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Okay, so Dean was literally suicidal in this episode and as soon as Cas comes back, he's happy... like literally happy. We haven't seen him this happy in a very very long time (I'm not counting Regarding Dean.)... I mean, you can't look me in the eyes and tell me they're not canon. That's just not realistic.


Listen up folks...

I’m not gonna talk about what sparked this rant. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is what I’m about to say.

I’m freaking done with the hate.

This SPN Family is supposed to be encouraging, accepting, we’re supposed to at least try to get along. Apparently that’s too hard. Now I could rant for hours about how some people in the SPN Family are treating eachother, but that’s for another time. This rant is going to be about one thing, the hate that the wives of the two leaders of this SPN Family receive. For this post I’m going to focus on one of the wives in particular…Danneel Ackles.

Once again as the Ackles family was nice enough to share parts of their life with us, people decide to be douchebags. This time Jensen isn’t happy with his life because he isn’t smiling in the photo of him & JJ. Also apparently comparing his kids to the comedy & tragedy is just a terrible thing to do. Oh, did you also hear that the twins might not be his because he said “my” twins instead of “our” twins. This is all Danneel’s fault too because she makes Jensen hate his life.

She can’t do anything right in the eyes of some people and it’s pissing me off. What did she do to cause so much hate? Now is the part when I ramble on about all she’s done…

She told her husband to go to a convention for the fans a few days after giving birth to twins.

Jensen told the story about finding out about the twins…JJ gave him a letter about it when he arrived at the airport…meaning he couldn’t be at the doctor appoint. How many doctor appointments do you think he had to miss because of filming?

She uses her “celebrity” to bring awareness to different events and situations going on in the world. I didn’t know about the Yulin dog festival until she talked about it. She does different work for a variety of charities, freaking google it if you don’t believe it.

Her husband is in a different country for the majority of the year while she stays back home in Austin. Have you ever had your husband away for a long period of time? Cause I have. It sucks. I complained about it on social media ALL THE TIME, but she never does.

She was a working woman in Hollywood. IMDb that shit. She was a steady worker in Hollywood however she slowed down/stopped when they had JJ.

Think of all the times she’s been out with her husband, cause that’s what Jensen is, he’s not “omg Jensen Ackles TV star”, he’s Jensen, the pain in the butt who forgot to take out the trash or forgot to grab the milk when he ran to the stores. Think about how many times she’s probably been out with him & had to deal with people coming up to talk to him. Now think about how many times this has happened & people have ignored her existence or used her as nothing more then a photo taker. Fans don’t mean too, but that shit probably happens more often then you think. I would get so sick of that.

Did I forget to mention how Jensen freaking lights up whenever someone brings up Danneel? CAUSE I WITNESSED IT IN PERSON A FEW WEEKS AGO & HE LEGIT LOOKS LIKE A TEENAGER IN LOVE WHEN SOMEONE TALKS ABOUT HER!

But no.

Apparently we’re supposed to hate her just cause.

Now is when the “haters” start to go, “you just like her because of who she’s married to.”

No haters.


I knew about Danneel before I knew about Jensen. I know Danneel from One Tree Hill but I started to admire her when she hosted Maxim’s Hot 100 in 2009. She was the really pretty model/actress that I looked up to because she was funny & pretty. It wasn’t until I started watching Supernatural in 2015 that I had the “holy cow they’re married to each other” moment.


To sum up this rant; you don’t have to like Danneel, just don’t be a dick. If you admire Jensen as a human, don’t disrespect his wife or his family.

Basically if you wouldn’t go up to a person & say it to their face, don’t say it. Plus why bother wasting your time hating something when you could spend your time on something you love?

End rant.

i mean if keith was hatched that opens up some interesting questions about his family like

did texas kogane know beforehand that his child would be hatched from an egg? did mama kogane tell him? or did she just assume it was what all bipedal species do?

texas pulling out a camera to record his wife giving birth and then slowly devolving into horror as she produces an egg, and he slowly comes to the realization that he really did marry an alien

i can see the angst possibilites of the new team 7

sarada and mitsuki are in love with boruto who has no idea that he’s their sunshine. they are blinded by his light whenever he smiles at them. he can make them laugh anytime anywhere because he’s an energetic fluffball. but they see his ambition and they want him to change the world because he’s a prodigy and their sun and the sun deserves to shine everywhere.

as they grow up, sarada falls out of love. she still loves boruto but as a friend, as a teammate who she would do anything for. but mitsuki never falls out of love. he can’t. he thinks he’s selfish because he can’t let boruto go. everyday he tells himself, ‘tomorrow. tomorrow i will move on.’ but he never does.

and then comes the day when he has to choose between his village and boruto. and boruto realizes that the sun needs the moon to be whole. he goes after mitsuki and he tells him what he never told him.

and mitsuki says ‘i love you’ back.

they kiss and marry and are those tears in my eyes

hello it’s me again, there’s this musical called “daddy long legs” which if you haven’t heard of it already, go look it up asap

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i like to think neil says it like. two times. the first time is when they first move in together and they haven't seen each other for a long time so neil hasn't been touched by andrew in s o long and they're fucking and it feels so good and neil is overwhelmed by #Emotions and it just kinda... slips out unintentional and breathy. the second time is soon after they get married (in their sweats at the town hall ofc) theyre just chilling at home the cats curled up next to them and neil is playing

with andrews ring finger and he whispers it not really intending for andrew to hear it just because hes feeling it and in that moment its not enough to think it he needs to say it out loud but andrew does hear and he can’t say it back but he pulls the hand thats playing with his finger into his and links their fingers together and kisses neil’s neck (mostly because its the only place he can reach with how they’re laid out rn) and neil knows andrew feels it too

i;m fuckging crying this is so soft i cant d e  al

We have now had at least one episode dedicated to developing the relationships between each duo combination of Team Phantom, and I think this is as good a time as any to gush about why this is one of my favorite trios in anything.

I’ll just cover each combination in order and then talk about all three of them, because I love these kids and could talk about them all day.

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I love how almost every single ask about the Mafia au you receive either ends up being angsty ideas of a heartbroken Yuuri or Viktor, then there are the others. The others who give an adorable Victuri headcanon where they're on a date, or getting married, then SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER, Yuuri suddenly arrests Viktor in the end, and I'm saving up pictures of most of these asks that end this way. I'll possibly send a post having most of it, since it's too amazing to not save, in a few months or so

Either way, all these headcannons end with some kind of angst XD
And lololol, I’m sure it would be a long post XD



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You've been in the khh scene for so long so I've been meaning to ask for aaaagesss: what do you think the best moments of khh were over the years? Just the highlights, whether they're funny or legendary idm I'm really curious what you think ❤️

Ohhhhhhhh I love this question!

Hmmm legendary/best moments moments in khh would be…

When Tiger JK and Tasha FINALLY got married. They dated for over 8 years, and he’d known her since she was like fifteen so their marriage was such a big deal. I would consider them Khh royalty.

Bobby winning SMTM because it was the first time idol rappers got any recognition and respect. It’s like an idol rapper (that didn’t have a preexisting connection to the underground scene) got praise even though he was overground. Although, Bobby did ruin that recognition and respect for idol rappers when he called idol rappers out in that same moment. This triggered an idol rapper diss war.

Soul Company disbanding. Not many people know about Soul Company since it disbanded about seven years ago but it was the O.G khh company. This company had The Quiett, Minos, Madclown, Crucial Star, G-Slow, Rhymer, If this didn’t disband. Starship, Illionaire, and Brand New wouldn’t be what it is today or may not even exist. 

Control Diss Battle between Swings, E-Sens, Simon D, Gaeko. When Supreme Team disbanded E-Sens dissed Gaeko and his old company using the beat Control by Big Sean. Then Swings dissed Ugly Duck and Simon D, then Gaeko released a song dissing E-Sens. Simon D responded to Swings, E-Sens responded to Gaeko, and even more rappers got involved with the beef. Swings released another song dissing Simon D and then the disses stopped. This whole thing was about a week of intense song dropping. It was a bad image for khh and a lot of people were hurt by the events. Swings and Simon D aren’t friends to this very day. 

Diss war between Tymee, Jolly V, Kitti B. Or what I like to call the pettiest of petti diss battles. Jolly V dissed a bunch of women rappers because she thinks she’s hard. Tymee and Kitti B responded. It was short lived and no one really brings it up.

E-Sen’s getting arrested for marijuana, getting put on parole, breaking parol and getting arrested again. Very few khh rappers actually get arrested and Esen became kind of the staple game changer for that. (Outside of the giant drug bust in the 90s involving Tiger JK and his old crew)

Jay Park getting rejected to join Illionaire so instead he made AOMG. It’s kinda hard to imagine a world where there’s no AOMG, but I’m glad things happened the way they did.  

Thee’s a bunch other things like the Rockbottom drug scandal, Iron’s sexual harassment case, B-free dissing BTS, B-free dissing San E, Blacknut’s entire discography, Nochang’s scandal, Swings mental illness, Tablo’s Map The Soul company going under, That time Verbal Jint taught Korean’s how to rhyme. 

Embarassing/funny moments

Loco SMTM dance

San E Tasty San MV back when he was in JYP

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Random headcanon (sorry its not on the trans!trainline) but I like imaging that Hanzo's first 'act of redemption' as he sees it is when he helped the person he was in an arranged marriage with escape with him. Sorry, this is gonna get long, but starting from the top: Shimada heirs have a bride/husband picked out for them when they're still kids. Imagine two lil 4 y/os growing up together, told they'll be married someday and they all 'ew go away' they just wanna be kids. (1/?)

Cue these two growing up together, naturally they become close friends with the shared experiences, being groomed to be the perfect Shimada heirs with similar difficulties similar problems- their friendship just grows strong, Hanzo and his fiance (shoot me, I made Keiko and fell for her so ‘his fiance’ will be called Keiko) becoming super close friends, basically siblings. Skip to Hanzo doing the big bad, he kills Genji. Obvs this upsets Keiko, she goes on the rant they’ve both had before (2/?)

'i hate this place, I hate we had to grow up like this I hate what they’ve turned us into I want out’. And that’s when Hanzo makes up his mind- that’s it. They will escape. He recovers from the fight and as soon as he can, he takes her and flees. They run and for a while live together on the run but they’re being followed constantly and Keiko isn’t quite free so he does his best to give his best friend the freedom she wants. They part ways. The clan don’t care for the wife, they want Hanzo (3/?)

The assassins follow Hanzo. Keiko has her free life just as she wanted and Hanzo calls it his first act to right everything he did wrong. Its not enough, it won’t be for a while, but it’s a start. It may have cost him the chance to meet or see his best- only friend again in case the clan find her, but its a step towards doing right and a necessary sacrifice if they both want to be completely free one day. Whew that got long and oops look at me and my old friend angst sorry bout that. Enjoy (4/4)

Holy shit this is amazing and so thought-out and im in tears now thank you

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too many reasons. the most important is that they and all their friends (even charlieskies) have denied it so many times. don't get me wrong i believe in 2009 phan (like 80-90%). maybe they weren't in a (official) relationship, but there was something between them in those days. but now they're friends. they look like an old married couple sometimes but this isn't because they are. it's just happens when two people live together for a long time

listen for one, charlie didn’t exactly have a knack for telling the truth and was constantly starting shit and saying things to stir up drama. i take literally everything he’s said about phan with a grain of salt and if you ask me he seemed more salty about dan and phil than anything else.
as for “two people who’ve been living together for a long time”, i genuinely don’t see why two young men, one in his early 30s and the other in his late 20s, would still be living with their platonic bud and be attached at the hip for literally no reason. what about their romantic relationships? basic human needs???? what about maybe starting a family someday??? no two platonic bros are living together at that point of their lives it’s just not something i see happening.

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This is gonna sound so bad. But hcs for the Kou bros and Haku bros having to marry a girl from a kinda barbaric tribe (kinda like the Fanalis,just maybe more barbaric and no super-strength?),but don't get me wrong,they're not just bloodthirsty idiots. They're relatively intelligent. God,that's long and specific. I'm so sorry.

PLEASE DONT APOLOGIZE OH MY GOSH THIS IS A REALLY GOOD REQUEST AND I REALLY LIKE IT!! Please never apologize for sending something in that you want to see written, that is why I’m here, after all ^^ Thank you for sending this in, and I hope you like it!

Kouen Ren

  • He wouldn’t be particularly happy about the arrangement, but he knew it had to be done for the Kou Empire to continue to expand and prosper, so he went along with it without any complaints.
  • Kouen would be very interested in his spouse’s culture and the history of their tribe, not minding the fact that they were relatively barbaric and aggressive.
  • Seeing his spouse fight would probably get him pretty riled up, to be honest.
  • Even if his spouse rejected the idea and threw a fit, Kouen would force them to take etiquette lessons and learn how to be a proper member of royal society, fit to be his partner. If they messed up sometimes, though, he would find that quite adorable, and would find that he was happy they hadn’t gotten rid of all traces of their heritage.

Koumei Ren

  • It would take him longer to be okay with the whole thing than it would for his brothers. He was more resistant to the idea, not really liking how his spouse and their tribesmen acted. But, if Kou were to get into trouble if he didn’t marry them, then he would become their husband with very little resistance.
  • He would try his best to ignore them and go about his day as usual, as if though he had never gotten married. Unless he saw that his behavior was actively making his spouse depressed, Koumei would continue like that for a very long time.
  • Even though he didn’t have any time for such things, he would personally teach them etiquette and manners. Kouen ordered him to, saying that it would be a way for the two of them to bond and also get something out of it.
  • After a while, Koumei would grow interested in his spouse, asking them questions about their home and their traditions and if they were happy with where they were.

Kouha Ren

  • Out of all the possible arranged marriages for Kouha, this would probably be the best outcome he could hope for.
  • Outcasts/savages were his people; he would warmly welcome them to the family and not even think about teaching them manners, only bringing it up if their lack of them affected him or his way of living significantly (i.e. It got him in trouble or dirtied his clothes.)
  • Kouha would ask to train with them regularly, finding the fights exciting. During these training sessions, he would ask them to tell him stories about their tribe, and he would in turn tell them stories about his family.
  • The two of them would hit it off almost immediately, unless his spouse had already decided to hate him. Their friendship would grow before anything romantic came to be.

Hakuyuu Ren

  • If it was for his empire, he would do it with a polite smile on his face and a kindness only shown to his siblings.
  • He would see them and their tribe as a valuable asset, using them as an ace-in-the-hole or trump card for battles. His spouse would regularly accompany him on war campaigns.
  • Gyokuen would be the one to suggest enrolling his spouse in etiquette classes. Hakuyuu didn’t personally see the problem, other than at fancy dinners and events, but decided that it would be a good idea.
  • Hakuyuu would gradually grow closer to his spouse, opening up to them more and more as time went on and being very interested in their culture and history.

Hakuren Ren

  • To be honest, he would be sort of nervous about his spouse and their tribe. Their barbaric nature would make him feel rather uneasy about the situation, but he would greet them head on and with a big smile and pray that they weren’t all crazy savages.
  • Having been proven wrong, Hakuren would quickly warm up to his spouse. He would have a constant flow of questions, intrigued and wanting to know as much as he possibly could.
  • Like Hakuyuu, Hakuren would see their added military advantage and take them with him on battles. After growing closer to his spouse, though, he would be less inclined to do so, preferring that they stay home where he knows they’re safe.
  • If his spouse wanted to learn more (either to fit in or just because), Hakuren would gladly teach them social norms and manners, thinking of himself as a rather good teacher on such matters.

Hakuryuu Ren

  • He would meet them with pride and politeness, treating them with respect. Like Hakuren, he would be sort of uneasy about the whole thing, but would force himself to be open minded and not make assumptions.
  • Hakuryuu would be a good husband, a little nervous on certain subjects and unsure about what all he should do, but he would be kind and offer to teach them etiquette to better acclimate themselves to him family and culture.
  • The young prince wouldn’t be particularly interested in learning about their tribe, but if they wanted to tell him about it he wouldn’t object. Actually, he would find himself enjoying their stories and asking questions.
  • Watching his spouse made him feel both a mix of pride in their strength and abilities, but also some more unease because of how much they seemed to enjoy it.


Jikook purge moodboard! I’m sorry that this is so long overdue hahaha its way past halloween now but I forgot to post this 😂🙏🏼 I’ve been busy moving places so I’m quite literally all over the place and I’ve neglected this account for a long time, so sorryyyyy (also because i dont know what moodboards to make) 😭

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just a sketch lmao i didn’t even bother to lineart omg but it’s almost midnight and my bed is calling meee

i might properly do this later but for now have some shinichi dropping his jaw bec his future wife is so goddamn byootiful

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Poppy finds Branch drunk on their roof singing his sorrows away. He's having a depressive episode and doesn't even remember they're married, and still thinks Creek is in the picture, so he sobs to Poppy as he confesses his love for her. As she's trying to drag him down from the roof, she offers a gentle reminder that their married. Branch's face just completely lights up and he looks at her in total awe, and he just says "really?" In the most bewildered yet genuinely happy tone.

“How…how long?”

“Couple years now. Now c’mon, get out of the cold.”

“A-and uh….am I good at it?”

*Laughs* “At being a husband? Yeah, don’t worry, you’re amazing.”

“Uh-uh good, um. I-I love you.”

“I know. You love me and I love you. We’ve loved each other for years, you silly pumpkin. Now come back to bed.”

“Bed? Who’s bed?”

“Our bed. Me and you. We sleep in a bed together and we keep each other warm with hugs and cuddles. It’s how we sleep, Branch.”

“We do? Really? That-that’s great!”

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Just going to add to a (probably long and deserved) list of compliments to say your Layton/Claire proposal comic filled the gaping hole PL3's ending left in my heart ;_; They're married and happy now. That's it. No more tragedy for the puzzle family.

aaaaa thank you very much!!!! ;u; I’m so glad you liked it!! they are very happy and in love!!

they love each other so goddamn m u c h……..


The gorgeous @forestwildflower (and @all-supernatural-urls-are-taken) tagged me to post some selfies. I just got a new phone, so these were the only two I have on my phone at the moment. I was showing off my DQ Blizzard for their Miracle Treat Day & I grabbed one tonight, seeing as how it’s my first night at work in 9 days & I actually bothered to straighten my hair.
I’ll tag @theprehospitalprovider, @married-withdogs, @simplykay-tee, & @sea-room 🙂