just sit at the dorm and eat pls

Just Stay (Yoongi)

Requested: yup!

anon asked:  Can I request Yoongi fluff pls? Like he’s busy working in the workroom so you prepare food and go to surprise him~ u watch him eat and sit there quietly as u don’t want to disturb him then wait till he finish to walk back home together ^^

word count: 1,763
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dreamingoutloudwithyou  asked:

#12 - "I just want to be alone right now" with Mikey? (FYI, I absolutely adore your writing and thank you for sharing your talent with us 💕)

(You made my day babe pls :’) thank you so much I love you!! I hope you like it enjoy 💕)

“I just want to be alone right now.” You muttered, casting your gaze anywhere except his emerald eyes.

You both were currently sitting in your dorm after a heated argument mere moments before. He just came back from tour, but guess what? He was leaving tomorrow.

You had planned a whole weekend of activities, sights to see, places to go eat at. It was your hometown after all and Michael has rarely ever been here before. But when he told you that he only had a day with you, you lost it and screamed why he even came in the first place.

And now was the aftermath. Sitting at your desk, pretending to sift through some papers as Michael sat on your bed, looking as gorgeous as ever with his jean jacket and black snapback that you stole every so often just to have something to remember him by.

But it was silence after you spoke to him, telling him to basically get out when he literally arrived 20 minutes earlier, excited to explore the campus with you as one of the first destinations for your scheduled planning. But now you didn’t want to. What’s the point when he’s leaving tomorrow?

“Come on babe, please.” He sighed, getting up as he put a hand on your shoulder.

You instantly stood up and took a few steps away from him, hurt flashing his eyes momentarily.

“You know, it hurts more when you’re only here for a day than not at all.” You began, already feeling the tears forming in the back of your eyelids as you wrapped your hoodie closer around you.

“It makes me miss you even more when you leave. I’d rather have you not come at all than only for a day. It makes missing you easier. But when I see you now, a bunch of things planned for us, only to find out you’re leaving the next day? It’s gonna make you leaving that much harder than if I didn’t see you at all. So just go.” You whispered the last part, afraid your voice might crack if you spoke any louder.

Michael just stood there. Completely dumbfounded at your speech. Shouldn’t you be happy that he’s finally here? Is it that much harder to let someone go when you’ve see them for a brief amount of time than nothing at all?

“Y/N.” He ran his hands down his face as he looked at your expression, completely serious. “Is that what you want?”

Of course you didn’t want him to leave but you just didn’t get the point in all this anymore. Is it even worth it?

“Yeah.” You said, closing your eyes as you exhaled a much needed breath. “That’s what I want right now.”

And he didn’t even glance at you as he brushed past you, opening your door and shutting it just as quick as you finally let a single tear slip from your eye.

He was gone.

And you didn’t know if he would come back this time.