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The Signs From Leo’s Perspective

Aries: You’re cool peoples, man. I can usually count on you to have fun with me. But sometimes you shut down. I don’t think you ever really let me know what your true feelings are. I wish you would let loose a little more and have fun like we both know you can.

Taurus: You’re too reserved for me sometimes. You never really talk and you can be really selfish sometimes. It would be cool if you actually started up a conversation with me so that I won’t be so insecure and think that you don’t like me.

Gemini: You’re my bestie. I love hanging out with you and going to all the hottest parties. You know how to have a good time the same way I do. But you can be really flaky and you lie to me a lot, which makes me mad. I wish you would be more honest with me.

Cancer: I love you so much and I don’t even know why. You’re clingy and babyish and emotional, which I usually hate, but, for some reason, I can’t even be mad at you. I love how caring you are and how much attention you give me. You love just as hard as I do. I just wish you weren’t so depressed sometimes.

Leo: You’re the bread to my butter and the peanut butter to my jelly. We’re like yin and yang. You are just as fabulous and fun as me and we always have fun for days every time we hang out. The only thing that sucks is we know how to push each other’s buttons which makes us fight a lot. I wish we didn’t have to go through that so much.

Virgo: You get on my nerves so freaking much. At the end of the day I still love you, but we just can’t ever seem to get along. I hate how much you criticize me and tell me I’m not living my life right. I also don’t like to be around you all of the time because it can be kind of depressing.

Libra: I love you so much. You’re super fun to talk to and you always have the latest gossip. You’re really fun and nice and you always try to get along with everyone. The only thing I don’t like is that you can be kind of nosy and get into my business.

Scorpio: You’re cool, but you’re fucking crazy, too. You get a little to hyped on your exes and want to talk about revenge plans, which puts me off. You can find better. You can handle a lot of liquor and fun when you’re not moody, and I like seeing that part of you more.

Sagittarius: You’re the person I can always call when I need a little pick me up. You’re a clown, but in a good way, and you’re really down to earth. I enjoy cracking jokes with you and just chilling and smoking weed together.

Capricorn: You’re the one I call when I need advice and someone to listen to y problems. You always know how to examine both sides of the story and figure out every possible solution. When I come to you for advice, I know I’m leaving with the best answer. The one thing I don’t like is that you never call me…you get so wrapped up in your work that you never reach out unless I reach out first. It makes me feel less important.

Aquarius: You’re pretty out there, and I think that’s why we get along. You accept me for who I am and don’t judge me for anything. You’re always doing something crazy that makes me laugh. Sometimes, you get pulled into your own dimension and I have no idea what you’re thinking about. I don’t like to feel like our relationship is detached.

Pisces: You truly know how to make me feel special and loved. You’re always complimenting me on all of the things that make me insecure deep down inside. You like to talk with me one on one and hear about my problems without anything in return. Then you make me feel better. The only thing that throws me off is how sensitive and emotional you can be. I don’t like to have to bite my tongue in case I might hurt feelings.


it must be hard, knowing your best friends left you for a shitty pill he got out of an airwalks box

BTS reacting to their crush being high (College AU!)

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A/N: One of my favorite AUs so I knew I needed to write this. - Admin Jaefairy

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Namjoon -  Namjoon would be the intellectual stoner so as soon as he saw the gloss in your eyes, he would make space for you on the couch, between him and yoongi. He’d ramble on about deep shit, like jury verdicts and its purpose to democracy, or why flip spinners should be a prescription and not a toy. You’d be amazed at all of the things he was passionate about, your legs over his lap. He’d rub your thighs, and just ramble on. You’d find him dorky and cute, but this was the best way to spend your high. Chilling with Namjoon and Yoongi, having Namjoon giving you special subtle attention. 

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Seokjin - Jin wouldn’t do weed, but he wouldn’t be against you doing it yourself. He’d watch over you and the guys, giving you a piggy back ride as you all ran down to the cafeteria for free pizza night. He’d stuff his face with you, laughing at how giddy and silly you were high. If he noticed you feeling weird or wandering off, he’d make sure that he was around you and that you were safe. Once you started crashing, he’d be by your side, petting your hair and watching over you till you fell asleep. 

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Hoseok - After a few puffs, Hobi would be good. He’d let you and and the others pass it around til it was a roach, then ask you to dance with him. You wouldn’t be as awesome as Hoseok, but he didn’t care. He liked taking your hands in his and doing his favorite thing, with his favorite person. Your high would have you floating and if the music turned to something slow, you’d find yourself cuddled up with Hobi on a couch. You guys would talk about everyday things, but being touchy person you are you’d find yourself caressing his arms. The sensation would send a tingle down his spine, and even though his head was kind of cloudy, he’d have to force himself not to kiss you in front of everyone else. 

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Yoongi - It was hard being the weed dealer on campus, but it was harder watching you act a fool eveytime you were high. Yoongi would be the chill stoner, the type to smoke a blunt and just chill and watch a movie or listen to kendrick lamar and make out. How many times he thought about getting baked and kissing your lips was too many to count. He’d looked annoyed, watching you and taehyung high as two kites screaming on campus and chasing an ice cream truck. It was so hard for yoongi to be chill when most of his friends weren’t. When you two would finally be alone, smoking another joint to keep the high going, you’d ask Yoongi anything and everything that was on your mind. He’d answer, his hands gently petting and playing with your hair while he played humble on repeat. He wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off your mouth and if it wasn’t for namjoon barging in and asking for a dime, he would have taken the plunge. 

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Jimin - Jimin loved weed as much as he loved hanging out with you. He wasn’t into smoke, but thank god Yoongi taught you how to make weed butter. After a really stressful test you’d go over to jimin’s house and make weed brownie or weed smores and just chill watching tv til they hit you. You’d be cuddle up on the couch watching steven universe and all of a sudden jimin who laugh about something not even funny, and so would you. Being high with Jimin would be an adventure. As you would ride your high some days you’d find yourself at the town pool or just driving to the park to explore the forest, just to see things in a different light. Jimin would hold your hand and point out things to you. (“Oh, Y/n look! That cocoon is waking up.” “It’s doing the metamorphosis shit!” “Yeah, that word!” ) after a long day, you’d both walk back to his dorm and just nap. At first you’d face each other, but everytime somehow you’d end up spooning in his arms. When you were in a deep sleep, Jimin would kiss your head, afraid to even try it with you awake. 

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- Jungkook, like Jin, would probably not be into weed. Nothing against you guys, it’s just not his thing. You were his thing though. When ever you got high he’d find himself being dragged into something crazy with you. Like the one time you took him to to quiet side of the school library to make a blanket fort or when you make pancakes out of cake mix for his birthday. Jungkook enjoyed being around you, even when you were high. You weren’t a sloppy high person, just a little more adventurous then usual. He’d hug you from behind and playfully flirt with you, feeling more open with you because you opened up to him. Even during long college parties full of weed, booze and whatever else namjoon could find, you would sit on the balcony with him and chill. Heads nuzzling into each other, chilling with friends and being a special kind of close you both would be afraid to talk about any other time. 

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- Tae was unpredictable high. He could be on his laptop looking at the weirdest documentaries or heading to the most random places he could decide on. He’d always ask you to tag along, ditching your group to spend time being weird together. Tae would get close, rubbing his cheek to yours, excited to experience something new alongside you. You’d find yourself in chuck e cheese, playing wack a mole with Tae because he wanted to get the Playstation 4 prize for Jungkook. Or at the local park singing Adele at the top of your lungs. Taehyung was so unpredictable that it you couldn’t help but smile wide whenever you were alone together.  

Petition to get a boy squad spin off (maybe also a yt channel) right now so when we freak out about S4 updates and we want to cry and it gets overwhelming, we go to calm down with the boys. They’re just chilling. Playing FIFA, smoking joints, complaining about Isak and Even being married, whatever, doesn’t matter. And suddenly, slowly, we relax too.

honestly? one of my favourite pastimes is lying on my bed, listening to Melodrama by Lorde and feeling sorry for myself

My nana got so fed up with the weeds in her garden that she bought a flamethrower off of amazon, and I just drove by her house just now and there she was in the front yard, burning things, living the life

C: I still don’t understand why it’s so hard for Black men to just….go to school? I grew up poor and the same 7 girls I grew up with in our dingy neighborhood are in college like me. But the boys? Most of them just smoke weed and chill. In fact I recognized one that was an honors student in high school at a party a few weeks ago; he was bragging about his music on Soundcloud only to ask me to hold some money until he can pay me back.

Like….how does that even work? Black women face racism and sexism at the same time (misogynoir) but that isn’t slowing us down from being business owners or networking to host events like Black Women Career Fairs. I just wish more young Black men felt motivated to push harder and succeed for the benefit of the community. It’s disappointing. And maybe it’s cause I grew up low income idk the mentality is hard to outgrow. But even the other poor Black girls like me managed to crawl out the pit (single mothers, disabled,) so I guess don’t see the exact excuse, for the ones that aren’t imprisoned or have no criminal record, to not go to school or at least try to get a better job. I met many Black adults that are thirsty for young Black males to come into their programs and often mainly promote outreach to them. But so many don’t care and I wish I knew why. I wish…


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