just sleep!

Red: Where are your stupid friends again?

Blue: OH! Error got sick because he keeps sleeping outside and Ink got sick because Error coughed in his mouth!

The World Is Divided In Two:

Those who love and want to protect Tamaki Amajiki and I lied the other category doesn’t exist because it’s impossible to not love this sushi roll.

BYYEEE for a few weeks sort of maybe

lol hey
I’m posting this prematurely bc my flight doesn’t leave til tomorrow evening but idk how much time I’ll have tomorrow
I’m leaving to study abroad in England for 4 weeks!! I was lame and didn’t get my queue running again, and I’m gonna be having a prettyyyyy busyyyy schedule, so while I am gonna have my laptop with me, I’ll likely not be on here as often til I return ✨
At least, I SHOULDNT be, since I’ll be restricted to wifi but should be doing classwork when I’m on campus, so we’ll see what actually happens >.>
I’ll try to reblog this again before I get on the plane… good night 😴

Romcom challenge email sent! 

@oh-nostalgiaa your countdown made me laugh :-)

And now I’m going to bed