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How do you like keeping arboreals as opposed to ground living snakes? Is it a lot harder?

I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily harder; it just has its own set of challenges. Arboreal snakes tend to have different issues come up regarding husbandry and enrichment–for example, when I rescued my Amazon tree boa, the guy who abandoned her said she would never perch and that’s why he didn’t want her (along with the horrible mite infestation she came with).

It turned out she just didn’t like the perches he was providing her and once I gave her something that allowed her more points of contact, she started perching during the day a lot more. Animals seldom do things for no reason and part of being a good keeper is trying to troubleshoot these problems from the animal’s perspective.

Arboreal snakes also tend to behave a little differently in regards to handling. In my experience they tend to be more alert and high strung (this doesn’t necessarily mean aggressive, it might just mean you need to pay more attention to where your fingers are moving around when you handle them to avoid startling them). Treating mites on arboreals can be a bigger ordeal since I’ve found that they’re more susceptible to getting stressed by the bathing process.

I practice what I call “husbandry handling” with my ATB because she’s a slightly nervous animal who prefers not to be handled often–however, I need to be able to do it with as little fuss and stress as possible in case she ever got sick or injured and needed hands-on medical treatment. This basically means I take her out on a regular basis and practice touching gently all over her body in the ways I might need to in order to provide medical assistance, but try to make it as stress-free and short as possible. She prefers to be a hands-off pet, and that’s fine! She’s still pretty chill for an ATB and I’m grateful she’s tolerant of husbandry handling.

Holly, on the other hand, is very laid back and doesn’t mind being handled. I’ve met CBB chondros that were much more nervous and didn’t like handling at all, so this seems to be a matter of individual temperament. She had an infected tooth last year from hitting the tongs and I was able to get in her mouth to treat it with relatively little fuss and stress for her.

This got a lot longer than I meant it to, so I guess the TL;DR version is that keeping arboreals is definitely different, but not necessarily harder if you have the experience and resources to do it properly. I’ve only kept chondros and Amazon tree boas though as far as arboreals go so that’s about all I can speak for.

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Can I request the RFA+V's reactions to MC working with animals? I'm a pet groomer so I always find myself imagining what they would think about that. Thank you!

Hope you and your pets like this :p

RFA + V with a MC who really like animals

Common: So MC works with rescued animals and she managed to take some of them to live with her.


  • You told him you reeeeaaally liked animals, he just had no Idea it was that much
  • Dogs, so many dogs! And bunnies, and a turtle.
  • Well, as long as you don’t have any cat… oh, there is a sphinx cat too, okay… no allergy, then.
  • He was never surrounded by animals, so it’s hard to get used to, but he really likes the big dogs
  • When it comes to your work, he’s always promoting you adoption events at his Tripter account
  • Having his amazing actor’s memory, he learns every pet’s name pretty fast
  • Likes to throw sticks and Frisbees to the dogs, lets the cat sleep on his lap and feeds the bunnies, he doesn’t really know how to interact with the turtle, tho
  • “Oh, MC, this bunny is the cutest!” he’s grinning so much when you tell you named this one after him.


  • He can train to be a vet, you can have free appointments with a vet. Match made in heaven
  • Three dogs, two cats and a goatling. All of them grown fond of him pretty fast.
  • Wants to impress you showing how much he’s studying by taking a look at the animal’s teeth and guessing their ages.
  • He can’t possibly choose his favorite, but the goatling is absolutely adorable, he won’t lie there.
  • Is a constant volunteer at your projects.
  • He’s always taking pictures of all of them and showing to his classmates, hates to be teased about preferring your animals over you.
  • If only they knew that sometimes he even gets a little jealous of all the attention you give to the pets…
  • Blushes furiously when you shoo one of the cats from his lap and fill its place.


  • She was aware about the 6 dogs and the iguana, but she was not ready to face the chaos that is your apartment
  • Okay, the iguana doesn’t do much, but the dogs… all of them so big and so energetic. One of them greeted her by throwing her at the floor and licking her nose.
  • Yes, she was never surrounded by animals either, so it is a little bit of a shock at first
  • But she understands now why you’re so responsible, having animals can make you get very diligent over things, and she likes it
  • She also volunteers for your events, usually she’s the one who planned the whole logistic of it
  • She eventually grows fond of this one dog who apparently really like her, as he always brings his toys for her or his leash, indicating that it’s time for a little walk, oh… he’s so polite!
  • You were so worried about her not liking animals, but soon it shows you had nothing to worry about, the only animal she didn’t really like that much was Elizabeth, after all.
  • Sometimes feels a little paranoid that the iguana is watching her…


  • Well, he might have thought about finding Elizabeth a friend eventually, but this is on a whole another level…
  • Cats, bunnies, and an aquarium with some golden fishes, it’s not as fancy as his own, but it’s a pretty decent one
  • Your cats are… nothing like Elizabeth, they’re a lot more energetic and not that clingy, he feels like some of them don’t really like him.
  • It’s just an impression, though, he knows most cats are very independent creatures, especially being your cats… and he can always pat the bunnies, anyways
  • He doesn’t have the time to be more present, but is always making donations in cash or in old toys Elizabeth doesn’t want to play with it anymore
  • There’s this white little bunny that reminds him of Elizabeth, so it’s secretly his favorite.
  • He can’t wait to bring her along, but you tell him that this should be a slow process, since your cats are a little temperamental (so is Elizabeth, let’s not lie here)
  • “I’ve always believed that people who like animals can’t be bad, no wonder you’re the best person I know, my love.” This man has no chill, even when it comes to animals, oh lord…


  • L-O-V-E-S!
  • 3 dogs, a cat and a snake (!!!) He thought you might be the coolest person in the whole universe when he found about this on the background check
  • Now that he can actually live with them he’s just sure about your coolness.
  • When it comes to your work, he manages all the social media accounts and even takes a lo of the pictures that are posted
  • You don’t allow him to stay too close to the cats, since they’re old, and he surprisingly understands this, he holds back his urge to run around with them and bite their necks.
  • So he has fun with the dogs, the three are all over him when he comes to your place and he loves the attention.
  • He’s fascinated by the snake, he researches everything about it: gender, age, natural habitat, everything! He has the reptile around his neck more than you do.
  • But at the end of the day, he snuzzles to your chest  “Treat me like your kitty, meow~~” he says in a purr


  • He wouldn’t say out loud, but he imagines you as Snow White surrounded by animals in the forest when you told him about your pets
  • You’re definitely a princess, but it’s just 3 cats, 2 bunnies and a turtle. No squirrels, deers or birds that sing along with you, unfortunately.
  • Not that he’s complaining, he really likes your pets. If they’re yours, they’re the luckiest creatures in the universe, after all.
  • Now he gets where your kindness and empathy come from, animals give this kind of power to humans, and you’re the most powerful one to him.
  • He wishes he could take pictures of your events, but at least he can get you good photographers. Also makes lots of donations
  • He also admires how well treated they are, he can tell by the amazingly soft fur the bunnies and the cats have
  • But the one he really likes is the turtle, it’s quirky and doesn’t show any reaction, but he likes the sensation of feeling all the grooves on its shell.
  • Sometimes you even feel a little jealous of the turtle. Yes, you know it’s ridiculous, but it’s the perfect excuse to make him run after you and cuddle in the bed.

I wish people had as much compassion for people with personality disorders as they do for shelter pets. I have a chihuahua I adopted from a shelter. Her name is Kaya and she was mistreated by her previous owners. Whenever she meets new people, she gets hostile. She snarls and barks and the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Sometimes someone will make an abrupt movement and she’ll jump so bad that she pees herself. If she has bonded to you, she’ll get more and more distressed the longer you ignore her. Sometimes she gets spiteful and destroys shoes or toilet paper or stuffed animals just to get your attention. All I have to do is explain to my guests that she was abused, and everyone immediately understands that she needs some extra patience and empathy. While we work towards rehabilitating her, everyone understands that she’ll always need some extra attention and love. Why can’t people behave with that same understanding towards people with personality disorders? So many of us act out in ways that seem hostile or explosive because we’re deeply hurt and afraid. Yet, when we inevitably slip up and hurt someone else on our paths to recovery, it seems like no one wants to understand the context. They just want to call us abusers and write us off as toxic.

Today at the zoo

Today while working my volunteer shift at tigers, I had a mom and her daughter(probably my age) come up and were looking up at the tigers. The mom pointedly asked if the tiger was unhappy, because he had been pretty focused on the back gate, where the keepers work. I explained to her that because the keepers were nearby that he, like some of our other animals, would become fixated on them and it doesn’t necessarily indicate a distressed or unhappy animal. The mom then says to the daughter “see, do you feel better?” And she must have seen the curiosity on my face because the mom says “she hasn’t been to a zoo in who knows how long, i had to drag her to come.” Indicating that she wasn’t a fan of zoos.

Now up until now the daughter hadn’t made eye contact at all and just looked unhappy to be there. Because her obvious perception was that the animals were bored and unhappy, I started explaining the different enrichment we use, the fact we use perfumes and spices like cinnamon to keep them stimulated. And she laughed in surprise for the first time and looked at me: “wait really?” And I went on to explain training and even our ultrasound trained polar bear, our conservation efforts, our nonprofit status, and finally that she was contributing to us helping save species just by coming. She was helping us save the very tiger that she was concerned for at the beginning, and I thanked her for helping us save tigers and so so many other animals from extinction. By the end of it, she was moved to tears and hugged me, thanking me for changing her view on zoos, and that she’d had no idea we were making such an impact.

This is exactly why I do this. This is why good zoos matter. And this is what keeps me working towards my zoo career.


1) Used a trans*phobic slur in a tweet:

She later addressed this tweet, saying she was young (14), quoting someone from Project Runway & was unaware it was a slur, but still.

2) Kissed an underage fan without their consent and then joked about it on twitter:

3) Sexualizes Japanese culture in her “Ghost” music video.

4) Has a OM symbol tattoo. OM is one of the most sacred words in Sanskrit, and is important to many other religions (including Hinduism and Buddhism).

5) Tweeted this (I honestly don’t even know what to say about this one, its just so messy??? and wrong???)

6) Making jokes/making light of the abusive relationship between Rihanna & Chris Brown:

7) Made fun of someone’s job because they tweeted about her:

8) Claims to be vegan, but works with Mac (who do tons of animal testing) & denies that they test on animals.

9) Made a joke about Columbine:

10) Basically made up a whole story about her being homeless & having terrible parents, etc. etc. This story has been confirmed false by multiple people who lived in her town and knew her personally when she was young.

11) Made ANOTHER racist tweet about Asians:

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RFA (and V and Saeran if you're interested)'s reaction to MC leaning against them and falling asleep on their shoulder? Maybe before they've started dating but the characters already have a small crush on MC?

>.< ahhh this is so cute!!! 

This is all set in an AU where MC meets the RFA (+ V + Saeran because I’m always interested) at the party as a friend, and they don’t really start any romantic relationships yet. They’re kinda long but I hope you like what I come up with~


  • you came over to his place after the party because he wanted to thank you, since you were so important to the party’s success
  • at around sunset he shows you the basement roof, and you two go outside and talk about zen’s new role
  • you’re really tired after the party, so you don’t realize you’re falling asleep
  • you nod off, your head gently lolling onto zen’s shoulder
  • “MC? What are you – oh, you’re asleep.”
  • his heart flutters a little seeing you so peaceful, especially after everything that happened with the party
  • he sits there, looking at the stars, happy to have you sleep on his shoulder
  • but then he realizes that it’s almost evening and MC is asleep at his apartment
  • he panics a little because he doesn’t want to wake you, but at the same time he realizes you have to go home before it gets really late and the beast is unleashed
  • he makes a compromise and lets you sleep for a little longer, but then he gently nudges you awake
  • “MC, you fell asleep. Do you maybe want to head home now? You seem really tired after the party, so you should go and rest.”
  • he walks you home, and you could’ve sworn he was blushing when he gave you a hug goodbye

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Transformers Animated Season 4 Preliminary Episode Guide

My decrepit-ass scanner appears to have died after many years of service, so I am just gonna type these up.  If I get it working again, I will add scans!

These are all taken from a two-page spread in the newest (Oct/Nov 2016) issue of the Transformers Collector’s Club official magazine.  Issue 71.


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Quick fanfic because I feel like writing for once in my life

no criteria imma just write whatever comes to mind, ok? ok. lessgo..

“Maya, I said no.”

“But Riley-”


Maya sighed, getting up and moving closer to her fiancé, “Babe, hear me out…”

“Pretty sure I’ve already said no, like, eight times.” Riley shrugged, making her way to their kitchen to make herself a cup of hot chocolate, since Maya doesn’t let her drink coffee. (She tried it once, started bouncing off the walls and yapping like a puppy, she hasn’t been allowed to have coffee since)

Maya followed after her, “Aren’t you usually the one who wants to do these kinds of things?”

“Listen, we don’t have the space, or the money, and we definitely aren’t responsible enough for this kind of thing.” The brunette spoke, turning to face the shorter girl.

“You’re always trying to convince people that we’re super responsible-”

“Yes, but that’s just because-”

“Come on, Riles, this’ll be good for us.” Maya begged, following Riley around as she grabbed her favourite mug and began to pace around the house again.

She made her over to the living room, picking up the mini salt and pepper schnauzer and holding him up to Riley’s face, “I mean, just look at his cute lil’ face!”

“Maya, I just don’t think it’s a good-”

“And just look at his lil’ puppy beard!” Maya spoke, bringing him even closer to Riley’s face.


“And look at his cute lil’ puppy dog eyes!” She added, holding him up so that Riley would be looking directly at his eyes.

“I mean he is kinda cute…And it wouldn’t hurt to have a pup around the hou-” Riley began to give in, before shaking herself out of her stupor and regaining her senses, “Maya, no.”

“Dang it, almost had you.” The blonde mumbled under her breath.

“Listen, I get that you want to keep this dog-”


“Okay, I get that you want to keep Bernard, and he is really cute, but we just can’t. We both have jobs-”

“I work from home.”

“We’ll have to spend a lot of money to take care of him-”

“I’ll paint twice as many paintings a week as I usually do.”

“And we don’t even know if animals are allowed in the apartment building-”

“I already checked with the landlord, and she said it’s fine.”

“Oh, so you have an answer for everything, huh?”

“All those years of not answering any questions in class has left me with a whole lot of answers.” Maya smirked, shrugging as she hugged the pup in her arms, “Now, pleasssse, can we keep him?”

Riley stood there, a look of thought plastered on her face, as Maya just stared up at her, looking hopeful.

“Alright, fine, we can keep him.”

“Yes!” Maya cheered, immediately covering Bernard’s fur in kisses.

“Ahem.” Riley rose a brow, “What about me?”

Maya giggled, setting Bernard back down on the ground before covering Riley’s face in kisses, getting a smile out of them both.

“Thanks, Riles.”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re welcome, Peaches,” She smirked, “But now I know that if I ever wake up at 8am and you’re not there, you’re probably out adopting random animals.”

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Hello! I just want to say I love yours and everyone's ideas here, its nice to see so many people post here without any negativity. Keep up the good work! I'm in the process of making a comic with my own Au of batim and I would like your opinion on it. Say a new Animator was hired, she's very kind but much to herself the one twist is, she's not entirely full human, nobody can tell but Bendy and Boris can feel something new with this one. How would they treat her? (Mystic Animator). Thanks!

Awww thank you! That means a lot to all of us! And the boys would just treat her the same way they treat everyone else, except maybe be a bit kinder.

The priest and the vampire

Ruka was sent upon a mission to track down and eliminate a gank/clan of demons who were running among and causing trouble by the human world. The demons had been last sighted by an old village in the country side and once she actually got there, she didn’t actually find what she had been expecting.

The guards protecting the entrance had been killed off, both with two bullet holes by the center of there heads. Seemingly no one had noticed the dead bodies just yet as no alarm had been set off, but it also meant that Ruka wasn’t the only one killing the demons.

From the Intel that dream.co had gathered resolving around the past months had been slightly disturbing as someone had been hunting demons down with only bodies to tell of what had happened.

Ruka took a deep breath and slowly head forward. She kept her blade close, in front of her as she moved down by the narrow streets, until she could see the town center. The demons were feasting upon anything they could get there hands upon, humans, animals, fruits, and vegetables. They didn’t care what they would eat, as long as they could eat. The sight pissed her off as so many innocent people and life. Just as she was about to run in and stop the party, she was pulled back. Before she could even scream a warm hand was pressed by her lips. ‘Had a demon found her?! Had she actually been caught?’ Those where the thoughts that went right by her mind, but she did not struggle, only waited in silence as nothing seemed to happen. 


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25, 31, & 33!!! ( for the ask number thingy!)

pick some numbers 

25. role model

hmm hoshino is one of them, definitely for art development sigh,, her art is so lovely,,, also many of my dear friends who are so talented and work so hard im so proud of them and they inspire me :)

31. 3 random facts

ive memorized my 25+ random character password just because it makes me feel special, my cat is a bully and beats up my samoyed-husky, uh the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell 

33. something you want to learn

i really want to learn how to animate, thats one of my goals for this year,, its just a bit intimidating tbh,, 

Don’t act so high and mighty!” “Oh, please! You wish you were the cool kid.” | Cool!Maka & Nerd!Soul (´∀`)♡

I LOVE @leslietendo‘s rendition of the cool!Maka and nerd!Soul au… thing? whatever it’s called. I just love it so much! i had to make my own. Thank you Leslie for giving me the chance to recreate your awesome designs!

Please check out her original work here!

she’s an amazing and talented person guys, and she has so many SoMa ideas, you wouldn’t believe! please do consider following her if you haven’t!!!!  ♡ ♡ ♡

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Can you please share your thoughts on the most recent ShinRan material we got? Because I'm currently still crying about it and man, I looove your analysis of their relationship!

Ay, Anon, where do I even start? I’m still crying just thinking about it. 

There were so many beautiful things in this remake –to think at the beginning I wasn’t excited at all for it– I will have to thank the animators (and Aoyama a little bit too I guess) for it for as long as I live. 

All that organization and Haibara stuff was neat –except for that one picture of Haibara and her sister in which Haibara’s still almost not smiling. Come on, man. Gimme something to work with here Shiho– but it was nothing, NOTHING, compared to the ShinRan glory I was fortunate enough to presence. 

I could go on about this all day, to be perfectly honest. 

What I loved the most about it was being able to see, in greater detail and in longer scenes, the ShinRan friendship pre-Conan. We’ve seen glimpses of it in the past, in flashback cases and memories and whatnot, but I don’t think we’ve ever gotten the full third-person-narration outside viewpoint experience, and my God it was glorious. To see they acted already so much like a couple without needing Sonoko to tell us explicitly, to see Ran showing up at his house on a Sunday as he opens the door still in his pajamas and she’s just comfortable enough to walk into his house and kitchen and go about as if they’ve been dating (or married!) for years was such a treat to me and my five-year-old self who’s been thirsting for this for so long. The ease, the comfort, the freedom with which they moved around each other and shared a space was so gorgeous, it spoke so much of who they are and what they feel without the need for words. And it enhances the significance of the Kudo house by a thousand million. I’ve said previously that perhaps the Kudo house was never so much the Kudo house as it was Shinichi and Ran’s, but boy this episode just reassured that idea over and over again. 

And let’s not kid ourselves, that Tropical Land montage is the most heart-wrenchingly breathtaking thing I’ve seen in a very long time. It was them at their purest: best friends first, but deeply, madly, irrevocably in love with each other. I can’t stress enough how important every moment of that montage was: the squirrel scene and the flashback to New York (where Ran realized her feelings, nonetheless), both of them reveling in the comfort and warmth of the other’s presence, and most importantly, the looks they shared and how endearingly they looked at each other when the other wasn’t looking. It was like a constant roll of “holy shit, I’m so in love with him/her”. And it was all so subtle, and so delicate, and so well-written. We didn’t need (although I VERY MUCH appreciated) a dream sequence of Shinichi imagining him and Ran kissing. We didn’t need (although, again, GOD BLESS) Ran telling Conan in secret she was madly in love with Shinichi. We didn’t need (but, for the last time, thank you animation staff) Shinichi gazing lovingly at Ran when she mentions girlfriends. We knew all that. We’ve known they love each other for as long as we’ve been breathing their story. But we wanted –needed– to see that. My script professor always yells at us to “show, don’t tell!” and that’s exactly what we got. 

And you know what, anon? I fell in love with them all over again just as much as they fell in love with each other. 

And that’s not an easy thing to do to someone who’s been in this since she’s been a coherent person. 

I was amazed at the depths of their friendship –always the first step and basis of their relationship– even in the littlest of details: Shinichi knowing Ran can’t wear Sonoko’s designed karate attire, Ran knowing exactly what Shinichi is thinking/about to say, having the confidence to ask each other about first loves, or talking about girlfriends and their feelings. Before this, I assumed most of those last things were taboos. But I kept forgetting they were best friends. They knew everything about each other. Everything. Shinichi even hug-comforts Ran as they exit the rollercoaster. 

I’m crying. 

Don’t even get me started on that scene where they take THE photograph, because I’ve always been curious as to Shinichi’s pose in that (Shinichi is not the kind to pose with a wide smile and two victory signs unless something led him to do so) and I was rewarded with the best explanation: he tries to play it cool –like with everything that involves feelings– and then is ultimately convinced by Ran to let go and relax. And he does it, for her, like he does everything, and as if that picture wasn’t representative enough of their relationship, the story of how that picture happened was the perfect embodiment of that. 

And don’t get me wrong, there were things I was mad about. I hated Shinichi for leaving mid-karate competition and not being there, on the stands, cheering Ran on like the supportive boyfriend we all know he is. And I was mad at him for talking about Holmes all the time, or having her do the dishes as he sits comfortably and sips coffee and reads the paper. And I was mad like I’ve never been at him for running off after Gin and Vodka. But then again, had he not done that, he would’ve still left off mid-competition, and sat around drinking coffee, and talked about Holmes non-stop. 

And he would’ve still gazed lovingly and longingly at Ran without the courage to tell her how he felt. 

Except, he kind of stares anyways. 

(She kind of does, too.) 

It’s national autism awareness week, so I thought I’d share something that would make my life as a mum to an autistic child but also just as a mother easier.

It’s a common misconception that autistic children aren’t social, yes they have a social communication disorder but it doesn’t mean they are not social, as I’ve said before it’s a wide spectrum, so some may not be social, but many are. Bailey is so very social, Winne is painfully shy at times; she hides behind me or buries her face into you if she uncomfortable, she’s wary of new people and this is something we will have to work on with her. Bailey on the other hands actively seeks people out, he likes adult, children, animals he’ll even talk to objects , he’s fearless, but he’s social, it’s his approach that’s the problem, it just terrible. Bailey has no real friends at the moment, there are kids he plays alongside, but we haven’t yet formed proper friendships, not like Winnie, she’s already created her own little angry girl gang.

I’m desperate for Bailey to make a special friend, but in recent weeks I’ve become really disheartened to the whole children’s/adult friendship minefield. As Bailey doesn’t instinctively pick up social skills or cues like other kids do, we have to teach him the basics. Things that come so simply to others do not for him. Were currently working on ‘What’s your name?’ rather than just calling people ‘Little Boy’ or ‘Little Girl’, were also trying to teach him to say ‘My names Bailey’, its hard work but were on the verge of cracking it. He’s just started asking other kids their names, but they never answer him back!!!! Ahh it’s so frustrating, he’s trying, but he gets no response!

Over the weekend he asked three different children their names, I was so proud of him, these tiny little things that most don’t notice are huge milestones for Bailey, he’d been listening, this in itself is a bloody miracle, but the hard work and repetition was paying off. He was getting it, but the children just said nothing and their parents also heard but also said nothing too, so he just stood there staring and asked again a few more times and then eventually just gave up. It breaks my heart because I worry this could be what turns him into an unsocial child and that I believe will change everything for him.

I teach lots of socially awkward kids, autistic and neuro typical kids, and you can tell that life is going to be challenging for them. We need to be able to communicate with people to even function at a basic level without this skill, life becomes hard. I don’t what Bailey’s life to be any harder for him than it already could be. So this is a difficult one to approach and I’m finding this really challenging to write about, because I don’t want to seem judgey or finger pointy because it’s not, maybe if I had two neuro typical children this wouldn’t be an issue, maybe I’d be guilty of doing it to, and maybe it’s because I’m also a teacher that I notice these things more, so here I go (holds breath) by not responding to my child your undoing all the things that we’re working so hard to teach him and it’s just so frustrating, especially as it’s something we have had to model to him for weeks/months before he pick it up. It takes a second to say, ‘Her name is Sarah’, a further two seconds to encourage your children to say ‘Hello’ or ‘Goodbye’, It’s such a small thing and I understand that it may seem insignificant, but these small things will make a huge impact on the development of Baileys social skills. I’m not really a worrier I leave that to Sam, but I do worry that my silly, social, happy boy will stop trying to interact with other children because he just never gets a response. So my plea to you is, if you’re a parent and your child is shy, encourage them to respond to my son, other children with additional needs, but also just other children and adults, not only will you help them overcome their shyness, you’re helping my son learn the vital social skills that he will need to thrive in life. I can’t do it on my own, I need your help. I love the African proverb “It takes a whole village to raise a child” because I genuinely believe that it really does, everyone that he comes in contact with, however fleeting are helping him to develop socially.

Whenever people get “they killed people though” weird about others appreciating aspects of fictional villains I imagine dumb things like:

A: I love whales, they’re so graceful and huge and beautiful.
B: … they eat living things

On top of that, I feel like that sort of thinking is dangerous–To shake your finger at others in fandom seeing villains as people and not cardboard cutouts who just do mean things.

Believing that those who do bad things are not human, not people, is very naive. In order to combat real evil in the world we must recognize that people who have complex emotions and loved ones and favorite colors and fond memories of family vacations… can also do harm. Saying that evil is human is not always saying it’s “just our nature” (which I obviously don’t believe), but rather that being evil or being an oppressor or being cruel is not some non-human problem. When bad things happen in our real world, it’s people, not demons or aliens.

Everyday human beings have the capacity to do bad things. Understanding this is key to helping fix it. We are not evenly split into good people and bad people. A woman who cares for rescued animals and donates to charities might be a terrible bully to her friends. A guy who is dedicated to educating children might have committed violent hate crimes. A blogger who cares very much about important issues in the world might be really, really needlessly cruel to people they don’t even know just because they don’t share the same headcanon.

It’s also completely horrible that so many on this site are really intensely into labeling people as evil and non-human based on their skin color or gender identity or sexuality or the particular way their brains work.

I thought that was what we didn’t like?

My thoughts on Zootopia
(I chose this photo cuz it looks like im thinking HAHAHA)
I just have to post this to show why i feel that Zootopia is one of the best NEW disney animated films
-Contains some spoilers-

The movie is for kids mostly but it goes into very taboo subjects such as racism, sexism and overall discrimination.

But they did it in a very classy way and also showing how it affects society.

Like the prey animals discrimate against the predator animals.
Or like Judy was when she first joined the police academy, she was the weakest and a bunny so they looked down on her (literally)

Following that when Judy was working her first job in ZPD she was discrimated by her male predator counterparts.

And how many other animals hate foxes and put stereotypes on them saying they are sly and also how bunnys are dumb or they are just cute “a token bunny”. And also the part where the elephants didnt want to sell a fox a popsicle.

And i feel this movie came out that the best possible time as now with the US elections and there being a candidate who believes that people of different standing or race should be discriminated AHEM Donald Trump AHEM

Also the other topic of following ur dreams even if there would be hardships along the way. Thats the cheesy moral but its true tho, like they say, anyone can be anything they want in Zootopia and that should be the case for the world too.

God i love this movie! Movies that are feel good and also tackles present day problems in the right way are the best

Sorry if u tired of seeing my Judy liao HAHAHA im still so hyped

anonymous asked:

Not sure if you're still taking prompts but can you do the Seven + Reyna, Nico, and Grover and what jobs they'd have at the mall

I’m taking prompts for basically the whole weekend and beyond but anyways here you go…

-Percy totally works either at the pet store, more specifically the fish section, or the skater shop. There are definitely a few girls that look him over, but he quickly brushes them off, making it clear that he was a girlfriend. He is pretty sociable and relates well with the costumers and manages to make a lot of sales.

-Annabeth most likely works at a bookstore or maybe even the Lego store?? Like she makes the most intricate designs with Legos and wows people. Or if she works at the book store she always has a recommendation. I could also see her working at store that sells “brain games” and when she’s bored she just plays some of those. Either way, she wows people with her intelligence since many of them just view her as a dumb blonde.

-I can see Frank working at a pet store as well and having good control over the animals. He genuinely cares and about them and the costumers and is just really kind and is the guy that everyone likes.

-Piper works at a retail store, however she always spreads positivity and compliments people. She’s the type of person to tell you that you look beautiful and has made so many peoples day better by doing so.

-Hazel, hmm this is a tough one, because technically Hazel is not old enough to work yet, but if she is I feel she would probably work in customer service since she is so kind and would just want to help people.

-Jason would probably work as a security guard honestly. He is serious about his job, however he does care about what he does and the safety of others and the families.

-Leo probably works at either the Lego store, but more likely a tech store. He has a way to manipulate the devices and get them to work for him like no one else does which makes him a great employee. I could also see him working at a kiosk and selling his own inventions.

-Nico definately works at the gaming store that also sells games such as Pokemon, and, wait for it, yes Mythomagic! This is perhaps the one that I feel most strongly about, but I can totally see Nico getting a whole younger generation into Mythomagic.

-Reyna could work as a security guard with Jason, but I think she would be the “boss” sort of speak. Though her job does sometimes include actually looking over the mall, most days she finds herself doing paperwork.

-Grover probably works in the flower store. He is most likely a bit awkward but is really friendly and knows his stuff. That or he works in the Enchilada food court stand, lol. 

And yeah, those are basically my thoughts!

thypoqueen  asked:

Do you have any Joshaya headcanons when they're at NYU? :D I thiiiink you mentioned that they both went to NYU in one of your headcanon posts so...

  • Okay so they were only actually in college together for one year because Maya was a freshman and he was a senior you know
  • And she kinda ignored him for like three months but past that,
  • They hit up so many parties omfg
  • Like the real obnoxious party animals you feel
  • Study buddies
  • By that I mean Maya would barge into his apartment as 3 in the morning yelling about how she can’t focus on her damn work and he’d be half asleep and quizzing her on art history
  • At some point he couldn’t handle the sleep loss anymore so he just taught himself all he could about her classes, made notecards, and snuck them in her dorm when she wasn’t looking
  • She never mentioned them or thanked him but when she got a straight A report card for the second semester he got sent a picture of it with a bunch of kissy emojis lol
  • Sometimes he’d interrupt her during ~art time~ just to be an ass and she’d throw paint on him
  • Flirting is out of control but if anyone mentions it to them they’ll deny anything
  • OMFG one time Maya’s art class was looking for nude models and she really sarcastically told him he should try it, and he was like “Ahahahaha Fuck you” and took the job without telling her
  • She literally screamed when she walked into the classroom and saw him
  • Neither of them could keep a straight face the entire class they kept laughing
  • They thrive off junk food and playing bad-movie-roulette on Netflix
  • She’s really into graffiti art but she’s really bad at not getting caught, and Josh swears he looses more money on bailing her out then he does on his apartments rent lol
  • But he always turns up to save her with no actual complaint
  • At some point Maya decides to be one of those pretentious people who complain about and boycott Starbucks for no reason other than everyone drinks Starbucks, so Josh starts going out of his way to make a big deal about buying Starbucks lol
  • Like they’ll be walking down the street past one and he’ll mime having a struggle while groaning “THE PULL. IT’S TOO STRONG. SAVE YOURSELF” while throwing himself into the door as she rolls her eyes
  • Every time he shows up at her dorm room he’s got a Frappuccino with him
  • After a while he starts buying Starbucks coffee for her but putting it in cups from a different coffee chain/making it seem like he just made it at his house, but he won’t tell her to see if she notices the difference
  • She doesn’t
  • One time he was dying of the flu and she was trying to take care of him so she asks him what he wants to eat and he’s coughing and whispers “there’s only one thing I want before my mortal body perishes and I move onto the next realm of existence” and she’s like “Josh you don’t even have a fucking fever anymore calm down” and he’s like “Prisoners on Death Row get a final meal” which is met by a groan,
  • “Alright, fine, what do you want?”
  • This is important Maya-” pathetic cough- “So important”.-sniffle-“ I’m about to meet Jesus. I’ll tell him you said hi if you’d just be so kinda as to” -a few more pathetic coughs- “To do me the great service of fulfilling my dying wish and buying me one of those chocolate croissants from Starbucks…”
  • And she just SCREAMS and storms out the door and come back ten minutes later with the damn food
  • Finds him straight up pretending to be dead
  • He makes a show of gasping back to life when she throws the bag at him
  • Honestly what does she see in this loser omg
  • Okay and she goes to alllll his bands concerts in the city
  • Even if she has to sneak in
  • One time Josh broke his arm because they got drunk at a party and were walking home and he saw a street lamp and jumped on it, trying to spin around it while screaming “I’M SIIIIIINGING IN THE RAIN” but obviously he fell off
  • She will never let him live it down
  • Sometimes he’ll be in class and she will just climb in thru a fucking window and sit next to him for the whole class and the teacher never notices but Josh is sitting there like “MAYA THIS IS LIKE THE SIXTH FLOOR HOW”
  • She makes such a scene at his graduation omg
  • Like she was one of thooose people who sneak in noise makers and everything
  • She went hard lemme tell you
  • She also wore a sundress and sat strategically where she knew he could see her so he spent most of the ceremony being distracted by her in a sundress
  • He fucking tripped getting his diploma and immediately after walking off stage receives a text reading only ‘NEEEEEERRRRRD"
  • So yeah College Joshaya is fun yaayy
Let’s Talk: Poison Ivy

Hello everyone! Today we’re doing another character analysis. This week we’ll be focusing on everyone’s favourite eco-terrorist, Poison Ivy. There’s plenty to talk about, so let’s get right into it! This is a long post, so make sure you click Read More to read the whole article!

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Ben 10 Omniverse: Main Theme?

Omniverse was about accepting the past and moving forward.

If we look at the first few minutes of Omniverse, the series opened with Gwen and Kevin doing just that, leaving their heroic, night heroes’ lifestyle, running away from the darkness as day breaks and they say goodbye to Ben for something more “normal”, Gwen to just graduate college as she wanted and Kevin to stay with her and just live a normal, calm life. Yet even then their goals were not what they expected, Gwen’s college life lead her to become a superhero on her own right, meet the greatest wizard of all time, get her own secret base and finally defeating her own villain all while acting in a much more relaxed way than in the previous show.

Kevin meanwhile accepted his past and helped those whom he wronged thanks to the Rooters, to the point where he now has full control over the powers he was so restrained with, using small objects to absorb their materials and even using the Omnitrix’s power without losing his mind. His adventures in Omniverse not only lead to accepting his past but also to find a comfortable future, living off a car that’s basically a chunk of money. We see this further in the future when he now leads the Rooters, serving as a moral compass since he knows the good and bad the organization is capable of. 

Rook himself moved forward a lot as well in that he became more accepting of Ben, of the strange human behaviors, of disregarding the rules of his culture and becoming more complete for it. He started off hating chili fries, and still did, but in meatball subs and Sandra’s cooking he found things even more delicious than his favorite meal, an understanding of human culture, and in that open-minded understanding he developed his combat skills to surpass his former teacher, the biggest threat from his static, closed culture. 

Then there’s the setting itself: the city of Bellwood itself, completely separate from the alien district of Undertown and easily manipulated by the alien-hating news anchor, Harange, yet by the end humans and aliens happily go to Bellwood or Undertown, accepting each other, even if it is a background element it is a nice touch.  

Ironically… err, or most likely purposely and very ronic, Ben’s villains are all about remaining static. From newest to oldest we got Maltruant, a powerful being from a race of creatures that can manipulate the flow of time, whose time manipulating powers lead him to remake this universe and change it to his image, when the means to his goals could lead him to make his own universe instead.

Mad Ben, an evil alternate universe Ben from a Mad Max inspired world, was not much more than a servant for Maltruant, barely autonomus, he only helps the villain in order to maintain his rule over the destroyed Bellwood, to keep things as they are no matter what he has to do, to the point where once Maltruant has no more use for this Ben, all he has left to do is continue carrying on the final order Maltruant gave him, despite it being meaningless now.

The Rooters, an organization of Men in Black styled Black Ops, act solely out of spite towards the galactic peacemaker organization they were combined into, they see a risk in Ben having the Omnitrix and rather than trust their new allies they simply prepare to assassinate the boy when the time is right, expecting him to remain with a boy’s mentality, which is how they thought Kevin would also remain, leading to him taking them by surprise and defeating them. 

And then we got Albedo, a Galvan who is stuck in the form of Ben due to his own experimentation with the Omnitrix. Every single action he does is to have revenge on Ben, despite being able to get back to his original Galvan form this alien only acts upon what he sees were wrongdoings towards him, even digging up the Ultimate Alien forms from last season in order to try and defeat Ben. He is so far stuck in the past that when he finally defeats Azmuth and steals his brain he obtains enlightenment, sees the error of his ways… only for Ben to return that power to Azmuth and Albedo becomes utterly relieved and happy to no longer be enlightened and have his grudge back.  

Attea, princess of a galactic empire that’s overtaking several planets, is interesting in that she changed the most between Ultimate Alien and Omniverse, she is a smarter, more tactical while her dad continues to invade planets in his predetermined way, which allows Ben and Rook to stop him on many occasions so when their storyline ends it turns out that Attea had planned ahead for her father’s decisions in a scheme to overtake the empire as he’s become complacent and unable to think in new ways to rule.

And shorter list of villains that show this: Dr Psychobos, evil crustacean scientist, always develops for someone else instead of working his own designs like Azmuth, Khypher, intergalactic hunter, is the most dangerous because he keeps changing his plans, adapting and improving, Dr Animo keeps going at his theme with animals and never succeeds, random rogues just seem to accept that whatever income they score will just go to schemes to make money and ultimately end up in jail. Oh and Billy is a kid that stayed a kid because of hating Ben.

Finally VILGAX, intergalactic space emperor and the main antagonist of the original series, in one of his encounters in Omniverse he had a fairly odd line: “I have waited a lifetime to get this device!” which… didn’t seem very well thought out since it appeared that he’s been after the Omnitrix for five, six years tops, yet in the final episode we find out that 211 years before the start of the series, when he was a young soldier, actually met Ben and, most importantly, saw the power of the Omnitrix even before it was invented, completely awestruck with the ability to change race according to the situation and fight with abilities your opponent cannot deal with gave him the lust for power that defined him, and cursed him because for the rest of his life he would seek that power, no matter what he obtains, no matter what he conquers he is unable to move forward because his only real objective is the Omnitrix he saw that one day 211 years back.

And, of course, we got Ben moving forward.

The very first arc this show has is about Ben having to come to terms with having a new partner, slowly starting to like him, mostly because they have to spend so much time together. We get a villain from the past that traumatized Ben and an alien that Ben became addicted to, culminating in Ben forgiving himself for mast mistakes and moving forward.
Little things are here in this arc as well, such as Ben having to realize he messed up romantically and got dumped, getting a new love interest and, crucially, restarting the universe with the annihiolagrgh (yeah okay i can’t spell it either, Ben’s right, it’s hard!) and Alien X, all which are slow (glacial slow) realizations that his people skills are bad, and progressing slightly on them.

More and more things from his past start attacking him, none nearly as traumatizing as Malware and he kept pressing forward, defeating the foes with new methods, locking into Bullfrag to do stealth, wailing on Albedo until he unlocks Atomix to further be like his future self, his idea of a hero becoming more selfless little by little while very slowly working on being a more accepting person. 

The show makes a point about acceptance and making new relationships, how Rook is well loved by all, how Sandra gets the most dangerous alien in the universe as her pal, how Bellwood accepts aliens, how the Anur System is in danger because they don’t accept other forms of life, how it was Ester’s duty to make her race accept their new home, and, ultimately, Ben starting to accept Skurd, and in that, in his act of moving forward as a person, he ensured the alien species of his Omnitrix would form a part in the universe and exist for him to be a hero. Accepting Kai’s remarks as true, little by little, to the end that leads to a married life with a big family. 

Ben at the end of Omniverse still has a lot to learn, has to become much more accepting, specially to alien culture, yet his final words, taking an intergalactic roadtrip and the future we see where he married Kai, who loves studying alien cultures, tells us he will mature, become accepting and be happy for that.

Interesting thing is that the alternate universe Ben that didn’t have powers kept talking about how he wanted to move from Bellwood, something Ben never expressed any desire to do, even after going across the United States after the first series, that Ben was tired of the stability, he wanted new experiences while the regular Ben had to deal with the events of Ultimate Alien to keep him distracted, but now, much like that alternate Ben, he has grown tired of stability, he wants to experience new things, to live a life away from an anchored home and discover all kinds of experiences and cultures like in the roadtrip that changed his life when he was Ten, truly Ben is a person who will only become better by moving forward.

In the end, many aspects of the show were about moving forward, with several others adding that one must accept their past first, and in doing so we have a dynamic series in which characters develop, in which the time travel the franchise is known for give us hints at how far characters can go when they’re given a push and an ending that promises they will continue to move and change and inspire those around them as well.