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Asky anon to do what I do best: ask (? So, did Lady Angeline and Marie Cornel ever met? If so, what happened? If they didnt, what would happen if they met? Like, their toughts about each other. That's it, Anon out. PS: *crossing fingers to not trigger any important spoiler*

Welcome back to my humble abode, Asky anon. :) So, headcanon time? Let’s go for headcanon time! Take a seat, I’m gonna be long and boring as usual ;D

I’ll try to answer without giving major spoilers because I’m not sure how I’ll do what you’re exactly asking - and there’s a chance I won’t do it at all, but just in case you want to avoid any kind of spoiler, don’t read below this hot Chris Hemsworth! :D

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Now, let’s go for it.

In general, Lady Croft is pretty much uncomfortable with anything related with Kurtis, and that includes his branch family - or the only member that’s still alive, Marie. We can say she is there for Anna, because she wants to be with her grandaughter and because she sees her as a chance to redeem herself from what she did to Lara - provided that there’s no way things can be fixed between her and Lara.

But that starts with Anna and ends with Anna. As you’ve already seen, she tries to avoid Kurtis and she doesn’t want to know about him or his past, or his family. 

Now, has she ever met with Marie Cornel? It’s been 14 years since Anna was born and it would be a bit absurd if they hadn’t met - just for the sake of being realistic. Anna has spent a lot of time with both grandmas - in the Navajo nation with Marie, living among the Diné (as they call themselves), but also in Surrey, England, with Lady Angeline. Now, Lady Croft is not really fond of travelling for need - she just enjoys travelling for pleasure, but Marie is used to move across the world - practically is the only kind of life she has ever experienced. 

So, we can say they had indeed met. What happened? You can imagine Lady Croft’s reaction when realizing the other grandma is a Navajo Indian (btw, I know the Diné people hate the word “Indian”, so, sorry for that, I’m using the word from Lady Croft’s point of view). I wouldn’t call Lady Croft a racist in the strict meaning of the word, she’s not really evil in her heart, but she’s a British lady, raised among highborn people, and the only contact she has had so far with other kind of people are just fantasy imaginations about how helpful is she being with all those charity balls and donations she used to attend with her husband, Lord Croft. She’s maternal at best with “those poor people who need our help”, and yeah, that’s a form of racism - well-meaning, but racism anyway. She’s not just aware of it, and she would certainly be horrified if someone called her a racist. 

Then, we can say she’s not amused or delighted to see the other grandma is an American Native, and much less when she discovers that - oh, wait, nope, spoiler here. *zips mouth*

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It’s not a big deal anyway, but I don’t like to spoil what I’m certain I’m gonna include ;)

What about Marie Cornel? As you can imagine, she’s pretty used to be seen as different by most of the white - and even non white - people. Even her own son’s not alike to her - Kurtis resembles his father, Konstantin. 

Of course, being used to be looked at as different doesn’t meant she would take any shit on that.

The chief police leaned over and examined the photographs taken from the crime scene. Then he sighed and threw them on the table, and looked at the two women before him. A young and an old one - two Indians, one from the very India and one who must be a red-skin or something…

“I’m Navajo, inspector.” Marie said. “Stop looking at me that way.”

- LILITH’S SCEPTER, chapter 36, Purification

Marie will deal with this gently and politely most of the time, except when she’s nervous, upset or feeling weak in any way. Then she’ll explode or act uptight. She’s a tough woman, enough tough to earn Lara’s admiration and respect - as you’d probably noticed in Lilith’s Scepter. In fact, both Lara and Marie recognize and respect each other because they’re so alike - tough women used to fight their way on.

Of course, Lady Croft knows nothing of this and she’d be certainly derogatory - for she despises Lara’s way of life. Only that she’s too polite and educated to say this to the face. Lady Angeline will never act rude or unpolite towards Marie, but her face expression will betray her most of the time - and Marie gets this. Under normal circumstances, the Navajo woman will avoid any kind of confrontation - just as for the same reason Lady Croft will avoid that too: Anna.

That means they’re enemies? Of course, not. They just avoid each other, and it’s much more Lady Croft’s attitude than Marie’s. They’ve been raised in different worlds, they are the opposite kind of woman to each other, they simply can’t understand each other. So, most of the time, they will tolerate each other for the sake of their common granddaughter, and that’s all.

What’s Marie’s opinion on Lady Croft? She just sees her as Kurtis sees her, as everyone who’s not highborn would see her - and how Lara sees her too. But further details will be provided in the fanfic, not here. :)))

In general, Marie is very polite and diplomatic - but she’s also fiercely proud of her Navajo origins as much as she will have no restrains to fight whoever despises her for that, and she’ll certainly remember anyone trying to throw shit on her that the blood of the Diné - the Navajo people - is also running through both Kurtis and Anna’s veins.

Just imagine Lady Croft being reminded her grandaughter is half-blood. Well, rather than half-blood, a mix of Navajo blood and ancient German blood combined with aristocratic British blood.

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Ok, enough of this nonsense. Ana out :D

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Tell me a confession about your deepest, darkest fantasies.

Man Anon, that’s a good question! Hmmmm I would have to go with: Eye fucking a sexy man while you rock what you got on the dance floor watching him slowly lose his restraint, getting lifted and smashed into a wall Mr. and Mrs. Smith style (just less broken glass) on the way to the bedroom, getting tied up and having a man just have his way with you as he uses all sorts of things to tease you. His hands, mouth, hot wax, ice cubes, toys…just does everything he can to make you scream again and again until he needs to give you a Gatorade break before starting again. Thanks for asking!!

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Anonymous said: Could you maybe write something with the smiths and pines families for #26(thanksgiving)

I wasn’t really sure what to write so I opted for illustrating this prompt instead. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!


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‘i’ve said it to you before but you don’t listen to me because i probably joke too much, but it was the individual greatest film experience of my career. i had the best time that i’ve ever had on a movie working with you on focus.’

‘thank you, will.’


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