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Reader’s guide - master list of my favourite fics and writers

So I was originally just making this for myself as a shortcut to author’s I knew I liked in different genres for when I want to read something particular, when I figured why not make this a public post so everyone can access it, right? 

All of the present links are to the blog, fic/series, or master list of a writer whose work I adore and all are marvel/avengers based. If you want me to remove you off this list or even just change the way I describe your work please message me and I will do so straight away. All descriptions are only based on my perceptions of the content there is at the time of making the post.

Like most of our fandom and like my URL, icon, blog description etc infer, I’m a slut for Bucky Barnes and this list reflects that. 

Smut City

@buckysbackpackbuckle - Masterlist - okay so this list isn’t all 100% smut but it mostly is and the smut is just so good. Oneshots and a couple short series, mostly Bucky x reader, other ventures include Peter Parker, Lance Tucker and Bucky x Steve x Reader 

@fvckingbuckyandsteve ​ - Masterlist - Basically the URL says it all, pure smut featuring Bucky, Steve, Bucky and Steve, Seb and Chris being sinful with reader, plus a few bonus Avengers sex drabbles and a Steve x reader x Nat oneshot. 

@actuallyasgardian - Masterlist - mostly smutty one shots and drabbles, Bucky x reader, Bucky x Steve x Reader, Thor x Reader, much great sin.

@sebastiansin-221b - Masterlist - Bucky, Seb, and Chris Evans smut goodness, mostly oneshots, a fabulous Stony smut 

@just-call-me-mrs-captain -Masterlist - so much great smut, largely ft Bucky, Steve, Seb, Chris, bit of Nat bit of Sam + more, one shots series and drabbles and some great Bucky x reader x Steve action. 

@fvckingavengers - Masterlist - pretty much, in my humble opinion, marvel smut queen. In one shots and short series, lots of Steve and Bucky, with some Pitero, Loki, Thor, Nat, Tony and Wanda on the side and a generous amount of reader x two-and-even-sometimes-three-character-action

Fluff Town 

@writingruna - Masterlist - mostly mega fluffy/ romantic one shots + bunch of drabbles feat. so many characters we got: Bucky, Steve, Pietro, Wanda, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, Thor, Loki, Tony

@writingbarnes - Masterlist - I’ll be honest this tumblr has done SO MANY AMAZING FICS I am yet to peruse them all but from what I can tell its basically fluffy or general oneshots and series, including Bucky, Steve, Tony, Thor, Clint, Pietro, Wanda, Loki, Nat, and Bruce sorted into an impeccably presented series of character-categorised lists

@buckyywiththegoodhair - Masterlist - much Bucky x reader fluff series, one shots and drabbles with a hint of Steve here and there and perhaps a love triangle 

@pleasecallmecaptain - Masterlist - Bucky and Steve x reader fluff city one-shots, a series and a pile of dribbles 

@scarlettsoldier - Masterlist - These are all just pretty sweet even if they’re not all overly fluffy its just kind of a happy time. Features Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader and Wanda x Reader


@sebseyesandbuckysthighs - Masterlist - THE BEST AU SERIES YOU CAN IMAGINE: reader x Vampire!Bucky  (I don’t even tend to like AU’s OR series!). Some heavenly Bucky series, many Bucky one shots and some Steve, Tony, and Clint one shots. Angst, smut and fluff, all labelled. 

@backpackfullofplums - Masterlist - fluff and angst and smut, oh my! All Bucky x reader (smut is labelled). Great lil descriptions for each title. 

@buckysplums14 - Masterlist - basically all the Bucky smut and fluff (labelled) you can imagine in the forms of one shots and short series. Features Bucky x reader, Stucky, Bucky x Nat, Bucky x Wanda, Bucky x Reader x Third party 

@after-avenging-hours - Masterlist - smut and fluff and angst (smut not labelled but kinda clear a lot of the time in titles and descriptions). Mostly Bucky, Steve and Bucky and Steve, featuring some Thor, Loki, Bruce, Sam. Oneshots and series. The disney corruptions are an actual work of smutty genius. 

@badults​ - Masterlist - smutty and fluffy one shots (smut is labelled) with a variety of characters including Bucky, Steve, Tony, Pietro, Wanda, T’Challa, Peggy and Clint. 

@marvelfic - Masterlist - smutty and fluffy one-shots and short series (smut is labelled), characters include Bucky, Steve, Bruce and Clint, also features non-romantic Avengers fics.

@stories-from-stark-tower -  Masterlist - one-shots come in fluffy or angst/mega feels with the following characters; Tony, Steve, Bucky, Bruce, Pietro, Wanda, Clint, Nat, Thor, Scott, Loki and Wade Wilson (Deadpool), various drabbles and one Bucky series. 

@mywritingsblog​ - Masterlist - fluff and smut (smut is labelled) with Tom Hiddleston and Sebastian Stan, the actors and various characters they play, featuring reader and various female characters, one shots and series.

@rogersxbarnesx​ - Masterlist - Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers galore, series and oneshots, Stucky and stucky x reader action, and a Wanda Maximoff appearance. Features smut and fluff and some angst (smut is labelled). 

@shieldsshallbebroken - Masterlist - oneshots and drabbles, fluff and smut (smut not labelled), great (and smutty) A/O/B steve x reader x bucky series, links to whopping impressive fics on Ao3

@221bshrlocked​ - Masterlist - Bucky x reader angst, fluff and smut (smut not labelled) one shots and series. Professor!Bucky!! 

@avasparks - Masterlist - Pretty much Bucky/ Seb Stan in many one shots, drabbles, series, featuring AUs, Steve x Reader x Bucky action. Fluff, angst and smut (smut not always labelled) 

@sebbytrash - Masterlist - Mostly Bucky x reader, fluff and smut (smut is labelled), features a bit of Tony and T’Challa with reader too

@bucky-plums-barnes - Masterlist - Lots of cute Bucky x reader prompted drabble, fluff and smut mostly (smut is labelled so are trigger warnings), bucky x reader one shots of the same variety

@imhereforbvcky - Masterlist - Mostly Bucky x Reader, some great series and also drabbles and one shots: angst and fluff but slays me with the smut

Something Different aka “Other” 

@the-life-of-bucky-barnes​ - not fics but Bucky Barnes’ instagram, genius drawings and captions = A+ quality content.

LAST UPDATE: 02/01/17


  • When i say smut is labelled or not labelled I mean from the master list, most of the not labelled ones include warnings or labels once you click on the stories
  • I intend to update this list over time
  • Please message me if you find any links don’t work or have any other issues (eg. see top of post)
  • Anyone is so welcome to message me if you write Marvel fic and maybe would like to be added to the list I’m 100% open to that and always love reading new content!

I honestly just made this for my own reference and convenience but then thought others would possibly benefit from it too so I hope people find it useful

phlushot  asked:

Hey man, what advice do you have for getting the perfect lighting for pictures? Whether it be indoor, sunset or in the middle of the day. I saw your most recent picture with Tatiana and it's great! Rich colors and nice lighting. I know you're not on this site as often so I really appreciate you getting back to me!

I really would love to cover all the major lighting situations but they’re honestly so many but I’ll stick with the two major ones I find myself in, which you also mentioned, indoors and middle of the day/direct sunlight.

Based on when you sent this, I’m guessing you meant this shot of Tatiana

Full size here

Just for transparency, she’s sitting in her living room in front of this window

So it’s a single light source allowing a ton of light into a concentrated area in an otherwise dark room. This particular day was pretty cloudy but while some people would shy away from shooting on a cloudy day, clouds actually act as a light diffuser so it’s level. I have Neutral Density filters (0.6, 0.9) for super brought days, they’re like sunglasses for my lenses, but cloud achieve the very same effect. 

Okay so she’s sitting about two feet from the window in the white chair which I wanted to use for object contrast. Oh, the shots in this post are all with a Canon 1D X Mark II with a Canon 35mm 1.4L II. The exif from Tatiana’s shot is ISO 1600/1.6/125th of a second. The reason I used the white chair is because I knew from the job it would stand out along with her robe and those two in the foreground would set her apart from the background, on top of me shooting at 1.6 which is gonna net me good subject from background isolation. Originally, she was sitting with her legs down but I asked her to put her feet up so the chair could frame her. 

I was shooting in Live View mode where I use the camera’s LCD screen to frame the shot cause I had to hold the camera slightly above where I can comfortably shoot without needing to stand on something. I was also shooting in Aperture priority and my metering was pattern/evaluation. If you don’t know what metering is or does, you really should take the time to look into it. It’s how your camera interprets the amount of light coming into the frame and adjust shutter speed or aperture when shooting in programmed modes.

As far as setting up the shot, that’s pretty much it. Now, the before and after

I can’t begin to go through each and every step of the editing process, but this is actually a leftover preset I made from her previous shoot that happened to roll over to these shots nicely. It’s not that I’m opposed to making new presets but I enjoy color and grading consistency across sets. It’s kinda why if I take a snapshot of my recent Instagram post, the same tones and colors appear across the board. 

Full size here

On the flip side of things, shooting outdoors. I do not encourage shooting with direct light on people unless you’re extremely comfortable and want the challenge for the sake of learning more about your camera and your abilities. Instead position the person, or rather, angle yourself facing the sun so they come between you and the light source too they become backlit or lit from the side. So the shot

Full size here (worth looking at and zooming into)

This shot was actually a bit of a unicorn shot in that, the set up wasn’t anything out of my ordinary. I THINK I was shooting with the Canon 50mm 1.2L, she was sitting on a bench in a random park and I was sitting on the floor. The sun is right in front of her (if she were to look directly ahead) but the neat thing is her hair shaded her face. You can see the harsh light on her hair but her face is evenly lit in the shade. The before and afters

This shot was good right off the camera so I created brand new presets for her cause I wanted to be as delicate as possible while bringing out as much as I was comfortable doing in the image. I shifted the orange (entire red spectrum) of color for the image and its why her skin went from neutral to having a pink tint  but it’s meant to accompany the sky.

I think that just about sums it up. So again, Canon 1D X Mark II, Canon 35mm 1.4L II, Canon 50mm 1.2L, 0.6 and 0.9 ND filters, all editing done in Adobe Lightroom. 

I know you asked about lighting but I figured it would lend some context to mention a more general approach. Hope it helps.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I see requests were just opened today! can i request MC and Jaehee doing those yoga activities together? Like those funny yoga positions that couples do? It'd be funny to see jaehee and MC doing it ahaha thanks!

Oh my gosh, sorry this took so long! This is super cute, so of course we’d do this^^ We were cracking up writing these.

  • You guys thought this one would be an easy one to do 
  • At first you were the one on the bottom, since Jaehee was stronger than you 
  • But, you were exceptionally ticklish where her feet needed to rest 
  • So you kept banging your head on the ground 
  • Poor Jaehee went tumbling sideways 
  • You decide to switch places
  • The first few tries, your feet keep sliding down her shirt 
  • “MC! Wear some socks next time! Your feet are so cold.”
  • Finally you two succeed

Photo Cred

  • Okay, so you requested to do this pose
  • Jaehee didn’t know why
  • You’re just like “But it’s cute!” 
  • She obliges and you two work on it
  • You get it pretty easily, so you want to take a picture
  • You have those timers on your camera, so you set it up
  • But it takes so many tries because you two fall out of position before it snapped 
  • A lot of awkward shots followed 
  • You guys were disappointed at first, but you were crying in laughter when you zoomed in on your faces
  • When you finally got a good picture…
  • “MC, it looks like a weirdly shaped dog bone.” 
  • “Listen…we worked hard on this dog bone. That’s what counts!” 

Photo cred

  • This was a difficult pose
  • You were the one on top, because you were slightly more flexible
  • It took so many tries
  • You usually said weird things that made Jaehee lose her balance
  • Like one time, you were getting into the position
  • “Wow, Jaehee! Your butt’s getting firm. Have you been doing squats?” 
  • Jaehee just collapses because she’s laughing so hard 
  • It becomes a little game between you two 
  • Who can say the weirdest thing to throw the other off the yoga pose 
  • She hates it because she can never seem to get to you whereas you send her on the floor with one comment 

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Clayton Keller - Lucky Puck

Anon: Hey if you can and if you have the time can you do a Clayton Keller one where the two go to collage together and Y/N plays for the girls hockey team but they hate each other but they still support each other at their hockey games and at one of his games that Y/N watches at the end he kisses her?

A/N: OMG I love Clayton so much and I can’t wait for him to play with the yotes. Look at how cute he is, I mean c’mon. This was so fun to write. 

Waning/s: Mentions of sexual tension, swearing 

Word count: 1,207 

Song: ILYSB - LANY, or if you’re feeling angsty like me all the time: Certain Things - James Arthur (this is very cute with this so)

Originally posted by werenskiz

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I just saw my new rheumatologist. I had prepared 3 pages of notes because at my old healthcare group, I was used to them being like “uhhh, well what do you expect me to do???” (your job?) and arguing with me and just shrugging and throwing ineffective and addictive pills at me. I always had to have lists and notes and literally fight them and say “please let me talk, please stop interrupting me” to get a word in so they would hear me out. They literally always cut me off and wouldn’t let me speak, and would just lecture me about my own body and not believe me. 

But this new one, like. SHE had notes on ME. I didn’t even need to show her my notes. She had researched my case before I came in and had two sides on a paper. She took everything into consideration. What I’ve tried whether conventional or alternative, what hasn’t worked, what I’ve been dealing with and how long. 

I have N E V E R had a doctor do their research on me like this and actually be prepared for the visit. They’re always like “hi, what do you want?” like I’m just stopping by to say hello. They never looked at my files. She also didn’t argue and totally heard me out on the problems my chronic pain causes me. She examined my neck, shoulders, and spine, and she even noticed the curvature and commented on it. 

She wrote down a natural medicine that is outside of the system for me to research and let her know if I want to try. I asked her about trigger point injections and we talked about it for awhile. I had been concerned in the past, not that the old docs would ever give them to me, so I had tried so many different things. And after years and years of me trying so many things, I decided to finally try this.

I said, “I think it’s worth a shot at this point.”

She laughed, “Yeah, literally.”

So, she left the room and got the nurse and they did 4 injections. She had me find 4 trigger points that cause a lot of problems and she just… did it! Right there. Two at the base of my skull and then one on each shoulder (where my grossest crunchy places are). 

They were pretty painful and I’m super sore. I just have to see how it feels and see if this helps at all. If it can bring the inflammation down in those specific problem areas, it’ll help with the healing my body is trying to do from the atlas adjustment. I don’t plan on doing it super long term but I think at this point my body needs help because of how severe this has gotten.


She told me that she was available any time I needed anything, to just call and update her or let her know how it feels and what’s going on. I kind of want to write a letter about my old healthcare group because to be honest, they sucked so bad that I would have nervous breakdowns and even be suicidal after their appointments because of the lack of care and how they treated me. What the hell. 

Press Record (Dino/Chan and S.Coups/Seungcheol Threesome - Submitted)

(Admin note: this is a fucking masterpiece. this is true art. i don’t know what else to say about this. warning for smut and gayness. be cautious and don’t read if you don’t like that kind of stuff, but if you do, hellz yeah bebes strap in you are in for a gooood time. also, big high five to nali for finding the picture for me, which i originally forgot to put there oops. -Tanisha<3)

Athour: chancoups (death) anon

Summary: Chan and Coups were involved. That was easier to see than a bright flashing arrow pointing to a sleazy motel. No, the thing that was difficult to figure out was how you got here - holding a phone in your shaking hand and seeing them going at it through the camera’s view. Smut.

At first, the unusual bond between the two boys went unnoticed. Seungcheol started to drift away from Jeonghan and Jihoon, Chan started to drift away from Hansol & Seungkwan, and somehow the maknae and the eldest drifted together.

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anonymous asked:

hi may i request a reaction of the main 5 rfa members seeing mc faint or is about to faint while they are talking about their day

(I’m sorry, I think I ended up changing it a bit)


  • You two have been studying so hard for the upcoming exams 
  • You were so stressed about this one test that you have practically did not move from the studying room. 
  • You’ve been skipping meals and sleep hours. 
  • “MC, you are ready for the test, rest up a bit. Come cuddle with me, pleeease.“ 
  • "I- I’m sorry, I still don’t understand this lesson… I can’t fail, Yoosung.”  
  • He’d make anything to distract you, but you kept studying 
  • So he was more than happy when he saw you in the kitchen drinking water. 
  • He was walking towards you, determined to make you rest and cuddle with him. 
  • But you just collapsed. 
  • He’d be so scared. 
  • He ran and hold you in his arms. 
  • “MC? M-MC!” 
  • He wouldn’t know what to say, 
  • He called an ambulance and then Zen 
  • He’s all panicky and crying a telling you how much he loves you and weakly scolding you for overworking yourself. 
  • Once you wake up, he would be right by your side with puffy eyes for crying so much. 
  • “I was so worried! Just.. Just promise me you’ll never skip meals again and if you’re studying, don’t overwork and rest, MC" 
  • "Calm down, Yoosung, she’ll be okey”, Zen was there with you two. 
  • “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to sound as if I was scolding you, but I was… I- I feel so bad" 


  • You both were on the set of his new project, you were watching him while he recite love lines to his co-star 
  • He was focused on his acting and he was so handsome, he took you breath away 
  • Every time the camera stopped rolling, he’d come to you and give you a kiss 
  • Many staff members would always go "Awwww” at you two 
  • Oh Zen, stop
  • It was almost the last scene of the day and it was pretty late at night 
  • “Please, don’t leave me. What am I supposed to do without you? Where…” He froze 
  • A staff member had you in her arms and you were unconscious. 
  • He dropped everything, he did not cared about anything else. 
  • He’d carry you bride style into his dressing room and called the paramedics 
  • The director kept telling him that they need to finish the shot 
  • But he’s just so worried that he just holds your hand all the time 
  • They finally convinced him saying that he could soon go home and take care of you if they finished quickly. 
  • When you wake up, he’d give you anything you wanted, he would spoil you and hold you in his arms and check that you were okey. 


  • He was a busy man.. He’d be always working nonstop 
  • But when you started to feel unwell, he’d just focused on you 
  • He prepared a nice meal to make you feel better 
  • “Okey, I’m all yours for the day, I’m sorry I’m always busy." 
  • You smiled, "how’s work been?" 
  • He started telling you entertaining stories about his work that may be lies 
  • But it was okey, they were definitely making you feel better 
  • You started feeling dizzy so you got up saying you had to use the restroom 
  • But you just took two steps and fell 
  • Seven would hold you, put you in bed, run for a wet cold towel and press it against your forehead. 
  • He wouldn’t leave your side and take good care of you 
  • "It’s okey, I won’t go anywhere, I’ll take days off to take care of you” 
  • I’m weak for his sweet side sorrynotsorry 


  • You were finally able to see each other during her break 
  • You met at a coffee shop near her job 
  • Jaehee was talking about how she was stressed af and that she wanted to kill Jumin for his new cat business. 
  • Actually talking to you was relaxing for her, she just loved it and you loved listening. 
  • Time flew and she had to go back 
  • You two were heading outside and she felt a grip on her shirt, when she turned around you just fainted 
  • She tried her best to hold you 
  • Poor Jaehee, she was so worried, «was she feeling unwell? Why didn’t she say so?» she thought (out loud) 
  • She was the only one out of the 5 that didn’t panicked though 
  • Called the paramedics 
  • Called Mr. Han and just told him she had an emergency 
  • She would just stay by your side 
  • When you wake up she’d be like “You should take care of your health before anything, MC! I was so worried” and hug you 


  • It’s been a while since Jumin wasn’t busy or had a break 
  • Although you always talked on the phone, you missed each other
  • So he invited you to his penthouse for dinner 
  • After he finished working, he headed towards your home to pick you up 
  • You got in the car and first things first, you hugged him. 
  • You smiled at him and both started talking about how your day went 
  • “Oh, Jumin, when I woke up, I wanted a cup of coffee, and…” You awkwardly paused.. 
  • “And..?" 
  • "Eh.. Ah, my favorite cup broke.. I really liked that cup” you closed your eyes and shook your head. 
  • “Are you okey?” Jumin said while cupping your face with his hands 
  • “Ye- yeah” and you just fell forward 
  • “MC!?" 
  • He actually panicked 
  • What should he do? Stop the car? Make the driver go faster? 
  • He changed your position so he could hold you and see your face 
  • He told driver Kim to call the penthouse and ask them to prepare a medic. 
  • He maybe called V and if he reached him, he would just start to speak quickly asking what should he do. 
  • He wouldn’t calm down until you wake up 
  • He’d spoil you nonstop for the rest of the evening.
My Minuteman base on Far Harbor.

I was kinda bummed that the Minutemen didn’t even get a mention in the DLC. Being the General I wanted to expand and help as many people as possible! So i took it upon myself to build a base. It’s not the best but… It’s home.

The gate isn’t much but it has a guard post and a statue! (There’s also a statue on the roof in the fog. You just about make it out)

The main house is pretty large! It has about 3 guard platforms on it in total! It looks like a shining beacon from far away.

(Another shot on a foggy morning)

These two screenshots here show the uh… interior of the main building thing? Its pretty spacious though. 

This is where I decided to build a small medical clinic for the soldiers. It’s not much but it has 3 small rooms with beds for people to get some down time and recover. Also the Ghoul Doctor is smol. Also has a waiting area that you can see in the last picture.

The Armory isn’t massive but it sure does the job. A lot of weapons and armor store in footlockers and whatnot. Also a suit of Military X-01 for emergencies. I’m gonna bring in some Minuteman T-45 later. Also Chem, Armor and Weapon crafting benches.  Display cases have some T-60 pieces in them, and the other has an upgraded Institute rifle. 

Just some of the things I’ve stuffed in the display cases. I’ll maybe change a few around later? Happy with it for now though. (Forgot to mention the classical 1700s type paintings I put around the place to give it that “Minuteman” feel)

The “Employees” only area houses the General’s Quarters and the Radio Room.  The General’s room is pretty small but comfortable, in my opinion anyway. The Radio Room lets me know what’s going on back home through Radio Freedom and Diamond City Radio. (For RP purposes it lets us communicate with small settlements and the Castle back home)

Not much to say here, just the defence platforms we have! There’s one more downstairs too :) 

Steps leading down and the Mess Hall itself. Both the front and rear view :) I decided to make the interior a separate photoset thing like i did with the main building. 

Mess Hall isn’t that special inside but its a nice place for everyone to hang out when the sun goes down!

The entire base is powered by this generator! It’s pretty nifty. (Feat. Nick’s Photobomb)

This building serves as the barracks and relaxation area??? recreation room?? Idk. I used the new Far Harbor Barn pieces to top the roof off with those thingies, they add to it quite nicely I think.

Its not overly cluttered with furniture but its pretty nice in there. I think its a good place to unwind and chat if they need to! Everyone gets their own personal footlocker too :) 

Figured I’d just add a few more things to this before I post it! The first picture shows a few of the Minutemen patrolling the place. The second one is the farm we have set up with the water purifiers off to the side, and the last one is a screenshot I took from the roof to show just how far the wall goes around the compound (all the way!) 

Lastly I set up supply lines to get the Island back on its feet again!
It’s not super amazing but its something. A nice home base with turrets all around the walls and a secure foundation that I use to feed the Island with. Feels good to have a Minuteman presence on the island! 


anonymous asked:

I just re-read so many of your fics. They are incredible!!! Are you updating any of them soon or working on new masterpieces????

I’ve embarked on a new one shot plan: classic rom-coms. I’ve done Pretty Woman (wouldn’t mind doing it again). Now I’m working on “When Mike Met Ginny”. Next will be “Two Weeks Notice”. After that, “Sleepless in San Diego” and “While You Were Sleeping”.

Show Me

Pretty crappy name but this is one of many upcoming Monster World WWE Halloween themed one shots for @jazziethuqqins-blog. This is based in the world of Vamp Shield, Wolf Enzo and so on. Your ring name will still be Blaire Wilde like in the vamp shield series and you’ll be human but the smut with the shield has NOT occurred here. No vamp smut in general is linked to this.

This first fic is finding out your besties Becky and Sasha are…hmm…Not spoiling it yet cause this is gonna be one fun ride so I just got two words for ya…

Let’s go~!

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

Your name: submit What is this?

“Y/n!” you giggled as Bayley practically jumped into your arms and you spun her around for a hug. 

“You always give the best hugs!” your voice was muffled in her shoulder and Bayley laughed as you set her down. 

“Well…it’s a gift.” she grinned. “And speaking of gifts I know it’s someone’s birthday todayyy~!” Bayleyy sang with another grin as you were suddenly tackled from behind and you almost panicked but when a flash of pink hair fluttered by, you gave a happy squeal.

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Defining Moments (Sam x Reader)

Character: Sam x Pregnant!Reader (Female)

Word Count: 2,133

Warnings: Minor Swearing.

Request: I have a request, only if you can: This girl realizes she’s pregnant with Sam’s child. She’s a civilian, but knows who Sam is. There’s no drama from her side: she’s happy and full of hope. When she tells him, he’s supportive, but she knows he is afraid: something could happen to the baby or to her because they are HIS family, because everyone around him gets hurt. Plus, he thinks he’ll probably won’t be a good father. She reassures him firmly: “I believe in you, completely”, and it’s all fluff.

AN: Hey, guys!! I’m absolutely loving the requests that some of you are sending in!! I’ve never written anything quite like this before, but I’m gonna give it a shot! So… tell me what you think? Keep on sending those requests guys! I’m willing to write about pretty much anything. Anyways, enjoy! 




One night

One night just five weeks ago…

One night of stupid drunken passion…

One night of poor choices and childish mistakes…

One night that would define every moment for the rest of your life.

Holding that cheap plastic stick in your clammy hands, your eyes trailed slowly over those two bright-pink lines. You couldn’t remember how many times you had repeated this motion; and at that point, you really didn’t care. There were much more important matters to attend to.

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Gravity Falls 20 Day Challenge: Day 5-Favorite AU

So, if you’ve been on my art blog, the answer to today’s prompt is pretty obvious since I draw it all the time!

Relativity Falls is so precious to me. The idea of Grauntie Mabel running the mystery shack with two little Stans running around chasing after monsters is just so great. I also believe Mabel has a shot gun and grappling hook she’s not afraid to bust out in emergencies. 

If I had to pick a runner up, it would be Monster Falls. Between Deerper and Gargunkle, there’s too many funny situations to portray for the AU to ever get old! Plus if Mabel’s a mermaid that means she can be with Mermando. That ship needs to sail! 

dykerose-deactivated20170413  asked:

jupeter pushing daises type of power au (Juno is a detective who can bring the dead back to life with a touch but if he doesn't touch them again within a minute to kill them again, someone else dies in their place)

I’m particularly happy with how this one turned out.

Warnings for referenced gore and child abuse. And, you know, death.

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Way Down We Go


Hello wonderful Plums, I’m really sorry for being so…off recently, but I really want to thank you all so fricking much for your support because it means so much to me and I know I say that a lot but it’s the wholehearted truth. On another note, this is an idea I’ve had for a while and wanted to get it out there to all of you, I’m such a big fan of GerardXPatrick but can hardly find anything on these two amazing people so I thought I’d change that - so this is one of my (many) personal one-shot projects. The title was inspired by ‘Way Down We Go’ by Kaleo which (I felt) summed up the feel of the plot pretty well - and basically listened to it while writing this entire thing, so I definitely say that you should give it a listen! All that said, I really hope you enjoy this!

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kamai-tachi  asked:

two words: buddy cop

I’m pretty easy to persuade to do this kinda thing. Would likely be a one shot, and would be fun. 

As for the pairing. There’s so many interesting dynamics. Old hardened vet of the force with the newbie (Dva76/McReyes), the two grizzled, tired, and cynical old vets (Reaper76) Or just all around fuckery (Uprising event OW team). Would likely tackle it with Dva76, because of the new skin.


anonymous asked:

Why is AB- blood rare? I try looking it up but there not much and when there is I can't comprehend it?

So lets start off with the population break down (roughly) for the ABO-Rehsis blood typing (but you can ignore the rehsis typing for this):

  • O-positive: 37.4 percent
  • O-negative: 6.6 percent
  • A-positive: 35.7 percent
  • A-negative: 6.3 percent
  • B-positive: 8.5 percent
  • B-negative: 1.5 percent
  • AB-positive: 3.4 percent
  • AB-negative: 0.6 percent

To have AB blood you need an A from one parent and a B from the other parent because there are two genes controlling the ABO typing (O is just having neither an A in the A gene, or an B in the B gene).

So if ~42% of people have an A allele to give, and theres only a 50% chance they will give it. Only 10% of people have a B to give (again only a 50-50 shot). which makes the likelihood of the AB blood type quite slim. Mostly because the likelihood of having a B to give is pretty rare.

In short: AB is rare because not many people have a B to give to the AB genotype.

Jack Harries-After the Party (SMUT)

Request by anon: Hi ! Can you please do Jack Harries smut one shot ? Where we are friends and going to this party, getting drunk and Jack telling me that i’m way to good girl and challenging me . When we go back to my apartament i’m teasing him and showing that i can be really bad too and then we having sex because he can’t take teasing anymore.

(Please don’t request more as I finish up the requests I have. Since I’m on my IPad I can’t put a read more so warning, smut and not responsible drinking ahead.)

Your first university days in London were going great. You had met many people, which included securing a friendship with your roommate. Growing up in a small town, you weren’t used to the city life, and were slowly being introduced to partying. You really enjoyed it though, and your roommate knew where all the parties were. You usually went with just your roommate, but tonight she had decided to bring her friend Jack along. You and Jack were still in the get to know each other stage, and things were still pretty awkward around the two of you.

“So, tell me where you grew up,” Jack said as he took another shot. He had decided to order a platter of them for just the two of you; your roommate was nowhere to be found, encased in the mob dancing.

“Small town. Only about 1,000 people. Not very interesting at all. Just a lot of crops and cows,” you spat out before taking another shot, starting to feel the effects of the alcohol.

“I see then. You’re a good girl!” he shouted at you as the music got louder.

“I am not!” you protested.

“Isn’t this like your third time drinking?”

“Maybe. But you have to start somewhere.”

“I can be bad.”

“Haha, I love to see that. You’re sure?”

“Of course,” you said, swigging down another drink. You continued teasing him throughout the night. You could tell he was getting frustrated, his cheeks getting redder as you tried to prove that you were bad.

“Well come on ‘bad girl’,” he said in air quotes. “Come on. We should get you home before you make a scene with all of the shots you just had.” You thought about it and you guessed he was right. You had been feeling crappy alittle bit ago but now you felt better. But it was only your third time drinking, and you were still testing your limits.

“Why don’t you go find your things and I’ll find Y/R/N,” Jack said, disappearing into the crowd. You gathered your stuff and Jack found you at the door.

“She said she doesn’t want to go yet. She said she’d call if she needs anything,” Jack said, leading you out of the door and onto the street.

You opened up the door to your flat and sat down on your couch. Jack closed your door and put his jacket up on the hanger.

“See I can be bad,” you said. “I can hold my own liquor.”

“There’s more to being bad than that Y/N,” Jack said, sitting close to you on the couch, his cheeks turning red again. His face moved closer to yours and your lips met. His lips were soft and his tongue even softer, as you allowed it enter your mouth. You parted your lips for only a second to whisper: “Well watch me be bad now.” His lips continued to massage yours as his hands traveled up and down your body. His right arm wrapped around your waist to bring you closer to him. You could feel every muscle in his body, putting your hands up to travel over his abs. He continued to kiss you as he felt the hem of your tank top, pulling it up to reveal your stomach. You grabbed his hands and guided them to pull your shirt up, causing your lips to part, but after your shirt was gone Jack jumped right back in. He played with the back of your bra, unclasping it as he pushed you down to lay on the couch, still kissing you. He began to move his hands to the inside of your skirt, feeling your pussy through your underwear. You pulled up his shirt and made him take it off, and without hesitation he removed his jeans too. Before he took off your skirt he whispered in with hot accent.:

“You in the party, I couldn’t take your teasing. I was about to take you into the bathroom and go into you right there. And when Y/R/N didn’t want to come back, I got hard thinking about you riding me once we got back here alone. And now you should show me how bad you are, okay?” You nodded your head as he took of your skirt and kissed your collar bone, leaving you in your underwear. He began rubbing your clit, making you moan. But if he really wanted you to be bad, then you would give him a show.

You pushed him off of you and pressed him onto the couch, so now he was on bottom with you straddling him. You guided his hands so he could take off your underwear, leaving you completely naked, hovering over him. You then pulled off his boxers slowly, teasing him. His cock was hard, demanding attention from you. You leaned down and kissed its head, eventually taking it into your mouth. He began to moan and thrust, making you take more of it in. You continued to do this for a few minutes until you thought he was about to cum. You took it out of your mouth.

“God, that was great,” Jack moaned out, panting heavily.

“Do you want more?” you asked, trying to be sexy but you weren’t sure if you were pulling it off.

“What was that?” you asked, trying to make Jack beg.

“Please,” he groaned out louder as you wrapped your hand around his still hard, throbbing member. You pulled yourself and slowly put it inside you, making Jack give off a huge moan. You eventually picked up the pace, changing your rhythm between swirling in figure eights to going up and down on it. Jack came first with a loud moan, making you feel warmth inside you. You continued until you came on your high, arching your back and closing your eyes. Jack brought his hands up to your breasts, gently massaging them. You got off of him and nuzzled next to him on the couch.

“Maybe you do have some bad girl in you,” Jack said, planting a kiss on your forehead, feeling the alcohol smelling sweat all around you.

There are so many gorgeous Acchan pictures and gifs out today, I don’t have much to add to it. Just going to sit back and enjoy all of them! :-D

These two are photos i bought but I suspect (rather am pretty darned sure) they are not ‘raw’ photos, rather extras from magazine shoots or maybe off shot for magazine. Anyhow, two long haired Acchan photos for today since its still Sakurai day.

What your first kiss with BTS would be like

- Admin Mocha

Originally posted by armyfanclub

Namjoon: Your first kiss with Namjoon would definitely not be something that was expected, and it would be very spontaneous. The two of you would gone out on a date and it would be night time when you were both laughing and exhausting after a delicious meal and some good music. You would be talking extremely excitedly about how amazing the band was, and I think that Namjoon would just get lost in how perfect you were for him and how cute you were when you looked so ecstatic and he would lean right in when you looked back up and him and paused. It would be a huge adrenaline rush.

Originally posted by jongdaeisabun

Suga: It would take a while to have your first kiss with Suga because I think he opens up to others at his own pace and he would want to wait until he was completely comfortable to kiss you. I think that Suga would want to really learn your personality and what you were like before the two of you were physically romantic. After a night spent in the blanket fort though, once he had shared his music with you and the two of you did some deep talking, he would probably look over and ask if it was okay if he could kiss you. You two would kiss and kiss and kiss and it would definitely be worth the wait.

Originally posted by jhopies

Jin: Jin would probably be talking about something to you when you kind of got lost in his eyes and eventually his sentences would trail off as he caught your gaze. The two of you would just be kind of staring at one another in silence, but it would be a comfortable one and the two of you would be thinking the exact same thing. Jin would then get pretty nervous as he asked whether or not you were okay with kissing and he would really want to make sure that you weren’t afraid before he began to plan out his every action. Eventually, you would probably have to step in and just kiss him and it would be such a sweet kiss because of how genuine your feelings were for one another.

Originally posted by btsbucketlist

J-Hope: He would have probably surprised you with something that you weren’t expecting at all, which would definitely put you in an amazing mood. if you had had a bad day or something and he could tell that you were feeling down, he would probably pick up your favorite candy or rent a movie you had been meaning to see. When you had calmed down a little bit, you would thank him for being such an amazing boyfriend and he would tease you lightly about getting a little kiss for a reward. You would give it to him and he would be so happy afterwards, shooting you kisses and hearts.

Originally posted by cloudjimin

Jimin: Your first kiss with Jimin would be incredibly cheesy and cliche but the thing is, neither of you would really mind it all that much. It would be the perfect balance of awkward and romantic and you would be pretty glad that you were able to have your first kiss with someone so sweet and special. You two would probably bump noses on accident and there would be a lot of blushing and giggling, but at the end of it the two of you would be holding hands and things would only get easier and better from that point on. You would look back fondly upon this moment because it would remind you of naive, young love.

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

V: With V, I honestly don’t see it as being that much of a big deal for the two of you just because he would make it really natural and things would become pretty casual from that point on. You would be on a date and it would be on Valentine’s Day so your table at a cafe would be surrounded with other couples enjoying the warm occassion. He would probably take a look around and comment upon how many people were kissing, and when he asked whether or not you wanted to give it a shot, he would be half joking. You two would probably end up kissing anyways and he would lean forward to give you a little peck on the lips and afterwards V would be a lot more affectionate with you.

Originally posted by jinkooks

Jungkook: Jungkook’s first kiss would be slightly cringe-worthy, but it would be really classic and charming like a prince so you wouldn’t really be able to complain. It would probably be on your first date together and he would have taken you out for the day to explore little shops in the neighborhood. It would be dark by the time he had driven you home, and just like in every fairytale and movie he would walk you up to the front door and the two of you would talk about how much fun you both had. The instinct would kind of kick in for him and he would simply lean in to press a kiss against your cheek, promising that this date definitely wouldn’t be the last.

demoncat08  asked:

Is it true that there's a longer version of the Clexa kiss?

Okay, I am going to try to put to rest this debate. Yes, there might be a longer version of the kiss out there that is longer DUE TO EDITING (and it probably looks pretty ridiculous). There was most likely 2 takes of The Kiss. Jason said that he had an edited version that was around 3 minutes. Now I think this ‘edited’ version was just different possibilities of angles  and by probably speeding up the kiss and switching between angles. I believe that there were 2 takes of the kiss from 2 different angles = 4 ‘shots’ of the same scene. So, I believe that there were two angles from 1) watching this scene too many times, and 2) from this bts photo of the writer’s booth:

As you see they have the two angles of the kiss and I think that there were two takes of that kiss. Two takes that have the two different ‘starts’ 1) Clarke startled (aired kiss) , 2) Clarke leans in (promo kiss). Now from these two kiss scenes they recorded 2 angles. You only see two on the monitor here, that this is from the ‘second take’ because you have the the frontal view as well as the wide angle. You also see on the right the side view of the kiss when we saw the moment Clarke put her hand on Lexa’s arm 

Take 1: Dialogue + Clarke startled kiss

Angle 1) Over Clarke’s shoulder to Lexa’s face

Angle 2) Over Lexa’s shoulder to Clarke’ face

My guess is that they started the kiss after the dialogue scene between the two of them, and continuing into the aftermath of “i’m sorry’ up until people start yelling outside. Once Clarke ends the kiss you can see the camera’s are back to the over the shoulder POV and not a side view shot (this was taken from the second take of the kiss). 

Take 2: Main ‘body’ of the kiss + promo lead in

Angle 1) Side view of the kiss

Angle 2) Wide view of the kiss behind Lexa

This is what I believe was the ‘main body’ of the kiss footage we saw– including The Nose Thing. In the below gif you can see the side view shot of the kiss, but it has just been zoomed in during the editing process.  As for ending the scene I think that there are two options that could have happened: Option 1) They continue the dialogue up until the shouting occurs, Option 2) they called ‘cut’ after Eliza finished saying “I’m sorry, I’m not ready to be with anymore. But, my guess is that they went with option 1.  

In conclusion, there were most likely 4 rolls of film of this kiss with different angles that can be edited together in different ways. A fan could take the footage that we have and edit it together to make a longer and different kiss due to angles, zooming, etc. NOW, there may have been more takes if Alycia or Eliza messed up their dialogue and had to start from the ‘top’ of the scene where they were kissing. But, I think that it was just the 2 takes. 

I hope this made sense. Eliza and Alycia didn’t kiss for 3 minutes straight, it was due to editing: zooming in, POV changes, etc.that the kiss was longer. They most likely did a LONG edit (that was probably ridiculous looking with different POV changes zooming in, etc.) of the scene testing out how they wanted to edit it for the final product. I have a feeling that we saw basically the ENTIRETY from start to finish of the Take 2 kiss, but only saw the beginning and aftermath of the Take 1 kiss. Wow, I hope this made sense. 

Gif Credits: (x) (x) (x) (i can’t remember where the bts photo is from)