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i’m not sure if i’m back from hiatus or not? but if i am, this is part of a series called {Needs More}. the point being that it’s just a bunch of stuff i think fics need more of.

this needs more is nsfw so it will be under the cut :)

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Kastle Closer AU

“Is that tattoo new?” He asks.

She blinks and remembers that she’s wearing a strapless dress. Then she remembers that she did in fact get a tattoo.

“Not really. I got it sometime in the spring, months after you killed the Blacksmith. After Matt told me he was…” She doesn’t finish the sentence and she’s relieved he doesn’t press on.

“It’s cute.” He comments.

“No it’s not. It was the result of a drunk night, I don’t even know why I got ‘Imagine’. It has no special meaning to me and it’s so trashy.”

“Hey it’s not so bad. You should see some of the tattoos my comrades got. Myself included…”

“Oh like what?” She’s flirting. Shit, the scotch must be taking a deeper effect than she intended. In all honesty she can’t remember how many times the bartender poured her a glass.

“Are you asking me to take my shirt off ma’am?”

“If you’re willing.” Was this actually happening? It’s been four years and she still had a lot of questions. It should bother her that they were ignoring all of that. 

Later on she would blame the alcohol for what transpired on this night.

“Alright. Not here though. Do you have a room?”

Karen scoffs and flails her arm around the ritzy hotel bar they were sitting in.

“Does it look like I can afford this place?”

He just stares back. Not in a ‘I’m hurt’ way, but in a way that made her catch her breath.

“But… my car is outside.”

“Well then. Lead the way.”

Shoutout to @artemisgarden for her post that inspired this spur of the moment edit and fanfic bit.

Critical Role Rewatch, Episode 30!

AKA, the Halloween Episode!!! (Sidenote - I’m posting this on the 25th of October, almost time for the next one, yay!!)

  • Everyone’s fantastic costumes:
    • Matt’s ridiculously detailed costume, that he made by himself?!?
      • “He made all that, btw!” “I did. I have a problem.” Aw, Matt!
    • Rat Queens! What babes <3
    • Travis looking straight up gorgeous haha
    • Taliesin (still) a nerd
    • Liam…kind of just looks like a slightly more dramatic Vax, if that’s even possible?
  • Straight into the heavy RP, though it is a true struggle with everyone also in Halloween costume lmfao
    • “I’m Jimmy Fallon-ing so hard right now!”
    • “I was hoping that once I finished serving revenge, I could start serving repentance.” Oh, Percival.
      • I know a lot of it is Percy’s serious self-esteem and internal issues, but I feel so bad? Repentance, Percy? Your family was slaughtered and your entire home was stolen from you, put under the tyrannical rule of a group of people who clearly were not up to anything remotely considered “good”. You were tortured before managing to escape, and it’s heavily implied you kind of just dissociated for a couple of years before finding your way to Ripley and then Vox Machina. Repentance for building guns, maybe? Repentance for falling to Orthax’s manipulations - when you barely know what Orthax is, let alone that your dream was real? You were, like, 20 maybe when you had that dream? Whether or not Percy really knew what was going on, I would argue heavily against Percy taking much blame for anything, really, except for maybe…shooting Desmond’s hand off. I just wish he agreed with me :(
    • Also, the half-elves all worried and more freaked out about what happened in Sir Kerion’s house; but both Grog and Scanlan are all, “Um, the people we just killed were objectively awful, they were actively oppressing the population of Whitestone, they were probably involved in hanging the bodies on the Sun Tree, we have literally no problem with what just happened.” For Grog, chaotic neutral, this makes sense. For Scanlan, who is also less concerned with this kind of….rehashing of moral quandaries, I want to say? His mother was murdered by goblins, right? So I can definitely see him being totally ready to enact vengeance on the people who murdered the birth family of a member of Scanlan’s found family. It’s….odd. I agree with the concern over Percival’s wellbeing, the concern over just what the creepy black smoke is, the clear escalation in violence on his part. But I’m not objectively bothered by the occurrence of this violence in Whitestone on its own, and who it happened to? These people are holding an entire town hostage, clearly are well-practiced in keeping the populace obedient through murdering some of them and periodically hanging them on the Sun Tree.
    • “Are you afraid you’re going to hurt us?” “No, I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you.” pERCIVAL
  • Vex kisses Percy on the cheek, and my love of the twins x Percival continues <3
    • “Don’t worry, Percy, we’ve got you!”
  • VM flat out refuses to “end Percy” if he goes too far, but do agree to knock him out and take him to a temple if something really bad goes down <3
  • The Tunnel Vampire Battle
    • “The buttflap of my soul is down.”
    • “It’s my dice in a box, dice in a box!” (AKA, dick in a box lol)
      • First thing he does upon waking is to take a piss. 
      • “I whip out my wand…of magic missiles.”
      • Struggling to keep the moustache in place: “I can’t…move…my lips.”
      • “Are you proficient in…dual wielding?”
      • “I need Grog to rage! And get me through this, semi-fucked kinda fight! Baby, baby - kill kill kill, kill kill-kill-kill!”
        • “That’s so Ravenloft!”
        • Liam giggling so much he holds his turn till after Travis to try and regain some kind of composure hahaha
      • “That stake was….well done.”
        • “Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!!!!”
      • Vicious Mockery HDYWTDT!!!
        • “Wassup? Wassup, toothy? Bite me!”
        • The explanation of the kill is that urine is technically running water lol.
  • Vox Machina cuddle puddle in the tavern cellar!
  • “Doritos - a strange, elven term for flatmate.”
  • VM tries to convince people of their legitimacy as rebellion allies by claiming that only serious allies of the de Rolos would be able to say Percy’s entire name lmao
    • And then the cast’s/VM’s reactions when Matt-as-Archibald says Percy’s full name perfectly!
    • This bombshell is so badass, every time I watch it!
  • Keyleth wants to try and clear all the clouds out from above Whitestone. Matt: “Controlling weather on that scope is a little beyond your grasp.”
    • Only for now, Kiki, just you wait!!! 
    • All I can think of is truly badass Keyleth is on the airship to Glintshore <3
  • Final moments of the episode - Scanlan: “I turn into a triceratops.”
    • Rest of the cast, including Matt: nothing. shocked silence.

When I watch old Canadian television like Goosebumps and Degrassi it feels like it takes place in another dimension that’s just slightly *off*. Everything has this understatedness to it?

Maybe this is the dimension from the Mandela effect?

ABA is unscientific

… or, “Autism is a cognitive disorder, not a behavioural one”.

Criticisms of ABA from autistic perspectives are generally framed in moral terms - ABA (when used in autism treatment) is abusive and dehumanising, can cause PTSD, and assumes autistic inferiority.

These are valid criticisms, but they suggest that ABA practitioners just need to slightly change their practices and everything will be fine. While it would be great if ABA practitioners did make these changes (well documented elsewhere), the flaws of the practice run much deeper.

This is going to be a long post so read the good stuff after the jump. Please note that this post is formatted to be read by a human. I will post a separate version for those using text-to-speech programs.

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anonymous asked:

Will this Crime Lord!Kylo fic also include the rest of Solo Mafia Family au?

Nope, to be honest I think the crime lord AU works way better with just Kylo than it does with the triplets because it allows for Kylo to have that be his crime lord face but to the rest of the world on a normal day, he’s just Ben Organa-Solo.

And to be completely honest - and this isn’t a dig at anyone or anyone’s fault - but I’m kind of tired of writing the triplets. Like obviously if y'all still wanna request headcanons and drabbles and all that from that AU you’re more than welcome to! But I feel like people have really taken that AU and ran with it, and I feel like nearly everything is triplets au nowadays when I just wanna work on slightly more serious stuff or things that are more heavily based on canon.

pueracuu  asked:

what's up im Finn i like royal purple. i ship mostly ocs and m favorite ship is called 6669(or virquinam; dont worry. they're ocs). i like vanilla ice cream... and yeah i have a cat her name is Sophie and she's a siamese, she's fat and she meows uncontrollably if you just slightly raise your voice .


aww sophie she reminds me of sapphire 

anonymous asked:

Sp is such a babe. His blonde hair is so soft and luscious and beautiful. He's got these bright blue eyes that are always full of lust or excitement. His cheekbones are so defined and on point and he squeals when people kiss his cheeks. He's got those pink, full lips that he's biting while singing and they're just slightly pressed to the mic. His hips are always swinging and swiveling and they certainly do not lie. And he's the sweetest gentleman ever, making sure everyone's ok. Need me a sp tbh

BABE awwwwwww mannnn what a sweetheart

@psychicarmorhead - Random headcanons.

We’ve said briefly off-hand before that when it’s just Mai and Valon, they usually speak English rather than Japanese, largely because Valon’s accent is really nice in one and slightly cringeworthy in the other. Following up from that, a few more thoughts:

– She’s also just more fluent in English than he is in Japanese. Learned it from a younger age, is more naturally inclined toward linguistics, has a broader vocabulary, etc. Like not that he isn’t fluent, just slightly more likely to momentarily space on a random word he should know, run into a more obscure word that he’s not familiar with and has to look up, phrase something in a slightly grammatically awkward (albeit still perfectly understandable) way, etc. Just enough that accents aside, it just makes more sense to stick with the language they collectively know slightly better.

– On the note of accents, though, hers in English is usually pretty light (over a base of flat American English pronunciation, for the most part), though if she’s sleepy or flustered or the like, it can get a little heavier. (Valon finds it adorable.)

– She is perfectly capable of flatly enunciating “Valon” (more or less rhyming with “Allen”), and usually does. Her “L” might come off with a very tiny tinge of an “R” sound mixed with it, but you almost have to be listening for it to notice. … Usually. But occasionally, for reasons she can’t begin to explain because names should be the least affected thing in accent shenanigans, but occasionally she feels compelled to pronounce it “Varon” (like “bvah-lrone”, like it is in the sub). 

– The longer she’s around him, especially during times when he’s the main/only person she speaks English around, she starts picking up minor Aussie-isms and mimicking his pronunciation a little bit here and there without realizing she’s doing it. (He’s not sure if he wants to call her attention to it or not because it’s so tempting to tease her but then she might stop and we can’t have that. So occasionally he just gets this goofy-ass grin while listening to her talk and she’s just “…what?” “Nothing.” “What are you smiling about?” “Just you. 8)” and I mean he’s not lying…)


Steve/Tony + complementary qualities