just skyped with her and now i miss her

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Stydia + "things you said with too many miles between usc

Lydia’s phone is buzzing.

It takes her several seconds to lift her head from the pillow, blink blearily at the clock— 2:47 am— and finally reach for it to tip it towards her. Stiles.

Her first reaction is fondness, and then a surge of irritation. She debates for several seconds whether to pick up before she finally does. Experience with the supernatural has taught her to never ignore a phone call.


Her boyfriend immediately launches into speech. “Okay, Lydia, I know this is completely out of the blue, but I was just thinking, you know, because I couldn’t fall asleep—”

“If it was about sex or Star Wars, you can keep it.” She starts to put her phone down, but she can hear his wild backtracking through the tinny speaker and decides to have mercy, putting it back to her ear.

“No, no, it wasn’t either of those things— I mean, I was thinking about those things too. Not at the same time, by the way. That’s fucked up.” He pauses. “Lydia? You still there?”

Lydia turns her eyes to the ceiling, suppressing the smile that wants to come out in her voice. “Hmm.”

“I was thinking about the fight that we had today.”

“Stiles. This couldn’t wait til morning?” She can’t help that her tone comes out a little sharp.

“That’s the thing,” Stiles replies softly. “I don’t want to wait til morning to tell you I’m sorry.”

Lydia blinks into the darkness, and he goes on.

“It was just so stupid,” he continues. “And I had like, this epiphany while staring at the spider crawl around on the ceiling for three hours that I don’t ever want us to end the day mad at each other. So I’m sorry for whatever I said.” He pauses again. “You’re still there, right?”

“I wish you were here.” The words are out before she can stop them, as she curls up with her pillow and hugs her phone to her ear and just says simply what she thinks.

“So… is that you accepting my apology? Is that what I’m hearing? Dear god please tell me it is.” He sounds a little emotional and her heart aches. She just… misses him. So much that sometimes it’s easier to feel angry than to feel that hollowness in her chest from his absence.

“I don’t even remember what we were fighting about, Stiles.”

“It was—”

“I don’t care what it was,” she cuts him off. “What I care about is you getting on Skype right now. So that I can accept your apology, face to face.” Her voice turns sultry at the end, and he picks up on it.

“Oh? Face to face, is that all?”

“Maybe more.”

“Oh.” Pause. “Just to clarify, are we talking sex?”

She can’t help the laughter from entering her voice. “No. We’re talking sex and Star Wars.”

Stiles fake-moans. “God, I am so turned on right now.”

“What horrifies me is I’m not sure whether you’re joking.”

“You’ll find out,” Stiles says with a grin in his voice, and a moment later, she gets his Skype call and she can see that very same grin on his face. And she doesn’t go to sleep for a long while after that.

5(+) sentence fics celebration!

Long Time No See

Group: Day6

Member: Young K x Female Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You and Brian were best friends when he lived in Canada and it’s been years since the two of y’all had seen each other. When you have the chance to study abroad in Seoul, you think there’s no way you’ll run into your childhood friend and high school crush. Boy were you wrong.

Author’s note: This is my first piece of writing so feedback is appreciated and encouraged! I’m taking requests for NCT, Pentagon, Day6, Seventeen, and Monsta X (please no smut for any of them).

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There’s a Fan Out Here || Conor

Conor masterpost found here

Word count - 911

Summary - The one with Conor’s tour surprise.


Conor’s POV

Tour was great. Everything I dreamed. Better even. This was a bigger scale tour than I had ever done before. I was ecstatic.

But I missed (Y/N).

Pathetic, I know, but when you’ve spent two straight years with someone being able to see them everyday, going four months without them is torture. I texted her everyday and called her almost the same amount. It obviously wasn’t the same. I wanted to see her and touch her and hold her. Sometimes not even in a sexual way. Usually not even in a sexual way. It was just so damn hard to fall asleep without her next to me.

“I miss you,” I said to (Y/N) one night on Skype as I laid in bed.

“I miss you too,” she said back, a sad look on her face. “But it’s okay. Only a little bit longer.”

“But I miss you,” I repeated, not even caring how whiny I sounded. (Y/N) laughed- one of my favorite sounds.

“You’re on a huge tour right now!” she reminded me. “Don’t dwell on missing me. Think about all the bits of the world you’re seeing.”

“Why would I need to see thee world when you’re my whole world anyway?”

“Oh god,” she giggled, “that was horrible.”

“I know,” I said back, grinning, “I just wanted to see you smile.”

Most of our Skype sessions went like that, just speaking of how we missed each other and teasing each other until one of us fell asleep. God I missed her.

It was the night after another show. I ran off the stage sweating my ass off, as usual. It was a lot of work running around the stage with bright lights shining on me. So, I ran off to my dressing room, hoping to hop in a shower and change before getting on the bus to the next venue.

I did so quickly, jumping in the shower and washing my hair and body. At home I took long showers, but here I didn’t have that same luxury. When I got out, I put a towel around my waist and ran another through my hair. I was slipping on my boxers when I heard a voice outside my door. “No really, I am!” the girl squealed, her voice high pitched. “I’m outside his dressing room right now! Oh my god, what if he’s naked. Conor Maynard, naked. Should I go in? What if it’s locked?” I froze when I heard the handle jiggle. “It’s locked,” the girl sighed in frustration. She seemed to be on the phone. “I have to meet him. Maybe there’s a window in the dressing room. I can run outside and check.” I turned around where there indeed was a window. I locked it immediately.

“Can I help you?” another voice joined the girl. It was my manager.

“Oh hi, yeah!” the girl said quickly. “I know I really shouldn’t be back here but I just really really want to meet Conor. If I could just see him for a second I’ll go and I won’t cause any trouble.” I was quite relieved, knowing my manager wouldn’t let a random fan come in my room.

“Yeah, why not,” I heard him laugh. “I’m sure Conor has time for a quick photo.”

I was somewhat annoyed and completely shocked. So much for that. There was a knock at my door, followed by my manager saying, “Hey, Conor it’s me! There’s a fan out here who’d like to meet you.” I sighed and slipped on my joggers and a jumper.

“Coming!” I said, painting a smile on my face. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to meet fans, I loved doing so! It was just routine that immediately after a show, I call (Y/N). I hated leaving her waiting, especially since I had just texted her saying it’d only be a few seconds until we could talk.

I opened the door and the girl immediately flung herself into my arms. I was taken aback a bit, laughing and hugging her back. “Nice to meet you,” I said kindly, slightly uncomfortable at this girl’s actions. I heard her laugh. It sounded so familiar I was caught off guard. The girl pulled away from me and I finally got to see who she was.


“Oh my god,” was all I managed to say. I immediately pulled her into my arms again, lifting her up in the air. She laughed again and wrapped her legs around my waist, burying her face in my neck. “Oh my god,” I repeated. “What are you doing here?”

“Finishing the tour with you,” she said quietly, her breath tickling my skin. I pulled my face a bit so I could look at her.


“Mhm,” she nodded, a huge smile on her face. “Took a bit of convincing with my boss, but I worked it all out in the end.”

“Oh my god!” I said for probably the millionth time, spinning her around the room. “This is unbelievable. This is perfect. You’re perfect.” She smiled and pressed her lips gently to mine, her fingers tangled in my hair. I held her tightly to me, my hands resting on her bum as I kissed her back. When we both eventually pulled away, we left the dressing room and headed to the tour bus, speaking words of excitement and affection the whole way. I was so glad I wouldn’t need to miss her any more.

The Search Is Over

Requested by an Anon:One where reader and Juice grew up together and they both go their seprate ways. Juice the MC and reader the U.S. Army. Juice gets a visit from the Army saying that the reader has been MIA (missing in action) for months and that they have stopped searching for her until she shows up weeks later.

AN: I don’t know anything about the military, so I’m just making this up as I go along.

Juice was sitting on the picnic tables eating lunch with the guys when the military vehicles pulled into the parking lot. His heart stopped into his stomach, he closed his eyes trying to clear the buzzing in his head.

Three men approached the table, Juice swallowed back his tears. “I’m looking for Juan Carlos Ortiz.” 

Juice slowly stood up. looking at the men. “That’s me.”

“Can we speak to you in private?” 

Juice shook his head. “You can tell me in front of my friends, they’re like family.”

“I’m Chaplin Alec Thomas, this is Captain Mc Cann and Sargent Matthews.”

“Is she dead?” He’d been preparing for this day since she told him she was going to over seas to serve. 

“I’m sorry son, she’s been MIA for months. The rest of her unit has been recovered, we’ve stopped looking. We don’t hold hopes that she will be found.” Captain Mc Cann spoke.

“She’s a hero, her personal belongings will be shipped to you. You were listed as her family. The United States government and Army would like to thank you for Corporal (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) service and sacrifice to her country.”

The three men left Juice, he stood there speechless, tears running down his face. Remembering the last Skype call they had together, it ended in a fight.

It had been six months since they’s talked, he thought it was because she was being stubborn. Now he knew the truth, she had been missing. 

“You okay Juice?” He found Tig standing next to him.

“I just lost my best friend, the last thing I said to her; was stop being a bitch. So no I’m not alright.” He turned going inside, he was going to get piss poor drunk.


It was a long trek home, six and a half moths hidden away in a mountain side Afghanistan village. The villagers hid me from Insurgents and were nursing me back to health. 

A group of Marines happened to come by on patrol on day, on of the kids of the village dragged him into the hut I was staying in.   I spent another eight weeks in a military hospital, making sure I was one hundred percent health, and debriefing.

I didn’t call Juice, I wasn’t ready to talk, I needed time to get my head on straight. The entire time I was in the village, there was always the risk of being captured. My fears still haunted me, every time I closed my eyes, but I wanted to see my friend, and my only family.

I sat in the cab, staring at the garage bays, watching the guys at work. “How much do I owe you?”

“No charge Corporal, thank you for your service.”

I smiled at him. “You’re welcome. Thank you for the ride.” I slipped out of the cab, the driver got out and handed me my bag, I thanked him again. I walked towards the bays. “Juice?”


 Juice looked up at the sound of his name, he squinted his eyes at the sight of the young women in the military uniform coming towards him. “(Y/N)?”

He rushed out of the bay towards her, sweeping her up in his arms. “Juice…I’m sorry!”

“No, don’t you dare!” He kissed her gently. “I thought I lost you, there’s no reason to be sorry.”

“I didn’t think I was going to make it home….” He sat her back down, holding on to her.

“Am I hurting you? Come on, the guys are going to be happy to see you.” He pulled her towards the garage. “Welcome home (Y/N)! I love you!”

I smiled at him. “I love you too!”


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A story about love //Chapter 3// (Vatya/Trixya) - Polly

Author’s note: I don’t know what to tell you my dudes, but this is 4.4k which has to count for something. Leave comments and the such if you feel up for it! I hope you enjoy rollercoasters. xx

Song: Friends - Ed Sheeran (Katya)

(NON AU; Katya, Violet, Trixie; she/her)

Summary: ‘They had done it all. Staying up until the sun rises just to talk. Learning how much milk belonged into the other ones perfect coffee.

And Violet had known every time. Violet had thought about saying it every time. But Violet had never told Katya that she loved her.

She looks at Trixie smiling at Katya while Katya’s arm is around her waist and wonders if things would be different if she would have.’

This is not a love story. This is a story about love.

Catch up: Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 //

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#65- “How long is the flight delayed for?” & #91- “When we’re married...” WWE Prompt

From @balorstyles4eva - “ Heyy!! Love you stories. Can i asked for a Finn Balor request. #65 and #91 please and thank you.”

Tag list- @allgirlswrestlingclub @nickysmum1909

Finn walks into the kitchen and opens his laptop. He pulls up Skype just as he receives a call. He clicks accept and the face of his smiling girlfriend pops up.

“Hey baby!!”

Hey der Y/n, how are ye sweetie?”

Good. Missing you of course.”

Finn smiles at her.

“I miss ye too. When are ye supposed to be back?

Y/n sighs slightly causing Finn to raise an eyebrow.

My flight is delayed…again.”

How long is the flight delayed for?”

3 more hours. Like i could have been home with you by now had my flight not gotten delayed twice now!”

Y/n puts her hand on her cheek and stares into the screen and Finn does the same. He picks up his coffee cup and tips it slightly to y/n. She smiles and picks up her Starbucks, tipping it to Finn.

“Ye know, when we’re married-”

This causes Y/n to spit out her drink slightly and starts coughing.

“Babe, are ye okay?”

Y/n coughs a few more times before looking in the screen.

I’m sorry, did you just say when we’re married?”

Finn nods as if nothing is unusual about that, causing Y/n’s eyes to widen in shock.

“Like i was saying, when we’re married, no more flights unless we are wit each other. Because I miss that beautiful face and need to be wit ya.”

Y/n smiles big at her boyfriend, eyes getting glossy.

I’m sorry. I’m not over the fact that you said married. Like you really mean that Finn? You want to get married?

Finn smiles and reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small black box, He opens it and shows the camera. Inside, a small diamond ring.

“I was gonna wait till ye got back, but since I let it slip already. I know this ins’t as romantic as ye would like, but Y/n, me love, me heart, me partner forever. Will ye marry me?”

Y/n starts crying, causing a few people around her to look. She smiles while she wipes away her happy tears, shaking her head.

Yes! One hundred million times yes Finn! And it is the perfect amount of romance. Wait until I get home and we can celebrate more properly.”

Finn chuckles slightly as he places the box on the table, smiling at his now fiance. 

“Now i really can’t wait till ye come home.”

I can’t either. You know what, screw it. I can get a car and be there before I even get on this damn plane. I’m gonna call a car right now and I’ll text you when I am close to home baby. I’ll see you soon. I love you Finn.”

I love ye too y/n. I’ll see ye soon.”

They each blow a kiss, smile and wave goodbye as they each end the call. Finn stands up and his mind starts racing.

“Now i gotta get this place in order for my fiance.”

He smiles at his words as he starts to clean up the apartment, patiently waiting for y/n. 


This may not be the best drabble, but I wanted to make a super fluffly, sappy Finn.

I am so thankful for all of you guys, my followers, and people who just like or even read my work. As a writer, it means the world to me and hope you all know that <3

So back to the task at hand. For the Prompts: WWE- give me a wrestler and a number and anything you want included and I will do it (unless the number has already been taken). Writing- Give me any character, any fandom, number and whatever you would like in it (unless the number is already taken). Inbox, or message me your ideas. I would love to hear them :)

If anyone wants tagged in any upcoming drabble, please let me know! Even if you didn’t see them on the previous list, just let me know the superstar and i’ll let you know if I have one lined up for them. Also, should I start calling these imagines?? Or stick to drabbles? Please, Please let me know!

Feel free to talk to me too! I love a good conversation and I love meeting new people!

See you guys very soon for the next drabble/imagine!

Ciao loves <333

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wakatoshi's hcs reaction when he finds out oikawa is her exbf

Ushijima Wakatoshi

  • Okay real talk do you know how fukin devastated Oikawa would be when he found out or she told him that she was dating waka now?
  • Like “ah guess I always lose to ushiwaka at everything”
  • “Guess I missed my chance as well…”
  • Okay I just made myself sad thanks
  • But this isn’t about oikawa so~
  • Anyway! Some BG first
  • I feel like Wakatoshi would find out about him being her ex when they were skyping or smth she was like “oh hold on a minute Tooru just texted me”
  • ‘Tooru?’ He thought, a bit alarmed but not that preoccupied
  • And she came back like “sorry he just wanted to know how I was~”
  • It slipped before he even thought about it “how are you on first name basis with him” what he meant with him, the guy that wasted his talents with a team that didn’t help him in the least
  • She looked sheepish and started to explain “well Wakatoshi, Tooru is my ex boyfriend from when I was back in Seijoh. You do remember that I told you I spent one year there right? Well we both broke it off because he was too busy with volleyball and I just couldn’t make the time for him with me being the class delegate. But we’re still friends ^^”
  • He sat, saying nothing before nodding his head not before saying “why didn’t you tell this before?” “It never came up and well I was a bit hesitant to tell you, with you both being rivals and all,” she said wincing.
  • After that day he went around the team asking if they knew. The only two that knew were Eita and Satori.
  • “Satori, Eita, why didn’t you tell me?” “It wasn’t our place Wakatoshi and you know it” “that’s true~”
  • Satori actually found out because he’d seen you with oikawa on the very first day of the first tournament when you were first years. Later when you came to shira he recognized you and asked you if you were still with Tooru.
  • Semi found out because you looked familiar (you were the manager for your first year)
  • Wakatoshi didn’t actually think that she had had another boyfriend, believing he was her first ‘well that explain some things, like the kisses and being less embarrassed about other things’
  • He asks her for some time to come to terms with it, a bit angry but knowing that everyone has secrets and that those take some time to tell.
  • He had asked her, again, why hadn’t she tell him about him. Her replying that well, she didn’t want to think about the past anymore, since she was with him
  • He made her promise (and he promised as well) to not keep secrets from him (and him to her)
  • After that incident, both of them made an extra effort at communicating (I mean waka hardly talks so akaka) so as for something like this doesn’t happen again

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what are ur fave blogs on here to rp with ?

oh dear, well let’s see. first there @fogmade, i know her now about six month or so and her blog is really one of my absolute favorite used to talk like everyday on skype everything involved clara and remus i miss that lol.  then there @caesiitas teddy and dom’s interactions warms by heart, they have an awesome teddy and dom really loves her late night snack buddy i don’t know if it is just me but they have a connection, they seem to understand and love each other (platonically) @fleurlacourtheir fleur is absoulutely adorable and our mother and daughter interaction is really cute you can actually feel the love between them the strongbond, even though we don’t rp that long. @holyheadharpvthe favorite aunt, first i love their ginny, then i love the hc about dom and ginny, how ginny always helps dom with the boy problems and how they would talk about the latest gosspip in ginny’s ktichen and drink tea together @forslaughter we have not rp’ed yet, but started a thread, we also talked a lot about cho and harry’s relationship, where do we want to begin with and how it could develop into a friendship, i add them bc i love their harry and look forward to rp with them @seesgood in a au hc dom and care are like the bestest friends, we talked a lot ooc and ic i love their caroline and the mun, both are so damn cute and we actually have a pinterest board for dom and care and its beautiful,y’all should check it out. @amongthcwreck-a they have changed accs and probably won’t see it, but i know the mun for six month too now and we started with an it thread for clara and bellamy bc we both love the king hahah. clara and bells kind of developed this amazing relationship, where they try really, really hard to hate each other, but they don’t seem to handle that very well, bc truht to be told there is a lot of love between them deep, very deep down lingering inside their hearts, not for them to see. god i miss clara and bells btw.  @moonhissed the sistah, you know their voctoire is awesome and dom and vic are amazing together and i tell you better do not mess with the weasley sister bc hey stick together no matter what. sister love forever.


Requests are open

this isn’t my finest of works, i do apologize

Bradley imagine for thespicez98

“No, I love you more” I roll my eyes, a smile plastered on my face. I live with my best friend Bradley and his girlfriend Tanya and I.am.jealous.

I would love to be the one that wakes up to him ever morning, the one to kiss him with morning breath, the one to look after him when he’s ill, the one to help him up the stairs when we’ve been drinking.

But I know that can’t happen because he’s happy with her, which in theory should make me happy, but it isn’t.

“I’m going to go for a walk” I stand up with my head bowed. Their attention all on me

“At 9:30 at night? Don’t we all normally watch movies?” Brad interjects looking between me and Tanya to only follow me out the hallway.

“Watch them with Tanya, I want to go for a walk” I grab my jacket and stand by the door, waiting for him to stop blocking my path

“But I want to watch them with you too”

“Just watch them with your girlfriend, okay? Now let me go for a walk!” He steps aside with a smirk.

“You’re jeal–” I slam the door before he can finish.


“Don’t go” I hear Brad whine from the hallway. His precious girlfriend is going away for two weeks to visit her family in Alaska. All you could hear last night was,

‘Call me, Skype me, I’ll miss you’ but she said that there was no signal where she is so he would have to 'deal’ with me. Rude much.

The front door closes and Brad sighs sitting next to me.

“I miss her already” I make a small humming noise, trying to sound as concerned as possible.

“I can’t do much about that at the mo- what are you doing?” He rests his hand on my leg.

“Nothing” He runs his hand up and down my thigh with a cold gentle touch sending goose bumps right to my toes.

My voice breaks “Bra-ad. You have a girlfriend” He turns to me, quickly leaning in as close as he can without attaching our lips.

“And you’re telling me that you don’t want this?” My mouth hangs open and I stare at his lips.

“I-I- I d-I can’t”

“She’s not here” I break the contact by standing up.

“If you want to cheat on your girlfriend then do it with someone else” I make my way to the hall way, but not fast enough, he pulls me in by the waist.

“You know she’s not really visiting her parents”

“She is Brad and you know it”

“I know, I just wanted a reason to talk to you”

“Can’t you do it without grabbing me by the waist?”

“You’re jealous of Tanya” He leans closer, brushing our lips together “You have been for years now, right? You want to be in her place”

“I-what are you talking about?”

“You want to kiss me, don’t you, all it takes is one little movement” He turns his head the other way, checking if anyone is around when he knows there isn’t “Can I tell you a secret”

“If you want” I squeak.

“I want to kiss you as well”

“ You-I never-I never said-”

“You’re awfully stuttery today, aren’t you?”

“You-you’re too close Brad”



“That’s my girl” He steps back and into the kitchen “What do you want for dinner?” Is he just going to pretend that that didn’t happen?

“Um.. Spaghetti?”

“Okay, I’ll be in in a minute” I nod and steady myself before sitting on the kitchen chair “Are you not going to go in?” He asked confused.

“So if you wanted to kiss me, why didn’t you?”

“Well– It doesn’t matter”

“But it does, doesn’t it, if it matters enough for you to pull me around the living room, then it has to matter”

“But it doesn’t okay?”

“Okay, I’ll see you in a minute, or when ever you decide to stop being grumpy”

“I’m not being grumpy” His hand flies from the wooden spoon to his face, he rubs at his cheeks as if trying to remove something. His eyes are scrunched up and he looks, confused?

“I’m not grumpy” He repeats with a slight laugh

“Then what are you, crazy?”

“I don’t know, maybe, I feel it. Do I have a tempreture?” He grabs my wrist and makes me fee his head “Maybe I’m going insane”

“Brad, go sit down okay”

“No because you want Spaghetti and for some reason, lately, I want to do everything you say”

“Right this is what’s happening, since your being persistent, you make this-” I lay a hand on his shoulder “We eat, watch a 21 jump street, then you go to bed, alright” He nods and breathes out, wrapping me in a tight hug.

“What would I do without you?”

“Have Tanya”

“Shut up, I need you too”

“But, no one needs me”

“I’m always going to need you Nichole, always, don’t tell yourself otherwise” A smile breaks his face “Plus, who else would I tease. Now go order 21 jump street on sky, this will be done before you know it” As I walk away he leaves a slight tap on my bum.

“You sir, are in trouble”

“Oh yeah, defiantly?”

“It’s most certain” I shout back, landing on the sofa.

Brad comes in 15 minutes later with the spagetti bolognaze.

“One for you, one for me”

“Why thank you good and noble night, how ever could I repay you?”

“No pay mame” I roll my eyes happy we’re back to our best friend ways. I turn on 21 Jump Street and swing my legs onto Brad’s knees as the plate is resting on his lap. “I really like that t-shirt. When did you get it?”

“Brad, this is your favourite movie”

“And you’re my favourite person” I smile for only a second, becoming confused. I take his plate and mine putting them down on the table crossing my legs.

“What’s up with you?”

“Nothing. I’m talking to my best friend, I’m happy to have you back. I know I’ve been spending a lot of time with Tanya and I want to spend time with you, now give me my spaghetti”

“Not till you, explaine”

“ Explain what, because I’m hungry”

“If you want to kiss me, then, why don’t you?” I hear him sigh. I’m suddenly taken from my position and pulled onto his lap

“You’d like that wouldn’t you”

“Like what Brad?” I breath out from the sudden movement.

“If I broke, all my years of work, building that wall between me and you–” He pulls me closer to him, my chest against his, thus causing my head to tilt and our lips to almost touch. My eyelids fall slowly. “– would be usless, the wall I built to make sure that this doesn’t happen, you want to bulldoze it, even though every two bricks I lay, you take down one. I make no progress and now this”

“You won’t answer my question”

“Not to save a life”

“Why are you acting like this? You don’t normally”

“Something, has changed in you. I like it, a lot. You’ve started wearing belling shirts, shorts. Leather jackets. I’m starting to like the summer” He’s not going to answer is he.

“Why do you keep teasing me?”

“Because, it’s fun and you know you enjoy it” I shallow softly “You won’t kiss me will you? You want me to make the first move. You never make the first move, you said so yourself” He stops for a moment, I feel his eyelashes move up and down, he’s scanning my face as I try not to kiss him “First one to kiss the other looses”

“Deal” I scoot back a bit to only have him pull me closer

“I didn’t say move”


“Goodmorning sunshine” Brad chirps accounting my apperence. I take the cup resting on the side. “That’s my cup”

“You where sarcastic. This is mine now” Taking a sip, I close my eyes, I’ve been so tired in the mornings lately.

“You alright?”

“Yeah, just tired”

“Well, don’t be, because I have a exciting day of nothing planned”

“You always know what to say to cheer me up”


“Do I wanna know

If this feeling flows both ways– oop”

“Hello” Brad has me by the waist, keeping me from falling. When I turned the corner into the kitchen he turned out the corner into the hallway.

“Hi” This resulting in being, extremely, close. I feel his hot breath on my lips, so I back up crossing my arms

“where you waiting for me?”

“I can’t say no”

“So you where” He looks at me, almost challenging me

“Are you going to break?”

“No, are you going to break?”

“I think I might” His hands are shaky and so is his voice. But he doesn’t make a move.

“I’m sorry” What is he apologizing for? “For messing with you, I guess I didn’t know how to tell you how I felt, so I decided to get in your head with the hope that i would get some type of reaction and I didn’t think that the reaction would come from me. I mean, you saw me, I could barley make spaghetti without freaking out. And when I- it sounds stupid- but I wish that, when I’m lying awake at night, that Tanya is you. And I almost feel insane, sometimes, you know. I’ll sit with Tanya, you’ll be at work, but all I think about is you”

“Mr Simpson, is that a confession”

“I think so, yeah, yeah, it is”

“And what are you confessing?” I creep closer to him, running my hands through his hair.

“That, I like you, I really really like you Nichole” He whispers with a shake to his voice once again.

I pull his lips to mine, with all the built up tension from the past few days. He pulls me in closer, if possible, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“My turn” I turn back up the stairs “What does that mean?”

“Have fun trying to kiss me again”

Baby Bumps and Bad Connections

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been able to write anything but my old dad Harry series has been inspiring me with tons of ideas while on the FP hiatus. Hopefully this makes up for the weeks of waiting. Just some fluffy stuff for your Tuesday evening. xx

“Lift’er up more, can’t see her toes,” Harry tells you, peering desperately through the spotty skype connection.

“You’ve seen her toes!” you argue, struggling to lift the wiggling two year old high enough on your lap for the camera to catch them.

“Miss those little feet, she still got the polish I put on her? Still have Daddy’s nail polish on, Angel?” Harry coos at your daughter Stella, smiling widely when she grabs for him again through the screen.

“Daddy, I wan’ pink now,” she tells him seriously, shoving her toes toward the camera and almost giving you a heart attack having to catch it.

“But purple is Daddy’s favorite, you’re supposed to wear purple till I come home remember?” Harry tells her patiently, smirking when she gets an attitude laden little pout on her lip.

“I’m almost home, then you can have pink okay, little love?” he coos, looking at you for a little back up.

“Just two more weeks, lovey. Before the Christmas pageant,” you tell your daughter sternly and then more warmly, “want to put on your costume so you can show Daddy?”

Stella nods violently at the suggestion, clambering off the couch and toddling her way into the playroom where her various recital costumes were stored.

“Now lemme see my little bug,” Harry says more softly, the tone he’d taken on with you once he found out you were carrying his second child.

“You just did,” you teased, winking when he rolls his eyes and tugs on the blunt edges of his hair.

“My SON! Christ, woman!” Harry feigns annoyance, and you can tell he’s trying to see clearly through their not so great connection.

Your bump isn’t spectacular yet, just five months in but he’s making himself known. Still Harry stares in awe, a melancholy look flashing over his features when you lift your tunic to reveal where his son is nestled.

“Wish I could rub it,” he says sadly, pout forming on his perfect features and furrowing his full brows contemplatively, “He givin’ ya any trouble?”

“As much as expected, not as bad as his sister,” you tell him, both of you reminded of the horrible morning sickness that Stella’s pregnancy had plagued you with.

“Maybe it gets easier as they come,” Harry says thoughtfully, a comment that makes you tug your shirt down violently and lean in toward the camera.

“You’ll never find out, coz I’m not letting you do this to me again, Styles,” you hiss, glaring at your wily husband through the screen. Harry’s regretted having to be gone for so long, but as these things went, he’d been committed to his filming schedule twelve months prior to you learning about this pregnancy. Surely, you couldn’t expect him to end such a big commitment but you were still sore you’d spent the last three months playing single mom while growing a human inside you.

“Aw, love, don’ be like that!” Harry pleads, “Lemme just chat with my boy for a minute.”

You roll your eyes but oblige his bizarre request, Harry always had been an odd one.

“Hey little man,” Harry cooed through the screen, “It’s yer Daddy.”

Just the soft tone Harry’s taken on melted you immediately, making you merely putty as he continued to speak to your little bump.

“I need you ta take good care of your mum alright? She’s got a hard enough job with your big sister and she doesn’t need trouble from you too. An’ if you’re a bad boy then Daddy won’t get his special welcome home present, which he really really needs.”

“Harry!” you admonish, giggling at the innuendo that stemmed from your last skype session two nights ago. It had been severely less PG and definitely not meant for little ears.

“I’m dyin love,” he groans quietly, aware that their daughter is somewhere in the house but not able to keep mum about how much he misses everything about you.

“Just tell your son you love him, my belly’s getting cold out in the open,” you tell him instead, smiling privately when he slips right back into dad mode.

“Love you my little bug, can’t wait to see you.”

Just as Harry is finishing, Stella comes bounding back into the room. Her little candy cane striped dress slipping off her shoulders and the outrageous red bow clutched in her chubby fingers.

“Daddy! Daddy!” she’s calling as she halts abruptly in front of you, holding the bow out for you.

“One second, baby. Let’s put it on right so Daddy can get the full effect, okay?” you tell her gently, fixing the rhinestoned straps and pulling her loose curls into a small ponytail to wrap the bow around.

“Here she is,” you shout for dramatic effect, smiling widely as your daughter turns around and throws her arms out dramatically as if to say ‘ta-da’

“Wow, Angel!” Harry exclaims, “You look just like a candy cane! I wanna eat you up!”

Stella giggles and squeals, “No eat me!”

“Alright, alright,” Harry tells her as you pull her up into your lap again. “Are you going to be good for Mumma?” 

“Yes, Daddy,” Stella says sweetly, wiggling her butt back to lean against her mother’s chest. It’s often that the toddler forgets there’s now a baby in the way and she can’t have her favorite spot for a while. Instead of pouting though, she leans forward, until you get the hint and plop her onto the floor to resume playing with her toys.

“I’ve gotta go,” Harry says solemnly, “Next scene’s in 10.”

You feels heartbroken each time, but know you shouldn’t pout. Know it’s not fair to make him feel guilty when you’ve done this drill so many times before. Instead you just nod at him understandingly, and call Stella up to say goodbye.

“I’ll call you tomorrow, okay?” Harry tells her and she agrees happily, easily distracted by her toys on the floor shortly after.

“I love you, Baby,” Harry says softly, and you share a look that says more than words could. A look that has your eyes welling with tears that you try your best to blink away.

“Don’ cry, love,” he whispers.

“How do you know I’m crying? The connection’s spotty!” you defend yourself but Harry just laughs.

“Cuz I know you,” he grins, “and cuz I’m gettin’ misty too.”

“None of that, I love you too, Harry.”

“Be home soon,” he promises and you nod, wishing more than anything to be able to reach through the screen and poke his dimple like always.

“We’ll be here,” you tell him and his face splits into a grin so wide it looks like it hurts a bit.

And you will, no matter where life takes your little family, because you are each other’s home.

Plutonium [Calum Hood, One Shot]

Working on a preference. Just didn’t like that Calum didn’t have a one shot and this muse came over my morning coffee walk. It goes with Calum’s part in this preference HERE

I know I shouldn’t tell you, but I just can’t stop thinking 

“Calum, you have to stop drunk-dialing me.” Third call, fifth ring, you finally picked up and hissed into the phone, the matte coral on your lips almost slipping off to escape your wrath that he had woken. You hadn’t spoken to him, ignoring his other two calls earlier, but after knowing Calum for nearly three years now, you could read his actions on their own.

“But we need to talk.” His slur was evident, but he over annunciated his words so they crisply rang into your ear as you buried the phone beneath your hair, hunched over the side of the bed you were on. “We need to talk.” As he tended to do when he was drunk, Calum repeated himself with growing confidence.

 “You’re drunk.” You could practically smell the Labatt on his breath, memories of his exhales in your face during sticky summer make out sessions in backyards and over balconies still painted as clear as an original Vermeer in your mind.

Calum was holed up in a small bathroom, searching for privacy at an impromptu house party in Brisbane, slouched between the bath tub and toilet with his legs sprawled out, pushing into a black waste basket while staring confused at a framed Anne Geddes photograph of a baby dressed as a peapod in front of him on the wall. His tenth beer was on the other side of the door, sitting on top of a speaker that was responsible for filling the room with the sounds of Humble Pie.

“If you don’t like when I call you drunk,” He began, his voice aggressive and cocky while he squinted up at the peapod baby, almost sounding ready to fight. “How come you only pick up when I’m drunk?” Calum grinned as soon as he untangled the question from his mouth, proud of himself as if he had you pinned.

“Because it’s the only time I ever have anything to say to you!” Your empty hand shook out in front of you, enraged though you were keeping your voice down. “Which is stop calling me drunk!” It could be difficult to remain composed when Calum pulled these sort of antics with you, waiting until the worst possible time to start calling over and over. Many of your friends, even the ones you met through dating Calum ages ago, suggested you block his number, but there was still a smidgen of room inside your heart for him even if he wasn’t the boy who sheepishly asked for your number in the parking lot of a Red Lobster anymore. The way his hands motioned through his hair as he mumbled out his question forever one of the cutest things you had ever seen even if it had been a fleeting moment of modesty for your ex.

“I’ve got something to tell you though….” Calum hiccupped, not even trying to block it with his wrist or the black collar of his thin wellworn tee that might have actually been Ashton’s. “Are you with Justin right now?” He checked.

“I’m at his parent’s place, yeah.” After fighting with whether or not you wanted to give Cal any information about yourself, you admitted, looking up from the phone charger on the night stand at the teal geometric patterns on the four walls around you, your new boyfriend’s mother’s style ready to suffocate you whenever you planned to doze off.

“Where’s that? Sydney? Melbourne?” Calum knew, even drunk he knew that you were dating one of Sydney’s beloved DJs, a man much older than him who didn’t dress as if he fell asleep in a skate park and woke up in a Macca’s.

“Sydney. Calum, just say whatever it is you want to say….” Annoyance was plain in your voice. In fact, you were almost eager to hang up on him even if all you had to go back to was luke warm tea and Scrabble downstairs.

“I can’t say it if you’re there.”

“Where? Sydney?”

“No! With Justin!” He kicked out his legs, loudly smacking the waste bin into the wall and pouting before his five second tantrum was finished. “I can’t say it now. I can’t say it now.” He grumbled before looking at the warped reflection of himself in the silver faucet of the bath tub, wishing he didn’t look so pathetic or feel so dizzy, wishing Sydney was walking distance. “Fuck Justin. I don’t like his remixes.”

“That’s fine.”

“I know I shouldn’t say it, but, like, I’m thinking of you…you know…” His head bowed down and he watched his long fingers crawl like the legs of a Daddy spider over the ochre tiles of the bathroom floor. He tried to shake his dark hair out of his eyes, the locks in desperate need of a cut, but he refused until you would see him again and let him sit on the edge of your claw foot bath tub and cut it with craft scissors like old times.  It had been Calum who ended things two years ago, but he was still stuck in the past and yearned to end fights with you just to wind up inside of you, coated in your warmth and bathing in your sweat.

“Move on, Calum.” For the first time in the conversation, maybe the first time over the last dozen conversations you shared with your ex, you told him. While he could drive you insane like August heat, you truly did want a happy good life for Calum. When he broke up with you, shouting through the crowded twenty sixth floor hallway of the MGM Grand, he told you to get the fuck out of his life and you listened, staying away until he called five days later to get together and talk over lunch. Now, you hoped he would listen to you and finally carry on with his life, keeping you in memory and even as a distant friend, but letting your role in his life go to someone else, a girl better suited for his emotional rollercoasters and indecisive nature. “When you think about me, be happy that we had what we had,” Even though brief. “And then be excited to find it with someone else.” His silence on the other end left you uneasy. Had he passed out? Was he listening and understanding? Was he about to throw up? Did someone else come into the room? Did the phone die? You looked at the screen multiple times, holding the phone from your ear and checking to see if the call was still connected. It was.

  “Okay.” Reluctantly, after wiping his sinuses over his arm, Calum agreed and hiccupped again. “Yeah, okay.” You smiled along with him, both of you reaching a small breakthrough and connecting in agreement that you both had to tread past and carry on with your respective lives. You were intertwined and you would both remain important people to one another, there for moments of growth and the reason for so many syrup sweet memories in each other’s lives, but you had to grow away from one another’s limbs.  

“Okay, goodnight, Calum.” You would have hung up, finger on the button between the phone and your ear, but he hiccupped again and hurried to say your name again.

“Wait! Wait, is Nat there? Put her on, I want to say ‘goodnight’.” Anxiously, he said as if the world was five seconds away from exploding.

“Calum, she’s asleep.” Through a sigh, you whined. Just like that, he was annoying you again.

“I don’t like that you brought her with you. I don’t want her around Justin.” He said your boyfriend’s name as if it was a slur, the ‘J’ word.

“Well, what was I supposed to do leave her in a hotel sink?”

“I have apologized about that and I still feel like shit about it!” Calum had used the excuse that he was very busy that day in Portland with radio interviews and constant photo shoots in the hotel ballroom, plus Natalie was a few months old at the time and he wasn’t yet used to being father.  You were sure he had just been too hung over to focus. “Please, [Y/N],” Begging you, you could hear his lips blubbering together as he pouted. “Put her on. I want to talk to my baby girl.” He didn’t care that it was nearly one in the morning.

“Calum, she doesn’t know who you are.” At two and a half, her time with him was limited and it seemed to grow more restricted every time you did leave her alone with him. “She gets confused when you two talk or when I mention you.” You might as well have been shouting at him that he was a ‘big fucking loser’, your words stinging like thoughtless insults mostly because they were undeniably true.

“I’m going to be in Sydney in, like, a week.” Eleven days. “Drop her off at my parents, tell her we can go to the Granny Smith Festival.” Calum pleaded, even sitting forward and propping up his knees as if he was sitting at the altar of the peapod baby.

“No.” Simply, you brought your lips together in the center and told him.

“Please, [Y/N], my mum can come or Mali or Luke…” He would list off every person you deemed more responsible than him if it meant that he could have a full October day with the little girl he hadn’t seen properly in months, not off of a Skype screen and the last time she screamed in horror as he looked at her with wide eyes and happily said her name.

“Calum – “

“She’s my fucking daughter, not his! Not just yours!” Just like that, he was enraged again. “I have every right to see her,” Hiccup.  “and take her out.”

“I’ll tell you what, Cal, if you can remember conversation in the morning and call sober at a decent time, I’ll consider it.”

“No!” He tossed his fist forward, just missing the wall and bringing a hanging body towel down to the floor by his sock clad feet. “I need to know now.”

“Why? So you can plan your one night stands around your afternoon with her?”

“You better not say that fucking shit about me around her! Don’t forget I have dirt on you, too, [Y/N].” Bringing your eyes closed, you sighed and tried to figure out how the two of you could go from such a sincere moment to at one another’s throats again, fighting without morals. “I can slam you harder than you could ever do to me.”

Shaking your head, you threw back your hair with one motion and tried not to show any signs of being affected. Calum might not have been able to see you, but your pride was too strong to take that into account, “Continue, please, you’re really convincing me to give Natalie to you for a day.”

“She’s my kid and I want to see her!” His voice started out at the top, yelling, but he died down and whimpered. “I want to see her…”

“Then where have you been?!” He might have been turning onto his side, curling up into a shell shape on the floor of the bathroom, but your frustration had reached its limit and now you were ready to unload. “Because she doesn’t even recognize your voice…not even through the radio.” It wasn’t as if you were happy about how things had turned out, your little girl without the faintest clue who the man called her ‘father’ was. You had always wanted Calum and Natalie to have a great relationship that was why you made the effort, why you flew across the world to drop her off on his tour bus and then pick her up days later in a new city, but his distance persisted and his interests varied to activities that left Natalie subjected to things you didn’t see off of TV screens until you were a teenager.

“I don’t want to be a shitty Dad…” Drunk, Calum cried into the phone, tears spilling from his black eyes just to be sucked up by his nostrils. “I don’t want her to hate me…”

The piece of you that was still in love with Calum fought the urge to comfort him, his tears twisting your heart in two directions and leaving your body in pain. You wanted to tell him that it would be okay, that he was a great Dad, and that Natalie loved him, but you couldn’t lie, not when it came to your beloved little girl, “Then figure your shit out, Cal.” You knew what it was like to love Calum with every inch of yourself just to have him leave you in the cold and you were trying to protect Natalie from that. You hoped that she would get to experience all the love he was capable of, but your doubt grew stronger with every drunk voicemail Calum left you whether it was to say he missed you or to call you a bitch.

“Tell her I miss her, okay? And I’m going to take her to the festival…”

Slowly, you nodded, coming around to the idea as his tears were still obviously pouring freely out of him and burning his dry skin.

“I’m going to take her to the festival…”

“Maybe.” Whispering back, you nodded.

There was a loud banging sound on the bathroom door and you heard Calum drop his phone, finding yourself between his kneeling knees. Vaguely, you were sure you could hear Michael’s thick voice calling for him, so you hung up somberly and stared at the wallpaper you disliked so much, wondering if things could ever smooth themselves out, if you could ever go back or if Calum had it in himself to be the person he wanted to be. 

Imagine Austin Mahone sitting with his friends playing a game. But then Alex looks over at him…

“Dude what going on with you? You’ve been staring off in space for the past 15 minutes.” Alex said concerned. There wasn’t an answer. “Dude! Austin!” Alex punched him in the arm.

“Oww! What the heck was that for?!” Austin yelled.

“Are you thinking about Y/N again?” He asked.

“Is it obvious?” Alex nodded his head. “I just really miss her. I wanna go home to her right now.” Austin said.

“You can’t. Your tour’s not over for another two weeks.” Alex said. “You can just Skype her.”

Austin reached into his pants pocket for his phone to Skype you. When you finally answer his call, you were sitting in the living room watching TV and the Radio Disney commercial came on with Austin in it.

“Hey Austin.” You said smiling into the camera of your phone. His face lights up because he hasn’t seen you for a month. Austin doesn’t like to be away from you for a long time.

“Hi babe, how are you?” He asked.

“I’m good now that I’m talking to you.” You smiled. He kinda blushed when you said that. “Awe baby, you’re so cute when you blush.”

“I miss you so much babe. I’ll see you in a couple weeks she my tour is over.” He said.

“I miss you to Austin. I’ll talk to you later, I have to go help a friend with something. What he didn’t know, is that you were helping his mom, Michele with a surprise party for him when he gets home.

"OK babe. I love you so much.” He said.

“I love you too Austin.” You said. Then you both signed off.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a Drabble of peeta coming back from the army and when he arrives at the airport katniss is waiting for him with a baby girl (new born) (because she was pregnant when he left) I'm so sorry to be asking like this but it's my birthday and it would mean the world if you could do it today 💞

Oh gosh, I’m such a sucker for birthdays and soldiers meeting their babies. Happy birthday, anon! This is real quick, since I’m supposed to be getting ready, but I’m going to be away most of today and wanted to get this done for your birthday. I tweaked your prompt just a tad, but I hope you still like it :)

Fifteen Months. 456 days. It’s only a little more than a year, but it has felt like nothing less than a lifetime. And, of course it has, because I missed everything.

There’s been a lot that’s gone on since I left. My best friend from childhood got married. Gale sent me pictures from the wedding and didn’t have a best man because he said he couldn’t pick someone else. Rory stood in and made the speech that needed to be said, written by me in a letter. But it wasn’t quite the same. 

My dad expanded the bakery.  He now has two locations and a third in the works. It’s been his dream since I was a kid and now he’s finally making it work. My older brother graduated from medical school. My other brother proposed to his girlfriend. My mother apparently held her tongue the entire night of their engagement party.

That’s what I missed the most.  The moments.  The things that happened while I was halfway across the world.

When I walk out into the auditorium, where they’ve bused us all from the airport so we can greet our families in relative peace, my eyes are immediately looking for her.  I wonder if I’ll recognize her.  If the grainy pictures and the constantly freezing Skype sessions are enough for me know, just by glance, what she looks like.

I find Katniss instantly and I take off as soon as I’m able.  I jump off the stage and take as few steps as I can until she’s in my arms, with tears streaming down my face. It feels so good to touch her again. I haven’t in fifteen months and that’s the longest I’ve gone from seeing her since we were fourteen years old. 

Just as I go to kiss her I feel a punch against my chest and the squirmy little being we’ve caught in our embrace. 

“Meet your daughter,” Katniss says. The exchange only takes a moment.

Katniss and I found out she was pregnant exactly one week before I left. It had been such a bittersweet moment, full of fear and longing. I worried every day about what might happen to her if I didn’t come back and spent the first few days with my head on her belly, talking to something that was barely the size of a kidney bean.  When I left, when I had to turn my back on Katniss and have her travel this journey alone, I was sick to my stomach. I cried in the plane. 

I’ve seen pictures. Katniss has Skyped me with the baby so I could see.  Unfortunately I couldn’t swing a leave to be here for the birth and then I just chugged through knowing I’d see her, knowing the day would come eventually.  And now it has.

She’s not a newborn anymore. I missed that stage completely.  She might start walking before long and she probably already babbles. I don’t know much about babies, so Katniss will have to teach me, but I want to learn. I want to spend all my time with her, with her mother – my girls.

I hear the snap behind me and look up only briefly to find the photographer from the local paper has taken our photo.  He comes over to show us the picture on the back screen and then asks for our names if we’re willing to let them use it.  He’d like to have this be the picture that goes with the story of our troop’s arrival back to the state. 

He jots it down and then shows us the working caption, to make sure everything’s right.

SPC Peeta Mellark, 23, meets his daughter Lucy for the first time at the Panem County Civic Center. Lucy was born during Mellark’s 15-month deployment in Iraq. 

I nod my head and the photographer moves on, allowing me to turn back to my wife.  Katniss has tears in her eyes. I lean over and kiss her. 

“I love you so much,” I tell her. Then I press a kiss to our daughter’s temple.  ”I love you both so much.”

“We’re just happy to have you back.”

Exo reaction when their wife had to go to another country for a while and they and their little kid misses you

Sehun:*while he talks to you on skype* Hurry up and come home cause I think I’m going crazy without you.

Kai:*when the little kid say that she misses mommy cause she used to play with her more than kai is doing it now* Daddy can play with you also if you would ask me , now daddy is sad! 

Tao:*while the kid is talking with you* Just hurry up and come home cause we both miss you like crazy ! *can not contain his feelings anymore

Kyungsoo: Kid: Daddy do you miss mommy? what are we going to do without her for so long?

I will probably go crazy without her here, but mommy will come back soon.

Chanyeol:*tries to keep the kid happy and make him to forget about the fact that he is missing his mommy* What about this face? does daddy looks handsome with this face?

Chen:*when he talks with you on skype* I know you can’t come  back earlier but at least try to  make time to call the little ones cause they miss you like crazy okay?

Baekhyun: Maybe a miracle can happen and you can come back home earlier cause me and the princess miss you like crazy.

Lay:*talks with the kid* I know you miss mommy but you still have daddy here with you, we are gonna have so much fun, you’ll see.

Suho: I know I’m not mommy but we can play with the dolls and let me braid your hair if you want?

Kris: That’s my little girl! I know mommy is not here but she will return sooner than you think and then you two can spend all the time in the world together. 

Luhan:*while he is talking with you* There is no chance of you coming back home earlier isn’t it?

Xiumin:*has his days when he sulks like a little kid along with his kid cause they both miss you*

He talks to your baby bump (5sos preference)


You were five months pregnant and you had a lot of whims. It was 10 pm and you wanted a slice of cheesecake, he had to go buy it just to please you. When he finally came back he gave it to you and sat next to you. “Hey little me, so you were hungry at 10 pm huh.” He said kissing your bump. Yesterday you both had gone to the doctor to see the baby’s gender and he said it was a baby boy. Michael had been really excited since then, he can’t stop getting the idea of having a little boy running everywhere and doing things he likes too. “I can’t wait till you’re actually here. I need a video game partner so badly.” You suddenly gasped at the feeling of the baby kicking. “Mikey the baby is kicking.” He looked at you and placed his hand on your bump. A smile forming as he felt the baby kick. “He knows I’m here. Hey there little man I’m your daddy and we’ll spend a lot of time together, me, you and your mommy. I’ll teach you how to play the guitar and how to play video games and I’ll teach you basically everything I know.” He whispered massaging your stomach with his palm and placing his head on it. “I bet he’s gonna have your green eyes.” You said. “And I bet he’s gonna have your stunning smile.” He added hugging you. “Michael stop, give me some space your suffocating me.” You laughed.


You were singing to your baby bump when Ashton arrived home. He had bought some clothes for your twins, both of them are baby boys. “That’s beautiful babe.” He said when he heard the way you sang. “I read that you need to bond with the baby by doing things like singing or talking to him.” “I wanna try it. What do I say?” He asked. “Just what you feel and that you can’t wait to hold them, something like that.” He rubbed you stomach and kissed it softly. “You little guys are the best thing that could have happened to me in my whole life. I asked for a baby but two babies were more than I could imagine, my love for you two is bigger than my passion for music. I would drop out everything just for you two, I wanna make you guys happy.” He said bursting into tears. “That was beautiful Ash.” You hugged him and wiped his tears. “Babe, you’re the reason I am the proudest man in the world. You’re giving me two little angels, we’re gonna give you a hard time maybe.” He said. “I know you will.” “I still can’t believe we’re gonna have twins.” He rejoiced. “I just hope you help me changing the diapers and telling them bed stories when they can’t sleep.” You said. “I promise, we’re gonna have the best family, I love you three so much.”


“Are you gonna be daddy’s little girl? I bet you will.” Calum whispered to your stomach. “She already is daddy’s little girl, just looks at how crazy the daddy has gone over her.” You said. “I’ve gone mad for two beautiful girls, my wife and my little girl. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you too.” He kissed you. “She’s gonna get handsome boyfriends.” You joked. “Hell no, she won’t until she’s 30 or until I’m dead, most likely never in life.” You laughed at his reaction. “What a jealous dad she’s gonna have, but remember she’s gonna grow up one day.” “Stop, you’re getting me emotional, let’s just not think about it yet. She’s my baby now, and I won’t let any boy hurt her.” He stated. “She’s gonna have the best dad ever, there’s no doubt about it.” You smiled at him and he glanced at your exposed stomach. “I will aways take care of you and even if I’m away I’ll be always keeping an eye on you, so don’t you dare to sneak out with boys in the future.” He said to your stomach touching it carefully. His sweet word made tears form in your eyes, he was really going to be a great dad. “Calum, I’m hungry I’ll go make a sandwich.” You said. “No, I’ll go make your sandwich you should go rest.” He said. “Calum I’m just pregnant, it’s not like I’m sick or something.”


Today was the day you went to the doctor to see the baby’s gender. “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hemmings. It’s a girl!” The doctor said. You and Luke wanted a baby girl so this were really good news for you too. When you were at home you noticed Luke was kind of worried. “What’s wrong?” You asked him holding his hand. “It’s something irrelevant.” He said. “It’s okay, you cant tell me.” “It’s just that I’m scared of not having enough time with her, I really want to see her grow up, I don’t wanna miss any part of her life.” He admitted. His singing career was just starting to take off and his agenda was always full. “You won’t, there are many ways to stay in contact, we can Skype, I can send you pictures of her, we can even tour with the band if management let us.” You said. “But how will she know I care about her if I’m not even there for here.” He sighed. “Just talk with her at any time telling her how much you love her, you can start now.” You said placing his hand on your stomach and he smiled at you. “Hey sweetie, I know you don’t know me yet and I haven’t seen you but I love you so much. Words are not enough to explain myself how much, I just wanna let you know that you can always count on me. I swear I’ll take you with me when I’m away, I wont miss any day of your life.”

Musings on Madam Secretary 2.23

I can’t believe we’re at the end of the season already. Who let this happen? A tiny sliver of me was underwhelmed with “Vartius” because everyone MS-related has been teasing this BIG, HUGE CLIFFHANGER, which never manifested. (I’m perfectly happy with this. I hate being “cliffhanger-ed.”) The overwhelming majority of me, however, is completely content with this episode. It felt like something we the viewers (and the characters) needed after being beat up for 22 episodes.

We started with McCord life back to normal… to a point. Elizabeth was Secretary of State, Henry was Dr. Dad and the kids were the kids. I’m not sure how much time had passed since Murphy Station returned from Pakistan, but I get the sense it had been a hot minute. (Still feeling jilted we didn’t get to see a reunion, but I’ll get over it… eventually.) From building fire pits to fixing waffle irons, Henry’s been doing it all, everything except working. How long will this last? Not very, I’m sure, but it was good to see him lighthearted again. If I’m being true to myself, I wouldn’t be happy with Couch Potato Henry for eternity. He’d lose the essence of who he is. I’m not saying he needs to play GI Joe again, but he needs a purpose.

The shroud of Russia, the DIA, Dmitri and Pakistan were all but lifted this episode. It was like the sun’s rays peaked out again after a hurricane. There’s still damage that needs to be assessed and dealt with, but there are birds once again chirping, signaling hope has returned. I’m not sure I remember the last time Elizabeth and Henry were so loving, fun, breezy and, most importantly, natural together. “The Rusalka,” maybe? They truly seemed to enjoy each other’s company once again, teasing the other, connecting, bouncing ideas off of one another, working as a team. We needed this… or at least I did. I admit to groaning a bit when Elizabeth said, “We could always go back and see Dr. Sherman,” indicating that their much-needed session was one-and-done. Things may be unicorns and rainbows now, but the McCords could still use a tune up therapy session or 6. Together. Separate. Doesn’t matter. Just don’t relax and pretend the last 22 episodes haven’t happened. More on that later.

“Breakup. I just needed a little time to freak out. The worst 5 days of my life.”
“Followed by the greatest proposal ever.”
“Mar me, Elibet.”

Someone please write a fic about that above passage.

“Did you negotiate a dowry?” Sarcastic and spiraling Elizabeth, I puffy heart love you.

Where did all of these sweet, funny, adorable conversations take place? The McCord bedroom! Praise Barbara, I’ve so missed these scenes. We all know what I sucker I am for the McCords figuring out life while getting ready for bed. It’s where they communicate best, letting their true emotions flood out. 95% of the bedroom scenes we’ve been “treated to” this season have been tense and less the comforting. This week’s bedroom conversations took me back to Season 1. When they’re on their A game, this duo can’t be beat. My only complaint: would it have killed them to kiss when they were in bed, lamenting that their baby is engaged? A quick peck, even? Throw us a bone, writers. See? I’m rudely always wanting more.

Stevie and Jareth’s engagement didn’t play out as I expected, and I’m happy about that. Henry’s flat, shocked reaction when Jareth asked for permission to marry Stevie was perfection. Papa Bear was shaken.

“We’re engaged.” “You’re kidding.” “Wow.” That tiny exchange took me back to when Jason dropped the “I made the football team” bomb on them. For professional spies, they’re horrible personal liars. As parents, they wanted to show support for Stevie, even if they weren’t in agreement with the decision; but also as parents, you could basically see their insides churning, simultaneously wanting to puke and shake their oldest. It had hints of the McCords vs. Arthur scenes, some of my favorites from Season 1. “My face hurts from fake smiling.” “How do you think my tongue feels from biting it?” I’ve missed Team McCord… emphasis on the word “team.” So often this season, Elizabeth and Henry have been on the opposite sides of any given situation. It was nice to see them standing united once again, facing an issue together, supporting the other instead of questioning the other’s motives. I almost forgot what that was like. I’m thankful to have these scenes, instead of more tense angst, leading us into hiatus.

“You’re going to have to say something.” “You are DEFINITELY going to have to say something.” Stevie’s engagement was like the “you’re telling the kids we’re selling the farm” scene all over again. The woman faces ruthless dictators and has no problem telling foreign leaders to STFU, but when it comes to her own kids, she hides behind Henry, not wanting to be the bad guy. Just one of the countless dichotomies I adore about Elizabeth McCord.

Naturally, the Stevie Whisperer agreed to jump on the parental bomb, so to speak, and take one for Team McCord. All of his practicing in the mirror was for naught. Henry simply had to get out “Mom and I are concerned that….” before Stevie jumped in to finish his thoughts, spilling her guts. The man is good. Like a caring (and quite relieved) father, Henry simply listened to Stevie as she processed why the marriage coming at lightning speed wasn’t for the best, interjecting persuasive thoughts when he could. He was supportive. Stevie was rational. Our little Stephanie is growing up. We’ve come a long way since Harrison Heroin. As for Jareth himself, I like him enough. I enjoy the adult he has brought out of Stevie. I think I’d like him better if he wasn’t the poster child for perfect, unrealistic young men. Is there something wrong with me?

As is often the case with Madam Secretary, the woman can’t catch a break. Once Stevie and her personal life were semi sorted out, her professional life tested her limits. Elizabeth learned Conrad was looking to replace her. “First of all, Conrad is a friend,” was her first response. Oh, Elizabeth. Honey. Bless you. In Washington, friends would push friends off a bridge to get a good deal on a donut. She was hurt and thrown, and the possibility of termination brought her to a much larger realization: she truly loves her job. Glad someone does because my stomach lining wouldn’t be able to take it. Badass, Ready-to-Fight Elizabeth got the wind knocked out of her sails when she barged into Russell’s office (paybacks, Russell) and confronted him about the rumors, and Russell didn’t deny a thing. The poor woman sank into the chair like she was hit with a lead balloon.

Not settling for “leave it alone,” Elizabeth took her beef to Conrad. She thought her career was swirling the drain, but she was going down swinging, bringing up Peter Buckley and Dmitri. Atta girl. Give em hell till the end. Sensing this wasn’t going to be a quick “just trust me” issue, Conrad gave in to chat with her. I liked that he made Russell leave so it was just Conrad and Elizabeth. It was only the two of them when he first offered the job, so it felt fitting it was just the two of them when was going to offer her a promotion. As soon as she started spiraling and he tried to interrupt her with a “Bess,” you knew she was about to have a Dean Ward: The Sequel incident. In the end, he offered her the position of VP. Someone had tweeted that guess several days ago. Well played, whoever that was.

“I don’t know what to say” was her response. “NO,” Elizabeth. “No” is the word you’re looking for. I’m wholeheartedly in Camp Stay SOS, here. While the position of VP is obviously important, I feel like she’d be able to “affect real change” more as Secretary of State, which is the whole reason she took the job. I’m not saying VP is purely a ceremonial position (**nods head slowly**), but how often has Vice President Delgado been in the middle of a major political drama? Hell, how often has he been referenced? I even forgot his name was Mark Delgado, if that tells you anything. The last time I saw him, he was puking on a golf course 22 episodes ago. Dirty bombs on American soil, potential war with Russia and cyber hacks are just a few of the major political issues he hasn’t been part of. One of Conrad’s reasons for promoting Elizabeth is that he needs her help on the campaign trail. Well of course he does. America loves her more than him. I would. That didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth, though. Was he only promoting her for his personal gain? Also, I don’t want her criss-crossing the country, appearing at rally after rally, promoting Conrad… because that’s what VP candidates do. They take a back seat and spend their energy trying to get someone else elected. We’ve already missed out on so many family scenes this season that I don’t want her gone for days at a time, week after week, Skyping with Henry and the kids. It’s also a critical time for Henry and Elizabeth as a married unit. They’ve been through hell as a couple and they’re just now discovering each other and themselves as Dr. and Mrs. McCord again. I’d hate for her personal life to be pushed to the side in favor of the political gains of the Dalton Administration. From a professional standpoint, Elizabeth was less than comfortable being President for an episode. As VP, she’d be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. I also don’t feel like we’ve explored every storyline and avenue in the Adventures of Secretary McCord. Maybe I’ll change my mind the more I mull it over during hiatus, but for now, I’m a firm NO.

Even after learning she’s being offered a promotion instead of being fired, Elizabeth didn’t let up about Peter Buckley. You have my heart, Elizabeth (Faulkner) Adams McCord. I was a bit surprised they backtracked on the Dmitri/Russia decision, calling it “a necessary wrong.” Whatever works.

Henry’s lingering guilt over Dmitri made it necessary that he travel to Finland for the possible prisoner exchange. I was happy to see Elizabeth went along, there as Secretary of State but more so as Mrs. McCord, offering her support. “Achievement is often anonymous. Some of the greatest things have been done by people you have never heard of, quietly dedicating their lives to improving their own.” How appropriate was it that the words of Matt’s commencement address played over the motorcade arriving at the checkpoint? Admittedly, Dmitri being alive wasn’t a shock. Him popping out second, however, was. I thought it was over once rando dude came out. Then, out came Dmitri. The ol bait-and-switch. Russia stays shady till the end. I’d expect nothing less. The entire prison swap seemed less than ceremonial or dramatic. It was like Henry went into 7-Eleven to buy a pack of gum. He handed over the money and the clerk handed over his goods. What came next tugged a bit at my cold heart. Henry, upon identifying Dmitri, looked as if he saw a ghost… because to him, he had. It felt like a father who found his long lost son. Those two have been through so much together, but I always said they had a special bond, Henry treating Dmitri more like he treated his own children, rather than an asset. It’s also why his mental anguish has been so raw this whole time. Dmitri walked up to Henry and spit at his feet. Can you blame the dude? He looked rough. It’s not like he’s been in Cabo, sipping pina coladas on the beach. It only took a few seconds for Dmitri to realize he was free from his living hell before he ran back to Henry and leaned into his arms. Henry, a bit taken aback for a split second, wrapped Dmitri in a protective hug, finally able to settle both of their souls. It’s an important moment for both handler and asset. Henry was able to let some of his demons go and Dmitri realized Henry never forgot about him, truly caring enough to fight this whole time for he and his sister… something Henry always promised to do. Not lost in this: Elizabeth was responsible for Dmitri’s release. She’s the one who poked around and risked her job, trying to figure out if Dmitri was alive and worked for his release. Give the woman a spa day, please.

Here’s where my fears are. I’m hoping Henry can finally find some mental peace, and I think he will be able to. My concern is that the writers are going to forget this entire season, move on in Season 3 and pretend like the Russia/Dmitri/Elizabeth and Henry situation has a giant, pretty bow on it. For me, it doesn’t. Is it better? Definitely. But I don’t want Dmitri’s release to negate everything we’ve seen Henry wrangle with, specifically the ramifications it’s had on the McCord marriage. Elizabeth and Henry were in a dark, bitter, bad place. Henry told Elizabeth he couldn’t even look at her. All of this was erased during one, awkward therapy session that Henry wasn’t even truly an active participant in? Not buying it. I’ve never been to therapy, but I know friends who have and it’s a constant growing process. He needs to continue therapy, she needs to continue therapy, THEY need to continue therapy. Sweeping significant issues like this under the rug is what got us to “Ghost Detainee,” and we all remember what a joy that was. Besides, Dmitri being alive doesn’t negate Henry’s father dying and him being the victim of radiation poisoning. The dude still has some ish he needs to work through. Hell, I’d even like to see an Elizabeth therapy session where she’s talking about her PTSD. I realize there are only so many minutes in an hour-long drama, but at least show me these serious issues aren’t being forgotten in favor of new drama.

Side note: what’s going to happen to Dmitri now? Is he going to live with the McCords for a while like Olga did? The boy is a former POW (for lack of a better term) who’s now in a country not his own. Sure he’ll probably receive asylum, but it’s not like he’ll be trotting back to class at the War College.

Are we ever going to address Angry Jason or no? He clearly has issues with his father’s job and is becoming more rageful each week, yet he just keeps popping off and no one seems to take an active role in figuring out why. I guess being in a war zone, negotiating a prisoner swap and talking your firstborn out of a shotgun wedding puts the kid towards the bottom of the list… but I’m surprised it wasn’t addressed. Fodder for Season 3?

Other things:

–“Conrad asked me to be his vice president.”
“Oh. What?!”
“Yeah. Big day.”

–Nadine’s sarcasm was on point this entire episode. She deserves a larger role in the day-to-day goings on in the State Department, and I’d like to see her be part of the process more, rather than just taking notes and offering motherly advice.

–Clearly Elizabeth and Anton are only allowed to meet in churches.

–Every time I see Gordon/Annie, I picture the outtakes that must have happened to get the dog in place… specifically when it ran to Elizabeth on the couch. Téa’s DVD commentary about working with that dog had me in tears. “Cookie. Cookie. Treat. Treat.”

–Anyone else notice Téa run into the chair in the kitchen and continue on? Never let em see you sweat, girl. Well played. That entire waffle bite/hand kiss/putt-putt conversation made my heart swoon. I’ve so missed that feeling.

–Elizabeth’s love of muffins and all things food-related were on display this episode. The look on her face when Blake took her muffin during the meeting was a mix of incredulous shock and losing a loved one.

–Elizabeth is a runner? I see her more of a “fall asleep during yoga class” kind of gal.

–We were treated to not one but two tie blouses this episode. Did wardrobe buy the same shirt in every hue Coco Chanel created? On the positive side, at least wardrobe reuses her clothes like a real human. That said, final plea to burn them this hiatus.

–Classical music was playing underneath as Elizabeth looked at pictures of a “dead” Dmitri. I like to think that was a nod to The Good Wife, a show that knew how to use the hell out of classical music.

Season 2 Wrap-Up Musings is on my agenda soon!

fold this part, unfold this part (hold this heart)

title: fold this part, unfold this part (hold this heart)

pairing: maya hart/lucas friar

word count: 13407

summary: Maya and Lucas are friends, and then they’re something more. But when that something more isn’t enough?

ao3, ff.net

They’re thirteen and fourteen and alone for the first time, away from the other two of their group—away from the little genius and the literal ball of sunshine. A project that Mr. Matthews has assigned them that truly has nothing to do with the past: starting a muffin business. (However, if Lucas has picked up on anything this year, it is that everything their history teacher assigns them has a reason, and since he does well on the tests he figures he should go with it.)

She groans and complains, but Maya finds her way to his apartment afterschool just as she had promised. Dressed in a torn leather jacket and combat boots, she definitely isn’t what his mother had pictured when he had texted her to let her know a friend from school was coming over to work on an assignment (mom: I’m so glad you’re making friends here!!!!!! just let me know if you need anything???), if her wide eyes and forced, polite smile is any indication.

Nonetheless, she ushers the girl in, lets him know that there are snacks in the pantry and that she is welcome to anything she’d like. This garners a small—mischievous?—grin as his mother goes back into her bedroom to do whatever mothers do on Wednesdays.

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cupcakemolotov  asked:

KC + 'I was going to eat him, seriously Klaus, I can take care of myself and this is Russia, at a night club that screams 'no dinosaurs allowed' what are you doing here?'

Caroline might not have understood a single word in the music but that hardly stopped her body from moving to the beat. It was one of the things she loved about night clubs–it didn’t matter where she was in the world or if she couldn’t speak the language (usually she couldn’t, she was still learning) but as long as there was sound coming from the speakers and vibrating through the crowd she could dance. 

No thinking had to be involved. It was simply letting her body move to the beat, enjoying the press of the crowd, the energy that throbbed through the masses as they danced. 

She could hear the constant drumming of hundreds of different heartbeats, the urge to sink her fangs into one of those closest to her nearly overwhelming, but she kept to her finally tuned control, waiting for someone who deserved it. 

A hand deliberately touching her ass, sleezy smile directed her way as she turned to glare at the guy who was trying to back her into a corner, obviously thinking his height and strength would be enough to get him what he wanted. He’d do just fine for her little snack.

Or he would have. 

The snapped neck and furious looking hybrid suddenly standing behind where the boy fell to the floor kind of prevented the whole eating part. 

Seriously?!” Caroline looked down at the dead guy and then back up at Klaus who looked a cross between angry and insufferably smug. “I was going to eat that!” 

She rolled her eyes when he quirked a brow at her, obviously amused.

Caroline stepped around the guy and past Klaus, making her way back through the crowd of dancers who hadn’t noticed anything wrong yet. She could feel the heat of Klaus following right behind her, the ghost of his hands against her spine before they were finally off the dance floor. 

“He was a bit too handsy for my liking,” Klaus stated, damn dimples coming into play as she glanced back at him before heading out of the club. 

Screams started to drown out the music, someone finally having found the guy and realizing that he wasn’t simply fall down drunk. “Yes, which was why I’d planned on letting him get me into that dark little corner so I could sink my teeth into his neck and then compel him to rethink his life choices. But nooooo.” 

She turned around to face him in the alley, hands on her hips as she glared. “You just had to swoop on in and cost me my meal.” Caroline snapped her fingers when she realized his gaze was traveling her body instead of actually focusing on her eyes like he was supposed to be doing. She was going to ignore the stirrings of desire that caused within her, the little igniting of flames that liked to dart under her skin whenever he was around. “What are you even doing here?”

Because last she heard Klaus was still in New Orleans. Which was where she’d wanted him to stay so she could wrap her head around everything she’d started thinking during college. 

It wasn’t what she’d wanted, she’d figured that out quick enough. Sororities and more classes, college parties and the never ending drama of which Salvatore Elena would manage to be with for more than a few months had become monotonous. Maybe if she’d been human still it would have been thrilling, the freedom that college seemed to allow. 

But it’d kept her locked in one place still and hearing about the world during a lecture was not how she wanted to spend her life when she could actually go out and experience it for herself. Which had annoyingly brought her back to a birthday enticement about the world and beauty and stirred memories of words spoken to her during a dance. 

Except he’d left, headed off to New Orleans, and while his graduation promise rang in her head, she hadn’t spoken to him since then. So while she’d considered going to Louisiana or even just calling Klaus to see if he wanted to see the world with her, the insecurities of old had hit her hard and she didn’t want to face the possibility of a ‘no’. 

So she’d left to see the world on her own and when there was still no sign of him by the time she’d stepped foot in her fourth country Caroline had decided to put him out of her mind.

That didn’t work so well with him standing in front of her.

“I heard you’d finally left that tiny little town of yours,” Klaus replied with a smile, and maybe once upon a time before she’d seen the bad of the world she wouldn’t have seen the predator behind that look. But she knew monsters now. After all she only needed to look in the mirror to see one. “You’ve done the UK, dotted along the upper coast of Europe, and then back down to Poland, Germany. France should have been your next stop–”

“Are you having me followed?” Caroline narrowed her eyes at that. She’d looked, had made sure to spot anyone being in more than one place at the same time she was, but she hadn’t come across anyone like that.

The curl of his lips at that further annoyed her. “Technology is a marvelous thing. Send out a picture text to a few people I’ve had compelled to do as I wish in a variety of places that I knew you couldn’t possibly pass up and its amazing how easily they can recognize you.”

She scowled at that. “As I was saying though, love, you skipped France, and I couldn’t help but wonder why that is,” Klaus continued, his gaze locking with hers. 

Caroline tilted her chin up, refusing to look away, to show any kind of weakness in that moment. “Fashion week isn’t for a few more weeks. I figured I’d detour back there when it happens. So now that you know the answer to that burning little question you can move along. Though really, since technology is so marvelous you could have just texted me.” 

“And miss out on seeing your lovely face” Klaus balked at the idea.

She shrugged. “That’s what Skype is for.”

“Would you have answered?” 

“Maybe. Maybe not. You’ll never know unless you try.” It was a bit hypocritical considering she’d not been willing to try contacting him in the first place.

She didn’t expect him to laugh, for such a delighted reaction to her reply, but it was the look Klaus directed her way that had her stomach in knots. It was that ‘oh how I’ve missed this’ look and to make matters worse she was pretty sure she was giving the same kind of look back. 

Caroline would blame that look for what she said next. “But before you head back to try that out, I believe you owe me a meal since you ruined mine.” 

“It seems that I do. I’d love to know what changed for you to be be feeding on humans,” Klaus told her as he held out his arm for her to take. 

“It’s a long story.” It really wasn’t. Blood bags just weren’t all that easy to come by on the road so she had come up with her own little feeding system. It mostly involved feeding on the idiots of the world who actively tried to hurt others. “I’m not sure you’ll be around long enough to hear it all.”

“I’ve cleared my calendar,” Klaus replied and Caroline pursed her lips, silently assessing him.

“For how long?” 


“What about New Orleans?” Wasn’t whatever was happening there important?

It was Klaus’ turn to shrug and she finally placed her hand on his arm. “Elijah is more than capable of dealing with the city.” 

Caroline wrinkled her nose at that, wondering what was even going on back there as Klaus lead her down the alley and away from the people spilling chaotically out of the club. “Don’t worry, love, I’ll tell you all about it after you’re finished with your story.”

Felicity, don't answer it!

A/N - Happy Birthday Oliver! Here is a little on the road fic, but not a birthday fic I am afraid!

So this is my first attempt at smut and I have never written smut before, I never even planned for this story to be smut. But it just happened! Please let me know what you think - good? bad? Should I write more smut? Or stick to the fluff? What would you like me to write about?

Read on ff.net or AO3

WARNING: Includes explicit content!


“Fe-li-ci-ty…. Don’t answer it…” murmured Oliver into her neck. It was the third time her phone had gone off in the last five minutes. And no matter how hard someone was trying desperately hard to get hold of her, he wasn’t going to let her answer it. At least not until he had finished with her.

“But… but it must be something import-ant….” moaned Felicity trying to reach haphazardly for her phone on the bedside table. She was ultimately distracted by the fact that Oliver was currently sucking on her favourite spot, just behind her left ear. It was his favourite go to spot when he was trying to distract her.

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anonymous asked:

Kidfic where S. is sad and her larents make her happy? Please? I love your stories so much anyway 😘

“Lunch is ready, love,” Harry calls to Sadie, and she puts her dolls down, heading into the kitchen from the living room.  He puts the plate down in front of her, a cheese toastie and some carrots, and plants a kiss on her head.

“Thanks, Daddy,” she replies sullenly, picking up a carrot and taking a bite.

Harry plops down in the chair next to her, brows furrowed.  “What’s wrong, Sadiebug?”  He brushes her wild curls off her forehead, leaning forward on the table.  “You’re not feeling ill, are you?”

She shakes her head, pout appearing on her lips, and Harry just wants to wipe it away.

“Can you tell me what’s wrong, please?” he asks gently, and she lets out a labored sigh, like talking about it is even too much work.

“I miss Papa,” she whispers, looking up at Harry with big blue eyes, and his heart splits in two.

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