just so that i could see the finished product myself

Darren Dreamer - The artist everyone talks about 

No matter if you’re really into art or just casually browse art blogs on the internet - Pleasantview has a new aspiring artist you can’t get past. With a vibrant tone and a rough texture, his paintings are truely unique. We have talked to the young man in an exclusive interview.

Q: Darren, you’ve quit your 9-5 job to work on your art. How did you get the courage to do so?

A: Well, I’ve been creative trough all my life, but since I became father at a very early age, I had to make money to support my family. After my wife died, I walked through a really dark valley – but all the sadness and depression made me think about what I wanted to accomplish. So, I thought: It’s now or never.

Q: What is the most challanging thing about being a painter?

A: Colors, colors are very important to me. I usually mix them myself. Getting all the supplies, and minerals… When people see the finished products, they usually have no idea how much time I spent just mixing the right colors.

Q: How do you deal with critique?

A: Oh, I’m my own greatest critc. There’s not that much people could say about my work that I havn’t worried about myself. But of course, rejection can be painful, since I always put my heart into my work. Usually it’s my son who cheers me up then.

Q: What makes a piece of art good?

A: I’d have to say authenticity. There are so many different styles of art, no matter if it’s conceptual, traditional or even performance art. The most important question, nowadays, is: Is it authentic? Originality is certainly a key element.  

Q: One last question, for our female readers: Are you single?

A: *giggles* Yes, I’m still single.

Ganso naki Kaoru ya Haiiro no Ginka 63

It’s become warm. How are you all doing? I am dumbfounded because I replaced my shelves which hold my CDs and DVDs with ones that could hold many more and yet they are now almost completely full again.

During production I don’t have anything to write about~ Everyday everyday I’m just playing around with songs in this way and that way. But I think that being able to immerse myself in my work this way is bliss so I’m working hard.

Come to think of it, the day after the Budokan shows I went to see Alice in chains at Studio Coast. There were songs I would have rather heard that they didn’t play but it was so much fun that when it finished I went close to the stage to inspect their equipment. I had the chance to see them in Australia too but I restrained myself (laughs) The bands I saw play in Australia who were good were Mutemath and Glassjaw, who we played with. There were lots of bands playing but I didn’t see many. Mastodon, Rob Zombie, Korn, and Alice in Chains played three nights in a row at a venue near our hotel in Melbourne. It must be tough for these Australians confronting such massive bands every night.

When the next issue is released it will be near the release of our new album! and so I can give information on that I will lock myself away again for a while.
Wait for it~!

Please look forward to the Budokan DVD and special CD too!

See you next issue!