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can you give me some otayuri getting together hc?? i'm rlly sad n angsty bc of a boy rn :(( -poet

Yeah I’m still pissed off because of that copycat anon so I’m gonna calm us both down I hope that boy gets his dick kicked. cOME HERE LET’S HAVE SOME HUGS AND DEEP BREATHING. 

  • They weren’t overnight, obviously. They were painfully slow burning up to each other, but they were the quickest to become best friends. 
  • They would text each other all the time - and after practice they would typically Skype each other until Yuri would just pass out.
  • However, Otabek had loved Yuri since their first meeting as children - but he was willing to hold off so he wouldn’t ruin their friendship. So, (props to Heather for this one) when Yuri falls asleep during the Skype calls, Otabek just watches. He loves seeing the Russian’s face soft and peaceful and just so at ease with strands of hair in his face and he loves listening to his steady breathing. He never tells Yuri about it, even after they get together.
  • Yuri doesn’t realise that he’s in love until Otabek visited him in Hastesu (originally he was going to St. Petersburg, but then he found out that Yuri would be visiting Hasetsu and just decided to go there and try the famous Katsudon he’s been hearing about). Yuri didn’t know how to use chopsticks well, and Otabek decided to teach him by placing his hand over Yuri’s and guiding him.
  • The next time he visits Otabek introduces him to his favourite band, Arctic Monkeys, and plays this song. The lyrics make Yuri curious, but neither of them said anything about it. 
  • They hold their feelings in for years - Otabek is willing to live the rest of his life alone waiting, while Yuri is practically going mad with wanting. Until, finally, Yuri starts to push boundaries. 
  • It starts small. Lingering touches on fingers when passing something over. Pulling him by the arm and letting his grip slide down and onto his hand until they reach their destination. Subtle flirts and questions while they would talk on Skype. All of them were always covered with a shitty ass excuse to push the boundary. 
  • However, Yuri suffers a head injury during practice once. It’s nothing too bad - just Yakov told him not to get back on the ice for the rest of the week, at least. So, he decides to take this opportunity to go visit Otabek in Almaty for the week. 
  • Yuri gets more bold with his limits. When he meets Otabek at the airport, he’s greeted with earplugs for his head (because Beka is an absolute sweetheart and doesn’t want the loud noise from his bike to affect his best friend’s head injury); and Yuri pretends one of the earplugs is loose so he would press his ear against Otabek’s back while they rode on his bike. He offered they sleep in the same bed, even “warning” that he gets cuddly in his sleep. His touches would linger, his words were becoming questionable with double meanings - and he even offered a pair skate when he visited Otabek’s rink in Almaty: and that’s where he got sloppy. 
  • His touches were gentle and caressing and his moves were suggestive and Otabek remembered thinking what the hell is going on in a small panic that he might let something slip. Little does he know, that Yuri can’t take it anymore. 
  • When they go home that night, Yuri fakes sleeping so he could cuddle up with Otabek, then decides to wait until Otabek falls asleep until he finally leans up and kisses him.
  • It’s Yuri’s first kiss. 
  • Otabek, however, is not a heavy sleeper. 
  • Yuri had sighed to himself and he goes to stand and go to the bathroom to splash himself in the face for what he did - until he felt something grab his wrist and pull him back to the bed, now devouring him in kisses until Yuri is seeing stars and he feels like he’s flying. 
  • They pulled away once, and Otabek gently rested his forehead on Yuri’s and simply asked, “how long?”
    “Since I was sixteen. At least.”

  • They kiss again and they don’t stop until the two of them pass out that night, and they address what happened in the morning while they ate breakfast downstairs with some chai, and then they talk about what would be next for them in their lives. Everything was unanimously agreed. 

Heeey I’m back xD first of all I want to thank every single person who was worried about me and sent sweet messages and comments. You really helped me so much I have no words ;-; I am fine nothing bad happened but I have a new job and work full time now. This means I have alot less time to draw. In these last 2 weeks I tried to figure out if I was able to keep drawing the page daily. I can’t ;-; so I have to slow down and post the page about 4 times a week. And maybe someday I will just skip :c I’m so sorry i hope you all understand

What We Already Know (1/?)

Summary: In a world where everyone has a device on their wrist that tells them the exact moment they meet their soulmate, Emma Swan is faced with the rare circumstance of having a blank timer. Things get even more complicated when she starts falling for Killian Jones, who, according to his timer, will meet his soulmate in six months. Captain Swan AU.

Rating: T for now, possibly M for future chapters

Author’s note: So I got this idea from the movie Timer. It’s a super cute movie and I highly recommend watching it! But you don’t need to watch the movie to understand the fic. This fic is for @stunningswan as a VERY belated CS Secret Santa gift! Sorry for the delay, Savannah! I was struggling with whether this should be a one-shot or a multi-chapter fic, and I decided to go for multi-chapter! I hope you enjoy! 

A double shot of rum is placed in front of Emma Swan and she spends no time in grabbing it and throwing it back. When she pulls the empty glass away from her lips, the timer on her wrist catches her eye, the blinking dashes where the numbers should be taunting her.

From the moment she got her timer inserted when she 14, that’s how it had been. “Don’t worry,” the time agency employee had said. “It doesn’t mean that you don’t have a soulmate. It just means that, wherever they are, they don’t have a timer yet.”

That’s what they told her. Twenty fucking years ago. And nothing has changed.

In the time since then, she’s watched everyone around her - friends, co-workers, complete strangers - find their soulmates. Or at the very least, they know when they’re going to meet them. Meanwhile, Emma has been stuck in a cycle of dating that always ended the same way.

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Who I Love Isn’t My Choice

Originally posted by jacksonrathbons

Pairing: Jasper Hale x Reader

Characters: Jasper Hale, Sam Uley, Cullens, the pack, Emily Young

Warnings: I don’t think there are any 

Request: Anonymous: “Can you do an imagine where the reader is Sam’s sister but she imprints on Jasper”

Word Count: 1,491 

Authors Note: This is my first imagine so I’m sorry if it’s horribly written.  

“Come on, let me show you a girls day down in Forks, you won’t regret it and I promise we won’t tell Sam” Em giggles as she sets a tray of cookies on the table for the boys. Being the youngest and newest member of the pack, meant I was left with Emily, the boys thinking I was too fragile to help with whatever it is they do while they’re out.
“Emily, you know I would love to go anywhere for a girls day, but you know I can’t go onto Cullen territory. It’s one of the rules Sam specifically, gave me and you.” I finish rinsing the dishes before putting them in the cupboard.
“What he doesn’t know won’t kill him (Y/N), the only reason he doesn’t want you over there is that of Bella, and how she leads Jake on, he’s just afraid of losing you to one of the Cullen’s.” With a sigh I look around, I love my brother and I respect the pack rules, but maybe Em is right, maybe I need to get out of La Push for a little while.
“Fine it’s a date, we will go and explore, only if we can go to the shops in Port Angeles” I smirk as she gives in, the loud booming voices of the boys ruining the perfect silence in the room as Seth and Embry run into the kitchen. “And in come the dogs” I smirk as they ransack the cookies.


Walking down Port Angeles, I notice a family of blondes, or what I think is a family. Their skin pale and eyes black as an abyss. The tall thin boy, locked eyes with me and that’s when it happened, everything around me didn’t matter, he was all I could focus on all I could think about, a sense of pride and protection coursing through my veins for this strange man. Then the smell hit me, expensive cologne and death, he’s one of them, he has to be a Cullen.
“Why don’t you go ahead to Black Diamond, I’ll meet you there in like five minutes” I glance back at the blonde boy, “I want to go check out that flower shop we passed”  
“Alright, just don’t get lost, we don’t need Sam finding out you were down here.” Em gives a small smile before walking down the street. Waiting until she’s out of sight I make my way over to the small family.
“Hi, um. I don’t mean to bother you but you’re Doctor Carlisle Cullen, right?” I turn to the “older” looking man. My heart beats faster and faster, with the feeling of the young Cullen’s eyes on me, but slowly the thumping in my chest calms down.
“That I am, miss” Carlisle looks at me, “Is there something I can help you with?” Looking into his eyes I can tell he knows exactly you I am, or at least the fact I am part of the pack. I go to answer him when a thin brunette walks out of the store behind them, her nose scrunched in disgust.
“What smells like wet dog and perfume.” Her shrill voice echoing through the air, it takes everything in me to keep from growling at the girl.
“I’m (Y/N) Uley, and before you freak out of something because of the Treaty, I’m here with a friend not someone from the pack.” I glance at Carlisle, and then to the blonde man my eyes lingering longer than they should, he cleared his throat. “Sorry, um….” I glance around the group of vampires my cheeks turning pink. “I know this is uncalled for and completely inappropriate to say when I don’t really know any of you, but I-I have imprinted on…..you,” I say pointing shyly at the young blonde male, his brows furrowing in confusing.
“What’s imprinting?” The male’s voice rang out, a southern twang lacing his words. Oh God, he doesn’t know, this is not going to end well.
“Jasper imprinting is when a wolf involuntarily finds their soulmate.” Carlisle tries to explain looking between me and Jasper.
“But, it isn’t romantic all the time” I but in looking at the blonde, “It can be a protective relationship, my life is forever bonded in protecting you, it can be a platonic relationship, just being best friends wanting to keep their imprint safe and happy, but eventually over time it usually turns romantic, like one thinks when hearing the word soulmate. But all of it is up to the imprintee, us wolves have no say of what the relationship will be like, it’s really up to you.” I swallow thickly not knowing exactly what else to say. “I-I understand if you don’t want me around ever, as painful as it will be I will follow what ever wish you have, I just want you happy” By this time the rest of the Cullen’s had left leaving me and Jasper alone.
“Um…well darling, that is a lot to process when first meeting,” He licks his lips and rubs the back of his neck, “how about we get to know each other, like you said we can be friends, and if it goes further we will talk about it then” I smile a little and nod, looking at him.
“I’d like that, a lot” I look away quickly “but we can’t tell anyone or let my pack know, as much as I’m happy you didn’t push me away, my brother would be beyond furious that I met you, especially since he doesn’t want me leaving La Push.” With a curt nod, Jasper smiles and leaves to catch up with his family. Leaving my thoughts behind I head to Black Diamond, Emily probably worried sick.


“Is Bella here?” Jacob yells from the kitchen, no one like the dense except you Jake, I silently yell. Why would she be here, why would he think she was here? That’s when it hit me, the smell of the Cullen’s is probably on me from being so close to them. Getting up I make a run for the bathroom to shower off the scent, but end up running face first into Sam.
“I found the source of the smell, Jake” Sam growled through gritted teeth, swallowing thickly I look up at him, his eyes glazed over in anger. “You left La Push…. You disobeyed me, my orders, I am the alpha of this pack, which means you listen to me.” Backing up I glance at the rest of the pack who have gathered to see what was going on.
“Sam, all I did was go to Port Angeles, I promise I went nowhere near Forks.” I glance around my heartbeat racing in my chest, and I know for a fact the boys can hear it, my mind starts spinning as I think of Jasper. “I had no idea he would be there,” I whisper to myself, or at least I thought I whispered it to myself. From the look on Sam and the pack’s face, I can tell they heard what I said.
“(Y/N) what do you mean by him?” Jared asks as Paul pulls Sam a little further away from me. Whimpering a little I look at all of them, I know they can’t hurt Jasper, it’s the pack’s law, but I fear they will try to keep me from him.
“I didn’t mean to…I promise, I just glanced at him and everything changed, if I could change what happened I would-”
“YOU IMPRINTED ON A CULLEN!?!?!” Sam shouts his voice ringing throughout the house, causing me to jump. “I forbid you from ever seeing the filthy fucking bloodsucker!” Tears well in my eyes at the town in his voice, feeling like a kicked puppy I look down at the ground ashamed for finding my soulmate, wait ashamed?!
“Forbid me?! Sam, you can not forbid me from seeing my imprint, you know it and you also damn well know you can’t do anything to him, you so much as touch him and I will rip you to shreds” I yell, my body shaking as anger courses through my veins. Before I know what’s happening I’m dragged out of the house by Seth and Embry followed by Quil. My breathing slowing down as the smell of the woods fills my sense.
“(Y/N) just give him time, as much as we all hate the Cullen’s, we know there is nothing to do, he’s now part of the pack whether we like it or not, and Sam will realize that sooner or later. Just let him calm down and process all of this, he loves you and only wants what’s best for his little sister, I promise” Quil speaks as he steps in front of me. I sure hope he is right about Sam because right now it feels like I’ve just been kicked in the chest.

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Prompt: Clarke searching on craigslist for a husband and finds Bellamy

Special thanks to @ponyregrets and @reblogginhood for coming through with some details.  Also on ao3.

MARRY MY BEST FRIEND HE’S GREAT!!!  Clarke set down her beer and snorted.  A friday night spent with a six pack and Best of Craigslist wasn’t exactly living her best life, but it was all she felt like doing after the week she’d had at the hospital.  She clicked the link and moved her laptop to balance more comfortably on her knees.


He’s crazy smart and kind of a grump but that’s only because he loves his friends and we’re a bunch of idiots.  He’s pan and really hot, but he’d kill me if I posted a picture of his face so here’s a picture of his chest instead:

Clarke tipped her head to the side and considered the proffered torso while she took a long swig of beer.  He was wearing a grey Arkadia University t-shirt that looked soft and worn, and he did have nice, broad shoulders that stretched the shirt pleasantly.  It looked like he had one arm around someone— a male someone— and the other one held a bottle of the same beer she was drinking.  

She scrolled on.

I’m getting married to my fiance soon and I figured we should just make it a double wedding because he deserves to be as happy as we are and he hasn’t had a boyfriend or girlfriend in too long.  All you gotta do is show up and marry my best friend!!!


Guy, gal, or nonbinary pal

Patience with long, rambling historical anecdotes

Sense of humor because you’re really underestimating how many long, rambling historical anecdotes you’re gonna hear

I cannot emphasize enough how many long, rambling historical anecdotes he has

He hates going out so either you should be a shut-in too or maybe you should be the sort of person who can get him out of the house (I think the first one but my fiance says the second one is best idk use your best judgment there)

Burning hatred of the patriarchy

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I Want It That Way

Marty Scurll/Reader
940 words; Smut/Explicit

This is vaguely based on Marty’s instagram stories from a few days ago, where he was indeed doing some fairly obscene things with his tongue and also singing along to the song from the title.


The bar is noisy around you, the music blaring, and you’re just drunk enough to be feeling it, nice and loose, but Marty, of course, has to get his fucking phone out. “No pictures,” you say, covering your face, shifting aside so you’re out of view.

“No pictures?” he says, laughing. “I’m not the paparazzi, it’s fine.”

“Good,” you reply, because though Marty seems happy to live his life reasonably publicly, as his girlfriend, you’re still not sure if that’s for you. But you watch him as he films himself, banging his head in time with the beat, curly hair flying. You roll your eyes as he flicks his tongue lasciviously, and he laughs, stopping the video.

“You don’t like that?” he asks, his arm around you, pulling you in close, tongue snaking wet over your ear, making you shiver.

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Title: What a Ride
Summary: Sakura’s hurt her back and Sasuke is the only one that can take care of that stubborn medic.
A/N: Okay, this has nothing to do with the SS month themes, but I couldn’t let this opportunity pass! I’ve already started the other one, so don’t worry XD I’m assuming the piggyback ride happened after the fight against Momoshiki, and even if it didn’t, this is the way I’m making it haha I hope you enjoy this one, and please, tell me your opinion!
“ Slow down, Sasuke-kun! It hurts too much.”

“ Just stop moving, Sakura!”

“Be careful! Be careful!”

“ I’m trying!”

Pain was spread all over her face as her right hand rested on her lower back. Her fingers massaged the sore area, as her husband carefully tried to place her on their bed. Slowly, Sasuke was doing his best to support her body with his only hand, trying not to let her down too fast in order to avoid the impact. His grip around her was strong, but her frightened, left fingers just refused to release his cape, making things even harder for him.

He was trying not to worsen his wife’s painful situation, but her childish-self wasn’t helping him at all. All her wincing and screaming was annoying the hell out of him, and for a second, the male Uchiha thought about dropping her on the mattress.

What a mature medical ninja, he thought. Seeing her whining like a baby certainly made him doubt all the things she has already gone through in her life.

“ Ouch! Ouch! Careful, Sasuke-kun!” Her body finally came in contact with the soft cotton of the sheets, and her pink head went to rest on the pillow. For she was on the right side of the bed- his side of the bed, the manly scent of his shampoo filled her nostrils, and carefully, the pinkette adjusted her position so her pain wouldn’t get any worse. Sasuke, then, removed her shoes, as she closed her emerald eyes and allowed her ears to capture the steps of her husband against the wooden floor. The sound was getting lower, as he directed himself to another room to grab her an anti-inflammatory.

Damn that stupid training, she thought.

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When They Surprise You During MAMA 2017- BTS

YouType : F 

Theme: When you both are suppose to do a duet together for 2017 MAMA - but you both ‘ broke ‘ up so you had to do the song alone - THAT was until he surprised when it came to his part. 

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Royalty!AU where kings Steve and Bucky constantly talk about how the jewel of their kingdom is their consort Tony. 💕 (but some times that makes Tony a target :( )

Okay, so I didn’t completely keep to the prompt, because I’m awful like that. But there’s royal consort Tony, so…

Okay, from now on, I’m gonna post an answer every Saturday, because I really write too little and seeing as I have summer vacation now, I have absolutely no excuse. So good news is y’all will get another story tomorrow, seeing as it is Saturday, and I love to keep my word I guess.

Anyways, here’s the story.

(Warning: after the second row of stars there is (semi)-NSFW. So if you’re not comfortable with that you can just read til then, because after that the story stops)



“I am telling you for the last time, Hammer, my answer is no.” Steve’s voice was booming through the whole throne room, so different from the voice Tony was used to hearing in the bedroom. Bucky, the fellow king, was sitting a few feet to the left of them, and sitting between them was the most precious treasure of the whole kingdom. Anthony Edward Stark; genius, smart mouth, blacksmith and royal consort of the kings. And the love of their lives.
“We’ve seen what you’ve done to her. She’s staying.” Hammer was a high noble in the neighbouring kingdom. And a jackass, in Tony’s not-so-humble, and quite vocal, opinion.
“You’ve seen nothing,” Hammer sneered, “you’re just believing the words of your royal bitch. And everyone knows he’s a liar and a fraud. A bitch that has climbed the ladder by sucking di,-”. He was suddenly cut off. One of the guards, Sam, a loyal man who loved and adored Tony since he made him a contraption with which he could fly like an falcon, had walked forward and punched Hammer with a full fist to the mouth. Hammer went down. Hard. Sam turned around and bowed to the three man on the stage.
“I’m sorry my Sires, I just couldn’t bear one second longer listening to his voice.” As he got up a small smile played around his mouth, and his eyes twinkled with mirth.
“I will overlook it this time, knight. If you would be so kind to take out the trash, that is.”

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I’ll See You In The Morning

I posted this on my A03 and wanted to post it here too, so enjoy :)

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Archive Warning: Major Character Death
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Relationship: Keith/Lance
Characters: Keith (Voltron), Lance (Voltron), Galran Soldiers (Voltron)


   Lance always held Keith’s hand until he fell asleep at night. Keith would usually dread going to sleep at night because of all the nightmares, so Lance came up with this solution; he’d hold his boyfriend’s hand until he fell asleep to assure he’d be perfectly fine.

   Keith soon depended on Lance to fall asleep, and just grabbed his hand whenever his eyelids grew heavy and sleep took him. Lance would just laugh and let it happen. He didn’t mind it, he actually thought it was the most adorable thing.

   Lance wasn’t sure why he was thinking of that particular habit of Keith’s in the middle of a mission, but it wouldn’t leave his mind. Maybe because Lance was looking for him?

   The current mission they were on was tricky; the Galra were everywhere on this planet and they couldn’t be stopped. Whatever they did in Voltron’s absence made them stronger; much stronger.

   Lance spotted Keith in the distance and sighed in relief. Keith did the same once his boyfriend came into view. Lance quickly pulled the smaller boy into a warm embrace, feeling the weight lift off of his chest.

   “Thank God, I thought something happened to you,” Keith breathed, pulling away from the embrace to get a look at his boyfriend’s face. Lance smiled softly and took Keith’s hand, kissing it gently before dropping their connected hands to his side. Their brief romantic moment was broken when a loud slam was heard outside.

   “What was that?” Keith whispered, his fearful voice small. Lance straightened his back and peeked outside through a gap in the cave, squinting to see through the rock’s cracks. He saw a Galra commander outside with some drones. Without thinking, Lance yanked Keith by the hand and they ran outside the opposite direction.

   “Where are we going?” Keith shouted in alarm, looking behind him as the Galra noticed the pair running away.

   “Lance!” Keith cried as the Galra caught up. Lance scooped up Keith and sprinted off, carrying him bridal style. Keith was shaking in fear and Lance found another hiding spot. The Galra looked around for the pair, and shrugged before retreating the other direction.

   “Are you insane?!” Keith whisper-shouted once the Galra were out of earshot.

   “They found our hiding spot, we needed a new one,” Lance pointed out. Keith rolled his eyes and sat down, hugging his knees to his chest. Lance sat next to his boyfriend and sighed.

   Lance pulled up a holographic map on his wrist, jumping slightly when it came up in front of him. Pidge, Hunk, and Shiro were in the castle and sending a signal for Lance and Keith to find them. Lance huffed and stood up, dusting off his armor.

   “Where are we going? What’s happening?” Keith questioned, his voice quavering in fear. His body shook with his words as he stood up, stepping cautiously next to his boyfriend.

   “They’re waiting for us,” Lance sighed. Keith gulped and took a shaky breath.

   “But, the Galra are out there,” Keith fretted.

   “I know, but so is the rest of the team,” Lance pointed out gravelly. Keith sighed and took a deep breath or two, attempting to steady his nerves.

   “Is the coast clear?” Keith whispered, his heart thumping in his chest. Lance turned around and nodded before grabbing Keith’s wrist and walking out.

  The pair walked in silence, the only noise being Lance checking the map for the rest of the paladins every once in awhile.

   “Shit,” Lance cursed when he saw a group of Galra drones. Keith’s eyes darted around for them, and found them diagonally in front of them a ways away.

   Lance and Keith began to sprint in the direction of the castle, hoping for the best. The journey there was harder than they thought. There were rocks and narrow paths, and it slowed them down and gave the Galra a chance to catch up.

   Lance saw a tunnel ahead that led to another cave, and mentally cheered. Lance looked behind himself to Keith, who had his eyes wide in panic. Lance glanced to the cave and then back to Keith, who gulped and nodded.

   Lance turned his head back around and a shot rang out. He whipped his head around just in time to see Keith fall to the ground.

   “Keith!” Lance called, rushing to his boyfriend’s aid. From a quick glance he noticed it was bad; Keith was already bleeding heavily. The Galra were inching closer to them, and Lance scooped up his injured boyfriend and rushed off to the cave, where they were hidden from sight.

   “Are you okay?” Lance questioned, immediately feeling stupid for asking. Obviously Keith wasn’t okay; he was just shot.

   “Don’t answer that,” Lance mumbled quickly after, adjusting Keith so his head was in Lance’s lap. Lance was leaning against the cave wall, stroking his boyfriend’s hair.

   “It hurts,” Keith managed through gritted teeth, wincing and sighing. Lance sighed sympathetically.

   “I know, baby, I know,” Lance mumbled in reply, feeling tears form in his eyes.

   The only noise was the Galra fleet thundering past the cave from time to time, looking for them. Keith’s breathing was heavy and quick, and Lance tried his best to comfort him.

   After a while, Keith’s breathing slowed down and Lance checked the map, looking for the Galra fleet. They were nearby so Lance and Keith still couldn’t leave their cave.

   “Lance,” Keith’s weak voice croaked. Lance felt his eyes water at the sound.

   “Yeah, love?” Lance replied, his voice cracking slightly as he looked down at his boyfriend. Keith was pale, breathing slowly, and his limbs were drooping with exhaustion.

   “Hold my hand,” Keith breathed, blinking slowly.

   “Why?” Lance whispered, tears blurring his vision.

   “I’m falling asleep,” Keith responded with a sigh. Lance felt tears explode down his cheeks, and a sob bubbled in his throat.

   “It’s okay, I’ve got you,” Lance assured with a sob, grabbing Keith’s hand. Keith weakly grabbed back, and then his hand went limp again.

   “Promise I won’t have nightmares?” Keith whispered, his eyelids staying closed longer each time he blinked.

   “I promise, baby,” Lance sobbed, kissing Keith’s hand. Keith’s face lit up with a small, weak smile, and then it faded.

   “Goodnight,” Keith whispered. Lance sobbed loudly and squeezed his eyes shut as tears exploded down his cheeks.

   “I love you,” Keith whispered before his eyes fluttered shut for the final time. Lance sobbed and sniffled.

   “I love you too,” Lance managed through tears. Lance then realized Keith was gone, and noticed his eyes were closed. Lance felt Keith’s neck for a pulse and began to cry harder when he didn’t feel one.

   Keith was dead.


   Lance held his boyfriend close, his body shaking with sobs. Lance couldn’t look at Keith, but he didn’t want to let go of his hand.

   The Galra fleet thundering outside reminded him that the rest of the team was waiting.

   Lance didn’t want to leave Keith. Lance didn’t want to let go of Keith’s hand. Lance didn’t want Keith to have nightmares.

   “Lance?” A voice called on the intercom. It was Shiro. Lance sobbed and bitterly threw his helmet across the cave, sobbing as it echoed. Lance looked down to Keith, who was still laying on his lap. Lance sobbed as he combed his fingers through Keith’s hair. Lance’s chest hurt when Keith didn’t lean into his touch like he always did.

   “I love you,” Lance whimpered helplessly to Keith, who didn’t reply. Lance sobbed on top of Keith, crying and screaming as the loss kicked in.

   Lance screamed until his throat hurt, not caring if the Galra found him. Lance cried and sobbed for his boyfriend, who physically was right in front of him, but felt so cold and far away.

   Lance began to lose his sanity and reality no longer felt real. Lance had moved Keith’s body right next to him, and Keith was laying down on his back.

   Lance’s stomach twisted whenever he looked at Keith. Lance kept waiting for him to wake up and grab his hand again, waiting for Keith to thank him for fending off the nightmares for another night. Lance kept waiting for Keith to open his eyes and plant a kiss on Lance’s cheek, waiting for Keith’s hug he always got when he woke up.

   But it never came.

   And he’d never get it again.

   Lance felt numb. All of his purpose and reason to live was gone. The life was sucked out of him. Lance felt so devastated as he felt Keith fade and wither away in his arms.

   Lance wondered if Keith heard him say “I love you”. Lance didn’t want Keith’s love to be unrequited, even before he died. Lance always said “I love you” just so Keith would know it, but Lance couldn’t help but wonder if, before he died, Keith knew it.

   Lance didn’t want to go back to the castle. Lance couldn’t leave Keith. Lance was still holding Keith’s hand tightly in his, not willing or ready to let go.

   Keith’s skin was a light shade of purple, and his lips were pale. Lance knew he was long gone, but he refused to accept it.

   Lance had been crying on and off for the past 30 minutes, crying and screaming in attempts to bring Keith back to him again. The loss kept kicking in harder, and it still didn’t feel real.

   Lance knew it would feel real when he went to bed that night, and had no hand to hold. The pain would be worse the next morning, when Keith’s smiling, tired face wasn’t there to greet him.

   Lance laid down next to Keith, feeling exhaustion kick in after screaming and crying so much. Lance was still holding his boyfriend’s hand, and he kissed it gently, feeling hot tears trail down his cheeks again.

   “Goodnight, love,” Lance whispered as he closed his eyes, the last of his tears squeezing out and dripping down his cheeks.

   “I’ll see you in the morning.”

the enneagram types as twenty one pilots lyrics

1: but I try my best and all that I can to hold tightly onto what’s left in my hand / but no matter how, how tightly I will strain, the sand will slow me down and the water will drain 

2: but there’s hope out the window, so that’s where we’ll go / let’s go outside and all join hands, but until then you’ll never understand 

3: I’m never what I like / I’m double sided, and I just can’t hide / I kind of like it when I make you cry / ‘cause I’m twisted up, I’m twisted up inside 

4: you don’t know my brain the way you know my name / you don’t know my heart the way you know my face 

5: lean with it, rock with it, when we gonna stop with it / lyrics that mean nothing, we were gifted with thought 

phobic 6: fear might be the death of me, fear leads to anxiety / don’t know what’s inside of me 

counterphobic 6: it’s warmer in the morning, than what it is at night / your bones are held together by your nightmares and your frights 

7: let’s say we up and left this town, and turned our future upside down / we’ll make pretend that you and me, lived ever after happily 

8: but we go where we want to / they think this thing is a highway, highway / but will they be alive tomorrow? 

9: living like a ghost you walk by everyone you know / you say that you’re fine but you have lost your sway and glow

I just want my best friend back | Corbyn Besson

Requested? No.

Warnings? None. 

Summary: When you and Corbyn reunite after tour, feelings spark and your relationship changes for the better 

Word Count: 1,510 

Please start requesting stuff and also no hate to Christina :)

You pulled up to the Why Don’t We house with excitement running through your veins. You hadn’t seen the boys in a month since they were on tour and you couldn’t wait another second. Before you could even get out of your car, you saw your best friend Corbyn bolt out of the house to greet you.

“(Y/N)!” He yelled excitedly picking you up and spinning you around. When he set you down you hugged him tightly happy to be back in his arms.

“Hey don’t we get some attention?” Jonah asks from behind Corbyn.

You giggle slightly as you pull yourself away from Corbyn just to be tackled by Jonah. Jonah was always like a bigger brother to you and not just because he was older than you. Once you pulled away from Jonah you hugged the rest of the boys and started to head inside the Why Don’t We house.

“So, tell me about tour!” You say as Corbyn slings an arm around your shoulder.

“It was amazing!” Daniel starts. “The fans were great, the venues were beautiful it was crazy!”

I can’t help but smile at his enthusiasm as we walk into the living room. Corbyn drags me to sit next to him as the boys take places on the other couches in the living room.

“Are you staying over?” Zach asks.

“Obviously! I haven’t seen my boys in a month and you don’t think I’m gonna sleepover at my first chance?”

We continue to catch up and before you know it it’s almost midnight. Together you all decide to pick up your conversation tomorrow and get some rest for the night. You head up to Corbyn’s room with him following and collapse onto his bed immediately when you step through the door. You hear him giggle from behind you and then feel a weight on the bed next to you. You turn your head to see a very sleepy Corbyn smiling at you.

“I missed you a lot (Y/N).” He says after a quiet moment.

“I missed you more.”

He smiles even wider at you before pulling himself up off the bed to change. You groan as you stand up to take off your shoes. You take the sweatpants that Corbyn hands to you and walk into the bathroom to change. When you walk out you collapse back onto the bed next to Corbyn. He wraps an arm around your waist and butterflies immediately erupt in your stomach.

“Goodnight (Y/N).” Corbyn whispers in your ear.

When you wake up the next morning you find Corbyn is still passed out. You carefully unwrap his arm from your waist and get up. You head downstairs to the kitchen to make the boys breakfast when you see Jonah sitting at the kitchen island.

“Morning.” You say smiling.

“Good Morning.” He says.  

“Whats up?” You ask uncertain about the smirk resting on his lips.

“So, Corbyn?”

“Is my best friend. Chill.” You respond turning around to meet his eyes.

Jonah only shrugs but you knew he was planning something. You ignored him and went back to making a huge breakfast for the boys. Once you’re done preparing all the food you go and wake up the boys. You first wake up, Zach, then Jack, Daniel, and lastly Corbyn.

“Corbyn? I made breakfast get up.” Before you can react Corbyn is on his feet and picking you up in the process. He throws you over his shoulder causing you to squeal loudly.

“Corbyn! Put me down!” He races down the stairs with you still in his arms before throwing you carefully onto the couch. He flashes you his award winning smile before heading into the kitchen.

“I swear you’re gonna give me a heart attack one day.” You mutter getting up from the couch and following him into the kitchen to see the boys have already devoured most of the breakfast you cooked.

“What do you guys want to do today?” You asked sitting down at the kitchen island.

“I might go swimming later.” Jack says in between bites of bacon. The rest of the boys shrug or mutter ‘i don’t know’  probably just wanting to chill out considering they just got back from tour.

“Adventure?” You ask looking at Corbyn.

“Adventure.” He confirms.

You and Corbyn head upstairs to his room to get changed before heading out. You decide to take your car and you immediately head towards a small town area. You and Corbyn had discovered it on one of your famous late night drives and you instantly fell in love. It reminded you of your small hometown with the warm coffee shop and the cute thrift stores.

As you walked together you caught up on all the news of the band and your school life, telling each other every last detail. You were beyond happy to be back with your best friend and would enjoy every second before he had to go back to work. You stopped in every shop browsing slowly just to spend more time with Corbyn. You two could just be sitting in the same room and it’d be the best day ever.


You didn’t realize you had zoned out until Corbyn called your name. You snapped your head up to look at him and see a worried expression spread across his face. You give him a reassuring smile and he returns it before turning and walking out of the store to the next one. You constantly thought about telling him how you actually felt. Before he left for tour, while he was on tour, even the minute he hugged you after seeing him again. It hurt to watch him go through his breakup with Christina and not being able to help. You loved him from afar for so long and you didn’t know if you could keep it in any longer.

As you drove Corbyn home from the shops you contemplated telling him. He was finally back from tour and you could start a relationship. If he liked you back that is. Before you can think about it any longer you’ve pulled up to the Why Don’t We house and have decided that it was now or never.

“Are you okay? You’ve been acting a bit off all day.” Corbyn says turning to you.

“I have to tell you something.” You start before taking a deep breathe. “I’m in love with you.” You admit quietly. Corbyn doesn’t say anything so you take a chance and look up at him. He’s looking straight ahead and you immediately feel your heart break.

“Just go.” You whisper when he still hasn’t said anything.

“(Y/N).” He starts.

“Corbyn please. Just go.” You beg him.

He obeys your wishes and gets out of the car but not before risking one last glance. You quickly drive away with silent tears streaming down your face. Once you get home you collapse against your front door sobs racking through your body. You lost your best friend.

Two weeks.

Two weeks went by and your phone was blowing up. Every member of Why Don’t We had texted and called you multiple times trying to get you to answer. You couldn’t look at any of the messages without your heart breaking each time.

You barely slept the past two weeks and tonight was no exception. You were sitting up in your bed scrolling through tumblr for the billionth time that night. You were trying to find something to read to possibly calm you down and help you fall asleep.

Suddenly you hear a knock on your door and a worried expression spreads across your face. You check the time to see it’s a little bit past 3 A.M. You slowly get out of bed and pad to the front door. You swung it open to find a very broken looking Corbyn. Your hand immediately flew to your mouth at the sight before you. Even after his and Christina’s break up he didn’t look this rough.

“Corbyn, it’s three in the morning.”

“I know. I also know you can’t sleep right now because neither can I.” He steps into your apartment and shuts the door behind him. His eyes bore into yours as he continues to speak.

“I just want my bestfriend back.” He says taking slow steps towards me. “And if I’m lucky enough maybe we can be more.” He takes your hands in his causing your heartbeat to quicken instantly. “Because I’m madly in love with you and I hope you’re still in love with me too.”

By now you and Corbyn are only an inch apart. He rests his hands on your hips pulling you even closer before dipping down and placing his lips on yours. You react immediately, placing your arms around his neck and pull him as close as you could. You soaked in every little bit of your best friend that you missed and when you two pull away, you pull him into a tight hug never wanting to lose him again.

This is probably an unpopular opinion but… I’m glad that Mon-El expanded on the whole “You are my kryptonite” thing. I’m glad that he sorta owned that how he reacted was down to him. In the case of a jealousy and some irrational behavior I don’t really like the whole “I did it because I love you” trope thing or whatever. Which isn’t really what he was saying but… I’m just glad that he didn’t leave it at that one line.

That he explained that what he feels for her is so new and different to him that he struggled with how to handle his emotions when they overwhelmed him. I feel like the rest of what he says after the kryptonite line is more self-aware and gave a little more acknowledgement to the fact that the way he handles his emotions is on him.

It changed from “Because of what you make me feel” into “Because of what I feel for you” and I just like that a lot better. I know that he didn’t mean it in a bad way, not at all, but it just didn’t completely sit quite right with me in the context that it was in.

I would’ve liked it better (and I don’t have an actual problem with the line I just appreciate that he explained himself better) if it had been delivered under slightly different circumstances. Like if it had been a situation where she had been and danger and he had risked his life to help her and she had been upset with him for putting himself in danger – that I would have been completely comfortable with.

And again, I understand that the intent when he said it was to express himself and try to communicate his feelings and he was doing that in a way that he hoped would convey them the best. I get that and that’s why as a whole I’m not upset or bothered about it. I’m just glad that he regrouped and communicated better about what he was experiencing.

I’m also really happy that he shared with Kara and with us as the audience that he sees what he did wrong, he understands why Kara was angry and he’s going to do better.

I’m proud of him for slowing down and thinking about what Kara said and really listening to what she told him. I’m proud of him for actually taking the time and then making sure that Kara knew that he got it and that he would respect her choices even if what she chose wasn’t being with him.

That’s a big deal and an important thing for the show to establish. Just because he was jealous and upset doesn’t mean that he’s going to try to act possessive or creepy about it. There is a difference between those two things.

We saw Mxy being the creepy version – like saying “What’s that uncle Jor-El? If you have to hold Kara down until she sees reason and becomes my bride you will?” that’s really freaking creepy -  whereas Mon-El said his peace and when Kara still said no and asked him to leave he listened and he acknowledged that even if what she wanted was something that he didn’t agree with or was hurt by it was still her choice and he had to respect that.

He looked devastated when he left but he didn’t throw a tantrum or threaten her. He walked away because that’s what she said she wanted. She was going to marry an imp who was clearly mentally unstable. If there was ever a time when I would have understood him having a “look at your life, look at your choices” moment, that would have been it. But she had clearly stated earlier in the ep that she wanted him to respect that her decisions were hers to make and that she wanted him to understand that she could handle herself. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HE DID.

Kara saw that and understood it. It matters to her – as it should obviously – that he gets it. The fact that he is so open to learning and willing to change counts with her. For anyone who has questioned why she would want to be with him… here it is.

He is ready to see things differently and work on improving himself. Whether it’s training to be a super hero or just learning where the line is and keeping himself from crossing it. He always keeps trying and to someone like Kara that makes all the difference in the world.

anonymous asked:

I LOVE YOU!!! You are doing so much more justice to this idea I got at 4am one day than I could ever imagine ever reading. You have all the reactions perfectly, I'm not sure I can truly explain how I feel right now. I'm just beaming at my screen really. So again if you continue you would make me very happy, I give you free rein of what to do with Little Stars <3

He’s so very little.

Obi-Wan’s not sure if that’s because he didn’t do what he should when he was pregnant with Anakin, because of Zan Arbor’s method of…conception, because Obi-Wan was fifteen or because that was just how babies were. But his hands are so tiny even compared to Obi-Wan’s fingers as Anakin clings to it.

A low curse got him to look up from the blue eyes to watch his Master struggle with the baby cot that the creche had supplied along with several boxes of things that the newborn would need. One of creche masters had already shown Obi-Wan how to feed, burp and change Anakin’s diaper when they were there while Qui-Gon was getting what they would need.

He was suppose to come back so they could show him how to bath him too at some point though they were satisfied with how Obi-Wan held him, called it a natural parental hold where Obi-Wan was supporting Anakin and holding him protectively without it being too tight.

“Are you alright Master?” He questioned at yet another curse.

Qui-Gon almost dropped the multi-tool in his hands, giving his padawan a wide eyed look. “Force Obi-Wan, I think that’s what I should ask.”

“He’s yours too.” Obi-Wan shrugged and hadn’t that been a shock, Anakin’s other parent being Qui-Gon, his master. The Healer who had taken the blood sample had given both wide eyed looks before continuing Anakin’s examination, shaking of her shock.

“I didn’t carry him and give birth padawan of mine.” Qui-Gon placed the tool down and moved to the couch, sitting down. “You’re still pale and worn looking even after the Healers.” He sighed and then smiled down at the wide eyed babe on Obi-Wan’s lap. “At least someones interested in the world.”

“He’s going to go to sleep soon. He’s just interested in a new space right now I think.” Obi-Wan glanced back down at Anakin before looking back at his master. “But are you okay?” He questioned again, knowing his master had just side stepped the question that his padawan had asked by using the situation.

Standard tactic.

Qui-Gon face tightened a bit then it eased when he sighed. “Honestly, no. My fifteen year old padawan got abducted, his rights violated, had a baby to term, gave birth in a barn far away from medical help and Force knows what could have happened and now has to take one of the biggest decisions of his life…and I wasn’t there to protect him from it in the start.” Qui-Gon felt like an utter failure. Micah and Tahl had already called to hear if the rumors were true.

That Obi-Wan…

“You were there when I needed you though.” Came the soft voice and Qui-Gon looked at the other quickly, Obi-Wan smiling a bit. “I couldn’t have done it alone and…and I didn’t notice Anakin either.”

The older Jedi stared at him before reaching out and gently capturing Obi-Wan’s braid, giving it a little tug. “When did you become so wise.” He smiled gently.

That just got a little smile in return before Qui-Gon pushed himself back on his feet and picked up the multi-tool again. “Alright, I’ll get the cot finished, he should have a proper place to rest and not just a makeshift bunk with blankets.”

Obi-Wan watched him for a few moments before looking down at the blond whisped baby on his lap. “…You know…I didn’t know about you…but…welcome to the world Anakin.” He smiled a bit, wiggling the fingers Anakin had a tight grasp on. “I hope I do right by you.” He added softly.

Qui-Gon slowed down a bit and glanced over his shoulder at the two. “If its any help Obi-Wan, you won’t be alone about this my padawan.”

“That is to great help Master.” The two smiled at each other…and then Qui-Gon dropped the multi-tool on his foot and started cursing up a low storm.

Obi-Wan sniggered to himself and gave Anakin a small grin as the baby squirmed a bit on his lap in response to the sound. ‘Just another day then…’


Written by: spencerreidsmiles

Happy early Valentine’s Day! This is a Reid x Reader fic that has a self-conscious reader where Spencer makes her feel beautiful. 

Trigger Warnings: Insecurity and low self esteem

Send requests, feedback, and asks!


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New Fic Outtake?  Addition, maybe

Not quite sure what you’d call this, but when I finally post Geode to to AO3, it will have this scene added in there because the story seemed to demand it.  How could I do a story about Steve and Darcy visiting museums and not bring up the fact that there’s a museum exhibit dedicated solely to Captain America?


While Darcy’s been to the Air and Space museum before (thank you, 8th grade class trip to Washington D.C. where one of her friends smuggled a naughty magazine onto the bus with them and they ended up breaking one of the beds in their hotel room because they were jumping from mattress to mattress and lied about it to the chaperones to stay out of trouble), she hasn’t experienced the Captain America exhibit yet.  But the curators had called up Steve to consult on a new addition to the exhibit - which apparently was just asking him to verify if the items they’d found were actually his or just someone trying to blow smoke up their asses - and they’d decided to make a little vacation out of it.  Some time that’s just for the two them, away from the familiar territory of New York and everyone who knows everything.

But the job comes first, of course, which leaves Darcy to wander idly through the fairly empty halls of the exhibit.  It’s never entirely empty, not given Steve’s popularity and the fact that the entire museum is a tourist’s highlight, but on this Wednesday morning, Darcy feels like she can slip between the other tourists without being noticed, blending into the background as just yet another person who’s there to partake in the spectacle.

Steve is notoriously quiet about his private life - much to the dismay of the paparazzi who went in expecting another Tony Stark and got someone entirely different.  Even so, word has gotten out to the gossip columns that he’d been seeing someone for quite a while now, though all they’ve been able to discover is that she’s female and brunette thanks to those few artsy photos of her shadowy profile Steve had put up on his Instagram page.  

It’s funny though, no one ever seems to pay attention to them in the New York City museums.  But that could be because it’s New York, Darcy thinks.  New Yorkers don’t get excited about anything (or at least they don’t let people see them get excited), and as soon as Steve slaps a baseball cap and a jacket on he’s just one more meathead in the crowd that they don’t notice.

But in Washington D.C. Darcy feels exposed.  Like there are eyes watching her from every direction, assessing her, determining her value and passing silent judgement that she’s not worthy of being Steve’s girlfriend.  And rationally, she knows that’s bullshit.  She’s entirely fucking worthy, and doesn’t even need to lift a hammer to prove it.  But the whispers through cupped hands behind her back have always gotten to her, long before she’d ever even known Steve.  Sometimes it’s hard to break through those years of old habits.  

“Whatever,” she mutters under her breath, wrapping her cardigan even more tightly.  “You are damn worthy.”

It’s hard to shake the feeling of creeping eyes on her, however, even if it’s probably only her head seeing things that aren’t there.  So Darcy hunts for a shadowy corner in order to take a few minutes to regain her equilibrium, and finds herself wandering into the room where the Peggy Carter interview is running on a continuous loop.  And boy, doesn’t that just make all the inadequacies come rushing back…  Still, Darcy plonks herself down on one of the benches; it’s dark and quiet in there, the perfect little escape from the outside world.

Peggy Carter is an entirely formidable woman, even when she looks like she’s on the verge of tears.  But then, it’s probably a natural response to have when one reminisces about the lost love of your life.  When did you know, Darcy thinks, that this person - this magnificent and imperfect wonder - was going to be the one to get under your skin like that?  That this person would be nothing less than the other half of your soul?  

Darcy has never been good with emotions.  She realized this long ago, and has accepted it as one of her deep flaws.  That it’s far easier to be brash and loud, to put the safe parts of her personality out there for everyone to see because the soul, that inner part of her that bruises and sometimes doesn’t want to cope with the world, is soft and squishy and gets hurt all too easily.  Why get hurt when you can get angry instead, has been the motto that’s gotten her over and through many rough times in her life.  But this approach to the world has sometimes made her a little out of touch with her own feelings, she admits (if only to herself).

How do you know when you’ve found that person, the one who you don’t mind cracking open your skin in front of so that they can see the whole package of your emotions and not just the safe outer shell?

(Darcy studiously avoids thinking about the fact that Steve could be that person for her, because emotions are tough and the deeper she looks the more in over her head she might find herself.  Romance is such a strange thing, in her experience.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s not good for her, that having that imperfect and wonderful compliment to her soul would make her more like the true self that she wants to be instead of that facade that the world sees.)

Ugh, she gets awfully maudlin once the caffeine wears off.  Darcy grimaces, and is incredibly grateful that the darkness of the film room keeps her hidden from the group of elderly ladies a couple of rows down from her commenting about how much they like Peggy’s suit outfit.  It’s better to focus on Peggy than on herself, anyway.  On the screen, Peggy makes a comment about how, even after his (supposed) death, Steve was always changing her life.  Ain’t that just the truth, Darcy thinks in full agreement.  

After a while Darcy needs to leave the movie room, because otherwise she might start crying at the intensity of Peggy’s emotions.  They’re not obvious, because Peggy is a consummate professional, but Darcy knows the type (she’s one herself, after all) - never let them see you sweat or see you cry.  So she wanders back out into the main exhibit, washing up in front of a display that outlines some of Peggy’s other accomplishments that weren’t related to her time with Captain America.  It’s only a matter of seconds, however, before she sees a shadow loom up next to her, followed quickly by soft footfalls that come to a stop next to hers.

When she looks up at Steve, it’s all too easy to see the strain on his face, even half hidden by the baseball cap he’s got shoved on his head.  His eyes are tight, mouth pulled into a slight frown.  His shoulders are hunched over, hands shoved into his pockets, and, at least for this moment in time, he looks a hell of a lot less intimidating than she’s ever seen him.  There’s no need to ask him how he feels when it’s written all over him, Darcy thinks.  So instead, she just waves a hand at the display in front of her and says, “She’s a hell of a woman.”

“That she is,” Steve replies, the frown dropping away from his lips for a moment and replaced by something far more soft and pensive.

“Come on.”  Darcy weaves her arm through his, tugging his body close to hers.  “Let’s get out of here and see some sunlight.”

It’s one of those days that moves slow like molasses, thick and lazy, traveling along without any actual aim and just spreading about instead.  It’s a good day, sunny and warm even though it’s late in November, and they stroll along the streets, wandering into bookshops and cafes and places that Darcy hopes won’t remind Steve of the past.  Anything to take that frowny look of his face, she thinks.  Eventually they head back to the hotel with the intention of getting ready for dinner…but the best of intentions are forgotten when Darcy all but pushes Steve back on the bed, and starts planting kisses down his torso, peeling back his sweater as he goes.  After that, room service is the only dinner option that either one of them has the energy for.

“I know what you’re doing,” Steve says afterwards as he stumbles out of bed towards where the room service menu is.

“What am I doing?”  Darcy sits up, dragging the sheets around her shoulders and attempting to bring some semblance of order to her sex-tossed hair.  It’s a futile effort, but she has to try anyway.

Steve arches an eyebrow at her and crawls back onto the bed, menu in hand.  “You know, you’re not as subtle as you think.”  He presses a swift, firm kiss to her mouth.  “It was a good day.  Thank you.”

Darcy smiles back at him, followed swiftly by the sound of her stomach grumbling.  “You’re very welcome.  Now feed me.”

“As you wish.”

The picture that gets posted to Steve’s Instagram later is a simple one, overlaid with a black and white filter that just emphasizes the shadows coming from the small lamp off in the distance of the shot.  The main feature of the photo, however, is the two hands tangled together, fingers intertwined, relaxed and resting on a pillow.  And while nothing else is visible aside from the extension of their forearms, the implication that there are two people on the other side of those hands, snuggled up and resting together, is a given.  The caption simply reads ‘a good ending to a good day.’

Time/Soulmate Jaehyun

This is for @bybangmin

Request: Hey! I really like your soulmate Jisung one, and I was wondering if I could have a soulmate Jaehyun one where you have a tattoo on your wrist that states the very moment you and soulmate will meet (like the date time) and ticks like a clock? Thanks!

A/N: i actually did a concept similar with haechan’s soulmate!au but sure thing , this was really nice to write so enjoy reading ~ i also changed it up a little so i hope you dont mind

How it works: like you requested i included the date ( but not month or year ) you’ll meet your soulmate , and the clock would only start ticking when the time’s near . when the timer stops counting down , your soulmate’s inititials would appear

p.s i’m using his full name as jung jaehyun instead if yoonoh here !!


You glanced over to the clock in the front of the classroom as you let out a deep breath . Lightly patting your face , you tried to keep yourself awake from your teacher’s talking , but your heavy eyelids kept going against you , as they threatened to fall .

Bored , you fondled with your pen as you scribbled a few drawings and words on your paper , another yawn escaping your mouth .

You looked at your wrist and your other hand reached out to touch the outlines of the numbers .

26 • 0000

You shook your head as you sighed , as you continued touching your wrist .

Just two days ago it was the 26th , yet nothing happened and your clock hasn’t started ticking yet .

Every month , you anticipate and look forward to the 26th but every single time , you end up being disappointed .

Your tablemate reached out her arm and waved her hands infront of you , waking you up from your thoughts . You caught a glimpse of her wrist and the numbers were counting down and were slowly ticking .

“ Y/N , class has already ended ! What were you thinking of so intensely ? ”

You forced a small smile to her and shook your head , “ Nothing much haha ”

She raised up her hand again and waved to you , but all that caught your attention was the clock that was ticking slowly on her wrist .

“ Bye Y/N ! I’ll see you tomorrow ” she gave a big smile before running off urgently , without giving you a chance to bid her goodbye .

You slowly grabbed your bag and packed your materials , before slowly walking out of the classroom , thoughts filling your mind .

When will i ever meet you ?


Two more weeks until the 26th again .

You checked your wrist every morning , in hopes that one day it’d start counting down , but it didn’t .

“ Just take it slow Y/N , don’t keep thinking about it , if it’s meant to happen it will , ” your best friend said out as she plunged onto your bed .

You sighed and sat beside her , “ I know … but what if it doesn’t ? ”

You saw her rolling her eyes before he playfully pushed your head , “ Shut up Y/N , it will ” A smile formed on your lips as you pushed her back playfully , the room filling with laughter soon after .

Unknowingly , the numbers on your wrist started ticking down , as they slowly started coming alive .

26 • 136h 31mins 4secs


“ I heard there’s going to be a new manager coming in today , i wonder what he’ll be like though , i heard he’s pretty good looking ” your co-worker nudged you and giggled .

You shook your head and continued checking the stocks of ingredients , “ We’re only part-timers here anyways , i don’t think it’d affect us that much ”

You glanced to check your wrist ,

26 • 5h 16mins 50secs

Your friend nudged you again , as she said excitedly , “ It’s the 26th today !! Who knows he may be your soulmate ”

You paused a second as you let the thought processed , but you shook your head again and gave a small laugh , “ Nah , i don’t think so , it may just be someone i’d bump into on the way home , ”

Your friend shrugged as she ran back to her spot at the cashier , doing her work .


26 • 00h 58mins 19secs

Time passed quickly and so did your anxiety , every second you’d glance over to your wrist , then to the door of the shop , hoping that someone would walk in , having the exact same ticking clock on your wrist , portraying the same numbers .

26 • 00h 22mins 6secs

“ How can this new manager be so irresponsible though , not being able to come on the first day . ” your friend pouted and complained to you , as she cleaned up the tables in the shop .

“ I see you were really looking forward to meeting him aye haha ” you teased her as you helped sweep the floor .

She sighed and pouted , “ Yes haha . Also i heard his name’s Jaehyun or something , hopefully he comes tomorrow . ” You nodded your head and packed up your bags , before making your way back home .

You bid your friend goodbye as the both of you walked seperate ways .

You put in your earpiece as you took one more glance at your wrist ,

26 • 00h 8mins 23secs

You bobbed your head lightly to the music as you took the normal path home .

26 • 00h 1min 27secs

A tall figure appeared from afar and he seemed to be rushing , as his phone was in his hands and he was slightly running .

His muscular arms could be seen clearly from his loose white shirt and his blonde hair was shining brightly under the lamp lights .

Your eyes couldn’t help but stare at him , as you saw his figure slowly approaching yours .

Naturally , you were attracted to him .

26 • 0000 -JJH

“ I’m so sorry , i forgot it was today ” he said out frantically as he approached you .

“ I’m really sorry- Hello ? Oh my god ” he called out , almost yelling . You glanced at him as you took a good look at his face - his warm brown eyes were quivering and his lips were pursed together .

His eyes met yours and he walked towards you . He gave you small smile , “ Hey pretty lady , erm , my phone’s battery dead right now , mind if i use yours ? ”

You nodded your head almost instantly , as you reached out your hand to pass him your phone . His eyes fell onto the tattoo on your wrist , and likewise , yours fell on his .

26 • 0000 -Y/N/I

His eyes widened as he looked at you , the same expression you had showing on his face .

Instinctively , you hugged him tightly and you held him close . Despite meeting for the first time , the hug seemed very warm and familiar ,as though you were lovers who finally met after being apart for a long period of time .

He pulled away and his hand carressed your back , “ I’m Jaehyun by the way ”

For the second time that night , your mouth widened and your hands went up to cup your mouth , “ Oh my god , are you the new manager for Shop’s name ? ”

You looked up to see a giggling Jaehyun , as he nodded his head .

“ I’m one of the part-timers there , Y/N !! ”

His arms wrapped around your neck again tightly , as he said softly to you , “ Don’t worry , i’ll treat you like a princess be it during work hours or not , Y/N ”

feuer-fight  asked:

“If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.” Jupeter

hmmm, i’m feeling sad and it’s too hot in the house i’m in? yeah, let’s write about juno being sad and overheating. but also with peter and have it be schmoopy because i wanna Feel Better. the title and the line referencing it in the fic are borrowed from p&p bc p&p is so good.

most ardently

The air is stagnant. Juno lies on the simwood floor of his apartment and stares at the peeling edges of the boards.

It’s fucking enthralling. He’s enthralled.

Hyperion summers have had about a billion songs written about them and Juno has heard too many of them, and they are all lies. Summer on Mars is hot and gritty and miserable as any other damn season on this stupid planet.

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  • Incomplete by James Bay reminds me of Ziam.
  • This is so pointless but I wanted to make this.

I breathe in slow to compose myself
But the bleeding heart I left on the shelf
Started speeding round, beating half to death
Cause you’re here and you’re all mine

So I press my lips down into your neck
And I stay there and I reconnect
Bravery I’ve been trying to be perfect
It can wait for a while

Scared of hope in my head it’s been making me sweat but it turns out
You’re here with your head on my chest
I should’ve guessed

The world will turn and we’ll grow, we’ll learn how to be
To be incomplete

I breathe out now and we fall back in
Just like before we can re-begin
Let your lungs push slow against my skin
Let it all feel just fine

Gone is the emptiness
We just take what’s best and we move on
All that the hurt gets left
I should’ve guessed

The world will turn and we’ll grow, we’ll learn how to be
To be incomplete
This here now, it’s where we touch down
You and me let’s be incomplete

How’d we go without
I don’t know it’s look like we’ve made it again
Tell me you’ll never look down, down

And the world will turn and we’ll grow, we’ll learn how to be
To be incom…

I don’t wanna look down
I don’t want us to break up in the cloud
All I want is to stay us, to stay with you now

I don’t wanna look down
I don’t want us to break up in the clouds
All I want is to stay us, to stay with you now

And the world will turn and we’ll grow, we’ll learn how to be
To be incomplete
This here now it’s where we touch down
You and me let’s be incomplete