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The Evolution of Yunbastian

  • Gifs on the left: Lycoris that blazes the earth 2015
  • Gifs on the right: Noah’s Ark Circus (2016)

So recently I rewatched parts of Lycoris 2015 and felt compelled to take a closer look at how Yunbastian approached M01 in both Lycoris 2015 and Noah’s Ark Circus.

As we all know by now, ever since MBD 2010, Kuromyu has always opened with the contract scene, with M01 being the “contract song”. These scenes have very similar lines that align with the canon dialogue, and the songs carry similar themes as well (i.e.desperation, cruelty, darkness, sacrifice, point of no return, etc), so it’s really up to whoever plays Sebastian to redefine these very repetitive scenes that most audience are extremely familiar with.

And if we put Furukawa Yuta’s performance in 2015 and 2016 side by side, we actually end up witnessing two quite distinct performances. Yes, they were from the same actor and give out the same demonic aura, but these two Sebastians are also quite different from each other.

2015 was Yuta’s first time playing Sebastian(feels like he has played this role his entire life, amirite) and Director Mouri’s instruction for him to be “darker” likely weighed heavily on his approach to the character. So here during the contract song, we see a rather demure Sebastian. He’s a beast who only just woke up from his long slumber, and he is still waiting for his senses to return. In the first half of the song, it almost feels like he was sniffing around to better grasp what was presented in front of him. Having being summoned so suddenly in such extreme circumstances, he seemed curious and surprised but he also tried to remain stoic, and at the same time probably tried too hard to do so he ended up panting a bit. In much of the song, he wrapped himself inside his cape, only occasionally raising his arms to further convince Ciel to make a contract with him.

Yet in 2016, Sebastian reacted to Ciel’s summoning with almost deliberate elation. If in 2015 he woke up due to a sudden call from the distance, Sebastian of 2016 had only been feigning sleep until he finally picked up the signal he had been waiting for. There wasn’t so much a surprise but more like gratification from a prepared mind. He had been expecting this, and it has finally come to him. In 2016, Yuta gets to sing a contract song written just for him (instead of singing the same song as his predecessor in 2015) and it was apparent that he had grown comfortable enough in Sebastian’s shoes to sprinkle the character with more of his own interpretations. 2016’s Sebastian was confident and smooth in action with an almost cunning swagger in his steps. Instead of slowly getting used to his surroundings in 2015, 2016’s Sebastian elegantly strides into the scene like a skilled dancer, eager to show off what he’s capable of. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He takes time with his prey. His patience also parallels Ciel’s calmness in the face of a demon. Lycoris!Ciel spent quite some time on stage looking uncertain and frightened in front of Sebastian, but Circus!Ciel, after witnessing Sebastian’s monstrous strength, cannot look more unemotional. This Ciel needed no encouragement, he was ready for the contracted fate the moment Sebastian let him out of the cage.

In 2015, Sebastian first appears with a voice over and as a dark, unidentifiable shadow from above(played by Teruma, by the way, because of course).
In 2016, he shows up immediately in person with an epic eye roll.

In 2015, Sebastian hunches under his cape.
In 2016, he flings it gracefully in midair.

Even the lighting gave them different personalities.
In 2015, there was a combination of blue and red lights on stage, giving a greyer, more purple-ish shade to his face, echoing with a more reserved and cautious Sebastian.

In 2016, the light on stage was predominantly blue, with a beam of white light shining on Sebastian when he’s at the center of stage, painting him with a bright, gleeful glow.

And the way Yuta uses his shoulders(which I will definitely talk about in a separate post because it’s just one of Yunbastian’s most iconic moves and it can symbolize so many things), you can just see how in 2015 his shoulders were much more stiff and held closer to his torso, but you barely see the same happen in the 2016 contract song.

By presenting two different Sebastian in the exact same scene, Yuta is showing us how his own approach to the character has evolved. It was not only Sebastian who had gained confidence in his steps, but Yuta himself as well. The fact that the same actor in the same scene can feel so different just goes on to show how Yuta has so skillfully imprinted his own image onto an already well-known character.

you go to concerts to hear the songs of the performers, no more, no less. but astro.. instead of just singing their songs.. they take it a step further and take time to learn songs in foreign languages just to connect to their international fans more. they care so much.

the weirdest time the Stevens Universe crew ever pulled a major boner is when they had Nicki Minaj as a voice actress for one (1) episode, an episode with a climactic musical number, and gave that musical number to the actress who’s there every week and can sing a song just whenever, instead of writing a song for Nicki, who will not be there to do a song in later episodes

Shoes Impromptu
Mariah Carey
Shoes Impromptu

This time I’m wearing shoes 
Is that a quote from me or you?
Kuala Lumpur - I said that?
Oh, ‘cause of the boots?

Well, it was raining my friend
That was another night, again
We can write a song about it now if you want to

It was Kuala Lumpur, and you can sing a little more
But instead we might just write a song about
A song that’s already been written
From an album called E=MC2
I think it was that one
I said “Touch My Body”
We already sang that one, hottie
So what we’re gonna do now (right now)
Is give you
A little song called
I’m That Chick You Like

You might know it
You might not
You might get to know it now

There’s a song stuck in Will’s head, and he’s sure he’s never heard it before. The dude’s voice is just the slightest bit raspy, and his range is absolutely phenomenal. The words are about meadows and flowers and being with someone you love, and Will closes his eyes, lowering his camera.

He’s known for a while now that his soulmate is a singer, mostly because he searched the lyrics of one of the songs a while back and nothing came up at all. Either his soulmate was into really hard to find music, or he was a singer who hadn’t debuted. Will liked to think he was a singer.

The song in his mind faded away, and Will opened his eyes once more, lifting his camera once more and snapping a picture of the sunset over the water.


Nico had a song stuck in his head that he was sure he’d heard one too many times. It was the stupid jingle from that one gum commercial. He massaged his temples, muttering curses under his breath. Sure, a soulmate was a soulmate, but that didn’t mean his soulmate didn’t annoy him out of his freaking mind with commercial jingles and overrated pop songs.

He took a deep breath and picked up his guitar again, strumming the opening chords to the song he’d been working on for a while. Instead of singing his song, he just practiced the chords, listening to his soulmate radio switch between commercial jingles and the latest pop song.

Finally, he opened his mouth and sang. “Please stop singing stupid shit,” he sang to the tune of his song, then repeated the line over and over again.


“Please stop singing stupid shit,” sang Will’s soulmate’s voice over and over again to a melody he recognized, and Will almost died laughing.

He got a few strange looks from the people in his photography class, but he waved them off, stifling his laughter behind his hand. He excused himself from class, taking his bag and camera with him.

Of course, now that he knew what his soulmate thought of his idle singing, Will was determined to annoy him further because that’s the type of person he was. He skipped down the hallway, singing a catchy pop tune.


Nico was sure he hated his soulmate.

Even though he had specifically asked his soulmate to stop singing stupid shit, his soulmate had been an asshole and sung stupid shit for hours with little breaks in between. It was quite possibly the worst day of Nico’s life.

In the late hours of the night, after his soulmate had already gone to sleep (or at least stopped singing), Nico lay awake, staring at his ceiling. He knew the possibility of his dream coming true was near impossible, which was why he was still going to school like any other college student and studying to get a psychology degree in the hopes of becoming a counselor as a fall back plan.

But, damn, he wanted to sing so bad.

He lifted his arm and started tracing shapes in the air, like he was pointing out stars on the ceiling. His soulmate radio switched on, and he closed his eyes preparing for the worst.

Instead, he heard his own voice echoed back to him, and he nearly got whiplash from how fast he sat up.

His song. His soulmate was singing his song.

Nico wiped his eyes with his hands, a warm feeling spreading through his body. A smile tugged at his lips, and he laid back down.

He should get some sleep.


Will wandered the streets of New York, camera in hand. He wanted to take some candids for a project, and he couldn’t think of a better place. His soulmate’s original song drifted through the back of his mind.

At the end of the block, there was a guy about his age sitting on the curb, playing a guitar and singing. A guitar case was open beside him, and there was a couple of bills and coins thrown in it.

The perfect shot. Will lifted his camera and zoomed in, unfocusing it just the slightest so that the guy’s features were blurry enough for no recognition. He snapped the picture, then walked closer, figuring he’d ask if he could take a candid closer up and use the picture for his project.

When he was close enough to hear the music, he stopped abruptly, instantly recognizing the slightly raspy and lilting voice, the lyrics of meadows and flowers and being with a person you love.

He walked closer, but he couldn’t feel his feet moving. He felt like he was floating.

His soulmate finished the singing, his fingers still lightly strumming the closing chords. People stopped and praised him, dropping bills and coins into the guitar case. Will stood stock still.

Finally, his soulmate looked up, brushing the jet black hair out of his face and tucking it behind his ear, staring at Will with large brown, almost black, eyes. His thin lips parted. “Can I help you?”


Nico stared at the blonde guy standing in front of him. The guy’s mouth was dropped open, and he was staring at Nico with the bluest eyes Nico had ever seen. His hair was pulled up into a messy bun, and, as he watched, the wind blew golden wisps around the guy’s face. Nico could easily write a song about the boy.

“Um, sir?” Nico asked when the guy still hadn’t answered him.

The guy squatted down in front of Nico, still staring with that open-mouthed expression. “It’s you,” he finally said.

“Excuse me?”

He finally seemed to get himself together. “I’m sorry, my name’s Will,” he said, offering Nico a hand.

Nico was sure the guy was the slightest bit crazy, but he shook his hand anyway. “Nico.”

“Nico,” Will said, rolling the name in his mouth like it was the best candy he’d ever tasted. “It’s so nice to finally meet you.”

The last time Nico had checked, he wasn’t famous (yet) and had never heard of this guy before.

“I don’t follow.”

Will bit his lip, seemingly biting back a smile. And then he sang in a slightly off-key voice, to the tune of Nico’s song, “please stop singing stupid shit.” He sang it over and over again, and Nico finally realized why this guy was so happy.

“Holy shit,” Nico breathed, setting his guitar aside. “You’re the one who’s been bothering me with dumb commercial jingles and pop songs.”

“In the flesh,” Will responded. “Hey, soulmate, I love your voice.”

When You Ask Him To Sing For You

A/N: Well here’s my first Seventeen reaction post, as requested by Anon! Bless and curse Seventeen for having so many members!! Honestly speaking, I hadn’t posted a Seventeen post before simply because I was too lazy to do all 13 member… ooOPs!

Hip-Hop Unit:

Seungcheol (S. Coups)

Originally posted by pabospoiler

He contemplates for a moment before asking, “Wanna do it together?” using his best aeygo. Without waiting for an answer, he tugs you off the couch to dance along with him as he sings loudly. Ultimately, your request ends with your living room turning into a karaoke room.


Originally posted by ftwonwoo

Honestly, it probably isn’t the first time he has sang for you. He immediately jumps up at the opportunity to make you smile. He starts to sing for you loudly and a little off-key making you burst into a fit of giggles. 


Originally posted by gyuhan-17

It takes a little bit of convincing to get him to sing for you, but eventually he reluctantly does after you beg him enough. His singing, however, is closer to talking than actual singing and eventually your begging him to stop instead. He sits back down next to you saying, “I did good right?” to which you roll your eyes. 

Hansol (Vernon)

Originally posted by vernonxhoshi

He looks at you a little skeptical at your request and asks, “Are you serious?” You look back at him with puppy eyes and whine, “Please.” Eventually he caves and shyly sings for you. By the end of his little performance, he’s a blushing mess, and he covers his face in embarrassment.

Vocal Unit:

Junghan (Jeonghan)

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

He’s going to whine about how his english isn’t good, and then ask you if he can just sing in Korean instead. So then you’ll request a Korean song, which he’ll start to happily sing for you. 

Jisoo (Joshua)

Originally posted by hyeoa

This is probably a naturally occurrence for you two - you probably always ask him to sing for you and he always does. After you ask him to sing for you, he fetches his guitar and sings one of your favorite songs.

Jihoon (Woozi)

Originally posted by wonyeols

After you ask him to sing for you, he scratches the back of his neck - feeling embarrassed by the sudden request. He keeps you in his arms as he starts to sing a soft melody in your ear.

Seokmin (DK)

Originally posted by pabospoiler

Of course he’s going to sing for you when you ask. He’ll probably pick a song that he’s heard you listen to many times before. Somewhere along the way, he’ll forget the words so he’ll unashamedly repeat the previous verse causing you to giggle. 


Originally posted by pledisseventeen

When you first ask he’s going to go on and on about how high maintenance he is, saying things like, “Don’t you know people pay money to see me sing?” However, he ends up singing for you anyway because we all know he loves the attention.

Performance Unit:

Junhui (Jun)

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He’d start singing a song for you, but somewhere in the middle he’d get lost and start just cutely humming the melody because he can’t remember the English lyrics. 

Soonyoung (Hoshi)

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Honestly, this boy will start bellowing out a song, singing with all his heart, in all utmost seriousness while incorporating dance moves; because you requested for an English song, he’d probably make a bunch of lyrical mistakes but wouldn’t really care and continue singing. 

Minghao (The8)

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

He’d timidly go along with your request. He’d pick a song he knows and somewhere along the way he’d stumble on some words saying something that makes absolutely no sense, which leads to you two giggling at his cute mistake. 

Chan (Dino)

Originally posted by mountean

Chan would probably pick a Michael Jackson song because c’mon les be real we all know he’s big fanatic. He’d performed it flawlessly for you because in all honesty he’s probably practiced singing it in front of his mirror a million times before.  

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So this is kind of a feel, like recently Hamilton (the musical) has become a special interest of mine, I had been avoiding it but one of my roommates played a song and now I love it, and so I found a video of the actors performing in the White House and just seeing them singing the songs instead just listening, like seeing them perform made me so happy! Like hand flapping and swinging your legs happy because it was so cool to see my favorite songs performed! 🔐🌌

so i just finished reading the latest chapter (chap 166) of soul contract and i am in pain???????????????? like jinghua what the hell are you doing?????????????????????????? why don’t you just ASK who zhang xuan is instead of passively-aggressively singing the FREAKING SONG oh my gOD???????????? and the lyrics are like???????????????????????? 

kill me

i was planning on translating the gay parts again but THE ENTIRE FREAKING THING IS THE GAY PART WHAT IS MY LIFE???????? AAAAAAAH

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8, 14 & 21

8) favorite genre to write

I love fantasy but it can be a bit difficult needing to create a completely new world.

14) do you make playlists for your current wips?

Sometimes I do! Sometimes I don’t because I get distracted and I’m like “ooh I love this song… Oh, I love THIS song!!” and just start singing instead of writing lmao

21) what do you think when you read over your older work?

Mostly it’s just a lot of internal screaming and secondhand embarrassment for younger me. I read something I wrote when I was like… 17 and I swear I wanted to just get brain bleach and never ever have to think of it again. 

Thanks anon!

Cochlear Implants

Requested: could you maybe follow up the one were (reader) is deaf but gets hearing implants and shawn is there and it’s just kinda sweet and cute <3 =)


Your boyfriend’s hand in yours is the only thing that is keeping you from freaking out right now. His thumb is rubbing the back of your hand comfortingly as you fidget nervously in the chair at the doctor’s office. You got your cochlear implants a few weeks ago, and today is the day you have been waiting for. You are excited, but you’re also terrified of this moment. The audiologist signs that he is about to turn it on. You nod your understanding and permission. Shawn’s hand squeezes yours a little tighter. And suddenly there is a blast of sound, something you’re not at all familiar with. “Y/n?” You hear your boyfriend’s voice for the first time. “Can you hear me y/n?” Your jaw drops and your heart speeds up even faster than it was already beating. You nod your head vigorously, and a huge smile crosses his face. He immediately wraps his arms around you as tears start falling from your eyes. “I love you,” You hear him say. You never knew how beautiful those words sounded coming from his mouth. Even though the sound is not perfect since the audiologist hasn’t finished setting it up, it sounds perfect because Shawn spoke it. You’ll finally get the opportunity to hear him sing instead of just watching him. You’ll get to hear his new songs instead of just reading the lyrics he scribbles down and leaves all over the house. These thoughts are making you so overcome with emotions that you can’t stop yourself from crying out of pure happiness and excitement. Shawn finally lets go and moves back a little so he can look at you. You see that he’s almost crying as well, but still he wipes away your tears and says, “I love you, y/n.” And in that moment, you know you’ll never get tired of hearing those words from him. All you want is to hear him say them over and over again to make up for all the times you weren’t able to hear him say it.