just so artsy

  • going through reblogs of ur posts and reading all the tags to see if anyone complimented your handwriting 
  • “no no procrastinating is okay see this is different this is studyblr so it’s educational therefore it’s all good that I spent 5 hours on tumblr and now I’m not going to finish my final essay" 
  • zooming in on photos to read people’s notes 
  • quietly googling terms used in other education systems (gymnasium? revisions?) 
  • wanting to get a white desk/sheets just so you can take artsy pictures 
  • let me just stand in the middle of the moleskine store and take 500 pictures 
  • realizing that almost everyone in the community is a ravenclaw (GO EAGLES !!) 
  • *feels like a regular Sherlock Holmes after painstakingly figuring out what brand pen that is* *sees price* *cries internally* 
  • *is aggressively artistically challenged* *teaches self to draw banners anyway* 
  • at the end of the day, feeling v loved and supported and accepted (where you may never have been before) in this oddball community of fellow dorks and motivated students *cheesy music, fades to black*

Normally I upload the daily Third-Year video but… the one they made yesterday is in three parts and also ?????

But it’s basically a police interrogation, with Ken-chan and Hiroki questioning the suspect, Justin.  Justin is a bank-robber who… actually stole a mop from the bank before actually stealing the money but that’s how they figured out he was going to rob the bank, because they caught him for the mop.  In part two, they start to ‘suspect’ Justin is a foreigner, and they begin to interrogate him in English… even though they’d been talking in Japanese this whole time so far.  Justin starts getting frustrated because all of a sudden Kentarou and Hiroki pretend like they can’t understand his Japanese.  In part three, the interrogation continues in English with information that’s already written on the form.  Kentarou reveals that Justin’s fiance actually worked at that bank as a cleaner.  So really, he stole from her, not from the bank.  (cue dramatic gasping)

They consider this 3-part special their White Day present.  

You can follow the links below to see all 3 parts in all their… weirdness.

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but in all chaos there is calculation

shepard comparisons (me1 vs me2/3)

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Artsy florist!v >.o

  • v always has a flower in his hair! new flower every day
  • the flower that he’s wearing tends to sell the most that day
  • he takes all the photos for the shop. there’s a lot of prints everywhere amongst all the greenery
  • people ask to buy those but nope they’re special just for the shop. v recommends people to whatever flower is in the photo though. sold!
  • he doesn’t own the shop but he works there the most, willingly ofc. mondays - wednesdays are photography-only days
  • his apron is a mossy green with some water marks on it and a camera pin on his chest
  • when kids come in with their parents, he’ll make them a small bouquet of flowers matching their clothes free of charge (more like straight ouf of his paycheck. he doesn’t mind)
  • this goes with every job au for v, but Everyone Thinks He’s Flirting. he’s always so kind, so charming, Too charming….,people think he’s flirting
  • i s2g that’s just v in general. everyone falls in love with him that’s just canon factuals
  • vision problems or not, he tends to prick his fingers on thorns. he’s a bit clumsy when it comes to that :/
  • the very nice lady who actually owns the shop gives him flower bandaids though!!
  • there’s not That many people who come in, so when he’s done watering everything he spends his time sitting, one hand holding up his chin and the other drumming his fingers on the counter or reading a book
  • so when the bell on the door rings, you will be greeted by him reading or a mop of blue hair popping out from behind some flowers
  • one time someone asked if he could write something on the note for the bouquet and when he handed them back the card they squinted at him n were like “what does this even say”
  • listen pal let him and his chicken scratch live? v was like “well if you wrote it yourself then it’d be more personal, don’t you think?” king of being passive aggressive
  • aaaaa i’m giving myself super cute imagery n heart palpitations. are we all on the same page? v with his apron and the pin and the flower bandaids and sunglasses atop his head being all smiley fsjdfk

thank you for sending this!! i’m gonna die now :^)




HE’S Y A B O I  



RedBubble page | iPhone Case | Galaxy Case

I got a few requests so I just want to let you all know that my recent piece is now available on RedBubble as a case for your preferred smartphone (if your preferred smartphone is an i or a Galaxy). And hey look at that! RedBubble is having a sale! 25% off phone cases, sweet! That’s a coincidence, but what a good coincidence.

Want something else? Let me know! I can add pretty much any of my drawings to RB for you to have, I just need to know you want it. Please feel free to shoot me a message with your request. And if you want to take advantage of the sale, get on that quick, because I have no idea when it ends. \o3o/


[1/7]“The Red Lion is temperamental and the most difficult to master. It‘s faster and more agile than the others, but also more unstable. Its pilot needs to be someone who relies more on instincts than skill alone.”


The fairy path, a long forgotten tale,
- retold under dim street lights,
as the fog sets over the dale.
An old woman, knitting, glances,
out the window and remembering,
summers lost in fairy dances.
The night sets in, sun has gone down,
she lays down for eternal dreams,
- to join the fairies, protecting this town.

Fairyqueen of Firgrove
April Sworddaughter