total idiot when it comes to making props and it only took me about 15 minutes to finish this, so if I can do it with no problem, you can too! XD)

The next thing you need to buy is fake nails for the teeth. They usually come in bulk packages that look like this:

I think I used the larger pinky nail for mine, but since everyone has different size teeth, just measure them against your real teeth and make sure they fit on the mold you made without any overlapping or wide gaps. 

Once you have about 6 nails, cut them into a point and file them until you have something that resembles shark teeth. (also, if the nails are really curvy, file that down too so it can fit on the mold better.)

Once all that is done, carefully glue the teeth on the mold. Just follow the mold of you teeth so you know where to place them. I used a hot glue gun, but I think crazy glue might be a better option since after wearing them a long time, a few teeth became loose and I have to reapply the glue.  

I think that’s all there is to it! In the near future I might be making another set for the bottom row since I want the accuracy for pictures, so when I get around to it I’ll try to make either a video tutorial or take pictures with the step-by-step progress.

Good luck! And have fun cosplaying precious shark boy~!!