just sitting here getting emotional over music

My favorite songs right now off of melodrama are the louvre and hard feelings and here’s why:

Just for personal reasons, Lorde somehow captured my emotions in my own relationships and experiences at parties and formed sounds into them. Not just lyrics, but literally the music and the sounds she’s created with jack literally pull me back to memories so vividly that my body reacts as if it’s happening all over again. The Louvre reminds me of my first nights out at the club, meeting and making out with strangers on the dance floor. The muffled chorus as she sings “broadcast the boom, boom, boom, boom… and make ‘em all dance to it” feels like I’m back in those moments of intimacy, and the rest of the crowd and the music is tuning out because all that matters are those new lips I’m kissing and body I’m holding.

And Hard Feelings…. I can’t even handle how that second verse is so relevant to my last relationship, and those sounds, YALL KNOW WHAT IM TALKIN ABOUT it’s perfectly discomforting listening to it, like it feels amazing to experience the pain of a lost love, or it’s like the finale of the pain and you’re beginning to move forward, or “far away” as she sings at the end…

I love Lorde, Melodrama is the album of the year.