just so you guys kno

I think what scares me most about the 100 is the fact that there really aren’t any real bad guys, like this is war, and survival - these aren’t people who are just like “i want to be evil” these are people that want to live and will do whatever it takes to do that, even if it means losing some of yourself and your humanity along the way and that is just some scary shit

guys i know i’ve been a really poop mutual lately like. I’ve got a million edits planned, a thank you still in the works for hitting 1500 followers two hundred followers ago, and a swarm of unanswered messages in my inbox and I just wanna say I am so sorry about it. please bear with me a little longer I’ve got a few deadlines on my plate atm and life has just been a kick in the proverbial balls for the last few months weeks I swear I am not forgetting you guys