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1930s Animation: How it came about, What happened to it, What it influenced.

Hey guys! So recently as I’m sure a lot of you know, the 1930s style of animation has made a resurgence in the forms of Bendy and the Ink Machine and Cuphead! So I’m just making this to show where it comes from c:

Before you start though, I’ll be mentioning Max Fleischer in this post, and you can find out more about his life in the book Out of the Inkwell. I don’t have it myself as I’m pretty poor, but I’d love to read it soon <3

Was It Walt Disney?

It depends on what kind of style you’re thinking! Walt Disney’s work began with an animation known as Alice’s Wonderland (1923).

which, looking onto his future works, is a lot more different. The cartoon look is there; however, those famed Pac-Man eyes aren’t, neither are the rubberhose limbs and thick black characters. Those came into his work later on with his Mickey Mouse shorts such as Plane Crazy (1928) and the first animation to feature synchronized sound, Steamboat Willie (1928). The bouncy animation is there, squashing and stretching all the characters and objects!

Though, Steamboat Willie was actually not the first animation to feature Synchronized sound! That would be credited to  “Oh, Mabel, Mother, Pin a Rose on Me” (1924) (Which I actually can’t find…Here’s the song though!) and later on, My Ole Kentucky Home (1926).

There is a lot of…Drama….surrounding the relationship between the studios of Disney and Fleischer, but this isn’t going to be about that (though I may touch on it), I would definitely recommend looking it up though, it’s very fascinating.

Around this time, the scary looking Lip-Sync animation started to come along and the styles were fairly similar, though the Fleischer Car-Tunes were a lot more, in my opinion, clean, however didn’t fully stretch their characters as much as Disney had been doing later on.

Who are Fleischer Studios?

Fleischer Studios first opened around the 1920s as Inkwell Studios. It was created by brothers Max and Dave Fleischer, whom were Born and Raised in Poland. In 1914, Max Fleischer created the Rotoscope, a device that could allow the animator to create smoother productions as they had been drawn over Filmed reference.

Using this Process, they created the Out of the Inkwell (1918 - 1929) series, starring Koko the Clown!

Max included a lot more Live Action in his animations than Walt Disney and even revolutionised the way it worked due to his own inventions, including The Stereoptical Process (which I’ll show more on later), that gave him a good edge forwards during their prime. However, due to A Series of Not Quite Fortunate Events, he never quite overcame Disney and, unfortunately, his studio met a sad end. 

What other Cartoons did they make?

Fleischer Studios made a surprising turn with bringing in Less Live action footage over time and creating more Lovable characters such as Bimbo The Dog and Betty Boop (1931). (Betty Boop being another can of worms entirely with the problems her design created and the blow it dealt the studio)

It was around this time that people could start to notice the style’s true beginnings. The famed Eyes had begun to appear, the Clearly Animated Flat props and characters over the detailed painted environments, and the rubberhose stretchiness of their movements.

Bringing in Cuphead as reference, both Hilda Berg and Cala Maria were heavily inspired by Betty boop’s design as mentioned by Studio MDHR’s Jake Clark in their GDC (Game Developer Conference) talk, which I’d definitely recommend watching.

Besides these characters, perhaps one of their other most Well known characters was Popeye the sailor man! featuring Sinbad, a character I’m fairly sure inspired the design of Cuphead’s Captain Brinybeard.

In this animation you can see every part of the style’s inspiration. The watercolour backgrounds, the flat Cel characters and their stretchy, rubbery movements, and, shown in the image above, the Two-Tone Technicolor process (A secret in Cuphead for those who don’t know). This was another issue between Disney and Fleischer, as well as their own Financial problems with Paramount Pictures, so they had to resort to using cheaper methods, resulting in the above image being created by layering a negative-spaced film reel through red and green filters (basically, it was complicated back in the day, no easy layers then).

I’d definitely recommend looking up more Fleischer cartoons too if you’d like inspirations for your own works or for the animation practise, such as Swing you Sinners (1930) which I honestly think is one of the biggest influences in terms of the recent style too!

Why does Disney have this style in their animations now?

Honestly I couldn’t tell you that myself, as personally I myself am not really a huge Disney fan. Considering his past with the studios he worked in or rivalled, I never really had a soft spot for him. However, I like to hope that he took inspiration from Max Fleischer. Max was unfortunately met with the worst circumstances with working under Paramount Pictures, The Great Depression hugely hitting his work, and his relationship with his brother Dave deteriorating. (honestly I wish this studio was still here and Paramount not).

You could say the style was stolen, or developed, or inspired, being shown in Mickey Mouse’s more updated designs as well as just a general staple of “Old Animation” with the eyes and Thick Black characters. Either way, it’s the fact Fleischer inspired generations with the little miracles he created that is the important thing. I wish people would stop attributing these qualities initially refined by Fleischer to Walt Disney and giving him more credit than he deserves, but that’s just my own opinion. 

Should we keep making animation in this style, or move on?

Please keep making things in the old rubberhose animation styles. Yes it’s an old aesthetic and yes it’s not…the best out there, but it’s an incredibly endearing look that I think is a love letter to the old days of animation. 

You will get those who pick at the details of how it doesn’t fit quite with the style (With Bendy being a victim, his proportions and shapes being very inaccurate if put into the Fleischer/Old Disney style), however, it’s how you bring that style and adapt it to the modern world, how you make it so that you’re not merely just going by the original rules of how you create these characters and worlds. Yes, Cuphead strictly stuck to these details as beautifully as possible, but Bendy was, though I’m not a fan of his design myself, a great addition and evolution of the style into the modern day.

As nice as it is to remember these styles for when they came from and what they were inspired by, it’s always nice to know it’s just that, a style. You can continue to create in that style as much as you want!

However, if you ever want to say/credit where the style came from, though Disney did create a style similar to this and adapted some of its individual aspects into their work later on after, the Vast majority of it comes from Fleischer Studios. It’s a common misconception, but an understandable one considering the studio no longer exists and how popular Disney is.

If you ever have more questions about it, go ahead and ask! I’d love to research more about animation and give you information on any specifics within the studio, the troubles they faced within themselves/with eachother or other studios that were present back then :D <3

I find it extremely interesting that in this chapter which we can consider to be the beginning of the Sun arc two characters that are heavily associated with the Sun card show up to check on and give a new motivation/quest to our heroes.

Hide reveals his face and helps to discover a new clue about Kanou for investigators and then recruits Amon and Akira to help him deal with Kaneki.

And in the same chapter Itori, of all people, shows up to “motivate” the surviving ghouls.

So basically we have two enigmatic characters - one working with the humans, the other one going for ghoul faction, showing up at the same time to shake things up after Kaneki’s rampage.

And in this chapter we discover that Hide was somehow able to avoid Washuu clan all this time, while hanging around ghouls without raising any suspicions, which means that he must have had someone to help him to blend in and to provide some place to hide. 

This looks more and more like Itori and Hide really are connected to each other and Hide can even be her son (so the deisgns of mother and son from Ishida’s previous work repurposed for these two wasn’t just him referencing his older work).

And there are even more hints which are perfectly explained in this post made by @eto-when-and-where

I also find it interesting that Itori immediately noticed that Touka “became more womanly” (she knows about her pregnancy). Will she provide Touka with some information how a ghoul mother can raise a human child?

Back when I was first starting Waterworks, there were a lot of places I went to for music. Not necessarily music to use in the adventure, but just music to listen to for inspiration. There were so many great artists and styles, it really felt like you could find anything you wanted.

Time and time again, I keep telling myself not to take these places, and these people, for granted. There’s that old adage where something put on the internet will stay there forever - while it’s true, it certainly isn’t absolute.

Save everything you love. Even if you’re not supposed to. I just revisited another artist’s channel from years ago to find that they’ve removed everything they’ve ever posted. Some pieces were re-uploaded by others, but everything else? Who knows. I reached out to him but there’s no telling if he’ll ever get back to me.

Entire websites have been swallowed up by time, their entire databases, gone. Even with people scrambling to preserve what’s left, how can we be sure of what we have and haven’t lost?

Almost every day on YouTube, I go to my favourites list and see notifications that videos have been deleted for one reason or another. Usually copyright infringement, or sometimes the video owner removing the video for personal reasons. The kicker is, my favourites list is thousands strong, and there’s no way I can confirm what was removed. I can’t remember what I’ve lost. It isn’t healthy to dwell in that sort of uncertainty for too long.

I’m serious, save what you love. Keep backups of all your favourite songs, videos, art, conversations… There was one musician whose removal took me by surprise. We were able to get in touch, and he himself was surprised that someone was even listening to his work after all this time. Unfortunately, he had deleted some of his songs outright, so he wouldn’t even be able to put them back for me, him, or anyone else.

Maybe it’s me. I’ve been reluctant to reach out for so long that I’ve lost my sense of discovery. All I know is that from where I sit, the world has ceased opening up, and is instead starting to close in…

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Defining Bisexuality as entirely binary is biphobic. Please stop. Bisexuality is an attraction to two OR MORE kinds of people. In some cases there can be bisexuals who have no gender preferences at all (I'm one of them.) Having some overlap between identities in no way lessens or invalidates the other.

I NEVER defined bisexuality as being only attracted to two genders. NEVER. I only ever talked about how pansexuality and bisexuality aren’t the same things. So yeah…I can’t stop something I never did. 

I actually wrote entire articles about the differences between the two (if you go back in my posts you’ll find those) and always talked about how bisexuality is being attracted to two or more genders. So like…Yeah, I don’t know what you’re on about. But I guess I’ll answer you just to make sure that once again, people get that yes, bisexuals can be attracted to one or more genders, and that’s not where the differences with pansexuals are. Boom. 

The Madhouse - Part 2

A/N: hello loves, Im so glad you’re all enjoying this halloween special so far! I just wanted to let you all know quickly that I do have midterms coming up this week, so my posts might be a little spotty! But I’ll do my best to find the time to update! Hope you all like the SPOOKTACULAR-NESS that’s about to ensue!

Title: The Madhouse - Part 2 “Cracked”

Pairing: TBA!

Word Count: 2,200 +

TW: Gore, Blood, Ghosts

Part 1


No. Nonononono

This could not be happening. Your chest heaves as you frantically search the area where he last stood, begging him to rematerialize and confirm or deny your suspicions and fears. Tears sting your lash line from the lack of blinking, and you rub your eyes harshly in response. It however does little to soothe the terror leeching the breath from your lungs.

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why isn't the mainstream media talking about pidge and matt. I haven't seen anyone talk about them and they're so gottdamn cute

YES!!! Dude, I know. 

Matt and Pidge’s reunion (and that whole episode, with Pidge trying to find him) was so emotionally compelling. It’s like. unfathomable how incredible it must have been for them, considering all they’ve been through, to finally have that reunion. 

Now, Matt is just. SO GOOD. Too good. And I know it’s just my habit of watching shows where like, if someone is THAT GOOD they’re either 1. gonna die at some point, or 2. gonna betray them. So I’ve been lowkey side-eyeing Matt, which I know is stupid. Matt is probably just gonna be a Good Character and will help balance out a lot of what happens as the season are getting more darker and serious.

But like, why was there a bounty on Matt specifically? Why was he stationed at a random outpost like that? Why DID HE HAVE A GRAVE that had a CODE only their Dad or Pidge (who he 100% assumed was safe back on earth) could crack? (he COULD have left it in case his father also escaped and tried to find him but?? idk it’s just a bit Reaching) The rebel lady who gave Pidge his locator thing mentioned she DIDN’T KNOW IF HE’D EVEN HAVE IT? I’m just like automatically distrusting and conspiratorial, so does any of that matter? Almost def not, Voltron isn’t usually That Deep so. But I’m still keeping an eye on that nerd, okay?

Anyways. Him and Pidge together is still just so heartwarming to see? It’s good to see her finally find him and that they can now work together to find their father. And Matt’s reunion with Shiro was great too. I’m really just looking forward to how the dynamic with them will be going forward.

And Matt being there!! gave Hunk!! the chance to show off that big brain of his!! and remind everyone !! that’s he’s a legit genius!! JUST WOW.

Matt also just being so impressed and proud of Pidge is so so so nice to see. I feel like it’s easy to forget how young Pidge is and all she’s going through considering that is just so harsh. To show her as the excited little sister she is when she’s giving him a tour of the castle and how proud she is that she’s a Paladin and how cool Matt thinks it is?? It’s really just so precious and so nice. So I HOPE my dumb suspicions don’t pan out anywhere (they probably won’t). But Pidge and Matt are just super precious and a really nice dynamic to have in the middle of the darker parts of the seasons.

Sorry, I rambled. BUT YEAH.

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Um, I'd like to know if I could record my play through (thingy) of The Great Noodle Jape? Of course, I'll give credit to you because its your game, but I just wanted to make sure that I am allowed to do that. Sorry for bugging you, I couldn't find a post where you said it was allowed so I decided to ask to make sure.

hey there love! oh my gosh heck yes it’s okay! so long as you’re linking back to the game (and ideally my blog too), i have 0 issues whatsoever! 

thank you so much for asking - feel free to tag me if you post it on tumblr, too, i’d love to see! <3 <3

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Hello, I am really considering and interested in becoming a Christian, and I only have one question really, where and how do I start?

Hey! Thrilled to hear you’re considering Christianity. We’ve reblogged or written a few posts about intro to Christianity and conversion, but they happen to be tailored towards the Catholic church. Idk if you’re considering Catholicism or not but these posts are really helpful re: Christianity writ large as well. I have baby conversion tag going, so feel free to check it out.

I would definitely recommend finding a church in your area where you can attend a service and introduce yourself to the pastor/priests. I know sometimes talking to spiritual authority figures can be stressful but just remember all clergy are giant nerds with degrees in the Bible fandom and you’ll be fine. Pastors are usually super happy to grab coffee with someone interested in faith and just listen to them share their story.  Feel free to shop around though, and have fun checking out different styles of Christian worship! Maybe try a traditional liturgical mass one Sunday and a casual hymns and sermon service another day, or even a loud concert-atmosphere charismatic worship service. Personally I love em all, but it’s good to know which one you connect to.

If you end up making the choice to become a Christian, you can start the process of confirmation (learning all about the church and its theology so you can become a informed and consenting adult member) and and/or baptism (a rite of spiritual death and rebirth symbolizing your new life joined to Christ and sharing in the divine life as a member of the church). 

Check out our resources page for Bible outlines, church directories, theology master-lists, and book recommendations!

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I really like your ocs, do you mind posting little bios for them, if you have time?

i’m glad u like them!! i still dont;; have proper bios for any of them so for now here’s just some shit about them

  • alyx collects terrible tshirts and she’ll buy them for kole too :3c
  • no one ever knows what matt’s doing or where he is. he just shows up out of nowhere and at first it scared everyone but now they’re all just like “oh hey matt”
  • kole is v sleepy all the time. he hoards soft things and u can always find him curled up on a couch somewhere
    • hes also just. depressed rip
  • kole is also a pining disaster someone help him;;
  • ru and aubrey got together bc aubrey worked at the library and ru had to go checkout a book for school. ru hated the library but kept finding excuses to come back just to see aubrey before eventually working up the nerve 2 ask her out lol
  • as soon as ru and alyx are around eachother they just start quoting simpsons episodes. neither of them even like the simpsons they just do it bc it makes kole and aubrey tired lol

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Hello, thank you for all your awesome work keeping this site active! Do you happen to know where I can find Curious-B's Grade 9/Private School defaults? TIA :D

I don’t have them but the last update from CuriousB about week ago is that they’re reuploading all their files at the moment, so just wait a bit longer and they should soon be available again. :) Meanwhile if anyone has them and is willing to offer a momentarily reupload the files look like this:

and the original post is here.

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do you know where i can find links to watch the amas live today? xx💕

Hi, anon - I would check BTS updates blogs/things like that. They’re normally pretty informed on things like this. I did see this one post, though - here - so I hope that helps! Typically if you just Google things like, ‘AMA livestream’ - you’ll find what you’re looking for quickly. 

  • *re-reads my own story*: Damn this is some good shit
  • *gets to the part where I stopped writing*: WTF WHERE'S THE REST OF IT HOW DO I GET MORE
  • Brain: You're the author, if you want more you have to write it
  • Me: *flips tables*
  • A/N
  • someone sent this to me, i think it's by evenunevenme but i cannot find the post so i decided to entertain y'all but just to let you know IT AIN'T MINE (or me haha selena gomez... i'll stop now.)

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Hey I'm somewhat kinda new to the bandom. Can you recommend some more good Korn blogs?

It is very hard to find blogs that just post korn stuff. However, thee blogs are magical and perfect and they’re all so sweet and I love them!

Also, if you post korn, follow this person! They’re great. And if you feel like you should be on this list, let me know so I can update it! 💚 a lot of blogs wouldn’t let me tag them so,,

With that in mind, let’s begin!

hooooo boi where to start,,

@becausethemusicdo. Great blog??? Is pretty in love with Brian Head Welch just letting you know and they’re a sweet cinnamon roll

@frichlars. The one stop for korn memes. Posts about other bands too but if you talk to them about korn, it’ll be a korn extravaganza and I love them ok

@dementiakage777. The first korn blog I became friends with. She’s so sweet???????? Pls be her friend???? She will literally send you pics of Jonathan Davis and she thinks of people and I love her????

@all-for-the-love-of-rocknroll. Pretty much a buddy. Never really posts about korn,, in fact they’re a part of my other fandom—the wwe one—but she loves korn and just about the sweetest person ever ok

@kornchangeslives. We never talk but they’re great rays of sunshine 10/10 recommend

@thisclowndragon listen,, they love korn ok follow them

@jack-off-jill they post korn stuff and Marilyn Manson stuff—MM isn’t exactly my cup of tea but this person is a magical human and pls talk to them ok? Good Human™

@jonathandavissexualfrustration is no longer active but hear me out,, this is a great blog for korn stuff?? It’s like an archive of posts and I live for it (aaaa pls come back)

@systemofaklown I literally just followed them 2 minutes ago but I love this blog ok

@thisclowndragon I gotta talk to them more. Great blog??? 💚

@namelessfeelingss @rottinginvain okokOkok Quality blog. 11/10

@genderqueerjeffhardy again, a WWE blog. But talk about korn with them and they’ll love u forever. A grade A sweetheart????

@yourmomlikeskorn KOOOOORNNNNN BLOG. a magical one.

@youperson6 I know they like korn. I need to talk to them more!

@highschoolvevo you know those blogs that like,, you post anything and they will like ur post? It could be like a shitpost at like 4am and they’ll still like it? That’s this blog. They got your back ok

@kornchangeslives self explanatory url. Everyone follow them they’re so cute

@follow-the-leader-jonathan we gotta talk more!

Lets keep in contact! 💚

Send Me Your Favorite Pictures of Tyler and Josh!!!

I realize that there is literally no new content about josh and tyler, so maybe you guys can help me out with something else!

most of you know, but if you’re just stumbling on my acc, i post one content update and one picture of josh and tyler every single day, but it’s pretty hard to find a new and good one every single day. that’s where you come in! send me your favorite pictures of them! it’s that simple!

there are a few requirements, so here they are-

  • it must not be too low quality! it doesn’t have to be perfect, but people have to be able to understand the pic
  • preferably, a rareish/newish pic would be nice, but if it’s a good pic, it’s a good pic y'know
  • NO ART IF IT’S NOT YOUR OWN!! this is because i don’t want to get notes and recognition for other people’s work, unless you’re ok with me posting it!! also i’d have to credit the og artist and such.
  • OPTIONAL- if you can give me a caption for the picture, that’d be much appreciated!! it HAS to include the word “boy” or “boys” in it (that’s my theme)

Extra Info-

  • you can send it in by ask, message, or submission
  • gifs will be accepted too
  • i’ve been doing this for over 100 days, so there’s a chance i’ve used your pic before. i’ll simply message you if i have
  • i will of course credit you for the picture
  • send in as many pics as you want!
  • pictures of them with other people/bands/artists will definitely be accepted too
  • you can either have both the boys in the picture (preferred) but if you only have one boy in the pic, that’s 100% ok
  • message or send in an ask if you have additional questions


Picture: NAVY INVESTIGATORS: Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) on NCIS.

Getting forensic with Mark Harmon


Last updated 05:00 05/10/2014 You’re the star of a hit series, NCIS, so what is the motivation to become an executive producer on another, the spinoff NCIS: New Orleans?

This business, from the beginning, has always been such a joy. From the first time I was ever on a set to now. I had really good mentors, early on, or at least people that I met, and had the opportunity to work with, who became mentors. It’s funny to me because when I first came to NCIS, on this show, I came as an actor/director, that was the original plan. And I have not directed any [episodes]. To me, it’s about filling your quiver with more arrows than you had yesterday. And the idea of learning from that. That’s why I still enjoy so much what I do.

In the recent history of NCIS at least one other spinoff was considered, NCIS: Red, which did not proceed. Why do you think the particular assembly of either actors or elements in NCIS: New Orleans fits?

What attracted me and this cast to what we’re doing was characters. Because there were characters that each of us wanted to play. And these characters had humour. That was there from the beginning. That’s also the footprint that we’re trying to extend to New Orleans. This show was always presented as New Orleans, the city, being as much a part of it, as much of a character, as any character in the piece. And I’m happy we’re shooting it there and the cast is embracing that. Now they have to make it theirs. We’re in the process of doing that now.

It seems to have become one of the tropes of procedural spinoffs that the city sits front and centre, NCIS already has a Los Angeles spinoff, CSI went to Miami and New York. Why do you think that is the case?

I think what makes it unusual is what makes it potentially work. When we first talked about it, this was a very small New Orleans office, basically three people, who had been there for a long time, doing incredible work. Then you have New Orleans the city, right in the middle, which has its own environment, for hundreds of years. Its own sound, its own feel, certainly its own smell, taste, all that. So our job, in talking about all of this, was saying this is potentially a hugely rich opportunity to footprint a show, and at the same time, do something a little bit different.

You haven’t directed any episodes of NCIS but you did direct on Boston Public and Chicago Hope. Do you have any ambition to direct episodes of NCIS: New Orleans?

I don’t know where I would find the time to do that. It’s hard enough just trying to figure out the acting schedule that I have on NCIS. And when we shot the pilot [of New Orleans], for example, we continued shooting in Los Angeles. So it’s really a scheduling problem, more than anything. When you direct you have one episode of prep, you have a shooting episode and you have post. That’s basically three episodes you’re having to be re-scheduled in or written lightly. I’ve thought from the beginning I’m not willing to jeopardise three episodes of this show just because I want to direct. So I’ve never done it.      

If we trace the lineage of NCIS we go all the way back to the navy drama JAG. Do you think there is still a distant echo of that show on NCIS: New Orleans?

When we did the JAG we didn’t spin off, NCIS came to investigate a murder. So it was the four of us who are still there - David McCallum, Pauley Perette, Michael Weatherly and myself - brought into this environment, investigating a murder. New Orleans was a planned spinoff, which is a harder load. For a writer, that’s about servicing the existing characters, writing characters and creating characters within that environment, that are strong enough to bring the kind of actors you need to try and do a series. And at the same time, keep everyone else balanced. It’s a really tough load. And that’s a huge credit to [executive producer] Gary Glasberg. Do we like what we’re seeing? Yeah. Will the public yes or no that? Absolutely. Is it good? Growth is good. Is it going to work? I don’t know. But we’re certainly trying to give it every opportunity.

NCIS: New Orleans airs at 8.30pm Fridays on Prime

- Sunday Star Times

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Hello, out of curiosity, just how much time does it take you to make an aesthetics post? They're gorgeous and all different, I mean the images you use. It must take a lot of time to find all of those. Best regards

It depends, sometimes it takes between half an hour up to an hour per post.

I know exactly which boards to look at when I have a certain theme in mind so it is easier as in the start where I had no clue. 

And thank you for your nice words, they really mean a lot.

Hello all! Just wanna let you know that you guys being able to speak directly to the characters is still a relatively new thing, and just like when I started this blog, the formatting I use to answer those particular asks is subject to change until I find a style I like, so if you notice inconsistencies in my posts where you’re talking to the characters, that’s why!! Thank you for your attention. <3

P.S. I’m at 391 followers!!!! This is absolutely amazing, ahh!!! Keep an eye out for a follower special post once I get something figured out!!

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Hihi! I remember a while back you where asked something about despair naegi and if he'll come back? Could you maybe link the askes where he is despair naegi? I dont really know how far back they are, but i was hoping to maybe check them out? Thanks so much!

(Hey! Sure just go to this post and you should find the links you’re looking for :)


-mod lili)