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btw tomato juice gets skunk smell / oil out of hair or fur if u get some on urself or a pet

that’s really interesting information but 

1- I don’t think brazilian skunks are the same as, shall we say, international skunks. it looks more like a huge ugly rat and isn’t smelly in the same way as the american cartoon skunks appear to be? this might require more research

2- i don’t think my sister would deal very well with the idea of dunking the puppy in tomato juice, or even just slightly smearing the pup in tomato juice. least of which, washing the juice out of her would be a whole production lmao

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Oh Lafayette, what a progressive mentality you have. After all, true progress and growth emerges from struggles of some kind. To think they waste away their time on idle pursuits in the face of inevitability. Now then, what happened "last time"?


    Lafayette gave a simple grunt at Rage’s words, it wasn’t disgust or annoyance, just a sound of acknowledgment. The Grass Type kept his arms folded and only let his gaze once fall upon the embodiment, though it was a brief flicker of his gaze more or less. The Sceptile didn’t answer for a few moments, swallowing thickly as his eyes traced the ocean.

    The ‘last time’ that Laffy had mentioned clearly bothered him, to the point where he almost appeared to pale a bit when inquired about it. His mouth was tight and it trembled just slightly, causing the Grass Type to have to swallow a bit more repetitively in order to keep himself as unwavering as possible. He shifted his weight subtly from foot to foot, finally clearing his throat to answer the question.

    “… It was just a few years ago.” he croaked, throat dry as sand paper. “Primrose has refused to kill the Southern Leader, despite everything he’s done to the Crestlands- he killed her father! Yet Primrose deems that he can be ‘saved’…

    “Well in the time before she was leader, Primrose tried to show mercy to the Southern Leader… She wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps… I wish she would have just killed the nuisance.” Lafayette’s eyes burned with anger as he tilted his head away from the waters, swallowing thickly once more.

    “…Do you know what happens to Lucario if their Aura Sensors are cut? It’s immeasurable pain for them.” the Grass Type exhaled heavily. “It causes a sever between them and their aura, and- if it’s bad enough- it can kill a Lucario almost instantly.

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Pale Red Dot: Astronomers Discover Potentially Habitable Exoplanet Orbiting Nearest Star

Pale Red Dot: Astronomers Discover Potentially Habitable Exoplanet Orbiting Nearest Star

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Artist’s conception of what Proxima b might look like. It is just slightly more massive than Earth and orbits in its star’s habitable zone. Temperatures might allow liquid water to exist on its surface. A potentially habitable world, it is also now the closest known exoplanet. Image Credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser Astronomers today announced one of the most exciting exoplanet discoveries yet – an…

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No Dancer. [ @kinghartlot ]

“You made a video? Christ, can’t you delete that? What was there to even be a video of? S h o w m e.” His lips thinned before growling just slightly now. Because he needed to see what may or may not be able to be leaked, now. “Cute with how I tried to dance? Oh, god. That’s – no, no, no. Definitely forget last night, god.”

              “ I decided, the video is worth to be kept. And if you’re ever an idiot then I will show it around ” Barry was only teasing but the video was too good to get rid of it just yet. “ Now relax, it was fun. Everyone was giggling about you and I bet I was the only one who wasn’t drunk. I doubt anyone can remember your dance at all. ”

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Okay so I got this cheap ELF conselour and highlighter for the bags under my eyes - ¿¿how?? I put it on and it just kinda dulls them slightly but their not gone. Like you can still see them very visibly - it's super shiny and I don't have any powder or such Help? I've been told you give good makeup advice

if your bags are more blue, find a salmon colored concealer. if they are closer to purple, find a yellow concealer. nyx has a cream color correcting palette that works wonders for this. 

lay down your color correcting concealer over your dark circles and apply your normal concealer over top. try to use a beauty sponge or even your fingers to tap the product in rather than sweeping it. 

and i hate to tell you this, but you’re going to need a powder to set the concealer. not only does this mattify it, it prevents it from creasing throughout the day and helps it last longer. i highly recommend the airspun loose translucent powder. you can get it from walmart for around 8 dollars and it’ll last you a long time. there are definitely some even cheaper alternatives to that but literally the airspun powder lasted me months because there’s so much powder.

i hope this helped!

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Fascination took him as he watched Ceph pat her head. How many people did Cass care for and was what she just said her slightly caring about Porthos? He shook his head and felt a frown form towards the ground. 

“ Hey wait. You just finished your training and now you’re bailing on me? When was the last time you spoke to your siblings? I know the signal on the ship sucks but we get logs eventually.”  There were too many stories of people getting no logs and fearing the worst when really it was just due to technical difficulties but in times of war, everyone wanted to know their loved ones were alright. 

“I’ll get back to work but could you try to get Small Fry to sleep?”.