just so that i could see the finished product myself

Darren Dreamer - The artist everyone talks about 

No matter if you’re really into art or just casually browse art blogs on the internet - Pleasantview has a new aspiring artist you can’t get past. With a vibrant tone and a rough texture, his paintings are truely unique. We have talked to the young man in an exclusive interview.

Q: Darren, you’ve quit your 9-5 job to work on your art. How did you get the courage to do so?

A: Well, I’ve been creative trough all my life, but since I became father at a very early age, I had to make money to support my family. After my wife died, I walked through a really dark valley – but all the sadness and depression made me think about what I wanted to accomplish. So, I thought: It’s now or never.

Q: What is the most challanging thing about being a painter?

A: Colors, colors are very important to me. I usually mix them myself. Getting all the supplies, and minerals… When people see the finished products, they usually have no idea how much time I spent just mixing the right colors.

Q: How do you deal with critique?

A: Oh, I’m my own greatest critc. There’s not that much people could say about my work that I havn’t worried about myself. But of course, rejection can be painful, since I always put my heart into my work. Usually it’s my son who cheers me up then.

Q: What makes a piece of art good?

A: I’d have to say authenticity. There are so many different styles of art, no matter if it’s conceptual, traditional or even performance art. The most important question, nowadays, is: Is it authentic? Originality is certainly a key element.  

Q: One last question, for our female readers: Are you single?

A: *giggles* Yes, I’m still single.