just slammed

After hours

Y/n was sighing. Damn tonight was a slow night, the only customer she had was someone from outside Snowdin.
She swept the counter, looking up at the clock.  "Hey pal, it’s almost closing time.“
He grunted at her slowly standing up and leaving a few bills behind next to his unfinished drink. Without as much as a goodbye he left the building.

Y/n looked at the drink, he barely touched it. It was even one of her best mixes.
She picked it up and downed it in one go. Shame to let it go to waste.
Everything that night went as normal until she got to the home of the skelebros.
She buckled over, feeling a heat and dizzyness flare up inside of her.
Gripping the walls for support she slowly made her way to the one bedroom she knew she was safe in; Papyrus’ room.

The door to the bedroom slammed shut just as Fell made his way out of the other room. He looked at the door, smelling a mixture of sweetness in the air. It was intoxicating him and his curiousity got the best of him.

He pushed the door open without knocking, looking inside to see a very red Y/n laying on his other self’s bed. He knew that look…oh boy.. the human was in heat for some reason.
He stepped inside and locked the door behind him. Why someone as innocent as Papyrus would have a lock on the door he would never figure out.

"Kitten.” He spoke to her as he walked towards the side of the bed.
Y/n shot up from her position, staring wide eyed at the intruder.
“F-fell. Now is not a good time.” She groaned as she laid back down on the bed, closing her eyes and panting relentlesly.
Fell sat down next to her little form, placing a hand on her shoulder. “I know that look and smell kitten. I, the terrible Papyrus shall assist you through your heat.” He puffed his chest a bit at his statement.
Y/n huffed. “ I ain’t in heat Fell. Someone spiked the drink at the bar. It’s just some lousy aphrodisiac i can sleep off. Nothing new to that.” She turned her back towards him.

Fell looked at her, contemplating his options. Nodding to himself he laid down besides her, cupping her smaller form against him.
His hands started to wander over her body before settling over between her legs. His hot breath against her ear before his tongue wandered out to lick along the shell. His hand rubbing her through her pants.
“Ahh-ahh.. nnn Fell” She panted, unconciously rubbing her butt against his groin.
She grabbed his wrist. “I ngg.. i told you i can sleep it off!”
Fell didn’t budge an inch. “I know, and i told you that i will help you. Accept my offer Kitten.”
He bit her neck, sliding a finger against her clothed entrance drawing a moan out of his little human.
Pulling at her hips he laid her flat on her bad on the bed. He moved on top of her, pinning her down to the bed even though he was sure she wouldn’t run from him by now.
He looked her over, loving her lewd heated face and her squirming as if she was in actual heat. It made her…his. He growled as he roughly kissed her. His hands kneading her breasts hard, squeazing and pulling them. Y/n moaned into his mouth at the rough treatment. The drug doing it’s job, making her so much more sensitive to every touch.

Fell pressed his patella between her legs, rubbing against her womanhood lazily.
God she was so wet already, he could feel heat radiating onto his bones.
Pleased at the reactions of her body he bit into her lowerlip with his fangs, drawing blood and earning a pained gasp from his kitten. He looked at the small cut, loving the red substance on her lips. He dove back down, licking and nipping at her lowerlip. Sucking the blood off of her with a moan.
Y/n was seeing stars, the pain from the bite had made her come. That hadn’t happened before. And if Fell noticed then he hadn’t made it clear to her. Good, because this bastard loved hurting his pets during sex and she wasn’t always up for that.

Y/n felt claws at her hips, pulling her up and putting her in a very compromising position; on all fours.
Fell ripped her pants off before she could react and gripped her near her entrance. Spreading her wide open for him to see.
She blushed and moaned at the treatment. “F-Fell…” She stuttered, unsure if she was really comfortable in this position.
“Hush little one” He whispered to her with a heat in his voice. Fuck she looked so good, spread out like this for him.
He brought his skull closer and started eating her out. Y/n moaned at the touch of his fangs against her folds, pressing a bit closer to him.
Fell rubbed the front of his own pants with one hand, freeing himself after a few seconds. Dick already twitching and leaking precum from the show that his kitten was putting up for him.
He gave her bud a careful nip with his fangs before lining up with his dick.
“Hnng… you better hug my cock tightly sweetheart, or i’ll be forced to pound you. All. Night. Long.” He punctuated the last words with a thrust of his hips, pushing his dick in deeper with every word.
Y/n moaned as he pressed into her. Already coming from his dirty mouth and fat dick.

Fell groaned as he felt her tighten and come around his dick.
“S-shit, kitten. You-eh, already came without me.” He softly kissed her back between her shoulderblades before gripping her hips hard with his claws.
He started thrusting into her at a slow rythm, letting her recover from her orgasm.
As he felt her loosen her grip a bit he started pounding into her faster, harder and god yes…deeper.
Y/n was mewling by now, still sensitive from the drug and her orgasms.
“P-please, oh fuck yes …please!” She kept moaning and mewling in lewd ways that Fell had never heard from her before.
Shit he wasn’t going to last long with her like this!
“Aghh..Kitten..Beg for it!” He groaned out. His claws sliding a bit, leaving angry red marks and streaks of blood on her hips.
She collapsed on her arms at this, raising her ass towards him even more.
“P-please Fell, Fill me!” She moaned into the sheets beneath her face. Gripping them tightly with her fists as he pounded her into the bed.
That was it for Fell. He came, seeing no stars but just completely white. Shit she was milking him through his orgasm!
“Unghhh!!!” He buried his dick deep inside of her as she came right along with him.

He looked at her hips, the blood slowly dripping down her legs. Slowly pulling out of his kitten who fell into an ungracious heap on the bed. Completely spend.
He lapped the blood up, glad to see that the bleeding had already stopped.
Cuddling up to her lithe form he noticed that she was already off, the bothered look no longer on her face. The heat had subsided.
He smiled at her, pulling the blankets up over them and slowly slumbering off… that is until he heard a knock at the door.
“ Ehh..eh guys… the great Papyrus is eh…wondering why his room is locked..”
Fell froze…shit.

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@hqfashionweek’s day 4 | casual clothing / pajamas

I still think about that oikuroo college roomates!au until now haha… 

(kuroo’s shirt is based on this: x)

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers Rehearsal

Kousuke and Shoutarou are tossing around a 4kg ball.  

Allen is filming, and going, “What is this?  WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?!?!”

steve’s middle name is spelled G-R-A-N-T but it’s pronounced ‘trouble’

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lance, lying on his back on the floor: i need to take a shower because like, hygiene and my skin is dying, but also like, depression, yknow?

hunk, lying facedown on the floor next to lance: big mood

Speak Your Language Day

So, I know this is non K-Pop related but since it’s speak your language day I thought I’d enlighten you all with the longest word in the Welsh language: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. (It literally translates to: St Mary’s church in the hollow of the white hazel near to the rapid whirlpool and the church of St Tysilio of the red cave)

Try and say it, I dare you 😉💚✨

Happy language day my friends!

The Ultra-Scientific Study of Winchester Wall Slams (& More) – Seasons 1 – 12

aka - A Comparison of (Randomly Chosen) Violence Against Dean and Sam


Once upon a time, I just wanted to get a firm count of how many times Dean got slammed into a wall (or  the ground, or other things). @obsessionisaperfume suggested I also track Sam getting choked or getting hit on the head – which was a good suggestion, since those are things that Sam is known for. I eventually decided to track everything for both brothers, and that’s when things got… interesting.

The charts below are the culmination of months of work (which was me watching the show and making ticky marks in a notebook, which I then entered into a spreadsheet). I am attempting to keep my commentary to a minimum, instead allowing all of you draw your own conclusions from the results. (However, there are a few places where I can’t help making a comment because I’m chatty.)

There are several different ways I can present this data, so there is a slight chance that this may be part 1 of 2. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy Dean getting slammed into walls.

We begin with the Wall Slam, which, as many of you know, is my favorite of all types of randomly chosen violence. 

Wall Slam Criteria: A brother must be thrown or pushed into a wall by an outside force (such as a physical shove, telekinesis, etc). For this purpose, a ‘wall’ is defined as a wall or something relatively flat that is resting directly against a wall (such as a mirror or a bookshelf). A bookshelf that is in the middle of the room is not considered a wall, though - those are classified separately, as ‘other.’ Closed doors also count as walls, regardless of whether or not a brother is thrown through the door. (Glass is certainly a popular material for doors. Rich people, man.)

For most of the series, Dean was the reigning Wall Slam champion, clocking 11 straight seasons of winning the non-existent Wall Slam competition. In season 12, however, Dark Horse Dabb certainly made a statement in his first season as show runner: Sam, for the first time in series history, was thrown into more walls than Dean. 

* The reason for the 0.5 slam for Dean is due to a half-wall/half-ground slam that occurred in episode 12x10.

When a wall is not available, the ground will suffice.

Ground Slam Criteria: A brother must be thrown or pushed into the ground by an outside force (such as a physical shove, telekinesis, etc). ‘Ground’ is defined as the ground or a floor.

Despite Sam taking the Wall Slam crown from Dean in season 12, Dean continued his winning record when it comes to the ground. Dean has been slammed into the ground more than Sam, winning 9 seasons to Sam’s 3. 

Other Slam Criteria: A brother must be thrown or pushed into anything other than a wall or the ground by an outside force (such as a physical shove, telekinesis, etc). This is including (but not limited to) fences, people, tables, and piles of trash.

Season 1 is the outlier, being the only season where Sam was thrown into things other than the wall or the ground more times than Dean; Dean has an 11-season streak going since season 2. If there’s a thing, Dean will likely be thrown into it. 

Choked Criteria - A brother must have something (usually hands, but may also be rope or cord) wrapped around their neck or they must have otherwise lost the ability to breathe. This includes when dick angels take away a brother’s lungs, or when a demon pretends they’re Darth Vader and force chokes a brother. 

I am now convinced that the reason Sam has such a reputation for being choked is largely due to the 1st season, where he was choked several times and Dean wasn’t choked at all. Dean has actually been choked more times than Sam throughout the series, winning 7 seasons to Sam’s 5. 

Hit on Head Criteria: A brother must have been hit on the head by an object other than a fist (because if I had tried to keep track of them getting punched in the head I would have run out of paper).

Hit on Head Criteria Exception: I counted a hit to the head by a fist when the fist hit resulted in unconsciousness.

This was especially interesting because there is an apparent pattern with the changes in show runners. Kripke was showrunner from seasons 1-5, where Sam was reigning champion of the head hit until they finally tied in season 5. Seasons 6-7 were run by Gamble, and Sam still reigned supreme. When Carver took over for seasons 8-11, and then Dabb in season 12, Dean was then consistently smacked on the head more than Sam. 

Now let’s add all Wall Slams, Ground Slams, (Other) Slams, Chokings, and Head Hits together. 

There is one firm conclusion I can draw from this: Sam was beaten up more in season 1, and then Dean became the favored punching bag for all show runners. 

I’d like to also present the exact same data with a different visualization:

What are your predictions for season 13?


Marinette stop being over dramatic and go talk to your lover.

(A beach trope that turns into a reveal that turns into Marinette’s death. B)

Adrien trying really hard to make up an excuse on the fly. lmao)

fingers-feel-like-cotton  asked:

reii (if i may call you that). please help. every time i think i cant be dragged any further into saeran trash hell (my home) you just. you slam me down 10 more levels i didnt know existed. please. it kills me but i also can't live without it and im a lost cause but just. if i die from your art please just tell saeran i love him, especially his (emo) Unknown aesthetic, so much 😭😭

“ Are you going to run away from me? ”

“ Don’t even think about it ”