just so long as they're married

Listen up folks...

I’m not gonna talk about what sparked this rant. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is what I’m about to say.

I’m freaking done with the hate.

This SPN Family is supposed to be encouraging, accepting, we’re supposed to at least try to get along. Apparently that’s too hard. Now I could rant for hours about how some people in the SPN Family are treating eachother, but that’s for another time. This rant is going to be about one thing, the hate that the wives of the two leaders of this SPN Family receive. For this post I’m going to focus on one of the wives in particular…Danneel Ackles.

Once again as the Ackles family was nice enough to share parts of their life with us, people decide to be douchebags. This time Jensen isn’t happy with his life because he isn’t smiling in the photo of him & JJ. Also apparently comparing his kids to the comedy & tragedy is just a terrible thing to do. Oh, did you also hear that the twins might not be his because he said “my” twins instead of “our” twins. This is all Danneel’s fault too because she makes Jensen hate his life.

She can’t do anything right in the eyes of some people and it’s pissing me off. What did she do to cause so much hate? Now is the part when I ramble on about all she’s done…

She told her husband to go to a convention for the fans a few days after giving birth to twins.

Jensen told the story about finding out about the twins…JJ gave him a letter about it when he arrived at the airport…meaning he couldn’t be at the doctor appoint. How many doctor appointments do you think he had to miss because of filming?

She uses her “celebrity” to bring awareness to different events and situations going on in the world. I didn’t know about the Yulin dog festival until she talked about it. She does different work for a variety of charities, freaking google it if you don’t believe it.

Her husband is in a different country for the majority of the year while she stays back home in Austin. Have you ever had your husband away for a long period of time? Cause I have. It sucks. I complained about it on social media ALL THE TIME, but she never does.

She was a working woman in Hollywood. IMDb that shit. She was a steady worker in Hollywood however she slowed down/stopped when they had JJ.

Think of all the times she’s been out with her husband, cause that’s what Jensen is, he’s not “omg Jensen Ackles TV star”, he’s Jensen, the pain in the butt who forgot to take out the trash or forgot to grab the milk when he ran to the stores. Think about how many times she’s probably been out with him & had to deal with people coming up to talk to him. Now think about how many times this has happened & people have ignored her existence or used her as nothing more then a photo taker. Fans don’t mean too, but that shit probably happens more often then you think. I would get so sick of that.

Did I forget to mention how Jensen freaking lights up whenever someone brings up Danneel? CAUSE I WITNESSED IT IN PERSON A FEW WEEKS AGO & HE LEGIT LOOKS LIKE A TEENAGER IN LOVE WHEN SOMEONE TALKS ABOUT HER!

But no.

Apparently we’re supposed to hate her just cause.

Now is when the “haters” start to go, “you just like her because of who she’s married to.”

No haters.


I knew about Danneel before I knew about Jensen. I know Danneel from One Tree Hill but I started to admire her when she hosted Maxim’s Hot 100 in 2009. She was the really pretty model/actress that I looked up to because she was funny & pretty. It wasn’t until I started watching Supernatural in 2015 that I had the “holy cow they’re married to each other” moment.


To sum up this rant; you don’t have to like Danneel, just don’t be a dick. If you admire Jensen as a human, don’t disrespect his wife or his family.

Basically if you wouldn’t go up to a person & say it to their face, don’t say it. Plus why bother wasting your time hating something when you could spend your time on something you love?

End rant.

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i like to think neil says it like. two times. the first time is when they first move in together and they haven't seen each other for a long time so neil hasn't been touched by andrew in s o long and they're fucking and it feels so good and neil is overwhelmed by #Emotions and it just kinda... slips out unintentional and breathy. the second time is soon after they get married (in their sweats at the town hall ofc) theyre just chilling at home the cats curled up next to them and neil is playing

with andrews ring finger and he whispers it not really intending for andrew to hear it just because hes feeling it and in that moment its not enough to think it he needs to say it out loud but andrew does hear and he can’t say it back but he pulls the hand thats playing with his finger into his and links their fingers together and kisses neil’s neck (mostly because its the only place he can reach with how they’re laid out rn) and neil knows andrew feels it too

i;m fuckging crying this is so soft i cant d e  al

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I love how almost every single ask about the Mafia au you receive either ends up being angsty ideas of a heartbroken Yuuri or Viktor, then there are the others. The others who give an adorable Victuri headcanon where they're on a date, or getting married, then SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER, Yuuri suddenly arrests Viktor in the end, and I'm saving up pictures of most of these asks that end this way. I'll possibly send a post having most of it, since it's too amazing to not save, in a few months or so

Either way, all these headcannons end with some kind of angst XD
And lololol, I’m sure it would be a long post XD

i can see the angst possibilites of the new team 7

sarada and mitsuki are in love with boruto who has no idea that he’s their sunshine. they are blinded by his light whenever he smiles at them. he can make them laugh anytime anywhere because he’s an energetic fluffball. but they see his ambition and they want him to change the world because he’s a prodigy and their sun and the sun deserves to shine everywhere.

as they grow up, sarada falls out of love. she still loves boruto but as a friend, as a teammate who she would do anything for. but mitsuki never falls out of love. he can’t. he thinks he’s selfish because he can’t let boruto go. everyday he tells himself, ‘tomorrow. tomorrow i will move on.’ but he never does.

and then comes the day when he has to choose between his village and boruto. and boruto realizes that the sun needs the moon to be whole. he goes after mitsuki and he tells him what he never told him.

and mitsuki says ‘i love you’ back.

they kiss and marry and are those tears in my eyes

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You've been in the khh scene for so long so I've been meaning to ask for aaaagesss: what do you think the best moments of khh were over the years? Just the highlights, whether they're funny or legendary idm I'm really curious what you think ❤️

Ohhhhhhhh I love this question!

Hmmm legendary/best moments moments in khh would be…

When Tiger JK and Tasha FINALLY got married. They dated for over 8 years, and he’d known her since she was like fifteen so their marriage was such a big deal. I would consider them Khh royalty.

Bobby winning SMTM because it was the first time idol rappers got any recognition and respect. It’s like an idol rapper (that didn’t have a preexisting connection to the underground scene) got praise even though he was overground. Although, Bobby did ruin that recognition and respect for idol rappers when he called idol rappers out in that same moment. This triggered an idol rapper diss war.

Soul Company disbanding. Not many people know about Soul Company since it disbanded about seven years ago but it was the O.G khh company. This company had The Quiett, Minos, Madclown, Crucial Star, G-Slow, Rhymer, If this didn’t disband. Starship, Illionaire, and Brand New wouldn’t be what it is today or may not even exist. 

Control Diss Battle between Swings, E-Sens, Simon D, Gaeko. When Supreme Team disbanded E-Sens dissed Gaeko and his old company using the beat Control by Big Sean. Then Swings dissed Ugly Duck and Simon D, then Gaeko released a song dissing E-Sens. Simon D responded to Swings, E-Sens responded to Gaeko, and even more rappers got involved with the beef. Swings released another song dissing Simon D and then the disses stopped. This whole thing was about a week of intense song dropping. It was a bad image for khh and a lot of people were hurt by the events. Swings and Simon D aren’t friends to this very day. 

Diss war between Tymee, Jolly V, Kitti B. Or what I like to call the pettiest of petti diss battles. Jolly V dissed a bunch of women rappers because she thinks she’s hard. Tymee and Kitti B responded. It was short lived and no one really brings it up.

E-Sen’s getting arrested for marijuana, getting put on parole, breaking parol and getting arrested again. Very few khh rappers actually get arrested and Esen became kind of the staple game changer for that. (Outside of the giant drug bust in the 90s involving Tiger JK and his old crew)

Jay Park getting rejected to join Illionaire so instead he made AOMG. It’s kinda hard to imagine a world where there’s no AOMG, but I’m glad things happened the way they did.  

Thee’s a bunch other things like the Rockbottom drug scandal, Iron’s sexual harassment case, B-free dissing BTS, B-free dissing San E, Blacknut’s entire discography, Nochang’s scandal, Swings mental illness, Tablo’s Map The Soul company going under, That time Verbal Jint taught Korean’s how to rhyme. 

Embarassing/funny moments

Loco SMTM dance

San E Tasty San MV back when he was in JYP



Something else that bothers me about post-trilogy writing is how Edgeworth’s such an ass in court. I get why he was in the first game, but he really stopped after the second game when he and Phoenix work together to nab Engarde. And now, in aa6 these two have known each other for so long and no doubt solved plenty of cases together for Edgeworth to be able to trust Phoenix’s intuition? Like why does he still mock all of Phoenix’s theories when he’s literally never been wrong? Also he’s smart enough to realize when he’s on the wrong side and let Phoenix prove his point like they did with Engarde, and Gant, and even back to Will Powers. Like they make him condescending to be funny but it’s really not?? In character anymore???

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Poppy finds Branch drunk on their roof singing his sorrows away. He's having a depressive episode and doesn't even remember they're married, and still thinks Creek is in the picture, so he sobs to Poppy as he confesses his love for her. As she's trying to drag him down from the roof, she offers a gentle reminder that their married. Branch's face just completely lights up and he looks at her in total awe, and he just says "really?" In the most bewildered yet genuinely happy tone.

“How…how long?”

“Couple years now. Now c’mon, get out of the cold.”

“A-and uh….am I good at it?”

*Laughs* “At being a husband? Yeah, don’t worry, you’re amazing.”

“Uh-uh good, um. I-I love you.”

“I know. You love me and I love you. We’ve loved each other for years, you silly pumpkin. Now come back to bed.”

“Bed? Who’s bed?”

“Our bed. Me and you. We sleep in a bed together and we keep each other warm with hugs and cuddles. It’s how we sleep, Branch.”

“We do? Really? That-that’s great!”

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Aaron and Alex AU where they are actually already married at the point where Ham meets the Rev squad. They're not demonstrative, but for various reasons everyone just assumes they're roommates because either they're just starting uni, and Ham and Burr got married really young after not knowing each other that long, or just because it's Burr and everyone knows those two fight like cats and dogs. And then somebody makes a move on one of them, and gets shot down with "I'm married!".

Oh man I love it

They always invite Alexander out to drink and party but they all notice he never picks anyone up. He barely even flirts with people unless it’s just for entertainment, so it never goes anywhere. So they’re like cool. Whatever. He doesn’t want to date or hook up with anyone, that’s chill. They don’t bother asking why bc it’s not their business.

They do notice that Alexander– unless he’s out with his friends – doesn’t really do anything/go anywhere without Burr. They’re together all the goddamn time. Burr walks him to his first class in the morning. Alexander brings Burr when they all go out to lunch together. They study together in the library. Apparently they share a dorm or apartment. Everyone just kinda assumed they’re really good friends who probably went to high school together and then went to the same college too so they’re just really close. No big deal. They argue like an old married couple (pffft) but everyone just assumes that’s because they’ve known each other for so long.

But as Alexander and the rev set get closer, they start dating and hooking up with people and they think Alexander is lonely so they’re like ‘Hey, we should him a date!’

They even go to Burr and ask what kind of things Alexander is interested in that maybe they don’t know about and what his favorite things are and end it with ‘We came to you because you’re like, his best friend!’ And Burr is kind like 'wtf’ because???? Best friend???? Is this a joke???¿

Anyway they start introducing people to Alexander left and right and notice right away that he isn’t even slightly interested in them and wondering why the hell he doesn’t like any of them?? So maybe they talk to Angelica who has a sister who has basically wanted to meet Alexander since she first saw him but she was too shy so they’re like 'Okay, can you take him over there to meet her?’ And Angelica is all for it and has Alexander by the arm and is dragging him over while talking about how great her sister is and how she just knows they’ll be perfect for each other but then Alexander stops like 'Uhh….I’m married, so…’

And Angelica immediately shoves him back towards the rev set and probably smacks them each upside the head because what the hell!? Why are you trying to find a date for a married man??? And now the rev set is confused because “What? You’re married? To who?”

And Alexander is looking at them all like 'what the fuck’ because “Aaron Burr? You know, the man I live with? The one I spend a majority of my time with? For fucks sake, our room is a one bedroom!”

And so, Alexander considers finding a new group of friends, and Angelica is too good and pure for such ridiculousness, somebody get her a gf pls

Okay but tbh what I want is Laurel and Michaela being badass girlfriends who will protect their bff Wes at all cost

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U know what I miss so much about s3 s4 CQ is they were like best friends sitting together at the memorial in 3x12 sticking together throughout the wake in 4x12 I honestly don't think Q was sticking around to make a move on her i think he decided in the moment when he saw how she was looking at him but i think up until then he just wanted to stay with her and support her as long as he could so cute his love was so pure

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So you ship yoonjin right? Xp what's your fav fic(s) (if you read them)

:)))) most of my fave yoonjin fics written by @resonae and @keemcandy you can check their ao3 page they have lots of amazing reads they would never disappoints you. i can’t mention them one by one because all of their works are just amazing >///

to the night will you follow me no matter what your otp, i think everyone should read it. the author wrote it reeeeally nicely it just blows your mind away and also because of kid taehyung and kid jiminnie!

you make my heart beat (faster) this! too! everyone who’s up for boss yoongi should read this one.

inc this one is just amazing. genius. i have no words anymore.

mr arrogant’s full house yoonjin full house au. a must read!

a gilded world yoonjin chaebol au, arranged married, taehyung is a lovely brat, jimin is a softie, jungkook has a brother complex to jin i think lmao and yoongi’s granny is my spirit animal. (also side namseok!)

there are a lot more amazing yoonjin fics i’ve read actually and all i’ve mentioned above are just a liiiitle part from my fave list but i can’t go through it all in one sitting :)))

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*slids in* Tord and Tom having these really sickly sweet nicknames for each other and Edd and Matt are half dying, half cringing. After the end Tord comes back and Tom's screeching at him to go away and it took a long time for them to just sit and talk. It ended with tears and kisses. Future TordTom where they're happy and married and Matt is so tired of the two lovebirds like, guys we're in the middle of a battle field stop flirting with each other dammit you've been married for three years.

u got me bro, you got me


//d e a d

just a sketch lmao i didn’t even bother to lineart omg but it’s almost midnight and my bed is calling meee

i might properly do this later but for now have some shinichi dropping his jaw bec his future wife is so goddamn byootiful

Matilda (1996 movie) sentence starters
  • "$9.25 for a bar of soap!?"
  • "Oh my gosh, _____, now look what you did!"
  • "Babies. You're better off raising tomatoes!"
  • "A book? What do you want a book for?"
  • "Why would you wanna read when you've got the television set sitting right in front of you?"
  • "There's nothing you can get from a book that you can't get from a television faster."
  • "_____, you're a crook!"
  • "This is illegal!"
  • "I'm smart, you're dumb. I'm big, you're little. I'm right, you're wrong. And there's nothing you can do about it!"
  • "Are you being smart with me?"
  • "When a person is bad, that person has to be taught a lesson."
  • "I didn't do it."
  • "They're all mistakes, children. Filthy, nasty things. Glad I never was one."
  • "Do I allow pigs in my school?"
  • "Your mommy...is a TWIT!"
  • "You're a disgusting criminal, aren't you?"
  • "When I'm finished with you, you're gonna look like road kill!"
  • "Some rats are gonna die today!"
  • "Hey, dipface! Where are you going?"
  • "I cannot for the life of me understand why small children take so long to grow up. I think they do it deliberately, just to annoy me."
  • "My idea of a perfect school is one where there are no children at all."
  • "Why would she want some snotty, disobedient kid?"

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A lot of times I envy my friends. They have someone who knows how to wait, knows how to respect them. I can see that they love my friends so much and they're doing everything to win their hearts, plus they are men of God. I wonder why no one like it does that to me. I know I'm not perfect and I'm still on a long way to being a woman of God, but I'm really doing my best to be one. I just want to feel that I'm pursued and have been praying this to God for a long time. As a woman, what should I do?

Hi sweet friend.

I want you to know that you are NOT alone. I am in this same boat. 

I watched my best friend get married last night to a wonderful Godly man and it was so incredibly beautiful. She had been in some not so great relationships prior to meeting her now husband, so to see her marry such a good guy was so so special. 

I also want you to know that God is faithful. I have also been praying for a relationship for a looong long time, but still remain single as a pringle while everyone else meets the love of their life. Late last year I was praying about a specific person and the Lord gave me this verse:

“Delight yourself in the Lord,
   and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
Psalm 37:4

What I’ve found is that when I pray for something, God delivers in a way that meets expectations that I didn’t even know I had. But the reward doesn’t come right after we say amen. There’s things I’ve been praying for for over two years that are still coming to fruition. 
What I think the best thing to do, unfortunately, is to wait. No one wants to hear that and certainly I don’t think anyone wants to do that. We live in a world where we get things when we want them and waiting is a little bit of a lost art. 

God is relentless in His pursuit of us. I know it’s hard to see that sometimes because we don’t have angels bringing us flowers after a rough day or Jesus texting us good morning. But the way that God loves us and pursues us is sooooo much grander and more fulfilling than any kind of pursuit that even the godliest man can give us. And the way that God pursues us doesn’t go away or lessen when we are pursued by a man. 

It’s a tough spot to be in, Anon. But, i want you to know a few things.

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with you because a guy isn’t pursuing you right now
  • God is always always always pursuing us, even when we can’t or don’t see it
  • God is so faithful and He truly does know the desires of our hearts - even when we don’t. 

Let me share an excerpt from an email I received from a girl named Stephanie May Wilson. (She has a book called the Lipstick Gospel & I recommend reading it 100000%). This from a letter she wrote to herself when she felt totally invisible and unloved.

  • “All of us musical theater kids, we were all bagels. My friend Chloe was a chocolate chip bagel; My friend Anna was a sesame bagel; I was a blueberry bagel.  You get the idea.  We were all great bagels, but we were each a different kind of bagel. When auditioning for a certain role, Chloe, Anna, and I could all be up for the same part.  We would all be uniquely great for the role, but at the end of the day, the casting director was looking for a certain type of bagel.  Chloe may get the gig because they were looking for a chocolate chip bagel.  It didn’t mean that Anna or I weren’t amazing bagels. We just weren’t the bagels they were looking for. Suddenly, getting rejected for a part wasn’t a judgement of our talent or abilities, it was just a reflection of someone else’s preferences. I love that, because that’s the truth in relationships too. When we aren’t chosen, we feel like there’s something wrong with us, like we aren’t as good as the girl who was. But that’s not true at all. We are all just different kind of bagels, and we all have different taste in bagels too!”

Praying for you in this season, sweet anon. Stay patient and strong & so so close to God and He will surely give you the desires of your heart.

-31Women (Emma)

little les mis headcanons
  • courfeyrac: never wears socks. ever. you will never catch sight of a single sock (apart from that really fluffy pair covered with bunnies because sometimes it's cold oK?!)
  • combeferre: has 4 moth tattoos. none are visible. courf knows the location of all 4 and his favourite is the one he can trace across ferre's ribcage
  • grantaire: absolutely 100% does NOT have an entire folder dedicated to cute kitten pictures on his laptop hidden inside 4 other sub folders that are all titled after monet paintings
  • enjolras: a sucker for chart pop music. will furiously deny having any interest in any of it but courf has caught him singing along very loudly and very badly to taylor swift in the shower at least 6 times
  • jehan: the only person in the world who can find the ugliest, nastiest, grossest jumpers in the world and make them look like masterpieces. owns 12 pairs of glasses all with floral frames that coordinate with whatever ugly jumper they're wearing that day
  • feuilly: makes everyone little origami fans with messages like "you're FANtastic!" "you BLOW me away!". once gave enjolras one that he'd turned into a badge saying "feuilly's biggest fan". enjolras has it pinned to his satchel
  • joly: makes the best cold-curing soup you've ever tasted. he has committed everyone's favourite to memory and will show up on your doorstep with a pot before you can even sneeze
  • bossuet: has alopecia. got his eyebrows tattooed on the moment he turned 18. the one side is composed of stars loosely based on the constellation of his star sign
  • musichetta: wears pastels, flowers in her hair, possibly the only person to be on par with jehan in the floral wardrobe department, will own your ass at arm wrestling and take none of your bullshit
  • bahorel: dogs. dogs everywhere. volunteers at a rescue centre because his landlord doesn't allow pets. his favourite is a little mongrel with one ear who maybe comes home with him 3 or 5 days a week because no one has adopted her yet and she needs cuddles dammit
  • eponine: eats food whilst walking around the store and puts the empty packet back on the shelf. owns 5 pairs of black doc martens all with different colour laces. can see through every single lie and denial grantaire has ever made and will never comment on the way he looks at enjolras when he's not looking
  • gavroche: can hack and navigate anything you put in front of him. computer genius but doesn't have one of his own so likes to play with everyone else's. if you have any embarrassing shit on there you're screwed. found grantaire's kitten folder. printed out several pictures and sellotaped them to grantaire's front door
  • cosette: group mother. will listen to anyone's problems like they're the most important things in the world. volunteers at a youth shelter for at risk kids. avid rubber duck collector. would marry a frozen yoghurt
  • marius: teaching assistant for german and english foreign language classes. took most of courf's socks when he moved out of their shared apartment - the argyle ones are his favourite because they match his jumpers. always rolls his jeans up to show off his socks. basically feels the opposite to courf about socks